Big Brother 14 Episode 13: Week 4 Live Eviction Show Tonight

Big Brother 14 with Julie Chen

We’re just hours away from the next Big Brother 14 eviction where either Janelle Pierzina or Frank Eudy will be evicted. Our well informed stance has us leaning heavily toward the former when it comes time to vote, but nothing is final until Julie Chen says it is.

If Janelle leaves as we’re predicting then that will be the first coach turned player sent out of the game and Boogie will have satisfied his personal vendetta against his former All-Stars competitor. This will also mark the third time Frank has dodged the Big Brother eviction bullet, but will he finally end his streak as a nomination whipping boy?

Once the eviction is over we’ll be treated to the next HoH competition. The HGs weren’t provided with a skill game to practice and they haven’t been on a lengthy lockdown so look for a quick Q&A, multi-round competition. Several HGs have wished for a knock-out style game which would definitely be fun as it almost always exposes alliances.

The real action in the house will just be getting started tonight. We’ll be able to watch on the Live Feeds as the new HoH will begin to plot the next nominations for Friday’s announcement. Then we’ll get the Veto competition on Saturday and the ceremony on Monday. These are the most exciting days to watch the Big Brother Live Feed so sign-up now for your 3-day free trial and see what everyone is else watching!


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  1. If Janelle does go home, it may encourage enough newbies to realize they need to send all the coaches home. Once they taste the victory of sending one home, they may want more.

    • I would like to see that but these newbs seem to be very much intertwined into their former coach. 

      • I think Danielle is the only one who will stay aligned with her coach, Dan will use her as long as he can to further himself and then dump her! Just like Shane will! Can’t wait!

  2. I cannot wait to see Janelle walk out that door tonight.. If she doesn’t, based on what we have been hearing the houseguests say, then I will know that BB producers are rigging this game for her to stay.. Keep it classy BB!

    • @Rockstrchick78, I agree with you! Especially after the “accidental” slip from production to the HG about the Silent 6 alliance!!!


  4. It makes me almost sick knowing that Janelle will more than likely go home (and not even to the jury house!) because Boogie had to exact his “revenge” on her.  What did she do to him exactly, he won the all-stars season, not Janelle!  How greedy can someone be, so Boogie thinks HE deserves to win another season whereas Janelle, who is widely regarded as being one of the best players to never have won, doesn’t deserve it?  I think the coaches should have stayed tight in an alliance, do they really think the newbies aren’t going to want to evict more of them? If Janelle could have at least made it to the jury house, she could have felt some satisfaction in at least helping to determine the winner.  I hope she can work some magic, but I am not the least bit optimistic about it.  I just hope that maybe there is a twist like Pandora’s Box, I don’t really care if it’s rigged for her to come back, I would just like to see it.  They’ve done it for less deserving players in the past, so why not Janelle?  Besides, it was certainly “rigged” for the coaches to enter the game, I don’t believe for a moment that most viewers voted to let them enter.

    • I can’t understand why Franks’ eviction didn’t take place last week. It was as if Shanes’ HOH meant nothing. He should have been evicted and then had the coaches go back in the game. I think that Janelle should have been told and the heck with production. Who are they? They can’t control people. She should have been given a chance. Boogie and Frank are way too close for comfort. I can see Dan and Britney turning on their people, but not them. They definately have a solid two alliance.  Don’t trust them. Why was Dan surprised when Janelle wouldn’t give up Joe? Boogie wouldn’t give up Frank and Britney wouldn’t give up Shane and Dan wouldn’t give up Danielle, so why would that have been a red flag for Dan. Dan is stupid to trust Boogie.

      • Boogie was willing to give up one of his other two players, but when Janelle would not give up Joe that was telling the other coaches she wanted all 3 of her players and them as well.  All Janelle had to do was say yes to Joe and things could have turned out differently.

    • Just read on another site that BB announced Janelle or the person evicted tonight would be home and not sequestered so I don’t think they will be bringing her back if this is true.

    • It’s a game! Most people play a game with the intention of winning. Why shouldn’t Boogie deserve to win. If he plays the best and makes it to the end, well then he deserves to win. Just the same with all the other HG’s.

      • Layla we have obsessed fan who don’t really get the game. Janelle went after Frank from day 1 and Boogie returned the favor, she wanted to blindside Frankie guess what ……………………. karma. 

      •  I don’t find Boogie entertaining,  he is old, ugly, and still using the same stale jokes from his previous seasons. 
        Also he is such a big shot, why is still schlepping it out on BB?  I think he may have financial troubles.

    • Frank should have been gone last week.Then they should have played
      hoh after he walked out the door.It seems producers want to keep this 2man alliance in the game.Janelle didn’t play POV so she should at least know she’s leaving if other house guest chose to tell her.The whole world knows she’s going so why so secretive.Hope Ashley wins hoh and evicts Boogie. That’s no more crazier than some stuff i’ve been reading here lately.

