Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Week 3 Veto Ceremony Results

Power of Veto

The Power of Veto Ceremony has finished for this week of Big Brother 14. The drama is going to be high after this one. Good times ahead on the Live Feeds so don’t miss this action! Read on for your Big Brother spoilers to find out if the PoV was used and what happened next.

If you’re just now getting caught up, the Veto competition was held on Saturday, but we won’t see it on CBS until Wednesday’s broadcast. Stay up on your Live Feed reports for the latest news.

At today’s Power of Veto Ceremony, this week’s winner of the Veto, Shane, decided to take Ashley off the block. As the current HoH he was also in charge of handling the renoms so in her place Shane nominated Frank for eviction. This is coming as a bit of a shock to Frank as they had negotiated a deal and Frank had obviously managed to escape the first round of nominations. Of course most of us expected it since we have the luxury of seeing every secret meeting going on in the house!

What do you think? Which of these two nominees should be evicted on Thursday? Frank or Joe? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. Way to go, Ian. You would think a huge BB fan as he is, he would know how to handle if the current HOH asked if he would go up if he(Ian) got HOH next week. I wonder how Boogie will handle it. Overall it’s better for the coaches if Frank leaves and they enter the game.  

  2. OMG I cant believe he did it! Way to go SHANE! 

    Although you just decreased your chances of winning if the coaches come back into the game… 

    • I still don’t see the coahces working together. I see Janelle working with Joe, Ashley, and Will still and Britney working with Dan, Danielle, and Shane. And who knows who Boggie will work with, am i right?!

      • Joe says all the time that they need to play their own game and not listen to their coaches. I don’t think he Ida’s trustworthy as he seems. I personally, would love to see him leave!

      • Molly…. Joe, a sous chef to the sous chef (aka a grunt and experienced carrot peeler) is super annoying. He’s done absolutely nothing in the way of game except cook and well, getting Willie to evict himself…..

    • I really don’t think the coaches are that smart. No one knows just how far Shane can go.The girls may be with him.Dan and Britney are not that good at competitions. The one to watch is Boogie, and I’m not sure just  how many of the H.G. really like or believe him.

      • Dan has been laying low and throwing several of the comps. He even has some viewers believing he’s a weak wimp! lol. It’s the same strategy he used in his season. Don’t be surprised if he kills it in comps near the end of the game if he’s still around. But he will still be a huge target. Never underestimate Dan…he’s a great BB strategist. The longer he’s around, the more dangerous he gets.

    • It’s not a “backdoor” unless you were the original target. Shane decided against Frank as a nom and then came around on the idea after his Veto win. This won’t count for that term, but it does almost seem like it.

      • @MyOpinion247:disqus : No, it’s still not a “backdoor” since Frank was not the original target and even more not a BD since Frank competed in the Veto comp. You can’t call every renom a “backdoor.” That’s just a renom.

        I’ll assume the “idiot” part of your comment was your signature.

  3. I hope Shane goes home next week. Why would he renom Frank!!! I think Frank is a honest guy and would not have come after him next week. Plus he can obiviously beat Frank in the comps. The folks that he is making deals with now are going stab him in the back, ie Janelle’s team. Shane is definately getting backdoored next week. I was rooting for Frank although I love Janelle. Hopefully Frank and Boogie can figure out a way to swing Danielle to their side, but I doubt it :-(

    • Shane is a real fool! he should know that Frank is a good ally but Janelle and her team are weak and easily swayed look how quickly they turned ion Brittney’s team! and meanwhile it should be common sense not to let someone else control your game play and the decisions you make in the BB house. this whole coaches thing is for the birds not sure I’ll make it to the end of the season its kinda kindergarten. you might as well bring your mommy to play with you!

      • Do you guys even now what bb is all about? Lying, making big moves to get yourself further, and Winning as much as you can and see fit. This is probably the first good and intriguing move this season so instead of complaining about it be thankful that someone is telling you before hand. Plus, if you know how Boogie and Janelle play Shane is lucky to be getting Frank out because it makes it easier for him to potentially beat them! BigBrother<3

      • Why do you think Frank is a good ally for Shane? Frank has already had a conversation with Boogie about hoping that Jenn or Ian would win next week and get Shane out so he wouldn’t have to do it directly. This was immediately after Shane didn’t initially nominate Frank. On the other hand you have Janelle and all 3 of her players on board with each other ( when Shane is not in the room ) discussing going to final 5 with Shane. They do not plan on backstabbing him at this point but Frank does. Janelle’s team is totally more trustworthy.

      • No question it’s a bold move, but the best guess is that it will hurt Shane’s chances in the game. He had actually already made the best bold move of aligning with Frank to get both of them further along in the game. Oh well…his choice. It makes the game a little more interesting and is a slap in the face to Boogie. That can’t be all bad. 

  4. Bad idea Shane!! Shane needs Frank to compete for competitions after Shane has won the HOH.  Now that Shane can’t compete for the HOH and the coaches are coming back, Shane is now the number one person to either be nominated by Boogie, or backdoored by one of Janelles players.  Not a good move, Frank and Shane needed eachother in this game!!

    • You would think Shane should be smart enough to realize this but unfortunately his brain is the same size as Britney’s. Shane should be solidifying his deal with Frank not putting him up as a renom. The Coach’s are gonna clean house with these amateurs.

      • I do however think Shane can salvage what he has done.  If I was Shane I would tell Frank to act really mad at what just happened.  Frank, Shane and Danielle should stick with their final three deal, and Danielle votes to evict Joe, keeping Frank in the house.  Frank would then pretend to be angry at Shane and would pretend to side with Janelles team.  All while Frank and Shane work silently together and make sure when each team mentions eachother to be nominated either Frank or Shane would mention that isn’t a good idea.  They could make it to the final two and the houseguests would have no clue of this silent alliance!!  That’s if it all played out that way lol…

    • Exactly! Him listening to Britney is going to cost him the game. The coaches are going to come into the game probably next week. And Shane can’t compete next week and it would be better to have Frank as an ally in the house cause at least Frank has won a comp. NOBODY else in the house has won a thing. (I don’t count Willie because his HOH was given to him)

      While the idiot HGs are listening to their “coaches”, these same coaches won’t hesistate to get them out the door once they enter the game.

