Big Brother 14: Danielle The Cowardly Lion

Shane Meaney and Danielle Murphree on Big Brother 14

Part of being the Big Brother HoH is putting on a show and talking a big game, but Danielle Murphree seems to be taking it to a whole new level. Since Monday’s Veto ceremony where she successfully made a daring move in the game she’s held several conversations that have left viewers on the Live Feeds (sign-up for your Free Trial) scratching their heads when her versions forgo reality altogether.

Immediately following the Veto ceremony Janelle and Danielle convened in the HoH room for a discussion on what caught Janelle completely by surprise. Flashback to 11:37AM to find a “shocked” Janelle and a groveling Danielle. Janelle remains very calm and soft-spoken throughout the conversation while Danielle sounds like she’s on the verge of tears. Danielle pleadingly tells Janelle “I’m sorry,” “I truly am very, very sorry,” and again in what sounds like near-tears “You can hate me, but I’m sorry.” Those are all delivered in under a minute, but the apologies don’t end there. Janelle continues to tell Danielle “it’s okay” throughout the discussion. When Janelle asks Danielle if she thinks she made the right decision Danielle answers, “I don’t know. No.”

When Danielle says she thinks she’s going to cry Janelle tells her not to and comes across the room to give her a hug. The conversation then wraps up with Janelle telling Danielle she’s been lied to and had hoped they could work together. Danielle replies that she really likes her and has never said anything bad about Janelle before closing things with “I think I’m going to throw up.”

Shortly after this apologetic and whiny Danielle concludes her “I’m so sorry” pleading to Janelle we get a completely different version of the story relayed to Frank. Flashback to 12:10PM BBT to hear all about Danielle’s alter-ego “Danielle Fierce” who must have held a separate conversion in an alternate universe. Danielle tells Frank how she aggressively stood her ground as Janelle threatened her. Danielle claims she warned Janelle that there must be a powerful group in the house.

Danielle also suggests she told Janelle about her coming to ask Janelle to exercise and Janelle snapped at her. Then Danielle claims she told Janelle she made that renom to cover her ass. None of that happened in her talk with Janelle. Danielle is puffing herself up and presenting a tall-tale to Frank to sound tough. That’s a lot different from the reality of a whiny, nearly crying Danielle who said she was about to throw up from making such a mistake. Danielle doesn’t think she made a mistake, but is too scared to defend her decision and admit to Janelle that this was her plan.

For a full-on blowing-smoke session jump to 8:05PM BBT. You’ll find Janelle bringing out the presumably fake tears while Danielle heaps the praise on about how wonderful and genuine of a person Janelle is. Danielle promises she hasn’t been fake with Janelle. Heh. Danielle goes on saying she must have been fooled by others tricking her in to believing things that weren’t true. She completely disowns the decision as something she wanted and thinks as beneficial to her game. She did and she does.

Janelle point-blank asks Danielle if she wants her to go home this week. Danielle says that if she wanted Janelle out then she wouldn’t have left Frank up on the block. We even get more of the “I feel so bad. I feel so bad, Janelle,” followed by more near-tears and cracking voice. After this completely fake, heart-felt love-fest between the two they proceed to play with their make-up for over an hour.

For another trip in to an alternate universe Flashback to 10:20PM BBT. Danielle describes her conversation with Janelle as intense and Janelle’s behavior as “being a bitch.” Danielle also insists she told Janelle that there’s nothing she can do about it now. Her entire retelling involves Danielle aggressively going after Janelle for things said and done. It’s a hilariously thorough misrepresentation. Danielle ironically complains that Janelle is making her out to be a liar.

It gets even more entertaining at 10:34PM BBT when Danielle makes up a story about Janelle accusing her of plotting Janelle’s demise while continuing to do things with her. This is of course delivered in Janelle-is-an-evil-witch voice contrasted by Danielle’s tough-girl voice fighting back against her. Neither ever took a “tough” tone with the other.

A little later when Dan joins Britney and Danielle we get even more fantasyland retellings. Dan finds it hard to believe saying he’s never seen her play like that. Danielle claims Janelle was in acting full of rage. “I knew the rage was coming,” Danielle tells the room at 10:47PM BBT. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

The whole situation is a bizarre back and forth of reality conflicting with Danielle’s versions of events. Danielle sits there in private conversations and boasts how bold and brave she is for going after Janelle but then when facing Janelle she goes weak in the knees, pretends to be near tears, and can’t stop apologizing.

Some viewers think Danielle wanted Janelle out for game reasons. I still suspect it runs much shallower than that. On top of comments that she thinks Janelle doesn’t like her and stares at her, at least twice now Danielle has voiced concerns that Janelle is flirting with Shane. First time was a week ago and then she really breaks it out in her conversation with Britney last night. She goes as far as to call Janelle an “F’ing bitch” (to Britney, not to Janelle’s face) because she suspected Janelle to be flirting with Shane and says Janelle can keep flirting with him this week.

The full extent of this dual-identity Danielle can’t be fully expressed in words. It’s both hilarious and bizarre at the same time. You’re really going to need to watch these scenes for yourself. Sign-up for the Big Brother Live Feeds and start watching.

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  1. Danielle is a freaking bubbering lieing idiot…everything that comes out of her mouth is whinning and lies….last night watching her RE TELL HER FAKE ASS STORY to everyone in the house to pinn them against janelle made me want to barf and slap the crap out of her…she only wants janelle out because she is jealous and thinks shane looks at her too much…janelle is married and would even want shane and his ugly comb over …Danielle the sooner your gone the better I will be…jeez

    • Woah, slow down there spell check.

      The game is called Big Brother. Lies are the equivalent to passes in basketball.

      Everyone lies in this game, it’s how you win, ask Dr. Will.

      • Lies are equivalent but if ur ask face to face after backdooring someone if u want them out and u still lie u just suck at the game. Be a real woman or a man theirs nothing she can do she’s going home just tell her

      • Well, Will and Boogie lied to Howie, James, and Danielle in consecutive weeks on their way out … Guess @e18df55547bcd16efd200808cb0a7c40:disqus  thinks Dr Will was bad at the game.

        PS> She needs to live with Janelle for 4 days after veto, wants to keep the “silent 6”, you know, silent, and doesn’t want a giant house fight where the plan is outed.   Even if that weren’t the case, if you tell someone they are going home BB production gets pissed at you.  They won’t allow it.

        So get over yourself.  You like Janelle, that’s fine.  You think Danielle is making this personal, you could certainly be right.  But lying is part of the game, no exceptions.  And Janelle has lived by that sword, too.

      • Okay but when a health care professional lies about curing themselves of alcoholism and anorexia…they are belittling the actual sufferers and their loved ones. Also, what the hell does that have to do with gameplay? She’s just nuts.

  2. Danielle is certifiable.  Here’s hoping the house finds her a liability next.

  3. Danielle only nominated Janelle because she didn’t want another woman in the house who is prettier than her and threatens her “relationship” with Shane. Some people compare it to Brendon and Rachel, but at least they have a relationship. I’m bordering on despising Danielle. 

    • The sad thing about watching Danielle throw herself at Shane is that Shane doesn’t want anything to do with her romantically. This girl doesn’t have a clue, I think she actually feels that Shane likes her and probably makes up half of the stuff she says about the two of them together.  She won’t last much longer..if you don’t lie in this game “strategically,” you don’t hang around too long..she is just lying whenever and to who ever she wants. It will catch up with her eventually.

    • No one gets between Danielle and her man! Wait a minute….

      No, seriously, I don’t think Danielle realizes she’s competing for 500K. I think she thinks she’s back home writing in her diary, making collages of her and Shane together. She’s deluded and exploitable. Shane isn’t helping the situation because he keeps turning his “affection” for her on and off to suit himself.  

      • I agree with exploitable. Danielle is young, naive, shallow, and insecure and narcissistic at the same time. These characteristics reflect her age and generation more than having any mental deficiency.Few of us would cope well if we were in the Big Brother house at her age. I feel sorry for the backlash she will experience after the show.

    • i don’t find Danielle that attractive.   But 2012 Janelle is not prettier than her. 

  4. Danielle needs to go, big time! she’s such a liar. Acts all tough when Janelle isn’t around but hasn’t the nerve to tell it like it is to her face. I really hate two faced people. If you’re going to make a move as she did, she should have the nerve to back it up and face the people you bad mouth. She really is sickening. Cannot wait to see her and bratney go. They both are nothing but spoiled brats. I really doubt that Shane will continue the relationship after the show when he doesn’t even want to kiss her. Every time she hounds him to kiss her, he comes up with an excuse. I really don’t blame him. It’s sickening to watch her throw herself at him the way she does. Say bye bye Danielle.

