Big Brother 14: Week 4 Eviction Vote Check

Janelle and Dan talk votes - Big Brothe r14

We’re a little more than a day away from the next Big Brother 14 eviction so it’s worth taking a look at how things are likely to work out.

There will be nine votes this week thanks to the influx of coaches late last week which means five votes will yield safety. Janelle has been working the house to gather those votes while Frank has been mostly sitting back and relaxing. Looks like his confidence is warranted.

The newly minted “Silent Six” alliance holds four of the votes since members Frank and Danielle won’t be voting. All they need is one more vote to eliminate Janelle. Ian, as a side alliance member with Britney, Dan, Danielle, and Shane can provide that fifth vote to secure Janelle’s eviction.

What about the other four votes? Jenn, Wil, and Ashley are all planning to evict Janelle out on Thursday as well. Joe seems to be the lone holdout but that’s mostly because HGs are keeping him in the dark. When Shane told Britney Joe said he’d vote how they wanted, Britney told Shane to not tell Joe. She wants him to be the sole vote to support Janelle so he can be a scapegoat for eviction next week.

Meanwhile Janelle is being lied to left and right. Wil has promised her his vote while swearing on his dog’s life though he later told others he was crossing his fingers. Shane has told Janelle he’ll support her and Britney indicated she’ll cast a pro-Janelle vote as well. Dan even told Janelle this afternoon that he’ll vote to keep her if she has the votes, which she said she did because she thinks she does. Dan seemed surprised and got Janelle worried when he said he hadn’t even talked to Britney about the votes. None of these HGs are going to vote to keep her.

I don’t know how Janelle hasn’t figured this out, but she may be just as blindsided by her Big Brother eviction as she was by her nomination on Monday.

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Do you think the house is making the right choice? Should Janelle or Frank go next?



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  1. I certainly think they’re making the right choice. What better time to eliminate the competition queen than by backdooring her? It’s not often in the house that the HOH also gets Veto. I can’t imagine a better time to evict Janelle.

    Moreover, we’ve seen how she has been blatantly lying to houseguests, stupidly too I might add. Why on earth would she lie to Danielle about Dan? I know people think lying is just a part of the game (and it has been), but it’s certainly not a requirement. You could play the game perfectly honest with people. It’s just that everyone has recently made the choice to be a complete jerk in the house with few exceptions.

    To give you one of those exceptional moments, look at when Ian apologized to the cameras when he made fun of Jenn for the joke he made about her wearing the same thing every day. That was big of him. Meanwhile, you have Britney, Wil, and Jenn in the backyard just trashing Joe. Even if they never plan on talking to him again, he’s going to see the tapes and it’s completely classless.

    There needs to be more completely honest houseguests that make no qualms about it. Not that I don’t expect Boogie to go around lying, but at least he looked Janelle in the face and told her in no uncertain terms, “I don’t trust you and I’m not going to work with you.”

      • Jenn wasn’t in the room and he caught himself making the joke. He immediately apologized for it. I thought it was classier than others who just relentlessly trash people behind their backs then later blame it on “the house,” as if that’s a valid reason for being boorish.

    • Sorry I don’t see it like you do.You seem to think that Janelle is the only one lying in the house.WRONG ..On B.B.A.D.  they are All lying..When Britney was asked if she pushed the button to have the coaches enter the game as a player. She laid to the rest of the coaches.Dan was the only one to fes up to it.There is NOT one person that has not lied, not even Ian. What else could Boogie have done, when talking to Janelle , with Dan in the room ? He didn’t want to look like a fool..I for one am tired of boogie thinking he is better than everyone else.I’ll be glad to see him go out the door, and I hope it’s not long.

      • What part of me saying that it’s the exception when people tell the truth that gives you the idea that I don’t realize that nearly everyone is lying almost all the time? 

        I watch BBAD regularly and I think Britney is probably the biggest liar out there. She even admitted to others in her alliance that she just agrees to alliances because it’s too hard to say no. I mean, what a stupid game move and nobody caught on to that. Moreover, she’s constantly badmouthing people behind their backs and it’s mean-spirited too. She’s not just teasing about it.

        As for Mike, you’re right too. Boogie does seem to have the biggest ego in the house and I’m sure he’ll be targeted soon enough.

        Like I said though, there is no better time to get Janelle out than when the HOH wins the POV and can backdoor her. This way she doesn’t get to compete for safety. Also most of the house is against her now. It seems like it’s going to be a 9-0 or 8-1 vote to get rid of her.

        Everyone’s going to get eliminated at some point.We’re only bickering about our opinion of timing and in my opinion this has been the perfect timing and strategy to eliminate Janelle.

      •  Uh,what show are you watching?They all lied but BOOGIE,get it right and don’t pass the wrong information around.Boogie is the only one that said he didn’t press rest and he DIDN”T! All the other greedy coaches wanted in the game,Boogie DID NOT WANT TO ENTER THE GAME.Check the facts before you report them.If you’re a BB fan you should know this,and get over the fact that Boogie plays the game and does something besides laying around eating and sleeping.

    • I never watched the all-star season and was curious .. Janelle said something the other day about how she’s only known as the “comp queen” because Boogie through her all of the wins from the all-star season. Is that true, or was she lying?

      • How do so many fans of the show keep complaining about lying?

        1) Everyone does it.
        2) Those that do it well, win.
        3) The person they don’t like often does it less than the person they do.

      • boogie, frank, and dan all the way bitch! I liked janelle in her last two seasons but i like frank boogie and dan better

  2. Can’t stand the silent 6, can’t stand Boogie. They are idiots for not nominating Boogie. Every last one of them. They are so stupid I would just as soon stop watching the season. They have someone that has won twice and they a. don’t nominate him, b. listen to him and c. think he is telling the truth. And people think that Janelle is a liar give me a break.

    • You’re not talking about Boogie, are you? Boogie finished 8th in his season, but won All-Stars.

      And seriously, Boogie vs Janelle? Six of one, half-dozen the other.

      •  Boogie has something very important though,the gift of gab.He can talk the shirt right off their backs and that gives him a huge advantage.I have to say I LOVE IT. Go Boogie!

    • Um boogie only won once. What is difference between him and Dan? Boogie won’t win. Janelle is a huge threat. They need to get her out. Best thing that has happened is he being nominated.

