Big Brother 14: Week 4 Nomination Anticipation – Updates

Big Brother 14 HoH room nominations

After an extremely adventurous night on the Big Brother 14 Live Feed we have a new HoH and are marching our way toward another nomination ceremony. It’s time to take a look and see what nominations we can expect later today.

Danielle should have an easy choice but of course that means everyone is going to be this far more complicated than it needs to be. She’s been back and forth on who to nominate all day long.

Before we get to who could be in danger we can put a few people down on the “safe” list. At the end of the competition we saw Danielle make safety agreements with Ian and Britney. They’re safe this week. There’s also no chance Danielle will nominate her former coach, Dan, or her aspiring showmance, Shane. That leaves her with 7 options.

Flashback to 4AM BBT to hear Janelle and Danielle chat about her options in the HoH room. Nothing concrete is discussed, but Danielle probes Janelle for feelings on Wil and Frank. She’ll be back to those names soon.

Dan and Danielle review their nomination options at 11:28 AM BBT on Flashback. Danielle is proposing Frank and Wil. She is hesitant to anger Wil since she feels he’s been on her side so far. Both agree that Frank has simply got to go this week. Is the third try the charm?

A few minutes later they debate backdooring Frank with a Joe and Wil nomination pairing. That doesn’t last long before Danielle decides they need to go straight for Frank with a nomination.

Britney visits Danielle in the HoH room at 12:17PM BBT and asks what she’s decided. Danielle replies, “Frank and Wil.”

Jump to 1:45PM BBT and you’ll find Danielle talking with Britney and Dan. They’re confirming Frank and Wil as the targets for this round. They want Frank out as the main target, but it sounds like they’d happily settle for Wil’s eviction if it came to that.

Well I think that’s settled. We’re just a few more hours from getting the official nominations, but for now it seems safe to expect Frank and Wil with Frank as the main target. Do you think Danielle is making the right choice?

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Update: As of 5:15PM BBT Danielle is panicking that Wil isn’t working with Frank and now wants to put up Frank and Boogie. Hmm. This could be a last minute swap.

Update 2: Janelle, Britney, and Dan have been trying to persuade her to not nominate both Frank and Boogie, but she’s nervous one wins Veto and saves the other. Flashback to 8:40PM (before and after) for this discussion.


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  1. That is who I would put up on the block if i was playing, or put a pawn up and then backdoor Frank or boogie. Now maybe there will be some game play! Woot, Woot!! Let the games begin!!

    • i agree boogie and Dan have to go first they win bigbrother before…and they can win again…booggie have many restaurant and money…and he have to give a chance to other player’s…and frank/joe/ian etc…have to go i realy like if janelle win or shane they alway’s good player’s …boogie have to go soon…he’s big manipulator….

  2. No she is an idiot, if they get rid of the newies the coaches will band together. She should nominate Janelle and Boogie or Frank and Boogie a COACH must leave this week … Duh !!!

    • Do you really see Boogie and Jani working together? And Boogie just found out from Dan that Frank was the one who was going to leave and Boogie wants Dan out because of that. I really can only see Dan and Britney working together and then Jani and Boogie just tryingti work with the other newbies

      • I hope Dan and Britney stick together!  However, I think they have more of the newbies on their side.  Not many of them like Boogie, and especially Janelle.  Janelle has showed her true colors.  Even her teammates can’t stand her.

    • Agreed.

      Frank is actually a lot more trustworthy than people think. Shane is the slimey one who can’t be trusted, he changes his mind constantly.

      People are going to get burned by concentrating on Boogie and Frank. When all of that effort is spent ousting the two, they’ll turn around and realize that everyone is ready to throw them out now.

    • The coaches won’t stick together. Booger wants to work with Frank and get Dan and Janelle out, Dan wants to work with Daniele and Bratney wants to work with Shane and Daniele and Dan and get Janelle out.

    • she is doing what her puppet master tells her, she makes me sick throwing herself at shane, and britchney needs to go. i hope if they put frank up he wins the veto takes himself off, then wins HOH.and puts up pretty boy and his puppet

    •  i think janelle should go for always trying to hurt danielle feeling and calling her fat

      • ok i know who the tattoo girl is now…Jenn…whew, all thier almost same names get me confused. That Jenn is almost a ghost in there. she should get nominated to see if she’ll get her ass moving and do something.

      • Did you see what happened last season won by Rachel Reilly? The veterans formed an alliance and evicted one newbie after another. The only fly in the ointment is Danielle Donato betrayed her alliance with Brendon, Rachel, Jeff, Jordan and got herself evicted early as well as Brendon, Jeff, Jordan. Rachel was lucky to win it! the only reason it did not work 100% is because Danielle Donato betrayed her alliance which is a pretty dumb move and cost her that $500,000 or even the runner up prize.

  3. I agree…she is insane for not going after the coaches, they are the ones that have either played before or won before.  They are more likely to band together and take over the house.  She needs to think on this.

