Big Brother 14: Week 3 Veto Ceremony & Plan B

Big Brother 14 Joe and Shane

Later today the Big Brother 14 Veto ceremony will be held and right now there are a few potential scenarios for how it could all play out. Still nothing is simple or straightforward this season as we’ve been quick to discover. Read on to see what some of the HGs are expecting to happen at the Veto ceremony later today.

Now that Shane holds both the HoH and the PoV powers he’ll have complete control over the way this turns out. If he decides to leave things alone that it’s quick and easy. If he decides to use the Veto then he’ll also have to decide on a HG to renom and fill that vacancy on the block.

On Saturday, immediately following the Veto competition Shane proclaimed that Joe was done and gone. He seemed to have no interest in negotiating, deal making, or considering any alternatives to the upcoming eviction on Thursday. That might have changed as of a late night debate.

Flashback to 1:35AM BBT Cams 3/4 to hear Shane, Britney, Wil, and Danielle throwing around the idea of taking Frank out via a Veto renom. The new plan is to take Ashley off the block and put Frank up in her place. That would leave Ian and Jenn most likely voting to keep Frank while Ashley and Wil vote to keep Joe. Danielle would break the tie by voting out Frank in a 3-2 final tally on Thursday’s Big Brother.

At 2:35AM BBT Cams 1/2 you’ll find Shane and Joe having a talk about Shane’s new plan. Shane warns Joe that Danielle is going to indicate she’ll vote to keep Frank, but that’s just intended to deflect Boogie. Lots of proverbial smoke blowing and praise between these two. We’ll see how long this cordial behavior lasts if Joe does stay.

Here’s my concern, and apparently I’m not alone. On Friday Shane was all set to nominate Frank but then in the 11th hour he suddenly has a change of heart and puts his key in the mix. So now we’re back in this spot where Shane says he’s going to nominate Frank, but nothing will force him until he has to make that decision.

Flashback to 3:15AM BBT Cams 3/4 to hear Danielle giving Shane grief about his flip-flop nominations. She does not want to see him making another last minute change when it comes to this week’s Veto ceremony. Shane promises her he won’t do it again. We shall see.

What do you think Shane should do? Stick with his current Big Brother 14 nominations and put that Veto back in the box? Or should he go with this new plan to save Ashley and renom Frank for Thursday’s eviction?

Today should be full of drama as we get ready for the ceremony in the afternoon and then deal with the fallout from whichever way Shane decides to go. You can only watch it on the live, uncensored in-house cams so grab your Free Trial and get to enjoying the Live Feeds with the rest of us. Or just wait three more days to get a hastily cut and compressed version of the events in a way CBS wants you to see them. Your choice.

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    • From who?  Danielle will be happy that frank is gone!  Ian just eats slop and JOjo does NOTHING.

      The real question is who will be the NEXT HOH?

    • Shane will need Frank, and vice versa, when the coaches come
      into the game. What other HG do you think will be able to help Shane or Frank win
      this game? None of the other HG has strength or strategic gameplay, which is
      what those two guys have together, and what is needed to win the BB game. All
      the other HG are tools.

      •  At first I thought that it was Shane’s best interest to keep Frank but since there is a chance that the coaches are coming back I think that its best or Shane to backdoor Frank so that Boogie is down 1 ally….
        BUT if Frank gets evicted, basically Team Boogie will come after Shane and Team Janelle will come after Shane since Janelle is a manipulating bitch and will tell her team to go after Shane

  1. Get Frank out, but if he were smart, just incase coaches do come into play he should backdoor Dani and get 2 out at once

    • WHY? Dan/Dani are week   Boggie/3 and Danielle/3  are both strong.  Do not hit your week player, go after your strong players. Ian and JoJo and and useless Danielle’s 3 mice are the same — look at the feeds and DR even BB does not even follow them.

  2. Ladies and gentlemen….the beginning of Shane’s downfall. Shane is just like Janelle. Wins all the competitions but is a terrible strategic thinker.

