Big Brother 14 Episode 19: Week 6 Live Eviction Show Tonight

Big Brother 14 with Julie Chen

We’re in for a real treat tonight on Big Brother 14. Instead of the usual routine of a clip show segueing into the live segment for a vote and new competition we’ll get a jam-packed night of action with a double eviction. Let’s take a look at how the Big Brother Double Eviction should play out.

Host Julie Chen will rush the HGs through an initial round of voting where we expect Mike “Boogie” to draw the most votes and be sent out the door. Meanwhile, back in the house the HGs will scramble out the door to compete in what I figure will be a Q&A competition. The winner will be the new HoH and have to immediately make nominations. After that we’ll get a Veto competition followed by a Veto ceremony. Which ever HGs are on the block after that will face off in the second round of votes.

It won’t be over then either. Instead the remaining HGs will head back outside to begin the next HoH competition. Last night we watched the HGs practice a new skill challenge and everyone had a chance, including the current HoH. That makes me assume what we saw will be the second HoH competition and could be a tournament style game like we saw last season with the snake-balance comp. I posted a picture of the HGs practicing the new challenge on Facebook which is another great reason why you should join us on Facebook to get those updates.

It’s quite possible that we won’t see the end of the second HoH competition during tonight’s live show. There just might not be enough time. If that happens then we’ll be watching the Big Brother Live Feeds to catch the results. Either way, the tension will be high and you won’t want to miss that action coming across the in-house cameras that you can only watch on SuperPass. Sign-up now and get a free trial.

Think you know who will be evicted tonight on Big Brother 14? Cast your prediction vote in our weekly poll and see what other fans expect. Then check back here tonight during the live show for the results as they happen. This will be a great night!



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  1. I hope there’s enough time for Boo Hoo gie to see Ian’s good bye message.  I would love to see the look on the cry baby’s face when Ian reveals he’s behind this!  Also hoping that Frank is next out the door.  At the hands of Britney or Dan. That would be a good night! 

      •  Ian is the 5th wheel to the quack pack what a dumb name. Now that he ratted out boogie the real alliance has no need for him. He thinks he is this great player,but the nerd just got played. That goes for Joe and Jenn also. They got to hang out with the cool kids upstairs for a couple days, I hope they don’t truly believe those people actually give a s**t about them.

      • That’s going to be determined tonight.  If he votes Boogie out then he deserves to stay and his position in the extremely stupidly named “Quack Pack”, however if he continues with this lovesick puppydog act with Ashley and votes Jenn out, then he is the floater you say he is.  Right now I like Britney, Shane, and Ian (depending on how things go tonight).  I love Shane’s “himbo” act (if it IS an act)…whatever, it’s working for him.

      • ians under cover snoops on frank is epic!!!!! That kid has serious game! Wait till the memory and puzzle comps ,he is in charge steve.

      • Ian is about gone. Shane and Dan ready to plunge the knives at his back.
        They already used Ian like the dirty dish rag to evict Boogie which they will dispose of shortly after the crime! Ian is number 5 in his alliance. Think about that! He is expendable! LOL

      • Steve Cannon,What show are you watching?  This kid is makeing GREAT moves getting rid of people, and he is the last person they would suspect@

    • I think Ian’s the cry baby. Since he was the one CRYING cause he had to backstab Boogie. He see’s himself in the all stars team as evil? Wooow. This kid is just a rat like Ronnie season 11.

      • did you not see boogie leave the back yard crying when they were practicing the game? had a green towel over his face.

      • he’s down w the q pack,can’t u see that!!! once frank is gone he does need to change his game,and he will be HOH twice in the next 2 weeks,my opinion.

      • sure ian will vote for Jenn to leave but the quack pack knows he will do this so that Joe and Jenn and Ashley dont know he is with the quack pack. Cause if by some BIG chance and i mean Big one of them win hoh Ian will beable to continue being the spy for the quack pack. Ian is in the best spot.Do i want him to win NO but if they keep using him he will make it to the final two or at least third.

      • Ian is playing a great game. For those that call Ian a Back Stabber…wow! Why would he be called a Back Stabber? Because he lied? Because he mislead those that thought he was down with them? Wow, Ian must be the first person to ever do these things on Big Brother? 