    • Nothing wrong with Dan getting into Danielle’s head.  He’s a smart player, and has a lot of common sense.  She needs someone she can trust.  Dan would be the ONLY one I would trust.  (can you tell I’m a Dan fan)?

  4. I would backdoor Frank. It’s the best way to get him out, if he’s the target. Nominate him right off, he’s going to win the POV. 

  5. Has she completely forgot that the coaches are in the game now? She needs to give her head a shake and get rid of Boogie before he wins again!

  6. Danielle is dumb as a stump.  If it was me I’d nom Boogie & Janelle.  Then if 1 saves themself with POV, you put up Frank as the replacement.  You get one of the 3 biggest threats out of the game.

    • Just because she doesnt do what you want doesnt mean she is stupid, I think it’s very good chioces and Danielle is actually trying to play the game.

      • I don’t think she’s dumb because she doesn’t agree with me.  I think her actions thus far in the game have demonstrated her dumbness.  For example, I don’t agree with Dan all the time, but he is definitely NOT dumb.

      • Who is after her?  Janelle has no who wants to align with her and I believe her days as “Comp Queen” are behind her.  She’s old and fat.  Frank and Boogie are a team, but if Boogie goes I think Frank will change his game.  I think Frank wouldn’t be that bad if it wasn’t for Boogie screwing up his game.

  7. No I agree with nominations and she not going to put up Jani yet because she working with her for right now. And of one of them wins veto she can always just put up Boogie. It’s a good choice

  8. This is who I want to win BB14, ranked from who I want most to win to who I want least to win:

    1.  Shane
    2. Brittney
    3. Dan
    4. Wil
    5. Ian
    6. Danielle
    7. Ashley
    8. Frank
    9. Jenn
    10. Joe
    11. Boogie
    12. Janelle

    •  I like the order, but I wanna place Frank on 11 and Booger on 12 or vice versa. But not bad over all. There’s only one winner anyway. That’s Shane.

    • Shane???? Really. And Bratney all she does is run her mouth about everyone. She is always putting the blame on Janelle when it’s actually her saying things. I hope she gets called out.

      • really? why not shane,,he the only one winning shyte, and he been screwed twice in this game.

    • My list would definitely include Shane and if a coach/player has to end up winning the only one I would want is Brittney.  I really like her.

    • Remember, Julie told the house mates that some of the evicted players are. Ominv back! I agree Shane is a top contender but brittney No Way. I wouldn’t want to see one of the coaches win. They all are washed up players.

    • My money is on the 4 coaches to win it and get the runner up spot too!
      That means Janelle, Britney, Boogie and Dan. Doesn’t really matter who of the 4 wins because atleast, they are playing the Big Brother game! The newbies are puppets at this stage of the game and if it continues, none of them has a chance at that $500,000!

  9. Danielle better not nom Janelle because she will regret it. Y’all no the twists are not over yet. Who ever get evicted will have the opportunity to come back in the game. It is no way possible Janell will be out for good this soon. We all no like her or hate her Janelle is a beast at comps. She will come back to get whoever backdoor her

    • Not anymore they won’t that option was there only because there was a lack of players. Now, that you have twelve people back in the game—if you get evicted, you are out! Janelle, Brittney, Dan and Boogie are going to be in the Big Brother House. Newbies will get evicted one by one! Coaches are
      manipulating the newbies who are but, puppets in this game much like Danielle Donato manipulated Porsche, Kahlia and Shelley last season!

  10. The Production decided to put a  mini documentary about Frank’s family last night. I’m not sure why they chose Frank, but it’s a suspect. The more I want him GONE.

    • Dan “gets it”. He always seems to be on everyone’s good side, thus making him someone people will trust and not want to go after.

      Team Dan!!!

      • I love Dan…I ‘m from Dearborn so I want him to go all the way. But I think his mouth got him in trouble last night and Boogie and Frank are going to be after him. And all Bratney will do is ruin his game. He needs to work with Daniele (even though I can’t stand her) he can trust her and he needs to work with Janelle. She is good at winning comps and when she does make a deal she sticks with it.

      • He already won.  Danielle needs to stop working with him and realize he is for himself.

  11. I don’t understand why everyone is obsessed with getting rid Frank? Can someone please explain? He hasn’t won that much, he’s nice- but not overly loved to make him a threat I dont get it.

    • He’s to close to Boogie.  I think if the coaches had not been in the game, it would be a different story.  The smart thing for Frank to do, is get as far away from Boogie as possible.

    •  because, Frank is working with Boogie. And Every one HATES BOOGER. so they both need to GOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Do you think it is right to evict Frank cause you don’t like Boogie?? Just sayin.  I don’t understand why everyone is against Frank anyway, he is a social person and doesn’t seem to be causing trouble like Britany.  If you could just listen to Britany she is the biggest liar on there.  I hope she gets caught at it.  I don’t want her to win that is for sure. 