    • Shane should be using his head and anticipate the coaches getting into the game. That is the safest assumption. In either scenario, an alliance with Frank is still better and gives him the best chance to survive and have a chance at that $500,000. Once, Frank is evicted, Shane will be the lone target of Janelle’s team and the coaches to boot if they get in! Danielle which is advising him to backdoor Frank, he should take Ashley off the block and put her in because Danielle is screwing up Shane’s game!

      • Who Me,

        I am really surprised that Shane would even listen to Janelle and his players. Has he forgotten that Janelle and her players have betrayed Brittney’s team just like that? How about voting out Kara instead of Frank
        which is again Janelle’s doing in order to stoke the fire between Frank and
        Willie? Has Shane not figured out that he is the next target of Team Janelle next week? Does he expect Danielle to win HOH and protect him? If Shane
        backdoors Frank, Mike Boogie’s team will join Janelle and her players in making sure Shane is evicted! He will be backdoored as well and he will not know what hit him!


    • Good call @Who Me? The best players in the history of BB know when to make unexpected or secret allies as well as when to win vs. when to throw comps. 

  3. Like I said Shane is “Damed if does and Damed if he don’t”…Just have to decide how he decides to pay it….But I do not trust Boogie or Frank in their deal with Shane and I do not trust Janell or her group to stick to any deal or plan. Soooo Shane has to make some tough decisions…We will see..

  4. Keep Frank because if the coaches do come in he will have a strong 3 person alliance with Frank and Boggie bringing Britney and Danielle along as floaters but votes none the less.

    • Yes, a strong alliance in which he’s the disposable third wheel. Definitely not in his best interest.

  5. I think Shane is better off keeping Frank, because Janelle’s team will turn their back on him really quick…they already want Shane gone anyway and so I think Shane and Frank need to stick together!

    • I don’t know though. Team Janelle may decide that they want Shane around to take on Boogie because it seems everyone is scared of him. So once it is revealed that the coaches are entering the game Janelle + her team + Brit + Shane + Danielle may team up to take on Boogie and Frank and Ian and Jen.

  6. I’m tired of seeing all the ‘strong guys’ take each other out every season and we’re left with the Enzos/Joes and the Ashleys/Dumb models.. can shane and frank just stick to this deal and get the useless floaters out? ….

  7. Shane is going to be in a tough spot no matter which side he chooses. Frank, Wil, and Joe have all planned his eviction at some point, and the only person that wants to sit next to him in the final two is Danielle. Either way, he’ll be joining an alliance that will want him out later on.

    However, with the Coaches possibly coming back (which I believe WILL happen no matter which way America votes), it could turn the tides in Shane’s favor, because Boogie and Janelle are probably going to be bigger targets than Shane.

    • What you are forgetting is the coaches are tested as far as competitions go. Shane looks dominant only because it is against his fellow newbies. If the coaches come in, all 4 will align with each other because they would move to evict everyone else except them! That means with Frank gone, it is only Shane who can compete but, he alone is going against Mike Boogie, Janelle, Dan and Brittney? They will wipe the floor with Shane and all the newbies will be picked off one by one! With Frank in the BB House, Shane atleast, has an ally if the coaches comes in and there would be two of them battling the coaches for HOH and POV and with their numbers, they can evict as many of the coaches out as soon as possible otherwise, they can kiss that $500,000 goodbye! The coaches are probably salivating at that prospect and hasn’t anyone noticed the coaches like Dan, Brittney and Janelle all want to backdoor Frank? To make it easy for them if they go into the game, that is for sure!

      • If the coaches come in the game then all the slackers/floaters will have to get up of their asses and start playing…They won’t have any proection from a coach or another team member..It will be every HG for his/her self…Grab a life vest HG’s the game is gonna change big time…lol..

      • But thats assuming all the coaches are willing to work together. No one wants to work with Boogie, because they know how he plays the game. Janelle has convinced Britney that the coaches are coming back in the game, and they were talking about forming an alliance along with Shane, Dan, Danielle, and Wil. From what I see, Britney and Janelle have reunited. Shane has a chance to be in a firm alliance if the coaches come back, because most likely, eveyone would gang up against Boogie and his team. Everyone knows how dangerous he is, and they would want him out immediately.

