Big Brother 14: Week 6 Veto Plans

Frank and Shane on Big Brother 14

This weekend’s drama on Big Brother 14 is about to come to a boiling point when the Veto ceremony is held later today. The Veto holder will have to decide what to do with the power and from what we know so far, there shouldn’t be any surprises on that half of things. The real action is on the back half of that situation when the renom is announced. As of last night we know where Shane stands on that situation and what we can expect later today.

Since Saturday both Boogie and Frank have been planning Dan’s demise. With Frank about to take himself off the block there’s going to be an open seat next to Boogie and they desperately want Dan to fill that spot.

Flashback to 1:10PM BBT on Sunday to find Boogie working Shane over for some support. Boogie is trashing Dan and clearly wants Shane to start thinking of him as the most viable renom option. Shane gives Boogie lots of smiles and nods while agreeing with him. Boogie leaves very satisfied and an hour later is bragging to Frank about how well it went. They’re feeling very confident about the situation. They shouldn’t.

Throughout the day Boogie’s side of the house presses Shane to go for the Dan-renom. Just as he did before, Shane smiles, nods, and agrees with everything they say, but later confirms to his team that he’s not going to renom Dan. Dan should be safe.

So if Shane isn’t going to renom Dan he’s only got a few options for people not in his Quack Pack alliance: Joe, Jenn, or Ashley. Joe is working hard to be on Shane’s side, so it won’t be him. That means either Jenn or Ashley will take the hot seat.

Shane was leaning toward Jenn when we started getting drama about Ashley reporting to Boogie and Frank how Joe was spreading word that he saw them cheating during the Veto competition. This illuminated Ashley’s support of Frank and Boogie to the Quack Pack. Couple that info with them all discovering Ashley and Frank made out and it seemed to spell certain renom status for Ashley. Not the case.

For whatever reason, Shane is not going to put Ashley on the block next to Boogie. Instead he’s going to renom Jenn. Shane joked that he’d make a dramatic announcement to lead Boogie and Frank on that he was about to renom Dan, but I think he’ll end up keeping it simple.

Either way, this is going to come as a shock to Frank and Boogie. Right now they are extremely confident that they’ve got Shane doing what they want. Not only that, but they think they’ve got vote support in the house for Thursday to keep Boogie. There are a couple of big surprises coming Froogie’s way. I can’t wait to watch.

The Veto ceremony will be held later this afternoon in the Big Brother 14 house. We’ll be watching the Live Feeds (and you should too!), waiting to report as soon as the detail are revealed. In the mean time, what do you think Shane should do at the meeting?


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  1. Putting Jenn up instead of Ashley makes sense to me.  If they put Ashley up somebody might want to put her out of her misery, if they put Jenn up people are just going to get confused and wonder why Boogie’s the only one on the block the week.

  2. I’m not getting to excited about anything…since Production can change the way the game goes at any time….why don’t they just tell us what they are going to do and how the game will end.  If they do something to keep Boogie…I’m with a lot of others…done with BB.

    • This won’t be the first time.  Pandora’s box saved Jordan/Rachel last year.  America’s vote of coaches entering the game this year is like America’s vote of last year that brought Brendon back.  Production has always been involved so I don’t expect it to be different this season.

    • so agree i’m worried they find pandox and boogie stay they do that with rachel and jordanbb13 when posh put her on the block boogie alway’s win money 16000 to be badboy?i realy don’t trust production they want badly to keep boogie and frank?frank suppose to go before janelle and they cancell nomination?they return back brandon bb13?

      • I don’t believe that production will do that as of right now coming off of all of the “CHEATING B.S.” (talking about Pandoras Box). Allison knows you can only screw the viewers in small increments. Production wants the houseguests to play Pandoras Box and Shane is already PISSED that his last HOH was totally a waste and all it did was show his hand. (The restart was the last time they screwed with Shane!!!) Shane said very LOUDLY that if Pandora’s box did come into play he would NOT use it!

    •  Here we go again another whiner threating to not watch anymore. I do not get you people. If you don’t like it. Why are you watching. Other people want to comment on strategy. But it is you whiners that drive me nuts.

      • Yeah, I’ll be honest I will be pissed if they miraculously save Boogie, and I may say I won’t watch, but I still will because I like the show, I just will never understand why productions wants to keep frank so bad, he is not that interesting.

    • If Boogie doesn’t go home, I will quit watching because I know it would be rigged. I know nobody cares if I watch or not but it makes me feel when american idol pissed me off I took it off my dvr, which I also think was rigged.

  3. Boogie tantrum on the way later today………….
    should be fun to watch.  Maybe it will teach him a lesson about being greedy.  Instead of grabbing $10k he should have been fighting for the HOH to protect both him and Frank.  Greedy Boogie getting a well deserved lesson………

    • I can’t wait to see his face when Jenn (or someone like her) is the replacement for Frank, and not Dan. He is going to be livid. It will be great. I mean honestly, how dare Shane not do what is best for Boogie.