    • Totally agree! They call Janelle a liar, but she’s is playing the game and lying strategically. Danielle is just making stuff up out of thin air to make herself seem like more of a hard ass during her and Janelle’s conversation. Danielle is like that annoying girl in high school that’s always around, but no one really likes.

      • You can say its not playing the game, but its working isn’t it?  the rest of her alliance thinks Janelle is being mean to her.

        And Janelle is not on to the alliance and think someone just tricked Danielle.

        Whether her reasons for hating Janelle are crazy or game related is one thing.   But the cowardly lion thing actually works really well in this game.  She has Janelle backdoored without believing she’s the target.

        Thats not just game lying, it is a lying miracle.

    •  Yes, it’s sad the way she is throwing herself at him. But, we need to remember that she doesn’t really know he doesn’t like her. He goes from basically saying there’s no hope for a showmance cause it’ll ruin his game, to throwing himself at her after she wins HOH. He’s leading her on and that’s sick.

    • If you hate two faced people, why do you watch this show?

      By the way, who on this season is not two faced? I dare you to say Janelle.

  5. Does she not remember that she’s on tv and live feeds?    Lying is one thing but schizophrenic behavior is another.   I bet she hears voices in her head.

  6. If Janelle doesn’t get voted out all Danielle’s lying is going to backfire on her.

  7. I don’t understand how people can think Danielle is such a wimp….she is telling lies to Janelle to save face….she knows that she can’t be truthful about anything cuz no one is in the house…but isn’t this the BB game!!!  Lie after lie!!!!

    • She’s being a wimp in that she grovels to Janelle and then claims to her alliance that she was all tough and brave with Janelle.

      Danielle has yet to take ownership of this decision in a conversation with Janelle. Instead she keeps telling her that she’s been lied to and everyone else convinced her that Janelle was coming after her.

      If she really wants to just lie to Janelle then that’s perfectly fine, but the fact that she lies to everyone else about her lying to Janelle is what makes this so bizarre and a cop-out for Danielle.

      • Danielle lying to her alliance probably is a ploy to guarantee that Janelle
        gets evicted this week. There probably is still enough votes to keep Janelle in the Big Brother House so, Danielle is protecting herself in the hope Janelle does not go after her next week if Janelle is still in the house. By
        drawing a nasty picture of Janelle and demonizing her, Danielle hopes to solidify the votes to evict Janelle. I see no difference to the way Janelle and Brittney have demonized Mike Boogie in the Big Brother house in their
        efforts to isolate him! Unfortunately, for both Janelle and Brittney, Mike Boogie is a better manipulator and thinks strategically which is why he is a better player in the Big Brother House.

      • @122cab1d2ab7f66d6c9b3a8624c181a7:disqus You’re saying that Danielle’s doing this in part to not have Janelle go after her next week if she stays. You really think Janelle isn’t going to find out that Danielle’s spreading lies like wildfire about her? If nobody else, Joe will go and tell Janelle what’s being said about her, and then Janelle will confront Danielle for demonizing her. In that event, there’s no chance Janelle will not go after Danielle for the rest of the game.

        Danielle better make sure this kamikaze mission works, if it doesn’t and Janelle stays, she’s in for trouble.

    • There is no need for Danielle to lie to Janelle. i could understand the lies if she was trying to secure Janelle’s jury vote.

      She is lying because “she/he hurts my feelings” and that is all.

  8. Danielle is REALLy passive agressive…lol….her eyebrows are in constant upward crazy chick mode too.

  9. Personally I think it is more interesting to read the comments than watch the show. HEY!!!!! It’s a game. Why can’t you people remember that?

    • Hey, I know it is……but Danielle making up lies about what Janelle said, that she can’t be trusted is her ploy to get Janelle out because in truth she is a insecure, vindictive person and would do anything to get rid of a pretty, good at comps, woman……her game is bad game. Get over yourself….

  10. Well, the way I see it, Danielle made a rather smart move, either way, She gets out a threat, whether Frank or hopefully Janelle gets voted out…  IF it is Frank, then Boogie looses His last BIG Pawn, and is crippled…  IF Janelle leaves, then Boogie and Frank will most likely NOT go after Danielle as their main target, IF they do happen to win HOH and POV that is…  I happen to think their is more to Danielle’s moves than meets the eye, and definitely not jealousy of Janelle…  It IS a smart move to get Janelle taken out, I hope it works out in Danielle’s favor…

    • Janelle has been for the past seasons one of my favorite players but she has changed. I think she should go home. They need get rid of Boogy too. He is very dangerous. i actually agree with Dr. Will during his interview and think Ian may win this whole thing.

      • I wouldn’t mind Ian winning……janelle is married and has a baby. I think that has her distracted. I still like Janelle, much more than an insecure girl who is delusional about Shane’s affections. It will not be as entertaining w/Janelle gone.

      • Janell is the best player in the game and it isn’t that she’s changed she’s just a little older and wiser but she can’t compete when she’s getting backdoored and it seems the whole house is against her. That’s ok I want to see the busty beautiful blonde on amazing race and win that one million dollar prize. Trust and believe she can do that

    • did you not read matts post? their next targets are brit and shand according to what booger told frank.

    • Danielle will get put up as she now has made herself a target…..if she can’t keep winning, she’ll be gone…..and I wont cry about it as Im tired of her insecurities.

    • I agree people seem to forget its a game and your going to have to lie to win! Thats a given in this and besides watching her is entertaining lol  I haven’t seen one person win this without lying at some point!

    • Did you not hear Boogie tell Frank he can’t stand Daniel.If Frank or Boogie win hoh you can bet Daniel is going up.They may tell her she is a pawn but everyone knows pawns are the ones most likey to go home.If Janelle goes home I hope Frank and Boogie go to the end because the others are so stupid to trust those two.Dan really surprises me that he cant see through Frank and Boogie.

    • You’re giving Danielle too much credit. She wants Frank out because he put up her darling Shane, and put up Wil as a pawn. Now she thinks Janelle is making goo goo eyes at Shane so she will eliminate that threat instead. It is not so much a strategic move as one based on vindictive feelings.

    • I strongly disagree I think it is pure jealousy. If she uses her head she should have seen janell as a great ally instead of a enemy. Now frank and boogie are going to put her dump self up along with her showmance buddy Shane right next to her when one of them wins this weeks Hoh and one of them will, and I hope she goes home first and then next week Shane. She should put boogie right next to frank to split them up. But you know that old saying u can lead a horse to water but u can make them drink.

  11. Big Brother was trying to find the next Jordan Lloyd in Danielle, but they couldn’t have picked a more disparate person. Sure they’re both from the South and have a “cute” personality, but the integral difference is that Jordan was genuine, and Danielle is just fake and immature. I’m stunned by how poor these House-guest’s judge of character are; how did everyone come to hate BB Alum Rachel Riley, but not Danielle? At least Rachel won competitions on her own, and thought for herself, whereas Danielle’s wins were handed to her, and she’s just letting everyone talk into her ear. And sure Rachel was showmancing hard with/on Brendan, but aren’t Danielle and Shane doing the same thing?

    • The difference is Rachel and Brendon fell in love and are still together. Shane is using Danielle’s attraction to him to further his game. I admire him that he is not like Boogie and will use the girl, sexually to further his game. That’s what makes Boogie a loser, and not a nice guy. Danielle needs to wake up and see Shane’s “closeness” for what it is. And if Bratney truly cared for Danielle, she would tell her that Shane told her that he wasn’t attracted to Danielle as a girlfriend. It doesn’t serve Britney to tell Danielle that….yet.

      • From what I know, Mike just fooled around with and kissed Erica in All-Stars, nothing further, and Shane has kissed Danielle. Maybe they haven’t gone for an all-out session under the covers yet, but it’s not far off. Unless I’m mistaken. I didn’t even come close to watching feeds during All-Stars, maybe more happened.

      • I agree with you.  Shane is using her to further himself in the game. He is very friendly to her, and talk bad behind her back.  Boogie, on the other hand, would’ve used up like noone business

      • More happened w/Boogie and Erica. Boogie is a sleaze….Shane is giving just enough attention to appease Danielle. Danielle should KNOW by Shane’s actions, that he really is not into her. Boogie played Erica….there was more going on there, that’s well known. Shane isn’t into Danielle…..its obvious to all except her.

    • IMO I think Danielle is very different than Jordan.  They may both be from the South and have cute personalities, but I don’t think Danielle had her wins handed to her.  She won fair and square.  She looked like she could have stayed on the ship for as long as it took.  I haven’t seen the veto comp. so not sure why comps. have been handed to her.  Dan did not want her winning in the beginning before the game was reset and per Dan’s instructions she threw them.  Jordan did not win many comps. until the end when it was needed.  As far as Rachel she was a in your face type of girl who had no problem sleeping with Brendon on TV.  Completely different type of showmance than Danielle.  Danielle and Shane have not slept together and so far both have said they would not do that type of thing.  They have had a couple of kisses and I believe that Shane likes her, but is not looking for more than that at this time.  Just not really into her as much as she is into him.   Jordan did not make big moves in the beginning, yet Danielle has.  Her actions last night may have been just keeping Janelle be okay just in case the deal did not go as planned.  She may be fooling a lot of us and may turn out to be a lot smarter than we think as far as how she plays this game.

