Big Brother 14: Week 3 Nomination Anticipation

Big Brother 14 - Britney, Danielle, and Shane

Power shifts are always entertaining on Big Brother and this season has not disappointed as we’re now seeing our second week in a row of “outhouse to the penthouse.” Last week Frank was ready to take the opportunity to pursue revenge on his nominator, but that obviously fell apart. This week we might see some real payback.

After the live show ended the HGs were happy and bubbly, but that soon died down and strategy talk returned. Fear and paranoia spread throughout as no one is terribly sure what to expect with Shane in power. Boogie tells Ian that he expects their team to be safe this week and Team Janelle to land in the hot seat. Meanwhile, Jenn is worried Shane will set his sights on Frank. No one agrees on what to expect.

Joe is getting worked up and expects he’ll be nominated alongside Wil. This eventually leads to Joe planning to make Shane a big breakfast-in-bed meal for the next morning. He’s even coordinating timing with Britney. As concerned as Joe is, he might sneak by this week as there are bigger targets than Joe’s DR yelling, as annoying as that is.

Shane and Danielle shared several discussions through the night as they appear to be aligning in their last-team-member-left state. An early talk focuses mostly on Danielle’s emotional insecurity as she pokes and prods Shane for information on whether he had a showmance with JoJo. Clearly this is the most pressing issue at this point in the game. Reminder: Danielle didn’t come here to win $500K. She came to Big Brother 14 to find a husband. Thankfully they turn to real game talk later.

Flashback to 1:00AM BBT on Cams 1/2 to hear Danielle pushing for Frank’s nomination. Earlier she decided with Dan that this would be the best angle to play this week. Shane was previously resistant to the idea because he doesn’t want to betray his word to Frank. Persistence is key however as Danielle manages to convince Shane that he needs to eliminate Frank if he wants to improve his chances to win. Wow, I’m impressed with Danielle for the first time this season. Maybe she did come to play.

Danielle instructs Shane to tell Frank he nominated him up front so he could play for the Veto rather than backdoor him. If Frank wins Veto then Ian goes up in his place to sit next to Wil on the block. They could still consider an Ian eviction as a win.

Later Britney returns to the HoH room and the Frank-nomination plan continues. Britney agrees it’s a no-brainer to nominate the previous HoH in return for Shane’s own nomination. So there we have Shane’s plan as of late last night. Shane will nominate Frank and Wil as long as Boogie doesn’t win the Coaches Comp on Friday.

If Boogie does win then I’d expect Shane to still split the noms between Team Janelle and Team Boogie, it just probably wouldn’t be Frank… unless… Boogie is so confident that Shane will hold up their deal that he gives immunity to Ian or Jenn for show. Oh that’d be fun to watch play out on the Live Feeds.

Best line of the night comes from Shane. “I’m not going to tell him [Frank]. He’ll find out when he doesn’t pull a key.” This should be awesome for Big Brother 14 drama!

What do you think Shane should do with his nominations? They’ll be revealed later tonight on the Live Feeds. If you haven’t started watching those then these next few days are a great time to start. Most of the action, competitions, and fallout happens Friday to Monday so grab your 3-Day Free Trial and see what other fans are watching on the uncensored, in-house live cameras.

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  1. the only thing im worried about is that if frank gets himself off. They’re screwed.

    • Shane’s backup plan there seems to be telling Frank he’s the pawn and will probably involve some sort of “I knew you’d win the Veto so we could renom our real target.” Just depends if Frank buys it, which he might not.

      Either way, this is going to present a lot of BB drama for us to enjoy!

      • Shane is just setting himself up to be evicted early in the game like Danielle Donato of last season. Frank might also get booted out early and that would leave it to the floaters with only the chance at that $500,000. Pretty dumb move on Shane’s part if he makes it. The smart move is to stick with Frank and Mike Boogie because he cannot play for HOH next week and will be vulnerable. Just because he has won veto 2 times and HOH as well does not mean he will win each one and cannot lose even one. That is all it takes if he gets on the block and cannot win the veto. And even if he manages to evict Frank, he will get a huge target on his back. The other players know he is a very good player and what would stop them from nominating him and evicting Shane considering he stands in the way of them winning that $500,000. And if Frank survives this week despite being put on the block then, Shane might just have blown his chance at that $500,000 because you know Frank and Mike Boogie will be gunning for him next week!

