Big Brother 14 Episode 12: Blindsided


Wednesday night’s Big Brother 14 included a unitard, a dog costume and a major blindside. But before we get to how Danielle’s power played out this week, let’s back up and start from the beginning.

The episode picks up right after Danielle (and by Danielle I mean Dan) nominated Frank and Wil. Dan made Danielle nominate Frank to finally get rid of him so he can focus on getting the coaches into an alliance. Wil is just a pawn at this point, also suggested by Dan. So Dan got them up and Danielle gets to take the credit for it.

Danielle is upset for putting up Wil since she promised him he was safe so she pulls him to the HOH room and does a little crying and tells him he is just a pawn. He says he’s OK with it even though he just said something about Southern belles going to hell in the Diary Room.

Frank and Boogie aren’t surprised Frank is up for the third time this season. Frank makes fun of everyone by wondering why he’s even a threat to them since he’s competed in EVERY competition and has only won one (and that was a memory quiz).

Janelle and Dan are already banking on Frank going home this week, so they want to feel Boogie out about working with them and Britney as a former coaches’ alliance. Boogie says he isn’t interested in working with people he can’t trust. He’s still upset that they were all about to blindside Frank last week  before the game was reset.

Ian finally realizes Boogie isn’t going to have his back now that he’s no longer a coach, so he reaches out to Britney and Danielle and an alliance is discussed. A little later, they solidify an alliance of Ian, Britney, Shane, Dan and Danielle. How solid is this? Eh. You’ll find out later.

It’s time to pick the veto players. Joining Danielle, Frank and Wil in the game will be Shane, Jenn and Ian with Dan as the host.

Frank and Janelle have  a little chat about alliances and such. Janelle says she doesn’t really have anyone and hints at joining up with Frank. She’s not really serious, of course, but we have no way of knowing what she was up to. Britney notices the two of them talking and gets paranoid. She shares the information with Dan and Danielle and we are introduced to a new personality of Danielle’s — one that imagines things, exaggerates things and flat-out lies. You may not have seen this in the episode, but you can read all about that in an earlier post.

Danielle says Janelle “Infuriates” her and so there’s a new seed planted and if things go a certain way during the veto competition, Dan will have to talk Danielle out of targeting Janelle. Because as Dan says, she and Britney tend to play the game too personally.

At the veto competition, the game is called Field of Veto and it’s a baseball theme, but the game is more like a ski ball game. The players have to roll the ball and hope it lands in the circle with the most points. After each round, the person with the lowest points will be out and will have to pick a prize. Then each person out after will do the same but will also have the option to trade their prize with another.

The Veto Results:

  • Round One — Shane is out. He picks the Power of Veto.
  • Round Two — Wil is out. He picks a veto ticket and trades with Shane.
  • Round Three — Jenn is out and picks a Maui vacation. She keeps it.
  • Round Four — Ian is out and he picks Live a Dog’s Life. He keeps it.
  • Round Five — Frank is out, picks $5,000, trades it with Wil for the Veto.
  • Round Six — Danielle wins and picks the “spirtard.” She trades with Frank and ends up with the Power of Veto.

Boogie and Frank decide it might be worth a try to try to talk to Dan about working with them and convincing Danielle to take Frank off and put Janelle up and send her home. Boogie heads up to talk to Dan and Dan is still only interested in working with the coaches. Britney and Janelle come in and join the conversation, hoping to solidify a coaches’ alliance.

Boogie and Janelle talk about ditching their players, but neither will budge. Boogie refuses to leave Frank and Janelle won’t discuss unloading Joe. So for some reason, Boogie, Britney and Dan decide Janelle is being shady because she won’t stop working with Joe. Even thought Boogie won’t give up Frank, Britney won’t give up Shane and Dan won’t give up Danielle. But for some reason, it’s only wrong when Janelle refuses. So Britney and Janelle leave and Dan decides that was enough to take Boogie up on his idea. And since Janelle already “infuriates” Danielle, it should be easy. Well, for that reason and the fact that all of her other decisions have been made by Dan as well.