    • Completely agree, except i want Ian to get Frank out the house. I am sure Frank and Boogie would have the exact same face when they see Ian’s goodbye message.

    • ian said he isn’t giong to be mean in his gb message. told the others there was no point in being mean.

    • The only tears will be tears of joy. Boogie will rise like the Phoenix. Jenn will be bouncing back to NYC. Then the Closet Gay will heading back to Vermont.

      • Jenn’s gonna be singing “doo-doo-doo” all the way home.
        Shame needs to remember to take his ego when he goes tonight- oh and to sign the restraining order so it can be served.

      • Lady Jane,
        You’re confusing Frank with Shame. Have you been watching the same show the rest of us are?

      • Fingers crossed!! Best case scenario (for those of us that are Frank and Boogie fans) Frank wins HOH, then Veto and puts up Dan and Britney.If he loses Veto to Shane or one of the noms, he can take out Ian. By that time he should realize that Ian was the rat.

      • I am rooting for Shane to go out the door right after Boogie. If not, I will be happy if Dan goes out the door after Boogie. Still if not, I will settle for Brittney being sent out the door after Boogie. Just win HOH Frank and sent one of these three rats home! Time to clean the Big Brother House!

    • because he woke up and realized that as long as  the BS ‘New Chilltown’ alliance of Boogie/Frank is alive and both remain in the house, nobody else has a chance of winning? None. Ian pointed that out.( Other than Janelle, Ian seemed to be the only person to actually understand who and what Boogie is and that they need to get him out immediately) That makes him a backstabber? Shane isn’t my favorite, but I have more respect for him afte nominating those two.Even more respect after reading that production took Shane aside and tried to convince him not to nomniate Boogie and Frank, yet he refused to go along and did it anyway. Frank has stabbed him in the back without hesitation.

      • Wake up people. Thursday is here. Boogie is getting off the block. Shane is going home. Douches better realize that the reign of the Quack Pack is over. Holla.

    • And he will be evicted soon enough! Either Dan, Ian or Frank will see to that! We are not even counting on Brittney and Danielle to stab him in the back. That would be overkill!

  2. Jenn’s gonna be singing “Doo-doo-doo” all the way home! Can the girl say a complete sentence without frickin singing? She was so annoying last night on BBAD thinkin she was in with the “cool kids” & trying to talk & her stupid “doo-doo-doo” mid sentence & her stupid little nose laugh she does. Makes me think she’s insecure around these stupid people.

  3. Frank: Mike and I are being penalized for playing a clean game.

    HAHAHAHAHAHA as clean as dirty brown water trash!

  4. If Boogie hasn’t been successful in convincing the HGs that Jenn is actually a bigger threat than he, and they’ve been pretty stupid and bought his crap so far. Or Frank hasn’t convinced them the smart move is to send the weak floater with no game home as opposed to breaking up the most dangerous alliance in the house ,he and  Boogie, it will be worth watching. I almost gave up when these idiots let Boogie convince then so evict Janelle. BTW,now none of them can seem to  put their finger on exactly why they did it. We’ll get to see what Frank is when he has to play his own game and not Boogie’s. I don’t think he can. I think his desperatuion is because without Boogie he’s got nothing.

    • Really???? WHAT was he too boogie? Just an ally. He’s playing his own game, and he’s playing a pretty damn good one compared to the bozo’s apart of the QP

    • You might see as early as tonight. Frank is fighting for his life obviously and he has to win HOH. If he does, he stands a very good chance of sending Dan, Shane or Brittney out the door right after Boogie. That would be classic! And if he can last a couple more weeks, he can go after whoever of Dan, Shane, Brittney and Ian is left in the Big Brother House at that point.
      All he has to do each time he wins HOH is put two of them up with the third as replacement nominee and they are guaranteed to go home! Then the fund begins because the Quack Pack would just as easily stick knives each others backs when things start to fall apart!

  5. Tonight’s gonna be awesome. Two big players are leaving tonight and one of them ain’t Frank. Are you ready? It’s gonna rock.

