Big Brother 14 Week 2: Ranking The Players

Big Brother 14 Veto - Shane

We’ve now stepped into the third week of game on Big Brother 14. There’s a new head of household and therefore another shift in power. It’s time to take a look back on the week and figure out who played the best and worst game.

The Top 2 Players:

1. Shane: There’s basically no one else but Shane that played hard enough to fit into the No. 1 spot. He was on the block this week next to JoJo and he won the Veto to take himself off. That’s his second veto in a row. And not to mention he started off week three with an HOH win. And he’s not just ruling the physical game. He’s not playing a bad strategical and social game either. He’s made some deals with Frank and Boogie (that benefits them more than him this coming week), but he was planning ahead. He probably could try to smooth things over with Janelle’s team, though.

2. Ashley: While I think he methods are a little sloppy, Ashley is playing a pretty sweet social game. She has aligned herself with every angle in the game. And as long as she doesn’t get caught up in it that’s a very smart move. I think she’s definitely lacking at the physical game, but maybe that’s her strategy.

The Bottom 2 Players:

1. Jenn: I sometimes forget she is even in the house. She’s not really playing any angle. Her physical game is non-existent. Her social game isn’t much of anything either. She’s just so quiet and that’s surprising for a rocker girl. Maybe she’ll jump out of no where later, but right now she’s No. 1 only in floating.

2. Ian: The resident genius has continued to disappoint me. He’s using his brain and Big Brother expertise only for good and not evil. He acts like he’s living out a Make-A-Wish Foundation grant by being able to live in the Big Brother house and eat slop. Play the game, Ian!

Coach of The Week: Boogie. He really is the only coach playing the game. He was Frank’s complete puppet master and he’s got Ian by the strings too. Boogie did kind of blow the coaches’ competition, but I’m still not sure that wasn’t intended.




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  1. Couldn’t agree more. Every time I read something about Jenn I think “Who the h*ll is Jenn?!” Before I remember who she is. And I think Ian has so much potential! But he doesn’t appear to like conflict, which can’t really be avoided, and doesn’t appear to know how to use his smarts (and other people’s desire to use his smarts) to his advantage…example, the night folks were huddling up in groups to remember the Burglar details. Ian should’ve worked the room that night helping others while helping himself…Didn’t happen. I also agree with with Shane being #1. Dude is on fire.

    • I don’t think everyone is giving Ian any credit. I think he’s just acting stoopid but really is smart and is playing the game his way….I think that he will be the last one standing….just sayin….

  2. I do think Boogie really has been the oly coach working since he is the only coach with deals with others for his players. The other coaches are all just dealing with Boogie which is stupid of them. Boogie is sitting real pretty right now

  3. I think Danielle deserves to be in the top few. She has figured everyone out in the game. If you watched BBAD last night you saw her coming out party last night up in the HOH bedroom. Sure, Ashley is playing a good social game, but Danielle killed her with Shane, Brit & Dan in the room. She has also figured out what Janelle has been trying to do as well. After what I saw from Danielle last night she is my new favorite player. She has a real chance at final 4 if everything falls into place.

    • But lack of social and physical game even with all the info won’t get you anywhere

      • What show have you been watching? She is friends with everyone and the strongest girl left. Ashley can’t move a oversized stick back and forth without getting winded.

  4. not no —- but heck [[[ there is no reason to allow the coaches to join the game==they have had their chance and as far as the game as gone it just wouldnt be fair to the players

  5. I totally agree with your assessment of Jenn, but I believe Ian has you fooled as he does the house guests.  Being a “superfan” he knows exactly how to lie low and he is a sneaky pick to make it to the final 3, where as we know with Jordan from the past, anything can happen and he could be the eventual winner.


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  7. So what you are saying is, Dr. Will, the best player in the history of the game is all wrong in his assessment of Ian.  Why is it Ashly and Ian are playing the same game, but she is a great player and he is a bad player?  I think Dr. Will and I have it right.  For now I only hope that Shame playes it smart and does not put up Frank – tit for tat never works.  His physical came is A+, but his social game is lacking.  How he handles nominations will tell us if he can play the social game.  No one will miss Joe – he is the easiest person to send home.  There will be collateral damage.  He can nominate Danielle as the second.  Joe goes home and he has made no enemies he does not already have

    • Dr. Will is right. Has anyone seen how close Ian was to winning the POV last time against Shane? If he did, Shane would have been the one evicted
      instead of Jojo. Also in the last HOH, Danielle came in 2nd and Ian 3rd in the scores so, he is not far behind but, Mike Boogie told him and Jenn to lose the HOH to Shane. I believe Danielle and Ian can both win HOH down the line. With Shane planning on targetting Frank this week, if that goes thru and Frank is evicted, you know Shane could be next and if what we have of the bunch is Ian, Danielle, Jenn, Joe, Ashley, Wil, I will take Ian to
      win it over the rest!

      •   I couldn’t agree with you more. I definitely see Ian winning the next H.O.H, as well as the whole game. Him and Frank are my favorite players so far.   

