Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 3 Sunday Highlights


There wasn’t a lot of action going on in the Big Brother 14 house and on the Live Feeds Sunday. Most of the house guests took the day to relax and not talk so much game. Joe did his share of campaigning to Shane to be removed from the block. Janelle spent a lot of the day doing the same. So far, Shane has considered it, but there’s still a lot that can happen before the Veto ceremony and before the live episode Thursday. Read on to find out what we saw and heard yesterday on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, July 29, 2012:

10:10 AM BBT — Joe tells Boogie he wants to make a deal to stick around for two more weeks then will volunteer to go. This all sounds pretty ridiculous and desperate and Boogie knows that.

11:38 AM BBT — Boogie tells Frank about Joe’s two-week plan. They laugh.

12:58 PM BBT — Britney and Janelle talking about who would be on the next Big Brother All Stars edition. Janelle says she wants to have more kids so doesn’t think she’ll be back to Big Brother again after this time.

1:57 PM BBT — It’s pool time. Most HGs are lounging around the pool.

3:33 PM BBT — Janelle, Dan and Britney agree that this week’s live show will include the announcement of jury or some twist. And they’re right as the coaches will most likely be entering the game this week.

3:35 PM BBT  — In case you were wondering, Janelle is opposed to getting vaginal rejuvenation.

3:58 PM BBT — Janelle tells Joe to act like he’s resigned himself to going home and she’ll keep working it for him to stay.

4:05 PM BBT — Shane and Danielle think the coaches definitely aren’t coming in the game.

4:20 PM BBTJoe and Shane talking in HOH. Joe doing everything he can to get Shane to take him off the block. Joe talks and talks and talks and talks. He tries to make secret alliances and throws Wil under the bus. Joe is working pretty hard. He hasn’t just laid down to die. Shane says he’s considering it.

5:20 PM BBT — Dan tells Shane he doesn’t trust Boogie.

7:03 PM BBT — Wil telling Shane and Britney his biggest threat is Ian. He starts pushing for an Ian backdoor plan. Which sounds kind of ridiculous, but he’s trying to save Joe and Ashley.

7:30 PM BBT — Shane considers working with Wil. He’s asking Ashley if he is trustworthy.

8:50 PM BBTJanelle and Britney are in a long conversation in the HOH room. They’re 100 percent convinced they’re going in the game this week. Production keeps cutting in because  Janelle is talking about producer Allison Grodner telling them to “expect the unexpected.” Britney thinks her husband sent her clues in his letter. Worth a watch for sure. Janelle again realizes that the two of them should be working together if they go in the game.

10:20 PM BBT  — Janelle in backyard with Joe and Wil at various times, talking game and their chances of saving Joe. The talk goes to future plans to nominate Frank and Ian and backdoor Shane.

1:40 PM BBT — For the past couple hours, talk of backdooring Frank has been going on and at this point, it looks like it might actually happen. What happened to Shane’s side deal with Frank and Boogie is unclear.

Today was actually a nice mixture of game and fun. These are the kinds of days that are the best. Too much game talk and flip-flopping on completely open days are just too much. And this season has been so hardcore so fast, these milder days are a welcome change.

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  1. backdooring Frank is the STUPIDEST idea!  Wil, Jenn, Ian, Joe AND EVERYBODY will come after Shane next week.  I trust Frank more than I trust Wil

    • Well I think it’s great idea cause Frank is the biggest threat to Shane. I am hoping Danielle wins HOH this week

      •  Shane is a beast and has won every POV so far and I think he will continue to do so, that is the only way he can save himself from week to week, I just don’t know what happened to his deal with Frank and Danielle.

      • He’s not a threat if he’s working with him.
        And if Frank goes home, everyone will go after Shane because he would be Public Enemy #1. Keeping Frank and continuing to work with him is the best possible move.

    • I totally agree. I believe Frank in the house puts a lesser target on Shane’s
      back. Together they will both have a fighting chance to survive. Alone,
      both are in danger. Ashley’s long talk with Shane concerned me. She
      was parroting everything Janelle was telling her group. They are not to
      be trusted. Dan is working against what is best for Shane, as well. I hope
      Danielle comes to realize that if the coaches come into the game, they
      will have the advantage of knowing what each of their players have told
      them in private. They haven’t shared all of this information with their
      team, but would if the coaches band together. Everyone in the house
      is pressuring Shane to backdoor Frank. even his coach. None of them are
      thinking or acting in HIS best interest and I hope he realizes this before
      he makes a big mistake.

  2. Shane better keep Frank.. Even thought Frank is annoying its best for him to keep Frank. 

    • Agreed. It benefits Shane to keep Frank in the game bcuz Shane can’t be HOH next week but Frank can, especially if the comp is strength or endurance. Also, keeping Frank could take some heat off Shane if any of Janelle’s team gets HOH. Always gotta think a week or two ahead in BB… IF the coaches come into the game however, having Frank & Boogie play together could be dangerous. Especially if Ian remains faithful .

    • Yes I think Shane and Frank should stick together.  Maybe they will team up after the thing with the coaches if they are in the game.  Just wondering how BB is going to make it fare if they do enter.  since they have been safe for all theses weeks so far.  If  Shane and Frank team up I think they can go final 2.