  12. Janelle should be the number one target! She does nothing but lie, and scheme and kiss butt! She’ll do anything to win! She needs to go!

    • What do you think Bratney is doing??? At least when Janelle schemes she is playing the game and doesn’t trash talk. She talks game. But Bitchney is a different story. She lies and all she does is trash talk everyone. The first week in the HOH all she did was trash talk Daniele and now she is her BFF.

      • Last night she started in about Dan to Danielle, she will say anything she can about anybody and tell lies about them.  Or she will tell people things and then say that someone else said it.

  13. I am amazed at the level of stupidity being displayed by this group of new morons in the BB house.  Joe and Wil have at least half a brain between them in that they are the only ones that see that the “coaches” should be the first to go.  The newbies should band together and make an oath to rid the house of these career BB players and have the game they should have had, against each other, to begin with. Danielle should nominate Brittney and Dan as a statement that “coaches” are not needed in an individuals game.  So instead, the players who have been rooked by a stupid “twist” in this rigged game will now vote out their own until the veteran players can equal the numbers and get them all out.  If they don’t drop a coach on this first eviction I predict that a vet will win.  100%!!!  Legendary Stupidity!!!  

    • Every house guest has to be evicted… Why burn allies this early? If you want to win you need help. For now danille should focus on making her final 6 alliance which Dan clearly is part of.

      • Get the vets out, even the playing field and may the best man win.  Look at last season.  How stupid were the newbies not to band together and vote out the most annoying people ever.  And they got crushed because they were star struck by BB reality show contestants, hahaha!  Same will happen here if they start off by eliminating their own.  The vets are already having their discussions apart from the newbies, why wouldn’t the newbies have half a brain to do the same.  They are toast.

    • If danielle were to put up vets, why would she put up her allies Britney and Dan? Thats reallly stupid! I would give her props if she put up Boogie and Janelle though that would be ballsy!

    •  There’s already a soft alliance brewing. It doesnt have to be Veterans VS Newbies. But your suggestion of Danielle putting Dan and Brit on the block is ludicrous.

    • Why would she nominate britney or dan if they would keep her safe.. and ian britney dan danielle and shane have an alliance right now and danielle and dan are also working with danielle so why burn bridges that don’t need to be burned…her nominations are smart and safe.

    • You are so right. The newbies have stupidity with a capital S on their foreheads. Why are they even listening to the coaches? The coaches
      are no longer coaches and are in the Big Brother House to win that
      $500,000. Is that really that hard to see for these newbies? The coaches
      will lie and manipulate these newbies and how is Frank a big threat when
      you have Boogie, Dan, Janelle and Brittney in the game? Danielle won
      HOH only because Brittney gave it to her! 

  14. I think she should go for janelle and wil but that’s because I want frank to win.

  15. She’s so stupid…she has to get the coaches out..they have played before more than once for Janelle…2 are former winners…janelle and mike should be put up and if one the gets the veto put up another coach….she’s an idiot!!!!!!!!

    • How is she an idiot?! First off there’s like 12 ppl left. Secondly she in an alliance with Dan and Britney. Thirdly Jani and Dani are temporary working together right now. She in a alliance with Dan Brit Shane herself and prob Ian. So yor saying she should just screw all them over get possibly one out have then fight by herself for the next 10 evictions. Yeah go get the coaches out Dani great move……….

      • Also if she did that what she tries to work with Frank now even though Frank found out she was gonna blindside him and Shane staying with Britney. And who else is left oh we’ll she can still align with Jenn te girl everyone forgets that even on the show! Because she does absolutely nothing!

  16. danielle(believing shane likes her),shane(the way he acts and playing danielle),ash(beyond dumb) are really stupid omg the coaches will take out the newbies and its gonna be awesome 

    • If that happens it will be boring and another repeat of last season.  I would rather see a new person win.  If they let the returning players roll all over them when it is them that have the numbers if they got together and voted them out that would make for a better season.  You may lose some new players along the way, but don’t just give it to the returning players.  I want these ex coaches to fight it out and if they are truly superior that is one thing.  Make them earn it.

      • yeah thats true they should earn it..its really any1’s game plus another housemate is coming back in

      • But don’t you think the new players are boring? The only one that has a little game in him is Frank and that’s not saying much.

  17. Booger and Janelle should be on the block, if one wins POV put up Frank or a pawn

  18. if this is what she does its a good choice. Jani wins alot of POV in her seasons, I would wait for w few weeks for her to go.. and if she put up boogie and frank there would of been too BS this week and one of them would go after her next week.. I didnt want the coaches to come back in the game as players, I dont think its fair to the HG’s. esp Mike and Dan as they hav won but Jani and Brit also won $ in their seasons too just not as the winner of BB.. I dontthink its fair to bring any old HG back unless its for AllStars…  the best season I think is the one where the twins switched back and forth.. BB ppl that do this need to go back to the basic things and quit bringing back old HG.. I know they just do it for the ratings but it does get old.. I have watched all seasons and I am getting bored w it.. I love BB but come on and do something different.. If u missed any seasons there are some of them on YouTube…Just saying…..