    • I would prefer Frank leaving over Boogie. I like the cat and mouse game between Boogie and Dan. Frank is utterly worthless in my eyes when it comes to social game. He wins challenges as needed, and that might keep him around a bit, but I think he cheated this week with Veto and yet he is being rewarded for it. I am not cool with that.

    • Looking forward to it. It will be war that is for sure! Would like to see Dan, Shane or Brittney evicted just after Boogie. Then, the Quack Pack to go after each other because one of them has to backstab the others first to make sure they themselves are not stabbed in the back! That would be classic!

      • If the quack pack gets frank out and they have to start picking each other off OMG there will be soooo much drama with Brit Daniel and Ashley i think Jenn will hide again and once again we will forget she is there.

  6. If Frank wins HOH, i don’t think Dan will have time to convince Frank of the truth about Ian (Frank will be blinded by the fact Boogie got voted out ). But i do think during a normal week , Dan would have Frank targeting Ian and thats the only reason he took all the heat from FB.

    • I don’t think Frank wants to listen to Dan at this point. Frank is smart & won’t deal with Dans idiot ideas.

    • Frank has only a limited shelf life in the Big Brother House. He would be a big fool to waste the nominations if he wins the HOH. It should be Dan and Shane on the block and Brittney as replacement nominee to guarantee one of the top three threats are evicted right after Boogie. The Quack Pack will target Frank soon after and his only chance is POV and if he can last just one more week, he can compete for HOH again. Try and win that and then, put up two more of Dan, Shane, Brittney on the block whoever is still in the house and Ian as replacement nominee. Priority should be to evict Shane then, Dan. Then, anything can happen in the Big Brother House!

  7. Does anyone really know how Dan is going to vote? I really really hope he tells Boogie last minute it was Ian who threw he and Frank under the bus.

    Come on Dan!!! Save Boogie!!!

    • don’t worry Gator15…Dan is voting for him..the problem is, stupid  jealous Ian might not.  He wants Boogie gone because he’s jealous of the close relationship between Frank and Boogie.  With Boogie gone, he thinks he has Frank all to himself until jealousy gets the better of him again when he realizes Ashley prefers Frank to him.

      • Ian would prefer Frank gone over Boogie. Ian wants Boogie gone because as a super fan he understands the power Boogie has in ChillTown with Frank. Ian is hardly jealous of the relationship between Frank and Boogie. Now, jealousy might be a factor regarding Frank when it comes to Ashley, but that would be the limit of it. And, if push comes to shove, I think Ian would eliminate Ashley for not being with him. Ian actually has played a good game overall, and if he can survive tonight he will be in good shape.

  8. Last night on BBAD Boogie was talking about how he would like to say to Brit that her husband was out having sex with other women.  He then, immediately, switched to how the HGs that are evicting him are SO MEAN.

  9. Shane is right about telling Brittany “he has been taking the heat for all 5 of the quack pack”. She needs to take some of that wrath as well because her busy body is apart of the voices in Shanes head. The whole Quack pack, not just Ian…..Ewww cannot believe I just typed Quack pack. ha ha ha….Loves Brittany but she needs a slap of reality. She needs to go out with Boogie tonight so we dont have to hear her wine about leaving her husband and quitting her job. Cry me a bloodclat river!!! All of the contestants have left there own reality to come on BB to entertain us!!!! 

    • She’s quit her Job? She is a fool, people in her job make some serious bank. Wow she’s dumber than I thought.

      • I honestly think any one of us would quit our jobs to be on this show. How could you not, its once in a lifetime. And the way things are falling she may just pull of a WIN. If she can keep her cool and play it right.

      • Dude I ain’t quitting a 80-130k a year job to be on big brother. Leave of absence? Vacation? yea, but to quit, she’s dumb.

      • Nick:
        I honestly would not quit my job to be on this show. Lucky to have a good job & even if I wasn’t working I wouldn’t be on that show. It’s great to watch at others expense.

