Big Brother 14 Episode 12: Week 4 Veto Show Tonight

Big Brother 14 with Julie Chen

Tonight on Big Brother 14 (8/7c) the drama will continue but likely not as we’ve been seeing on the Live Feeds this week. We’ll be treated to the fall-out from this week’s nominations by Danielle, the new HoH. You’ll also see all of the Veto competition and ceremony events, but we’ve got those Big Brother 14 spoilers ready for you now.

Now that the judges are in the game everyone is playing a role and we’ll see how the newbies finally wake up to the danger of the coaches. Ironically, that warning doesn’t come from other newbies but rather by another coach. This was very entertaining and interesting to watch play out on the Feeds over the weekend. Now we’ll have to see how CBS presents their edited side of the tale.

It’s been a wild and crazy week inside the house with some amazing blindsides and straight up lying, lying, lying sessions going on in the house and unless you’ve been keeping up with us or the Live Feeds then you’ve been missing the real action. Go ahead and try the Big Brother Feeds for free then keep it for just 50 cents a day.

Have I mentioned how incredibly brave and daring Danielle the Cowardly Lion is? She’ll practically stand up to anyone as long as she doesn’t really have to do it and can completely lie about it later. Danielle may have fully lost it, but it’s fun to watch.

Check back in tonight to discuss the show live with other fans and read our recap of tonight’s Big Brother episode. Don’t forget to join us on Facebook and Twitter.


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  1. I really hope Janelle goes home.I used to like her but now she acts like she’s really not interested in playing the game.I can’t stand Britney either,just like the last time she has done absolutely NOTHING except be a smart ass to everyone because SHANE was winning everything.Note that I said Shane was winning.I couldn’t stand her the last time and I like her even less now.Danielle needs a serious reality check because she’s starting to worry me,for real.And with that being said I can’t stand her whining mouth either.JANELLE go home tomorrow,Britney and Danielle I can only hope for a double eviction next week so I can say ADIOS!!!!!!!!!!

    • I think Jani only seems uninterested because everyone lying to her and saying they ll vote for her to stay so right now she just thinks she staying so why cause conflict

      •  I’m sorry but i’m gonna have to call you out on that and tell you that is the stupidest thing I’ve heard today.She’s lazy this time around and let’s face it THEY ALL do their fair share of lying,it’s part of the game.

    • Britt rubbed me the wrong way from her season when she was constantly talking crap and picking on Rachel than nice to her face. I know in BB lying and backstabbing is the game and has to happen, but she was being like someone from mean girls making fun of Rachel. I did start to like her this season and have know clue what it must be like in that house secluded w all those people, but she is starting to get under my skin I guess one of those you love to hate thing same for Janelle. But really did want to get to see Janelle compete somemore but have not been to interested this season as I always was before still love BB

      • I didn’t like Britney talking trash about Rachel behind her back either.  Rachel would tell off someone in front of their face, truth is, Rachel wasn’t the mean girl on her first season, that was more Britney.  There was a lot of sheer jealousy of Rachel that drove a lot of the hostility towards her, she was just such an incredible competitor and she had the most famous and long-lasting showmance on BB, too.

        Clearly, Janelle and Rachel both are probably generally considered to be the best female BB players of all time.  I can’t even think of any other women that came close in dominating all the competitions.

      • Soo agreed don’t think Rachel was a mean girl at all! My fav player of all time loved that tell it to the face attitude! Was meaning Britt…..

      • And yes Janelle and Rachel by far have been 2 of the toughest players esp female in the BB game…

    • Janelle was never a real social gamer. In her season her alliance was the leftover players and she survived winning comps. In all stars she had a ready made alliance (that she messed up) dominating until Will started carrying her.

      Britney is not a great player but is quite entertaining and does better in feedss and Dr than most of the cast.

  2. i think danielle is very insecure, she is smothering shane, He is just not that into you, heres your sign, she is making a fool of herself, brittany is just brittany, i like her.