      • Rachel and Brendon fell in love……Shane is not at all into Danielle, so tthough Danielle wants romance, Shane doesn’t. He’s even said ha was attracted to Kara. Danielle can’t get a clue and just looks desperate. Very sad. Shane just told her they need to start spending less time together so as to not be a target…..Danielle got mad. She is going to be so embarrassed when she watches back the episodes and BBAD…..Shane just used her affection to further his game…..she’ll be wishing she sent him home. Because of jealousy she sent Janelle home, a person who didn’t use her as Shane. Even Britney poured on the friendship to align w/strong girl to further her game. Even Dan, who can do no wrong in Danielle’s eyes sees her as expendable at the right time. So much for the wisdom of Danielle. If the girls had brains the woul have banned together to get out the guys at every chance….it’s a little to late now that Frank and Boogie are still in the game. As Janelle would say, bye, bye, bitches.

  12. gonna lmao when Danielle is sitting on the block next to her imaginary boyfriend Shane or Dan….doesn’t matter to me which is sitting next to her. IF she makes it to jury house, I hope they remove all the mirrors so she won’t have anything to look at!!!

  13. Danielle (no matter how crazy) made one hell of a game move. Don’t back down from it…own up to it. Look the most competitve bitch in big brother history in the eyes and say…”I got you.”

    • Danielle did make a bold move by trying to backdoor Janelle (I hate the concept of backdooring, but its part of Big Brother), but I don’t under the “conversations” she’s having other than making sure Janelle is evicted.

    • Yeah, her BIG jealous move….true, a woman can move mountains when insecure w/another woman she sees getting attention that she wants. It just kinda takes away the brilliance of the move. There’s a yuck factor there w/Danielle’s motives….sorry, but that’s how I see it.

      • so the fact that she found out Janelle said she was coming after her had nothing to do with it?

      •  Danielle is pathetic, plain and simple – P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C !  Any move she made/makes is not hers: Dan made/makes all the moves for her.

    •  Danielle did not make ANY game move: Dan made all the moves for her. Danielle is simply PATHETIC. Vain, insecure, excessively jealous, EASY and DESPERATE (no wonder her boyfriends – if she ever had one – cheated on her), constantly seeking praise, and always needing to pretend she is more than she actually is… and on top of that:  that “thing” is as thick as two short planks… THAT’s Danielle.. poor PATHETIC Danielle… I feel sorry for that dim-bulb, she ought to be blonde….

    • Yeah, it’s still a dumb move….cause now Boogie will be able to tell her that shortly.

    •  Yes, they are – CBS must have been desperate to come up with such a boat-load of nit-wits this season

      • Because last year’s crop was so much better? Or did you think Kalia, Porsche and Adam were great players?

  14. Danielle is a very insecure young woman and has a jealous streak. Note her insecurities w/Kara and Jojo as well. She is jealous of Shane giving attention to another attractive woman. Earth to Danielle, Shane is not your boyfriend!! She is the type that the littlest attention and she thinks the guy loves her. Wake up Danielle, Shane doesn’t like you for a girlfriend….he’s just not that into you! Her insecurities and grandiose lies about Janelle are desperate. I feel sad for Janelle that other girls’ insecurities will have her out the door.

  15. It’s to bad Danielle can’t think for herself. Thought it was the dumbest move to believe Boogie & Frank. Now she thinks she is some powerful hotshot in this game. Hope it comes to bite her in the butt. Am so surprised that she is falling for everything Dan is saying. Did she not watch his season? I am not a Janelle lover at all but would have left her over Frank. Hope the count comes out that Frank is gone gone gone. I liked Danielle at first on after dark but now listening to her voice I notice I just fast forward when she is speaking. I can hardly stand to listen to her make herself out to be the biggest player of Big Brother. She doesn’t get it she is just a puppet now.

    • I fast forward as well….every time she opens her mouth it’s either a lie about Janelle or a self-serving comment on how awesome she is……fast forward thru all her convos…tired of her.

  16. Is Danielle trying really, really, really hard to make sure Janelle is evicted Thursday with these “conversations”? Otherwise I understand what she is doing game wise. 

    • Could be. She seems to be working very hard to trash Janelle’s image in the house and is making it extremely personal. 

      I mean, calling Janelle an “F’ing bitch” because you think she’s flirting with a guy that doesn’t like you? Come on. That’s pretty personal and low.

      • The best thing that could happen is if BB would pull another twist to keep Janelle but I know that wont happen.I really hope the other house guest get wind of Danielles lies and believe she is lieing and go behind her back and vote out Frank.Now that would be a BIG move and bring some excitement into the house.

      • @aae0e4328fb725e9d682043420cd00fb:disqus That would effectively be the worst thing that could happen. The game would lose what little integrity it has remaining if they dropped another twist, last minute, after being fresh off of a twist that just dropped last Thursday. It would be a clear sign of just trying to save certain players and playing favourites. I’m sorry if you’re a fan of Janelle and don’t want to see her go, I understand, but I think you know deep down that if they pulled another twist so quickly to keep her that it would be a bit of a joke.

      • I don’t know if Danielle’s “big move” was her idea of Twitney’s.  It was not Dan’s idea at all.  I just don’t know why she started lying so much, it makes her seem insecure.  She better hope that her lies are not uncoverered because then she will be an easy target.  I think the idea of backdooring Janelle was more Twitney’s idea, because basically they are the same person.  I loved it when Danielle said she wanted Twitney at her wedding!  Wedding to whom?  Shane?  Laughed my arse off at that comment.

      • The idea to evict Janelle was Boogie’s idea. He put it in Britney’s head on Saturday night. It took several days to fully take root in the group and get everyone on board.

  17. Janell is not a threat…She (for all apperances) has nobody on her side NO ALLIANCE  at all…(She may believe she does) But Frank and Boogie are joined at the hip (until Boogie no longer has a use for Frank) and that makes those 2 a threat..I cannot belive that Dan would vote out Janell over Frank..You break up pairs..u decrease #’s in an alliance. Dan’s actions are  making no sense to me…Daniell is being used the same way that Britney was in her season..Britney should see this or maybe she does and shes not telling Daniell…I think it is a mistake to vote out Janell over Frank..Nobody is going to migrate to Boogie  if Frank goes… He and Janell both will be totally alone…This is a very weired season of BB as far as smart HG’s go..There are no smart HG’s in the game…

    •  Janelle is a sociopath. She has no emotion. The segment they showed when Britney and her were  talking about crying, Janelle showed she has no emotion. A person like that is very dangerous because they can convince you how much they like you while they a sticking the knife in your gut.

      • So Bratney’s tears were real?? How about Dumielles?? No, they are game playing too. Janelle is not a stab you in the back player….leave that to Boogie. Let’s see how Dan dumps his tag along prodigy when the time is right. Really, there are lots of backstabbers here.

    • Agree…Janelle has no alliance….leaving Frank in w/Boogie is a really dumb move…it will come back to bite her. Too little too late.

  18. The more I watch Danielle on BBAD I am really starting not to like her. Yes at the beginning of this week I loved her and thought she was doing an awesome job. Boogie got to her is all i have to say. She needs to tell ppl the truth i know thats hard in the BB house but in her interview video in the beginning of the year she wanted to be like Jeff and Jordan. For one JJ would never be mean and shallow and I am starting to think Danielle is playing to personal.

  19. danielle is playing the game –she knows what shes doing –setting it up with 6– then 4- her ,shane,ian,brit=== then her and brit in the end

    • Danielle made a stupid move…..girls should have banded together to get all the guys out. Too late for that now. I predict a guy will win BB14.

  20. My favourite Danielle delusional moment was before POV comp and Boogie, Dan, Janelle, Britt and Danielle were in the HOH room discussing how the noobs were gunning for the coaches and Danielle says, they’re coming after me ’cause I’m a coach too right?

    This chick is wackadoodle crazy.

    • So funny! That’s like time she said she got back-doored when she was on the block. Duhhh, your still in the house idiot!

      • Her and Shane both have no clue what back door means. It means what you’ve done to Janelle. When you put up a replacement that you intend to send out the door….that’s a back door, Danielle.

  21. Danielle is definitely spinning the conversations to favor her and guarantee Janelle’s eviction.  yeah, she’s lying somewhat but Janelle has been no saint this season.  Her and her team have been the biggest liars and drama causers in the game.  She’s lied so much this season and has no social game what so ever.  She makes others uncomfortable by staring at them and hanging around in the HOH room when she’s clearly not wanted. Kinda creepy.  She’s lied to everyone and it’s come back at her.  Maybe it will on Danielle too.  I personally believe the reason Janelle is so bad in the game this time around is because she’s married.  She cannot use her sexuality like she’s done in the past.  That was a big part of her game and strategy.  She used it to manipulate people and now she can’t.  so she’s going home.