    • i agree tit for tat just gets you rigt back on the block plus thats why he was up in the first place the beef should now b squashed for the sake of both their bb lives i also hope boogie enters the game to show he can win without dr. will and if he does so should be considered the best since he would be the only 1 to ever win twice

    • A true blue poker player Never shows his hand 2 anyone!!!!!!  Ian is a smart cookie….just wait n watch…….time will tell!!!!!!

  8. Frank is the most dangerous player there. Both physically and mentally. It’s a big move, but somebody has to take him out ASAP.

    •  Frank should stay in the game. True he is a big threat, but i would rather have a loyal threat, than a bunch of backstabbing floaters in the house.

      •  That depends on who are you rooting for. Obviously you wanna keep Frank. You can’t stand the backstabbers, I can’t stand Frank.

  9. If the coach’s go into the game it would be craziness! I would love to see them battle it out with all the info they have and the Alliance The way they are it would be awesome to watch. Go for it cbs I think it’s a great idea! Can’t u imagine they drama that would unfold. Do it! Do it! :)

  10. I totally agree, first of all, Ian just suspiciously creeps around all of the girls and thinks he’s living the dream just being in the big brother household. He is very brainy but not game smart and has no game, Big Brother is all about game and if you’re not playing, just walk out, im sure every BB member would very much appreciate it. I didn’t even know who Jen was until episode 5, she doesn’t even talk and just narcasitly sticks up for Boogie, her coach. She is another member that has no game what so ever. With all of those tattoos on that girl you would think she would be much more agressive.
    Thank you for reading my input, it is greatly appreciated. :)

  11. Ian definitely has potential and probably playing possum at this point. Do not underestimate him this early in the game. Shane is playing well up to this point.
    I read that he plans on nominating Frank this week. If he does, that would be
    the dumbest thing he has done so far! Did he not see what happened to Danielle Donato last season? He does not even have a strong alliance in place and he goes out and tries to take out Frank? If he is able to take out Frank this week, he would have gotten rid of a strong player who could have protected him if he stayed true to the alliance. Same goes for Frank. Also, Shane effectively put a big target on his back. Since, he is the only strong player left in the game, what is to prevent the others from deciding we got to get rid of Shane now! And he will not be playing for HOH next week. Although, he has won two POVs and an HOH, even the great players lose one or two competitions and that is enough if you cannot get off the block and everyone is gunning for you! Again go ask Danielle Donato who was a pretty good competitor herself!. Even she cannot save herself when she needed to the most! Shane better think this one thru because once the nominations are in, the die is cast and there is no going back.
    He cannot say later on, oh I did not mean to nominate you. Yeah, right.
    As for Ashley, she has been talking to way too many people and when that happens, the lies get exposed. Why does that merit good play? If strike up alliances, it must be with a select number and not practically everyone in the house as people talk and only you and your alliance members must know. You are not to tell anyone else! I am not impressed with Ashley. Danielle could be
    a good player if she plays her card right. Getting Frank evicted by Shane might
    be a smart move only if you evict Shane right after because then, it will all be the
    floaters who have not won any competitions left. You would have a chance now at that $500,000. However, if the plan is to leave Shane in, you know he will betray you as well as he betrayed Frank if that is the case this week!

  12. if you let the coaches play put this turn on it—whomever gets voted out the coach goes with em

  13. let the coaches come back in the game and take their chances like everyone else. they’re here for the duration anyway and noone likes them as coaches but has to be one or the other. would like to see janell and booger go head to head. i don’t think he would do as well as he has in the past because he doesn’t have will to help him this time.

  14. Go Ian..he is a trip..hope he goes fav…other players all staged and fake…

  15. All u people saying “Shane needs to keep Frank” please pay attention…Boogie & Frank were not going to honor the “alliance” they made with Shane. Had he not won HOH they were going to make sure he was put on the block. DUH!!! So tell me again Why Shane should keep Frank?????

    • Where did you get that information? I never heard that. The two strongest players in the game and the smart decision is to take each other out? Did people not see what happened to Danielle Donato last season? She betrayed her alliance with Brendon, Rachel, Jeff and Jordan and she cost
      Jeff, Jordan and Brendon their chances at that $500,000. It is way too early in the game to peel off. Strong alliances need to be made and a Shane and Frank alliance could go a long way if both stay true to the alliance. Otherwise, a simple tit for tat, nomination will get both Frank and Shane eliminated and the floaters will be the ones left assuming the coaches do not get into the game. Also, nominating Frank has the very bad result of killing that alliance and what if Frank gets off the block? Frank will go after Shane next week when Shane cannot play for HOH. Shane is good with POVs as he has won 2 so far and one HOH. However, even the best competitors will lose one or two especially when you are on the block and need to get off! Danielle Donato was an excellent competitor yet, she got
      booted out just the same! The same will happen to Shane too!

      • difference is, people arent bowing down and doing whatever frank and boogie want, like they did last year for rachel, brendan, jeff and jordan. This is a total different situation. Shane HAS to put Frank up, because Frank will nominate Shane.  