  2. shane is screwed anyway unless they bring coaches back in, and say game starts all over and he can play in the hoh, that would be cool. i would love to see joe or frank or wil leave. 

    • yea..hes a fighter though..the only way i see him leaving if they back door  him and not even give him a chance to play for veto.

  3. unless Shane or Frank backdoors the other .. this is going to swing Franks or Shanes way all summer!! These two came to win..Shane wont lie down(cough*Kara*) he will pull that veto or hoh!! Maybe Jenelles record will be broken–with her watching…from another team!! 

  4. If Shane puts up Frank this week, you know Mike Boogie and his team will go after him next week! While, he is good at competitions, even the best ones lose one or two and he might just find himself evicted prematurely like Danielle Donato last season. It is too early in the season to be making big moves when you do not have solid alliances as of yet! The smart move for Shane is to stick with Frank and the two of them can go a long way in this game. You cannot be shifting alliances left and right because people will figure out that you cannot be
    trusted and they will vote you out! The trick is to have more than one alliance
    but, keep it on the down low and a secret by not telling others about the alliance.
    Stick to the strongest alliance (Mike Boogie and Frank) and keep your word then, you do not have to keep looking behind your back each and every week!
    Betraying your strongest alliance and the chance at that $500,000 is a very stupid move. If Shane is stupid enough to go that route just because Danielle
    told him then, he is not playing his game and is not smart enough and does
    not deserve that $500,000. 

    • But what you didn’t factor into it is that Frank and Boogie were going to put Shane up agn this week if shane didn’t win HOH. They sd it was not Real alliance. If they really wanted to wrk with shane they would hv offrd the deal b4 he won pov, not aftr. He is stupid if he doesn’t put up Frank. He has to cause a break in that alliance with janelle team…he doesn’t necessary hv to evict him. Also I think Boogie would still wrk with Shane if frank goes home becuz he will be the only strong male left.

      • Were you not watching the show? Shane walked in the HOH room where Frank and Mike Boogie was and said he wanted to work with them. It was Shane who struck the alliance and not the other way around. Shane made the alliance without anyone forcing him to do so!  I would guess he figured his best chances was to get into an alliance with Frank and Mike Boogie.
        As for Mike Boogie working with Shane, not likely if he puts up Frank because it would show Shane cannot be trusted! Mike Boogie does not
        need Shane because if Shane was evicted after Frank then, it will be the floaters left and he still has Ian and Jenn who could be good competitors.
        Mike Boogie asked Jenn and Ian to lose the HOH competition so that,
        Shane can win it because he is part of their alliance. If Shane nominates Frank, we will see soon enough how long Shane lasts in the Big Brother house. Even if Frank goes, Shane will go get evicted the following week
        because the other players will gang up on him being the strongest player
        left in the house. And if Frank wins POV then, Shane is really screwed because he cannot play for HOH next week and Frank will put him on the block again! This time, he may fail to win POV and he will get evicted.
        Such a waste and such a stupid choice but, Shane made his bed and
        he will end up sleeping on it if he is foolish enough to do what Danielle
        suggested to him!

    • Think you are wrong.Shane is a great player.  Boog & Frank tried to get him out.They only acted as if they wanted him to stay in after he won veto comp,because they were afraid he would win HOH and go after Frank.
      He will always have to watch his back around those two. His best play would be to put up Frank & try his best to get hin out the door!

      • Maybe, you have not been watching but, Shane came into the HOH room and struck the alliance with Frank and Mike Boogie to work with them.
        Mike Boogie told him not to tell anyone including Jojo and Brittney the way it should be! I never said Shane was not a good player. He is but, that puts a target on his back. Do you honestly think the other floaters have not noticed that Frank and Shane are the two strongest players in the house?
        The object of the game is to win that $500,000 and the other players would want nothing less than to get both Frank and Shane out because if they do, their chances at that $500,000 just got much, much better! The rationale for the Frank and Shane alliance is to cover each other’s back because they cannot play HOH each and every week. When you cannot play HOH then, you can be targeted for eviction. Shane is a very good player and has won two Veto competitions and one HOH however, he is bound to lose or two
        competitions and if it happens he is on the block then, he will go home!
        And if he does not get the votes of Ian, Jenn and Frank if he survives then,
        he will surely go home! You cannot go far in this game betraying your alliance so early in the game. Danielle Donato who is a pretty good player last season betrayed her alliance and got evicted much, much sooner and lost her chance at that $500,000. Shane is doing the exact same thing and
        the results will be the same!

