Big Brother 14: Week 5 Player Rankings


Frank and Boogie are out of power and Shane is back in as we roll into Big Brother 14 Week 5. Last week, some alliances were formed but a HoH reign was wasted on a floater. So picking the best players from Week 4 week is going to be a tough one. Let’s try it anyway.

Best Players of the Week

1. Ian. I was beginning to think I’d never be able to put Ian in this category, despite my pre-season opinion of him. But after weeks of sitting in Boogie’s shadow, Ian has really stepped up his game. He sought out an alliance with Britney, Dan, Danielle and Shane. They might have named it something stupid, but the Quack Pack is currently holding the majority in the house. And Ian  has been using his social game to find out information and has even started suggesting making some bold moves, like putting Boogie out of the game. Way to go, Ian.

2. Boogie. He gets this spot only because he controlled Frank this week. Had Frank not sent Wil out the door and instead worked on Dan as he wanted, then he would’ve been here. Actually, he would’ve been in the #1 spot. But since Boogie controlled Frank he’s ahead of the game. Boogie’s target (Wil) might have made no sense, but he did make the move for Frank, basically.

Worst Players of the Week

1. Wil. He left this week and it was all his fault. Had he only told Boogie and Frank what they wanted to hear, he wouldn’t have been the target. Joe would be heading back home instead of Wil. But Wil refused to go to who was in power and now he’s out. Then he wasn’t even that great at campaigning. He just kept telling people he’d be fine no matter what happened. Bad moves all around.

2. Jenn/Ashley. I’m just going to start leaving them both in this spot. For obvious reasons. Eventually one of them is going to accidentally win HoH and it’s going to be hilarious.

Complete Rankings List

  • 1.  Ian
  • 2. Boogie
  • 3. Frank
  • 4. Dan
  • 5. Shane
  • 6. Britney
  • 7. Danielle
  • 8. Joe
  • 9. Ashley
  • 10. Jenn
  • 11. Wil

Who would you vote as best and worst players of the week?



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    • Rebecca seems like a very stressful season. britney is working over time wish she could win a comp..jennels game was very strange. dan is playinga a lazy game
      Letting danielle do all the work and winning comps
      Shane She is physically good
      Love frank hope ian wins
      Rachel all time favorite winner both season s

      And futures! !!!


  1. Boogie still played a decent game this past week. Calmed down Frank and got one enemy Wil evicted. Frank exposed this plan which only hurt him by talking about it with people he does not fully know like Ashley and Wil. Dan got riled up because of it so, that hurts Frank’s game. Dan is in the cat bird seat but, he is mainly floating on his various alliances so, cannot credit him for his non-moves.

    • I too would like to see him go on without Boogie, just to see what his game is all about then there is Ashley messing with his feeling just to get  some information to carry all over the house guess she will need a date with Shane now since he dose not plan to showmance Danille she needs to wake up

  2. Will was the worst player this past week. If he would have said what Boogie and Frank wanted to heat then he would still b in the house. I can’t believe he was that stupid!

    •  No joke. Kissing butt is part of the game. You’re gonna let your pride get in the way of possibly winning $500,000? Are you kidding me?

      Wil was actually pretty dang smart as he sniffed out that there were some big alliances in the house. Instead of playing it cool and promising Frank and Boogie the world, he plays mr. tough guy and it costs him.


      • Wil: “I know there’s a big alliance in the house but F*** YOU GUYS!”

        What an idiot.

      • the worst part was he used that bit of knowlege as if it was some sort of reason to keep him. If there was someone on the block who just figured out my big alliance, i wouldnt want to keep them around..

      • i  agree all he wants is more money just wonder how Frank feels today knowing he did not eveen try for hoh knowing that Frank could not play now he is in harms way again sooner or later the 5 will get him out remember Boogie did not want to play his plan is to go home before the jury is to take place

    • i really just want Frank out….Boogie and Dan working together would be so much better…Dan is smarter and not afraid of big moves

  3. Ian is in a great spot. If it turns into Boogie’s side (with Joe, Jenn, Frank, and Ashley) versus The Quack Pack, then Ian will have a prime spot smack dab in the middle. Both groups will think they have him and he can basically control the game.

  4.  I know Dan isn’t on this list because he’s been flying under the radar, but IMO he has played a GREAT game so far. He’s doing the same exact thing he did during season 10 and nobody sees it. He’s throwing every competition (presumably), continues to build relationships with practically everyone in the house, and for the most part is staying out of harms ways.

