Big Brother 14 Episode 13: Another Eviction and HoH

Big Brother 14 Week 5 HoH competition

Sorry for the boring headline, but I wanted to make it as exciting as this week’s eviction episode of Big Brother 14.

From a completely predictable eviction to bad episode editing to a seemingly staged and receptive HoH win I was about ready to fall asleep. I guess it’s going to be one of those seasons.

The episode started right after Janelle’s blindside renomination from Danielle. What we got was a lot of people playing dumb when Janelle was put on the block even though everyone already knew. We also get a lot of campaigning from Janelle and since every single person in the house except for Joe lied to her face, she actually felt like she was going to be safe.

Right after the shocker, Janelle joined Danielle in the HOH room to a find out why that just happened. Danielle says that she heard Janelle was coming after her so she had to put her up. We get just a tiny bit of this whole mess that played out way differently on the Live Feeds than what CBS showed us tonight. CBS did a good job keeping Danielle’s crazy out of the episode, so there’s probably a whole group of episode-only watchers who think they’ve just found the new Jordan Lloyd with Danielle. And that’s so not the case.

We get to see Britney actually feeling bad for what’s happening to Janelle, but she’s the only one. Britney feels terrible for lying and wants nothing more than to at least let her know they’re voting to send her home. Did that ever happen? Well CBS forgot to let us in on that. But no, that never happened. Janelle remained in the dark up until the end. She probably had an idea, though.

Julie pipes into the HGs to do some talking. She hits up Frank, Boogie and Jenn, reminding America she’s actually still in the game. Then CBS decided to pretend there might be another budding showmance in the house with Ian and Ashley. And they didn’t play it as cheeky as the should because now I’m sure some viewers think there’s actually something going on with them. When there’s not.

The best part of the episode was that they cut the HoH interview. I guess CBS was afraid Danielle might come off as crazy. Or they realized that it was really Boogie and Dan’s HoH so talking to Danielle was pointless. And they’ve given up on the Shanille shomance so much that they’re pretending there’s one with Ian and Ashley. Poor poor crazy Danielle.

It’s time for the live vote. Frank or Janelle will be going home. Here’s the rundown:

  • Boogie votes Janelle
  • Jenn votes Janelle (do Jenn’s votes even count?)
  • Joe votes Frank
  • Wil votes Janelle
  • Ashley votes Janelle
  • Britney votes Janelle
  • Shane votes Janelle
  • Dan votes Janelle
  • Ian votes Janelle

And not that you need me to tell you, but that’s 8-1 and Janelle is heading out of the Big Brother house. Janelle says her goodbyes and stops by to talk with Julie, leading to the second-best thing about this episode. I’m of course talking about the part when Janelle calls Boogie a “douchebag” and CBS bleeps it out.

Janelle gets her goodbyes and they’re from Boogie, Dan, Joe and Britney. CBS again snubs Danielle and I’m loving it.

And the HoH competition, it’s a knockout quiz called Big Brother Battle of the Bands. Here’s how that played out:

  • Round 1: Wil vs Jenn: Wil wins, Jenn is out
  • Round 2: Boogie vs Joe: Boogie wins, Joe is out
  • Round 3: Wil vs Ashley: Ashley wins, Wil is out
  • Round 4: Britney vs Shane: Britney wins, Shane is out
  • Round 5: Ian vs Ashley: Ian wins, Ashley is out
  • Round 6: Dan vs Britney: Britney wins, Dan is out
  • Round 7: Frank vs Boogie: Boogie loses & is out
  • Round 8: Ian vs Britney: Britney wins, Ian is out
  • Round 9: Frank vs Britney: Frank wins and is the new HoH

So that’s Frank’s second HoH and just another reason why this episode was kind of dull. It would’ve been fun to see someone who hasn’t been HoH win. But these players haven’t done a great job proving themselves, so there’s that.

What did you think of the episode? Sad or happy to see Janelle go? What do you think of the new HoH?


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      • lmao! I almost died laughing when she told Danielle she never got lip injections. hahahahahahaa

      • @6d33d854e288b89279a7b0ebdc3ba178:disqus Exactly Christine, I’ve seen naturally big lips that just run in the family, they never look quite like that. I’m probably using a harsh word but at the moment I can’t think of a better word, hers look…mutated…warped almost…I’d bet money I don’t have that they’re injected.

      • MJ if you look up older pictures of Janelle, it’s very obvious she’s had injections.  Her lips look very different.  

  1. Booger has to go, why is he running that house, we have watched BB since it started and really believe more and more every year production has an input into who stays and who goes and leaving booger in control BULLS**T !!!!!!

    • Whatever, it’s way better than last season.

      Between Jeff and Jordan’s cool club, and Rachael being rude and then crying, I thought I was done with BB forever.

      I do think that season 7 was just so great and nothing has looked nearly as close since then.

  2. Boogie’s goodbye message to Janelle showed what kind of a truly vile person he is.

    • I could not agree more, just hope the other players figure it out before it’s too late.

    • Right on target, Cam.  He looked Satanic, didn’t he?  I was happy that Janelle said “Screw you, Boogie!” and called him a LOSER and a douchebag — all true!  Janelle doesn’t need Big Brother, they need HER.  She’s a charismatic person who could do anything she chooses.  I hope Frank puts Britney and Danielle up, wins the POV and keeps the noms the same — but that is wishful thinking.  Frankie is Booger’s puppet.

      •  Don’t forget the production is pushing for it too, the better the bad guys are the better the movie is.

    •  Why is he vile? Did Janelle ever say bad things about him? Exactly. So being passive-aggressive is better than just speaking your mind in this game. Got it.

