Big Brother 14: Week 4 Live Eviction and HoH Results

Big Brother 14 nominees: Frank and Janelle

We’re about to discover who will be evicted next from Big Brother 14 and which remaining HG will have the power to name two more players to become this week’s nominees. From this point on we shouldn’t have to worry about any more “big game changing twists” or at least not for awhile after all the past week’s chaos. Hopefully that means these shows will get back to post-Veto drama, evictions, and power grabs.

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All it takes is five votes to evict this week. There’s also no chance of a tie-breaker.

Big Brother 14 Week 4 Live Eviction voting:

  • Boogie: evict Janelle
  • Jenn: evict Janelle
  • Joe: evict Frank
  • Wil: evict Janelle
  • Ashley: evict Janelle
  • Britney: evict Janelle
  • That’s it. Janelle is evicted.
  • Shane: evict Janelle
  • Dan: evict Janelle
  • Ian: evict Janelle

Big Brother 14 - Janelle evicted

By a vote of 8-1, Janelle has been evicted from Big Brother 14.

Big Brother 14 Week 5 HoH competition

Big Brother 14 Week 5 HoH Competition – ‘Battle of the Bands’:

  • Round 1: Wil vs Jenn: Wil is correct, Jenn is out
  • Round 2: Boogie vs Joe: Boogie is correct, Joe is out
  • Round 3: Wil vs Ashley: Ashley is correct, Wil is out
  • Round 4: Britney vs Shane: Britney is correct, Shane is out
  • Round 5: Ian vs Ashley: Ian is correct, Ashley is out
  • Round 6: Dan vs Britney: Britney is correct, Dan is out
  • Round 7: Frank vs Boogie: Boogie is wrong & is out
  • Round 8: Ian vs Britney: Britney is correct, Ian is out
  • Round 9: Frank vs Britney: Frank is correct & is new HoH

Congratulations to Frank, the new HoH!

Once the eviction show is over the Live Feeds turn back on and we’ll have a brand new HoH in the Big Brother house! Make sure you’re ready to watch the house react to who is in power. The nominations will be revealed on Friday night, so stay close by!

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  1. Matt, didn’t kalia also get warned for telling a nominee she was going to vote them out? That rule has been around for a while right? It just isn’t enforced most of the time. Or are all the people who are saying that rule was just made up this week right?

    • I don’t believe that’s an actual rule. I think Britney was lying so that Janelle would stop campaigning for her vote because she didn’t want to get tongue-tied and slip up the secret about her alliance somehow. I could be wrong though, so I’ll let Matt answer that since you originally asked him anyway.

  2. Hey Matt, did you post on the leak of the Diary Room session this morning? Curious about your opinion. 

  3. Last week when Frank was on the block, they certainly had no problem backdooring him without telling him. So, what makes Janelle so special that you need to tell her that she is being evicted? It seems to me some form of favoritism
    which they are using. Also, that can ruin the remaining house guests game if that person is not evicted and you just told them you tried to evict him or her?
    Now, how smart would that be?

    •  Frank got the Grand Prize. No need to tell him.There was no eviction that week. I would have preferred the eviction ceremony had proceeded, then the Reset Button afterwards. But I wouldn’t call that “favoritism”

      • That is favoritism if you favor telling one player Janelle and not telling another Frank. Nobody at the time knew for sure that the coaches will accept and hit the reset button so, if they all decided not too, Frank would have been evicted which is fine. Do not tell him you are evicting him but, whether it be Shane this week or someone else, nobody should be told they were being evicted as well! I would have been fine with Frank being evicted because Shane would not have played for HOH and he would have been targeted this week by the other house guests. The rules should apply equally to everyone in the house without exception.   