      • yep. and janelle will need a 4th chance to win. why people hate boogie is beyond me, he brings great GAME to the table, how that wasnt fun to watch for people is just crazy

    • what better way to play the game –boggie is right –but you know hes got it planned for him and frank to advance in the game -only reason

    • Going to stop watching because Janelle’s leaving over Mike? Go ahead then. These whines are getting tiresome. Stupid people exist every season, this is nothing new. You admit you can’t stand the Silent 6, call them stupid, then say you’re going to stop watching. You’re obviously a distraught Janelle fan.

      •  I’d say they are a distraught fan and it does suck when people go home that you like,but I’ve seen enough of Janelle to last me a life time.She’s lazy and boring this time around,so hopefully good-bye to her.As we know you can never say never when it comes to BB.Go Boogie!!!!!!

    • 1) Boogie hasn’t won twice.   He was actually out early his first season.

      2) You are playing way too much into the “believing boogie” thing.  Shane is dumb and can be talked into anything by Britney. Britney and Danielle both already hated Janelle and would have put her up if not for Dan.

      The only one who had to be sold was Dan, and he got sold because a) his coaches alliance plan fell apart  b) his vote out Frank and work with Boogie plan was shot down hard, and c) he wants a fellow evil mind to work with and doesn’t have one on his team.

      They won’t be shocked if Boogie turns on them.  Then again, they wouldn’t have been shocked if Janelle turned on them if she stayed.  Not to mention whoever was left of Boogie/Frank openly gunning for them.

      You don’t have to fully trust Boogie for this to be a good deal.

      • Why don’t you call Boogy and see if he will take you out for a back seat ride?

      • funny, you are positive about someone, and josh comes along and tells YOU to get a life. pathetic josh

      • Hey Karen i love how Boogie felt out told Janelle he doesn’t trust her..and told her to put up Joe  and she sat there with her tail between her legs  she’s worthless 

    • remeber what they said someone one who got evicted will be coming back in the game. Could be janelle. Remember julie said that. that would be great if she did

      • no. she said someone would come back IF the coaches didnt enter the game. they have 12 in the house right now with 6-7 weeks left. they wont be bringing anyone back

        also sequester houseguests were sent home

      • OOOOH>>> I want to like that about 10 times!!! That would be awesome.. I have watched her carry so many team mates each season so all of these people turning on her really makes me sick.  

    • I so agree with you..and Boogie is also in the house, which therefore HE lies as much as the other H.G. I do believe that my facts are correct as much as anyone else. I do watch B.B.A.D. every morning ,. So unless I hear the H.G. wrong ,I will report what they say. What show are You watching Karen Scheeley ?

      •  Boogie did not HIT the reset button.He was the ‘only one’ that didn’t.You said Dan didn’t hit the button and was the only one who was truthful.THAT”S A LIE. Dan Britney and Janelle all lied to each other right after they went in and hit the button.They asked Boogie if he hit reset and he said no and HE was telling the truth.I watched all of this on BB.So once again ,what were you watching???? None of what you said about the reset button scene was true.

    • I agree and just posted under Eddieboy. Check it out and see if you agree with me. Janelle should stay in the game.

  3. Janelle’s fate is pretty much sealed. I honestly expected Boogie to be the first coach to be evicted. Janelle would have been a close second.

    • why though. its absolutely moronic to evict boogie. hes the best person to sit next to in the finals, and will do all the dirty work with a smile on his face


  5. I typed this before, but it’s not there now for some reason…

    Wil swearing on his dog’s life but later saying he crossed his fingers…I’m sorry but is Wil 12 years old? I was joking with my 7-year old niece who wanted me to promise saying, saying ‘oh whoops, crossed my fingers’ just to play around with her…sad that Wil uses this in Big Brother amongst supposedly a group of adults.

    • I have to agree MJ.    Very juvenile on Wils part.   I bet he makes wishes on stars too.    Or is that Danielles department?    It’s not that i hate to see Janelle go…i don’t… but i was hanging on to her past glories and hoped they would return.   Not that i wanted her to win either…i didn’t….but her threat factor used to be a 10 and now its reduced to a 3.    Boogies air of entitlement grates on me.   I was hoping Janelle would be instrumental in evicting him first.   Then if she went it was fine.   I guess i dislike Frank because of guilt by association.   It’s hard to like someone that hangs out with Boogie.

      •  Wil is ridiculous but to continually hate on a guy because he’s got game is just crazy.Get off of Boogies ass and let him play the game and to his credit at least he’s playing unlike a lot of other lazy,floating people in the house.Go Boogie!!!!!

    • janelle asked wil to swear on his dog. you need to watch the feeds to make these type of comments

    •  Can’t wait to see the look on her face if she’s not to tired to show emotion.She’s done nothing but sleep since she’s been in the house,hopefully she will be sleeping in her own bed soon.lmao

    • dan is going to tell her early, and she will claim she wasnt blindsided. yeah. whatever. at least boogie said “yeah, you got us last week, I give you credit” to dan. janelle is completely oblivious

      notice boogie didnt say “janelle needs to go, I hate her, shes this, shes that” he said to the camera in the DR shes been someone ive been against for a long time, and is a huge threat. that is NOT saying anything negative like he could have

      • why didn’t he say that to the other HG though?  No he made it personal attack because he knew they would probably turn.. especially the girls..Dumbyale doesn’t like Janie because she is so insecure.. 

      • I did hear Boogie say “Janelle needs to go, and trim some fat ” to Dan and Danielle on B.B.A.D.

  6. Janelle is a really stoopid player this season for some reason or has that always been the case but shes been playing with tards or something to make her look good… 

    Well too bad I h8 her anyways so it doesnt even matter. Karma is a b!tch 

    • She’s always been a fairly stupid player.

      But the first season no one thought she was much of a threat til she started winning, then she won whenever they tried to get her out.  And in all stars her pre-made alliance won the first 4 HoH’s, and then Will kept her in the game so he could use her.  Also worth noting that she single-handedly alienated James from her alliance.

      This is the first season she’s had to rely on social game to stay alive (first because she was a coach, then because she didn’t get picked for veto).  And you see the results.   Its like when Rachel Reilly needs to be social to stay alive …. not gonna work unless production waves its magic wand.