    • Maybe Boogie knows the BB production people are on board for him and he thought or was told he didn’t need to worry about winning HOH, and then the game with the ? box showed up to “fix things”.for him.

    •  Boogie was flying in that comp. He could have taken the HOH easily. But he only saw dollar signs and wanted the cash. So he through Frank under the bus by his greed. So at least Frank gets to save himself and see ya later Boogie. I liked it back in the day when it was Will and Boogie. Will was the brains.

    • Poor Boogs – Was loyal to the alliance and got burned.  So trusting of the alliance that he went for the green.  Who’d have ever thunk the Boogie man would be able to play the “honesty” card in a campaign to save himself???  He was loyal & kept his word – THEY didn’t.  He was so secure & trusting, he LET THEM win HoH – they nominated HIM.  So Boogie is the trusting soul whose loyalty was not rewarded.  Mark it down.  It won’t happen again.  Lol. 

      • he only didnt turn on the alliance because it was too early in the  game not because he was being loyal. i have never watched BB when boogie was on it so i dont know how he acted before, but this season with boogie i have never seen someone that arrogant. he has such a big ego.

  4. I hope production doesn’t add in some annoying twist now that boogie’s about to be sent packing, regarding that “?” Box in the arcade room! Apparently BB wants to keep this whole Frank & Boogie controversy going for awhile longer since they’re adding the most drama in the BB house. Boogie is so annoying and he’s already won 10k and 6k! Please just go home to your kid and restaurants! I really hope Shane, Brit, and Ian are final 3.

    • Ian couldn’t even keep Ashley let alone his word. He is a rat and needs no to be sent packing!!! Froogie rocks i hope they are the final 2!!

    • I dont mind Shane in the final 3 but I cant stand Ian and Britney has no real game, she’s riding on Shane’s coat tails. I would like to see Shane, Frank and Ashley. She may not be the brightest but she has a good heart and she makes me laugh.

  5. I don’t really get the whole Jenn renom….I thought they were going got go with with whoever’s vote they couldn’t count on…didn’t Ian tell them that Jenn was irritated with Boogie (and Danielle confirmed)…plus with all the evidence against Ashley I would think it would be her vote that is the most questionable…but I guess it doesn’t matter either way…

    • But by naming Ashley as a renom. you run the risk of Boogie and Frank convincing people that she should be sent home because she is injured.

    • Do you people not pay attention at all? America doesn;t have a say in remons. The HOH does, yet every week people think that the renom will be who THEY want, weather they are in the same alliance with the HOH or not.

      Dan will not be the replacement, he is working with Shane. Please stop wishing it.

      •  Do you honestly think that Dan has Shane’s or anyone’s back?

        Guess again!  Dan is for Dan only.

      • @059469401079e15b4a59e85f1d1a2485:disqus I posed the question for what readers thought Shane should do. If that’s what Oliver thinks Shane should do then that’s his opinion. No need to jump on him for it.

      • @ Oliver: I’m aware of that fact. but right now, for the time being, they are working together. If Dan were HOH he would not be headed for Shane, he would be doing the same thing. In the future, yeah, it is possible that Shane and Dan will be battling it out, but thats not right now.

  6. If nothing else happens like some stupid Pandoras Box “Production” Booger will be gone on thursday..Karma baby!

  7. Junior Nerd Herd for one month straight I would rather watch roseanne re-runs please SAVE boogie pandora!!

    • Nope. And I have a question, if anyone can answer it.

      Does Brits week of safety include this double eviction run? Is she safe for the second half too since its the same week?

      • Im not a hundred percent sure but im fairly certain her safety only lasts up untill this eviction since the double eviction technically is a new week, she’ll be just as vulnerable as everyone else.

      • No..Brit is not safe during the second eviction. She has one week of safety and the week officially ends immediately after the first eviction on Thursday.

      • it will be up after Thursday eveiction. and yes production will keep Boogie, he will “win” HOH nominate Britt and Shane, Shane wins POV saves himself he puts up Dan and Dan is gone!

    • I tend to agree with you on this one. IF Frank did cheat (tho it seems he did to an extent, he admitted to it) they need to re pull for players, with not “HG choice” chips and redo the veto. I don’t think it should be any worse than that for Frank, unless maybe a penalty vote against him if he stays on the block.

    • Although Frank “cheated”, he “cheated” on drawing chips. He still had competition such as Shane and Boogie. He still won POV. You have to remember that he didnt cheat in the competition, he cheated when drawing chips.

  8. Everyone is so concerned with the potential for a Pandora occurence this week.  That is going to happen if that is what production wants, but the bigger issue is double elimation this Thursday.  I don’t think the houseguest know, but Jules, Carrot Top’s “home girl” announced it to the viewers last Thursday.  If Frank wins HOH after Boogie(hopefully) goes out on first round, The quackers could be stale crackers!!!!