    • Vile is putting it lightly. Karma has a way of coming back to bite. His farewell speech to Janelle shows how class-less he is, unlike Janelle who left the show with style. I hope they bring back pandora’s box back and the biggest surprise this summer would be to have Janelle back in the show. I know ratings will increase. America loves Janelle.

    • Dude, all of the coaches are Reality TV Whores. 

      None of them are stellar people. They have left their children and families at home to go play a silly, silly, game.

      It’s a TV show. Somebody’s gotta act the bad guy. If you really think that the recurring house guests are acting as themselves, you’ve got another thing coming.

    • I agree Boogie’s message was harsh, but if you look up how Janelle acted towards people in her season, she deserves it. She is not a good person. Go on youtube and look up “Bye Bye b**ches” and you’ll see what I mean. The way she nominates people is really rude. Even this season trying to stir up stuff in the house with Danielle because she was bored. Boogie and Janelle don’t get along because they are too much alike.

  3. I didn’t have any problems with tonights episode, Janelle was evicted as many who watch the feed was expecting, Frank wins HOH and that’s its. I wouldn’t worry about it and now you watch the feed and enjoy the aftermath. Personally I will check out BBAD later tonight or tomorrow morning and see what’s up. Cool so far.

      • Actually, Boogie even said that Frank thinks the same things he’s thinking before they even get together and talk game. Frank is just as good a player. Boogie even said so. That’s why he won’t sell him out. Frank is the new Dr. Will. 

    • frank was given the win by production.
      just like the other one.did anyone else
      hear boogie ask frank if he knew that
      last question? and he said no.he was
      more surprised the “win” than anyone else.

      • Boogie did not ask that. GO WATCH IT AGAIN, he asked frank if he knew the song that was playing and frank said no. The lyrics was related to past competitions

      • Yep you said it and barring a miracle boogie or frank will win these players just don’t seem smart enough to think for themselves and boogie is a true puppet master!!!!! Go Ian!!!! Had to pick someone to root for.

  4. I can’t believe the edited out Danielle’s craziness! That was by far the most entertaining thing this week. I don’t like her at all and shes the one I love to hate and now America doesn’t even know. They made her look tough! That’s BS! Get it together BB! BORING episode that I raced home to see!

    • No. She lost. Had she survived a few more weeks, then maybe it would be possible. Fear not, always next season.

      • Have to get rid of HGs this stage in the game. Only a month left and were not even in jury. I’ll miss Janelle :-( I don’t approve of he ways in the past but I felt so bad for her. I wish Brit or Dani could have gone instead.

      • Janelle does not need Big brother — and I hope this taught her a lesson.  They hung her out to dry in the most humiliating way possible.  I hope she finds another hobby and snubs BB like they turned on her.  I wish I could be sitting with her when she reviews the BBAD and Live Feeds. 

  5. I Love Boogie! He could sell a cup of sand in the Sahara and he tells it like it is. I think he’s hilarious and entertaining!

    •  i hate him!!!! did you not see how mean and vile his goodbye speech was? queen jani deserves to be in there WWWAAAAYYYYY more than booger or frank!

      • Janelle does not deserve to be in the Big Brother House because she has  played very badly this season. Her last decision to protect Joe when it would have meant getting that 4 coach alliance with Boogie, Dan and Brittney and she passed that on to save Joe? Pretty dumb move. That is what did her in and showed the other coaches that she could not be trusted!

      • You’re kidding right? People talk about Mike having a sense of entitlement…check out the smoke you just blew up Janelle’s butt. Why does she deserve it more than Mike or Frank? Frank is an unemployed superfan and has said many times how badly he wanted to get into this game. It’s his first chance, not his third like Janelle. Maybe she should play a better game if she wants to stay in the house. Before it was “let’s kill every competition!” and that didn’t work. This year she tries to play mind games and failed miserably. It’s not in the cards for her, and it never will be. Deal with it.

      • why? twice she has been in with boogie, twice boogie has outlasted her, actually being the one both times to basically evict her. so……why?

      •  Your getting carried away,all he did was tell her that he was the one that made sure she went home.Then for old times sake showed her the ‘Chilltown’ shirt.I loved it,and Janelle is no Angel herself let alone a queen.

      • frank and his father do not get along.
        his father (sid visious) pro wrestler knows
        his son is in the closet.

  6. They are idiots! Brittany should have listened to her gut and voted frank out! I have no idea how Danielle keep all her lies straight!

    • Yeah and if Britney listens to her gut the vote is 7-2 to evict Janelle. What difference does it make?

      • And then Britney potentially has the others find out and becomes a target, all because of a vote that didn’t mean anything. Smart idea.

  7. boogie is pure awesome. the fact people actually believe janelle and her act is hilarious to me. the reason boogie is still there is because hes honest with who he is. scum. he sells himself as scum telling the truth for once. he doesnt pull the angel act like janie

    •  Thank you. I keep forgetting how much of an angel Janelle was this season. At least her fans can keep reminding me.

      • I’ve agreed with all of your comments tonight. Good thing there are commenters like you around to combat all the headshaking I’m forced to do with the Janelle fan worship on here. 

  8. Why did NO ONE put Frank & Boogie up to challenge each other in that HOH until the end? Besides Danielle’s obsession with Shane (which wasn’t an option)…Frank and Boogie are the most obvious pair!! Ugh sooo dumb…and then by the time they do go up against each other Boogie throws it because he knows he can control the rest of them, be safe, and have no blood on his hands….although I’m sure these fools will see it as “ohhh he just feels like Frank deserves it after surviving so many weeks”……UUUGGGH

    • Finally someone with brains brings it to the forefront. I was totally shocked no one put it together. The hg’s are idiots at this point not to see what is up. Dan is so fake with his strategy. The house knows his plan, but they are to nearsighted to do anything about the REAL players. They need to quit being followers and think about their game.