      •  Richie, The Production knows who’s gonna press the button. Dan had expressed that on live feeds. Brit and Janelle was clinging to entering the game. That’s the whole controversy there, is no matter what the poll says, the coaches will enter the game. I gathered you don’t have live feeds. Get it, it will improve your commentaries

  4. Britney may no bet the only person having second thoughts about evicting Janell…Last nite Shane was extremely nervous and questioning Ian about upcoming events…Hmmm makes one wonder…

  5. 3-1 with the plan of having Joe be the sole Janelle voter working out as planned so far.. 

    bye bye Janelle

  6. I know it might sound strange, but is that a new style of strategy that Ian is using?

    • Hes pretty stoopid, he wont have enough energy to do the longer challanges later on and you need proper nutrition for your brain to function properly. 

      • Ian is not “stoopid”. FYI it’s spelled stupid. So who’s the stupid one?
        Ian is up to something good. He’s got all the knowledge for mental comps and he proved himself to be pretty tough on the last HOH comp. I know he’s gonna go far.

      • @f17312b53d5aef93148433df60bbac4e:disqus A lot of people like to say ‘stoopid’ for fun. I would bet @bc473af02d2d1f57c634938288a5e0fc:disqus knows it’s spelled ‘stupid’.

    •  Ian is doing good. Actually he’s the only one among the zombies that’s has some kind of alliance with the biggies. Who knows, Dan might take him under his wings.

  7. What a bunch of fools..If people watched BB in the past they would know what is going on…I hope to be in the house next year…LOL

  8. I am so sad that everyone is falling for Boogies bullshit.  I do hope Janelle will be able somehow to get enough votes to continue on. She is a fan favorite and I would like to see more of her continue on..

    • I still think he should have been evicted last week. What if the game reseted again? Then Janelle would still be in the house and Danielle hoh would have been wasted like shane’s. Isn’t fair at all. Janelle was right to go after Frank. At least he made the silent 6 deal. I only see that working untill top 9.

      • Why would the game “reset again”? That doesn’t make any sense. So many commenters keep asking for twists to happen so frequently that they practically overlap each other.

    • On the live feeds Brittany is xrying bexause “I really wanted to win, so I can see pics of my family” and she claims she didn’t hear the last songs talking about suds inn the HOH comp….

    • I agree that Brittney threw the comp to Frank. I don’t think she wanted the responsibility of nominating people. I thought Mike’s video speech to Anelle was tasteless and tacky.

      • The message was great. He doesn’t like Janelle as a player, he knew she was coming after him, he knows she thinks she’s so great (calling herself the “comp queen”) and last time he played this game, Janelle evicted his best friend Will.

        I would’ve given her the same goodbye message, and if you think I’m tasteless, tacky, classless, vile, whatever other adjective you want to add, you don’t know me at all. It’s a rivalry for a reason, and I guarantee you Janelle would’ve given a ‘nasty’ farewell to Mike just the same had the roles been reversed.

    • Did you even watch the competition? Britney was trigger happy everytime she was up there, she badly wanted the win. When Frank buzzed in before her in the final round, the disappointment was written all over her face. She’s not that good of an actress. She didn’t throw anything.

    • no the guy with pointed chin and no bottom teeth is still there. is that the witch you mean?

  9. Please put up Danielle and Joe, Frank. I can’t stand Danielle’s lying and Joe, well, no further comment is needed there. 

  10. Wow, Janelle is evicted by a vote of 8-1, Frank wins HOH and Mike Boogie looks to be safe. Now I wonder if the silent six is still in effect or will Frank go after one of them? If Frank stays loyal, I see Joe and maybe Ian or Wil up on the block. Joe most likely is the target.

    •  I think it is too soon to put up a member of the Silent Six, I heard Frank and Boogie talking on feeds that they are thinking about putting up Joe and Wil, or maybe so it doesn’t look like they are all in this alliance, Frank may ask Shane or Dan to go up as a pawn…and we know what could happen to a pawn!!

      • Thank you. It IS too soon to attack their own alliance. It’ll come, but not yet, and I agree they will entertain the idea of putting up one of their own as a pawn. I hope they don’t, but I can see it happening.

      • I agree, it was just a thought, but you know. However Dan and Shane know better than to go up as pawns because most of the time, the pawn goes home. 