      What Shane should have done was make a F3 deal with Frank & Boogie. Get all the dead weight out the house (which is practically everyone) And between the 3 of them, they should be able to get Janelle out because she’s a beast at comps.

    •  I agree with you. Shane just put a big target on his head. I think he was listening to everyone telling him to put up Frank. He had a deal with Frank and he broke it so he will have to pay and if Frank stays in the game, Shane is screwed.

    • Exactly Guys!!!  I blame all of Shanes dumb moves on Brittany.. Her coaching is horrible!

      •  I agree. I think if I was locked in there with her & she was treating me like a  5-year-old I would go ballistic too. She tried to do the same thing with JoJo. Always telling them, “you’re best move right now is to keep quiet & don’t talk game with anyone.” What?? Why are they there? I don’t remember her being such a snotty little bi*#H on her season, but she a bossy one now, especially when she’s yelling for another alcoholic drink

    • Shane made a great move…Frank is not loyal to anyone and Boogie is the one leading Frank around. We all know Boogie would throw his own mother under the bus.

  5. Shane just screwed himself royally. He basically got rid of the only strong player he has as an ally (and the player with a larger target on him) too early in the season. Don’t think this keeps the target off of your back. If anything it is now larger than ever.

      • But, there were more advantages for Shane to keeping Frank in the game than taking him out.

      • If he kept his deal with Frank, Frank more than likely would win something next week and keep Shane safe. If he think Danielle’s is gonna keep him safe he has another thing coming. She is definately a clinger, but she is also playing him hard to get herself further in the game so that she can make deals to keep herself safe as the swing vote

      •  I agree, Joey. Shane is a strong player. He has won three POV’s. He is a target regardless.

    •  Shane is not screwed. He is just playing his game. Each week somebody has to go! This week is Frank. Hey………

    • Did you not see Frank talking to Boogie and saying he hopes Ian or Jenn get HOH and put Shane up so he can keep his hands clean and keep lying to Shane? I would call that not being loyal. 

      • No, I missed that. Shane doesn’t exactly have his hands clean either. I believe that Frank would have been loyal based on what he’s said to Julie and in the DR.

      • You are so right Lavenderagirl !!!! That is exactlly what Frank would do to Shane. I am so hoping that frank is gone this week.The people that thinks Frank would be loyal to Shane, has their heads buried in the sand…come on people this is B.B . They are all playing to win , not to make matter what they have to do to get there.

  6. Oh hell ya Shane you are smart and have balls to make big game moves…good for you….

  7. Only bad thing about getting rid of Frank is that BB will bring him back you just watch and seeeeeeeee!

  8. Power move!…Shane just backdoored two people at one time…Frank and himself. Now Shane’s only chance to survive is Danielle going up against five other people. Shane didn’t think this one through.

    • Or he can win the POV again…which without Frank there is very likely to happen . Good move Shane !!  Severly weakened Boogie

  9. Shane’s decision to backdoor Frank while popular with many BB fans, is going to come back to bit Shane not only with the rest of Boogie’s team, but if Frank does   come back into this game like I think there is going to be a second chance competition or an America’s Vote. 

    So now we will see if everything goes according to plan and Frank is evicted by 3-2 vote on Thursday night’s live eviction. 

    • There’s also the possibility that the coaches are given the option to go into the game before the eviction ceremony. That could cause some problems with the plan.

      • Good point, I never thought of that. That would be a twist that nobody would be ready for. Big Brother is all about expect the unexpected.

      • now that would turn the house upside down ! never thought of that possibility.

      • Frank would still get evicted by Janelle’s and Britney’s vote…horrible arugement

      • Nope, I don’t think they would do that. The coaches couldn’t do the last HOH play POV or be nominated, so I don’t think they will get to vote. I’d bet that after the vote the coaches will be told and everyone will play HOH

      • Yes, but my argument is based that Frank could stay based on who decides to play and who decides to stay as a coach. Remember, America’s Vote is about whether or not the coaches are “given the opportunity” to enter the game. The coaches will be given the choice, they won’t be forced to do it. If Boogie and Dan decide to enter the game
        and the girls don’t, for instance, Frank might stay based on the idea that Dan might vote that way. I know there is no guarantee of that since Danielle is with Shane at the moment, but it’s possible.

    • Yea, if the coaches enter the game, you have both Janelle and Boogie who are mad at you and history shows it that they don’t lose too many comps

    • They won’t bring Frank back into the game. I don’t know why you would think that. The coaches will enter the game, which leaves too many players to bring anyone back. Frank is gone. For good.. get over it. 

      • Tyler, It’s just a thought, anything can happen in Big Brother especially if fans don’t want the coaches to join to the game. And who’s to say that all four coaches if given the choice to join the game as players would take that opportunity…remember there is still $100k in play for the coaches and Janelle and Boogie have the best shot at it. 

        Right now, the coaches have a 1 in 4 shot at $100k which could go to a 50% shot, which is better than 1 in 7,8,9,10 shot for $500k or a 1 in 2,3,4 for $100k? Expect the unexpected.

  10. What an idiot. You should always keep the bigger target in the house. Guess what genius? If Frank leaves who is the biggest threat now? Dumbass.

  11. They would be idiots not to vote out Frank but I’ve seen them do things just as stupid on previous Big Brother Seasons.

  12. What an idiot! Frank even said in the Diary Room that he trusted Shane and was ready to work with him. Shane and Frank really could have made it far if Shane hadn’t gone stupid and listened to Janelle and her players. You can’t trust them!!! Plus, now Shane is going to be on his own when the coaches join the game (since BB doesn’t care how we vote).