  9. I really hope Boogie goes home…then I won’t have to miss NCIS reruns for the rest of the summer.

  10. Shane isnt playing his own game by getting rid of Boogie, it doesnt benefit him at all. He cant compete in next week HOH, and hes now a target. If Frank/Ash/Jenn win HOH, Dan and Shane will be nom’d. I hope its Frank, and then Dan wins veto and they get to send Shane home. And Shane will realize how awful his move was.

    • “How awful his move was?”  This move was the best move he could make.  Boogie and Frank were already talking about breaking their alliance last week, and once Dan is gone who’s their next target?  Shane.  So, it’s in his best interest to break them up.

      • The best move he could make for Dan, Ian, Brit, Dani, Joe and Ashley, yeah I agree. The best move for him? Not at all. He should be working with Frank, not trying to get rid of him. They are the only 2 that are dominating competitions. No one can even touch them with a 50 ft pole (notice i didnt say the normal 10). Boogie is Franks accessory, and quite frankly, hes a lot more valuable than Brit, Dan or Dani.

        I hope Frank wins HOH, then veto, noms Dan and Shane and Shane gets sent packing in a split vote and Frank is the one to do it. That would be icing on the cake for this terrible season.

      • @ Jordan: Shane and Frank teaming up would be a good move for Shane, however he would be the third wheel to the Frank/Boggie bromance going on, and he would know that. He would also then have his old alliance after him with a vengence. He is in a good spot right now, He is Brit’s #1 and I think Danis too. He wouldn’t have that loyalty if he sided with Frank.

      • It was talk,  the same way Dan and Britney had been talking. Why is okay for them to talk about getting rid of Frank and Boogie but it wasnt okay for Frank and Boogie to talk about getting rid of them?

      • Agreed. Best move yet. I bet Janelle will be sitting back with a nice glass of wine having herself a little chuckle when Boogie gets that door slammed on his a**!!

  11. I can’t wait to see Boogie’s face when Shane replaces Frank with Jenn or Ashley. And I’m even more excited to see Boogie on the couch with Julie Chen on Thursday. Boogie is quite the smooth talker, but if they don’t get him out now, he’s gonna win the whole thing. Personally, I’m pulling for Brit or Ian to take it all.

    • I cant believe you think Boogie would win it all if he stayed and you want Brit or Ian to win. 2 of the most worthless people in the house who dont even deserve it.

      • wrong about Ian, he reports back to the quack pack about Boogies and Franks conversations

    • Boogie would not win it all. Thats why they need to keep him, no jury member would vote for him (yes I like Boogie, but im not in the jury) Ian and Britt or not that great. Ian looks like the person that will go postal then everyone says; “wow, I would never have thought him.” Frank is really the only person, playing this game. Everyone else is playing off each other rather its though an alliance (quack pack, worst name ever) or the dismembered silent six (which would have worked had Britt not got all paranoid). End of rant.

      • I disagree with that statement. If Boogie makes it to the end he could very easily win the game again. His arguement is a simple one, he was a target all along, faught the whole way, kept himself in the game, and made it to the final 2. And honestly right now, with most of the house wanting him gone, if he makes it to F2, he really does deserve to win.

      •  I tend to agree with your comment, except for the part about Frank playing this game.  No he’s not.  Boogie makes the decisions between that duo, so it’s more like Boogie playing the game for Frank.  Frank had a chance last week to do what was in his best interest, but instead he let Boogie control his HoH.  He got what he deserved when Boogie decided to greed it up and play for himself rather than go for HoH too.  Neither of them deserve to stay, and Frank would have already been gone if production hadn’t voided Shane’s last HoH.

      •  Mike is a good talker too. He can very well argue his case to the jury. But he has no chance if he’s sitting beside Dan. Because Dan is the most eloquent on public speaking.

      • Frank could have been a great player if he hadn’t hooked up with Boogie. Now he’ll forever be known as Boogie’s puppet – if not worse.

      • To Cyril: Boogie is a smooth talker (e.g. a con man, bs artist). Dan is much more honest, much more intelligent, but his way of speaking is very annoying. Something about how he thrusts his head to one side. But he is so far superior to Boogie and his bulls**t.

  12. It’s a Slam Dunk ! It’s over for Mike Boogie. He’s going home. It’s just funny when he finds out that (a mole) Ian helped engineered his eviction from BB house.

    • Your right and he’s way more evil than Boogie’s giving him credit for….note I don’t think he’s evil but he doe’s I think he very clever….

      • Frank has suggested to Boogie more than once that it may be Ian and Boogie said not Ian.  Just like Frank wanted to take Dan out before and Boogie talked him out of it.  Ian use to be all for Boogie and now appears to be for Dan.  I doubt that Dan would want to take Ian to the end. It just may turn out Ian will make it to the end because of being very clever.

  13. Is it me or has everyone else noticed that the week both Frank and Boogie go up on the block there is no have nots comp.?

    • When they have endurence comps they tend to omit the Have/Have-Not comps because the finish airing the HOH on Sunday. They did it with the week they were on the ship too.