Danielle and Boogie talk and Danielle is sold, but still has to make sure it’s the right decision. And by that she means make sure Dan’s on board. So Dan, Britney, Shane, Danielle and Ian decide they will take Wil off the block (to make it less obvious they’re saving Frank) and renominate Janelle.

Ian goes off and Frank and Boogie end up in there and the others tell them the plan. They then form the “Silent Six” alliance and Frank is poised to escape the block a third time. Oh, and I guess Dan, Danielle, Britney and Shane forgot about their alliance with Ian. Typical.

So it’s time for the veto ceremony and Danielle takes Wil off the block and renominates Janelle. She is completely shocked and in typical Janelle fashion is first upset that she didn’t get to put on makeup. Had she known she was going up, she would have worn a cute outfit, she says. When she really should have been upset by the completely random blindside that won’t even let her defend herself.

So either Janelle or Frank will be going home Thursday night. Who do you think will be heading out the door?



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    •  I think it is hilarious as well.  Boogie did come cool talking and look how fast he turned it around so now Janelle is sitting up against Frank.  Janelle will be leaving.  It is strange that so many people think of Frank as a threat like he said to Boogie that he only one one competition. 

      •  It’s not so much that Frank himself is a threat, but the team of Boogie and Frank that threatens them. At least that’s my thought.

      •  I have a sneaky suspicion that Ashley may be going out of the game, something has been wrong with her all day..not sure, if she leaves the house,,guess eviction this week and Janelle stays..BB does not want her leaving that house..OR it could be halfway party..something is brewing.

      • Ashley is in alot of back pain! I heard it on the late night feeds! I don’t remember who but I believe it was Britney and another asking her (Ashley) how her back was feeling. They said that they had never seen someone in so much pain!

    •  ..halfway party..feeds are still going on and off though, but, they came on long enough for me to find that out..these feeds seem to be going out alot more this year, getting a little tired of paying money and not being able to watch.

  1. This episode pissed me off. Grinder is so far up Frank and Boogie’s *** that she makes an anti Janelle edit. They completely left out when Janelle told Frank she doesn’t trust him in the bathroom and when she offered to put Joe up in the coaches meeting. I doesn’t make any sense if she is already going home at least give her a fair edit. And please stop making Britney look like the good girl and show Danielle as the delusional girl she is… Is that too much to ask ?

    • Janelle refused to put up Joe which Mike Boogie suggested because he said Joe created a lot of drama and trouble in the house! Instead, Janelle was all quiet and not a peep from her! You knew she would not put up Joe even if Mike Boogie was asking for that good faith move on Janelle’s part to cement the 4 coaches alliance! 

      •  Exactly. Janelle had just finished saying she knew Joe was coming for the coaches. And she said she wasn’t with him anymore. So Boogie said ok…then put him up as a replacement. from Janelle.

    • RobbyP Janelle did not offer to put up Joe in the coaches meeting.  Boogie asked her right in front of all the coaches and Janelle remained silent which is why they knew they could not trust her.

    • wow, you are WAAAAAY bias here. janelle has ruined her own game, if anything, they were NICE about it not showing the rest of boogie’s taunts that you know took place.

      brit does get the good girl edit, wish they would show her lying. but they want brit to get america’s player, then can use her to vote and keep boogie and frank around

    • That entire conversation between the coaches was aired on Big Brother After Dark. The edit was an accurate summary of exactly what happened. Janelle never offered to put Joe up. She clammed up, exactly as they showed it.

  2. i love janelle, shes been my favorite forever! sure shes a little off this season, she misses her husband & baby. danielle is so dumb for believeing boogie.. his obviously ganna backstab her next week & i cant wait for it, she deserves it! janelle is the only one who actually would have tooken boogie out or went after him.. wouldnt surprise me if its boogie & dan or boogie & frank in final two.

  3. this is still up in the air , shane knows and so does brit that franoogie, is the biggest threat and need to be broken up,  I hope it dawns on them at the last minute and then take dog boy with the decision,  Will Joe and jenn better hope frank goes home they are going to be targets , at least next week if frank stays.
      Joe should use his parinoid attitude to fiqure it out. Will needs to take a smart pill and think .  right know it is a fifty fifty chance that frank will go. Joe is still peed that frank was taken off once. Do we really want a franoogie team, in the house .