        However, Shane is going to be a target no matter what he does, because he’s won so many competitions. Keeping Frank in the game doesn’t get rid of the target on his back, and Frank made it clear that he has no interest in taking Shane all the way, so why should Shane allow Frank to string him along, only to evict him later on? At least now, Ashley and Joe are indebted to Shane, and now feel they can work with him.

  8. I like frank but I think they will backdoor him because of the coaches.  I hate the coaches or should I say roaches in the house this year.  I hate them coming back and we all know that is what is going to happen, doesn’t matter what the fans vote.  I WANT FRANK TO STAY TO TAKE DOWN THOSE B WORD BRIT AND JANELLE.  Didn’t like them in thier seaso, still feel the same.  GET THEM OUT and wake up house play your own game.

    • I agree, I think Brit sold Shane down the river, she’s only getting rid of Frank becuz she thinks the coaches are coming in the game. She does have Shane best interest at heart. I want to feel sorry for him but I can’t becuz he letting Brit control his HOH &game. Like all the others. Stupid!

  9. I think everyone is forgetting that whoever gets evicted this week may get a free ticket back in BB always doe’s that at some point and I think if he evicts Frank they will want him back in to add drama ………I still would like to see Frank gone for good though!

  10. After watching last night’s nomination show, I understand why Shane nominated Ashley and Joe. He has a deal with Frank. So right now, unless Shane wants to go back on his word to Boogie and Frank (a deal he made last week), the nominations are going to stay the same and Joe is going to get evicted.

    Personally I don’t care if Frank or Joe gets evicted, just so long as its one of them. They are both strong players.

    However I believe that an evicted houseguest is coming back into the game by way of a second chance competition especially if the coaches aren’t given the chance to play the game for themselves (A deal that Britney and Dan might just take). And if an evicted HG comes back, chances are its Frank if he was evicted. Shane would be screwed because he went back on his deal with him. 

    • I am hoping beyond hope that the coaches stay just that and not get back into the game. I want Joe to go and Frank to stay. I am not a Boogie or Brittany fan but I do like both Frank and Shane for they are the best players so far. Ashley is just as dumb as they come, people thought Jordan was a dingbat but Ashley has her beat in that department. Frank has shown that he can play this game any way that they throw at him. Shane has issues with the memory part of it. But I think that they would make a great finish in the show and then who would vote for the best player then. No floaters or coat tail riders at the end. JUST 2 GOOD PLAYERS.

      • Well said. Just remember, its outplay (win challenges), outwit (strategy), outlast (social), same as Survivor to win Big Brother and right now, only Frank and Shane can outplay, meaning win competitions.

        1. I am still on the fence about the coaches rejoining the game as players/houseguests. Although I think not all of them will rejoin as players if offered. Britney and Dan might, but Boogie and Janelle are still competing for $100k. I personally I would like to see the coaches not be coaches anymore so these players would have to fend and think for themselves along with no more immunity. But I’m not a fan of former houseguests coming back into the game for the 3rd, 4th or 5th time.

        2. Shane and Frank are two of strongest players, but don’t underestimate Ian, he is playing this game in the strategy department and I think he could win. 

        3. And I don’t think Ashley has a game plan right now.

    • ThinkingBrian
      Joe is not playing this game, he’s playing IN this game and that’s about it…… His screaming at the viewers when he answers questions is really starting to grate on me ……

      • Your wrong, you see Joe is playing this game, but not in the way Frank or Shane are. Joe is playing a strategy game. Don’t you remember Jun from season 4, her game was cooking and cleaning the house so other players would keep her around. What did she do, she beat Alison and won Big Brother 4. Just about every player is playing some type of game and Joe isn’t any different.

        Although again Ashley is myrstery to me, I don’t know that she even has a plan.