  13. Why doe’s everyone think Shane needs Frank to go far …that’s a crock of chit…it’s the other way around Frank needs Shane 

    • It’s really both ways. With Frank he had someone who definitely wouldn’t put him up this early in the game. It’s a bad move to put someone up who is a strong ally this early in the game, even if they need you more than you need them. The only person who has won competitions on the other side is Janelle, and if she doesn’t enter the game she isn’t much use to him.

      •  There may not be another opportunity. Frank has to go this week. It is really not that early housemates are dropping like flies. Shane has no team mates and Brittany is not a good coach. He has to play his own game. He has to fight harder than most house guests. He is a strong player and target.

      •  I agree except, for the sake of argument, Frank is MORE loyal to Boogie than anyone.  Boogie is calling the shots for now.  It’s just working out in Frank’s favor.  Once the coaches are in, Boogie would convince Frank to drop Shane.  Janelle is the female version of Boogie.  She’ll throw any one of the players or coaches under the bus at anytime.  Her strength is that she does well in comps.  Socially she stinks because of simple vanity and she has a HUGE ego.  Britany is not great only because she fails to look far enough ahead.  She isn’t as deceitful and dishonest as the others.  She’s just trying to keep her head above water, I think.  Dan is- purposefully, fading into the background- FOR NOW.  He’ll be back in the game.  I cannot STAND Danielle.  She will ride Shane as long as she can.  She’s happy to have found a life preserver, but too dumb to realize she was just second choice.  She will fall in love with Shane, but he’ll be done with her when the curtain falls.  I like Ashley and Ian. 

      • HGs might be dropping like flies, but do you see how many people are still in the house? Not to mention the fact that Willie’s spot might be refilled like Dick’s was last time.

    • Shane is not playing for HOH next week and can be nominated or backdoored just as he did Frank. Don’t tell us because he won POV 3 straight that he cannot lose even one POV when he needs it the most! Ask Danielle Donato or even Danielle and as good a players they are, they are going to lose on or two POVs just when they need it and get evicted in the
      process! Shane just slit his own throat and a chance at that $500,000!

    • Your right on Frank needing Shane. Shane is the one winning all the veto’s so far, and Frank knows that. He wants to be in alliance with the strongest player.Bye, Bye Frank..

  14. yay!!! i am so glad he did it!!!! you cant forget the coaches will be joining the game this week which will put the target off shane and onto the coaches!!!

    • But, the coaches are going to be given the option. They can choose to stay coaches. There are plenty if disadvantages to joining the game too.

      • Um… Actually, that’s exactly how they phrased it when they first announced it on America’s Vote. The announcer used the word “option”. Go back and review the show if you don’t believe me.

      •  I don’t they should join the game. Producers and writers of Big Brother this is a bad idea. Not interesting at all. I’ll probably quit watching.

      • I checked the show again. The exact phrase was to vote 1 if the coaches should be “given the opportunity” to enter the game. That means they will have a choice.

        Think about it, BB sometimes tells the HGs half-truths, but I never see them outright lie about a prize. The 100k will still be open to them. BB would be committing fraud if it wasn’t.

    • If the coaches enter the game, the more Shane is going to be evicted! The 4 coaches will join forces because it is the smart thing to do! Then, they will wipe out the rest of the floaters one by one after they evict Shane! Then, they will fight amongst themselves on who should win that $500,000. That was a pretty dumb move of Shane! Did he not see what happened to Danielle Donato last season when she betrayed her alliance? She got booted out way too soon and lost her chance at that $500,000. 

    • I think the coaches will have a choice to join the game..If so Boggie & Janelle won’t join and continue to play for $100 grand..

    • Your so right !!!!  I hope that Boogie goes next week. That is if he doesn’t get H.O.H. if the coaches go in the game.

  15. If Frank goes home, Shane will be next.  He has said to the entire house – he cannot be trusted.  The deed is done.  I cannot wait to see what happens Thursday and who wins HOH.  I am convinced Shane cost himself the game with this move.  It is way too early in the game for these type big moves. 

    •  Frank has to go and somebody had to send him home. Whomever was HOH at this time was going to be next week’s target. That is the way it goes. Shane is going to survive.

  16. I am so surprises but glad to know he chose to not be bullied by Boogie and his clan. Now when the coaches enter the game…things will be extra tense!!

  17. Dumb, dumb move. No matter what, Boogie’s coming after Shane. Oh my god. Horrible move.

  18. Just a random note: 

    I think it’s absolutely hilarious that the majority of the comments said Shane was an idiot for not targeting Frank when his Joe and Ashley nominations were announced. And now that he has targeted Frank, the majority of comments thus far have said he is an idiot for doing so. 

    • Because before if he nominated frank he’d be taking out one of the strongest players in the game instead he decided to go against janelle’s group so now that he put up frank he’s went against boogie’s side ,he just pissed off two group’s in one week and his only ally is danielle. That’s why he’s an idiot.

      • I do get that, and I agree. He should have picked one side and stuck with it. However, Janelle’s team members are not the brightest crayons in the box, so I believe he could smooth things over with them well if he plays it right (saying this was his plan all along or saying he has finally realized they are more trustworthy than Boogie’s team or etc etc). 

  19. Great move! However, I’m still woried for Shane’s game. What if Ian wins HoH, or if the coaches enter the game and Boogie wins HoH? His game is in jeopardy and one slip up in the veto comp and he is gone.

    •  It’s a risk that Shane has to take. Now…if Ian wins HOH, he might take all his clothes off and that’s gonna be a little dicey.

    • It’s more likely that Janelle or her players would win than Boogie and his players.

    • Ian promised Shane he would not put him up and said he never goes back on his word.  Will he backdoor him?  Who knows, but I think all things will change since it is very obvious the coaches are going back in and everything will be very different once that happens.  Brit and Janelle already saying that they will take each other to the end as they have never won before and when a man is sitting in F2 a woman has never won. 