    • I truly feel her baby is affecting her game. I think she spaces out, thinking of her and that has to be hard. Give her a break, she’s certainly not the biggest liar in there, and all are working one another. Janelle is no worse than the rest.

      • I truly feel you’re making excuses for Janelle. It’s nice that her fans try to find weak defenses for her. If she wasn’t in danger this week this wouldn’t even come up.

      • @MJi I truly like Janelle, so state the obvious…..but I do for a reason. You don’t and that is truly obvious.danielle is a stupid player by keeping Boogie and Frank both in the game. I can’t stand a jealous girl who plays off of her own insecurities. Instead of lying around in a bed w/a guy who can’t stand to kiss her, Danielle could have made a pact w/all the girls to evict a guy every chance they get. That would ensure Danielle to a further spot in game, possibly F2. Taking Frank off to stay w/Boogie is just plain DUMB. Janelle knew Frank had to go and Boogie was on her radar. Sorry it bothers you so much, but Danielle is an emotional, vindictive player and will regret her BIG move.

      • @52fa65aa0c7394ea9dfb1fea7e6edba0:disqus Hold on…you’re saying Danielle is stupid for keeping Mike and Frank in the game, that she’s only playing off insecurities, that it wasn’t a good move…and then you say she could’ve made a pact with women to eliminate only men? How is THAT a strong game move? To say screw it to loyalties/friendships with Dan, and whether or not he likes her, do you not think Shane, game-wise, will stay loyal to Danielle at least for the foreseeable future? Of course he will. Now I’m starting to wonder if you’re just pro-girl power in this house, because to suggest she could’ve/should’ve made a pact with girls to eliminate guys is pretty silly, and would in no way ensure her going further in the game or to final two. Sorry it bothers you so much that another woman is likely exiting the game on Thursday. I guess Willie’s expulsion had you pretty happy and you’ve been waiting for the next guy to fall.

      • @52fa65aa0c7394ea9dfb1fea7e6edba0:disqus Janelle is being targeted because she’s a strong player and a threat to win this game if she stays in it. She has a proven track record for winning competitions. This isn’t about boys vs. girls. Danielle can see that despite even through her allegedly ‘crazy’ mind, and you can’t?

      • @52fa65aa0c7394ea9dfb1fea7e6edba0:disqus This is why I need an ‘edit post’ option, I keep hitting submit and then thinking of something new to say. I was going to add, Danielle may have personal reasons on her mind, partly disliking Janelle because she believes she’s flirting with Shane, but do you think the rest of the group agrees to go along with backdooring her just because she’s upsetting Danielle? No way in hell. They’re for the idea because Janelle is a threat. Take it as a compliment that she’s seen as one of the biggest threats to win the game.

  22. bottom line it was the right move! if she hadn’t done it we would be sitting here saying she was too scared. of course she is going to cover her butt and pretend to be strong to her alliance and weak to the rest. we see this every year, its a type of game play and i think she is doing a good fine. she has to make sure janelle goes home and remains on her side until thursday. keep the peace. she does not benefit to tell janelle haha i got you now stuff it and have one of the best players in bb history campaigning against you for 3 day. 

    • Keeping Boogie and Frank together in the house is the dumbest move. Janelle really has no alliance and wasn’t the biggest threat. She plays emotionally, not strategically, there are too many guys in the house. That will hurt Danielle, but she’s too vindictive to see it.

  23. Two things I get from Danielle’s odd behavior. It is not odd if you look at the rationale behind it. First, she tries the soft approach with Janelle in the case that Janelle survives being evicted and remains in the game. Danielle is trying to minimize damage and hope that Janelle does not go after her if she is still in the
    Big Brother House next week. In the second instance, she is demonizing Janelle in front of the others in order to advance the cause of evicting Janelle this week. By depicting Janelle in unfavorable light, Danielle hopes to solidify the votes against Janelle to ensure that she goes home this week. Odd as her behavior maybe, Danielle may be learning from both Janelle and Mike Boogie the art of manipulation. I submit this is a form of manipulation from Danielle and if you analyze her behavior in that light, it is not that weird or crazy as it looks. Seems to be a calculated move on Danielle’s part to make sure Janelle is evicted this week!

    • Count the times that Danielle sits looking at her reflection while cropping her eyebrows and pursing her lips. She creeps me out. Her insecurities get the best of her. Janelle is the casualty of her insecurities. She had a bad feeling from day 1…. Really?? Not Boogie?? Please, she plays personal, period.

      • Whether she is playing personal is subject to debate. The topic was about Danielle’s strange behavior and what she was doing is playing the game when lying to Janelle and again, lying to her alliance members. Whether it helps her stay or not in the game is irrelevant. However, if you look at it without bias and I assume you are a Janelle fan who is pissed, then, you can see that Danielle’s move is rationale and not crazy because she is doing what she believes is necessary to evict Janelle! Janelle is in the mess
        she in because she burned too many bridges and her repeated demonization of Mike Boogie with Brittney with their lies certainly did not give Mike Boogie any reason to trust Janelle! Atleast, Mike Boogie had the guts to tell Janelle to her face that he did not trust her! And yes, Mike Boogie is playing a much honest game compared to Janelle, Brittney and Dan!

      • @richie….yes it’s obvious I’m a Janelle fan. But Danielle made a stupid move. Janelle was a bigger target over Boogie and Frank staying together?? Stupid….her emotions get in the way of making the right decision. She should have seen that for any girl to get further in the game, they needed to band together and vote a guy every chance they got. There will now be one less girl, a strong competitor at that….good luck w/jenn pulling one out for the girls, but she is still a vote. Problem is, Danielle just helped the cause for the guys and I predict a guy will win BB14 this year. Danielle’s BIG move will be seen as her BIG DUMB move in the end. So for all guys who think I comment just to defend Janelle…..there you have it.

    • If Danielle was smart, I would agree with your analogy, however, Danielle has proven that she is a goat, she follows her shepard Dan.  Danielle motives for her moves are purely jealously, in my opinion.  Now, if Janelle stays Danielle’s apologies may actually help her, but I thinik that Janelle is a little smarter than Danielle.  Janelle would put her up to break up the Danielle, Dan and Shane alliance.  Remember back when Janelle was toying with the idea of flirting with Shane to make Danielle jealous?  Janelle is a cold, calculating and heartless person.

      • That would be game….as its obvious she is insecure and playing emotional. Grow up Danielle…you’re in the BB house. Your delusions of meeting your dream guy has hurt your game and all the girls…..way to go. 500,000is the goal line….not some make believe romance.

  24. Why does everyone give Danielle credit for this move? Boogie is the one who put this thing together. Janelle has to go. It is hard to get rid of a sociopath because they are so convincing when they lie to you. Dan,Britney,Shane,and Danielle made a good move by involving Ian. It protects them from the double cross from boogie and frank.

    • Bratney lies as the day is long….is she a sociopath?? Janelle is not a sociopath….isles married, has a baby….she has a life….if she goes home this week, she will continue to be okay. Danielle will soon only have herself to blame as to why Shane isn’t that into her. Kara is gone, Jojo, now Janelle…..keep looking in the mirror, Danielle….there’s your problem.

  25. Does Danielle know Janelle is married and has a baby? Not that that always matters anymore in today’s society, sadly.

    • Of course she knows…..but Danieele’s worst enemy in the BB house is her own jealous insecurities…..she isn’t playing smart by putting up Janelle instead of breaking up a strong male combo, one that has BOOGIE in it!! It will come back to bite her.

  26. mayby by thursday that little group of 6 will fall completely apart. sounds like daniele already has. what a way to get a boyfriend. he should be so proud.

    • I would love to see the group fall apart and Ian take control of the house! They walk all over him and take advantage of him. It’s time to switch things up & see how the rest of the house would handle that.

  27. only hot women beeing voted out.  Just like last time when brit was the only women standing.
    The newbies are so dumb, brit said that the 4 coaches where talkin to play together but Boogie called Janelle out and said he wont work with her. and they did not catch it. What a bunch of  dum dums 

      • I didn’t think Jojo was hot, but There’s plenty of guys who think Janelle’s hot. So you don’t like her, plenty do… is in the eye of the beholder.