  14. i wouldn’t think that production would pull a double eviction and pandora’s box in the same week, they would save that drama for a time when it seemed like the game/show needed to get interesting because it was dull, i think that there will be plenty to report on this week so maybe next week for pandora’s box.

    • The way production has stars on Booger and Franks’ doors, bet Pandora’s box being saved for Frank next week. This game becoming too predictable once you see production cheating history. Frank would not still be in game if not for production helping twice, that we know of, so far.

  15. Shane should renom ashley-odds of her being voted out are slim-if he puts Jenn up, she just might  go–and, ehat about the double eviction?

  16. All Shane has to do is say I’m replacing Frank for Jenn that’s my choice so be it Veto cer is adjourned …..

      •  Which he should when he’s not ever played before like they have!  Knowledge is power!!!  Do you think Boogie would have helped him out??  I doubt that, since he’s never had Shane’s back and he’s never talked game with Jenn whatsoever when she’s on his team!  Who makes fun of their own teammate (even after the coaches were let into play)….Dan, nor Britney have never gone against their teammates when they have every opportunity to do so!

  17. why do they want to keep Frank? he is like a big ogre,Boogie needs to go, he is way past his acting skills, an old man trying to act young again just does not get it!!

  18. I hope Boogie also stays by some miracle with a Pandora’s Box or something.  Then, I hope Frank wins HoH and sticks Shane’s short little big butt up on the block.  I think Shane is a real mean liar to not honor what he said to Frank and Boogie.  Frank honored  his word and didn’t put Dan or Shane up or any of those other nasty people.  Shane complained to Britney that Danielle was making him uncomfortable—if only Danielle knew that we would see some fireworks.  I just don’t understand why everyone is always after Frank?  Jealousy?  Frank is Shane’s biggest competition so I guess Shane has a lot of influence over those lemmings.

    • Well Boogie and Frank weren’t going to honor Shane’s alliance with them, so Shane just made sure they didn’t get the chance, that’s all!  Looking forward to see how the renom and double elimination goes this week.  It’s getting exciting!  We so needed this boost in drama…it was getting a bit stagnate there for awhile!

      • I agree here Boogie would have nomed some of them had he won HOH. Shane just beat him too it. Boogie was hoping Ian would pull it off and win and do the dirty work for him. He was talking about Ian putting up Brit and Shane

    • Oh, so Shane is mean. Pobrecito! If you don’t have the capacity to be mean (or at least cunning) within you, you have no business being in the Big Brother house in the first place.

      • Someone had to get blood on their hands! It happens every season!Who on this site doesn’t realize that Boogie and Frank were coming after Shane? You have to think with reason, but everyone left it to Shane and now his alliance is sitting pretty and he’s sitting in a blood bath! I don’t get how that makes him mean.Team Froogie have been making nasty, unkind remarks about everybody this season- really unnecessary, cruel things and that’s ok? Whereas, I’ve really heard mostly civil remarks coming out of everyone elses’s mouths except bitter Jenn, especially for this game. I mean Froogie actually sit in the livingroom and belittle people while they all sit in the kitchen! They are so arrogant, they make me sick and you think Shane is mean for trying to rid the house of this vermin?

      • I agree…you can play a mean game without smattering everyone else in the house.  Shane is playing the game the way it’s meant to be played…by winning competitions.  You’ve not seen him crying when he was put on the block that one time.  I like how Frank’s been playing too, but I just don’t like that he’s alligned himself with a prick.  I wanna see how he plays without Boogie is all!  I pray he’ll be allowed to after Booger is gone!  Boogie is really the one flying all the insults around…Frank is just nodding his head in agreement without coming back with the slandering remarks if you’ve noticed!  I’d have started hating on him if he did!

  19. I hope they replace Frank with Dan, but we all know that’s not going to happen. Shane listens too much to the wrong people. Dan is all for Dan. He’s playing all of his alliance. I can’t stand Dan. They need to take out Dan, Shane, Britany and Danielle.

  20. This year is more obvious than ever that the fix is in.  They want Frank in the end and so it will be. Boogie as well if they can swing it.  As for last season, Porshe should not have been there anyway due to the food tampering, in the real world that is jail time. So when they fixed it i was ok with it (sort of).
    Every season just gets worse, I swear they promised Boogie/Frank money to play (since they are friends off the show). So they need to put the fix in somehow. What a waste of time it has become, usually i am glued to the feeds and the tv show but, this year SUCKS.

  21. The thing that gets me is the best two competitors can’t think for themselves. I really wish that Shane wasn’t such a goof in the beggining and took Frank’s offer for an alliance. Those guys would’ve dominated capital D. Boogies gone, barring some miracle in the next couple of hours, Ian buddy, they’re already plotting your demise, you chose the wrong side dummy, Dan’s gonna crush you.Sorry Britt, you’re doing the same thing the Brigade did to you, but you won’t pull it off. Dan’s gonna win it, he’s well insulated and get ready Shane, you’re time is up, you served your purpose once Frank is gone.