    This guy is a former BB winner and only one house guest has targeted him so far; and not to mention said house guest is in danger of going home this week (Frank). Dan may not be the most “entertaining” guy to watch, but he’s sitting pretty right now. His motto is basically “only win when you have to”. Dan is just as dangerous as Boogie, but nobody sees it because he’s not as brash and arrogant. I LOVE Dan’s game play.

    I see Dan making AT LEAST to the Final 5, if not further.

  5. Frank should not be as high. He needed to get rid of Dan, but leaving Dan in the game was better for Boogie. Just like Danielle, he didn’t control his HOH week. His coach did. Watch him leave this week because of it.

  6. When Shane nominates Boogie & Frank he should blame Frank for trying to go against the alliance &evict Dan. Tell Boogie he’s only being put up so he can’t take Frank off the block

    • I almost see Boogie playing the Evel Dick card (When Dick and Danielle were on the block) to save his buddy.  Not sure is Boogie really wants to be there, anyway.

    • For trying? He still held up his end of the deal and didnt backdoor anyone when he had all the power. It shouldnt matter than he talked about it. Even after the “silent 6” was formed, D/D/S/B were all talking about not trusting boogie/frank and getting rid of them in 1 week anyway. Everyone talks about backdooring each other. I hate the alliance of D/D/S/B. If Shane was smart, he wouldve teamed up with Boogie and Frank and went down to a final 3 where the best man would win the comps. Dan, Britney, Danielle, Ian, Joe, Ashley… all floaters.

      •  Good point Jordan. Actions speak louder than words/thoughts. Of course it was tempting to try and backdoor Dan, but at the end of the day, he didn’t. The weeks that Frank has been in power, he’s held true to his word. Shane definitely has not.

        Obviously I’m biased because I find Frank and Boogie entertaining, but I think its a bad move for Shane to nominate them LOL.

      •  Thanks for that comment Jordan. For all of the “Frank & Boogie” cannot be trusted talk coming from the houseguests…ultimately they have stayed true to their word. Unlike those honest, trustworthy, others. Hypocrits.

  7. I think the idea of Boogie and Frank is a good idea, but only Ian seems to understand Brit, Dan and Boogie are playing the Newbies to destroy each other.  How sad

  8. Boogie is controlling the house not the Quack Pack, even if he is the miniority.  Ian definitely isn’t the best player this week, he’s only creating a bigger target and joining a stupid alliance didn’t help.

    • I keep waiting for them to make some type of move.  Ashley just confuses me from looking completely out of it one minute and then fine the next.  I keep wating for Jenn to do something.  Joe doesn’t do much except cook, but he always squeaks by.

    • I think Shane has stepped up his game.  I rank him higher than Frank.  He has won more comps and has stepped up his social game by running the work out camps each night that the majority of the HG’s take part in.  I like him, but still have not picked my favorite to win.  I think Boogie may have lost points with Boogie, by not securing their safety and going after the money instead of HOH.  Frank wanted Dan gone and Boogie talked him out of it.  Votes are not I think Frank may be a bit suspicious of Boogie and Dan.

  9. nobody ranks with me on that list. if janelle was there i’d vote but since not there no one gets my vote there all dumb

  10. Ian is the cherry waiting to be picked…literally AND figuratively.    His kind of sneaky play is silent but deadly.   ALL of them talk to him.   And i think he’s smart enough to read between the lines.     Good move ratting Frank and Boogie out.    Now he can step into the void that Boogie will leave behind.   He knows the power shifts in the house and it’s possible it could end up in his lap.   I wouldn’t count him out just yet.   Its taken a while but the rose colored glasses have started to come off (in part thanks to Ashleys trist with Frank), and he now has new focus.

    • As I said before, I fear Ian is going to fast become a target for eviction. So far he has mananged to be thought of as the harmless nice “kid” student. But that will change soon. I hope he wins. If hw makes it to the Jury House I will vote for him to get the $25,000 at least. He will probably faint!

      • I’d vote for him too.   He actually IS pretty popular with fans.    He’s sort of like the kid brother that makes it to the Olympics.   He may not win but you have to root for him.

  11. I am so sick of Danielle asking the same question over and over again.  Did you all see me fall?  Did I look dumb when I fell?  Its all me me me..geez enought already

    • That one and the repeat of how HOH was only won by her, Frank and Shane.  I think the HG’s know who won HOH, but in case they forget she is there to tell them yet again.