  4. Wow Boogie, just wow. You have to respect this guy, he always manages to squeeze out of tight situations. 

    • Most weasels do.    In Greek culture, a weasel around the house is a sign of bad luck, even evil, “especially if there is in the household a girl about to be married”, since the animal  was thought to be an unhappy bride who was transformed into a weasel[3] and consequently delights in destroying wedding dresses.
      Beware Danielle!!

    • I too like Boogie, but this is new for me. I hated him and Dr. Will and their DR sessions. Can’t say I like Boogie and Franks DR sessions either.But Boogie is more laid back and not as sneaky at least as of yet!

      • How can you hate the chilltown DR clips? Some of the funniest big brother moments ever!!

    •  In order to think for oneself, one needs to be in possession of – at minimum – half a brain. Danielle clearly lacks in that department. When God handed out common sense and brains, Danielle kept queuing up for jealousy and vanity… that woman was delusional, pathetic and stupid, even before she was spawned….. and growing up, she grew more stupid, more vain and sooo pathetic, it should hurt.

      • PLEASE tell us what you really think!
        Danielle will do alright for herself at least for the next few weeks! There are much bigger threats in the house other that the little ole’ Southern Bell!!!

  5. so what happens with the twist that if the coaches push the reset button someone that already got eliminated will come back to the show??

    • Someone would only come back in the game if the coaches DID NOT push the reset button.

  6. Frank should of been gone last week. so unfair that it was a waste of a week.
    Now it looks like he will be staying another week.

    • How’s is a wasted week? In what universe is Frank a bigger competitor than Janelle? He’s won 1/8 competitions.

      • I think Shane is a bigger competitor than Frank look at how many comps he has won. POV then HOH and while he was HOH he won POV again. Get him out next after Janelle.

  7. Janelle should have thrown Joe under the bus! She had a chance to solidify the 4 coaches alliance but, of course, Mike Boogie did not trust her for good reason! The last proposal of Mike Boogie was Frank would not be thrown under the bus the same way with Janelle keeping Wil safe. So why is Joe so important to Janelle that she will not throw him under the bus? Instead, she is quiet and cannot say anything! Again, that serves Mike Boogie’s assertion that she cannot be trusted! So, instead of a very strong 4 coach alliance which they could have had, now we have a 3 coach alliance because Janelle will not backdoor Joe! That was a bad move on Janelle’s part because each player in the Big Brother is now playing for themselves and Joe has irritated a number of house guests who will be more than happy to see him go! So, for saving Joe’s ass, Janelle gets herself backdoored! What was Janelle thinking?

    • Janelle isn’t thinking. She thinks that she is not the true target. She knows how the other hg’s feel about Joe. He’s gonna be easy to get out whenever they need to use him for that and it will guarantee all the others will be safe.

    •  Janelle was thinking Frank needs to go home. He’s skated by 3 weeks now and she knows that Mike will take Frank to the end.  She sees the Chilltown set up again and is trying to get it out. She thought the others were on board with that as well.

  8. When Dr. Will and Boogie were doing the shtick in DR where both of them would laugh at the same time, it was funny. But when he does it with Frank, like tonight, Jeees.. It must be working, coz I get so annoyed.

    • Agreed….. That crap is probably turning A LOT of viewers and fans off to Frank. I like Frank but I cringe when I see those DR sessions between the two of them. This isn’t Chilltown 2… The producers probably came up with the idea. And I’m assuming that’s why frank was saved last week, so they can string along their new “Chilltown” alliance… like the way they are forcing a Danielle/Shane showmance. Its soooo stupid when on the show, they’re having a segment about Shane and Danielle, and #BBShowmance pops up. Is anyone seriously tweeting positively about this?

      • Unless the  Producers are molding Frank to be in the final 2 with Boogie,  It’s just too early for Frank to be doing the Chilltown routine. Also, the acting is so forced and un-natural, it’s really irritating.

