Big Brother 14: Week 5 Live Eviction and HoH Results

Big Brother 14 - Wil and Joe face eviction

Tonight on Big Brother 14 we’ll see the results of the next live eviction and what we expect is an endurance HoH competition after the sneak peek CBS sent out earlier.

I’ll be updating this post here with the live eviction and HoH results as it’s revealed on the show. Have your Live Feeds ready to go (Not signed up yet? Use the Free Trial!) because when the broadcast show is over the Live Feed will return and that’ll be the only place you can watch the endurance battle play out.

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Big Brother 14 Week 5 Live Eviction voting:

  • Ashley: evict Joe
  • Boogie: evict Wil
  • Danielle: evict Wil
  • Jenn: evict Joe
  • Dan: evict Wil
  • Britney: evict Wil
  • Shane: evict Wil
  • That’s it. Wil has been evicted.

  • Ian: evict Wil

By a vote of 6-2, Wil has been evicted from Big Brother 14.

Wil Heuser evicted from Big Brother 14

Big Brother 14 Week 6 HoH Competition – ‘Swamped’:

  • The HGs will race across a track and try to be the first to fill their water bowl. The first to get their cork out of the bowl wins HoH.
  • HGs also have the temptation to fill “safety” or “$10K” buckets to win that instead.
  • We’ve got live updates on the comp here

Watch the rest of this HoH competition only on the Live Feeds!

Once the eviction show is over the Live Feeds turn back on and we’ll either have a brand new HoH in the Big Brother house or the endurance competition will rage on! Make sure you’re ready to watch the house react to who is in power. The nominations will be revealed on Friday night with the Veto competition on Saturday, so stay close by!


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  1. Ashley, Britney, Danielle, Jenn, and Shane vote to evict Joe, Dan, Ian, and Mike Boogie vote to evict Wil, and by a vote of 5-3, Joe is evicted from the Big Brother house and I think this is going to happen

  2. Julie says “by a vote of 5-3, Joe you are evicted from the Big Brother house”

  3. This comp definitely looks like it was made for Shane to win. I hope not…I’m sick of his game play. I do think Ash is gonna hurt her back again on this one. It’s not gonna be pretty.

  4. Danielle evict wil
    Jenn evict joe
    Dan evict wil
    Britney evict wil
    Shane evict wil
    Wil is evicted
    Ian evict wil

  5. This was one of the strangest shows of all time. Way too many segments and chit-chatting. 

    • Yea, I was hoping Will stayed in the house longer,but he did,nt know how to be a ass kisser,like the rest of the house.

  6. Boogie will win this HOH and backdoor Danny Boy if given the chance with Britney as the target

    • Boogie will not win.  When there’s money Boogie always goes for the money.  He’s remaining true to form in this comp.

  7. I appreciate those that help keep these spoilers up to date!  I am in an area where they are airing football…and I am dying not being able to see eviction night!!

    • Boogie has ran the HOH the past 2 weeks without even winning it. He knows he can do it again so of course he’s going for the cash.

  8. I want my boy Ian to win HoH and boot Ashley’s ass out the door.  So wrong what she did.  

  9. I’m sad that Wil is gone, I hope he gets voted back in the house if there’s a twist to vote an evicted houseguest back in the game, I wish Joe was gone instead of him

    • I didn’t want Wil to go either, but the house is already too full–there isn’t going to be a chance for anyone to come back in.

    • It’s unlikely. They are going to have to do 2 double evictions in order to be down to the right amount of players for the finale…. If my math is right, that is.

  10. I hate that it takes them so long to get the live feed up when there’s an endurance comp.

  11. I think Ashley and Joe are on the block this week with Ashley being the pawn and Joe being the target

    • I really don’t want to watch another week of Shane as HOH. Been there, done that, boring!

  12. I think Ian or Shane is going to win hoh tonight and put up Ashley and Joe and get loudmouth Joe out of the house right before the jury

  13. I predict Shane will win HOH again.  He has it in him to put up Boogie or Frank as he knows they can’t be trusted.

  14. It looks like Shane is going to win hoh and he’s going to put up Ashley and Joe and send loudmouth Joe out the door right before jury because I would hate to see him in the jury house

  15. It looks like Shane, Danielle and Ian are going for HOH.  Boogie for $10k.  And the rest safety.

  16. Frank should be really mad at Boogie. He can’t play this week and Boogie goes for the $10,000? What a great alliance member! And what the heck was Joe talking about during the eviction process? He looked like an idiot giving a speech that didn’t make any sense.

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