  7. Ghad, do these houseguests never stop eating!!!!!!!  Their manners are horrendous  chomp chomp chomp…………

  8. Has Janell realized that Frank ” is not ‘ campagining to stay???  None of the HG’s in BB 14 are lucid…None of em know ( not even the self proclaimed master Boogie) which end is up and they all come across as ignorant…

    • Unfortunately, fotw you speak the truth.  You never know, though, how much is scripting and production. Janelle is a smart girl, and just because she is a little older than when she played before doesn’t mean she went brain dead.  I am thinking either (a.) she knows something about coming back or, (b.) she doesn’t really care and wants to be home with her baby and husband.  Britney doesn’t know the difference between lies and truth anymore. Danielle is a sociopath and if I ever saw her in a hospital I would start screaming for help. Jenn is from Mars. Ashley might be medicated. Joe needs to go home and put on his bib overalls. I hope Dan’s team of young boys at home are watching what a “good” example he’s demonstrating as Coach Liar. Boogie has a bright future as a con artist / jailbird. I would like to yank Wil’s hair extensions out. I can absolutely see Frank at home with a cold beer scratching his … stomach. And I mean this with every cell in my body – Janelle should run for Congress.  She could teach those good ol’ boys a lesson they wouldn’t soon forget. 

  9. I’ll be so sad when Janelle leaves. I really was hoping for it to pull it all the way this year. She’s been my favorite contestant my whole life. I remember watching her on season six when I was 13 and loved her from there on out. Janelle doesn’t deserve to be evicted by these people.

    • Please tc6, don’t make Janelle an example of what real women are about.  Real women don’t leave their newborn baby for months to play a silly game. 

      • I don’t see where tc6 was making Janelle an example of what real women are about…that wasn’t included anywhere in his/her post…

      • I agree, I find it so hard to believe that a mother can leave her new born just so she can play a game that she may or my not win. i makes me sick, not Judging just saying.

      • agree. her only baby, is less than a year old, and she leaves to play a game? goodness. and a game for 100k at the time at that. why?

      • Are you serious? That was the dumbest and most judgmental comment ever!  Who are you to judge any mother? A saint?  I think not.. Not sure what part of the world you come from, but even if she only won $100,000, that is a great deal of $$$ for her family and especially since she would have only worked a few months to get it.  I can’t think of any PARENT that truly would enjoy being cut off from their children for any amount of time, but life is tough and sometimes people have to do things that are difficult to get ahead in this world, even when there is a chance it wouldn’t work the way they had planned. Boogie has a baby close to the same age.. why isn’t anyone bashing him?  

  10. I’m starting to wonder if Britney is actually going to vote Janelle out, or if she’s lying. I get why she wouldn’t want to tell Joe, but what’s the harm, really? If they’re positive they have the votes to evict Janelle, why can’t she know? Do they really think she’ll be able to change votes right now? It makes me wonder if she wants Joe to vote to keep Janelle, and is worried he’s being honest about voting with the house. Does she really want Janelle to stay, or is it purely for him to be the scapegoat? I mean, will they really put Joe on the block for voting for Janelle to stay when no one told him what was going on? Not that I want Joe to stay- his lack of hand washing gets under my skin.

    • They have asked in the DR and been told they are not allowed to tell a player they are going home.

      And she’d rather have him a scapegoat that hasn’t figured out her alliance and is floored on the live show, then have him counting up the votes and figuring things out.

    • They have all lied more than Janelle.. They don’t want her to expose that.. Britney and Dumbyale together are really going to hit some all time character lows this season just wait.  They are both sooo shallow.  I think when Britney is feeling guilty is when it hits her just what a terrible person she is being to Janelle.. She knows Janelle truly considers her a friend at this point so she doesn’t want to let her know she has turned on her.  Dan is the same.  They know they are shady.  Did you see Janelle ask Dan if he wanted her to call his wife to give her a message from him if she leaves?  I think she knows, but just really wants to believe her friends wouldn’t lie so boldly to her.. Poor Janie.. This would have been a much better game for her if they didn’t have the coaches twist first.. I think she would have played much different. Stay Classy and Love Life, Janie!  Don’t let this game get to you.. I soooo dread seeing what Boogie or Frank taped for her goodbye.. grrr..

      • Well, I want to see Janelle go- she’s been annoying me since day one. I don’t see the problem with Britney turning her back when Janelle did it earlier in the game. I think it was a good move on Danielle’s part to put Janelle up, but she should have been getting rid of the coaches from the start. Not thinking about the game, I still think Janelle going home is a good thing for her. I’m sure she misses her child like crazy. 

        Oh, and the coaches twist was ridiculous! The game would be completely different had they never been forced into groups in the first place. It was pretty unfair to everyone.

  11. it is hard to pick a person I want to win this season…I’m not happy Janelle is being lied to and probably voted to go next…Danielle is so irritating to watch.  I sure don’t want her to win…My possible fav for newbies would be Ian…but I though the coaches were going to stick together as a team…what happened??

    • They were trying to form a 4 coach alliance but, Boogie told Janelle to her face that he does not trust her and cannot work with her! Can’t really blame Boogie as Janelle has betrayed her alliance with Brittney twice, betrayed her alliance with Boogie by repeatedly going after Frank so, what is Boogie supposed to do? So now, we have a 3 coach alliance on Boogie’s side. Whether it holds is going to depend on both Dan and Brittney. There is always the chance they will peel off and go back to Janelle but, can you trust anyone who goes from one alliance to another and back?

      • There is sooo not a 3 coach alliance!  Boogie won’t give up Frank!  He doesn’t trust Janelle because he can’t be sure she wouldn’t get him for how badly he did her in their last game.  He hated her that entire season because she was close to Will.. He is super big on this Bromance stuff.. Janie is not making that up!  So now it is truly gonna be Frank, Dan, and Boogie, but I know Dan is hoping someone else takes out Frank.. The Silent Six? well that is just the boat those 3 are gonna try to ride as they float to the finals!  I cannot wait til they leave Dumbyale crying either!

    • What do you think Janelle was doing last week to Frank?  She and everyone else was lying to him saying they had the votes to keep him.  I don’t feel sorry for her at all.  But that being said, I hope Ian wins too.

      • The thing I keep saying, and I’m beginning to sound like a broken record, is that people don’t need to lie. The whole point of the jury in the game is that the finalists are supposed to be rewarded for an honest game. For some reason it has become that people expect the lying, so they reward others for it. It’s a terrible indictment of competition in general.