  9. Objectively, I think it was a smart move to backdoor Janelle,
    because let’s face it: she is a strong player, but I lose all respect for
    Danielle knowing that her motive behind the backdoor was because of shallow
    pettiness. Fast forward a week from now, and I’m sure Boogie & Frank will
    be coming after their own “Silent 6” alliance. All the lies and backstabbing
    that’s going on in the house this season is so unattractive. Can’t these people
    make big moves without resorting to cattiness? Anyone else notice that no tears
    came down Danielle’s face when she talked to Wil after the nomination ceremony?
    And for what reason did she have to cry in the first place? It’s not like she
    was the victim in the entire situation, and it’s as if “crying” will reverse
    what she did. She wouldn’t have had anything to “cry” about, if she had just
    stuck to her own words/promise and not nominated Wil. And I think the only
    reason Mike “Boogie” orchestrated the idea of back-dooring Janelle, is because
    he’s bitter that the house was going to do the exact same thing to him and
    Frank. And I personally don’t believe Boogie is even a strong player (or
    atleast in this season) he keeps hiding behind Frank’s smooth talking social
    game and (dare I say) good looks because he knows he can’t win this alone.

    • Nobody wins these reality games even Survivor all by themselves. It is a numbers game. You have to have an alliance to win as you cannot play each and every week! Also, you need to have the votes to keep you safe when you need it! If you were playing chess then, you would not need an alliance! Even the floaters like Adam in last seasons Big Brother went to final 3 because he had a number of alliances.

  10. Janelle is the one who should be leaving.  She used to be one of my favorites, but not this season for a lot of reasons.  This was not just Danielle’s decision.  She talked it over with Brit, Dan and Shane.  If they wanted Frank to go she would have done it that way.  Just think about it Janelle wanted to work with all the coaches and had many side alliances going on within the coaches as well as other people.  That aside she wanted to work with the 4 coaches and told Boogie she did.  All he asked was for her to put up Joe and she remained silent.  That told them a lot.  She is a much bigger threat than Frank as he has only won one HOH.  If they didn’t try to take her out now they might not get another opportunity.  I hope Production is not doing anything to change it as this was a done deal.  I also believe she should not be told.  She had no problem with letting Frank go last week and sticking it to Boogie so I think it’s only fair for the same to happen when it is her going.  If they tell her she will stay up all night trying to find out what is going on and the alliance may end up exposed.

    • that was my fear too… That production would try and get things flipped so janelle would stay. i would stop watching 110%..  she needs to be gone 

  11. What is up with these feeds this year?  They are off more than on..very frustrating..I paid to watch..I understand having to do maintenance and when the live show is on..but c’mon, to go off 15-20 times per day is getting absurd.

    • Yay! She knows it too. She just mentioned checking the internet tomorrow to find out what was really going down in the house. Heehee I wish I could see her reaction when she finds out!

      • As much as I wanted to see her face whent the Veto was announced, I would really love to see her face when she finds out what America has been saying about her, and even more, how HG’s were flat out lying to her face.  Just like she has done this past season…  Payback!

  12. Janelle will be going home on Thursday. Hopefully, Dan and Danielle get nominated next. Followed by Boogie and Britney. That would make me happy to see the true liars leave the game.

    • Boogie’s actually playing a very honest game this season and is sticking to his word.

  13. I’m annoyed with Shane for telling Janelle to work Danielle, because he’s voting with the house/HoH. I guess he doesn’t realize Danielle’s crazy enough to flip her decision last minute. Not saying she’d convince the 5 others, in fact they’d probably say what’s wrong with you and snap her out of it, but Shane’s on her team and shouldn’t tell Janelle to go play mind games with her.

  14. I thought backdooring Janelle was a good idea in the first place but now it’s getting really natsy, if I was Ian, who said he was the biggest BB fan, I would blow the damn plan up and call a house meeting and cuss everyone out cause it not right to send someone like Janelle (one of best big brother players in history) out without warning and giving a her a false sence of safety. I getting sick of seeing Brintney up in the HOH bedroom.

  15. Some people are speculating that A) there’s a double eviction coming this thurs or B) the eviction will be cancelled if Ashley is medical’d out. Aren’t there too many peeps in the game? Enough that if Ashley goes out, they can still proceed with the eviction?! To cancel a SECOND eviction in a row would be beyond wrong!!! It’s bad enough Shane’s HOH was for nothing!