    •  My only concern is that if Boogie and Frank don’t turn on the “Silent 6” this week, they will turn on them the following week. IMO Frank should have let Brittney win the HOH.

      • He knew Mike threw his shot at the HoH to Frank though, so Frank throwing it to Britney wouldnt’ve sat well with Mike. I think it’s 2-3 weeks before Mike and Frank turn on the alliance. It’s too soon this week or even next week. When there’ll be 10 players left in the house, having 3-4 of them gun after you for a backstab isn’t a great idea.

      • I wonder who will blink first in the “silent six”…Mike Boogie and Frank or Dan, Danielle or Britney and Shane? You know is going to happen with 7-8 to go.

  11. Frank’s the new HOH.

    I can just see Boogie rubbing his hands together now going, “Yeees…YES”.

      • Is there something wrong with being good friends with someone in this game? When you’re confined in a house all summer with not much else to do, and surrounded by more than one person you dislike? The being in love and closet gay jokes are a little much. Last I checked they’ve never said “Hey dude, loving your pecs in that shirt” or “I cherish you” or anything close. 

      • @MJ. Don’t you find it strange that Boogie has NEVER been friends with a woman houseguest?

  12. OMG Frank is still here?! If he manages to win Big Brother it will be the greatest win ever.
    Is the first double eviction coming next week?

      • Sigh…to @bad9e674a18013f3e97b849cf2daf488:disqus …they just came off of a twist, just last week when the coaches entered the game. Double eviction is weeks away. Why does everyone keep expecting twist upon twist upon twist? Seriously I don’t get it. They have to spread these things out.

    • Put up Joe and Will this week. Then, whoever does not get evicted Joe/Wil this week, put that house guest up with Ashley for next week! The Silent Six and the Quack Five might peel off after this because there would be 8
      players left with side alliances to boot!

    UGH Why didnt they just keep saying “Boogie and Frank” instead of everyone else, to get them both split up. These people are just giving them two a free ride to the win. Since Boogie pretty much owns the house now, no one is playing for themselves. SMFH

    • I thought it was just me who thought that these players are not to bright. Joe, Wil, Ashley, Jen, and Ian should have aligned with Janelle because with her gone they don’t stand a chance.

    • As much as I dislike Joe and Jenn, with Wil and Ashley bordering in that territory…I have a hard time finding anyone worse than Kalia, Adam and Porsche from last season.


    • And they’re scared of Frank and that’s why he’s already been on the block three times. New to the game? The competitors and threats are always targeted.

  15. It would be really idiotic of boogie/frank to go after the silent 6 so early on. They would be kicked out next week. Frank will put up Joe/Wil like they have already discussed

    • That is the smart play. Get rid of the floaters not in alliance with your group.
      That means Joe, Wil and Ashley in that order. That should cover 3 weeks of eviction if there is no double eviction. After that, there is bound to be a split in alliances are there are multiple alliances and not everyone can be safe!
      Expect backdooring, backstabbing and lies that very week! Strategy is going to matter more than ever when that week comes!

    • Finally I see someone say what I’ve been thinking. I can’t believe so many are calling for a backstab ONE week after the alliance was formed, and with 11 players still in the house.

  16. Looks like Joe’s game as a floater is going to bite him in the butt! If the silent 6 stay loyal to eachother for a couple weeks, Joe is going to walk out the door with Ashley and Wil following him.

    • I think to keep Ian happy for now, Ashley will be protected.  But I think Joe for sure is gone next week.  Wil and Brtiney will be next.  Unless Jenn develops a game she will be next.  The real wild card is Ian – how far will he go to protect Ashly?

      • I dont see Britney leaving anytime soon. If the silent 6 split up and go after each other then Shane, Frank, Boogie, and Danielle will be in the hot seat,

  17. Well it appears to me that Will is a bigger “douche Bag” than Boogie ever thought of being….  If it were up to me  Will would go this week, Boogie next week  Frank after that…..  then that little nerd Ian…..  I hate victims of the predator….. (Spinless douche bags!!!!!)