      • Yes, they all lie.  But, lying about who you are voting for, etc is different from making up disparaging lies about someone for your own self serving pupose.  Yes, you can do it, but the risks are huge once you are found out…. i.e. Janelle….

    • You do realize that Ian PUSHED for the lying and blindsiding of Janelle, right?

      • because hes actually team boogie. hes not an idiot who wants to be 6th in an alliance, he knows he can be 3rd in the boogie alliance, and will gladly jump to boogie when he has power next and tell him EVERYTHING.

  12. To me, this is a win/win situation with Danielle ultimately nominating Frank and Janelle for eviction with either of them on getting evicted is a good thing game wise. 

    With that said, in watching the feed, listening to the chatter and considering Janelle is a strong player in her past seasons, I would say Janelle will be evicted come Thursday night and she will be surprised just like Frank and Mike Boogie would have been if Big Brother hadn’t screwed it up and hit the “game reset” before the live eviction. 

    Either way, I’m going to enjoy Thursday night’s live eviction and once the eviction happens, its all up the HOH competition to see what the drama for next week. Basically despite the “game reset”, I’m still enjoying this season of Big Brother.

  13. If janelle gets evicted then im not sure I will want to watch anymore of this season..sure Danielle thinks Shes made a big move but actually separating boogie from frank who are both great players as wel and also had a stronger alliance than anyone else in the house would have been a better move as I can’t stand her trash talking janelle is more of a player and more loved than she will ever be as her jeolousy,lies and annoying discussions are not anything I want to continue watching

  14. Janelle is by far my favorite HG of all time, but I’m at peace with this. I mean, getting out the Comp Queen *is* smart. I just don’t like how they’re doing it… Totally two-faced and without reason. Danielle is only targeting her for superficial reasons, and the other players are jumping on-board because they’re afraid of Janelle. Her reputation proceeds her. Honestly, I figured Janelle would more than likely work with that side of the house, and she would have gunned for Mike and Frank.

    • Exactly the reason Mike Boogie told her to her face that he cannot work with her because he does not trust her! Give Mike Boogie credit as he has Janelle figured out and that pretty much killed the 4 coach alliance!

      • He doesn’t trust her because he knows she probably still holds grudge about the last time he screwed her over in a game! He hated her that whole game because he wanted to be Will’s favorite! He didn’t like sharing Will with her..  Most of the things they are saying she lied about, are actually just things she repeated that others had said.  They just don’t like explaining them once they get cornered.. That is why they want to stay so silent.. Cant wait for him to turn on some of them.  Boogie with Frank is 10 times more of a threat than Janelle.. all alone.. It’s like.. hmmm what do ya’ll think they are working out so hard for?  It’s to kick your lazy butts in competitions!

  15. I don’t think Janelle is a LIAR I know it,as for the silent 6…..Lalalalala {I’m Lovin It}! I hope to see Boogie still standing at the end with Frank or Jenn beside him.I also think some people need anger management because all this hatin on one guy just because he has won BB before is straight up crazy.P.S. We all know that’s what BB is all about though,lying and back stabbing.Why else would we watch it if not for the drama.

      • Except that he’s as close to actually knowing it all as possible, really. Definitely moreso than most other players. Only one who comes close is Dan.

      • but he is more intelligent than most in the house. if not all of them. ask james rhine, he thinks boogie is better than dr will

      • Boogie is arrogant. That is his persona in the game. He wants to be the villain that everyone hates. However, he is probably the smartest player in the game. Dan is a close 2nd. If you can get thru his arrogance and only consider his strategy, you have to enjoy the way Boogie has been playing this game!

      • You are so right Ben..Boogie was like a little kid when things wasn’t going his way. He went around not talking to anyone but Frank,,,until Dan took him into the storage room and had his talk with him…one of Dan’s bad move. Did Boogie not remember that the coaches were also players, so why was he still playing for Frank and not hisself ?????

  16. Call me a skeptic and maybe, I just do not trust both Dan and Brittney but, there is always a chance they will vote to evict Frank. Obviously, Boogie, Ian, Jenn, Shane will vote to evict Janelle (that makes it 4 votes to evict Janelle), Ashley,
    Joe and Wil could vote to evict Frank (that makes it 3 votes to evict Frank). Wil could still be loyal to Janelle as he was part of her team and he may have figured out that there is an alliance he is not part of. If so, I expect him to vote to evict Frank. That leaves the two decisive votes of Dan and Brittney. Do they stick to their alliance and vote to evict Janelle or do they betray their alliance and form a new alliance with Janelle? On thing is sure, if Dan and Brittney vote to evict Frank, the other alliance members will surely figure it out immediately as there are only 9 votes this week. One thing is sure, if that happens, it will be all out war next week because Mike Boogie is not going to wait for Dan, Brittney and Janelle to take him out next week. He will try to win HOH next week and send one of the other coaches home for sure! It just gets more interesting from here on in!

    • An incredible reach of wishful thinking.  

      Dan and Britney aren’t changing votes.

      • You don’t really know that! Votes have not been cast yet and alliances in this game can be betrayed without warning. Janelle was in alliance with Brittney to vote out Frank but, Janelle decided at the last minute to evict Kara so that, Frank will go after Willie! In any case, we will know for sure

  17. my top favorites right now are Ian, Wil, Frank, and Jenn.  I really think Janelle should be taken out this week.  I know she really wants to win the game, but she is a HUGE threat.  just look how she was during the coaches last game where she just ruled it all.  Get rid of Janelle first then go after Joe.  i really can’t stand his complaining all the time and his shouting.  Everything is all about him and it is really getting annoying.   Danielle is annoying as well because all she wants to do is have a shomance with Shane.  She is doing nothing but whining all the time and do they even know that she really is a nurse and not a kindergarten teacher?

    • I dislike Jenn, but I won’t just sit here attacking her when you said she’s a favourite of yours. Instead I’m actually just curious, what is it you like about her? Other than seeming like a nice person…

      •  i do understand your curiosity but of all the “girls” in the house, she is the one that I would like to see win.  I do not like Danielle, Britney, or Janelle.  there are no other girls left in the game.  I liked Kara but she was the first one to go. 