  11. I think it really doesn’t matter to much cause he a big target no matter what. But with coaches entering the game I think it’s best to eliminate Frank cause then boogie will be weak and the four coaches would a way bigger target then Shane like Dan and Boogie has won the game and Janelle good at comps and at least Brit still be with Shane. I think the newbies are gonna form a alliance and then try to take the coaches out of the game

  12. Shane and Frank til the end. There is not enough shomance this season. Come on Danielle is beautiful.

  13. As much as I would love to see Joe go, it’s in Frank’s best interest to get rid of Frank. If he doesn’t nominate Frank, it will be painfully obvious they are working together. All it would take is for Frank to lose HOH next week and either Frank or Shane will be going home. Alone, Shane is a big threat. With Frank, every single person should be gunning to get one of them out.

  14. Im sure that Will would love to backdoor Frank… or Shane, or Joe, or Ian or Janelle.

  15. in truth i think danielle is a bigger threat than most people think.  especially after watching her conversation with dan on big brother after dark.  she’s a smart cookie and i think she could slide into the final three at least.

    but…………frank is a threat.  and janelle and wil a bigger one.  janelle opens her mouth and lies flow out.  wil is just as sneaky.  this is a good thing in this game.  but i just want to smack shane on the forehead and  yell at him to “THINK!”  lol.  in this instance i think for next week frank and boogie are telling the truth that shane is safe.  why?  not sure…of course if the coaches come in that will change everything.  now the coaches know the others’ weaknesses, and will play on them.

    gotta love big brother!!!!!

  16. I believe Shane should keep Frank in as long as they can. Shane and Frank should team up, once the Coaches (if they do) comes in then they will have the numbers to vote out the coaches. I hope they players remember it was supposed to be a players win not a coach, thank them for their help and their support and be on their own. This is 500k were talking about. 

  17. Yeah, it’s way too early to get rig of a strong ally like Frank. This is how floaters get to the end

  18. Frank said in the DR that he will be loyal to Shane.  Shane should get Joe out.  If he keeps changing his mind, he will look weak.   The more HGs he noms… the more tension he creates.  Stick with a plan.

    • Worst, it will show people that Shane cannot be trusted and if he cannot
      be trusted then, he becomes expendable! There is going to be a huge target on Shane’s back next week and he will be the ultimate fool to think Janelle
      will keep him safe! Good luck with that dream.

      •  ..Shane has been played for a fool by the BB blonde bombshell, that is Janelle, not Britney!!

  19. We have seen it so many times.  The HOH puts a plan in motion and is then convinced that it is best for them to change it.  Then,  they find that their origional plan was truly best for them.  Oopsie…too late.

    • I voted no although, I doubt it would make any difference. More than likely,
      Big Brother producers will rig the vote for the simple reason that the coaches have a fan base of their own and that is what is going to dictate if they come in or not! I like Mike Boogie because he is a foremost manipulator but, I do not want him going into the game itself! He should remain a coach and nothing else! The same goes for Dan, Brittney and Janelle who should remain coaches. Better to bring back one of the other players, either Jojo or Kara.

  20. Wow…Shane just called Ian a faggot on the live feeds..I have lost all respect for Shane, it sounds to me like he is going to backdoor Frank..I think something happened with Ian last  night, not sure what, but that is no reason for Shane to call him that. He keeps telling Britney that he has to backdoor Frank in order to secure the votes, secure the votes for what?  I don’t know what makes Shane think he can trust Janelle DelSanto, she will take him out in a heartbeat and when Boogie realizes what is going on…Shane will be toast, unless he continues to dominate in those POV’s.  Stupid move on your part, should have stuck with Frank..or maybe you are, and you are one helluva of an actor!

    • Guys call other guys faggot all the time no big deal untill you make it a big deal…

  21. If Shane backdoors Frank, I’ll be so mad. Such a dumb move. That alliance could go so far. Cmon Shane! Get rid of the annoying Chef.

    • It is time to get rid of Chef Boyardee and get on with it! Nobody is going to miss him. Also, it would put a crimp on Janelle’s scheming to evict Shane
      next week! Danielle is also starting to irritate me. She makes an alliance with Shane and Frank and now, she wants to betray Frank? Is she really that stupid? Does she really think Janelle’s team cares whether she stays or goes? For the simple reason, she is ruining Shane’s game, I hope she gets evicted next week!