  22. I get why people don’t like Boogie, he’s a strong player but obnoxious, but why Frank??? He’s more honest and loyal than Britney or even Ian. And especially Shane!!! I want those 3 out so bad. Leave Frank and Dan in there to battle it out, but get rid of the wishy washy idiots. They form 2 alliances, and won’t stay loyal to either one. I can’t stand them.

    • I guess its because Frank is loyal to Boogie. i agree, not right.

      But i do think he should of been gone long ago.

    • Sadly, when Frank leaves the house this season he will only be known for being Boogies puppet.

  23. And dont forget this is a double elim. night so anything could happen. Might even be able to get frank out, but I doubt it.

  24. Boogie needs to go!  He’s a spoilsport and when things don’t go his way, he lashes out about how worthless other house guests are and they don’t belong in the game.  So different when he’s not on the block, huh?

  25. oooooooooooooooh its gonna be sooooo good if he renoms her instead of Dan. then frank and boogs will KNOW that no one is on their side and that boogs is going home!

  26. So the producers say Frank was going to win anyhow, thats why they are not doing anything.
    Well he still cheated didn’t he?
    I wonder if the producers left him the answers to the questions in the second hoh, or told him the answers in the fifth hoh comp.
    It makes you question how he is still here.
    All and all, i think he should not have won that veto for cheating. no question about it. If it is okay to cheat in comps, then why dont everyone do it then?

  27. I would be surprised to see Shane nominate Dan (his alliance member) later today for eviction. Shane knows he has the votes to get Boogie out this week so long as he keeps Dan off the block. Let’s face it, Boogie is a game player even after all these years and can win this game, beside getting Boogie out now would be better when it comes to the jury side as well. 

    Right now I see Shane nominating Jenn or Ashley later today as neither one of them are in an alliance with him. I would see Jenn more due to Ian-Ashley friendship or whatever they have together.

  28. I seriously want to watch Boogie walk out that door on Thursday. But I swear to god, if a Pandora’s Box saves Boogie I will be furious. I love watching Frank and I want to see how FRANK plays the game by himself.

  29. I’m sure there will definitely be some sort of pbox twist or something. Seriously, Boogie might not be the most respectable guy, but if he is voted out so soon, what are we going to do? Listen to the Quack Pack lay around and get along? watch Ashley stair off into space…or continue to forget who Jenn is? If Boogie goes, its sleepy city in the BB house. No drama, no deals, no surprises. 

    • The sick part is, he more than likely would’ve won HOH. He showed great endurance on that last POV.

      • But then he would have had to actually do some dirty work himself. He was banking on Ian to win and put up part of the silent 6 for him.

  30. At this point isn’t everyone in for themselves, and you just play with the people that can further your game, Frank can only further Boogies game, once Boogie is gone, Frank is out there, and I don’t think anybody wants to play with him, he is no more trustworthy than you or anyone else would be in this game. Get a grip peeps, its a game for entertainment purposes.

    • ooohhh agree..frank alone is a flashing neon target–unless the pesky HOH thing happens!! lol he was willing to throw everyone under that bus-including his own alliance members!! They forget its every man for himself-except for the floaters you surround your self with-like floaties! 

  31. britney is a really playing the game this season. shes such a manipulator! and her hands arnt getting dirty

  32. I would love if Shane’s nominations come back to bite him in the butt!!! If Shane would get his head out of Danielle, Britney and Dan’s behind and trust Boogie he would for sure make it to the final 3. Do you really see  Dan and Britney helping getting Danielle or Shane to final 2?? No!!!I If I were in the house I make something up about the question mark box and I would tell IAN and JOE so it got back to the Quackers… Something like Shane thinks he has the votes but the question mark box I got along with the 10 grand!!!

    • Are u people daff????  Boogie is not gonna even take Frank to the final 3 if he stays and gets to that point. Boogie is gonna take somebody like Jenn Joe or Ashley…. In other words ” A bigger loser than he is” is the person he wants sitting next to him….Don’t yall get it?? Boogie is letting Frank and the other HG’s do all the dirty work in getting all the strong players out…Should Boogie and Frank end up final 2 ..Frank will win cause nobody likes Boogie ….Now should Boogie take a floater to final 2 he would have an excellent chance…If Boogie  does stay and manages to get out  Shane Daniell Dan Britney  who is left for him and Frank to compete against?? It would really be the Frank & Boogie show.   Boogie will eventually turn on Ian cause he is well liked and Boogie would not win against him in final 2.   Boogie knows the game…Boogie can con and manipulate people..look at Frank if u need an example….Boogie needs to go and let Frank play his own game or he is gonna be out the door….Just keep watching….

      • No In the long run I hope it is Frank and Shane in the final 2. They seem to be the only 2 giving it their all in HOH and Power of Veto!!! But Look at Britney and Dan they are doing nothing deep down they are doing exactly what your accusing Boogie of doing!!! IAN won’t win cause he has no back bone!!! I’m really hoping Boogie stays I’m not saying final 2 but just to get the boring ones out!!  Dan spends more time in the HOH room then he does anywhere else!! JOE I mean get real he flip flops more than my shoes!!