      • Shane is good looking enough to have any woman he wants, probably, WHY WOULD HE want Danielle?  I think desperation is a turn-off.

      • Why do people on here like him and hate Mike Boogie?  Shane knows NOTHING about this game besides how to win competitions. Not all women are into guys that act like boring meatheads.  I can’t even watch the feeds when he’s on them.  Stupid is not attractive. 

  3. The only reason Danielle nominated Janelle was because she is absolutely jealous of her….this is not game strategy…if it is she’s a bigger moron than I thought. How could she not see Frank and especially Booger as the bigger threat? He has the worst rep as a backstabbing liar. And there is no way Frank’s nominations are gonna be just “water under the bridge”…they’ll be gunning for Shane and Dani. I’m also not understanding why everyone is saying Janielle is telling lies…first of all, it’s an unfortunate part of the game that you have to tell some lies and Janielle is telling no more than everyone else…especially Danielle and Wil! Jani’s are little white lies…Dani and Wil’s are out and out fiction! And let me just say that I really liked Wil in the beginning but he’s now right up there with Brittany in the 2 faced dept. – only good for some comical relief…
    I’m hoping for a miracle and that Janielle is saved, but if not…I hope Boogie wins the next HOH and puts up Shane, Dani or Dan…ha ha ha.

    • I  hope Janelle stays too. Danielle is so stupid..She believes Boogie and all his lies… She will go next…..

    •  As i said earlier when JANELLE lies it’s just little white lies.lmao But if anyone else tells alie they are just horrible,mean liars.You need to stop it.On the other hand, Danielle is definitely jealous of Janelle but I don’t really care because I don’t like either one of them.I used to like Janelle but she is acting lazy and bored like she’s not interested in playing the game.She’s also still sulking over the fact that Boogie played her out on T.V. It was kinda like Shane and Danielle he wasn’t interested but she thought he was and gave it up anyway.That’s the way it goes.

      • @Karen Sheeley I agree with you as I use to like Janelle and was looking forward to seeing her.  She disappointed me with her game play and her actions.  People hating on Danielle for her actions when she has made a good move in eliminating one of the biggest threats in the game namely Janelle.  She is a proven past threat while Frank has won one HOH.  Just because he is big does not mean anything.  I don’t even know why Janelle would want to play this game with a 4 month old baby at home.  She doesn’t need the money and sitting around talking about her furs, etc.  You are right about Janelle carrying a grudge against Boogie for the past.  People need to just let these people play the game the way they want and watch if they want and if not, don’t. 

    • I had high hopes for Wil in the beginning, too, now he’s just a bitter, b**chy person who is still mad because Janelle hurt his little feelings by implying that he couldn’t play the game that well on his own.  He clearly CAN’T play the game that well on his own, Frank had wanted to get rid of him during his HOH but Janelle saved him.  The truth hurts, Wil just didn’t want to hear it.  It makes me sick to think of Janelle probably going before Boogie, I just wish Janelle could at least make it to the jury house where she could have at least just a little revenge.

      •  Janelle told BB up front that she WOULD NOT go the jury house if she was evicted at a time when it was required of her.For that alone I would have told her to take a hike,baby or not she knows what’s upafter all she has lost twice.lmao

  4. Might be a double evict then a challenge for the two to come back in and if it’s a physical challenge then they are equal of winning….who knows! 

    • No one will be coming back into the game now.  There are too many players and not enough time.  There will be a couple of double evictions or tast forwards though.

      • I don’t know about a double eviction this early. the newbies need to evict all the coaches one by one if they want anybody to win. Boogie should have been first because he is the brains not the brawn. If they don’t get of him as soon as possible he will win the whole thing. He is such con.

  5. I think danielle sorta sexually harassing shane…she asks him for a kiss and  it better be a good one she said.. wtf shane does not like her this way.. why force it danielle… let him alone poor guy.