    • Really you thought season 5 with the twin twist was the best?!? I say all stars then say season 8 or 10

    • I agree I didn’t want to see the coaches come back. Last year was good but come on 2 years in a row get creative BB. My opinion I liked BB project DNA but my fav. was the BB EX Factor. I think BB should have played a year of classic BB with all new cast and all strangers. Next year would have been a good time to have done Allstars 2. I don’t even think America wanted coaches back in. If they really did BB should have given us the count.

      • I was happy to see the coaches play. I thought would i rather see Dan/Janelle/Boogie/Britney come in or Kara/Jojo/Jodi…come on now i didnt want to see any of the worthless players!

      • I am sure they didn’t show us the vote because it was against them coming back.  I have accepted that they are back, but I still wish Shane’s HOH meant more than it did.  It was erased which was not fair to him.  No wonder these returning players get arrogant in some cases.  They really think all of America loves them and voted for them.  Nothing against them, but they had their chance/chances.  Time to get rid of them and not the new players.  Didn’t these people watch last season?

  19. I dont get it everyone loved janelle the last 2 season she wa in, now everyone wants her to go home ??

    • She’s playing a complety different game this time.  She’s showing who she truly is this time.

    • I love Janelle and want her to win. People are pissed because she is playing the game. At least she doesn’t trash talk like Bitchney does. And she was trying to help Wil and all he does is cry about it. So she told him she would step back and let him play his own game. That worked well for you Wil. You opened your mouth and told Frank everything and threw everyone under the bus. Now the entire house wants you out. Real smart move. Janelle would of never told you to do that. But you know it all.

    • I fully expected to continue liking Janelle as I always have before.  I can’t stand her.  I don’t know if it’s because I am seeing just how fake she is or her personality is not what it once was.  She has this attitude of she is better than everyone else and let’s them know it.  This has only been my 3rd year with feeds and BBAD – maybe that let’s me see how she acts.

      • Why do you think she’s fake? She was trying to help her team and she’s playing the game. What has she done to make you think she is better than everyone? I’m just wondering because I really like her and watch the feeds and BBAD and I haven’t seen her do anything but play the game. She was talking to Bratney about we have to win HOH and Bratney is I know we need to then Bratney gets with Daniele and talks crap about Janelle. To me that is being fake.

  20. If I were Danielle I would stick with the Dan and Brit/Shane alliance. Even bring Boogie and Frank in for now. I would nominate Jen with Joe with the plan to backdoor Janelle. This would show Frank you are no longer targetting him and he can trust you. Janelle is a beast in competitions and as we can see so far so is Shane. Shane has your back but Janelle is a flip flopper so get out his biggest competitor and you should coast for a while. If you don’t target Frank this week he will go against someone else this week. Honestly it could take you 3 weeks to get out Janelle so why not have Frank on your side while trying to do so. I think the coaches need you more then you need them. As long as you target 1 coach the rest of the newbies will be on your side. This to me would be ideal as you would have 3 coaches watching your back as well as all the newbies on your side. Janelle has to go worry about Frank and Boogie in 2 weeks.

  21. After reading all the comments so far, not getting rid of those coaches who aren’t coaches anymore won’t be a good move.

  22. I think she should nominate Boogie & Boogie & backdoor Boogie.  Can’t stand him.  So arrogant & why?  Age has not been kind to him.  Love that he was the only coach who wanted to stay a coach.  Says a lot.  No doubt how Dan & Brit would vote.  They were running out of players.

    • lol I agree with you but… I want Janelle to go first. She is horrible this time around. She lies the most and flip flops way too much. Plus she is a beast when it comes to comps. I think if there is no back dooring it could take 3 weeks to get her out so I want her gone ASAP.

      • yea i loved Janelle S6 and S7. Even though getting played by will did make her stock go down in S7. This year i dont like her and i especially dont like boogie.

      • I think the same way you do.  Use to like Janelle as well, but this season I can’t stand her and would like her first out.  Nice to see others who feel the same way I do.

  23. frank actually seems like he would be very trustworthy, he just hasn’t got the opportunity to show it. i would have put one of the coaches.

    • I saw the same thing and thought for sure Janelle would be one of her targets which I would have loved to see.

  24. The fact that Danielle isn’t putting up a coach is ridiculous. A coach needs to leave before jury or else BB13 will end up happening again. She should at least put up boogie. Frank is hardly a threat to her.

  25. I would put up janelle and boogie and if one of them wins POV then stick joe up there….

    • Would do the same except I would put up Dan if Boogie or Janelle got off the block. That way, you get one of the coaches out of the game and improved the chances of the newbies. 