    • Shane ain’t been taking no heat DAN has..Shane did tell Britney that he should not have thrown her under the bus and he was gonna try to shift the blame to himself….Dan is being blamed for the entire Frank & Boogie block party….Ian was the rat that got Frank and Boogie put on the block..Britney was the spokesperson but all 5… Britney Shane Dan Daniell and Ian agreed to the nominations…I get tired of hearing the wrong people being blamed for the actions of another or the actions of a group…That is why I have the feeds and that is why I watch BBAD….There are comments on this site by people who watch the “show”  and they “assume ” that it’s the actual event or occurrance that took place..but most times BB TV fails to show the true story…

      • Dan’s taking heat just in case Frank wins, then he’ll rat Ian out bigtime to save himself. Dan grows less fond of Ian every passing day. Hell Powerhouse has more clout with dan than Ian.

      • Good for you buddy. I read these crazy and insidious posts on here. You don’t see me bragging. ::sigh::

      •  You’re exactly right. You get more accurate reading of what’s really going on inside the BB house if you’re watching “live Feeds” and BBAD compared to what’s being portrayed on the EDITED TV version.

  10. Frank was blabbering that  “these people” don’t know how to play the game and that that is why they targeted him and Boogie.
    He later stated that by eating cookies that the rest of the houseguests were having fun at boogies expense and that it was pissing him off.

    • You think maybe you could try organizing your thoughts into one post, rather than four separate ones? Thanks.

  11. I’m rooting for Ian, Frank and Britney for final 3. Danielle has a bad attitude, Dan’s not even really playing, Boogie’s just mad someone beat him to the punch. As for Shane, yes, he’s won comps but Frank has worked harder to be there and Frank is a huge fan of the show, Shane just got picked to be there. The rest of the houseguests are useless floaters.

  12. Trivia is going on in the live feeds for over an hour now. The last thing to happen was an hoh lockdown. Something might be happening like pandoras box or something!

  13. boogie is responsible for getting janelle out of the house. now the smallest one in the house is going to be responsible for gettin him out of the house. ian has played the game like a pro. like he said, like father like son..

    • Ian’s not that smart, he’s burning both ends and nobody has any trust for him anymore. His days are numbered.

      • Bring back Lawon please. Where is Zach F. I like Evian water H20. Pink Maybach with candy paint. Julius Orange caddie Boxster. Dipset delegate with Santana with hammers and bandanas. Joe is a dipsy doo dunkaroo. Squirrels with 38 special.

    • Ian is the male Shelley of last season. She eventually got exposed as Ian
      will be! You can only tell so many lies and backstab so many people before they figure it out! Then, its your turn at the chopping block! He is also number 5 in the Quack Pack. Reminds me of a nerd in Survivor. Betrayed his entire alliance and got them evicted with his vote but, the fool is number 7 in the opposite alliance of 6. The fool was begging to stay one more week and his new alliance members laughed at his sorry ass before evicting him! The ultimate fool like Ian is! He and the nerd in Survivor are so much alike, arrogant but, stupid nonetheless!

      • Was thinking the same thing Ian is cochran. He was 3rd in line with frank and mike he is now 5th with the wack pack.

      • Jimmy…….You are so right. It is Cochran. Could not remember that nerd’sname until you said it. Ian is Cochran. Both are arrogant and believe they are so smart for betraying their alliance. Of course, their new alliance members promptly disposed of them after their usefulness has lapsed!Ian will go the same way as Cochran in Survivor!

  14. Does anyone know what’s happening on the live feeds? I’m imagining a lot of tension & last minute game play since they all know it’s a double evict tonight.

      • I don’t think PB will happen today. There is too much going on with the double eviction. It’ll probably happen in the next couple days.

  15. Ian is in such a hole. His usefulness to the QP was predicated on him being privy to information, and with Boogie leaving, his value just took a huge hit. Dan and Britney are taking the heat now, but as soon as they are put on the block, Ian will be thrown under the bus SO fast. Then he’ll be one of the biggest targets in the house with no one to lean on.