  18. Frank is close to breaking the male record for most evictions survived. Dr Will survived 5, Frank is at 3 now

  19. Britney is the biggest phony lying bitch, She just don’t
    want America turn on her, she knows Janelle has fans that will be mad at her so
    she put all the feeling bad, show.
    She didn’t have to be
    alliance with Boogers plan, no one forced her it was her choice she is playing
    the house and want to play America with phony emotion. She could’ve stayed true
    to Janelle, get Frankie out followed by Boogie. If you are so naïve to believe crocodile
    tears I am not.  

    I only hope that Frankie keep it “classy”  and don’t turn on
    silent 6

    • I think Britney wanted Janelle out in means of playing the game. She probably likes her personally, but as an alley she was no good.
      So she had to let her go. Im sure she felt bad doing it because she liked her, but when it comes down to it, Big brother is just a game, and Britney is in it to win it. But this doesnt mean every move she makes will touch her emotionally.
      All and all, she felt teaming up with boogie will be better for her game than staying true to Janelle.

      • They have Frank at the door, she have alliance D/D/Sh/I and Janelle she did not need to better her game, her game was good, but for a genuine lier she have to put show to play as if she is nice, she is phony Bit……. I am not buying what she is selling. if you are naive I am not. everyone is in it to win it  Boogie too, but he stayed true to Frank and did not sell him to better his game.

      • As of now, Boogie did not get rid of Frank because he is a valueable alliance memeber to him. Janelle has always been flip flopping. Boogie happened to offer a better deal with her, and since Janelle wasn’t completely valueable in the game to her she accepted.

        Now if she truely liked Janelle is questionable. Im sure she felt bad for not telling her she was leaving. the waterworks? idk. Nobody can read her mind and feel what she is feeling other than her.

        from what i got it was genuine. if you think it was phony so be it.

  20. Possibly a Daniell & Britney pairing for the block..with an option to backdoor Shane or maybe even Dan..But Joe may still be the #1 target… This next week can goooo soooo many ways…

    • You really think Frank and Mike will backstab their alliance this early? One week after its formation? With 11 players still in the house and backstabbing means 3 of them are now gunning for Frank and Mike? Maybe 4 if they don’t get that 1 out this week?

      In a couple weeks, sure, Mike will start picking off his own. Not yet. He’s smarter than that.

  21. Yaaaayyyy frank had a feelin he was going to win hoh again I see a pattern already they put him up 3 times one hoh not once but twice already damn I hope he backdoor danielle though she needs to go her and joe

  22. Did anyone else enjoy Janelle’s comment- “He is such a loser.” ?
    I think she just summed up Boogie and his ego in the house. perfect.
    Sad to see her go while he is still in the house.

    • Boogie IS a loser (Big Brother wise) which is why he’s perfect for this show. Every reality show needs villain. Boogie is just playing a role (consciously) and he plays it to a T. I personally think Boogie is hilarious. Some people just talk to talk. Boogie backs it up.

      I say let him keep talking!!

    • Yeah, no. Sour grapes that yet again she wasn’t going to win the game, and just got slapped in the face by a message from someone who has won it, and who she knows is far better at the game than she is and she can’t stand it. She believes others are jealous of her, who’s jealous over who now? Half of her hate for Mike is jealousy.

  23. The only way this would have been better is if Ian won HoH instead of Frank. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for Frank’s win, but I would have loved to see Ian get to enjoy HoH. 

    • Anyone who chooses to live like a dog for 24 hours (and actually enjoys it) over choosing a vacation to Maui doesnt deserve an HOH win.

      • He’s enjoying the Big Brother experience- nothing wrong with that at all. It was cute, and I thought it was sweet of him to not force that dog costume on anyone else. Plus, there’s no one that’s going to be upset with him for taking away their prize. Not only would someone get upset about the prize being taken away, they’d be even more upset that he also forced them into a dog costume. He’s a sweet kid, and he’s been dealing with a lot of punishments. Whether he willingly accepts them or not isn’t the point. He’s doing pretty well, actually.