      • Gellie,

        That remains to be seen. It is too early in the game to be burning bridges
        and alliances. Remember Danielle Donato from last season? She did the
        exact same thing to her alliance and got herself evicted and lost the chance at that $500,000! And it is not about bowing to Frank and Mike Boogie but,
        staying alive long enough to have a chance at winning at $500,000. Isn’t that what the game is about? There will be plenty of chances to peel off when there are say 4 people left in the game. I do hope Shane nominates Frank if only to prove the point that Shane will be evicted sooner than people expect
        if he is foolish enough to go ahead with that plan!


      • Why don’t u try reading more of the updates before u tell a poster they are wrong in what they write. Go to 7/25/12  RECAP  Nominations & Veto Winner and read it. There are also a couple of more places it is mentioned and a few of the posters have brought it up . The info is correct ….u made the mistake of not reading the updates spoilers and recaps…

    •  Wrong. Frank does honor their alliance, he had even said in the confession booth, that he does in fact trust Shane.

      • Frank cannot be trusted.  He lied and spread rumors that fueled Willie’s melt down and did the same to Jo Jo.  Trust Frank and u die the boogie death

  16. AGREED!!!!!!! Shane & Ashley are both at the top of my list as well Even though Ashley ultimately does what Janelle tells her to, it seems like she’s covered her bases with everyone in the house and is very likable, Shane is just a powerhouse! Hope he manages to get out Wil this week seeing how next week’s HOH will be some sort of endurance, I think Joe won’t stand a chance in an endurance! If Shane plays this week right he should be safe next week as well…..

  17. yea ian is starting to dissapoint me too.. i think people are playing up this ian a “genius” alittle to much. maybe in endurance he could have some potential but he be on a lot of slop so jury is still out.

  18. I think Boog did throw the coaches comp .He did not need the win as Frank was HOH. Boogs team was safe & he was working with Janelle.Look at his face, when Frank tells him he stepped down before hitting the buzzer.Boog is smiling.Then after Janelle puts the group on slop, she is saying to Boog  ” I said And of course you Willie..” This was all planned.
    When Shane starts the conversation with JoJo in the have not room  ..he waits until after Ian enters….I think Shane planned this so JoJo would be evicted and not Danielle.He made it look like something WAS going on between them.Ian hears all this (as planned).Shane stands behind his teammate, JoJo.He votes to keep JoJo.Ian goes and tells what he heard.
    Danielle goes and tells Janelle & Ashley about being dumped by Shane  for JoJo.”Oh No.. a possible Shomance…well , we can’t have that.. can we?? No we can not.. we have to get rid of JoJO !! ”
    Perfect! Shane & Danielle !!

  19. I really hope Shane puts up some of Janelle’s members and not Boogies. If he dares to go after Frank, he might as well kiss his time in big brother goodbye. If Frank gets put on the block, I’m sure he will win the veto, and will be gunning for Shane. He cant have danielle getting in his head, or he will lose the game just like daniele donato. 

  20. I am sorry but Ian reminds me to much of Ronnie from Big Brother 11. I hope i am not the only one.

  21. thats a cool way in looking at it. But i think it was all just a coincidence. Boogie had even said in the confession both, that he didnt mean to jump off the balance beam. And i dont think that Shane is that smart.

  22. Folks, the thing we all gotta remember is that we see all the moves played out and how it impacts other players. With the episodes on television and the live feeds, it is pretty easy to say whose playing a lousy game.

    Fact of the matter is that the players in the game are seeing only from their perspective and don’t know things that we know. I bet if we’d played, we’d think we be playin a good game but to people who see everyone moves all at once would say otherwise.

  23. So it costs $1.00 to call in and vote???  How much is CBS making ???  Do you really think it will be difficult to pay out the $500,000 ??

  24. I feel sorry for Willie.  I thnk everybody turned on him and it made it temper flair up.   I wish he hadnt gotten physical with Joe b/c I would like to see Willie come back or be eligible for America’s player.  

    • I dont feel sorry for a (man?) who throws things at  a woman, while calling her a slut while running after another man who did absolutly nothing to him to attack him. Then having gotten himself  kicked off the show runs out and gets arrested for drunk driving. I’m a mother! He could have killed somebody with his self pity. I say he & his brother should be stuck on an island and left there!

  25. the big twist, is not a good move to make. i love britney, i see her going far in this game with shane. shane is diff, a great guy. he proved his self, wil i dont like him, in ashley she’s a bit crazy. frank UGHH! hate, jenn is just floating by.. so is ian. danielle is stepping up to the game now. i should see alot of improvements in danielle. #1 britney fan.

  26. I don’t   think the coaches should enter the game.  They already had a shot.
    It’s not right to give them another chance.  Just my opinion.

  27. Does anyone know what that white blob is on the red shirt that Dan seems to wear every day?  It says “The” above it and “U” below it. 

    The cloud U? 

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