        Who do you think should win?  I really like Ian and i think it would be really neat if he did win because he is a college student and that money could go a long way for him.  but i do like Jenn for the female one. 

      • @c8b3db07dbfcb48092df05fedc5659f5:disqus You forgot about Ashley lol, but I can’t say I blame you. You’re right it would be nice to see Ian win, he’s so grateful to be there and just $3,000 meant the world to him, I think half a million would actually have him faint on live national television. My answer could easily change over time, but right now I think I’d like to see Shane win. I’ve always sided with competitors, and he’s tried to win every competition he’s been in, not caring to throw any just to lessen the target on his back. He’s already won 4, and he’ll deserve it if he keeps it up and continues on to the end.

  18. Dan is a weak man.  I hope that his wife is stronger & smarter than him.  Danielle & Shane had to be brainless to follow or listen to Mike Booger.  Britney, sorry you’re from Arkansas as I am but you’re NOT using your BRAINS knowing how Booger played his other games.  Janelle just hasn’t been playing the game for some reason.

    • Dan is the best player in the house.

      He isn’t getting a very good edit, though.

      • As far as game play goes Dan and Ian own that house. Boogie could be as good as them, but he can’t control his ego and it makes him a target. 

  19. I’m not a huge Janelle fan, but it fits the song better to write it this way….
    To the tune of “Michelle”, by The Beatles:
    Jan-elle, my belleYou’re houseguests don’t think you’re all that swell,My Janelle

    Jan-elle, my belleSunday Monkey won’t play piano songPlay piano song

    They snub you, they snub you, they snub youThat’s all I want to sayUnless you find a wayYour eviction is a given althoughYou’ll not understand

    Jan-elle, my belleSunday Monkey won’t play piano songPlay piano song

    You need to, You need to, You need toYou need to wake and seeOh, what you need to beUntil you do I’m hoping you willKnow what I mean

    I love you…

    They want to evict you, they want to
    I’d think you’d know by nowThey’ll get to you somehowUntil they do I’m telling you
    So you’ll understand

    Jan-elle, my belleSunday Monkey won’t play piano song,Play piano song

    I will say the only words I know thatYou’ll understand, my Janelle

    • Wow, the spacing went haywire on that one! Let me try again….
      (Mods, please delete the original jacked-up one)
      To the tune of “Michelle”, by The Beatles:
      Jan-elle, my belle
      You’re houseguests don’t think you’re all that swell,
      My Janelle
      Jan-elle, my belle
      Sunday Monkey won’t play piano song,
      Play piano song
      They snub you, they snub you, they snub you
      That’s all I want to say
      Unless you find a way
      Your eviction is a given although
      You’ll not understand
      Jan-elle, my belle
      Sunday Monkey won’t play piano song,
      Play piano song
      You need to, You need to, You need to
      You need to wake and see
      Oh, what you need to be
      Until I do I’m hoping you will
      Know what I mean
      I love you…
      They want to evict you, they want to
      I’d think you’d know by now
      They’ll get to you somehow
      Until they do I’m telling you so
      You’ll understand
      Jan-elle, my belle
      Sunday Monkey won’t play piano song,
      Play piano song
      I will say the only words I know that
      You’ll understand, my Janelle

  20. I was never impressed with a lot of the newbies this season, particularly loud mouth Joe. But if they have any clue of what’s going on behind their back, they wouldn’t be laughing at Joe’s idea of forming an alliance. I think they should entertain it for their own survival. Frank included. He should start thinking of sub-alliances. If Dan and Boogie’s alliance are solid, then all the newbies are not safe and will be in body bags every week.

    • Here’s the problem with Joe’s alliance idea: its with Joe.

      He tells everyone everything, no one believes a word he says, and he has pitched 3 secret alliances PER WEEK, many involving the same people (which means everyone knows about all of them).

  21. I love the awesome irony that Janelle wanted the former coaches to work together, and at least for the time being, they’re doing that, only without her. Three former coaches are in the Silent 6, working together, to have her evicted.

    Cruel fate eh, Janelle?

    •  Hey, Last night Brit was sort of proposing a soft alliance with Danielle in the HOH. Telling Danielle that no girl had ever won sitting beside a guy in BB history. Being a pro in this game, she seems to be preparing for what’s coming. I like that. Well, we all know that eventually they will turn against each other….can’t wait for some action.

      • I’m not saying that’s the worst idea, but I’m starting to shake my head at Janelle and Britney and whoever else is overly fixated on this whole woman never beating a man in final two stuff. Focus on the main task here, winning the game, you don’t get anymore money than $500,000 for beating a man. 

      • Yeah, the problem with the whole “woman has never beat a man in the final two” is the options.

        Season 2 was Will against Nicole.  And Will clearly played the best, it wasn’t even close.

        All stars was a member of chill town against a floater.

        That leaves only 2 times in 14 seasons the situation has come up and the girl has even merited consideration.  

        A girl can beat a guy in the end.  But it requires a girl who does more than float, and ideally a weak guy. You wanna win Britney? Drag Joe to the end.

      • @1e29c2c022c39590f46677c183a77499:disqus Yea that’s true, the guy has been the clear deserving winner everytime a guy has beaten a girl in the final. The only “close” one, and I put quotes around that because it’s arguable, is one you forgot. Season 8 when Dick beat his daughter Daniele, but I already know most people will say that was easily a deserving win for him.

      • @1e29c2c022c39590f46677c183a77499:disqus Like you said, if a deserving woman is in the final two with a man who hasn’t played too well, then I’m all for the woman winning because I want the deserving player to win. This isn’t about gender it’s about who deserves it. Unfortunately I can see Britney if she makes jury, Janelle if she made jury but obviously now most likely won’t, and whoever else’s female mind they poison, voting for a woman if it’s guy vs. girl in the final two, just because of this damn fixation that it’s never happened before, regardless of who actually deserves the win.

        If Ashley wins (after continuing the game she’s been playing to date and never really changes it) over Mike or Dan for example, because 4 female jurors want to see history made, and/or just because Mike and Dan have won before, I’m going to be extremely annoyed.