    • I was wondering about that too. i think the cast might be aware of how much control boogie has. wonder if after using Danielle they’ll put her up now.

    •  I think there are a couple other OBVIOUS pairs out there. And someone did…and Boogie tossed it.

      • Have you been watching the same show? She was gunning for Boogie from Week 1 forward. She does so in a passive-aggressive way, but she was still after him. It makes sense on many levels for them both to go after each other. Boogie just seems to always beat her in the long run.

      • Didn’t say Boogie, said Chilltown. Frank who we can assume has become the 4th member of Chilltown was Janelles target for almost a month now. 

      • Janelle formed an alliance with Boogie and they were safe when Frank was HOH yet, Janelle and her team went after Frank just the same! Boogie knew that Janelle is a huge threat and given the chance will backdoor him too! So, Boogie made his move to get out Janelle first! If Janelle did not coddle Joe, she would still be in the game and with a very strong 4 coach alliance! They could have picked off the newbies easily and went to final 4
        without a doubt!

  9. haha I can’t believe i’m saying this but I think i’m rooting for Joe now. He kept his word in keeping Janelle and now he wants vengeance. Let’s see how this all plays out, the alliance of 6 is DONE.

    • Joe will be begging and kissing Frank’s butt to stay. He knows he will be evicted this week. He is the reason Janelle got booted out because she would not throw him under the bus! Janelle should have let Joe get evicted!
      What is so special about Joe? Janelle could have had a very strong 4 coach alliance but, she blew it with her blind loyalty to Joe! Only consolation for Janelle is Joe voted to evict Frank but, that single vote did Janelle no good!

      • Janelle knew Boogie could just take the “Janelle sold you out” info straight to hot headed Joe….its not really about saving Joe…its about avoiding people lying about her and keeping her reputation….which she didn’t realize she was on the verge of losing anyway…..:-/

      • It would have been too late for Janelle to salvage her reputation. If she did not betray her alliances with Brittney which she betrayed twice! Voting out Kara and JoJo and keeping Frank and Danielle, she would not have been backdoored! Also, the fact that she says she wants to form the 4 coach alliance but, will not backdoor Joe shows she is not serious and cannot be trusted! It was her loyalty to Joe which caused her to be booted out! She
        played very badly this season. That is for sure!

    • Joe goes home this week as the lone vote against the house. Only way he doesn’t is if he manages to either win veto or if Wil gets put up.

  10. The alliance of 6 was the dumbest thing ever. And where was Ian? he got left out,  I hope Ian does something spectacular. And Ashley? no one will include her in and alliance cause you wouldnt be able to trust she would say something cause shes an air cadet. 

    • I really think Ashley is only playing that she is dumb.  She is on the show for fame.  I was reading stuff about her.

    • Ian was in the Quack Five Alliance with Dan, Brittney, Shane and Danielle. Mike Boogie and Frank are not in that alliance!

  11. I loved janell calling boogie a d-bag :) he is entertaining but his ego is just too much!

  12. I think Jenelle being back doored was a great move,but if the other four who are in alliance with frank and boogie think they are safe better think again cause i can see them putting up one of them or maybe even two of them. If this happens they will surely regret getting rid of jenelle. I hope it all comes back to bite them all in the ass. hopefully daniels ass.

    • Lol…They are already seconding their decision…..Looks like Boogie is gonna stay in everybodys face as much as he can to keep up with what is being said and keep the lies and manipulation going… Karma will bite u back…lol…too late to turn things around…

    • Ms. D probably wishes she could bite Shane in the a_ _.  She probably dreams about it.  Did you see them wrestling in bad?  If that wasn’t the stupidest thing you ever want to see.  Something is truly wrong with them both.  What man would wrestle that long with a female and not make a move.  Gross, JUST Gross! 

  13. This how is going to play out.. Joe is the target Dan is the pawn, double eviction and bye bye Dan, or something like that.

    •  Joe would be such a waste of their time. Joe is a bomb waiting to go off. He’s a target you want around.  Shane needs to go.. and Britney next. Joe is sort of a lone wolf in the house which can be controlled.

    • It’s funny to me how people keep asking for/expecting more twists so soon. Just last week, let’s remember here, the coaches entering the game was dropped on the house. It’s going to be a couple weeks, maybe three or four even, before another twist. Double eviction will be weeks from now, not this week. Come on.

  14. Will is suck a fucking cunt janelle saved that clown not 1 but 2 times and the fucker still voted her out smh..i hope he knows he and frank are going on the block this week cause frank aint putting up ian or jenn..unless of course boogie and  frank turn on their alliance that would be fun to watch.

  15. i was routing for brit to win hoh…. i think the silent 6 is in trouble… and joe seems really quiet tonight, suprizingly… lol

    • They’re in trouble a couple of weeks from now. Not yet. There’s still 11 players in the house and if Mike backstabs the Silent 6 this early, he’s risking 4 of them coming after him thereafter (3 if one leaves due to the backstabbing). It’s too early and Mike’s smart enough to know that. For now they’ll settle for Wil or Joe.

    • Right now, the Silent Six is the strongest alliance in the house. They can stay united for the next 3 weeks and evict Joe, Wil and Ashley. After that, they may peel off because there are not enough players to be safe with all the alliances and side alliances. They will probably move to take out the strong players then! Dan has the numbers on his side right now but, do not count out Mike Boogie who is one smart manipulator to pull one more rabbit out of his hat!

  16. I have been a fan since half way through the first season of BB….. but seriously how many times do you think that Boogie acting like an arrogant asshole is going to be entertaining…. he has definitely had his day in the sun and all of his old lines should be put to rest. Also is it too much to ask for the current players to have some foresight in the game…. Big game move voting out Janelle….. who you working with now Wil?!!!!!