  20. NOOOO! I cant Believe he just did that!

    he just made a HUGE mistake. Frank would have been loyal to him and frank would have convinced ian/jen to NOT nominate him! YET he decides to trust WIL/JOE/ASHELEY? Shane.. your done.

    • Frank and Boogie have already talked about throwing the HOH to Ian or Jenn so that Frank could “keep his word” and still get rid of Shane.

  21. The smartest thing Shane did and will ever do in the BB House.  Bye Bye Frank, you will not be missed except for Boogie and who cares about him!

    • Frank has good social game, pretty sure the houseguests are going to miss him. As well as fans other than you. I don’t want to see Frank go. That’s already at least one more than just Boogie.

  22. Shane, you have really rocked the boat. I must say he’s got mega balls. I just hoped Shane still get the lucky streak and stays in the house longer.

  23. mistake, ashly is not as dumb as she looks, she is going to float right through this game,.,,,,

  24. That was stupid of Shane to nominate Frank. Shane is not trustworthy. I would rather watch Frank than Joe. I hope Frank stays but I realize he will go home. 

  25. People can say this was a good move or a bad move but what everyone seem to miss here is how good Janelle really is. Her team was done this week yet the queen of bb worked her magic again. Shane didn’t trust her or her team but Janelle knew the way to Shane was through Brittany. I love Janelle and she is the main reason I watch. For 3 weeks she put her players in good positions and she taught them well. She in my opinion is the greatest to ever play and certainly the best who never won.

    • I agree, Janelle is always thinking game ALWAYS! She may look ditzy, blond and dumb, but she is far from it. I really wish her team was as competent as she is! Team Janelle!

    • Uhhh yeah, no…sorry but you can’t credit Janelle for what’s gone on here. Not at all. It just so happens to work out that her players will all be saved. She wasn’t a factor in this.

      • @01ff3db6b8bec54e3a355b48e80f412b:disqus Must’ve been really hard to make that deal, considering Britney was already talking to Shane about sending Frank home…like pretty much as soon as Shane won HoH…I don’t call those ‘deals’ credible. That’s like Mike wanting to get someone out of the house and then someone else comes and “makes a deal” to save themselves. Mike would laugh in the DR that now he has a deal with someone when he was going to keep them safe anyway.

  26. Best move this far in this season of Big Brother! I was going to get so frustrated if they just let Frank/Boogie keep sneaking by! Joe will not win this game and it will pay off to get rid of such a power player! Go Shane! Hopefully Ashley will win HOH! Kinda hoping the coaches come into the game too…I would love to see Janelle/Brittney kick Boogie out of the house! 

  27. such a dumb move he just sealed his fate, shane’s  game is over if frank gets voted out, he will be up on the block again and again untill voted out.shane should have stuck to the deal he made bc’s janelle is worse than boggie

  28. I think shane is screwed regardless because everybody knows he is a hell of a player and can win..i think jannell team will keep shane safe atleast for one weeek then he is going to be on his own..frank did seem like a good guy who would not go on his word but i dont trust boogie..and its good to weaken him now than later. frank was shane only comp in the house..i believe shane can beat any of them in a physical comp..ian is a dissapointment..hes only there for experience of the game a fan really..he dont know how to play the game..still stuck on ashley and she hates his guts..i mean how stupid can you be.

    • I haven’t watched the feeds so maybe I’m missing obvious indicators, but from what I’ve seen Ashley doesn’t hate Ian. Ian also had a strong finish in the competition that saw Shane’s second Veto win, due to a photographic memory, which can be useful in quite a few competitions. So I wouldn’t peg Ian as such a useless player the way you did.

      • well it is still yet to be seen what ian can do even though he had “Photographic memory” still lost..but anyhow maybe “hate” was a strong work i used..Ashley continues to throw ian under the bus everytime she has the chance..and ian cant see that because of his blindfull crush. that what i meant.

      • @feedogg810:disqus  Oh ok…fair enough. You’ve probably seen more than I have. I just remember pretty early on Ashley, in the DR where nobody can hear her, said she knows he’s nerdy but she kind of likes Ian…who knows, maybe that was entirely production persuading her to say it, just to create a storyline for the TV audience…

  29. dumb dumb move now if frank goes you are enemy number 1 the floaters want frank out because they cannot win anything.You don’t have a deal with Jannelle side of the house so why put up frank now the whole house will be gunning for you.
    The people who are saying good move dislike boogie if you are a supporter of Shane it is a terrible move.

    • Agreed completely. Can’t believe how many people are overlooking this. The Boogie hate is mind-numbingly strong I guess. I highly doubt this will end well for Shane, and I want him to win the game this year.

  30. Shane just sealed his fate. He will be gone within the next three weeks. Now he has Janelle and Boogie on him. Too early to do a big move. Britt just led you down a bad road. Dude you were at least gaurenteed to make it past the halfway mark if you stayed on script. Now Frank goes to the house and might have a chance to come back. You big dummy.

    • Not only too early for a big move, but who listens to Britney? Worst coach alive just ruined her best player’s game.

      • Apparently shane did, because Frank’s on the block, and I think the move was 1 week too early cuz when the coaches come into the game, Shane’s goose is cooked. Everybody ‘s gonna find out what a flip flopper he is and don’t be suprised if Frank gets a shot at coming back to the house. It was a bad move period.

      • And I forgot, he pissed off Joe in the process too. So he really made sure the house is against him.

  31. If Ian, Jen or Wil find out about Shane’s faggot comment, Frank will stay in the house.  I do believe any one of these three could secure the 4th vote to insure Joe goes home and then Frank helps them rid the house of Shane.  Shane better hope Britney does not tell anyone

  32. Shane’s great game has just been ruined, or at the very least tainted, hindered, insert other adjective here. Frank was going to work with Shane, and now Shane is the only remaining legitimate target (to hell with the idea that Wil is a threat). Shane also can’t be HoH next week and Danielle most likely won’t win it either. This is disappointing as I liked Shane from day one. Guess he better win a 4th consecutive Veto next week. No pressure or anything.