    • I’m pretty sure Ian doesn’t truly want any HoH’s. He’s playing the martyr, he doesn’t want a target on his back or blood on his hands. Granted he did look disappointed when he was eliminated in the competition, but I doubt he’s too bummed about it right now.

    • Don’t worry, he’s probably spent a lot of the $500,000 from Season 7. He could use a fresh new $500,000.

  24. adios huge lips … still trying to figure out how a person gets lips like Janelle’s because I guarantee you that she’d still be in therapy if she had those lips in my junior high 

  25. Brittany asked Dani if she thinks America hates her because of Janelkle being evicted. Brittany just told Dani she thinks Frank will win the game especially if he gets to the final 3….

    Dani said unless her, Brittany and Frank are in the final 3…,

    Brittany says she believes Frank will win this season due to the gut feeling she has.

  26. Brittany regrests putting Frank against Boogie and wish she had put Frank vs Ian…

    Brittany moaning that second place doesn’t get anything… No letters or pictures… She is moaning she finished 2nd place last week for the HOH and this week too….

    • They were all dumb for looking to Boogie to see who to pair together. Ian did it, Britney did it, and Ashley! They are just giving Boogie and Frank the money without putting up a fight. I hope Dan steps up because he is the only player left that I like.

  27. Lol, where did all the Janelle fans go? Did they all disapear? Hahaha, typical Big Brother bandwagoners. Hate me, but I’m sad Janelle left. Would’ve been a much more entertaining summer if Janelle had stayed in the house.

  28. Brittany saying she isn’t sure they did the right thing by getting rid of Janelle and not Frank…. L~O~L!!! Maybe Brittany should go hoe next week followed by Dani, so they can join Janelle?

    • Wil and Joe, while keeping the idea in their back pocket to backdoor someone. Although I do think it’s too early to backstab the Silent 6.

  29. Hate that jannelle. Is gone but hate even worse that frank is HOH. That sucks. Theses stupid players are going to sit on the butts and let arrogant obnoxious boogie have this game. Stupid playing Can’t stand frank. Trying ti be dr will to boogie their arrogant laughing in diary room mSkes me want to vomit

  30. LOL, I loved it when Janelle said that she doesn’t think Mike Boogie will win and she is rooting for Dan and then Julie asked her why and she’s like: I like Dan.

    But I definitely hope Dan could beat Boogie. 

  31. i’m sure there are a lot of disappointed people out there. they got nowhere near the reaction they were hoping for from janelle. she was really a classy lady tonight and just adorable while talking to julie. mike boogie also showed a lot of class in his goodby speech (NOT). he is as janelle said, such a loser.

      • @01ff3db6b8bec54e3a355b48e80f412b:disqus That message was good television. Sorry that it insulted a player you liked. You know that if it was reversed and Janelle left a nasty message for Mike, you would’ve been happy, clapping, maybe even standing and cheering. I guess a pleasant 5 minute conversation with Julie makes you forget how she acted in the house for however many days. Nice.

  32. Wow.. forget about Janelle.! Let’s move on to the HOH challenge that Mike Boogie threw to Frank.. seems like Brittney threw it to him too… Would love to see Danielle and Shane on the block but I think Frank is gonna play it safe this week.. its too soon!

    • I think 99% of the players threw the HOH to Frank. He only had to answer 2 questions Remember the same challenge when every other question was thrown to Rachel. Why does production want Frank in the game? Do they not want to lose Mike?

      • Give me a break…Mike threw it to him, nobody else did. Britney was trigger happy everytime she was up there and obviously wanted to win it badly, and was clearly disappointed when Frank buzzed in before her in the final round. She didn’t throw him anything. 50% of players threw it to him, not 99%. Makes no sense for anybody else to.

  33. Would love to see Frank think for himself and blindside Boogie. Now that would be entertainment!

  34. Janelle left with class because she is a class act. Not bad looking either. On the other end of the spectrum is Mike Boogie. With Frank winning HOH, boogie will continue making the calls. We can only hope some of the other house guests wake up and get rid of boogie before it’s to late. Go Britney!