    Quite frankly, he put too much faith in people that will cast him aside whenever convenient and he didn’t run the numbers properly. He needed Frank and Boogie to take out either Shane or Dan first. Now, there isn’t enough strength in the house to go after them. Even if Frank manages to get rid of Shane, he will be out the door right after him and that will leave all of the power and control to Dan and Britney. Worst case, Frank walks out right after Boogie tonight and then Ian becomes the number one target. He was too concerned with getting QP members into the jury and didn’t consider the fact that he might very well be the first one there!

    • Ian was talking with Frank & Boogie last night & after that I think he may be voting Jenn out. I think it’s gonna be a close eviction tonight – the 1st one.

      • Oh Ian’s done. Anyone that’ think he F4 3 or 2 are straight up high. Dan will make sure that don’t happen. He should never have turned on F/B. They had his back. Dan and Britt made everyone else in thier alliance get blood on thier hands and they just sat back and laughed. Shane’s the biggest fool for not seeing it. He should be calling them d**k riders.

      •  Don’t think so, Ian is voting Boogie out..he is on the QP bandwagon, his game is over.

    • I get a chuckle when people say Ian is so smart for getting Boogie out! LOL
      That is the dumbest thing I ever heard! It does not take much to betray anyone! You can have a co-worker or even your best betray you! It happens
      all the time! Now, if Ian was even half as smart, he should have formed multiple alliances before he did his dastardly act. Observed each alliance and decided on which alliance is the most trustworthy. An alliance is only as good as the people in it! For it to succeed, each member must be trustworthy. Otherwise, one rotten apple will spoil it for everyone. Also, he joined one alliance and put his trust on it 100% and he is number 5 mind  you! Now how is that smart? If they needed just 4 or 3, you are number 5 and immediately on the chopping block! Smart move that is!

      • Ian did not join Boogie he was picked by him.  Boogie never had his back like Dan.  Neither one was going to keep him to the end but at least Dan wanted him to get to jury. Boogie never said that.

      • Ky Girl…….Ian was safe because he was with Boogie and Frank. He never had to be on the block and Boogie gave him $3,000. When Boogie asked who to give the $3,000 and $1,000, Frank pointed to Ian and Jenn. With Frank and Boogie, Ian was number 3. Ian joined the Quack Pack and he is
        number 5. That is plain dumb! Ian will be stabbed by Shane and Dan soon enough. They are already planning on taking out Ian after they used Ian like a dirty dish rag! LOL

    • why would production allow someone with problems into the game?
      groder should be should be ashamed. doesen’t anyone see that ian is close to breaking.  go dan as he is the one who has always who has treated ian with care and even took a fall for him .

  16. Boogie cried like a little B______!  You fill in the blank.

     He is not nice and a bad sport. Hes’ concerned about how he will appear on the television, wow I think he’s more concerned about being portrayed as being foolish rather than being nasty. He surely didn’t mind being nasty  in his good bye to Janelle. You can add Frank and Jenn to that mix as well; both nasty

    • Save the Chill Town 2.0. They must survive. QP sucks. Joe is gets on my last nerve. Get that man some Jergens. Now we know where his special sauce for Shameless Shane. Pervert.

      • Haha!!! That’s too funny. He is a rather sick individual. And you’d think he’d at least be sneaky & try not to get caught. Idiot.

    • As the founding father of Chilltown, i’m sure Will is now embarrassed that Boogie is a resident.

      • Apparently, you did not see Dr. Will when he evaluated the coaches on national TV. Janelle was described by Dr. Will as being poor in strategy. Dan was deemed a good manipulator but, at the time of the show, Dan has not shown enough of his game according to Dr. Will. Brittney was deemed the worst of the coaches even below Janelle and Boogie was playing the better game that is according to Dr. Will himself. Boogie and Dan whether you respect their game play or not are the best in the house even now! The others do not measure up plain and simple! If Boogie goes, Dan has a pretty good chance of winning that $500,000. The others have to up their
        game a lot to even come close!

      • @Richie….If you read my post, i used the word “NOW”….as in now that he’s getting backdoored.   What was once a good game slipped out of his hands.   I guess Will didn’t realize that the same fate would be bestowed upon Boogie as Janelle.  

    • LOL. Seriously Boogie is all about class.

      I really like that he is trying to rattle Dan, and Dan is just not responding to it.