      • Some guys can’t stand a strong female….not saying that is true here…..but ther are ugly guys on here as well, but a girl doesn’t need to go there….it has nothing to do w/game and doesn’t reflect well on a guy to comment on a girls appearance . IMO

      • @52fa65aa0c7394ea9dfb1fea7e6edba0:disqus If you see the majority, like 99% of my comments, I not only don’t comment on appearance, but I comment on others who do with saying appearance doesn’t matter. So the one time I do…oh well, guess I momentarily said ‘screw it’. I can tell you though that it has nothing to do with her being a strong female. In fact I’m currently in a relationship with a strong female, and that’s part of the reason I like her. 

        And by the way, girls have commented on appearances as much or more than guys have on these boards. I don’t know how many girls I’ve seen call Danielle fat (which is a sad joke) and comment on thinking Shane is hot, that Mike is ugly, etc.

  28. From BBAD last night, Danielle just keeps talking about Janelle non-stop. Bad mouthing Janelle was unnecessary. I mean, mission accomplished. You can shut up now.

    • So true! It was all about Janelle bashing last night. Let it rest!
      I think Britney should shut up too. Seriously, how many times does she need to repeat the same thing before she moves on to another sentence to repeat at least 5 more times! I will be so happy to see her whiney little butt go home.

  29. Just a reminder that if you watch the live feeds or BBAD, Danielle wanted to go after Janelle to begin with.  Dan talked her out of it.  So Boogie’s encouragement wouldn’t have needed to be to much, as this is what she wanted to begin with.

  30. I like Danielle, but I don’t speak with bias, and I’d have to be biased to try to defend these actions. This is unfortunate on her behalf. Hopefully she doesn’t totally derail the Silent 6, and as much as I hate to say it, maybe she should be the first of the group to be cut loose. 

      • Right, but I’m not referring to who will be cut loose first, just saying maybe Danielle should be, because this bizarre side of her might cause problems for the group. I like her and I want her to go further, but I don’t want her to mess things up for Dan and others.

    • Don’t worry MJ, if Danielle doesn’t derail it, Boogie will…..the silent six was a ploy by Boogie to keep Frank at all cost….he has no allegence to F6.

      • You’re totally right that keeping Frank was Mike’s main objective, but he wasn’t the lone creator of the Silent 6. I do think he plans to take Dan far with him, but he won’t have allegiance to Shane, Britney and Danielle. Ideal for Mike would be him, Dan and Frank in the final three.

  31. Okay guys, everybody in the house lies. So what’s so wrong about Danielle lying?? Maybe this IS her strateg to win the game. Give her the benefit of the doubt.

    • It’s not about lying to Janelle and not taking ownership for the move, lying to her about the move not being her decision or that she was somehow ‘tricked’ into doing it. What’s wrong here is turning around and lying to her own alliance about how Janelle reacted. She could easily tell them the truth, that she was calm and kissing butt, but then tell her alliance she’s going to spin it to the REST of the house that Janelle was being a b*tch, just to create drama. Dan has said they should all put on a show, because it’s television, so he’d probably be all for that idea.

  32. Janelle has both lied and flip flopped her allegiance  more than Danielle  or anyone in the house for that matter..Both Brittney and Dan has said as much.Heck who doesn’t LIE in BB  Dan LIES  Britney LIES  Boogie LIES..EVERYONE in the BB house lies  mostly when they’re HOH..They promise not to put someone up and they do..Look at the Brigade  season 12 they lied more than anyone..At least Danielle is loyal  even if she is lying  Geez get over people  or stop watching BB..Janelle is a pathetic two face  

    • Janelle has betrayed her alliance with Brittney twice and lied multiple times.
      Brittney and Janelle has demonized Mike Boogie how many times with their lies? Dan has also lied to Mike Boogie he was in alliance with and to Janelle and Brittney too! To give Janelle a pass because you like her and she is her favorite is the most shallow reason to excuse Janelle’s behavior.
      Mike Boogie has been more honest telling Janelle to her face that he does not trust her! He also called Dan out for not telling him about the plan to backdoor Frank when he and Dan was supposed to be in an alliance! If Danielle is being nasty and vicious now, she only learned about it from both Brittney and Janelle who she was in contact with most times. She probably learned a thing or two from Janelle and Brittney about lying and being nasty!

    • Right, they ALL lie….so don’t tell me Janelle has to go cause she lies and can’t be trusted. Tell the truth, she’s a big threat and you don’t feel you have a chance against her. End of story…..

      •  Boogie, that poor excuse for a man, feels threatened by Janelle, he’d hate to loose to her. Afterall, he only “won” as Will’s tag-along. Now he needs a replacement security blanket. Danielle is simply jealous of every good looking woman. ever seen that Bombo without make-up? No wonder, she is so insecure…

  33. I hate Danielle ghat a wishywashy whiney piece of work she about LIARS poor Janelle has nothing on this phoney chikc!!

  34. Uh oh.  Sounds like another “a microphone is going to hit the pool” season.  I love it when Alison invites the crazies on to the show.  It’s why we keep coming back.

  35. Read, MJ’s response about “It’s not about lying to Janelle is about lying to her allies” It’s unbiased and the only one that makes a lot of sense here.

  36.  I don’t think shes doing anything wrong in fact we should be giving her props Janelle does not suspect a thing and feels sorry for dani..people are just angry because they thought Danielle was an arse and is getting rid of one of the best players of BB.
    what should she have done tell janelle that she wanted her out like willie did to frank and look how that turned out.

  37. Danielle is creeping me out she’s like a clingy gf that shane obviously doesn’t want..shane gives shoutouts to KARA everyday lol which makes me laugh

  38. This is Janelle third time is the house a bit pathetic if you ask me..I like Dan but he’s just a big manipulator as boogie  Dan is manipulating Danielle..I mean yea she’s  a newbie  and the coaches have been thru it before.Give Danielle a break

    • It’s also Boogies third time….is that pathetic?? Or is it Janelle is a strong female? How can you say it’s pathetic for Janelle and not Boogie? I take it your not a Janelle fan. Haha, don’t bother, I know your not…just had to say that for others who like to say that I’m a Janelle fan. YES, I am….strong females don’t scare me. But Danielle will come to see evicting Janelle over Frank was a really dumb move.

  39. Glad you wrote this blog cuz I was beginning to think I was the one in the alternative universe.  The sad thing is – I think Dani believes what she is saying but it makes Jani look horrible to the other HG.

  40. Are you kidding me with this?? Danielle makes a HUGE move in the game and BB fans are gonna complain?  Sorry but this is the kinda shake up that should excite people as opposed to the boring weeks and days in between with TYPICAL moves!!  What, should there be the coaches alliance?  SO TYPICAL!  These last few seasons have been brutal to watch!  IMO Danielle should be praised not bashed!  Winning HOH, POV then setting up the back door move on one of the best BB gamers ever?  She moved up a notch in my book….before this?  She wasn’t very exciting at all! GO DANIELLE!   Next point….are you kidding me again with saying things about her lying in the house?  I mean WHO hasn’t lied in this house?  What about choirboy Dan? He’s lied many times…it’s called BB!!   I think Boogie was a master mind to approach Danielle with this and she’s awesome forpulling the trigger…last thing, Danielle wouldn’t have to lie to Janelle if her “alliance” would get some guts and not go scurrying like they did…..I mean would anyone in the house be like “Oh, by the way Janelle?  I wanted you up and gone! It was me and only me”  Not ONE of them besides Boogie would do that!  So give the girl a break….she’s making her mark as a BB14 player! 

    • No one would be stupid enough to tell Janelle she planned her eviction. The only one who probably will is Boogie! Boogie is pretty direct and he already
      told Janelle that he cannot trust her! If Janelle survives eviction, she will go after who ever put her up that is for sure! Danielle is just giving Janelle a dose of her vicious lies. I will call that poetic justice. Didn’t she make Danielle believe that Jojo called her fat? Jojo never said such a thing. So,
      what is good for the gander is good for the goose. Live with the lies, fall by the lies!

  41. Oh what a tangled web we weave…Danielle will never keep her stories straight.  It will come back to bite her in the ass.  Shane will continue to play her like a violin…just like the kiss when she won HOH.  Do you really think that was for real?  She does. 

  42. Cowardly lion? I think not. Jealous and insecure? Nope. Let’s think back…Janelle was the instigator in getting out both Kara and Jo Jo not Danielle. Janelle was the one who after getting put on the block was more worried about not having on make up and if her boobs were smaller than Rachel’s than getting evicted. Now that’s petty and insecure. Danielle is not my favorite player but the girl is smart and playing a damn good game. She didn’t have any comps given to her. We haven’t even seen the pov yet and she was fierce in the hoh. To call her a coward is not even close to being the truth. She’s made the biggest move to date. So what she lied. Tell me who hasn’t in this game. What about honest Dan lying straight to not only Janelle’s face but Boogie and Frank? What about Britney the ultimate mean girl? Janelle made up a cruel lie and told Danielle Jo Jo said she was fat.  If someone did that to me? I would call her an f’ing biatch too. Janelle deserves what she gets. She lied to everyone early on and screwed her team and screwed Britney’s team. She’s not the same player she used to be. She’s had way too much cosmetic surgery and Danielle has no reason to be insecure of her. She is much prettier than Janelle. Janelle is a strong competitor and a big threat and the country girl from Alabama is taking her down. The only person in the house who I think would put Janelle up and tell her straight to her face the way you seem to want is Mike Boogie. Danielle and Dan had it planned what she would say and how she would act in front of Janelle after she put her up. For her to lie and try to make Janelle look worse than she is, is being smart and making sure she walks out the door Thursday night.