    • mike boogie team is fking weak in  my opinon..frank is a beast but other than that..i mean Jenn really..and ian i could mob the floor with him myself.

      • Ian almost won the POV against Shane and if he did, Shane would not
        even be here! Mike Boogie also told Jenn and Ian to let Shane win the HOH
        with the alliance Shane formed with Mike Boogie and Frank. Ian is probably
        playing possum and a lot better competitor if given the chance. Jenn, who knows because you never know if she is half trying because she was told to deliberately lose the HOH competition.

      • Jenn has not game social or comps..not a target because people forgets shes in the house.

    • Shane can’t beat Frank in a head to head, so if he can make a move now that will come with the elimination of Frank, he should take it. If he is going to put Frank up to start with, he needs to play the social aspects hard this week, explain to Frank ahead of time that he is going to put him up to keep up the illusion of them being enemies.

      I understand that people fear Boogie, and they really should. As bad as it is now, if the coaches come into the game, it changes everything. If they do indeed come in, I think boogie would be near impossible to beat. And if Frank is still around after that happens, I could see Boogie using him like a good little pawn all summer. The only person smart enough to see past Boogie’s BS is Ian, but Iam isn’t worried right now about that.

      Frank should be nominated, along side Wil. If Wil comes off, put a liked person up next to Frank and ensured his demise. If Frank gets off, put Joe up to ensure Janelle’s team is weakened.

  5. If only Janelle’s team didn’t betray him last week. They could of evicted danielle and kept their alliance of (5). It’s tough b/c idk whether to try to evict a threat, or try to evict a backstabber.

  6. I would love to see Frank get evicted this week just to see that smug bastard Boogie lose his best player.

    Unless, of course, America chooses to bring the coaches back in to the game, then it’s all for nothing. I think it’s quite unfair that the coaches get to play the game because not only do they get a three week eviction-free vacation, but also they kinda know how their players play the game and that’s an advantage. If the coaches get to play the actual game next week, I certainly see them making a veteran alliance like JJ/BR last year.

    I’m really disappointed in CBS. I mean, they can’t even hold on to their twists. Ever since Big Brother 10, the twists have gotten lamer, and they always return to the normal game after the 4th week. I was really excited to see how this twist would play out.

    I think their mistake was the surprise eviction with Jodi. 

    • Also, with Willie getting expelled from the game meant they had to change the twist. Cause they d be short two players. I think CBS was really forced to add coaches to the game.

      • If that were the case they wouldn’t have had key holes and they do! The coaches will come in whether America votes them in or not it’s been planned from the beginning!

      • @ Hockey… u really think that???? They set this up like this. They knew how people felt last year about bringing old guest in. So they set this FAKE coaches stuff up. Now wanna bring them in the game??? COME ON THATS SET UP AND STUPID!!!!!!

    • I agree with you, that’s a huge advantage…but I mean cmon, we can’t all realize that to a certain degree at least, BB is fixed. I think they were waiting until now so they could ensure all the judges will make it to jury.. no matter what the vote outcome actually is, the judges will be playing for sure. On the other hand, I want them to play…this season is just like last, newbies are all lames (except Shane)

      • I agree with Rawest.. I think no matter how americia votes , the judges will play! Mike Boog threw the coachs comp & let Janelle win. His team was safe because Frank was HOH, so he did not need the win. I am suprised that DR.WILL did not see that Boog & Janelle did this!.Boog wanted Shane out, cause he does not want to play against him. Shane would be smart to put up Frank & try his best to get him out, Danielle did great at getting JOJO out and saving herself.

    • Yes the coaches know how the other players would play but the players know how the coaches play just by watching past seasons. So if u ask me that kinda cancels its self out.

  7. Shane is screwing himself out of the one alliance that could help him. He doesn’t realize he is a target by winning 3 comp in 3 weeks. If Frank is gone then Shane becomes biggest target in the game. He needs Frank in the house to divert attention away from him and let one of Janelles cronies take care of Frank.