  22. Shane is on a tight spot here. For his survival next week, he has to trust one team. I for one wants to get rid of Frank, but Janelle already betrayed Brits team twice and instructed Wil and Joe to promise him anything. Now, can Booger and Frank be trusted? Time will tell if they if they commit on their promise.

  23. Boo Who! Who cares who goes …. what a lame season ….. Why would BB want to bring the Roach’s back into the game as a player?  Because they know that they blew it this season … I was glad to see the latest voting poll …. it showed that most viewers dont want the Roach’s back into the game …. could it get any worst”  Yes! it not only can get worst .. it is getting worst!  I want to know who is the lame brain on BB that is picking all these stupid challanges.  Doing a Tongue lashing on a stick – back and forth, back and forth —- Wow! Not only was it Stupid! Wet! and Wild! it was pure Ugly to watch …. If BB wants Wet & Wild …. How about a wet Tee-Shirt contest vs a Wet Boxer Short contest …Ya! Breast vs the Salami …. Oh Ya! let America pick there choice ….  Come on BB … get your act together …. or is it really to late to save this season….Then!  give the money to Ian the streaker …. I cant take much more of all the stupid game challenges and all the stupid game play …. Yes! I know how to change my station …. Sorry! the show has taken a turn for the Worst.  Stupid Games!  Stupid Roaches! Stupid Players!  Ya, Stupid Me for watching!  Bring back “Beat The Clock”

  24. Get Frank out!!!!!! If the coaches come back next week to play everything will change anyway. Now’s the time to get that annoying guy out.

  25. A key part of the game is being able to handle the stress – if it is true Shane called Ian a faggot, then it is fair to say Shane has no self control.  Self control is key to a good social game.  He may have just made a lot of enemies in the house. 

    •  I was watching the live feeds..there is no IF he DID call Ian a faggot.

      •  ..the only person besides the producers that heard him say it was Britney, they were up in the HOH room.  I just watched sounds to me like Ian is the one who screwed up the plan to keep Frank in the house..he is so not ready for this game….he evidently told Shane that he wasn’t sure if he would put him up next week if he wins HOH, I don’t think Ian knows BB as well as he claims, I think that if Frank leaves the house on Thursday, it will be thanks to “streaker Ian.”

      • Just so you know, I do not doubt you – how I phrase things is a consequence of my legal training.  You are saying Ian told Shane he might put him up – now that would be stupid – just plain stupid

  26. Get rid of Frank.  I want Boogie gone……I couldn’t stand him when he won and I still can’t stand him now……He is sooo sure of himself…..

  27. I want to know why everyone has fallen under this hype that Frank is such a strong player.. He has won one comp, and really it was just the luck of the guess with that one. He has been made out to be a huge threat and competitor by Boogie, but really, what has he done to show that he is?

    •  Everyone acts like he is guaranteed to win HOH if he doesn’t go home. ,I’m willing to bet he does not win it.

    • Shane’s strength + Frank’s strategic gameplay = Final 2!!! They can be as good as the Will & Boogie alliance, if they just stick together.

  28. These newbies are so misguided!!! This game is beginning to irritate me. The newbies need to get a clue and realize that the coaches are in this game for the coaches. The coaches are telling the newbies who they think are a threat to them (newbies), but they’re really setting up their (coaches) own gameplay. The coaches want to get rid of the people that the coaches believe are a real threat to them (coaches), not the newbies, so they’re using the newbies to do all their dirty work. When the coaches come into this game they will already have their own alliances in place, the newbies will hate each other and have no alliances of their own, and then the newbies will be done. The coaches are totally ruining this season and the newbies gameplay!!!