  33. I cant wait to see Frank & Boogie’s face when Boogie get evicted.. or when Jenn goes up. 

    • I can’t wait to see Jenn’s face when she gets nominated..The way I understand it Jenn does not know that she likely to be the renom….Now that is gonna be funny…lmao

    • I’m looking forward to Boogies comments when he is evicted.  He has said don’t walk me to the door with “hugs”  I want the time to make some comments………should be good!

  34. I just keep remembering how very INSULTED Boogie was to NOT be walking out that door last week…he went on and on…hopefully he wont be insulted this week–when he walks out the

    • Can’t wait to see his interviews with Julie and Jeff Schroeder ! He’ll blame everybody else’s gameplay but his own. He’ll complain about how his alliance betrayed him and whine like a baby. Just watch. Can’t wait to see the messages  from the other HG’s!

      • I can’t either!  He won’t be as quiet about it as Janelle was, that’s for sure!

  35. I’m not happy with the whole cheating mess and the fact the producers new about it. I better see Boogie and Frank removed and 2 players brought back in. When there is $50k on the line and cheating is involved is just not cool. What ever happened to old fashion honest sportmanship. I guess thats dead too. I better see some action taken by the show soon or a big group of us here in Oregon will stop watching the show.

    • Well my friend, ChillTown 2012 is not going anywhere. Don’t fret. Glass House is on tonight. Get your popcorn ready. BB fan 4 Life.

      • Well you’re partially right….HALF of Chilltown 2012 is not going anywhere.   And as for the name Chilltown 2012….remakes are NEVER as good as the original.

    • It went out the window several seasons ago. Remember Natalie? There was photographic proof she cheated during an endurance Comp; nothing happened.
      Then there’s Porsche, she put Laxative powder into the protein shake powder! It was clear to see! Kalia and Danielle sat, watched and laughed!
      Jordan DID drink that Mix and DID have cramping. Porsche’s punishment? Replace the powder with a new one…
      It’s not right, it sickens me as a fan, yet it continues…


  36. Not sure why everyone loves Dan. Other than the fact he might have been good other seasons, all he is this year is a floater. He decided to go for safety rather than HoH and got beat by Britt in the last HoH. He sits around, and says nothing. He hasn’t gone out to try and make alliances, they all came to him. Boogie, as ignorant and selfcentered as he is, has played an amazing game. He conviced to evict Janelle when she wasn’t even a target. Frank has not even gotten to vote yet!!! Yet he has survived this long.
    Brittany is the funniest story teller… The way she described how Joe rubbed one off was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on BB. She won safety this week over a bunch of others, and she talks game all the time. Too paranoid though.
    Ian is the double agent playing to perfection. He deserves main props to make Boggie trust him. Boggie was able to find out that Danielle is a Nurse, yet cannot figure out Ian.
    Shane is a dumb player, but wins competitions. He’s had it easy because the only HoH that could have nominated him is Frank, which trusted their alliance.
    Only 4 deserve to win, Boggie, Britt, Ian, and Frank.

    • Whether anyone likes it or not…floating is a strategy.   It may not be fun to watch but if you’re still in the house…it’s working for you.   And deciding to throw a comp is also a strategy.   If you win then you put a target on your back…as Frank has proven over and over.    Dans play may not be totally upfront….but then whos is?

      • And being quiet or unsuspecting can also help in this game in order to divert the attention off them and onto those who are loud and outspoken!  Helps to gain the respect of others so that you don’t become a target.  You never wanna show your true cards sooner than necessary!  So next week should prove well for those remaining and how competitive they can really be once the bigger targets are eliminated!!!  I hope Ian or possibly even Ashley win it all…even if that may not happen…but I can see them making a good attempt against Dan and Britney!  I see Ashley possibly nominating Ian and Shane to be evicted eventually if she’s still there!  She’ll need Frank to get her to the end, though!

    • Dan was is no way a slouch in the HoH Comp. From the second he knew he had to start filling the HoH bowl, it was shocking to see how fast and far he had gotten. Especially considering he hadn’t started until well after Shane and the rest.
      Had he gone for HoH from the beginning, I think his chance of winning would have been way higher than 50-50.
      I wasn’t ever a real true fan of Dan, however, he’s definitely earning some respect.
      He could have VERY easily tossed Ian under the bus, especially since it WAS Ian that conveyed the information that Dan is taking the blame for. For that, he deserves some credit in my book.