  5. I think production is getting stricter about the whole you can’t tell people you are voting them out thing because of what happened with Willie. The guys over in legal probably looked at the report regarding the whole situation and in light of the liability the are subject to when one houseguest uses physical violence against another determined that no matter what no houseguest should ever feel as alone and hopeless as Willie did. It certainly doesn’t excuse his actions as I think he was a coward for doing what he did because a real man would have stuck around long enough to keep the heat off of jojo and Shane but that is probably why production is getting strict about the rules. If nominees aren’t being told they are going to be voted out they won’t get desperate and resort to violence since they will feel there is some hope for them if they just keep working for votes

    • last night on BBAD we saw the convo with Brit & Jani about Brit being told they’re being strict on vote sharing, but I think that’s bull. Has that EVER been a rule?? But if you read yesterdays highlights you see Brit tells boogie they told her she can’t tell Janelle she’s voting her out. My suspicion is that 1) they basically titled this move the ‘blindside’ so they need to control that is stays that way and
      2) They realize literally the whole house is on board-which they can’t change and I bet if Janelle were to know for sure she was being sent home she would probably try to bargain with production to stay and it’s beyond that.

      There is NO WAY they can have a rule that you can’t tell people how you’re voting how do you even have an alliance then. They’re trying to protect themselves from their golden girl. I want her to go, but I feel bad for her at the same time.

      • Whenever they talk about production, you can hear warning not to talk about production, when Brit tell Janelle all lies there was no warning, so what is up with that?

      • The rule isn’t that you can’t tell people how you are voting. The rule is that you can’t tell nominees if you are voting for them. And yes it has been a rule  since the first season. Now there have definitely been numerous examples of the rule not being enforced and I think Willie is why they are enforcing it now. 

      • That’s why I said he was a coward and a real man would have stuck around long enough to keep jojo or Shane from being evicted

      • @ Snow dropz I wondered the exact same thing about production not cutting But I don’t think Brit is smart enough to think that up..

      • I didn’t know that JohnnyD Guess that makes more sense but I’m personally not sure

    • Willie went into the game ready and wanting to fight. He did what he said he was gonna do.

  6. I hope Janelle stays gone! it would be unfair to any of the other people that go voted out if she came back.

    • It was unfair that nobody got evicted when Shane was HOH….They should have had the eviction amd then let the coaches come back in….Shane was ripped off..And if CBS thinks that Frank is a big ratings getter for BB..I would have to say their wrong….He’s done nothing great and his social skills are average…Frank is just another HG hanging on to another HG’s coatails….

      •  If “Frank were just another house guest”, he wouldn’t be shown on TV as much as he is and he wouldn’t have been nominated for eviction 3 times already. The other competitors obviously see something dangerous in him…

      • I’d much rather see Frank than Shane on my tv. Shane is full of himself and a douche.

  7. A double eviction is coming up soon. Big Brother needs two to finish the season on time. I’m thinking the first one is coming up next week; there will be nine remaining players after perfect for starting jury. The second one will probably be 3 weeks after at top 7; narrowing down to 5 players by the end of the night, like BB12.

    • I think a BB twist & double eviction is gonna be an evicted newbie goes out with their former coach. 

  8. The newbies should make an alliance and take out the vets one by one so they can play their own game. The vets are still controling the game, is like they foget their not coaches any more. Bye janelle and hopefully boogie is next. Come on newbies win hoh please.

  9. I said it in the prediction article and I will say it again, all the chatter I’ve heard and watched show Janelle getting evicted by at least a vote of 5-4 and maybe even 8-1 with Joe being the sole vote to keep Janelle. But it wouldn’t surprise me if a few flips and send Frank home. Of course Big Brother doesn’t control who the HG’s vote for, so its all up to the HG’s themselves.

    As for the lying to the nominees, well that’s part of Big Brother in the art of the Blindside. Its similar to backdooring someone. Personally it would be better if the HG’s just said to Janelle as well as other nominees each week “hay I’m voting to evict you and that’s it” But this is Big Brother and its no different from Survivor, The Glass House or even The Biggest Loser. Plus its a secret alliance too, you don’t want that out their.

    The flip side to doing the blindside is you will get the treatment in return in most cases and you’ll hate it too and even the jury might hold it against you. 

    Welcome to Big Brother, a game where the producers throw everything including the kitchen sink (sort of speak) at the houseguests and see who comes out on top.

    • Doesn’t matter at all to me anymore, the only reason I was watching was because of Janelle.  I am just checking the spoilers, once Frank (Bozo) and Boogie (ugly man) are gone I will return to watching.

      • Well then, I guess I’ll take this opportunity to say that IF Janelle is evicted tonight, goodbye. Sad to see that a Big Brother fan is going to stop watching the show just because their favorite player was evicted and their least favorite wasn’t, but ok, have a nice day!

        But to keep this Big Brother fully related, I don’t have a problem with Frank and I know how it feels to be unemployed. However I hope Mike Boogie is evicted before the jury which will be soon. Who knows there might be a double eviction within the next few weeks.

  10. Last night from BBAD, we got to see Shane’s romantic side towards Danielle. He was doing choke hold and leg locks. I mean, he was beating the crap out of her, MMA style.

  11. Hopefully Janelle leaves and the quack pack win HOH and put up wil and joe and they are the next two to leave. I want the Silent 6 and Ian to all make jury which i think has a very good chance of happening

  12. If they send Janelle home they might as well send Boogie and Frank to the final two because he Boogie has control now.