    •  Yes, everyone being absolute peachy to each other is entertaining. It’s so funny how after Willie left everyone cried. Double standards.

    • Mike is the most entertaining one on the show. Along with others you probably hate, Frank and Dan.

      •  It was hard for me to get the Willie love. But all the other feeders said “He made the game interesting…now it’s boring”. Funny, now that Boogie puts a wrench in things he’s the most despicable person ever. NewsFlash: He might be. But he has the gift of gab, that Janelle has never had. Now Janelle is gone. By Boogie’s hands. ChillTown for life.

      • @f33181c83d761a0be13ac381e089a213:disqus Exactly. Couldn’t agree more. Contradictions all over the place, they loved Willie’s controversy but hate Mike’s. They wanted Janelle for entertainment purposes, but then show backlash at his goodbye message (What’d they expect? They’re rivals for a reason). If someone evicts my best friend in a past season, you better believe I’m taking my chances to evict them this season, especially if I can easily justify it by using her track record as a strong player, so I’m not told I’m playing personally. I love that she’s gone, and I love even more that it was by the hand of Mike.

    • Yes, I think it was a dumb move for Wil, but what choice did he have.  I knew he would follow the rest of the house.  He didn’t want to be the  lone ranger with Joe blow.

  17. Did DR feeds actually leak? I’ve read a couple comments but want to know more ..I’m really interested..any one know anything??

  18. Boogie is a disgusting human being and makes me throw up a little in my mouth every time I see his face or hear his voice. Those rookies need to grow a pair and start thinking for themselves or else those vile people (frank & boogie) are going to run away with the game easily. Hope they bring Janelle back. If she doesn’t come back I am done with BB for good. Each season gets worse and worse.

      • Anyone who actually gets involved boogie and acts like a wanna be Dr. Will has something wrong with them. Frank is one of the most annoying house guests I have ever seen on there besides Wil.

      • @f5e15cfbf6aa708e367e119284dd5259:disqus Alright, but ‘vile’ still isn’t fitting of Frank.

  19. Loved Janelle on her first trip into the house but she turned into a conceited, self-absorbed bitch this time around.  I totally get why they wanted to get rid of her, since lying and breathing to her are one in the same.  That being said, Boogie is a douchebag!  I really hope one of the newbies pulls the win…

    • I tend to agree, geez if there was a drinking game for how many times she fiddled with her hair or gazed at herself in the two way mirrors we’d all be in A.A. by now 

      • Messing with the hair is what Britney, and Wil do all the time , drives a person nuts. Don’t understand why they do it.

  20. It’s not a good sign when this far into the game you can’t remember  some of the players! Boogie is, in fact, a douche but you gotta hand it to him that he got the house to do his bidding. I would really like to see Danielle implode. They really missed the mark on editing this week, she is certifiable!

  21. Joe’s vote surprised me. Since the’reset’ Joe has been resentful…vote out the coaches, he said oh so many times. Well, that’s Big Brother; expect the…and you know the rest.

    Production: Janelle’s return is now in your hands. (America’s Vote, Competition Between Evected House Guests, or Pandora’s Box)

    Janelle will return…I hope.

    • She’s still busy swallowing her pride. Even when her number was up she insisted she didn’t hit that button because she refused to admit she wanted back into this game and was immediately being sent out of it. Wanted to play like she never wanted to enter it at all, when in reality she didn’t hesitate to push reset, and thanked America for it. She’s not going to let her ego take another hit by coming back in and being evicted again. She’s probably going home to her baby and will use that as her reason for why “she wants” to leave the game, to save face, yet again. Dan wouldnt’ve given away the Silent 6 in his goodbye message if he thought she might return. He’s smarter than that.

      • You are correct and BB released information the whoever was evicted would be going home.  So Janelle went home.  Even Brit mentioned she would be with her baby.

  22. I loved it. Excited to see what happens next. Frank won on his own with the right answers. Good eviction. Good hoh. Its a game and the winners stay winners and the losers stay losers. Another great season.

  23. I’m gonna miss Janelle. She was the only one I liked besides Britney,Ashley, and Wil.
    I hate everyone else.

  24. Did bb production really convince Dan to go against Janelle? Having Janelle leave so early, love her or hate her, might mean last season of bb since ratings will surely tank. What ever happened to quizzes or puzzle contests, that’s why I like bb over survivor, most everything is physical which favors the guys. The best thing about bb is gone, ie the swing of power back and forth and flipping of the house. Bb better give a cout d’état or something, otherwise it will so boring. I wish Rachel or Danielle d were in the house, then it would be more interesting.

  25. Better watch out Shane, Frank owes you a backdoor. The wildcard this week is Joe. If they can get Joe for one week on board and get Shane out of the house, Dan will be sitting pretty and Britt will self destruct.

      • Too early to go against the 6. There’s 11 players left, and that would have 3 players going after Frank and Mike. Stay the course for a couple of weeks, then Mike will start internally attacking his alliance.

      •  It is too early. I would have preferred Boog/Frank had not won this one. Who’s left next week to take out besides Wil? Next week is the prime time to strike in the “Silent-Six”.

      • I’m sure that Shane is on Frank’s list, no matter if he’s put on the block , or back doored.

  26. I have to wonder how smart these players are. Why would you keep someone like Boogie in the house? I mean how can they not see how manipulative he is? Frank would be wise to separate himself from boogie fast. I have to agree with others that this is a dull season. 

  27. How did Wil end up voting against the person(Janelle) who willingly granted her safety and hating her too? If Janelle only knew!!

    •  Um.. i just can’t see that. We’ve had an event and drama since day one. Every eviction is interesting and pivotal. This is the best season in AGES…. and i say that not necessarily because i like the cast.. because most i don’t but they have had Crazy Willie, Teflon Frank, Janelles blindside.. the Nerd and the Spray tanning ditz romance.. and the rise of Chilltown 2. . . and the possibility that Mike will make BB history this year… this will go down as historically one of the most note worthy seasons ever.