    • Ya go Brittney home or hell, if she stayed true to Janelle; Franck will be in his way home. she had Danielle/ Dan /Ian/Shane and Janelle she did not need Boogie at all. she had good game but for genuine lies she is, she is trying to pretend she didn’t won’t her to go and Brittany was the first to welcome Boogies plane and turn on Janelle. Boogie had only Boogie coz Frank were at the door going home.  

  35. People who don’t have live feeds miss 9/10th of the show. The editing cut out all the lying to and about Janelle what went on in the house this week. Boogie’s goodbye message fo Janelle showed the vile person he is. What a disgusting excuse for a human being.

  36. People seriously do not learn from previous seasons. Mike and Frank cannot be trusted.. it’s like season 7 all over again (except wills WAAAY WAAAY better than frank).. people think that others are bigger targets than mike and frank

  37. I wish i was in the big brother house to show all these bozos how to REALLY play the game, they’re all clueless that Boogie is just going to backdoor them and take Frank with him to the end.

    It’s so painful to watch these delusional people.

    • Maybe Pandora’s Box will bring him back!
      PLEASE bring Willie back he’s had enough time to cool down for now!

      • I hope you guys are kidding. That would completely go against their zero tolerance for violence. Once you cross that line, under no circumstances can you be brought back. Willie is back home, he’s not coming back, and he likely won’t even be at the finale.

        If he’s somehow brought back, the game’s rulebook is thrown out the window, along with its integrity.

  38. looks like frank wants to put up shane as a pawn…. boogies stupid i would put up the fake showmance people shane and stalker danielle….

    • What’s stupid is putting up two members from your alliance one week after it was formed. If that’s what you would do, and get 3-4 of them gunning for you when there’s still 11 players left, then Mike isn’t the one who’s stupid here.

  39. I think Boogie was so hot to evict Janelle because he is so ugly and she is a very pretty women.  Revenge for all the times he was shot down by pretty women.  Boogie, you are a loser.  Just my take on it…..

  40. Janelle showed last night how much class she has, which is something that can’t be said of Boogie. He proved what a sleaze he really is. Janelle was right when after his diary room farewell speech she said, “What a loser”. As she said, “He has a huge target on his back” and because Karma has a way of making things right in the end his days are numbered. I hope he stays in the house for a while and just when he thinks he’s got the game they vote him out. He is such a sore loser I wouldn’t be surprised to see him cry like the baby when it happens. I hope the producers of the show bring “Pandora’s Box” back this season and the big surprise would be if Boogie wins HOH and opens it only to find Janelle coming back in the house. I think you would find America cheering her on. I am sure with Janelle out of the show ratings will plummet. Janelle rocks and Boogie is a big loser. He won’t last long. I will be the first to welcome his eviction.

    • Easy to show class when you’ve been evicted and are in front of a live studio audience, isn’t it? She didn’t show the same class for about a month in the house, but you want to focus on 5 minutes sitting down with Julie. If it was the other way around and Mike was evicted, Janelle’s goodbye message wouldnt’ve been ‘friendly’ either, you’re kidding yourself if you think it would’ve been. They’re rivals for a reason, and his message whether you liked it or not, was entertaining. I’d expect no less when Mike’s best friend Will’s eviction in season 7 was largely because of Janelle.

  41. Why don’t people get that  Boogie is a hater?  The editing must really change things a lot from what we see and what they see.

  42. I can’t say as i’m happy about Frank winning HOH.  But he won it fair and square.    He’s actually an excellent BB player.   What disturbs me is his association with Boogie.    He had no choice in the matter in the beginning.   But now he does.   Frank does not need Boogie….he could win all on his own.   But Boogie needs Frank.    Without a sidekick Boogie is lost.    I guess what irks me the most is that Boogies pompous attitude is seeping into Frank.   And thats too bad.   Frank seems like a decent person and won’t deserve the bad rap he will get from associating with Boogie.   Heres hoping that the next time Boogie does his little phone skit in the diary room he gets a busy signal.

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