    •  It is an insult to women in general having someone like Danielle who is so easily manipulated by men, most women would be able to see through this, I believe.   I have a lot more respect for someone like Janelle who IS being very cold and unemotional, it’s better to be that extreme than to be an emotional basket-case

      • Janelle chose to flirt…she wasn’t desperate or jealous of other women. She is happily married now and w/a baby. Yes, she seems out of touch, not hardcore….I think missing he baby is a big reason why. If she goes home shell be going back to her husband who loves her and a daughter I’m sure she can’t wait to hold. Danielle will continue to lose boyfriends if she acts like she has on BB…..clingy, desperate and jealous are never a pretty look.

    • he probably threw up in his mouth,she cant get the hint that he doesn like her.he kissed her after she won hoh just so that he wouldn be on her bad side and to be safe

      • Danielle said she wanted Shane to give her a good kiss off she won at cards ( I dont play cards) and she asked him what he wanted if he won?? If that wasn’t a green light question, yet, what was his answer? He said, ” I’ll have to get back w/you on that.” in other words, Shane couldn’t think what he wanted from Danielle. Come on Danielle….don’t be so stupid, it’s embarrassing.

  6. Danielle., will be sorry she went with Boogie and Frank. It will come back to bite her…She is so stupid to listen to them… She should have put Boogie  up in the first place….

    • My question is, has Danielle not watched previous seasons of BB with Boogie to KNOW how much he lies in order to get his way?  Why would she have trusted him?  Did she not see how much Boogie played Janelle in All-Stars, does she think that she’s so special that there was no way he’d be doing the same thing to her. 

  7. This is the Big Brother House, You can bounce checks! Danielle will be fine. Besides, she has put up Frank and Janelle, this is a win/win situation as one strong player is getting evicted Thursday night no matter what. I don’t see no Big Brother twist screwing this one up. What would have made this better is if Danielle went with her original gut thought and put up Frank vs. Mike Boogie. 

    As for next week, that’s next week and that will depend upon who is HOH…

  8. What is going on here.  Last week everyone was ready to evict Frank and now they are throwing Janelle under the bus….  Danielle is a moron!

    • I agree!! Danielle is a moron.  she should have put up Frank vs Mike Boogie!!! Shane does not like you!! ” Get Over It “

      • Boogie is a user and a sleeze…..not a nice guy at all. He told Dan not to tell Janelle that she’s going home, that it’s against BB rules. Yet he was livid that the house would dare to blindside him. I really don’t want to see him win again.mwill carried him to the end last time. His arrogance is tiring to watch.

  9. Danielle is a complete idiot…I saw the commercial where she’s “celebrating” in the DR because “oh my gawd, I can’t believe I back-doored the biggest threat”.  No, dumb-ass, you back-doored the only person who would have been willing to go after your biggest threat, that threat being Boogie, of course.  Does the twit not know that Boogie is gunning for her?  I hope Danielle is gone next, she deserves it.  I feel bad for Janelle, after the coaches had entered the game I was hoping for Janelle at least making it to the finals where, hopefully, she would have been voted as the most deserving person to win.  I want revenge extracted on Danielle!

    • Dumielle and Twitney have been manipulated by Boogie and he will steam roll over them like the road kill they.  Twitney was duped by the Brigade and now Boogie and I love it!!!

  10. Seriously everyone remember “its a game” liars, cheats oh my ~ how do you think Boogie or anyone win it ~ not by being up front ~ take a step back and look at Evil Dick gawd….whoever lies the best and manipulates everyone is gonna win … stop WHINING either turn the channel or just enjoy it as is…..

    • Manipulation is part of the game in addition to lying and backstabbing. Only thing is some players are better then others. Janelle trying the manipulation
      this season is a big mistake! She should have stuck to winning the HOHs and POVs. Leave the manipulation to Mike Boogie and Dan. They are much better at it!

      • agree with you 100% on the manipulating ~ Dan is under the radar for the moment he will have his day ~

    •  I totally LOVE it just how it is.People complaining and whining all the time about liars and backstabbers is cracking me up.How many years has BB been on???????14yrs If you haven’t figured out that’s the name of the game you never will!