    • and yet …. here you are in the middle of it commenting on it. Go watch a rerun of I Love Lucy if you hate it so much.

    • please. There has been sooo much drama this season. Coaches come in….one person left the 1st day…HOH flips out and can’t get a consensus vote. One of the nominees goes from a goner to HOH. He nominates someone and they lose their Fruit Loops and get kicked out of the game for a fight. Soon after the Coaches come back in on a reset. Then someone who is on the block for the 3rd time has their coach propose a deal that makes too much sense. After that deal one of the best competitors in BB history gets voted out 8-1. The people in a certain alliance were thinking it’s all cool unless Boog/Frank win the HOH. Then they do. WTF season are YOU watching???

  28. Mike had ever right to say what he did. Janelle started so much bad talk, she had to go. why do so many forget this?

  29. I still think Evil Dick and His daughter Danielle should have come in as coaches. I didn’t like Janelle in any of her seasons. Her attitude stunk! Boogy and Frank can go far in this game along with Ian.

    • Danielle Donato has a nasty attitude in addition to her arrogance that is why she lost badly last season. Would agree with Evil Dick as he is a good manipulator. The producers should have brought back Dr. Will Kirby and Evil Dick together with Dan and Mike Boogie. That is 4 manipulators all in one game! That would have turned the house upside down!

  30. I guess I’m in the minority, but I like the hell out of Frank & Boogs.  They’re grown men acting like asshole teenagers and I love it.  

  31. Love him or hate him.. but Boogie is killin’ it in terms of his game play. Sometimes i never certain if Frank is just vessel… or if Frank is just as clever.  Boogie THREW the Hoh.. right into Franks lap. What will happen is that if they make it to like the final 4 or even two Boogie will completely have Frank look as if he got his hands dirty while it’s actually Boogie causing all of the chaos.

    Ian is quiet storm too. I The next Targets are Joe.. with Danielle, Shane and Britany not too far behind. Actually Joe is not a threat.. it’s Shane. Joe will self destruct eventually. If Boogie and Frank are smart, they’ll take out Shane..

    • I agree that Boogie threw the H.O.H. He hit the button BEFORE the whole question was asked..Even Frank looked over at him.

  32. For once I actually have a sign that maybe they won’t pathetically bring Janelle back just for ratings and favouritism, via Pandora’s Box or something. In Dan’s goodbye message he gave away the Silent 6, and Dan’s too smart to blow something like that if she might be back. That leads me to believe production told him “Don’t worry, we’re sending her back home (not to sequester) and she won’t be back”. I could be reading it all wrong, but…

    • MJ I saw on another site that BB announced this evictee which was Janelle would be not going to sequester.

  33. I was glad to see Janelle go. I was excited when I first learned she was going to be one of the “coaches”. It was my first chance to get to see her play the game. I quickly figured out why she never won the game. She’s just plain irritating and not very good at the subterfuge necessary to win the game.

    Danielle is definitely a drama queen but she’s nowhere near as goofy or irritating as Rachel was and CBS seemed to love her.she will need to change her game once evictee’s start moving to the jury house because once they start comparing notes on her various versions of events she’ll have no hope of winning the game.

    This seasons biggest source of entertainment to me on the live feeds has been watching Ian. He’s like a meth addict going through withdrawals the way he can’t sit or stand still. Watching him rock back and forth or walk in circles while mumbling to himself. Despite all his crazy antics it’s easy to see the intelligence he has. Tie his smarts together with the fact no one seems to be taking him the least bit seriously and you can start to see how the eccentric goofball could win the game.

  34. janelle’s edit was ridiculous. she lied all season and was cruel at times, Fact*, but they show none* of this.

    she was too stupid to give up joe when she could have called boogie’s bluff, put him up in wil’s spot saving another one of her own, and then got the votes. but no, she had to have more players left than boogie. period. pride got in the way for her and boogie, difference is that boogie thrives on that

    • And she wanted her former three students with her in the end for jury votes. Claiming she didn’t want to throw them under the bus, she didn’t care about them, she wanted to use them for votes…and then two out of three of them voted to evict her. Good.

    • It wasn’t that she wouldn’t give up a player – it was if she agreed to give up a player they would have run downstairs and said “hey Joe – Janelle just said that she was willing to give you up”  that would have screwed up her game too.  She was screwed either way.

      • Who would have cared if anyone told them Joe was going home? He would have been out of the house just the same! And she would be with a very
        strong 4 coach alliance which she turned her back on! All she needed to do is deny it and Joe is a big liar anyways and who would believe him even if he told them?

  35. Why Frank–He is such a bore. Snooze fest for a week. Then lets see someone interesting win. How about the bathtub– better than Frank. Also throw a new twist, let Frank nominate Boogie.

  36. So what was with the Frank hate anyways within the BB house? Guess he was too built? But Jessie never had that problem. Like Frank said “I’ve played in every competition but one and have only won one.” Why was he the big threat among Boogie, Janelle, Dan, Wil, William, and Shane? Guy has been given a raw deal and I personally am happy he has another chance.

  37. I love boogie his goodbye message was on point i just like how he throw it to frank i think it was smarter for him to throw frank the HOH so he wouldn’t have blood on his hands..I’m very interested in who frank will put up Friday

    • Nice to see someone else applaud his goodbye message. Contradictions all over the place, people talking about wanting Janelle to stay for entertainment purposes. Would a nice, friendly goodbye between rivals (I emphasize the word ‘rivals’) have been entertaining? No. They don’t like each other as players and in Season 7 Janelle was the biggest part of Will’s eviction, Mike’s best friend. Why would his message be friendly? Janelle’s fans need to get over that message, if it was the other way around Janelle wouldnt’ve been nice in a farewell to Mike either.