    • Would do the same thing if I was one of the newbies and playing but, will put up Dan to get rid of one of coaches and increase the chances of the newbies. The coaches will join forces if they have not form secret alliances amongst themselves already. The coaches know if they stay united, they can win that $500,000.

    • there afraid of him, let him go postal and exit like wiley. He has no game without Dr.Will who carried his cry baby ass!!!

  26. Since the coaches now players are in the game I think she should nominate coaches.  If not we will have a repeat of last season and one of these coaches will win which is what most likely will happen.  Danielle needs to make her own decisions and forget Dan.  He is also in another alliance with Boggie and Janelle so will be advising her to vote out all new people.  Dan may be trying to take her along for the vote, but when it comes to winning I know he will not give it to her.  I think she is wrong in who she is choosing. 

    • You said it. The coaches are setting up the newbies to take each other out!
      Very smart strategy for them as the newbies still have the numbers but, if they can get the newbies to evict each other, those still in the house can be picked apart and evicted by the 4 coaches. One of them gets to win that
      $500,000 while, the newbies get evicted one by one by their fellow newbies!

  27. NO! Terrible decision! Did anyone even watch last season? The coaches will band together and slide all the way to the end!

    • The coaches are already setting it up but, the fool newbies including Danielle are just going along. This is a reset and everyone starts from scratch. There are no coaches in the game anymore so, Danielle should not even be listening to the coaches. Brittney and Janelle whispering in Danielle’s ear to get the newbie house guests out. Sure makes sense for the coaches because they are thinning the herd. They wanted Frank out because outside of Shane, he is the only other newbie house guest to have won HOH or POV. Are these newbies just totally stupid and cannot think for themselves? 

  28. Frank has got to goooooo!!!!! He is such a liar but so is JOE…Wil and Frank are great noms..but so would FRANK and Janelle or FRANK and Ian…Everyone would vote to keep Ian..that way, FRANK is gone!!!! FOREVER!!!!!

  29. I hope she puts up Frank and Wil and either one can go. Then I hope Janelle wins HOH and watch how much ass kissing Bitchney does then.

  30. Was that sick or what last night when Danielle won and Shane went and gave her a big 10.5 kiss(what a fake). He is a fake.  Nominate him and throw his ass out the door!!

    •  I realy think,Shane & Danielle will be together within the next 2 weeks,if all goes their way..I believe their morals are way differant from Rach,& Brend ..

  31. how is Frank the biggest threat? I still don’t get it. She needs to put Janelle on the block. She’s letting it get way to personal.

    • janelle needs to go she is the biggest troublemaker in the house then take ashley and joe with her i am so sick of those three

  32. Frank and Boogie is a better nominations. Because if Boogie wins POV then he takes Frank off.. Its best to put up Frank and Boogie they are an obvious pair

  33. Get rid of annoying EXcoach Jan. And go up against Ex coach boogie. Dueling excoaches let the games begins

  34. Nope i wanted Danielle to win and if she would just really think about this her power move would be to put Shane out i know Shocker! he is not interested in her and is hurting her game . He would have even used her as an excuse for Frank going home if that happened and to backdoor him when he feels he does not need to win would be sweet and show she is no floater “Hell hath no fury…

  35. The best move for Danielle is to put up the coaches. Granted that she has a deal with Brittney who dropped as well as Ian so that, Danielle can win HOH . She should realise that whatever she does, she is going to piss off someone as well as their allies whomever they may be! She seems to be stuck to still listening to the coaches. Danielle, are you really that stupid? This is a reset and the coaches are playing for that $500,000. The target should be the coaches but, you move to get rid of your fellow newbies? Did it not occur to you that next week, you will not be HOH and can be targeted? Also, if the newbies go after each other, the coaches just got closer to that $500,000? Where is the strategy? All you have to do is nominate both Janelle and Boogie. If one gets off via winning POV, put Dan up on the block. He was your coach and you may feel you owe him something but, this is for $500,000 mind you. You are playing for yourself and not Dan. Granted, you will anger the coaches however, you would have rid the house of one coach who is good in competitions and lies and manipulation. That redounds to the benefit of the newbies. Even if they go after you, there would be only 3 coaches left instead of 4. Think about that.

    • Thers no reason to put up dan. He’s on her side. Even if she puts up two coaches and one comes off then put up a newbie to ensure that the coach left on the block goes home. Not Dan or Britney she needs them for now

      • Why not Dan because he is playing for that $500,000 like everyone else?
        You do not think the coaches will form their own alliances if they have not already? The only chance of Danielle and the newbies is to start voting out the coaches while, they have the numbers. If she nominated Boogie and Frank, Frank will target her if he gets off via Veto and who is to stay that Frank does not get evicted? If Mike Boogie survives, he will go after Danielle next week. Evicting Frank, reduces the newbies advantage in numbers and favors the coaches. Why do you think Janelle and Brittney has been whispering in her ear to nominate Frank and Wil both newbies. Why are they telling her not to nominate both Frank and Boogie? It is all a setup by the coaches and the newbies including Danielle are being played like puppets! When will the newbies play their game if they really want to win
        that $500,000? If Danielle and the other newbies continue to target each other, it won’t be long till all the coaches are in full control of this game.