      Boogie is an idiot. To quote Janelle “He’s such a loser”

  17. The only reason Boogie won his season was because of Will. I think Dan is a good guy and i hope he wins again.

  18. Poor little Danielliar, let her take some heat. She is so upset that she is not the center of everyones attention right now.  She starts in on that poor pitifull me and Dan just throws her the stink-eye, Luv It!!!  Between her wining and Ian’s hammock swinging I am gonna have to refill my migraine medicine, lol

  19. I was bored and I came on here….I checked twice if I was reading Yesterday’s posts or maybe the day before yesterday.  It’s getting redundant…no…it’s already freaking redundant! Please come up with new ideas! If you have nothing to say please say nothing at all instead of repeating yourselvesby saying the same thing everyday…darn it. Not talking about everyone..some have some pretty good comments. Keep up the good work.

  20. Just throwing it out there- 
    We haven’t had a Diary Room post in over two weeks and that makes me sad. :(

  21. I predict that one of the girls will win HOH, however, if the females are Ashley or Dani it will be exactly Frank or Dan’s HOH. I am leaning towards Britney winning.

  22. Frank all the way!! I can’t stand Dan and Britney!!! Ian should be hung for disrespecting Boogie!!!

    • I don’t think so. It should be a live show tonight eastern time when the 1st person walks out.
      Someone posted it was an HOH lockdown suggesting Pandora’s Box.
      How sweet it would be if 3 people left tonight & that’s why the HOH lockdown was happening.

      • with 2 hoh comps, 2 pov comps and 2 pov meetings, i don’t think they’ll have time for pandoras box.

  23. Blog owner –> I think you’re right about the double eviction tonight.  Comcast just asked me if I wanted to extend recording 30 minutes for tonight’s show

  24. I can’t wait for Shame to leave !!!
    It’s gonna be so funny !!!
    Remember season 11 when that idiot Jesse got evicted and Lydia and Natalie sat around the table sobbing and crying and acting like he died….I predict that’s exactly what Dumielle and Twitney will be doing after Shame leaves.
    “Waaa…boo-hoo…he was such a nice guy….waaaaa…..I know he loves me……”
    Good riddance Shame, get the hell out tonight!

  25. I’m suprised CBS hasn’t told the house there is double eviction, it would have made for some good TV before the vote as some people would start panicking. Would have maybe given more chances to Boogie

  26. I DVR’d last night’s show but haven’t yet watched it — what ever came of the “question mark cube”? Anything? Did ‘Pandora’s Box’ ever come into play?

  27. Before Boogie exits the house, Dan should just whisper to his ear …..ssshhhh… Ian sold you out… just like when he whispered something to Keisha on season 10

  28. It’s time for Dan or Ian to win something. I don’t even think Dan has had the opportunity to play in a POV competition. Does BB production believe we fans are too stupid to figure out the games are rigged after BOTH FRANK AND BOOGIE get players choice chips to choose who’s playing in POV? If Frank wins either HOH or POV, I am OUT!!! I refuse to have my intelligence insulted by a bunch of manipulating the results to fit their agenda producers. LET THE GAME HAPPEN ORGANICALLY. Human nature is interesting enough to observe without tampering with the players and their behavior. THATS WHAT MAKES THE SHOW INTERESTING!!!

  29. While passing the time waiting for the show this evening. I happened to read Shane’s blog.  Did I read correctly that Shane compared Danielle to his dog?

  30. @Mary2, you could not of said it any better, and I sure hope that is the way it all goes down

  31. people that  are talking about Boogies baby… do not think it is from a relationship that he has with a woman……………….
    …if you google Mike Malin or Mike Carri & read about his lawsuit , it will suprise you  what  it says he did with money he is accused of taking…I will not repeat what I read on here… I am really looking forward to the show tonight……
    expect the unexpected……..

  32. Boogie could be returning to the house…that is if Julie does NOT tell Boogie Ian sold him out. If she DOES tell Boogie about Ian, we will know Boog is gone for good. Busy night ahead for the HGs.

  33. Ghad between Boogies hat pulled down to his ears and those glasses he looks like an eighty year old man!

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