      •  Exactly. Janelle would have said…” I apologize Mike for having to vote you out. You were a great competitor and a great friend. I can’t wait to see you after the show is done.” Have the Janelle supporters actually watched this season? She would have LOVED to rub it in Mike’s face. Too bad. Bye-bye-Bitch.

  38. Totally agree on: how annoying it is that CBS edited so much out of this episode, just to make Danielle look like this cute & innocent Southern belle, when she really isn’t. She’s fucking nutty as hell.

    • It’s a TV show, producers and executives want certain people to play certain characters. If they want something done, I’d bet the players are thrown additional stipends to make it happen. Ratings drive the bottom line, not fairness, so skewing the truth is like blinking to production if that’s what they see fit.

  39. Sadly, I will have to agree with the group of people here on CFB, they have all been telling me production controls the wins and HoH’s, like a good lil soldier I defended BB. But I am waving my white flag and surrendering. I miss the old BB, with new people, where everyone faught to be in the game. Now its to many repeat hg, way to many floaters to the point its boring to watch, and the production team is controlling way to much. Which can only be because the HG are so dang boring that they have to do something. I cant wait for this season to be over and for next years to start.

    • I agree production has too much control, but we also did just see one of their ‘favourites’ leave the house, and little was done to stop it with an 8-1 vote against her, or at least if not little was done, then little was effectively done. 

  40. i cant sleep, so i watch about 15 minutes of BB after dark…i just freakin’ hate this dude sooooooveryverymuch that i almost hate myself a little more for caring this much. ive gotta say, i’m a little disappointed in myself and yet –am i wrong for feeling like MIKE BOOGIE is the saddest, lamest, grossest, clueless (about him being the latter) most embarrassing excuse for a 40(?) something year old person to ever be on TV this many times?? ON PURPOSE, CBS??? he actually makes my skin crawl, especially thinking that someone is actually having sex , meals and conversations with him on a daily basis. ON PURPOSE!!! all i can say is, ugh. Janelle barely scratched the surface of his blanket of un-attractiveness in calling him a loser and a d-bag. in conclusion, barf. 

  41. This season would be soooo boring without Boogie.Also,Frank is a good guy.I’d love to see him take it to the end with Boogie.I hope Joe is the next to go home.

  42.  I’m not sure why Janelle played a different game this season . From what I can tell her game was completely different from her other seasons .I’m not sure why she didn’t know the fix was in when she got nominated .  I hate mike boogie as much as the next guy . I would venture to say he is the most overrated player in the BB history books . That being said , Danielle gave up her HOH for boogie’s plans . This was the best boogie played all season . Gotta give it to him .

      • is it like watching someone really ugly and weird doing something cringeworthy, like moving around or talking?  i’ve seen him do that already and its pretty tragic, i tell you.  you almost want some, feel you MUST have SOME sort of sympathy for him; like your not ready to believe that HE believes that he’s this unappologeticaly cool, aloof sort of “reality Lothario”…please. he latched on to that other dude , the “doctor” or whatever the first season he was on, and as far as i’m concerned rode his also obnoxious coat tails until the end, picking up the scraps that creepy doctor through him along the way. it was like a platonic “pitty – @#!&(%?! why oh why are the others so willing to follow this nobody? janelle, whom i am sure though bright, is far from a mental giant and she is the only one who at least sees what i see; pure, unadulterated d-baggery. if he were a tool ( which he is ) he’d be the tool that comes in a set of tools that you never use..besides, name one cute false profit!

    • That is why Boogie keeps winning. Keep underestimating him! He won All Stars fair and square and he beat Janelle in the HOH to do it! To say Dr. Will carried him is moronic considering Dr. Will got evicted and did not reach the end of it! It may be harder for Boogie to win this one because
      Dan has the numbers so far. I think the Silent Six can go atleast 3 more weeks if they do not betray each other. After that, they will peel off as there is not enough players in the alliances to avoid putting each other up!

  43. I think its time that Boogie gets over “Chill Town”.  He’s a little too old and creepy to pull it off anymore.  Plus it was always Dr. Will who had the power and control – he just dragged Boogie along for some reason.  Time to grow up Mike.  Not cool anymore.

    • RIGHT? how l-a-m-e was that any…it’s like walking around with your friends in your thirties and forties saying things like “best friends forever!” and “2gr82b4go10!” and wearing matching satin jackets. didnt they have like a secret handshake or something? UGH, gag me.

  44. Baybeeblues123 – That is so funny – he does look exactly like squidward. I won’t be able to watch BB without thinking that……….so funny

  45. For those watched it in the US, did they bleep out Janelle’s response to Booger’s departing speech, in her interview with Julie ?   That is … Scr@w you, Mike Boogie ..
    As a conspiracy theory with BB’s, in attemp to keep Frank around … anyone else thinks that they may have rigged the HoH in the final question between Britney and Frank?  That is, preventing her from buzzing in first???  There was similar instances in the previous season ???  Not that the Producers of BB would ever, fix these competitions, in favour of an house guest, or anything … ;)

    • She called him a loser and a duche-bag with the latter being bleeped…I never heard her say “Screw u Mike Boogie”…

    • Janelle said Screw you Mike Boogie, which I heard clearly. She also said he was a loser and a Douche Bag (this one they bleeped out the word).

  46. after watching the show for the last few weeks and reading the feeds here I believe the show is all about what production wants!!!  Sadly it has really turned me off the BB, I understand they need some control of the show, but this year its awful!! Time for production to step back and let the show happen!!  Sad to see Jannelle leave but I think she left with lots of dignity!!  What I don’t understand with production and BB this year is people are allowed to lie their face off but are not allowed the tell the truth–IE Brittany wanting to tell Jannelle. 