  43. I dont have a problem with Danielle making a bold move…or lying to her alliance.   It’s the fact that SHE believes her own lies.   It’s a given that BB HG are going to lie.   But to YOURSELF!!!   She’s not a horrible player.   Not many would actually put Janelle on the block.   But mentally speaking im not sure she’s playing with a full deck.

    •  Danielle didn’t make a big, bold move… she does what others tell her to do, be it Dan or be it Boogie… ever notice her blank stare, when she has difficulties comprehending what’s going on ? The only clarity in her dumb gaze happens, when she practices, sucking in her fat cheeks or throwing  back her hair … unfortunately, she forgets to hold her shoulders straight, makes her look like the hunchback of Notre Dame

  44. No matter who goes home ths week, Daneille and Shane now a big targets. You think  boogie gonna forgive and forget? I feel bad for Dan cuz I think Boogie’s on to him but isn’t saying a word to anyone because he so well liked in the house. Something’s going on upstairs with Daneielle. It’s too bad because she’s a very good looking girl.

  45. Seriously? Of course we’re seeing two different sides of Danielle.  It’s a game, remember?  Why are people so surprised when they lie and deceive in the house? It’s Big Brother, not summer camp.  

  46. I kind of think that dan is trying to listen to boogie so it seems as if boogie is doing all the dirty work.

  47. I think all the newbies should start playing their own game and form an alliance together and get rid of the coaches and trustnno one. Daniell believe everything dan is telling her what to do,because she wanted to put up Frank and Boogie but she listen to Dan and did what he wanted to do.

  48. Thank god Danielle has Dan to keep her brain from exploding from the tension she causes in her own mind! He makes her decisions for her!

  49. I CANNOT STAND DANIELLE!!!! She is so insecure, jealous , and inferior to Janelle and everyone else in the house!!!
    Shane obviously has no interest in her on a serious level. She could never get a guy like that!
    She has no game or backbone…she’s being used like a puppet. Boogie is gonna chew her up and spit her out!!!
    BTW Danielle, Boogie DID say that about you freaking psycho!!!

  50. Joe and his family dinners..they are so awkward to watch on the feeds, no one talks, I don’t think I can remember a BB season where EVERY HG sat down at the same time for that Joe’s rule?  I know some of them are getting a little tired of him doing all of the cooking, they want to cook stuff on their own. 

    • It’s more that they don’t want him to go through all of the food so quickly. He doesn’t hold back when making dinners, in terms of using what they’re provided with, and they’re only given a certain amount.

  51. Does Danielle ever close her mouth? Everytime they cut to her she has this almost surprised or lost look on her face with her mouth half open. She’s definitely a mouth breather.

    • Easy, it’s just a game. Hate a player all you want but there’s no excuse to use the C word.

      •  You are exactly right..I don’t know why it was not removed. Vulgar and inexcusable.

      • @8825ec0a7f82025c169a760c6741360b:disqus It’s now been removed. Better late than never. I hope we don’t have to see anything like that again.

    • How was this allowed on here?  I and every other female should take offense to your disgusting comments.  It’s just a game, calm yourself down, jerk.

      • Take offense? Go ahead. Cry about the truth. Danielle is obviously isn’t mentally stable with her idea of her and Shane staying to together and her big head for actually believing that she was the mastermind behind the whole backdoor plan. 

        It it ridiculous that Janelle is being put out over Boogie. But it’ll be so great to watch Dani and Britney get evicted for their own stupid mistakes this summer.

        Take offense, I don’t care. It may be it a game, but people who actually CARE and RESPECT the game should be playing. Not people like Shane who was nothing more than a reject off of The Bachelorette and was “found” to play Big Brother.

        Shane/Danielle think so highly of themselves for what they’re too stupid to realize.

      • @twitter-333194116:disqus Only took offense to you saying c*nt, that’s what was deemed disgusting, not any part of the rest of your comments. Just keep that out of it, that’s all. 

  52. BB Fans of Janelle, keep watching! If any one of you were a part of production, would you allow Janelle to permanently exit the house? Of course not. She will be given the ‘chance’ to reenter (is that a word/) the house. Bear in mind the fact that Janelle can win almost any challenge given her…against whom ever. She’ll be back.

    Footnote: If Danielle continues her lies, Janelle may not leave the house at all.

    Danielle, please leave the untruths to Wil, Janelle and Dan, they are much better at deception than you are.

  53. omgosh i was watching last night and danielle is a compulsive liar. she made it seem like janelle was trying to kill her. i think danielle is 100% crazy. she believes her own lies.

  54. This is the worst season in Big Brother history. I’ve had enough. This is it. I’m done with this show. BUT I WILL KEEP

  55. Ughh Danielle is awful…hoping for a Boogie / Frank HOH win & then maybe she will go next

  56. Are they stupid? Boogie will turn on all of them in the end even frank. He wants to take someone to the finals that will not beat him.

  57. Unbelievable the venom Danielle is getting over her showmance with Shane. Let her be! After all, Janelle had her showmances during her season, Danielle Donato last season blew her chances at that $500,000 because the other house guests evicted her pretty boy Dominic! All Danielle is going to do is mess up her game!
    When women become obssessed with a guy even in reality games, you know the guy has the upper hand! The same goes for a guy who gets obssessed with a woman. Too bad that Kara was evicted. She would have added drama with a triangle showmance with Shane. As for the lies of Danielle, Janelle lied numerous times and betrayed Brittney and they both lied to each other and everyone is fine with that, alliances and all so, how is Danielle’s lies any worst? I guess it is fine if Janelle lies as she is your favorite and if anyone else lies, it is simply foul and
    unfair right? Janelle lied that Jojo said Danielle was fat to get her mad at Jojo when Jojo said no such thing. Dishonesty cuts both ways. If you are going to hold Danielle to her lies, you also have to hold Janelle to her lies aswell otherwise, it would sheer hypocrisy to rag on Danielle while, exonerating Janelle!

  58. Thus why Danielle has conceived the name DaniDelusional, I actually don’t believe she’s a nurse but she’s studying nurses and doctors to see how they handle her crazy psychotic ass. Lmao but I am a Janelle fan but I’m not sad she’s leaving anymore because these people in this house are crazy. I think tho is one of the worst cast seasons ever, too many models and wannabe celebs with little knowledge of BB (Hence Jenn who never saw BB until May 25th after she was contacted to be on the show via FB) … but back to Danielle, she is skitzo I think. After knowing Brit for 38 days , she wants her to be in her wedding and wants to marry Shane, and wants to stay with Britney ( who is married) when shes done with BB. SHANE AND BRIT RUN!!! AWAY!

  59. danielle might have made a bold move and now she thinks she is sooo smart… but she is freakin dumb when it comes too understanding shane does not like her more than a friend….she still forces it…and talks like hes hers…. get real chick…leave him alone i think he like kara…

    •  Danielle, pathetic Danielle, did NOT make ANY move… any move, she believes, she made, was made by Dan and/or Boogie… even dim Ashley is smarter than fatso.

      • Danielle’s fat in your eyes? Are you a supermodel? Her body type being seen as fat is what’s wrong with America.

    • I know Shane doesn’t like Danielle but I think he is intentionally stringing her along. Whenever he needs her to further his game he turns on the charm and what’s with the kissing her when she won HOH? It’s not hard to see why she might still believe he really likes her. If anyone should be embarrassed by their behavior in this situation its Shane. I think he knows that she likes him a lot and he’s using that to his advantage. Shame on you Shane.

  60. Danielle is trying to the biggest, baddest player. I hope her lying, conniving ways bites her is the ….!
    I wouldn’t be surprised if she is dreaming that she will be in the final two with a guy, any guy, just so she could be the first women to win against a guy. She is so egotistical, narcissistic, dishonest, shallow, self-consumed, manipulative, I could go on and on.
    Weird eyebrows.