    • I can’t wait to see who will get H.O.H. tonight. If the former  coaches do not win, will they still stick together ???  umhhhhhhhhhhh

  22. I’ve noticed there are a couple of Boogie lovers.    Hard to believe but true.   But….I never said i didn’t appreciate the slick move he made by getting them to backdoor Janelle.   He does indeed have game.     What i said was….i didn’t like his air of entitlement.   He thinks he’s now the CEO of Chilltown.   And if you’ve been watching the feeds at all, he’s referred to women as bit**es, c**ts, and whor*s.    Real intelligent for a 40 something guy who’s on national tv AND the internet.    Maybe he wasn’t breastfed as a baby…i don’t know.   But he has a real problem with women….and working with them.   He said he wouldn’t.   Just sayin….it would be nice to see his narrow minded self get his comeuppance.   And obviously Frank is his brother from another mother.     

    • Mike Boogie is arrogant. That goes beyond saying. Do not have the live feeds so, did not see what he said and in what context. Everyone is in the camera and things are probably magnified to get the most drama out of it.
      Evil Dick during his season said a few choice words which was bleeped and
      censored in addition to bullying the women in the Big Brother house. He poured a drink on Jennifer Johnson’s head and blew cigarette smoke directly at her face! For sure, a lot of things probably should not be happening in the Big Brother House however, considering that the Producers have a hand in how things are run in the house including suggesting or telling house guests how to behave in the house, any and all
      behavior in the house is probably scripted. Of course, the producers will
      not tell you that! That would spoil the fun and the persona each player is
      made out to in the house! Mike Boogie is the villain and he obviously relishes the role! As for Mike Boogie refusing to work with Janelle, that is
      Janelle’s problem having betrayed her alliances repeatedly. How is anyone to trust you if you show yourself to be untrustworthy? That is Janelle’s problem.

    • I agree. I read earlier that after he woke up this morning doing “shout outs” to Janelle’s husband. He is so egotistical. Dan made the comment about Danielle and Britney playing emotional After watching tonight’s show, Boogie is playing emotional against Janelle

      • He’s not “emotional”, he just lives to showboat and talk smack and try to look smarter than everyone else.

        Its the reason he was so upset about the Frank-ambush-that-never-happened. Thats meant to happen to his targets, not Boogie.

        Boogie and Dan are clearly friends outside the game, and I’ll bet even Janelle and Boogie get along outside the house, if only as acquaintances.  But just like he tried to make it sound in DR like he outmanoeuvred Dan in week one (instead of Willie and Joe both overplaying so much they saved Frank by accident), here he has to play it up that he is sending Janelle home single handed.

        Little details like half the in power alliance already hating Janelle before Boogie said a word are irrelevant.

      • Boogie really had no business doing shout outs to Danielle’s husband and her mother !!! Shame on him, let’s keep this all in the game Boogie.

    • OH MAN, did you hit this on the head !!!  I love your thinking. A lot of people do not SEE or HEAR everything , so they only judge on what the 3  nights show on T.V. I for one watch it all , and it’s very easy to know how each H.G. acts.

  23. This is pretty awesome.  I had given up on this season, but bringing the coaches back made it interesting again.  I’m thinking either Dan or Brittney will win.  They both have a side alliance (if Boogie is really working with Dan), they both are doing a good job being liked by everybody and not having a target on their back.  They are both doing a decent job making other people do the dirty work and take the blame so far, although Dan is the master of that based off his season.  I’m goin with Dan as my new fave. 

  24. The show is getting old. The alliances, back door, blood on my hands, enough all ready. Same old same old. I think Ian should have traded for the trip. When Ian is gone, I’m finished watching. It’s too much of the same old BB from whatever year you wish to insert in the blank. It’s just not fun to watch anymore. I think BB has “Jumped the shark”  (That’s a TV term for a show that’s been on too long. Comes from an eposode of “Happy Days)

  25. I think Janelle should go but I think that boogie and Frank need to go on a double eviction or fast forward.  By the way Frank and Boogie have a bromance going.  Boogie is gay and Frank and Boogie can have their fun outside of the house then.  I think Frank and Boogie have their romance I mean bromance since the first time they met.  If they don’t get out soon they are going to ride on the coat tails of everyone else to the end.  That is all I have to say.

    • Its been known that Boogie is gay since his first appearance on BB. There certainly is nothing wrong with being gay – but admit it. Don’t pretend to be a big ladies’ man. 

  26. Hope the silent6 goes to the end!!!! goo danielle and shane and whoever is saying there finish watching this season so y you writing this post…

    • same here, this game just start being joyful. BB I love you. goooooooo boogie and goooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Frankie. lol

  27. Plus Frank and Boogie already plans to start stabbing Britney and Shane in the back with whoever wins HOH next week they are both liars and stupid to boot I hope they keep their alliance of 5 people and get rid of Frank and Boogie as soon as possible.

  28. after janelle is gone boogie and frank will backstab britney then she’ll be gone the there going 2 keep doing it over and over and over after janelle and britney there probably going 2 backstap shane first then dan then danielle then guess what boogie basically just won

    • Play that scenario out in your head.

      Say they do backstab their alliance and even manage to somehow send one of them home.What chance in hell do they have with their new teammates: Wil, Joe, Jenn, and Ashley?They would be incredibly stupid to go against their alliance, at least until those others I just mentioned are gone.

  29. I can’t believe people actually think that the Silent 6 is going all the way. Don’t you know Boogie? He’s not the type of person to stick with a large alliance.  I bet you next week if Frank or him win HOH there going to break that alliance and target more threatening players.

    • No, it will be too soon he won’t blow his cover. I think he make them take each other out.

    • There are still 11 players after tomorrow’s eviction. The smart move is to lay low and take out the floaters which means Joe, Ashley and Wil. That will leave 8 players left. Any moves will likely happen when there are 8 players left. Of course, if Dan and Brittney decide to save Janelle and vote out Frank then, all bets are off! Boogie will know he has been betrayed and will be targeting the coaches, Dan, Brittney and Janelle the following week. He will try as well as his allies to win HOH next week and probably put Dan and Brittney on the block with Janelle as replacement nominee if Dan or Brittney gets off thru POV! Of course, the coaches lose if they go after each other because the newbies can then, pick off the remaining coaches in the game!

  30. Brit, is the big bit……. she opened her mouth pretending she is in shock, and she call Janelle liar and she claim not trustworthy. she was her BFF and bang stab.

