Big Brother 14 Episode 16: Week 5 Live Eviction Show Tonight – Update

Big Brother 14 with Julie Chen

Important Update – It looks like the HGs will have an endurance race competition tonight. CBS tweeted the image below which looks like past “fill up your bowl” challenges. If so, then you’ll only be able to watch it all play out on the Live Feeds so get your Free Trial now and be ready to watch!

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Big Brother 14 - Episode 16 HoH competition

It’s eviction day on Big Brother 14! Tonight we’ll get another live episode on CBS as the HGs gather for another round of voting before host Julie Chen reveals the results. Of course we already have a pretty good idea of who is going to be leaving, but nothing is official until Julie says so. You can still cast your eviction prediction vote.

To help boost up the interest in tonight’s show, past HG Jeff Schroeder will be returning to the set. We don’t know how he’ll be involved, but since it’s a live show I hope it’s not a pre-recorded segment. Maybe he’ll host tonight’s HoH competition or there’s always the chance that Jeff will step inside the house for a brief stay.

Speaking of the HoH competition, the HGs have been on lockdown since yesterday, there was no skill given to practice, and last week was a Q&A type comp. I doubt we’d have another endurance competition this soon after the last one. Sure enough, looks like an endurance for tonight. Hopefully it at least means we’ll get an exciting battle.

The real action in the house will just be getting started tonight. We’ll be able to watch on the Live Feeds as the new HoH will begin to plot the next nominations for Friday’s announcement. Then we’ll get the Veto competition on Saturday and the ceremony on Monday. These are the most exciting days to watch the Big Brother Live Feed so sign-up now for your 3-day free trial and see what everyone is else watching!

We’ll see you back here tonight at 9/8c for the live Big Brother results!


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  1. Geez, can u just imagine the drool Danielliar would have if Jeff was in the house. Just can not stomach her bi-polar attitude anymore, she needs to go! With her lukimia, anorexia, broken back, alcoholic, renal failure medical issues I can not believe she is able to even stand! Oh yes, dont forget the throat cancer also…

    • The only thing left for her to get is lyme disease.   But even ticks fear for their life.  

      • Well said! Of course, they probobly would die due to all the “special chemo that doesnt make your hair fall out” that she is on, lol

      • @Mindy… actually it is true that not all chemo makes your hair fall out. My aunt & mom had cancer simultaneously… mom had breast cancer & her sister had cancer of the colon. Of course my moms hair fell out but the aunts did not & doctors specifically told her when asked, that her’s wouldn’t because the chemo used for colon cancer doesn’t have that effect. Her texture changed slightly but that’s as far as it went. With all of that said, I’m not denying that the girl (Danielle) isn’t somewhat ‘special’. ;-)

    • I thought Danielle was Young and tO claim all those issues especially being a nurse is sad…. Feel bad if any of the sicknesses are true.. But the throat cancer thing got me bc my Mom passed from lung cancer and don’t like when people lie about a serious thing such as Cancer is sad…. And she will def be drooling all over Jeff lol

    • And I am suprised with all of her physical issues that she would be able to pass the physical to even be on the show….. Who knows just saying

    •  Wow!! Why so mean mommy? All these personal attacks on the cast is really not call for! Come on let’s talk BB game talk!!! That’s what these comments are suppose to be about! I love BB!!!

      • Agree with you. There is no need for the personal attacks. Being on slop for a week does not help. Besides, Ashely got out of a lot of have not punishments by having a “injury”. You know what they say, a back injury is the hardest injury to prove one way or another.

      • Not all BB talk has to be game talk, its nice to be able to vent here about crazy house guests. 

  2. If tonight’s a double eviction, which it probably is, maybe Jeff is there to host the HOH and Veto comps.

    • I think if it were a dbl evict they would have something on the previews.. i think that may happen in a few weeks… who knows 

      • I agree w/ you. Seems like CBS would have hyped the double eviction on at least last night’s show if that was going to happen tonight. But I guess we never know, anything is possible!

      • I agree also about the Double Eviction who knows w CBS and the producers u never know… Wouldn’t they have to have the first eviction than another HOH comp and immediate nomination and veto??

      • I did not know that….any details, not that it has anything to do with BB14 but wow, so sad.

      • When did that happen?  June 14 “Big Brother Access” showed their pic together & story was that they finally moved in together and moved out to Santa Monica, CA.  Jeff tweeted a pic of their tiny kitchen.  Wow.