    • Pretty sure it’s just wishful thinking by Janelle fans, most likely. Ashley seems to be doing fine now, plus like you said there are way too many ppl left in the game with a month left to go. Even if Ashley was taken out, that’d still leave 11 ppl, with just about a month to go.

  16. Brittney is the biggest weasel in the house, everyone she touches she poisons. She starts all the trouble with her paranoia and talks about everyone behind their back. She was the worst player ever in the game and returns as a coach PLEASE!

    • She is  genuine lier. I never liked her and never will. I want her out so bad. I felt so sorry about Janelle when Bri kept telling her all kind of stories.

      • I am so sick of her whiney little butt! Ugh!!
        Ian please win HOH and get Brit out now!! Not only that, get her some glasses for her squinty little eyes! Seriously, if the chick opened her eyes all the way maybe she could see the big picture!
        And….how many chances has she had in the past to see herself play on tv and hear her stupidly annoying whiney nasal voice?! I’m so sick of her invading my TV. Ya I could turn the channel but I am addicted to BB & BBAD. I hate to admit it. It ruins my summer.There, I said it.

  17. I think a Pandora’s Box is on the horizon if Janelle goes home, which seems pretty much set in stone. Production must be salivating at the thought of being able to bring back a scorned Janelle in to the game and to finally have the Boogie/Janelle showdown we’ve been waiting for all season. 

    I hope Boogie or Frank win HOH and put Danielle up and out. Her little victory speech in tonight’s episode was beyond infuriating. If she had actually put the plan in to action herself, I would applaud her for such a bold move. But she OBVIOUSLY did not do anything but say the words that were put in her mouth by Dan and Boogie.

    God forbid Shane gets sent to Jury with Danielle. Poor bastard.

    I’d be livid if I were Janelle, getting back-doored by a puppet. I’m not particularly a Janelle fan, but she deserves a chance to safe herself. Excellent job Boogie, you’ve done it again! I wonder how long it will take before Boogie, Frank and Dan turn on the alliance and get the girls out. Hopefully only a week.

    • I don’t see that happening unless it’s like Rachel in BB12 when she stayed for 24 hours. They don’t really have time to bring someone back in. There’s a month left in the game, with 11 ppl after tomorrow. They have to start getting people out, not bringing the, back in.

    • I think Pandora’s Box will bring Janelle back for 24 hours.

      I think the double eviction twist will be a newbie voted out BUT that newbies former coach must be evicted with them. :-)

      • I’m thinking the same thing. Janelle will be brought back for a limited time. However, I would not put it past production to pull something crazy to keep/bring back the more interesting players.

        It’s Big Brother though, expect the unexpected. The ultimate Pandora’s Box would be that the former coaches are reinstated as coaches. No one saw Rachel/Jordan’s duo twist POV lifeline coming. It would also reduce the number of HGs.

        Oh, how I love to speculate! :)

  18. i must say that the author of this article is definitely the biggest fan of janelle

  19. wow ive never seen someone completely miss what went down in something so obvious before. that coaches meeting, you just don’t get what went down, and its kind of sad. don’t recap if you can’t at least figure out what boogie did there

    • It either went way over his head or he’s just completely blinded by his admiration of Janelle.  Either way, horrible recap.  Love him or hate him, Boogie deserves a lot of credit for what he did there and that recap just completely misses the point.  Boogie has a silver tongue and he sure used it in this episode.

  20. I can not stand Boogie but if Janelle leaves tonight I will be seriously rooting for him and Frank and hope they take everyone out and make it to final 2 just to show the other hgs how dumb and stupid they truly are.

    • I will love for that to happen F/B team all way, I feel sorry for Janelle she don’t deserve to leave like that with no fight.

  21. Used to love Janelle but this season, as a coach, she just didn’t play like she might end up in the game. Not a big surprise that she’s being blindsided. Think she has kinda been running with blinders on from day 1 !

  22. I know people like Jen and Ian and Joe are not really threats so you should keep them around, but I cannot stand people who don’t do anything so much that you literally forget they are there…oh like Ashley I totally forgot she was there.