    Good hair though.
    Ugh. I just don’t like her.
    I feel for Janelle. How embarrassing to be led-on by that sniveling excuse for a human being. I think Janelle is pretty perceptive though, maybe she will figure the jig is up before Thursday night. I hope so anyway. What did she ever do to Ms. Fakey Pants to make her dislike her so much. Danielle is really a little bit crazy if you ask me.
    On top of all this, I can’t believe that the “coaches” haven’t figured out that Boogie is extremely guilty for what he was accusing of Janelle–not wanting to give up any of his players. Dan and Britney are a real fools if they don’t see the writing on the wall. Boogie’s plan is pretty smart and ruthless. I just can’t root for him though. He is such a dweeb. He’s such a misogynist and dweeb. I laugh out loud everytime I remember the off-hand comment about Boogie’s memory wall photo. I think it was from Frank, saying that it makes he looks like an Oompa Loompas. hee hee hee

  61. thats what Danielle gets for not watching bb bfore..then she would know how most guys in bb used girls by making them believe they like them….she is so stupid…shane doesnt want her… he either has a girlfriend back home or maybe he likes girls like kara.. oh and I believe production told shane to kiss her if she won hoh… he really isnt into her its easy to see…

    •  I don’t buy that production made him do it. He still has free will and chose to do it. He is just as two faced as anyone else. He’s definitely sending mixed messages and I just can’t believe that everyone on here is  bashing Danielle so much and not holding Shane responsible for his actions. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a Danielle fan and I don’t think she is thinking for herself strategically and if she were paying attention she should have figured out by now that he is just using her and she has every right to be mad at him when he kisses her in one moment and tells her they need distance in the next.

  62. I really can tell see that danielle has traits of an obsessive person..I bet she has stalked ex boyfriends in her life…im kinda afraid for shane, he better get some bodyguard to protet him from that stalker chick.

    •  She has been cheated on by a previous boyfriend, wonder, why… LOL. Such a “sane” person, who’d ever want to cheat on such a “lovely”, person… thee hee hee

      • Cheating happens all over the place, regardless of how “lovely” you are, and definitely not only the “insane” are targeted for cheating against. I’m sure you were kidding and/or using some sarcasm, but I thought I’d point that out anyway.

  63. Finally other BB fans that despise Danielle.  Danielle is so pathetic and one thing I’ve been taught is that you don’t throw yourself at a man that doesn’t want anything to do with you.  She’s a nutter. 

    • They are both dim-witted. Shane can’t formulate one cohesive sentence. With both of them,  get the feeling, there’s a light on upstairs, but, sadly enough, nobody is home ;-)

  64. So ridiculous… the whole house constantly says Janelle lied..but I have yet to hear what she specifically lied about. Upon being asked they say Joe and Wil lied…so what did Janelle lie about. As far as Danielle? Sad to see somone brag so much yet have such low self esteem..she clearly has it out for all women…perfect example of how all female alliances rarely work.
    Did anyone see how she was telling Dan how as a nurse there are 60 people’s life in her hands? Yikes!!

    • Were you not even watching Big Brother? Janelle lied to Brittney which she was in alliance. Remember they voted off Kara instead of Frank (Janelle’s plan) to pit Frank against Willie. Also, voted off Jojo against Danielle when she was allied with Brittney? That is not counting the other lies Janelle and Brittney told each other! Janelle also formed an alliance with Mike Boogie but, continue to go after Frank as well! Still more lies and backstabbing.
      So, if nobody wants to trust Janelle, it is with very good reason!

      • That’s because Willie was scary and made himself the target….she thought Frank would take him out and he did. That is not a hard one to see. Willie brought all the attention to himself, he had to go….but he was so crazy he imploded and got ejected from the game. Frank got a pass last week, as he should be gone right now. I think that was an unfair advantage that BB gave Frank and Boogie.

    • You just had to watch after dark, I think it must have been Wednesday night, and you would know why people think Janelle is a crazy liar. She had a conversation with Janelle in the HOH room after nominating her. Danielle was all teary eyed, apologizing, practically kissy-face, to Janelle. Janelle was sweet and seemingly trusting with Danielle. Afterwards, Janelle twisted the story of their meeting to one that was the exact opposite of what actually happened. It was appalling. If you have a chance to watch it, you really should. You will then know what a conniving, dishonest, insecure, mean-spirited, egotist, Janelle is.

  65. Danielle I think there is something wrong with that girl. Even that thing she has for shane.

  66. I am so confused! All those who are hating Danielle and cheering for Janelle are we not watching the same Big Brother game? First of all Danielle isn’t the only one lying to Janelle… Shane, Dan, Britt and Danielle all are to make her feel secure and send her ass home. They are the “Silent Six” this was aired on BB After Dark but nevermind that. Ashley, Wil, Jenn and Ian are also making her feel secure. But I am going to skip all the defending of Danielle here and say Janelle is the biggest liar in the entire house. I loved Janelle. I thought this was going to be a great season because of her and her alone. She is the biggest liar, most manipulative person in the history of Big Brother. I have been watching live feeds and BB After Dark and everytime she is on she is lying to someone or flipping a story completely to benefit her. Which is great it is Big Brother after all only problem his she is HORRIBLE at it. She keeps getting caught and that is her biggest mistake. I have now watched her cry twice without actually shedding a tear that says it all to me. Sorry to all the Janelle lovers out there but bye bye Blondie!!! I love the fact the Danielle is sending her ass home!

    • Lies are only good as long as you can get away with it! At some point, you
      slip up and people figure out that you have lied to them, backstabbed them,
      thrown them under the bus! This is Big Brother after all. Janelle’s mistake is trying to change her game and become a manipulator like Boogie and Dan.
      She should have stuck to winning HOH and POV. Janelle did throw away the HOH like Dan and Boogie this cycle.

      • I could not agree with you more when it comes to Janelle changing her game play. She was much better at winning comps then she is at lying and decieving!!!!

    • Daniell is not sending Janell home..Boogie is….Shanes HOH was a waste and for nothing but so is Daniell’s…The decisions she has made have been thought out by Dan/Boogie ..It’s been their HOH not Daniells..Shane did make his own decisions but BB Production stepped in and botched it. I can’t see where Frank is such a “great player”…If BB Production thinks that Boogie is such a ratings king let Frank be evictied and see what happens when Boogie has to get through the game with no sidekick or alliance..Possibly like Janell (if evicted) Boogie will not be far behind. And has Janell not noticed that Frank is not campagining to stay??? DUH!!! Wake up Janell production!!!!!!  I’m not much on twist in the BB game cause they seldom benefit the user or the players but in the case of Janell getting evicted due to Daniell’s behavior I hope there is a twist and it helps Janell . I really want to see how it plays out if she stays…

      • I honestly don’t think we are watching the same Big Brother. I am watching the US Big Brother where the coaches came into the game. The Danielle I am talking about wanted Janelle on the block before Dan her ex coach convinced her Frank is a bigger threat. The Big Brother I have been watching Boogie did not want to deal/trust Dan because of the whole wanting Frank out last week;. It was Dan and Danielle that set up the whole “Silent Six” scenario so Boggie had nothing to do with Janelle going up on the block. If you don’t have live feeds you really should get it because Danielle wanted Janelle up from the beginning. I don’t know about the whole conspiracy of BB “production” trying to save Boogie for ratings. From what I can see BB has done a lot of great editting to benefit Janelle. If there was a conspiracy, which I don’t think there was, it was to benefit Janelle. Janelle is a power house when it comes to comps. BB fans would like to see her compete more then watch Boogie scheme. I honestly think we are through with twists in the game other then 2 double evictions. As for Janelle throwing the endurance competition I am sorry to say but she lost because she honestly couldn’t stay up much longer. Let’s face it she is older and just had a kid so endurance competitions weren’t in her favour. I am sorry if I piss you Janelle lover’s off  but you have to admit she isn’t playing her normal game. I think she came in this season to try a different scenario and it just isn’t working out for her. She was great in her first 2 seasons but now not so much.  I am cheering for Britney.

      • replying to JBELL…I am not a Janell lover…I did not say that in my comment… I said I would not be against a twist to keep Janell in the game SOOO that I could see how it would play out in the next week…I would like to see Frank  booted out the door..not because I dislike him but because I wanna see Boogie preform without a sidekick or an alliance…Please don’t assume that YOU know who I am for or against in BB simply by something I wrote in a post that YOU gave a different meaning …I have said several times that I have no favorites cause this is ( even the vets) one wacked out bunch ofd HG’s…Oh and by the way I do have the feeds and so do alot of others ..It would appear that u are not the only one that is watching or can afford them…you have a nice day…

      • I am sorry you thought I was talking about you when I said Janelle Lover’s. I actually wasn’t calling you that I was saying in general to all those who love Janelle I do not agree that Danielle is a bigger liar than Janelle. I give major credit to Danielle for making a smart game move and getting rid of the biggest competitor before she dominates another season. I also have to say wow I am sorry to offend you and make you think that I am better then anyone by having live feeds. I wasn’t throwing it out there like I was a big time money gripsters in fact I was informing those who may not have live feeds that some of the big moves to get aired on BBafter dark. If it makes you feel any better I actually didn’t pay for the live feeds, I went in with 2 other people and we share it. My first post had nothing to do with you but since you found the need to voice your opinion I thought it was only fair to counter yours with my opinion. As for you stating “several” times you have no favorites I wouldn’t know that unless I stalked your posts which I don’t. I am with you on this is a whacked out bunch of HG’s which is what makes this season so entertaining. You cannot watch a single BBAD or even a live feed without having a good laugh over the paranoia, lies and story telling. I was never a fan of the Vets coming into the game but I am a fan of all the drama! I am not trying to pick a fight and that was never my intention when responding to your first reply. I just felt the need to let you know I wasn’t calling you a Janelle lover I was using it as a term for those who see no flaws in her. I also wanted you to know I was flashing money around because if you knew me you would know I am the far from rich it was just smart to go in on the feeds with someone else. I am sorry you took offense to the things that was never meant to insult you or make you feel bad. I too wish you a nice evening since I am writing this late. Also have fun watching Big Brother as that is what it is all about!