  31. Wow I was thinking to myself they should get together but dan is a liar as soon as everyone outside the alliance he should be the first to go

  32. I think Dan and Britney want to tell her tonight.  But BB won’t let them tell her while the feeds are on.

    They probably will let her know in the prep for the live show tomorrow.  They don’t actually want to blindside, just don’t want to start a fight that gives away their 2 side alliances.

    • I don’t think Dan and Brit should tell Janelle.  When Frank was going to go last week nobody told Frank and Boogie.  They thought Frank was safe.  I just think it’s way too risky and can ruin it for their own game if Janelle is told ahread of time. 

  33. They are idiots!!!!! Smart would have been get boogie and frank nominated together and boogie go home. Frank really sucks if you want to be honest.

  34. The Shane/Danielle shomance should kill any future shomances in Big Brother. Shane will be fortunate if he leaves BB intact. Danielle manipulates JoJo’s eviction votes because Ian told her they talked about kissing each other. As she said then “a woman scorned”. Danielle must watch alot of Joan Crawford movies.

    • And you must watch only the produced shows.

      Both Janelle’s team and Boogies team were already scheming to dump JoJo before Danielle said a word. Ironically they both thought they’d have trouble getting the other side to go along.

      Danielle may have thought she was getting rid of Jojo, but Jojo was going anyway,  

      • Thank you for saying that.  It is hard to know when people only watch the produced shows as they get spinned so differently.  Having BBAD and the live feeds makes such a difference.

  35. Oh I couldn’t be happier to see Janelle go.  Frank is an OK guy really, He can’t help it he got picked by Booger and got contaminated right out of the gate.  The only person I would want to see evicted more is Booger, but Danielle was too stupid to nominate him, even to HIS surprise.

  36. frank needs to gtfo! i am always team janelle and always have been :) its sad to see the power that boogie has in turning everyone against her, but give him credit for being a mastermind manipulator.

  37. Anyone else sick of Danielle? I cannot wait for her to get off her reign. Dare I say it, but I would rather have Rachel return than Danielle stay in the house. There’s just something about her irritating face making.

    • Rachel? Please never ever say that again.   Danielle ain’t great, but shes way more watchable that Rachel.

      • Danielle is way better than Rachel any day.  I was afraid she was coming back and I am sorry to all those that really like her, but two season of BB with her and Brendon plus Amazing Race was enough for me.  Just too many chances for one player.

    •  Tell me about it…. she irritates me to no end ! She is so full of herself and has to keep telling everybody, how smart she is ! Really ? That woman is so annoying, and smart is not one of her attributes. I can’t wait for them to kick her back to Redneck land. She may fool the likes of Shane, who is as “thick as two short planks”, himself, but that is about all. The two of them form a “wonderful” couple. Both have but 1/2 brain cell between them.

  38. I find it ironic that Production inadvertently axed their all time most popular player with their twist last week.

    It is obvious that the reset twist with no eviction was to keep the popular Frank in the house for some drama.  But that no eviction essentially torpedoed Janelle in the end.

    If Frank goes then the coaches come in, Boogie goes on the warpath, Dan tries to keep Janelle and Boogie off the block (unless Boogie rages too much), and either Boogie or Joe end up going this week.  No need to save Frank would mean no silent 6.  Either Dan would talk Boogie off the ledge and form a new, awesome pair, or Boogie would be gone.

    As someone who got sick of all of the meddling last season to get the favourites to the promised land, I find that AWESOME.

  39. if boogie stays in the house i hope he wins all of them are stupid and boogie is laughing like crazy at how stupid they all are.

    • Boogie gets out Dan next. Then there’s no one to match him strategy wise. He’ll pick the house a part.

  40. OMFG.  I hate Boogie and I kind of feel sorry for Janelle.  I hope Dan and Britney go in the final 2 and Dan wins again! 

  41. Feeds went to trivia, came back, and went to trivia again.  Been that way 40 minutes.

    We either just got the heavy handed twist to save Janelle (god I hope not), or more likely this just because some sort of fast forward, with an eviction, comp, and noms tonight.

      • Its really not that early.  They have like 6 weeks to get rid of 9-10 people. 

        Anyway, it was the half way party, not a comp or eviction. But that has the players thinking tomorrow could be a fast forward anyway.

  42. Please new H.O.H. get rid of Danielle…cannot stand her anymore !!!! They all are going to regret Janelle leaving. Now it’s wide open for Boogie and Frank to control the rest of the season. I never thought that Dan, Britney, Danielle, and Shane would go for boogies plan  !!!! HOW STUPID !!!!!! Can’t wait to see the next couple of weeks…should be interesting to say the least…

  43. I’ve been saying possible double evict with possible chance to re-enter…not to sure on the latter…would make for great TV though

  44. I love Mike Boogie and Frank.  What a clever web Boogie has weaved.  Ian is a smart one as well.  It should be interesting to see it his way of playing the game by taking the hits and making people feel sorry for him will work to help him win the game.  

  45. On a seperate note, really disappointed that Dan’s “I came to play with Batman and got Robin” comment about Boogie didn’t make the edit.

    But i guess BB wants to play down the fact that Dan and Boogie knew each other outside the house and obviously had prior conversations about a potential deal.  

    Til Yoko Franko showed up, anyway.

  46. You know, this Danielle is so freakin’ snotty … and I believe that she wanted Janelle out so much because she is JEALOUS of her.  This business of Janelle looked at her funny once – so she HAS TO go is just stupid.  AND, the fact that they could get rid of TWO really strong players – like Mike and Frank – but are dumb enough to be conned into keeping them both by Mike Buggie … well, that is just so moronic that it is disappointing.  But the real disappointment is how much EVERYONE so easily turnt on Janelle.  She did what she felt she needed to do to protect her players AND so what, if she lied or exaggerated here or there … THAT is ALL a part of BB.  I have to say – If Janelle goes – that’s it!  I’m done watching for this Season.  I won’t even watch to see when that whiny Danielle gets booted off although that would be the only draw for me to watch it past tomorrow – other than when Mike B. comes back to bite everyone in the butt for keeping him around … like he ALWAYS does.  Shame the Queen has to go.  So many Haters on the Show this Season!    Geeez! 