  33. I was under the impression that originally Brit and Dan along with Danielle considered Frank and Will to be put up.  When Shane put Ashley and Joe up because Wil was saved I at first thought he was taken a big chance.  Just wondering if he was putting Frank up as a pawn?  I haven’t watched the feeds yet to see what the reasoning is, but I would still hope that his main target is Joe.  Does this put him back in a position where Danielle is the tie breaker which is what she originally suggested?  Still hoping that Joe is his main target and that there is a way that Shane is kept safe.  I really like Shane and want him to go far in the game.  If Frank goes and then Shane I will think this has all been planned so one of the coaches when they enter the game are sure to win.  I never wanted the coaches in, but sure sounds like we will get them.  Reminds me of last year when Brendon returned to get another chance and also the Pandora’s Box at just the right time to make sure one of the Vets won.

  34. A bad move for Shane, but a GREAT move for Danielle.  This week she was one of the players that had a major hand in persuading Shane to backstab Frank Vicious.  Danielle needs to take out the competition threats to have a chance at staying in the game, and having Shane do that for her really helps.  Now she can take a breather at the next HOH since Shane will be target #1 in the house, and work to distance herself from Shane and work on a final four deal with Ashley and Janelle or, if she’s got the gumption and the tongue to do it, negotiate on a F3 deal with Ian, Jenn, and Boogie.

    Of course, all of this does not take into account the fact that GrodHOG is about to reveal that the coaches twist was a Golden Key in disguise for the vets and that she has just approved the blueprint to turn the coaches HOH suite back into the Pandora’s Box room.

    • Danielle made an alliance with Frank and Shane so, if she votes to evict Frank, it is going to be pretty obvious and Mike Boogie and his team will figure out the betrayal. She is not too smart to be attacking her own alliance like Shane is. After all, she is a floater and can easily be targeted!

      • Mike Boogie and his team dont know about Danielle, Frank, and Shane’s alliance from what I’ve heard…

  35. It could be a move that may come back to bite Shane in the a$$ big time. Even if Frank goes home, he has to hope that Boogie, Ian or Jenn somehow don’t win HOH. The coaches will be playing come Thursday and anyone who has seen Boogie play knows that he is a good playet in this game

  36. way to go shane. frank wa going to get you next week. you did good. good move on joining up with janelle and brit.

  37. Good thing Shane is in this house! Was it the best move? Maybe not, but we can’t be sure it wasn’t. Only time will tell. I’m just thankful that someone in that house is playing the game, and playing it hard. This game is about big moves and taking risks. Shane has definitely earned my respect. 

  38. ok shane go pack your bags if  frank get evicted  your going next week your be number one target

  39.  From the perspective of Shane (who doesn’t know the coaches are coming back), this decision makes no sense. If he takes out Frank, he instantly becomes target number one. I mean, the guy has already won an HoH and three veto competitions and it’s only week 3! Keeping another target in the game makes so much sense for him.

    Take into account that the coaches are coming back and I feel like it makes even less sense. The only players that are going to stay loyal to Shane are Brittney and Danielle. Janelle and her players will all go after him should they win HoH. Boogie is definitely going to come after him if Frank leaves and he’ll probably try to get his players to go that route as well. Dan is pretty much the only wild card out of the group, but for some reason, I think Dan will try to lay low for a few more weeks while the numbers thin out some more; just like he did in Big Brother 10.

    Shane pretty much punched his ticket out of the house when he put Frank on the block at the veto ceremony.

  40. i like Frank this is the second time Shane backstabbed him and Shane is a big on himself idiot to be making enimies so soon in this it still too early to be showing your hands and where you stand

  41. To all the people saying Shane made a bad move.

    How? Really Frank and Boogie have talked about Frank throwing HOH to Ian or Jenn and having them put Shane out of the house so he wouldn’t have to do it directly. Frank is working to get Shane out so Shane just beat him to it. And with the coaches coming back in the game (Presumably Thrusday) he’s leaving one less large player in the house he has to go through. I think he did the best thing he could have because Frank and Boogie would have stuck together to the end, while Janelle’s team is already fracturing. Shane could use that to his advantage.

  42. I hope Frank goes on Thursday and if he does I can’t wait to see the look on that smug Boogies face. Priceless!!!

  43. Am I the only one who thinks it’s possible for Frank not to go after Shane if he stays or comes back? Think about it, without Shane, Frank is Public Enemy #1. Frank has only won an HoH, unlike Shane who has won 3 PoVs and an HoH. Does anyone else think that they could repair their alliance? Or am I totally out of my mind…

    • I think they could, and even should, repair their alliance. I just really don’t think they will. Frank is going to take it personally, and both of them say trust is the biggest factor in this game to them. It won’t happen.

  44. im so proud of shane i definitely didnt think he was gonna do it. i think this is a smart move for him it would have been harder to get him out later on and i feel that if they made it to final 2 i feel like frank would have won 

    • what?????? u can’t think jangle will back shane next week right? she’s gonna screw brits guy totally

  45. i think that Shane needs up whole his deal if he plans on being safe next week for the house will be after him

  46. oh lordy!  as much as i dislike frank/boogie shomance, shane was safe for at least next week until he could try to win HOH with them.  janelle and her team will throw him and ian up next time if they win and ian will probably win….great move but a week too early.  i’d have gotten rid of joe this week…..ride out next week and then work to get frank out.

    • I think whoever’s team Shane sides with, they will gun for him, so why not go after his #1 threat on winning = Frank.  Yes, he has both sides now mad, but if the noms stayed the same and Joe went home, and Frank or Ian or Jenn wins HOH….Shane is going up no matter what, so he is a target no matter what.