    • To call Janelle the biggest liar is crazy……spend time watching all in the HOH……the layers of lies is beyond any Janelle has told. But they all lie. Daniels made a bad move, Frank should be going as Boogie and Frank will not honor F6…. It was just a ploy to keep Frank. Trusting Boogie is STUPID. Danielle will come to see that, but alas, it will be too late.

  67. Danelle wants Janelle out …but only after Mike suggests it..i don’t know exactly what is wrong but there is something not right with her.She sits and stares…She just starts doing cartwheels out of the blue..everyone thought Ian was the nut job..Well people i think we have ourselves a new one..and her name is Danelle…

    • Haha! Love it! I get scared that Danielle is gonna break her neck doing cartwheels and the thought of her throwing a back handspring after it…come on idiot girl! Have you noticed she only does that when Shane is outside too, and after every one she does she looks over at him to make sure he’s watching her…even though he isn’t. He’s too busy watching his reflection when he’s working out. Talk about an ego…ick…the dude needs to shave off his stalker beard too!

      •  Yes, he needs to shave that mess off…. makes him look even fuglier than just his stupid “comb-over” (but it goes well with his empty brain).

  68. The Danielle want-a-romance vs Shane Game (its-game-play-to keep- her hanging on), may be the most entertaining aspect for coming weeks.  Janelle and her mischief seems to be heading out the door. Joe not washing his hands and doing the cooking is disgusting. And for a chef not to know his food is under cooked speaks volumes for his restaurant and his abilities. Wil and his gay play is boring. Jen has no game play.  This well could end up another Boogie victory.  He has a cool and logical demeanor and presents his arguments well.

    • Can’t wait until Shane “fake” breaks up with Danielle. That’ll put her over the edge. Joe is disgusting and I would never eat any of his cooking after seeing how unsanitary and dumb he is. And why does he have to yell in the DR each time? So annoying! As for Wil, you might think his “gay play” is boring, but Craig certainly isn’t! I’m not sure why Jen is in the house…maybe she needed a vacation from reality. Ashley is funny, but how did she sneak weed into the house & how is she getting away with smokin it there? Brit’s annoying & I’m sick of listening to her whine about everything. She’s only funny when she’s drunk. I think Boogie and Dan will be final 2, Frank or Ian will be 3rd.

      • Funny Post. You’re character assassination of HG’s are spot on. After all the craziness that happened in the BB house, I find myself rooting now for Ian.

  69. To the people who say lying is part of the game:
    I understand if Danielle lies to Janelle, comforting her. But she unecessairily tells her alliance mates a completely different version of what happened and I truly believe she thinks that her version happened. Shes having a break with reality and i really think that she has a mental problem.

  70. If Danielle would just chill out and quit sexually harrassing shane ..i would like her more….but she gets soo annoying with throwing herself to shane… he totally is not into in her… and it looks so desperate on her part…she should be thrown out for harassement.

    •  Now, THAT I would enjoy to watch… thee hee hee. Can’t stand that poor excuse of a woman, she is so desperate, it makes me sick to my stomach – listening to her annoying, whiny voice, her practicing in the mirror, how she looks, when she sucks in her cheeks (somebody, please, tell her, she looks DUMB), hunched shoulders, and excessive jealousy – sickening, No wonder, her former boyfriend, felt compelled to cheat on her.

  71. Danielle is such a stalker she is ruining shanes game with this delutional showmance shane does not want..he is there to win 500k.. she is there to get a man… i wished this idiot had gone on bachelor pad instead….

  72. I hope somebody using their damn head and keep janelle in this game because if not this will get real boring real quick. The coaches are stupid, they should stick together since its only 4 of them the rest of the house could wipe them out, and janelle must be a pretty damn good player if these men and women have to back door her to get her out. In my opinion all punks. Boogie=too old to do physical challenges, Shane=kiss ass of whoever is Hoh, Dan= swears he knows the game actually is just a rambling fool, Frank= desperate will do anything to stay in this game, Brittney=follow the leader can’t win a challenge and make fun of everybody, Danielle=just weak, pathetic, and a big fat liar. Hopefully they all get evicted and somebody else wins, last but certainly not least JANELLE=the best damn player in the game but unfortunately never won.

    • If you haven’t noticed, there are no more coaches. They’re all just players now. To say the four ‘coaches’ need to stick together is nonsense. Mike’s most loyal friend in the house is Frank, a non-coach. Who’s never going to stab Dan in the back? Danielle, a non-coach. Mike told Janelle to her face he doesn’t trust her. Don’t stick with and work with people just because of a now dispelled label of ‘coach’, stick with who you trust, regardless of former, now-irrelevant affiliation.

    • LMFAO “You can bounce cheques in the big brother house” Just a perfect way to put it!

  73. Danielle makes me sick…not because she lies, everyone does, but because she is so ridiculous when it comes to Shane…she is so all over him and so needy to get him to like her…it is sickening…and funnier still is the fact that Shane has no interest in her at all…wait till she finds that out…oh happy day….

    •  People come on. We all know if someone else had won HOH Shane would be on the block this week. Danielle deserves herself “some” Shane. Face it she will not win BB! So, let her get some satisfaction. She’ll go back to Alabama with a smile and not $.

  74. Danielle needs to understand that there will not be romance between her and Shane.All he wants his friendship give it up Danielle. Wow she whines to much and lies

  75. wish America could vote off Danielle. i like Janelle and she deserves more to stay in the house than Danielle!

  76. Danielles voice reminds me of Alvin (the chipmunk) .  If Janelle goes I will miss her game play. 

  77. I just mocked trying to save the picture used as the header of this article because I wanted to see what the file would be titled…and sure enough (as in what I was expecting) it was something that incriminates Danielle and perpetuates her current persona of a psycho and/or stalker. It’s “shane-sleeping-danielle-watching-big-brother-14″…

    Now from the looks of the picture to me, it seems like Danielle is talking to him, and he’s either blinked or is just conversing momentarily with his eyes closed, as many people do, for example when placing emphasis on something, or expressing annoyance over something, etc. More evidence to that is that when Shane doesn’t really like Danielle, I can’t see him allowing himself to fall asleep in her HoH bed. Plus it seems his mouth is partially open as if he’s talking as well.

    However, I wasn’t actually watching the feeds at the time this picture was captured, so you tell me. Was Shane really sleeping? Some sleep with their mouth partly open so it’s not impossible. Just curious really, so I hope if anyone answers this it’s with full honesty, and not just trying to further Danielle into stalker territory.

  78. Danielle appeared to me to be doing nothing more than playing the game. Outside of Boogie’s stand for Frank it isn’t like anyone else in this seasons cast hasn’t shown themselves to be completely full of crap multiple times. Well okay, maybe Jenn has been pretty honest but considering she hasn’t bothered to try and play the game yet that should be expected.

  79. I may not have seen the live feeds, but after reading through some of the comments I feel the need to defend Danielle a little. People say she is being led around, but it was she who won both HOH and POV without any help. Sure, she might be letting jeolousy guide some decisions, but it is still a smart move to get rid of Janelle…and she has entrenched herself in three alliances. Time will tell if it backfires on her. But lying and manipulation is a big part of WINNING, and she has shown herself to be good at it.

  80. Do these people realize they are in it to win it. Danielle is HOH and they have a meeting and vote on everyone’s opinion of Janelle and britney says, “Majority rules.” britney is NOT HOH and the decision should have been Danielle’s alone, not the majority of liars and backstabbers.

  81. I know danielle from college…this is her true to form. She is the biggest liar and fakest person I’ve ever met. This isn’t her acting for a show or strategizing–she’s being herself.
    True story.

    • Munchie 91 you sound a little JEALOUS. Do you wish it was you in there Miss Perfect? I think Danielle is playing an awesome game. Social, stragtegicly (sp) just having fun and making the best of it! I do think it would be so funny for it to come out that SHANE was gay!!!…….!

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