Big Brother 14 Episode 7 Recap: Power Shifts Again

bb14 episode 7 HOH comp

The moments like the past two HOH competitions are what makes the Big Brother game such a great one. For the past two weeks, the Big Brother 14 has seen a shift in power and nothing in the game is sweeter, if you ask me. Before we get to all that, let’s back up to the beginning.

At the top of the episode, we pick up right after Shane removed himself from the block and Frank put Danielle up in his place. Danielle is feeling down and out so Dan tries his best to explain his coaching tactic to her. He wash’t abandoning her, he was trying to make her fight her own battle. He apologizes for that.

For the rest of the live show filler, we get a flirtation montage of Shane and JoJo with poor Ian in the middle of it. We also get backlash from that in the form of Danielle jealousy. Fun. Not really.

Oh, and we get yet another rehashing of Willie’s blowup. Over it. Then Julie has her weekly talk with the house guests. It’s just minor chit-chat, or maybe it was some massive interviews and I was too distracted rolling my eyes at Joe wearing his chef coat on the live episode.

Dr. Will shows up for a little rundown of the coaches’ game. Of course he thinks Boogie is playing a fantastic game — even if it’s without him for the first time. He thinks the other coaches aren’t playing so well. And that’s kind of true. He thinks Janelle is a great competitor but isn’t good with strategy. And Dan and Britney are just kind of meh, basically.

Julie talks to Frank in the weekly HOH interview. Frank makes us all cringe by calling her “Jules,” and basically dodges all of her questions. Who knew Frank was such a diplomat.

The live votes start next and JoJo or Danielle will be going home. Here’s how the votes play out:

  • Wil: JoJo (“Little Miss Hypocrite”)
  • Joe: JoJo (“JoJo Dancer”? For the second week Joe cracks while trying to be clever during the vote)
  • Ashley: JoJo
  • Shane: Danielle
  • Ian: JoJo
  • Jenn: JoJo

JoJo is evicted from the Big Brother 14 house by a vote of 5-1.

The HOH competition is up next, and since they’re pressed for time, Julie lets them know to speed things up. The game is called “On Thin Ice” which has nothing to do with anything except for it’s kind of a hockey game. The HG who hits their puck into the slot with the highest score wins HOH. Here are the scores, in order of play:

Ashley: 4

Joe: 3 (Joe’s out)

Jenn: 0 (does the person even exist or is she only in my imagination?)

Ian: 9 (Ian takes the lead from Ashley)

Wil: 2 (Wil is out)

Shane: 20 (Shane takes the lead)

Danielle: 12 (doesn’t beat Shane)

Shane wins Head of Household, and the shift of power changes. Just like Frank last week, he went from being on the block to Head of Household. The only difference is Shane also has two Veto wins under his belt.

Julie announces what we all knew was coming. The coaches have the chance to enter the game and play for real. That is IF America vote  yes to the coaches twist. And we all know they will vote yes? Should they? That’s subjective. I’d say no, but that’s just me.




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  1. Shane + HOH= GTFO Team Janelle

    America’s vote comes to no surprise. I wonder if Boogie would re-enter the game. He’s sitting pretty right now. I think Brit and Dan have no choice, seeing that they only have 1 player each left. I hope they all come into the game to make it interesting because this season is a wash. I find it hard to believe any of these player would make it past week 3 in any other past season. Maybe only Frank and Shane, but that’s about it. The rest of them are useless.

    Also, why does it seem that almost every gay guy BB casts, they’re shady and act like their sh*t don’t stink? They always have to make some crude remark during evict night.

    • Do you only watch the gay guys? There’s plenty of people gay and straight that have to make crude comments on evict night. It’s not just the gays..

      • You completely missed the point by trying to weigh the balance between straight people and gay people. The straight people in this game(seasons 1-14) out number the gay people by a huge margin. The majority that have been on this show act like their sh*t don’t stink. It’s annoying and gives a poor representation.

    • To your last question, it seems that BB only picks gay guys that are also big divas. Except for Bunky. Although he did get emotional a lot.

  2. Why not vote to give the coaches the option to join the game? As many have already pointed out, there aren’t enough players left for a full season, which means they’ll either have to bring back evicted players (which is stupid) or have non-eviction weeks (which is boring).

    I think as long as the coaches are given a one-time chance to join the game or remain as coaches then it should be fine. If someone can ride out being a coach until their players get evicted and then join the game I could see people being upset. But really, who wouldn’t want to see Janelle jump into the game to compete? Right now it seems like there is a huge gap in capabilities between the genders — aside from the coaches comp that Boogie blew, men have won every competition.