  47. Personally, I believe Shane’s move to be cowardly! At least
    when Frank nominated Shane, he did it upfront. Frank was considerate enough to
    give Shane the opportunity to win POV so he had a chance to remove himself from
    the block. Shane didn’t give Frank the same courtesy! I will be so halleluiah
    happy when Shane walks out that door next week! And, from what I’ve seen and
    heard from Janelle’s’ team, Shane should just keep his bags packed. I wish I could
    see the look on Shane’s face when he watches BB at home and realizes that Frank
    was his alliance all along. That’s what he gets for listening to the coaches,
    who we all know, are in this game for themselves. The coaches don’t have to get
    their hands dirty, because they have all the newbie tools to do their work for

    • Screw Frank… Shane cowardly. It takes balls to do that because now he has the greatest player (in his own mind) Booger gunning for him. It’s going to be great seeing the Booger whining and gnashing his teeth…..

  48. Frank will be leaving on Thursday, Danielle and Dan are in the hammock, Dan is telling her to vote out Frank..Frank thinks he is safe..because everyone in the  house is telling the other that they have a final two with Frank..which they don’t, then Ian threw Frank under the bus last night when Britney asked him if he would consider putting Shane up if he won HOH, Ian tells her “it’s not in the foreseeable future..HUH?  Ian, you should know, since  you say you are such an avid BB fan, that when one of the HG’s asked you a question like that, your answer is either “ABSOLUTELY OR ABSOLUTELY NOT,  in this case it should have been the latter…you just cost Frank at shot at 500 grand.

  49. I think it was sorta stupid to use the veto on Ashley because she isn’t really a threat and now Shane has two angry men gunning for him. But I guess I understand that it would Please him more for Joe to leave over Ashley.

    It’s all pointless though as the coaches are entering the game and everyone is going after Shane. Maybe he’ll continue his streak of winning POVs. That’ll be interesting.

  50. …those blonde cowards, Janelle and Britney have been hiding out all day long, they have spent most of the day in the HOH room, now they are hiding out in the room where everyone goes to talk and shuts the door, blue room?  Frank thought he was safe and he is going to be sent home on Thursday thanks to those two and Ian..don’t be a coward, ladies, come out and face Frank.

  51. brits man shane is screwed next week….when frank goes and coaches return ,shakes gone w no one to fight for him on hot comp,frank was his only shot!!!!!

  52. It’ll be best if Frank leaves this week, but I personally want to see Joe leave. He’s so loud and obnoxious. I wonder if the man ever heard himself talk.

  53. I would rather see Joe go home and I sure hope the coaches do not get to play. If they do I may stop watching. I am so tired of people coming back and now these players are having to fight to play their own game.

    • If you decide to stop watching, tune into reruns of….

      10. Bridalplasty

      It’s like all the other horrible reality shows came together into some kind of Megazord of awfulness. “Bridezillas! The Swan! ASSEMBLE!” Brides-to-be compete in wedding related challenges to see who can win plastic surgery. The losers on have to get married with their normal face. The horror!

      I don’t know who to root for on this show, because although I want them to experience the pain of major surgery, I don’t want any of them to achieve their misguided dreams.


      9. My Super Sweet 16

      My Super Sweet 16 follows teenagers celebrating an important turning point of their lives. Sounds ok, except the teens on this show are all spoiled, shallow brats, and the turning point is from douchecanoe 15 year olds, to douchecanoe 16 year olds. This show could be shown as an communist recruiting film. “See! This is what Americans are like! They cry when their daddy gets them the wrong Lexus!” I rarely say this about a television show, but this show hurts freedom.

      Also, sparkles everywhere. STOP IT.


      8. Britney & Kevin Chaotic

      This 2005 show consisted of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline’s home videos, shot while they were “falling in love.” So, already gross. But what really sent this show from merely irritating to unbelievably horrible was the fact that the Brit Brit did most of the shooting herself. The “Cinematography” – yes, they called it that- was so bad, you could have gotten with better footage if you gave the camera to a monkey hopped up on Redbull.

      At least the monkey would have been smart enough to not get knocked up by Kevin Federline.


      7. The Littlest Groom

      Although little people deserve respect and love, they apparently don’t deserve THAT much respect and love, since this show was only scheduled to run for two episodes. Hurry up and pick a bride, shorty! We can’t wait for you to take normal-height amounts of time here!

      Also, it’s a deceptive title. There have been way tinier grooms. Tom Cruise is married, right?


      6. Mr. Personality

      No, that’s not nightmare. That’s a promo still from the show. The “twist” on this Mr. Personality was that the woman would pick her man based on personality alone, since the dudes wore scary masks all the time. What woman doesn’t want to choose from a variety of desperate, mask-wearing guys? They should have just called this show “Who wants to date Doctor Doom.”

      Now this is a dating show I would watch!

      Oh, and it was hosted by Monica Lewinsky, a woman famous for presidential knob-gobbling. Ratings gold!

      Mr. Personality was so bad, no one has bothered to upload clips of it to YouTube. To put that in perspective, I just got 5,130 results when I searched “dog pooping.”

      5,130 times more popular than “Mr. Personality.


      5. Extreme Couponing

      Extreme Couponing is a show about 4 shopaholics… who… save… money… by… zzzzzz. Oh, I’m sorry. I just passed out from boredom by just describing this show. It’s about people who save money using coupons. But they do it extreme somehow.

      Unless one of those coupons is a razor blade that has AIDS on it, I don’t see the drama.


      4. Who’s Your Daddy?

      On this show, a woman who was adopted was put in a room with 25 older men. One of them was her father. If she picked out her real “daddy,” she would win $100,000. If she picked an imposter, that guy would win the money. It pioneered the “lying to women looking for a family they’ve never known” genre of reality shows, and was not surprisingly cancled after one episode.

      What a fun acting exercise!


      3. Sister Wives

      Finally, a show that attempts to show the human side of the illegal and creepy practice of having lots of wives! Next on TLC, we learn about the human side of another group of social outcasts, on the premiere of “Dude who Bones Goats and some Goats He Has.”