    • Shane should stick with Frank because they can cover each other’s back if they stick to it. If not, one of them or possibly both will find themselves out of the game and the floaters who have won nothing will end up getting that
      $500,000 assuming the coaches are not allowed into the game. 

  8. Do you think the newbies will be pissed they didn’t get Danielle and Dan out, when they find out the coaches can enter the competition?

    And if they get to choose to enter or not, which coaches will play and which will stay coaches?

    • -Probably. Sucks for them.
      -Dan and Brittany, since being down to only one player, should be smart enough to enter the game as players. If not, they’ll get evicted very shortly. I think Mike Boogie would enter the game because with his ego, he thinks he’ll dominate it. Then Janelle, personally, I dont know what she would do.

    • I don’t think all of the coaches will renter the game even if America votes..I think there will be an coach endurance comp and the winner will get to enter into the comp, the others will remain coaches…now that will cause major drama..

  9. Who is running the house, why didn’t boogie and Janelle have their team vote out
    Dan and Danielle to get themselves closer to the 100,000.00 prize.( doesn’t make sense.  If Shane the now HOH had the info that the coaches are playing for the grand prize , he would for sure put some coaches up for eviction.  Now he cannot even play in HOH comp next week when this info is released,  (Unfair)  

    • she is getting in deep. shane knows it and keeps her at bay. every once in a while he throws her a bone.

  10. Shane is making a huge mistake if he puts up Frank…he will piss off Boogie, who is a master at getting revenge and Shane’s days in the BB  house will be coming to an end soon. I thought Shane was playing this game by telling everyone he is this loyal person..he made a deal with Frank and he is already going back on his word…I think he should stick with Frank.

    • He’s going back on his word but do you really think Boogie and Frank will keep there word??? Boogie would stab his own mother in the back. Can’t stand him and I would love to see them go after each other then Frank and Shane would be gone. Don’t like either of them.

  11. Shane should try and backdoor Frank. Throw up Wil and Ian. Hope one of them can win, then throw Frank up as a replacement.

    • I HATE Frank, hes a Boogie Butt kisser cause he thinks it will get him somewhere. I vote team Shane! And if the coaches get back in the game the neewbies would be smart to go after Boogie first, Then the rest. They really cheated the HOH with that added bedroom without its own door. And Joe never deserved that crap from the DRUNK DRIVER,who by the way called Jannel a sl*t. He’s an overgrown BOY that will never be a man!

  12. I too do not like Shane, but if he is smart enough to put up Joe and someone else other than Wil, Frank or Ian then he will have me pushing for him.  So far his weakness is the social game.  You cannot win this game settling scores.  He needs to take Frank to the end.  In the final I think Shane could beat Frank so long as he plays no score settling and continues to win comps.  This is what makes a great player

    • Boogie is not going to let Frank take Shane to the end, bcuz Frank would lose. If Frank had a brain of his own he should make a real alliance with Shane. Frank & Boogie are playing Shane, they want him out. I should say Boogie wants him out. They sd if Ian or Jenn would hv won HOH Shane & one of janelle team members were going on the blk. He should put up Wil & frank, tell frank that he had to put him up so the other won’t know they are wrong together

  13. I think Shane is in serious trouble either way. Both Janelle and Boogie’s teams have been plotting his eviction ever since Willie was removed from the game. Frank, Wil, and Joe all want him out at some point, so it doesn’t really matter which team he works with, he’ll be at the bottom of the totem pole either way.

    I think it’s been proven that it’s best to get rid of the strong people while you can. They missed the opportunity to get rid of Frank, and now they regret it. They chose not to backdoor Shane, now they REALLY regret it. I think it’s best to get rid of Frank. Backdoor him, or whatever.

  14. I think it would be smart to target Janelle’s team, take out Wil or Joe. Who cares which one? Shane has a deal with Frank and a deal with Frank means that Frank can manipulate the rest of Boogie’s team to keep Shane off the chopping block for the time being. From an out of the game perspective, I’d like to see one of Janelle’s players go home because if the coaches go back into the game, Boogie has said he wants to work with the veterans. Shane and Danielle can remain aligned with Brit and Dan while Brit and Dan align with Boogie and Janelle. This will keep Brit and Dan super safe and turns the tables on the rest of the house. I think these are alliances that will stick while the rest of the house gets picked off one by one. While I haven’t picked who I want to win yet this season, I’m a sucker for the underdog!