    • Just like last season where they newbies were puppets of Danielle Donato and did everything she told them. Porsche even did not use the Veto because she was afraid Danielle Donato will be mad at her! LOL If the newbies want that $500,000—-they better start thinking strategically which means anticipating all the possible outcomes and having contingency plans. If Kim the winner of this season’s Survivor was in the Big Brother House this season, she will school all these players in the house outside of
      Mike Boogie and Dan because she will show how it is done! If you saw,
      Survivor, you would have seen how she dominated the competitions and
      played a very social game all thru out! Maybe, it is asking too much for these players but, atleast, think strategically and think for your own self and use your heads and do not listen to the other players and coaches!

  29. Everything that Willie was trying to warn the newbies about is coming true…Willie if you read these post it’s to bad you couldn’t swallow your pride a lil you may have had a chance to get back in the and even win it… were entertaining that’s for sure…

  30. If you’re a real BB fan you would rate the players by their
    gameplay and not their likable/unlikable personalities. It doesn’t matter
    whether you like them as people or not. It’s all about how they strategically play
    the game. There have been many past BB HG that I didn’t like, but I respected
    their gameplay and rooted for them anyway. BB is not a beauty/personality
    contest! It’s the gameplay that matters, not the HG personalities.

    • why then do they bring in playboy models and only men and women who look great in bikini’s and swim suits. Everyone walks around half naked all day.  Are you kidding me?
      Please, get with reality.

  31. Other than being just plain annoying, I see no reason for Joe to be gone.  Ashley certainly doesn’t pose any kind of threat.  Since Shane has won POV, he needs to backdoor Frank in Joe’s place, I don’t think Ashley would get more votes than Frank would.  Shane needs to then tell Joe, in private, that he never intended to get rid of him, he had planned on backdooring Frank (even if it’s a lie, just to try to appease Joe!).  It is IMPERATIVE that Boogie’s team be weakened as much as possible, leave Janelle’s team alone for right now, none of them have proven themselves to be very competitive. 

    On the other hand, I can see the strategy in keeping Frank should the coaches enter the game so that Shane is not the sole target.  I would HOPE the newbies would be smart enough to target the coaches should they enter the game, but I doubt they’ll do it.  Ideally, perhaps the best final two WOULD be Frank and Shane, just as long as it’s not including Boogie!

  32. Shane AND Brit just got manipulated by Janelle. She is pulling all the strings…..These are some seriously stupid houseguests, and Janelle just makes me sick. No conscience…..

    • Unless Danielle flips, it looks like Frank is going home this week. Each team has 2 votes each with Danielle being the swing vote. On the plus side, Danielle will be exposed for the liar and backstabber she is! She just recently made an alliance with Shane and Frank so, it is going to be pretty obvious if Frank gets booted out that Danielle voted him out!

      •  Well, you’re right. Dan is already asking her to vote Frank out. Oh, she will be exposed alright. I know that alliance she made. She better win something.

  33. Sorry but for his own good, Shane should keep HIS noms the same and evict pot stirrer (pun intended) Joe…even Ashley over Frank.  Janelle WILL GUN for Shane first chance she gets, even next week.  She dumped Brit already – WHEN WILL BRIT LEARN? Yes, Boogie/Frank will go after Shane eventually but for now, they need his POV-winning behind in their alliance for the weeks that Frank can’t win physical challenges and also to keep another target in the house that is not on Team Boogie.  That target (Shane) being in cahoots with them, will only serve them. 

    • Exactly. Shane and Jojo then, said what a bad coach Brittney is yet, he listens to her to backdoor Frank. Brittney is the worst because Janelle has
      stabbed her in the back twice already and she still trusts Janelle? You have to trust someone in the Big Brother house and I think Frank and Boogie can be trusted more than Janelle and they need Shane to go deep in this game.
      There are still 8 players in the house and the time to peel off is when there are say 4 players left! Danielle Donato betrayed her strong alliance last season and the veterans almost lost it to the newbies as a result! She also got evicted early and never had a chance at that $500,000 as a result of her betrayal. Shane will suffer the same fate as he did not use his head and think strategically as he should! Why listen to Brittney, Janelle and Danielle? Doesn’t he have a brain of his own to think of what is best for him?

  34. Shane needs to keep Frank if he actually wants to go far. Shane & Frank are actually the best players in comp. with Frank gone the rest of the house guest (floaters) will do the same to Shane & back door him I just want to scream don’t do it !!!!