      • Wrong!!  Put up boogie & Janelle..then if need be backdoor Dan….Dan is only useing Danielle,to make the moves he don’t have balls to make.. Newbies need to pick off the so called coaches..

    • Do you really think it’s that easy just to nominate and just get rid of the Vets? First of all you have to build a solid alliance that will back you up and not turn against you in the coming weeks. We’ve seen that happened before.There are repercussions to any of your big move. Everything has to be calculated. Do you know who is Danielle aligned with? Your suggestion can be carried out in a timely manner. It’s too early.

      • The reason you put the coaches on the block and replace who gets off via Veto with a replacement nominee of another coach is the coaches will align with each other if they have not already. They are all dumbos if they do not do so! Who would you align with given the choice, someone who can win HOHs and POVs or someone who just floats? Danielle won this HOH because Brittney struck a deal with her to be safe. Brittney could have easily won the HOH last night if she wanted to! And who is Janelle and Brittney asking Danielle to nominate if not, Frank and Wil who are both
        newbies. Did they ask Danielle to put up Boogie and Dan? They would not because Dan and Boogie will be strong allies if they manage to take out the newbies who now have the majority but, wait till they thin the herd and surprise, surprise, the coaches are all in an alliance!

      •  Richie, as of now, Have the newbies solidified their alliance yet? If yes, then, they can vote out any of the Vets they chose. Or do you want them to nominate the Vet first and then start forming alliances?

  36. This would never happen, but she should put up Dan (he is playing everyone better  than Janelle or Wil.  The newbies actually trust him.) and Boogie.  Then, she could still backdoor Wil, Frank, or Janelle.  Dan tried to throw her under the bus, because the more people that have targets on their back then the less he, himself, is a target.

  37. To be honest i think Danielle should nominate Frank and Boogie, either of them need to be evicted asap. They’re the biggest targets in the house.

  38. I think frank and boogie both going up is the way to go. there for one will for sure be leaving!!

  39. I like the noms she thought of last night…Janelle and Ashely.  Everyone will want Janelle gone. 

  40. Boogie needs to go ASAP! He’s controlling Frank, without Boogie Frank will be an easier target

    • Dan truly is the master at this game.  Was watching the feed just before they broke away for noms and Dan & Danielle were discussing who to put up.  Danielle was using sound logic to counter Dan’s opinion but then says to Dan, “You tell me who to put up and I will.”

      Dan doesn’t even have to win HOH to get the power of HOH.

  41. I think she should get rid of Boogie, he’s a cocky, arrogant ass and his only real talent in BB is riding Dr Will’s shirt tail!

  42. I watched after hours,  It was Janelle out,  She is the biggest liar, She would sell her mother to win a competition. the girl can’t even shed a tear. Now they listen to Dan who is working with Janelle  and Frank and Will are goingup.  This Danielle is a dimwit to stay with Dan.  He is not coaching her anymore.  He is running her HOH.

  43. If she fails to put up Boogie and any other coach she deserves to fail.  If one of the coaches wins POV, put up another.  These guys need to make this a newbies game before doing any more damage to one another

  44. Good Lord, Danielle, make a darn decision on who to put are way too dependent on have no idea he is really working against you with the other coaches…Boogie’s heart just is not into this game now..I can see him hitting the button to walk out soon…Danielle is so wishy washy..Frank needs to shut his mouth, he has been complaining way too much ticked off about Wil and his lie about voting him out..get over it Frank, and move on. I think Danielle is putting up Frank and Wil…I think, with her, who knows, it’s whatever Dan tells her to do.

  45. Oh my gosh, Dan and Danielle are going on and on and on the different combination scenarios. If Danielle was smart, she should put up janelle and one other coach so they get them out one by one and the newbies should all work together so a newbie wins. The only coach that never won was Brit, but who cares. None of the coaches cared about hitting the re-set button except Boogie. So that should prove something and the one’s that did are saying thet didn’t. Smarten up newbies, it is not that hatd to figure out….duhh

    • They need to tatoo common sense on each of the newbies foreheads to remind them of it! Seriously, the coaches are not dumb. They know they
      do not have the numbers but, they know that if they thin the herd by evicting one newbie after another, the newbies will wake up to see the coaches dominating the HOHs and POVs and are all allies and they cannot stop the coaches then, from winning the $500,000. It happened last season and the only reason there were newbies at the end is because Danielle Donato betrayed the veterans alliance went after her alliance and they went after her which resulted in most of the veterans being evicted! Rachel was lucky to survive that one!