      •  That’s just the way Dan plays this game. If you’re familiar with season 10, he does get aggressive at the end stage of the game. “The Renegade” with Memphis, still my favorite season. Those two made the show exciting. There’s one thing I couldn’t figure out is, who is he planning to take in the final two? I don’t have a clue, and I don’t think he has either….yet

      • I don’t have a problem with Dan’s game either. Sometimes keeping your mouth shut is a good strategy. Remember when Wil and Joe were on the block? Joe was warned to keep his mouth shut and Wil just blabbed himself out of the game? Has everyone forgotten that had it not been for the well timed “reset”, Frank would be gone. Dan played his last game very similarily and  won. Just saying. I also agree with you  about the Ian situation. Dan just remains calm, cool and collected. Boogie just seems to panic and run his mouth. Don’t get me wrong, he’s no dummy, but everyone already knows his deal. Britney , although she likes Janelle, realized what a huge threat she was- especially comp/wise. I think everyone realized that.

  37. Did they ever find out Ashley and Frank made out? Wouldn’t they want to nominate Ashley after finding that out?

    • I believe they may have found out, however, Jenn is a much larger threat, physically, and Ashley simply isn’t.
      Although Jenn has not shown any kind of strength, I do think she’s holding out quite a bit to reduce any target on her back.
      Also. Everyone is aware of Ashley’s ability to take anything they say and run right back to the “others”, can actually work in their favor, in a misleading kind of way.
      I cannot wait to see the look on Boogie’s face when Dan is NOT the re-nom! It should be priceless!

  38. What should Shane do at the meeting? Once Frank takes himself off the block, Shane should stand up and thank Frank and Boogie for trying to convince him to nominate Dan. “Thanks … but no thanks.” Then state “my choice for renom is …” and whoever he chooses. Than add some comment like “Dan, now you know who your friends are(n’t).”

    • So production is going to make sure hg’s save Boogie and send Jenn packing?  I suppose that would be a good move as far as ratings go…but then that would make viewers second guess the show’s purpose???  Thnx for the heads up Nick!

  39. Yea Shane didn’t put up Dan; he put up Jenn. Boggie is so mad and already talking bout poor Ian.

  40. I have a question. This Thurs. is suppose to be a double eviction. Does
    the current HOH get to play if it is a double eviction? Do they immediately
    have a HOH comp right after the announcement and that person has to
    put up someone immediately afterwards? Of does the winner of HOH put
    up two people immediately after the comp and an immediate vote is taken
    afterwards? What is the difference between fast forward and double eviction?
    Well, I had more than one question it seems!!!!

    • A fastforward/double eviction is just like an entire week, but in one night. Thrusday will start with the vote between Boogie and Jenn. Right out the gate. They will head outside for HOH. Winner will stand in living room and nom 2 people, no keys or box, just 2 names. They will head right back out for veto. Winner will stand and make his decision right there, HOH may name renom. Then they will vote on the two sitting on nom chairs. However unlike other Thursday shows, they won’t play a second HOH that night during the show. It will be later, after or the next day.

    • In double eviction they do the announcement then have the hoh competion right away and the current hoh cannot compete. When it is over the houseguest return inside and the new hoh makes the nomations right away and a few minutes later the veto game begins and the veto winner can use it or not to save a nomine and then the rest of the houseguest cast their vote to evict someone. This all happens in like 25-30 minutes.

  41. It would be fun to see a “real big brother ” where houseguests have an honest chance to win.  it seems Production always interferes at a point where they can save their predetermined winner or winners.  Let the house guests  play and stay our of it.

  42. I am so HAPPY that Mike did not get his way! He thinks that he is the greatest player ever in Big Brother! He is a FOOL.! In the Chilltown BB Will was the Mastermind. Mike just followed around like a puppy. Even this season its Frank that has worked his azz off to keep them BOTH safe! Whether you felt you were safe(with the silent 6) or not WHY WHY WHY would Mike go for the 10,000 bucks instead of HOH when his boy is sitting on the side lines coming off of his HOH and unable to play.Mike thinks about Mike only and that is going to be his demise.Its hard enough in this game to keep yourself safe, let alone carry someone that is not doing their share. I donot like the way the two of them played (Mike and Frank) but I do believe that Frank will calm down andplay a decent game without Mike poisoning his mind. I love Dan and am glad that he was not backdoored last weeek, however if Frank would have played his ‘gut’ and not listened to Mike who knows what this week would be all about?!?!?! Mike Boogie WILL be going home this week!!!

    • I love the facade Ian is putting up to keep Frank (and Boogie) from finding out just how “evil” he really is! hehehe  They never suspected a thing when the three of them had that conversation about a different kind of All Star game BB should have…Good vs Evil and that Ian would play on the Evil side….he went against them already by that point by taking the Quack/Pack side!

      • Mike got played by Ian! Hilarious! At first, I  barely noticed this quirky, little “boy genius” and now he’s running the house! Apparantly, no one else really noticed him, either. He’s beginning to amaze me.