  15. I hope coaches stay coaches. I would like to see anyone on Mike Boogie”s team get evicted. I would love for Mike Boogie to be evicted. I think he should nominate Ian and Jen. If they win the POV then backdoor Frank. I’m sure he would have the votes to evict Frank. That way one of Mike Boogie’s players is evicted.

  16. This is Shane’s perfect chance to test the Boogie/Frank alliance for himself. Boogie and Frank keep telling Shane they have to put him up to keep their alliance quiet, because the house expects him to be put up by Frank. Well the house expects Shane to put up Frank as well so if Boogie/Frank try to spin it a different way now that should be a red light to Shane.  Shane’s in the perfect spot right now to eliminate his biggest threat or secure a strong alliance.

    • If Shane puts up Frank, he better make sure that he get Frank out because next week, he will not be able to compete for HOH and he will have a big target on his back. He is only one of two good players in the house and the biggest threat to the other players. The dumbest move is nominate Frank when Frank and Mike Boogie and his team can cover his back next week when he needs it most! Also, by not nominating Frank, he shows that he is trustworthy! Doing the opposite will fracture the alliance with Frank and only ensure Shane is evicted out of the house much, much sooner than he would if he just stuck to that alliance! Danielle Donato who is a very good competitor went after her alliance last season and she got evicted much too soon and lost her chance at that $500,000. Her alliance members also got
      evicted after her and lost their chance at that $500,000. The floaters ended up wtih the chance to get farther because of that dumb move. It could be
      repeated again if Shane nominates Frank.

  17. I really don’t want to see the coaches get to play for $500,000 again. I wasn’t
    crazy about the return of past players again, in the first place. I really think
    Shane should stop listening to Danielle, who is doing what Dan wants her
    to do. He needs to stay with Frank at this point so that he is not so vulner-
    able next week. If he doesn’t use his advantage of the Frank/Shane alliance
    at this point in the game, then he won’t last long in the game, and he is my
    favorite player. He could put Ian up against Wil and see how it goes. But Wil
    to me is the most dangerous player right now. Still depends upon which
    coach wins their competition.

  18. I think Shane should go for Frank. I like Frank but he is the strongest other than Shane and Shane knows that. And the people talking about their deal, there is a chance that next week Frank will be HOH and won’t honor the deal. Shane just needs to consider if next week Boogie’s team will win HOH or Janelle/Dan’s. If Boogie’s team wins then Frank is sitting pretty and Shane is the main target with the other two both could be targets so going after Frank seems like the best idea to me. If Frank gets eliminated that is one less strong player in the POV

    • If Shane goes after Frank, there is a good chance both of them will get evicted much, much sooner and no one wins except the floaters left in the house! Shane has a big target on his back with having won 2 POVs and a HOH. Only a fool will not notice that. Keeping the alliance with Frank will keep him safe for next week when he cannot play for HOH. It also proves to Frank and Mike Boogie that Shane can be trusted. Both of them can go a long way. There are still lots of players in the house and too early to be thinking of the finals. Look at Danielle Donato who betrayed her alliance way too early and targeted Brendon, Jeff, Rachel and Jordan. Danielle got evicted first, Jeff also got evicted, Jordan got evicted too. The time to peel off an alliance is late in the game when there are 4 or 5 players left!

  19. So if the coaches enter the game do you think they will close off the second half of the hoh room and turn it into pandora’s box or something?

    Or will they pair the house guests up so that 2 people continue to win hoh at the same time?

  20. I kind of came up with this plan that could make Danielle a real player in this game. If Shane decides to split the votes between Janelle and Boogie’s teams and at the end of Veto and Coaches Comp Frank is still on the block she will be the swing vote. I have a feeling Shane will try to rally Danielle to keep Frank but if she’s smart she votes to evict Frank. Then next week she aligns herself with Team Janelle/Boogie if they still have an alliance, leaving Shane by himself and they get the two biggest threats out. I like Frank and Shane and I doubt Danielle would even consider this but it’s just how I was thinking.