  47. I think the best move is to evict Janelle.  She may have been one of my favorites before this season started,  but she did not play the game like she has in prior seasons.  Bottom line is she told Boggie when all four coaches were present she wanted to work with him.  At the end of their discussion all he asked was for her to give up Joe and she remained silent.  I won’t even go into all the other reasons why I was surprised I ended up not liking her this season.  Just think about it she would not give up Joe.  I don’t care who your favorite is she is a threat in the game and I feel you take your chances when you can to remove a strong threat.  Frank has only won one HOH.  He is not the same threat as Janelle.  i just hope that Production does not stop this from happening and I don’t think anyone should tell her.  She has hated Frank from the beginning and nobody was going to tell Frank last week when he was going to go.  She had no problem with Boogie being blindsided as he and Frank thought they had the votes to stay last week before the reset.  The same should happen this week.  If they tell her tonight she will stay up all night trying to figure out what happened and possibly exposing the alliance they have created.

  48. i am glad that janelle is going.  or hope so.  like i said earlier, her mouth opens and lies spew.  i’m sure it’s going to take a couple of months for her to stop when she goes back to real life.

  49. I am going to be glad to see Janelle leave tomorrow. In her season and in Allstars, I was a fan, but this season, shes just not the same. Dan is my alltime favorite player of big brother. I would loveee to see him win again! If he doesnt win, then I would wanna see Ian win.

  50. I don’t think Janelle should go. Not yet. I think Frank should go. I honestly don’t think the coaches should be allowed to play but since they are I think Boogie should be evicted first, Next Dan,then Janelle and then Britney. I honestly don’t understand why the other house guest’s aren’t working together to get out the “coaches” …I also wonder who is coming back into the house tomorrow. 

  51. Frank needs to go. These players are crazy if they don’t get him out to help cripple Boogie. They are being made to look stupid by voting out Janelle now!

  52. Also..Why does Danielle continue to lie about what she does for a living? She is a nurse but tells everyone she is a teacher.. Why lie about something like that? 

    • Boogie already figured it out and told Brit. Danielle said she would never admit to it.

    • I really don’t see the difference between a being teacher and a nurse, as far as the game goes.

  53. I wish that Boogie play them all like an old violin and wins it at the end. none of them deserve 500k

  54. omg im so sick of Danielle i hope she leaves on like a double eviction…shes ruining shanes game…i know he is wanting  girl right now hes human but common shane shes unstable… he can all the girls after the show… does he really think hgs are  gonna think hes not showmancing with stalker…he is always with her… he is ruining his chance for 500k

  55. If Janelle goes tonite, Boogie will winn BB14 because the rest of them are a bunch of losers who will believe anything he says! 

  56. Newbies need to evict ALL of the coaches.  Any newbie who balks at evicting the coaches should be on the eviction que as soon as possible.  But primary goal needs to be past players especially Boogie and Dan.

  57. Its a brilliant move by Danielle/ Silent six, but as a Janelle fan I’m devastated we didn’t see her compete in her prime. and this is probably the last time she will come back to the BB universe. Also this is looking like a brigade alliance where no1 stands a chance against them its going to get very boring and kind of ruthless with everyone getting evicted and probably crying while at it.

  58. Boogie talking about honesty is like saying that the sun rises in the west.  After all he was on National TV in bed with a girl he lied to for all to see.  He is as untrustworthy as that idiot Britney who looked “so suprised” when Danielle back doored Janelle.  Then when all the coaches were in the HOH room the “genius” Dan said he knew Janelle was lying when she did not say anything…That was a first even for Big Brother.  Wil who has as much integrity as the rest of them was saved twice by Janelle but somehow was offended by it although he never accomplished a thing so far.
    What the players who are not part of the “slient 6” do not understand is that they will be picked one by one and will not know what hit them.  Then the back stabbing and lying will continue when the rest 6 geniuses try to outsmart each other.
    Playing a game is one thing seeing grown ups stooping so low for $500,000 before taxes is a new low and these current players have already hit it.

  59. Please BB stop Janelle from being evicted this year was getting exciting now we have to listen to Frank and Boogie in the diary room laugh like to idiot’s. I love Janelle and was so glad she was in the game. Hope if she goes America get’s to put her back in the game and send home Frank once and for all, and lets see if Boogie win’s this battle without his puppets.

  60. Boogie is the biggest liar of them all. For the coaches to agree to working with him was their biggest mistake. The first chance he gets to backdoor Shane, Dan, or Britney he will do so. For them to believe that he has their back is going come back to haunt them all. Janelle Rocks! She is the best Big Brother player in BB history – the smartest too. If they vote her out tonight the show producers would be wise to bring her back this episode as “America’s Favorite” to compete to win and throw Boogie out. This would be the great twist this Summer – “Expect the Unexpected”. That is what AMERICA wants. They want her in the show. Give her a chance to come back.

  61. big Brother has missed this game up!!!! I do not think that the coaches should have had the chance to join the game and I don’t think that they should have EVER brought Mike (Boogie) back into the house I have never liked him!!!!!

  62. I never watched the all-star season and was curious .. Janelle said something the other day about how she’s only known as the “comp queen” because Boogie through her all of the wins from the all-star season. Is that true, or was she lying?

  63. Jannelle NEEDS to go home and be a MOTHER! This is perfect, shes not going to go to jury and can still spend the rest of the summer with the DAUGHTER she NEVERS mentions. At least in a way of how much she misses her or I wonder what shes doing now, I just don’t get! Maybe because I am a MOTHER first and FORMOST! AND its obviuos listening to her talk, they don’t NEED the money!!!

  64. @Karen Sheeley. Your comments are really nasty. Everyone has his or her own opinion. If you don’t like it stay off this board.

    •  I will say what iI think and if you don’t like it you get off the link.I would dare say you don’t like my opinions so now you’re pissed …get over it.

  65. this game has turned to bullshit! Dan’s diary room being leaked is the biggest load of crap i have ever heard! Producers should evict themselves!

  66. @ Karen Sheeley…I did not say that Dan was the only one to push the reset button. What I said, was that He was the only one to fes up to it. I know that Dan, Britney, and Janelle ALL pushed the button, and that Boogie thanked America  and said no thanks. Get your facts straight.

  67. Again @ Karen Sheeley you better check my past post and read it again just to see what  said..I DID NOT say that Dan did not push the reset button..WHAT I did say, he was the only one to fes up to hitting it . I also have been watching since season 1. PLEASE check All my posts before you claim to judge me.

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