Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 3 Tuesday Highlights

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

Today’s Big Brother 14 Live Feeds theme is “OMG is Wil mad? Is Wil going to vote for Frank to stay?” Over and over and over and over. So start at 9 AM BBT and play through until about 4 AM BBT and you’ll hear all about what Wil is going to do. OK, I’m exaggerating. But just barely. All jokes aside, that was the hot topic of the day. It’s starting to sound like if Frank has any hope of staying this week, it’s with Wil and maybe Britney. Read on to find out what we saw and heard yesterday on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, July 31, 2012:

8:35 AM BBT — Frank talking to the cameras, saying he hopes some people are as bummed as he is about being on the block. He says he thinks he won’t be going home this week.

9:30 AM BBT — Boogie vows to make Shane’s life hell if Frank goes home this week.

10:10 AM BBT — Wil, Frank and Boogie talking game. Wil realizes his alliance has weakened and that Janelle isn’t as close to him before. Could Frank and Boogie use this to their advantage?

12:14 PM BBT — Janelle, Ashley and Joe talking about Wil. They’re starting to think he is switching sides.

12:53: PM BBT — More Wil bashing from Janelle. She tells Britney that he thinks Frank is the greatest. Britney says Wil said he’s still voting Frank out.

1:08 PM BBT — Janelle wants Britney to spread a lie that will make Wil angry at Frank.

1:48 PM BBT — Shane comes out of the DR with the HOH camera. Photo sessions commence.

2:03 PM BBT — Janelle’s Wil paranoia continues. Instead of talking to him she asks Ashley if he’s said anything to her.

2:30 PM BBT — Frank tells Britney he’s pissed at Janelle for telling Wil he tried to backdoor him. He says he wants to confront her.

3:30 PM BBT — Finally someone decides to talk to Wil instead of wondering. Joe asks Wil if he’s lost his vote this week. Wil says his problem is with Janelle and she shouldn’t have pissed off one of her players.

4:40 PM BBTJoe and Danielle meet in the arcade room. Yeah, these two talking is about as existing as you’d imagine. Danielle tells him she’ll vote for him to stay. And I have no point what this meeting was about. Weird.

5:27 PM BBT — Janelle and Danielle talking. Danielle asks if she’s safe next week. Janelle assures her. Danielle says her vote against Frank is solid and can’t be changed.

7:07 PM BBT — Janelle thinks next season will be another All Stars season. Hear who she thinks would be coming back. She forgets Season 13 people.

8:58 PM BBT — Britney talking Frank out of confronting Janelle and Joe. Frank said DR told him he should.

9:04 PM BBT — Britney tells Danielle she’s rethinking the plan to send Frank home instead of Joe. Which is what happens every week. She thinks Janelle’s team is falling apart and keeping them all together won’t be beneficial.

10:11 PM BBT — Janelle and Wil FINALLY talk it out. Janelle says she knows Wil is made at her. He says he’s not mad, just upset that she made him feel worthless. She says she didn’t mean to make him feel bad. Janelle actually cries. That’s a rarity.

10:40 PM BBT — Dan finally giving some tough love to Danielle about her deal with Shane. She’s taking it kind of personally but Dan is clearly just “coaching.” He tells her she’s in a haze.

So only one more day of this and the power will shift and it could be a whole new game — that is if the coaches enter the game. That’s when the Live Feeds will really be on fire. So stay locked her for your updates.

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  1. I think the game wouldve been much better if the coaches were assigned players but the players had no idea who was their coach and could get advice from any of the coaches. It wouldve made the coaches create more controversy trying to guide their players to finals. It wouldve made the coaches comp more exciting with the ability to save a player and trade players as well. This wouldve allowed the HG to not be forced into team alliances this season and work with who they wouldve wanted. But it also wouldve created more paranoia and lies from the coaches.

    • There are a lot of twists they can still add to the game without the coaches coming in. For instance, how about a pandora’s box after the nominations.
      The HOH gets to open a pandora’s box with $10,000 cash. Of course, he or she wants it. However, once he or she takes it, the nominees on the block both get off. Now, the HOH has to nominate 2 new people! Or what about a veto competition with the option to take prizes (I believe they had one before) but, with this twist, say have prizes for $25,000 or a lavish trip amongst the prizes. Now, if one of the players takes that nice prize, he or she cannot player for HOH the following week! However, not all the prizes have that penalty so, it adds to the uncertainty and certainly makes it more entertaining!


  2. I just love Britney and she is getting better at her game and as for Janelle well her players are turning on her. I say keep Frank and let Joe go he is totally boring and I hope the coaches dont come in the game.