  13. Frank is a dork… Evict Boogie next…

    It’s just a game… no need to get emotional…  Ask yourself … Who is the biggest pain in the kister ?  That’s who goes home next.

    Shane to win HOH … Yeah !

    • I don’t see Shane winning this one. It’s gonna be a mental challenge and he can’t handle that. Go Ian!!! Ian for HOH!!

  14. I hope that jannelle stays. I hope Danielle realizes boogie is using her for his dirty work.

    • What is everyone’s obsession with Janelle? Is it just her boobs that everyone wants to stay in the house or what?
      Bye bye Janelle, have a nice trip home. Glad to see you go.

  15. I would love for Frank to go home. I mean, Janelle has come in 3rd two seasons already. I would love for her to at least get 2nd place. I would like Frank to go home this week and Boogie next.

    • Janelle needs to earn it by playing a better game. She has not! Given a chance to form a very strong 4 coaches alliance and she blows it by refusing to throw Joe under the bus? Joe who is practically hated by everyone in the house and will not be missed? Exactly, what is it about Joe that Janelle wants to protect him at all costs? That was such a stupid move!
      It got Janelle evicted because she showed Dan, Boogie and Brittney that she could not be trusted!

  16. omg…give me a freakin break. stalker Danielle said her goodbye message if janelle leaves will be….no one comes between me and my man. delutional Danielle thing is rachel really had a man, not like you who imagines it… brendon was inloveee with rachel…shanes just trying to win a game… so dont compare yourself to rachel thats an insult to her….

    • Serious? If Dumbielle really said that she is absolutely the dumbest idiot chick I’ve ever known anywhere!
      I drop kids off at the pool that are smarter than her!

  17. Are you going to do a post on the DR leaks that happened today on the feeds? Dans DR was leaked to the house and Joe heard it… the feeds were cut but supposedly you could here Dan talking about the Silent 6 alliance! DRAMA !!!

  18. All the discussion about “do not tell”  Janell she may have no votes is kinda on the suspicious side. I mean since “when”  can u not tell a nominee  fi u are votting for or against them???  I never heard of that rule..but it could be one. Then tooo it could be BB Production is afraid that if Janell finds out for sure that she has no votes that she will go balistic and hit the self evict button. Which messes up another show….We will see…keep watching…

  19. You guys are just as crazy as danielle. Are you watching same show or you are in another world? This HOH was Dan and Brit HOH all Boogie did try to keep his buddy.
    who sold Janelle out ! Dan and Brit they flipped as soon as Boogie said (I don’t trust playing with Janelle). they had deal with her and broke the deal.
    Boogie said no deal for getting Franck out, so is he bad guy for keeping his promise to his buddy?
    Is he bad guy cuz he knows that Janelle can’t be trusted? you are just as crazy as Danielle for not seeing that Dan and Brit handled the HOH and in the top of that Dan have F3 deal with Boogie and D/B have 5 alliance deals + silent 6 deal go watch the show then make comments

  20. P.S
    All last night Brit was working Janelle and then stabbing her in other room she pretends she has no clue and kept making fun of Janelle. Dan was in the HOH room promissing danielle and went told Boogie he would get shane and dani out. Brit and Dan turned on Janelle 180 degree just because Boogie told her in her face I don’t trust you.
    They could have said no deal and whatever Dan would’ve told Danielle she would’ve done it. so stop crying over Janelle and enjoy the game.

    • sorry Snowdrop..I did not see Britney making fun of Janell or stabbing her in the back….Britney wanted to tell Janell the truth about her possible eviction cause her nerves are shot trying to keep the “secret”…Britney felt bad about the situation and rightfully sooo…Personally I would want somebody to tell me..And if u were watching last nite When Britney and Ian were in the hammock talking….Britney ask Ian “How long do u think that they will keep the deal (meaning Frank & Boogie) and Ian told her “Maybe a week”. So in that Britney is not as dumb or unknowing as some might think. She knows that Boogie & Frank won’t stick to the deal…Remenber when she got shafted by the brigade??   And as for Ian he may be playing both sides…I’m still studying on that one….And no I am not a Britney lover.. I am a fan of the show with the feeds and was watching last nite for several hours…

    •  You’re partially right.   Dan and Brit are just as much to blame for Janelles eviction.   But…Boogie is trying to summon the ghost of Dr. Will.    Telling people to their face that you don’t trust them and won’t support them was one of Dr. Wills great tactics.   Only he did it with MUCH more finesse.   Lets just see how long this works for him.  Typical Boogie….resort to identity theft since he doesn’t have one of his own. 

  21. It makes me so angry that production is always telling the HG to shut up, and now they tell the HG that they can’t tell the person they’re going to evict bye-bye, yet production can “accidentally” (on purpose) expose the Silent Six alliance by broadcasting it to all the HG! Production must think that we are just extremely stupid!!!

  22. For all the crazy people who are saying they are going to stop watching the show I want to say.
    you are liars you can’t stop, because if you would stop watching you wouldn’t even make the comments. lamo lamo, cry babies

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