    • Danielle won’t do that she’s head over heels for Shane. It’s another showmance in the making but idk if Shane like her like that.

  21. I don’t care how they do it but please get that annoying Frank out of the house. He thinks he is Dr. Will but he is no Dr. Will! I can’t stand him.

  22. I’m surprised there hasn’t been any articles or polls yet about whether we want the coaches to play or not

  23. As much as I would love to see the drama of a Frank/Will nomination this week, I think it would be a stupid move for Shane at this point in the game. Team Boogie is his security blanket, unfortunately for Shane. Don’t go for the HG’s that are going to come back with a vengeance this early in the game. Now if you’re a floater in Shane’s position then sure put up the strongest players on the block and the one that makes it through to the next week will likely let it slide because you are not a target at this point. Best choice for Shane this week: put up the floaters. Nobody usually holds a grudge when you put them up. Ashley and Danielle!!! Even though Jen is a floater, I would not put her up because of the current pack with team Boogie. Janelle and Dan are much easier to smooth over! Then neither nominee will win POV and the HG’s will vote Danielle out and Dan will go with her. It’s a 2 for 1 deal.

  24. Wil can’t  even muster a smile at Shane’s new HOH room. His bad attitude was so obvious. I guess he has a reason to be nervous. What an a-hole.

  25. Shane’s best move this week is to nominate Wil and Frank. Those are the two strongest players of Team Janelle and Booger. That way if Frank gets evicted Booger’s team will pretty much crumble since the other two seems kinda weak (except for Ian) and Janelle’s team will definitely be screwed without Wil.
    He should also make an alliance with like maybe Ashley, Danielle, and Ian.

  26. the coaches play they all had their chances and this would not be fair.shane needs to whats best for him and not be told what to do.

  27. Is it just me or is Joe the white version of Bernie Mac? If Shane was smart, he would put Joe and Jenn up. Now is not the time to cross Boogie and Frank. Frank goes he’s next, he’s won too much and with the coaches coming back, you don’t need Boogie and Dan on your back. Britts a waste of Space and Janelle isn’t as good as everyone makes her out to be. Boogie’s in the catbird seat. Like him or hate him, he’s been a great coach and is playing the game very well.

  28. It honestly doesnt matter who Shane puts up because he will be on the block next week unless Danielle can win the hoh. The entire house knows he’s the strongest player in the game and are going to target him for that…

    • Shane is going to get targeted all right. The only question is how many players he wants gunning for him next week when he cannot play for HOH!
      He may be the next to go next week!

  29. Boogie will go after Shane no matter what Shane does. Hasn’t anyone seen how Boogie has played the game? Every word out of his mouth is a lie. I can’t stand him and I hope one of his players goes home. The look on his face would be priceless. I also don’t care for Shane. I can’t put my finger on it but there is something I don’t like about him. I still love, love, love Janelle and hope she makes it to the end. The only problem is I don’t care for any of her players. I guess maybe Ashley is ok but not doing anything. (playing a good social game though). I loved Wil in the beginning but he’s getting on my nerves and Joe drives me crazy!!!

  30. i think the best way to get rid of frank is to back door him..hes a fighter. i would nom wil and joe and if one of them win pov or if pov is used then i would got for the kill and get frank out..frank sitting next to anybody should be no brainer he has to go..if not freak leaves this week then get wil punk azz out of the house..hate his complaining about everybody.

  31. Shane should make a deal with Frank for final two. Then nominate Will and Ashley, with Will being the target. If Will wins veto and takes himself off the block, put up Joe. One of Janelle’s strongest players is gone either way. Then worry about next week, next week.

    • Shane already made an alliance with Frank and Mike Boogie. Now, the
      question is will he keep the alliance or betray it? The smart move is of course, to keep the alliance but, the blog states Shane is thinking of nominating Frank for eviction. If true, he just declared war and Shane is
      going to be one of the casualties next week when he cannot play for HOH.
      There are 8 players left in the house, anyone peeling off an alliance this early in the game is asking to be evicted! That probably will be Shane after this week. 

  32. I think Joe should go home. I wasn’t a fan of Willie but Joe caused this by agravating Willie. Joe is phony and needs to go.

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