    • Your not kidding if Shane was smart he would back door the stalker. She’s a freak & only wants to talk about herself, does my butt look good, people tell me I look like some movie star, did you see me fall” oh my goodness get over yourself.

    • Replace Jenn with Danielle in quack pack….then Shane doesn’ have to worry about the stalker and a showmance.

  12. I think Frank is the worst player this week. He let Boogie control his HOH and instead of getting out a power player like Dan he wasted his HOH on Wil who wasn’t a threat. Now Shane will be going after him.

    • He didn’t have the votes for Dan, his best shot was Shane Britt or Daneille.Like you said, he let Boogie control his HOH, but it would have been wasted going after Dan also.

      • I agree I’m just saying he should of picked a power player to evict…if not Dan then Britney or Shane.

  13. i’m really glad to see Ian taking a more pro-active role in
    bb, wonder when we will see Jenn do so

    • I call Jenn the rat. She is only seen once in a while. Like a rat that gets the flashlight bean shined on it.

  14. Ian has, whether by design or accident, been underrated by his fellow house guests.  Because of his goofiness right from the start, everyone thinks Ian is just in the house for a “summer camp.”

    Everyone talks to Ian, and everyone thinks they can control his actions/vote.  He is sitting pretty to ride this deep.

    • I sure hope so.  I still think Brittney, Danielle, Shane and 
      Dan will try to get rid of him before the end.   I most feel Danielle and Brittany and trying to be so nice to him and pick his brains (like lets review what happened in various episodes of BB and when they finally realize he might beat them (the know-it-all duo will go sneakily after him.  

      Hope Ian realizes strongly Ashley should not be someone he confides in.  

  15. I think ian is in a good position, to make it to the end but not win. Nobody in the house has enough respect for him

  16. If Ashley accidentally got HoH and managed to send Boogie home, my life would be complete.  That would be the most hysterical hour of television of all time.

  17. Well its another week of Danielle sucking up to Shane doing the psyco romance thats in her mind.  I bet if he put her up on the block she would get a serious reality check! 

  18. Haha everyone hates Chilltown – I love it! Boogie and Frank are running the show!

  19. I think Britany got very lucky going for the week of safety, since theirs a double eviction this week it means neither HOH can nominate her.

  20. I still don’t get the motive for Ashley hooking up with Frank, yeah she is a flake but really what was she thinking?

    •  She wanted to hook up and her only option was Norman Bates(Ian)or Frank. Why have a boy when you could have a man?

  21. Ian needs to be careful. He needs to play the game but, carring info has its risks. A circle will grow on his back and will get big as he becomes a target for eviction if he doesn’t watch out. If I was Shane I would try to get Frank out the door, or Boogie. Either one or both if possible..

  22. burning bridges with a strong majority and left to play with stragellers try to stay alive would have made him the number 1 player this week? who writes this?

  23. Ok so someone please explain to me how the votes would go if they were to backdoor Boogs/Frank. Confusing me

  24. How do you rank rain man I mean Ian number one?  He did not seek out an alliance. The alliance sought him out to protect themselves from being scumbagged by Boogie and Frank. I like how he rocks back and forth like a mental patient. Kid is bizarre.

    • You ARE speaking of Boogie, right?….LOL…sensei…no.   Senseless…yes.    This is a guy that can’t tie his shoes without getting paid for it.    Ian doesn’t need that kind of tutoring. 

    • OMG that would be funny to see “best player ever” Boogie get evicted by a kid who kicks himself in the face. lol. I hope that happens

  25. That invisibility ink Jenn used for her tattoos is working.    A stealth bomber has more visibility.     I’m surprised she was cast for a reality show.   Because the reality IS that she hasn’t shown us anything REAL.   Her DRs  have picked up speed a bit but she’s going to have to do more than that if she doesn’t want to become a “least memorable”.

  26. I wonder how memorable Booger is to Frank after last night. Here he cant compete for hoh and his “Buddy” goes for the cash instead of HOH to try to help keep him safe. Duh…. doesn’t take a genious to figure that one out!

  27. Boogie is the biggest liar of the game, BB and will turn on anyone and just to hear and see him on the show, makes me sick!!!!!! Just my thought….If they all don’t watch out….Ian could win it all…

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