  43. As an absolute BB fanatic, I would like to comment on Mr. Mike Malin, a.k.a. “Boogie”. First of all, I grew up in a town in NH right next to Concord. I know people Boogie went to high school with,many of whom grew up with him- he is not a nice guy! Barring all that, he is involved in many legal problems righy now, both financial and otherwise, which Janelle mentioned briefly in the beginning. There is nothing I would enjoy more than to see my homey win- but he is as he appearts on the show.He is playing a terrible game because he is so oddly obsessed with Frank, and although people do lie and cheat and act abnormally than they would in their “real lives” in order to win a large sum of money, there is such a thing as going too far, especially in DR sessions, where it really isn’t necessary. So, take my word for it or not- with Boogie, what you see is what you get. For the record, he does have a very nice extended family. What a shame!

  44. I really believe Mike got played! I think he really trusted Ian and it’s hilarious! I really didn’t give this seemingly strange little “boy genius” much credit in the beginning, and obviously, neither did anybody else! He is capable of taking it all.

  45. Does anybody  really believe that Ashley is this hippy, spacey, kinda dumb, fragile and always hurt, whiny kind of chick or is this her game? She’s playing all the guys in the house and she’s working it with Jenn, and now she seems to be trying to work it with Britney (although she sees right through her). Could this be some kind of amazing “floater” strategy? All this peace and Harmony stuff spewing out of her mouth last night just has me wondering. She’s non-threatening because she can’t win a comp.NOW, she’s always hurt- really? Does she have a “Master Plan”? I know I’m reaching, just curious as to what you guys think.

    • I think she’s smarter than the average bear!  You have to be smart to play that dumb!!! I hope she shows us her true self soon!  How fun would that be???

      • Yeah, I was just wondering, because she is so rarely mentioned on these sites ( and I know she’s just so uninteresting ). But does she fall off the radar with the HGS because of that very reason, unless someone is making out with her( or fantasizing about it, i.e. Ian and Jenn). Just a curiosity.

  46. I don’t care who they put up against Boogie as long as he goes home!! I wish, Frank would have went first. But, we got to settle for his partner in crime, Boogie. That’ll work!!! Next, HoH is Frank, “same old broken record”.

  47. Frank and Boogie are getting played like a flute! This is music to my ears :) Can’t wait to see the back of Boogie’s head on Thursday. He gotta go. 

    Also, LOL at Jenn being the renom. Maybe this is just what she needs to wake her up so she can play the game and take off her invisibility cloak. 

  48. What really bothers me more than anything, and I’ll say it again- if it wasn’t for the “well timed reset”, Frank would be gone. I’ve never been one of those naysayers and I’ve watched this game from it’s inception, but am I wrong to find this suspect?

    •  No, not at all!  Without Frank, Boogie wouldn’t have a prayer since Frank is basically the only one he talked Game with the most every time Frank stayed than he has ever talked Game with Ian or Jenn, and don’t think Ian and Jenn hasn’t caught on to that!  Since Frank has proven to Boogie he’s worthy of being Boogie’s butt buddy by winning time after time, it’s time for Boogie to go and see how Frank works on his own!  By Frank staying in alliance with only Boogie, he’s pretty much lost any alliance with the rest, so I won’t be surprised if he ends up being the second one eliminated this week!

      • Oh yeah, I get all that and I agree with you 100%. I was just talking about the reset happening at a crucial time when Frank would have been gone, therefore, most likely followed by Boogie and possibly a ratings slip. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, believe me- never have been, but I just find it odd. No doubt Boogie’s jig is up and the end of the Froogie Showmance is coming to an end, It just seemed weird that when Frank was about to walk out that door, the reset happened and he got a reprieve..

  49. 7:30pm BB time……. all four camera’s on Dan……. He’s playing with his hat and falling asleep……

    About exciting as watching Ashley’s bulging eyes !

  50. Not sure if I was hearing things or not, but why did production try to sway Shane’s mind about putting both Boogie and Frank up for eviction and why did Shane refuse to change his mind??   I mean I’m glad this move finally shook the house up as it was getting a bit staid there for awhile.  I want to see Frank play the game without Boogie always in his ear!  I want to see Jenn play the game with more enthusiasm too!  Love, love, love how Ian is playing the game by keeping both Frank and Boogie in the dark about his secret alliance with the Duckies!  I wouldn’t deem him as evil as much as he is conniving at just the right time he needs to be!  He’s played this game like no one else so far! :-)  Better keep a closer eye on that one!

  51. Ian is so creepy and annoying. In the beginning I liked him and was worried that he may get evicted and now I wish he was. He is phony and it is pathetic how he thinks he is running the show. I was not a fan of Shane’s in the beginning but he is now becoming my favorite. He isnt the lying snake that some of the houseguests have shown themselves to be.

     Big Brother should give Shane a chance to open Pandora’s Box and if he does it shoud say….”The 2 nominated houseguest’s are now safe and you must nominate 2 other houseguest’s for eviction”….that would be priceless!

    • I didnt mean I was becoming a fan of Shane’s (typo), I meant I was becoming a fan of Frank’s…I liked Shane in the beginning but he is not showing much ability to make good decisions and he trusts Dan which is just plain stupid!

  52.  Ahh Frank will have to play his own game when Boogie leaves (yeah!) and Ian can run to the final three.

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