      • Re: JeJo (sorry) June 19 they were tweeting photos of all the new furniture that a local furn dealer hooked them up with in Cali.  Owner even provided decorators to make it nice for them.  This was after Jeff tweeted a pic of their lawn chair decor.  And story said “they” were working on a hush hush deal with CBS about a possible new reality show (?). Sounded like they are a “package deal” – Oh well, I’m sure if they are together, Julie will mention it this evening.  Not much longer now!

      • No they didn’t. They moved to California together. You’re spreading rumors just like everyone in the BB house.

  3. ITS A DOUBLE EVICTION TONIGHT!!!!   Feeds went to trivia when the first eviction started, Jeff S is hosting the second eviction, all on tape delay until after the show tonight,  Hope eil and britney get eliminated, would love to see Autism boy on the block to witness a complete meltdown

    • And you know this how….. I knew it had to be comming with 11 hg and only 4 weeks till finally.. Please share the wealth

    • Why the “Autism Boy” comment? All the players have issues but if he is autistic, thats not something he can control. God help you if you have children with autism….. Not cool

      • Agree Mindy.. Issues such as  handicaps, physical or otherwise is a no-no, very crude, not to mention..being highly insencitive

      •  I don’t think Ian is autistic. He maybe awkward and has some weird mannerisms but that kid can carry intellectual conversations with any adult in the house. Even Dan loves to talk to him. Ashley exhibits more retardation than anybody else in the house if you ask me.

    • I knew he was gonna be hosting…I even posted that last night. I think Jeff is gonna be a permanent BB fixture at some point for every season.

  4. I think Joe is going home right after Wil in tonight’s double eviction. I don’t want to see Joe in the jury house because he won’t wash his hands after the bathroom there and he would keep yelling there as well.

  5. I sure hope Jeff notices Danielle tonight, her head might explode if he doesn’t! I am sure she will make herself front and center.

    • even if he doesnt, im sure she will think he does and we will hear about that for the next week, over and over and over!

    • Jeff and Danielle, might make a perfect couple, she seems to enjoy men telling her what to do, unlike Shane, who seemed  to have a distaste of her, maybe her kiss had something to do with it.

  6. OK folks answer me a question.  On the live feeds Boogie & Frank are discussing double eviction/fast foward. Ian related something he overheard possibly from production and Boogie automatically assumes the 2 events. Of course they are planning on who to evict and how to proceed because they are gonna win or one of their minnions so they can run and tell them what to do and who to put up. How do they know Boogie is gonna be the first winner and Frank is saying he is going to be the 2nd winner…They are so egotistical that  both of them needs to be put up in the 2nd eviction to be sure one of em goes out the door. And why are they soooo dam sure it’s gonna be a fast foward???  All I heard Ian say was what kind of game they might be playing…..Then again Production could have put a “bad bug” in Ian’s ear  (A LIE) so that he could go repeat it….There is nothing in the promos or on CBS site to hint at DE/FF tonite….I do understand that Jeff is gonna make an apperance and that is a sure thing..Do these 2 overrated jerks really believe that they can’t be beat???  IF IT IS A DOUBLE PLEASE PLEASE…somebody send one of em out the door…please…

  7. BB isn’t on in Ohio until like 230 am. Per season football is taking over the airwaves, which is way more exciting than BB.

    • Not here in south Carolina. The Cincinnati game is on fox and the Cleveland game isn’t on tv at all. They aren’t showing a game on CBS down here until chicago at the giants on the 24th

  8. This looks just like the competition last year that Jeff one, and if its similar to it, there’s no reason to think Shane won’t win this HOH. Its suited perfectly for his skill set. Boogie or Dan may give him a run for his money (if Dan even tries), but I see Shane winning this HOH. And this competition takes way too long for it to be a double eviction night…

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking. The competition they showed will take too long for a double eviction. And of course this comp is geared (production) towards a Shane or Dan winning. If they do win I hope they turn on Frank and Boogie.

  9. Just showed a commercial here in Miami. Showed Jeff in shorts and tank top talking to Julie He says he is excited at Boeing here. Then there is a DR shot of Brit and Wil with this crazy look. It lasted about 20 seconds. Announcer says live show at 9:00. Go Quack Pack minus Dan

  10. I never really liked Jeff, in big brother13, but I would gladly welcome him in big brother14, I know big Jeff can put houseguest on their toes, especially Boogie.

  11. I wish the Zingbot had been there to get Janelle. Insert random funny looking nose joke here.

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