    • You have your opinion, we have ours….stupid to have a site like this otherwise.

  11. Uh Oh! Dani is sharing to much about her personal life back home…shame on you Dani… careful everyone is watching.

  12. Lol…this whole scenerio between Janelle and Danielle reminds me of high school girls.   You have the big blonde cheerleader that thinks shes gods gift and the poor little loner sitting alone Saturday nites being jealous because she thinks her hubby to be- after graduation of course- looked at the cheerleader a moment too long at the football game.   Funny thing is….the potential hubby wants nothing to do with EITHER of them.   One of them will end up prom queen.  But they both think they deserve it.    Isn’t reality great!!

  13. if Boogie or Frank wins HOH I see Shane and Danielle on the block – if either wins power of veto I see Joe next

  14. I actually believe being HOH changes people. I like Danielle. I do not think she is insecure. I think that she second guesses her decisions. I do not like the fact that Dan talks her into things. If Frank had been voted out last week, things would have been a lot different. Now she is taking the heat for doing the dirty work for the “alliance”. I think she is clingy because she is so afraid that after putting her neck out that everyone will abandoned her. Hopefully she will be back to her old self next week. M

    • She is insecure if you watch BBAD….it’s very obvious to many here that she is.

  15. I would love to see JANELLE stay and then win HOH. Can you imagine how BOOGIE would react to his boy FRANK going home!!! As HOH JANELLE can then put BOOGIE and SHANE on the block, or backdoor BOOGIE.

  16. Has anyone truely heard  Jannelle talk about missing her NEWborn baby? The only time I heard her mention it is when she found out the coaches were going in to the game, she asked if her daughter could be brought to the jury house since she too little to speak she can’t reveal any secrets. I would have NEVER been able to leave my ‘BABY’ for any amount of money. You just don’t get that time back!
    I love how she brags about in her season she won 3 HOH’S and 4 VETO’s but now that she is on the block she is down playing it and saying that I am not your threat Boogie gave me alot of those wins. He allowed me to win so I could get the blood on my hands instead of him. Its Booie you have to watch out for and I can protect you if you let me stay She is one of the GREAT liars that have played the game. Tonight should be interesting!!!

    • She misses her baby. Women go to war and leave a baby behind. She asked to have her baby w/her, so don’t beat up on her for that. Boogie is a scoudral, not nice at all….I would love to see him go back to his baby.

      • I get what you were going for, but let’s not liken going to Big Brother to going to war lol

      • I agree Kathy.  BB is not war.  It’s not prison.  She chose to leave her baby to play a GAME!!  She’ll never get back what she missed.  Bad mother IMO. 

    • Janelle has rarely, if ever, mentioned her husband or baby.  It is obvious she a Stepford wife from the 50’s and 60’s.  She is in a loveless marriage just for the money and has a baby because that is what married people do.  You can tell she misses her “cocktail waitressing job” more than the family.

  17. Who is Ian aligning with? Hopefully he will turn away from Boogie and go with Britney and Co.

  18. That was a good veto show I especially loved the part where Mike Boogie introduced his so-called team of Frank in a Spirttard and Ian in a dog suit. Imao.

  19. On the Live Feeds Brit is seen crying and wanted to be honest with Janelle to tell her she’s going. Danielle started reiterating to her basically how bad of a person Janelle is. There is no serious game move in this game to not tell her. Wow, Danielle has a callous attitude.

  20. What is up with the feeds  being on Trivia mode???  Did not sign up and pay to watch fish or trivia…

  21. i think shanes definately gonna have sex with the stalker little does he know shes gonna stalk him at his home

  22. oh on bbad Danielle was the happiest she was already planning her dream wedding with shane in her head…shane is an idiot shes way too unstable…

  23. I think Frank should go home. I know they all want Janelle out, but Frank is a bigger threat than Janelle.

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