  3. If Shane is foolish enough to backdoor Frank, everyone else will go after him
    next week! Janelle is already planning to backdoor Shane next week and if he
    pisses off Team Boogie by going after Frank, who is going to be on his side to give him protection as he cannot play HOH next week? More likely, they will
    backdoor Shane so that, he cannot play for POV unless he ends up being drawn to play. All that would guarantee is both Frank and Shane evicted and having lost
    a chance at that $500,000. The remaining players know that if they leave Shane in the game with Frank gone, he will win most competitions and evict them one by one! That is a no brainer so, Shane’s best move is keep Frank, evict Joe then,
    go after Wil and Ashley next week if Team Boogie alliance wins HOH! They are the majority now if they stick together. Also, if the coaches come in, they will need to be united to try and evict the coaches right off the bat! If the coaches do not come in then, just evict Wil and or Ashley the next 2 weeks. If the BB House is down to the 5 of them, they can now target both Frank and Shane and Ian, Jenn, Danielle all have a shot at that $500,000.

    • OR get frank this week then booger next week. makes more sense to me. janelle will work with shane and brit.

  4. Shane nominating Frank is not a good idea. I don’t know what Shane is thinking. Does he think that he can win a comp EVERY week? He needs SOMEONE to have his back and being loyal to Frank is the best thing he can do to ensure SOME kind of safety. Why would he think Janelle’s team is trustworthy to work with? They were gunning for him LAST WEEK. Now he’s going to piss off Boogie’s team and just create more enemies.

    Frank is the other big target in this game, too. Eliminating him puts more spotlight on yourself, Shane.

    • Shane is not going to backdoor Frank.  He just has to pretend to be going along in order to keep Britney from finding out about his side deal with Frank and Boogie.  I don’t see him as being dumb enough to trust Janelle or her team….especially Ashley who has already burned him twice (once with Carra and once with JoJo.)  Can’t wait to see how it plays out.

      •  I hope you’re right..backdooring Frank would not be a good idea at all…If he isn’t going to backdoor Frank, his acting skills are superb, after watching him on BBAD last night with Janelle’s team, he seemed like he was really considering this move.  So, Britney doesn’t know about the deal he has with Frank and Danielle? I thought she knew and was just playing along.

      • Last I heard was that when they made the Amigo deal between Frank, Shane and Danielle they were not going to let any of the coaches in on that deal.  I admit when I heard the talk going on with Shane and Ashley I started to worry that Shane was entertaining that idea.  Janelle is trying everything possible including talking to Brit about she just knows and has always known that the coaches will reenter the game.  I don’t know if this was a further ploy to get Brit on board for saving Joe or if she is already thinking about how they have to get Boogie out.  I am still not happy if these coaches enter the game as this can mess with all these players and the plans they have made.  I wish Shane had the advantage of knowing that the coaches are entering as again this can hurt or I am hoping may help him.  Still not thinking this was fair, but it is what it is and not much we can do about it.  Just wish they had been honest from the beginning.  I guess BB will never go back to the way it was when all new HG’s entered and played their own game. 

      • Browneyedgirl1959 unless I missed something the deal was not to be told to any of the coaches.  I have the live feeds and that is what I heard, but it is possible I missed it and something changed later.  I think the deal with Frank is the better of the two as I do not trust Joe or Wil.  I am not saying Frank will not go back on his word either, but Shane has to trust someone. 

      • How could anyone not figure out that Shane has a deal with Frank? He made it clear that he was not interested in putting Frank on the block right from the beginning and never gave any good reasons for keeping him. The only reason could be that he has made an alliance and isn’t telling. Worse yet if Shane thinks he can make a deal with Frank / Boogie and that they will actually have his back when he needs help he is just delusional. Boogie will throw him under the bus as soon as it suits him without worrying for one second about a deal they made.

  5. What in the heck happened with the “Three Amigos.”  with Frank, Shane and Danielle, did I miss something? I have the feeds and did not see where Frank or Boogie pissed off Shane about anything,  so much for Shane using the loyalty card, obviously his word means nothing. Boogie will be so pissed, and I have a feeling coaches will be coming back in, so unless Shane keeps winning all of these comps, he will be gone soon and I hope he is. 

    • what if the coaches have to battle through the evicted players in order to get into the game. let’s say the 4 coaches and 4 evictees do some comp against each other and BB takes the top 2. that would be awesome. If Shane backdoor’s Frank. then Frank and Boogie are the 2 that get back into the house, Shane’s a goner.

  6. Joe talks and talks and talks and talks.

    Are you sure it wasn’t Joe screams out his words and screams and screams and screams….

    He must be a riot when he’s pi$$ed (drunk) and ranting on about whatever…. Cripes, he is super annoying !

  7. What happened to Shane’s side deal with Frank and Boogie is unclear.

    Maybe he came to his senses and has realized Booger is a doucebag (spelling?) that really shouldn’t be trusted !

  8. I can’t stand Wil – what’s with him always pulling on his hair?  It’s like he has a weave and it’s hurting his head.  It’s just annoying watching him always picking on his hair.

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