  46. I would put up Boogie on the block & Janelle.Janelle wins to many times at POV & HOH. I want a NEW person to win. What do you people think?

    • Exactly. Put Dan in place if either Janelle or Boogie gets off. That would shake up the coaches as well as ruin their plans of making the newbies take each other out!

  47. Idiot girl is wasting her HOH go after the coaches did they learn nothing last season by the house guests going after each other and not the vets ffs common sense and brains are not in use at this juncture!

  48. Pardon my blatant English, but is she out of her goddamned mind?  A coach absolutely must leave this week or they’re going to be in further trouble.  Her targets should be Boogie and Janelle; not Frank and Wil.  Especially not Frank.  Get the coaches out first, then deal with the rest of the idiots (and Shane).

    • Danielle is completely missing the point that the biggest threat are the coaches. Brittney could have won HOH but, gave it to Danielle and she thinks Janelle and Brittney are on her side? They only want the newbies to
      go after each other. That would make it so easy for one of the coaches to win that $500,000! I agree it should be Janelle and Boogie. If one gets off, put Dan in place. That guarantees one of the coaches goes home and puts a wrinkle to their plan to make the newbies puppets in their game play
      lies and manipulations! 

    • absolutely agree! She was complaining about janelle in the first place. Get her or boogie GONE!!

  49. I think i agree with daniell on this one, i would nome both frake and boogie. and if one wins replace with pawn,,then you know atleast one is def going home, boogie and frank neeed to be broke up.

    • That’s exactly right she knows what to do and she is proving it also now if she would just stop asking Dan and with her own instinct.

      • lol..yes it how BB played us the viewers last night and not letting us see booger face when frank walk out the door. Now that would have been PRICELESS.

  50. Looks like the vets are doing a “divide and conquer” strategy??? Clear the field then openly announce team vets. Silent repeat of BB13!

    • Of course, let the newbies do the dirty work and set it all up for them!
      They will be laughing their heads off at the stupidity of the newbies who
      continue to allow themselves to be manipulated! When the remaining
      newbies realise they have been played by the coaches, it will be too
      little and too late and they will just see the coaches fighting for that
      $500,000! Well, atleast, the newbies get to vote on which of the
      coaches should win that $500,000! That is their consolation prize!

  51. last season it wasn’t vets vs the newbies -it was newbies and danielle donato vs vets and porsche…this season coaches aren’t going to work together because Boogie only wants to work with Frank…Janelle doesn’t have an alliance because Wil and Joe don’t want to work with her …so she’s pushing for a coaches alliance but nobody trust her except Ashley…Janelle is trying to survive this week and hopefully win HOH next week so she can make deals to secure her safety in the game ….there’s always talk about alliances but most of it is paranoia…Danielle should put up Boogie and Frank

    • It was the same last season. The veterans Brendon, Rachel, Jeff, Jordan and Danielle had an alliance. They were cruising in the game getting all the newbies out. Danielle decided to go after the veterans because her showmance with one of the newbies ended with the newbie getting evicted!
      After that, Danielle manipulated the newbies remaining Porsche, Kahlia, Shelley to evict the veterans. First she targeted Brendon (twice since, he came into the game), then, Jeff, then, Jordan. Rachel was lucky to win last season because Danielle Donato betrayed her alliance. The coaches do not have to show they are in alliance this early in the game but, they know their best chances at that $500,000 is getting rid of as many of the newbies as they can to thin the herd. Despite, Janelle and Brittney lambasting Boogie, they will form an alliance with him because they know the coaches need to be united to pull this off. If the coaches a Danielle Donato and start going after each other, the newbies will win that $500,000. The coaches want one of them to win that $500,000. The runner up will also win some money although, I am not sure how much it is right now. So, two of the coaches
      have a chance to win a substantial amount of money and they would rather
      go after each other or go after the newbies?

    • That looks like a very smart move until the votes come in. Boogie has the votes because the coaches will vote for Wil. That makes it 3 votes plus
      Ian, Frank, Jenn who were all coached by Boogie and treated well by him!
      That is another 3 votes. You have Danielle, Shane and Joe voting to evict
      Wil. Wil gets evicted! Shocker!!!

      •  Erratum…..You have Danielle, Shane and Joe voting to evict
        Boogie. Wil gets evicted! Shocker!!!

  52. Under update2 comment, can someone elaborate please? What reasons are Dan, janelle, and Brittany giving Danielle for not wanting boogie put up on the block? If Danielle isn’t seriously questioning there loyalty to her at this point then she’s not that bright

    • Danielle told Dan that she will nominate whoever he wants so, that itself
      tells you that she is a puppet!

  53. alot of posts are wanting people kicked because they lie stab others in the back isnt that the bb as long as i watched bb that is all they do

  54. Can someone explain to me how frank is such a huge target i mean my god, the sad part is i don’t think he realises how hard the vets are gunning for hom. he needs to align with his former teammates and add joe and will.time to take back the house.