    • I really don’t think that Wil, Joe or Ashley will come after Shane if Frank is gone. I believe that they will absolutely work with him to wipe out Boogies team. I think getting Frank out is everyone’s best chance to win this game. Not one person in the house will win against Frank in the end.

  35. Reading these comments I’m confused why anyone is still talking about Kara , Willie or Jo Jo there all already out of big brother

  36. Frank has to go. Not only to weaken Boogie but because if he survives the next two weeks as the game is (without coaches in the game) he WILL win. I believe 100 percent that Janelles team plans to keep their word to Shane. Boogie’s team does not. Their hope is that Jenn or Ian will win next week and put Shane up so Frank doesn’t have to do it personally. I hope coaches do come back. It makes the game so much more interesting.

    • Janelle has already betrayed Brittney’s team twice, first with the very first Frank eviction agreement and the 2nd is when they voted Jojo off instead of Danielle! Shane would be targeted because the other players know he is the only strong player left assuming the coaches do not enter the game and if that is the case, remove Shane and the remaining floaters including Danielle all got closer to that $500,000!

  37. Granted I haven’t sifted through every single comment, but I’m going on what I’ve seen a lot of…

    Why does nobody seem to be pointing out the fact that if Shane re-nominates Frank and has him evicted, then Shane is the only target left? Sure right now you can argue he’s the biggest target anyway, because he keeps winning, but Frank is still a target regardless. Why wouldn’t Shane want to leave another target in the house?

    • Don’t forget that he goes into the cage and might have a chance to come back. Then Shane is really screwed if he’s still around.

    • Shane won’t be the biggest target. Come next week, the coaches will enter the game and Shane will be glad he got out one of the biggest threats. If Frank stayed in that house and the coaches entered the game, him and Boogie would take it far.. which no one wants to see since Boogie is an arrogant old man who is past due his bb experience. I say get Boogie out next right after his wannabe chiltown member, Frank. 

      • If the coaches enter the game which is a huge possibility, all 4 would align themselves to each other. The newbies are 7 after Frank is evicted and the coaches are 4 in all. Coaches are not fools and if the newbies are smart, they would move to evict all the coaches one by one if they join the game!
        The coaches know that Shane is the only strong player left to threaten them. If they evict Shane, the coaches collectively can win practically all the HOH and veto and evict the newbie players one by one till all that is left is the 4 coaches then, they can fight amongst themselves for that $500,000.

  38. Frank is a douchebag as is Booger. Frank voted out and Booger gnashing his teeth because head-O-hair is gone. That would be sweet !

    He’d be all over Shane damming him for going back on his word. I’m thinking Shane would NOT be shaking in his boots.

    Now to read the veto results……

    Hmmmmm, I’m thinking Shane caved and kept Frank safe…..

  39. Shane is the douchebag! If Frank gets backdoored I hope Shane gets what he deserves next week BACKDOORED :)))))

  40. Shane is stupid to listen to Britt Or Danielle!!Why the heck aint he playin his own game .Eventually thats what itis &keping Frank would have ensured him a strong player.No the women have thier hooks in him & he isn,t thinkin with his brain because of it!! He is a dumbass!!!

  41. Frank really isn’t such a bad guy.  If you watched the first show, he is the only one that put any thought into strategy.  His big problem is that he got hooked up with that a-hole, the most repulsive player ever to play BB, Mike Boogie.  He is disgusting.  Narcissistic personality disorder if I ever saw one. In a world of his own, just nothing without Dr. Will. I’d be embarrassed to have no “sense of self” and to only to be able to identify to the game through his love and devotion of Dr. Will. Some doctor, he removes tattoo’s for a living. You can take him and Boogie both, give them an island in the South Pacific, and forget about them both.  Or put them in Thailand, a country where Boogie can act big and bad all he wants and Dr. Will would have no shortage of Thai hookers to remove tattoos from!  Boogie has got to go.  Sorry Frank, but I think you are paying for being associated with the booger. 

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