      2. Sarah Palin’s Alaska

      In paper, this show is supposed to be about the beauty of Alaska, but in reality they should have called it “Sarah Palin proves that she’s an awesome mom and a regular woman and won’t you consider her as your next president, because she’s so down-to earth and real!” There’s an episode where the freezer is empty, and it’s almost winter! What are they going to do? Well, you could BUY FOOD, Sarah. I know they have stores in Alaska (I googled it). Nope, she travels hundreds of miles and kills a caribou.

      She’s just like us!


      1. Toddlers & Tiaras

      Making little kids conform to unrealistic standards of “beauty” with hooker makeup and high heels sounds like something that evil people would do in secret. But no, it’s a popular thing with bad parents across the country! So why not film it?

      (Warning: This video is messed up and has the worst parenting pretty much ever)

      Pouring hot wax on a little girl’s face before ripping off her skin might sound like child abuse, but damn it, perfect eyebrows are worth it!

  54. Yall do realize that if the “coaches” get in on the actual game of BB that all 4 are bigger targets than Shane. It is also a possibility (slim) that the game will start anew and Shane will have the opporturnity to play for HOH. When and if the coaches do join the other HG’s it will be a new ballgame possibly with game changes. Remember to “expect the unexpected” but I don’t think that whoever leaves this week will be returning (not fair to Shane’s being HOH) nor do I think that any of the other evicted HG’s will be back unless the coaches don’t join. There will be 13 players if the coaches join.. enough for Jury and 2  to sit in the winners chairs..Depending on if the show ends on the 13th or the 20th of September there still might be a double eviction….There are sooooo many ways the next week can play out…We just have to wait and see what happens…

  55. what’s everyone talking about? frank won 1 competition. anyone in there could luck out and win 1. frank or booger haven’t impressed me at all. i haven’t seen anyone in there except shane who is consistant. now when janelle comes out to play, i think we’ll see a whole new ballgame.

  56. The best move players can make is to get their biggest threat/competitor out the door and shane put up his threat/competitor

      • I’m sure I’ll be called crazy, but if I was playing the game I would want to win it the hard way. That way would feel the most rewarding, and a challenge isn’t a bad thing to me. If I’m Shane and I won with Frank in the final two or three with me, that’d be the ultimate. Shying away from my biggest competition just to take the easier road to victory isn’t my style.

      • MJ….. The military won’t be asking you for battle field strategy.

        It’s not how you play the game, it’s about winning half a million dollars…. otherwise what the hell did anyone audition for the game ?

      • Ted… I never said I would take the same strategy to a military battlefield.

        I personally would want to play this game against others who want to compete. I would take no joy in beating Jenn and Ashley and Joe in competitions. You’re right, money is money, but I’d rather beat the best or lose against the best. That would be a factor in my auditioning. Like I said, I knew it wouldn’t be a popular opinion, but that’s fine.

      •  MJ, Unless you’re in there and actually experiencing all the difficulties of the game, you’re “ideal” of winning, although it’s admirable, might change.

  57. At this point nobody really knows if it’s a good move or a bad move on Shane’s part. By Thursday, I think we’ll have an idea. That being said, my hats are off to Shane for taking one of Booger’s big gun., 

  58. Houseguests are on lockdown for the next 48 hours so I am pretty sure the next HOH comp will be endurance.  Ian told Shane if he wins, he will not nominate him, even though it is Ian’s fault that Frank is going  home, Ian told Shane last night that he couldn’t guarantee he wouldn’t put Shane on the block, now, tonight in the back yard, he told him he would not, why couldn’t he tell him that last night, maybe then he would not have put Frank up, and the Frank, Shane, Danielle alliance may have held up. If coaches come back in, Shane is a goner, unless he wins POV, but then you would have Janelle competing and she is just as good at winning those as Shane is. Shane will be the first target, should have held on to Frank a little longer. 

    • Shane is a goner…

      …but remember the cat came back. Shane is a beast, regardless, if the coaches enter the game Booger is toast !

  59. Well, Frank is leaving. They’d all be stupid not to vote him out as Joe may be a loud insufferable chef but he’s not a threat like Frank.

    • It’s not a sure thing.  Ian and Jenn will vote for Joe, and Wil and Ashley will vote for Frank.  Danielle is the swing vote.

      •  I am watching feeds, Danielle is now telling Wil that she is voting out Frank. She is such a whiner, she is feeding Wil this sob story about Frank stalking her all day..she loves being the decider. I don’t care for her. So, looks like the handshake between “the three amigos” meant nothing. I have lost all respect for Shane since hearing him call Ian a “faggot” earlier today. Hope he leaves next week, and I also hope the coaches come back in so they can take out Shane.

      • Producer…..

        Danielle wants to get into Shane’s shorts. Shane put up Frank. Danielle wants to get into Shane’s shorts…..

        Goodbye Frank !

  60. Yes………… When the coaches come into the game Booger better hope he gets HOH because if he doesn’t he’s gone, 80 year old man glasses and all !!!

  61. Watched Ashley hatch the whole plan last night on feeds.  Believe it or not if it wasn’t for Ashley pitching a really passionate plea to dingbat loser know it all Brittney it would have remained the same old boring game that it has been so far.  Good job Ashley, she is the ballsiest player so far.

  62. Well, now they are all back out in the yard, so lockdown is over. Frank is all smiles, I hope that Shane at least gives him a heads up that he is going home on Thursday..Frank did, at least, give Danielle that courtesy and told her she was not going home, that it would be Jo Jo leaving the house, this whole plan does not sit well with me for some reason, Why Shane trusts Janelle’s team over Boogies, I don’t know, Boogie and Janelle are both pretty cunning when it comes to playing this game.

  63. Way to go Shane!! Bold move my friend…Let’s they get Frank OUT of the house..

  64. If Joe gets to stay, then he can participate in the endurance HOH comp. I really want to see him get short of breath and turn blue, or fall 12ft. high face down and loose his vocal chords.