    • The newbies are still stuck in the past. Coaches will want both Frank and Shane out because that makes it easier for them to win HOH and POV and get them closer to that $500,000.
      Danielle won HOH only because Brittney let her! Brittney struck a deal
      with her and also to get close enough to manipulate her into voting the
      way the coaches want her to!

  55. Still can’t believe you censored my blog from reaction to Matt’s article. Sure would like to know what rule I violated.  Censorship at it’s finest, much like the ruse BB pulled with regard to America’s vote.  What a joke.  

  56. Frank needs to align with his former teammates plus joe and will. why? Because boogie doesnt have dr.will. Shane,dani and ashley are puppets and unless they(frank and co.) dont ban together. jani, dan and brit will run this game.

    • The coaches are already running this game! Newbies are still acting like the coaches are still coaches in the game and their best friend. Talk about not having a clue. It would be fun none the less for the newbies to take each other out. Atleast, we get to see the coaches go after each other with gusto once, they get rid of the newbies!

  57.  BB lied to us, plain and simple. I hate Boogie, and I hate that the coaches weaseled their way back into the game thanks to BB producers. But Why is no one talking about that loud mouth and bigot Joe anymore? I’ve lost any and ALL respect for Janelle. Dan can’t stay awake and is not even present mentally and just keeps throwing competitions and remembering days gone by, and keeps channeling Vince Lombardi. But Joe was on the block and close to being gone, said he would go to the hospital before losing Veto competition which he tubed in instantly and also needs to go! What a season. I think Ian finally got his first pre-pubescent erection when he tried to kiss Ashley but she cock blocked him. Most of these HG’s can be found in the DSM-IV R, and that’s all I need to say. BB production staff, what the hell were you thinking this season? Thanks for listening.

  58. As far as the former coaches go i thought Boogie n Janelle did great job keeping 3 players in the game this far. But, despite the handicap of being a former champion and losing 2/3 of his players so fast, Dan is doing a great job by somehow getting almost a majority of the house thinking they need to keep him in the game for a chance to win. amazing!

    • Dan is a very good manipulator like Dr. Will Kirby and Mike Boogie. They have different personas however, Dan is the nice guy while, Boogie is the arrogant twit you hate. This is a game still but, both of them know how to manipulate people. Kim (latest winner of Survivor) was a very good manipulator, she got people out but, since, she played a very good social
      game, nobody hated her! If she was in the Big Brother House this season, she can teach these newbies how it is done!

  59. Frank and Britney should be on the block. On B.B.A.D. Boogie, Britney and Frank were talking on which coach hit the button. Boogie said he thought that Dan did…come on Britney and fes up and tell them YOU were the first one to do it. At least Dan told Danielle, Britney, and Shane that he hit the button, and how it was a mistake and he was sorry….Britney YOU need to go !!!!!!!  Boogie ,Joe, Janelle , and Will need to go as soon as possible.The better players have their work cut out for them. I still think that Shane and Dan should be the last two going to the end.

  60. If Frank don’t go this week , the H.G. will have a hard time getting rid of him. Boogie only won because of Dr. Will. Britney can get into all the women’s head and convince them to go her way , just to keep herself safe.

  61. This is just my opinion of the game right now.  In a way I’m glad they did bring the coaches into the game, but in a way I don’t think it was fair that they brought the coaches into the game.  Of course the obvious reason being that these 4 coaches have played the game before and know what’s what, whereas the newbies may very well get played by these coaches, correction, ex coaches. But in a way is it kind of good that the coaches are playing the game now, because for one, I really do like the 4 person alliance with Dan, Daneille, Shane and Brittany.  I never liked Mike “boogie” because he’s just an hypocrited ass. I dam near choked when he made the statement about Dan in a Dairy room session a while back saying that Will is the greatest player ever for winning his season, but then he went on to say that Dan played against a bunch of amateurs which is why he, Dan won his season.  So duuuuuuhhhhh, did’nt Will play with a bunch of amateurs in his season, season 2, I mean dam Mike, how dumb are you.  Plus I must admit, Janelle was right in what she said about boogie last nite on big brother after dark winning the allstars season, “if it had not been for Will helping and coaching him along the way, boogie would have never won all stars season.  Janelle has really changed as well which started when she turned on Brittany and her team because of Willie, and of course now shes all kissing Brittany and Danielle’s ass.  My picks to when would be Shane of course if a newbie is in the final 2, and if it’s 2 coaches in the final 2 I think Brittany should win after what happened to her in her season.  That’s it from me for now.  Any comments?????????

  62. boogie has a big heart…if he gets evicted…he doesnt need the money hes rich enough.. he wants to be in the jury house giving that check to a real player..not a floater…hes right…hes looking out for not only frank but other good players…and thats good…i praise him for that.

    • that’s wy he took the 6 out of 10 thousand. said his uncle told him to always take the biggest share if he could so he does. his words not mine.

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