  47. Boogie had botox!!! No wonder he looks just like an ostrich, check it up you will see twins separated at birth…lol

  48. Every single player needs to go…I don’t know that anyone deserves to win but after last nights HOH…which was ridiculous…they showed just how stupid they REALLY are!  Wil could have easily put Boogie up again Frank right after he won the first question.  That would have knocked at least one of them out.  Then the 3rd round could have put the winner between Frank & Boogie up hoping to knock the other out.  There…done…neither would have gotten HOH.  No, they pitted alliance against alliance which made no sense because the winner of each round could pick whomever they wanted to play the next round!  You would think that with some intelligence they would have figured this out…that’s why I’m wondering if BB didn’t stage this competition to come out like it did.

    • Mike Boogie was telling the players who to put against each other. Then he threw it to his lover frank. This is now the MIKE BOOGIE SHOW!! BORING!!  Glad I could go to bed and not watch boring After Dark. Thanks for this site where we can keep up to date and not have to watch the crap! 

    • Um, maybe because the only true alliance in the house was just recently formed this past week and the other houseguests haven’t figured out the members of it for sure yet? Just a thought…

    • Of course it was staged. The producers want to keep Mike Boogie and Frank because they think their bromance is interesting. Puke.

  49. Worse year of BB ever, why change something excellent doing awesome in previous years. 

  50. Janelle was right, everyone is going to loose the game to Boogie and Dan. Janelle might have lied a time or two, but everyone has. Shame on those who turned their back on her, but I’m glad she can go home to her baby. Danielle does not deserve to win. 

    • Of course with Janelle fans, Janelle can lie all she wants and they are all white lies! She can betray her alliance with Brittney not once but, twice and that is all fine! It is okay for her to target Frank when she had a side alliance with Boogie so, Boogie should be saying fine to that? You guys live on another planet! And most glaringly is Janelle played the worst game of her life and you still do not see it! She turned her back on the 4 coach alliance which could have kept her safe and taken her to the last 4 in the game but, she had to save Joe, her beloved Joe no matter what? That is a pretty dumb move and everyone can see it!

  51. I can’t believe all the Janelle love and the boogie hate.  Bottom line is Janelle did not play good this season.  She would have done the very same thing to him if given the chance.  She talked bad about him constantly and when he asked her to give up Joe and she remained silent that was when she let them know she could not be trusted.  I agree with those saying this has been anything, but a boring season.  Did not like the edit that CBS showed because if you had the live feeds you would have seen Janelle for what she was.  Bottom line boggie got her evicted.  Love him or hate him he knows how to play this game. 

    • Wonder who America will vote for as the favorite player to get the bonus cash in the end.  None of them deserve it, really.  Guess, I will vote for Willie.  Oh, yeah–I can’t since Willie was removed from the game.  [ha, ha, ha].

    • Janelle tried week after week to get Frank out and that is because she wanted to target Boogie. Maybe, it would have been better for her to target Boogie directly instead of going after Frank? Of course, her dumbest move is to keep Joe safe—-for what? What has Joe done in the game and how is that going to help your game? Janelle also tried to be a manipulator and she was horrible at it! She should have tried to win as many HOHs an POVs and that would have given her power to evict Boogie or Frank or both if that is her intent. However, a better move is that 4 coach alliance she turned her back on!

      • I agree.  If she had played like she use to I think she would have fared better.  Who knows though because the worst move was not giving up Joe when Boogie offered that to her in exchange for the 4 coach alliance.  I guess she was trying to cover herself all over the place and it was her downfall.  I agree why Joe?  Unless he shocks me I do not expect a thing from him. lol

    • I don’t know why everybody hates Janelle for not giving up Joe. None of the other coaches would give up a player, so why should she. I’m not a Janelle fan, but can’t stand Boogie. Any grown man who calls himself Boogie is still a child. I give him props for turning the house around, but if the other houseguests had ANY brains, they would NEVER listen to him. Have they not watched prior seasons?

      • Because she had Wil. That’s her number 1 player. They were allowing her to keep her best player but didn’t want her to have all 3 in the house because she would have kept all of them in the house for votes in the jury.  She should have given up Joe. Dumb!

  52. i googled mike boogie and got a lot of insight on him. i think he’ll try to take out the strongest players first then all the rest of the women because he doesn’t like to play with women then he’ll try to pick the one that’s liked least by the house to take to the end.



  54. Just got done watching a very boring bbad All are to tired to do anyting but lay around.I think BB production should have them stay up until BBAD is over .Frank ,Dan and Boogie talking about putting Joe up with Shane as the pawn but if he is against this put Britney up. The plot begins cause if neither one of them win pov Boogie and Frank could do a twist and have everyone vote out the pawn in a sneeky way.

  55. I think Frank needs to put up Joe and Jen. She has not did anything in this game I mean nothing. She’s a waste of time has the lowest ranking every week as does Joe so get one or the other out.

    • I say put up Shane and Danielle, hoping that Frank or Boogie would win POV and leave the noms the same. I would love to see Danielle in tears over it knowing that either she or Shane are gonna be gone and she can think to herself, maybe I shouldn’t have trusted Boogie after all?

  56. Can’t stand Boogie, The houseguest should see from the other times he has been on big brother that he is fake and plays everyone. He is an ugly person. I hope they get him off there soon. I think that HOH comp was fixed by some of the other houseguest to let Frank win. I only like Brittney, Dan, Wil and Joe. I want Joe to win.

    • Boogie is ugly on the outside and, most importantly, on the inside.  What a disgusting human being.