  23. Why do people assume that Boogie and Frank will be dishonest and backstab…so far in this game, they have done none of the above. They’ve been lied to, backstabbed, and everything under the sun and I can see why they would hesitate to work with anybody else. They’ve been honest, they haven’t won many competitions, why are they the biggest threats in the house?

    If anything, everyone should be gunning for Shane…not Frank. People will do whatever they’re told and those are the players I dislike in thie game. Have a brain and work with Frank and Boogie…just make sure you win that last HOH and there’s no way they can cut you out, just like Boogie did in All Stars.

  24. i already posted a variation of this on zap2it…

    Janelle really blew this one… she should have turned it around on Mike.
    she shoulda said, Mike you’re delusional. if noms stays the same, Frank is going home, not Wil.

    further, at this point what do Mike and Frank bring to the table. Frank SHOULD do well in comps but kinda stinks. had BigBro not rewritten the rules last week and essentially granted Frank immunity, he’d already be gone.  Mike is so worthless that when he had all but won a competition, he didn’t have the self-control to not step on the ground before tapping a buzzer, DQ’ing himself

    demand that in order from Mike and Frank to prove that they are worth more than 2 turds that will flushed in the next 2 weeks, they have to sacrifice something: pick either self-face kicker Ian or bump on a log Jenn and break the bad news to their face in front of all of us.

    • you make no sense. are you watching same game or you are in survivor show? LOL go to bed you need some sleep or have a cool beer from chill town LOL 

      • what doesn’t make sense?
        Janelle should have said this when all the coaches were in the HOH room. when Frank and Wil were still on the block.  instead she froze and essentially confirmed the budding plans to replacement nominate her.

        there is no doubt, that when Big Brother execs skipped the vote last week, they essentially granted Frank immunity.  he’d have been gone, and Mike would have been down to kick his own face Ian and do nothing Jenn.  Janelle should have reminded him and demanded he prove his worth to any alliance going forward.

  25. I love all the retarded logic being tossed about by all the Boogie lovers. Why on earth should Janelle have to cowtow to Boogie’s demand to put Joe up. She wanted Frank up because she wanted him gone. For people to say “Well it was obvious she wanted Frank gone”… duh. The true idiots are Dan, Danielle and Britney for allowing themselves to be hornswoggled by Boogie. Have they not watched his lying antics in seasons past? If Janelle gets booted he will BS them all the way to him and Frank being the final two. In the finale, we will get to listen to Britney and Dan come up with lame reasons for why they are so unbelievably gullible with the likes of Boogie.

  26. I really don’t mind Danielle, I don’t have the feeds, but I’m confused as to why so many people seem to think this. Regarding “The Silent Six” I’m not the biggest Boogie fan, but I think any fan of Big Brother has to have respect for the guy. He turned the number one target in the house, 100% going home, into an “alliance” to save him and get out his (Boogies) biggest threat. Unbelievable, at times I really question how much “skill” and strategy this show requires, but Boogie proves me wrong.

  27. If you watch the feeds, you know that their true alliance is with Ian. He knows about the Silent 6, and  is acting as a spy in the Team Boogie camp.    

  28. Have you noticed that Joe YELLS in every diary session?! WHY! I have heard him talk maybe 3 times this season so far and he could be likeable IF he would STOP yelling about everything!

    As far as Danielle I think she is doing GREAT! Everyone gets a little power hungry when then win HOH! Let’s not forget Willie! As far as lying in this game I don’t think that there is one person that has NOT lied! Some just lie to be lying others do it to cover their butts and protect their alliance, Danielle has just gone a little power hungry this week! She will calm down once out of power or she will go home, she holds her fate in her own hands at this point! IMO

  29. why always so mopey about Janelle being blindsided.  This website didn’t seem to be crying as much last week when Frank was also going to be blindsided.

    Janelle going is interesting and fun.  Just embrace it and quit making this out to be completely unjustified.  She’s strong, and that’s more than enough reason to be voted out of the big brother house.

  30. Can’t wait to see all of there face’s when Boggie start’s picking them off one by one,,,,,while Janelle can say I told you so….I really think Boggie is scared of Janelle that’s why he wanted her out so bad…..Hope he get’s what he deserve’s….can’t wait….he is a class royal a—hole………

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