  65. Do you guys even now what bb is all about? Lying, making big moves to get yourself further, and Winning as much as you can and see fit. This is probably the first good and intriguing move this season so instead of complaining about it be thankful that someone is telling you before hand. Plus, if you know how Boogie and Janelle play Shane is lucky to be getting Frank out because it makes it easier for him to potentially beat them! BigBrother<3

    • Really liked reading your post very great points! Thx… And yes if the coaches come in play will be that much harder for Shane and plus Frank! Do not want to see Frank win for some reason he rubs me the wrong way. Like Shane and glad that some interesting things are happening about time

    • bb is also about pairing up w strong allies…….shane has no one except danielle after he backdoors frank.Dan will prob take her when coaches enter.Shanes screwed,dumb move!

  66. O.M.G. I really hope that Shane is up too all the drama he’s going to be getting !!!! I was so surprised to see Shane back door Frank….Again, Frank is the biggest threat in the house , and he REALLY NEEDS TO GO  !!!! I am so proud of Shane , it took a lot of nerve to make that play.Hope it doesn’t turn around and bite him in the butt.

  67. I think thurs after eviction the endurance comp will be coaches and evicted HG. Whoever wins from each group will enter the house. Which could mean no hoh this week. An evictIon free week. They just play food and luxury comps for the week

    • Not at all.  The strategy of “backdoor”-ing someone is a well worn one.  I can’t tell you the number, but it’s been done on more than one occasion. 

  68. Another fact is , if the other H.G. takes out Joe , than where does that leave Shane. I sure hope that the coaches are not coming in as players this week , and are able to cast a vote !!! Think about it !!!! Even though I want them in the game as players, it would make it tough for Shane. Watch Boogie go after Shane big time. After Frank is gone, than it’s Boogies turn.

  69. That’s a tough one.  Too bad both can’t be evicted.  
    If I was in the house, I vote to evict Frank – only because he’s a threat.

  70. At least on the surface, it looks like Shane probably hurt his own chances in the game by using the POV and putting up Frank. But knowing that the coaches are likely to enter the game, it may add to the drama of the season. Frank and Shane together would have been a very strong duo in that house. Plus, Shane made it clear to everyone that he can’t be trusted…and at a pretty early stage of the game. Wow. Interesting…

    • did you not hear when frank told boogie that he hopes ian or the girl wins this week so he wouldn’t be the one to put shane on the block? they were going to put shane up next week. so frank isn’t so loyal after all. booger darn sure isn’t.

  71. I can’t find the update on America’s vote for the coaches to join the game. Anyone know what they decided. I hope not. I’m sick of old HG’s. 

  72. shanes playn for other people…….keep frank pretty boy,its ur only shot! Joe can’t win nothing and he will dump u soon.

  73. Good for Shane–this is an individual game-If one of Boogie’s team wins HOH-Shane for sure would go up–Frank is as big as a threat as Shane-Joe-not so much.

    • Yeah, from us seeing the feeds, it sounds better for Shane to part with Frank.  Frank said he wants to backdoor Shane and Joe said he owes Shane big time if he stays.

  74. I think that Frank should leave the game because he and Boogie are dangerous together as a pair. Moreover, Janelle has practically no one in the game should she enter. I see Janelle, Shane and Boogie working together to get Boogie, Ian and Joe out of the house, while Dan and Danielle will try to get Janelle out the house. It should be interesting…

    • Dan and Janelle are going to work together, but sneaky as Dan is…I think he has a deal to work with all coaches.  Dan is goin to side with #’s though and will side with who he and Danielle can beat (they don’t want to be up against Frank and Ian so they hope Frank goes this week and will join Janelle who has the #’s…the question is if Wil and Ashley will go against Jenelle or not).  I think Brit and Shane can join them too…they want Boogie out.

  75. They need to keep Frank so when the coaches come in, Shane and Frank will dominate the HOH’s and NOT let a player that has won this game once win again. That would be super disappointing in the end. Let’s go newbies, work together and take these so called BB experts down! That would be excitement and unpredictable! Especially as to who would win in the end.

  76. well i think eviction has to be frank he is too strong of a player but the biggest under dog ian could maybe win the whoile thing  geeks unite  (wait whst am im saying im not a geek)  ian coming out of his shell streaking omg he evewn smoked  but ian i think america is showinghow much they like you when it comes to the slop  every week gets better and better  whats next week submarine sandwiches and oreo cookies?  i dont blame ian for staying n the slop probably better then what house guest eat anyway.  if coaches come back shane and danielle could be in trouble? i imagine those two will be next target

  77. Willie warned them the coaches were coming.  Good strategy would have been to eliminate Danielle and get rid of Dan.  Another good strategy would be for Joe, Wil, Ashley, Daniel, Ian, Jenn & Shane form an alliance – they would always have the numbers after the coaches come in.

  78. Probably the dumbest move Shane could have made. Now he’s pissed off two coaches and their teams and proven he’s not trustworthy by this backdoor play. Tell yourself all you want its not a backdoor but at the end of the day it is. Shane has sealed his fate.

  79. Danielle is the one to worry about… she is hooking up with Shane so he does what she tells him to.. she wanted frank out before Shane did…I was  a Frank fan and now I’m rooting for Boogie, Ian and Jenn.. Hoping coaches go back in the game and Boogie takes Jenn and Ian to the finals..

  80. Bad move.  Frank had the target on his back – meaning Shane was NOT the target.  Now, with 3 straight POVs, an HOH, and the blood of the best player on his hands, he’s the ONLY target in the house.

  81. Smart for Shane. He can’t trust Frank since Boogie pulls his strings, and he was already a target. Get his biggest competition out!

    • You are so right. Boogie has to be feeling the heat right now.If he comes  into the game, his fate is sealed like Franks.

  82. Shane.  Man that guy can win the competitions.  I like Frank though.  I say get rid of Joe.  He is so LOUD!!

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