  57. I think the HOH comp was staged. Why else would everyone wait so long to call Frank or Boogie to compete, and then Boogie intentionally throw it by answering before the music even really started? I have watched BB from the start but I am getting tired of the obvious staging. Letting the coaches back in (which we knew from the start was going to happen no matter how people voted) last week should have been done after the eviction.  

  58. So Branden… Tell us how you really feel about Danielle?! She is an everyday stereotypical two faced woman in her twenties! If her being a crazy ass beotch gets her further in this game than good on her! Gosh darn it I love BB!

  59. My prediction is Boogie wins.  They all just handed the show to him. This is ione of the dullest BB’s ever. Boogie will not be on the block again because of Frank.
    I seriously think they did a diserviceto the show by allowing the reset.

  60. Do you think that CBS might shell out some $ to buy some WD-40 for the HOH door hinges?  I’m tired of hearing that squeaking all of the time.


  62. Everyone wants to take boogie to the end, because a previous winner would never get the jury vote.

  63. I don’t see what is so bad about Buggie…he is playing the house…I didn’t like janelle leaving…but lets get real…he outsmarted her ….and the houseguests…wish she didn’t have to go…but I find I’m liking Buggie more than before this game…

  64. So sad to see Janelle leave, but everyone in there are stupid for believing Boogie especially listening to him when he told Danielle this is her chance to get rid of a strong player, doesn’t she realize Boogie is a stronger and more manipulative player of them all, i hate Boogie but i hope he wins now, for the rest of the crew to be so stupid, Frank should have been gone a long time ago

  65. Tho I actually like Boogie cuz he plays the game…Best part was Janelle calling him a douchebag on national tv!!!!

  66. Boogie showed what vile person he really is by his diary room farewell speech to Janelle. She on the other hand showed how much class she has. Soon they will all catch on to him and if they are smart, which I am questioning how many really have any brains, they will evict Boogie. I hope there is a surprise coming in the next few weeks like bringing back an evicted house guest. We know who America would vote back – without a question Janelle.

    • Sorry, they’ve already done the theme of returning players. So unless Producer’s Box has a hand in it, she won’t be back. Dan revealed his alliance in his goodbye message, I doubt he does that unless he was assured by producers that Janelle was going home and not to sequester.

      I love how you focus on Janelle’s “class” while in front of a live studio audience, on the couch with Julie for 5 minutes, and forget her attitude in the house for roughly a month. This is a reality television show, not Teletubbies, and you’re looking for ‘nice’ goodbye messages between rivals? Please

  67. branden, you are such a hater its comical.  obviously, janelle was your favorite player.  who are you to judge danielles mental state?  she was clearly portraying her arguments with janelle to the other hgs as such so she knew the votes were to evict janelle.  please dont use this venue to spout your clearly biased commentary.  well, maybe thats what this site is for.  either way, i am a fan of this site, but it just reeks of your attachment to janelle.

    • I think Danielle is considered a bit crazy because of her one-sided obsession with Shane and her thinking it was such a brilliant plan back-dooring the only person who would have gone after her main enemy in the house, Boogie.  Danielle is such a dimwit that she actually thought it was her plan, it was Boogie’s plan!  Danielle will last only as long as somebody (most likely a man)  can manipulate her and with the level of intelligences she’s shown so far, that might be for a while longer, but I don’t believe she’ll make it to the end.  Brenden isn’t the only one who doesn’t care for Danielle, I despise her as a player.  Yes, I am a Janelle fan, Danielle only put Janelle up because Boogie convinced her too and she wasn’t smart enough to figure out that Boogie had only a self-serving reason for wanting Janelle gone. 

  68. I thought the plan boogie came up with was great. I was not a fan of Janelle. I lost all respect though when he rubbed it in  when he did not have to. He got what he wanted he should of showed some class.

    • Nah, not when Janelle was the reason his best friend Will was evicted last time they all played, and not when Janelle is his Big Brother rival. Also not when he knew she was gunning for him since day one, and when he knows she thinks she’s the queen of the game despite never winning. I’m all for class, but not this time. I loved his goodbye message, he owed her no pleasantries, she’s not going to be a jury vote anyway.

  69. What was with the fake showmance between Ashley and Ian? I don’t think anyone actually believes that. If you really saw their date on BBAD, you would know that it was really awkward and weird and Ashley said she wouldn’t go on another date with him.

  70. I knew Janelle would be evicted unless there was some special Pandora’s Box twist or some such thing.  It makes me sick, though, that Boogie had to be so mean-spirited in his “goodbye” message to her.  Wasn’t it enough that he got what he wanted, like he always does?  The goodbye messages are usually more positive, even if they’re not totally honest, would it have hurt Boogie to have said “I wanted you out of the house because you were my biggest threat” or some such thing instead of having to be such a prick and “brag” that it was all him, she’s always a bridesmaid, never the bride, etc.  That just shows the kind of petty, mean-spirited and rather evil person that Boogie really is.  Apparently what Frank had said about his mother telling him to behave with class did not rub off on Boogie.  I think Janelle’s right about Boogie not winning this time, not only because of him being too big of a target, but more and more nastiness will come out from him and about him and what juror in their right minds would want to reward that kind of behavior?  I would want ANYONE but Boogie to win, even the do-nothing Jenn.

  71. Why did Jenn say that it was good for her game to have the coaches enter the game?  I didn’t know Jenn realized it was a game, she’s done nothing so far.  That she thinks it’s good for the newbies to have the vets be part of the game kind of shows me that she’s not much of a player.  How is it good for anyone’s game to have a few more people competing against them, that cuts down the odds of winning.  Jenn is the classic floater, utterly meaningless and forgettable except for her bizarre appearance.

  72. It did seem the HGs just handed this to Frank.  Why didn’t they have Frank and Boogie play each other early in the round and then just keep putting one or the other of them up until the were out.

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