  3. the game is really starting so suck, the constant talk by the coaches of entering the game is heating up and yet they don’t (shouldn’t) even have known what the america votes question is (coaches in or out)… it is becoming so obvious that the production people have given the coaches inside information about them entering the game, what a farce, it’s going to happen no matter what the vote is. I’ve been monitoring all the online polls related to this and it is a huge majority DO NOT WANT THE COACHES ENTERING THE GAME AS PLAYERS!!  This won’t matter though as BB will do what it wants regardless of the actual vote (is there any way to access the real data from the vote? no.)  The coaches, if entering the game, have been given a free ride, safe from eviction, obtained inside info from the players on false pretenses and have had a chance to manipulate the other players without repercussions….    Please big brother do not allow the coaches to enter the game, do not EVER bring “coaches” into a game again and while i’m at it… no returning players from past seasons.

  4. Janelle faked those tears. I’m sorry. She packed those tissues into her pocket before going in to talk to wil. She’s trying to work him and appeal to his emotions.

    • I thought I was the only one to notice the tissue in her pocket.  When she did it I couldn’t figure out why she put it there.  Then when I saw her fake cry, then I realized why she did it.  I agree with you 100%.

      • I saw her do it too but I couldn’t figure out why either! Then when she whipped it out with Wil I was thinking you snake!

    • Janelle is a snake.  So glad she is showing her true colors.  So glad other people can see what I’ve seen everytime she has played this game!  Can’t stand to look at her, or hear her voice.  ug!!!  Get her out!!

  5. Janelle is an excellent gameplayer and I hope she wins this season.  I really hope that once the coaches enter the game tomorrow (we ALL know it is going to happen), Janelle wins HOH and evicts Boogie! 

    • you must be a paid troll from CBS to encourage people to accept this travesty of the game… you make me puke

      • Excuse me? You don’t have to be so rude just because you don’t like Janelle. You’re the one thats being a troll!

  6. At least wil is waking up to the screwed up season being manipulated by a bunch of lying, conninving coaches who add nothing to the game.  It seems like the coaches are constantly uniting while pitting the players against each other thereby weakening any player alliances. Just the strategy required for the coaches to unite when they enter the game a pick off the newbies one by one….    i hope all the newbies pick off the coaches 1,2,3, 4 then continue on with whats left of a strange BB season.

    • The problem with the newbies is they are not thinking strategically. Shane thought it was a good idea to get rid of Frank because he is the only one who has won a HOH other than Shane and Willie. So, he wants to be the top dog but, he should realize that even if the coaches do not come in—-he will have a huge target on his back and evicting Frank only helps the remaining floaters, Danielle, Ian, Jenn, Joe, Ashley and Wil. It is like cooking a delicious steak and you left it on the table only to see someone else in the house eating it! Now, if the coaches come in, Shane just helped them out by evicting Frank. The coaches have Shane left to evict then, they can pick off the rest of the floaters one by one then, they can evict and back stab each other for that $500,000. Shane and all the newbies will have lost a chance at that $500,000. With Frank in the house, Shane and Frank can unite the newbies and atlteast, have a fighting chance in the competitions.
      If Frank leaves, it will be a cake walk for the coaches because Shane cannot play for HOH. And you know Shane will be the target of the coaches if they come in! Unlike Shane, the coaches know how to play this game and
      pity the fool as he will not know what to do next week!

  7. I would like to see Joe go home, however, I would love to hear Julie say that neither one is going home and the coaches have entered the game (I don’t want the coaches to come in to play but we all know they will especially after watching BBAD last night and hearing all 4 of them references it) and see them all scramble.

  8. I’m tired of hearing people complain about this season. This season has been great, filled with drama to the brim. We have people who we like back (Dan, Janelle, Brit) we have hot guys (Shane, Frank, maybe Dan?) some girls, for those who are interested lol, great drama, including Willie’s explosion. The power struggle (instead of just one team dominating from the get-go), and it looks like the game might just change yet again. No slow start, no lack of drama, instead highly entertaining, explosive, and suspenseful (I’m always on my toes, still can’t believe Shane put up Frank!?!?!). One of the best BB seasons!    

  9. Don’t send Frank or Joe home if the coaches are allowed to play.  If coaches come in, then give all the players a 1 week free ride at the very least!  I think Joe is just beginning to play his game…so give him a chance.  I still say have a competition for all players and coaches.  If coach wins, they can choose to switch with a player…making the player the new coach.  That at least gives the players a chance to win the coaches prize or even re-enter the game the following group competition.  This could be a weekly thing to keep the game exciting!!  This is a worst case scenario if BB insists on bringing the coaches in to play. 

  10. Joe ain’t got no game, he just a loud mouthed rat wanting a piece of Janelles boobies. I hope he goes home, that’ll crush Janelle. She showed her hand too soon and everybody sees it. Boogies gonna come out on top because he ain’t self destructing like everyone else is.

  11. I hope Britney gets what’s coming to her because anyone with eyes can see that she blames everything on Janelle and makes up so many lies about her. Janelle has so many haters in and out of the house. Janelle may not be the best strategist because her game is based around comps but Britney is the fakest and worst coach… Why was she picked ?

  12. I just have to say that I’m very happy about BB not allowing the vile, disgusting, hateful, comments this year by we the public….last year was just awful ….so far this year its commenting on the game not the people who post on here…w2g BB

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