    • I liked reading your post and so agree… Would love to see Janelle compete again as a player… Something needs to happen

  3. Take to get ride of some floaters..Ashley  Jenn  or Frank  they are all worthless players  also Janelle  makes me wanna vomit

    • Frank won an HOH, and obviously talked himself out of being eliminated.  I hate when people say they deserve to not be eliminated.  If they deserved to stay, they would stay.  Because staying depends on a LOT of factors involved in game play.  And love, this is just week 2, let’s not bring up the floater talk yet.  There haven’t been that many competitions.  What about Ian?  Or, Danielle? Or, Jojo (not anymore, but still)?  Or Wil?  Joe and Wil rocked the boat withOUT winning anything.  This early in the game, you should either float (i don’t know why floating this early has negative connotation attached to it) or win.  The Joers and Wilers always do the middle thang, which doesn’t seem to be working yet.

      • The players that rag on floaters are the ones that win a lot of competitions and draw a lot of attention and then wonder why people want to evict them. The viewers that rag on floaters have no idea how Big Brother is played.

      • I didn’t mean to put Frank on there when i said the floaters must go.I meant to say Wil and Joe.but you bring up a good point But they make me sick when they turn against Shane  he’s won 2 POV and a HOH  if anyone in the house deserves to be there its him  before  any of these floaters     I was only saying all these houseguest taking S**t against shane  and they haven’t won anything

      • You ever think that winning comps isn’t all big brother is about? You gotta be good with social relations over anything else. Look at Jordan, will, Dan, boogie, Maggie, jun, Lisa… They all won through relationships and positioning themselves. I hate it when people say floating is despicable. Why put yourself in the cross hairs when you don’t have to?

  4. I say No to the coaches joining. C’mon BB! Haven’t they (new houseguests)been through enough? Is the casting that bad that we can’t let the newbies just play?

  5. I say no to the coaches being added to the game. I would love to see a contest added back to the game.

    • There are ways to spice things up and address the lack of players. One, is the have a contest between Kara and Jojo and bring the winner back in. The winner should be given a golden key pass from eviction that very week she
      came back in. Otherwise, what is the point if you allow that player to get evicted right away? That happened to Brendon last season and it was a huge waste to allow him to be evicted the very same week he came in!
      I suggested in another post that they can have a Pandora’s box for the HOH wherein if the HOH accepts say $10,000 and that is mighty enticing right
      there that both nominees will get off the block (this pandora’s box has to happen after the nominations). Then, the HOH has to nominate two new people on the block. One other twist is in the Veto competition where they give out great prizes, say $25,000 or trips, they can add the twist of the players taking the $25,000 or the lavish trip will not be able to play for HOH
      the following week. Those simple changes are enough to make Big Brother
      that much more interesting. Are the producers so, out of ideas? Is is not that hard to think of simple twists that can alter the course of the game!
      However, bringing the veterans in will just make it more boring because
      you and I know the veterans will wipe the floor with the newbies if they all
      come in and join forces together which they will do!

  6.  If the coaches do enter the game will they still be playing for the $100,000 as well as the $500,000 or just the $500,000? It would put the house into a tailspin though. 

  7. I say no to the coaches entering the game. By the time this poll ends the game will have been going for just 4 weeks. Even with the 1st eviction on opening night only one of the coaches could have been eliminated. Meaning the other 3 get a month long free ride.

    However, if they give the coaches a choice – either remain a coach and win $100K if your player wins OR become a player and only get $100K if you win I’m more ok with that.

  8. Shane should have seen the writing on the wall and voted to evict jojo instead of Danielle so he would be aligned with the house. I hope the coached aren’t let back in the game. Please keep them out everyone!

    • It was already agreed upon by Team Boogie for Shane to vote with Jojo so it doesn’t look obvious with this weeks noms. Team Janelle hardly talked to Shane or even tried to make a deal with him. Now Boogie, is holding all the cards.

  9. Please, just vote no as then it’ll feel like a repeat from last year if the couches enter as players….If America does vote no then I bet they’ll rig it to say yes….

  10. Let the coaches enter!!!!  That way the game becomes INFINITELY more interesting!  With the exception of the coaches and Frank and Shane, this whole season is all floaters.  It’s easily one of the weakest seasons in terms of being floater-laden (last season being the worst of all time, in this regard).  So I say let the coaches enter as players so that they can all band together (except for britney, who’s just an annoying little gnat and control-freak who doesn’t deserve the money anyway because she grew up rich), along with Frank and Shane, steamroll over everyone else, and then just battle it all out in comps until the end.  THAT’S what should happen………..ideally.

    Vote “Yes,” America!!!!

  11. I don’t mind the coaches entering the game, but they shouldn’t  be eligable to win the full 500,000, when they have had the luxury of being safe for a couple weeks?

  12. I vote…..YES… the coaches twist. It would make the game more interesting if the coaches play with the newbies. Besides, I hate seeing them standing around doing nothing at the games. It looks rather lame on T.V. 

  13. Please let the coaches enter so I will have no regrets in canceling my DVR from recording and wasting 3 hours a week watching this stupid, rigged version of a formerly great and interesting game.  And next summer lets have 2 losers from The Bachelor, two losers from The Bachelorette, the whole Hantz family, as many as you can scrounge up and if there is any room throw in Rachel and Brendon one more time.  Hell, why not at the rate you are going this seems reasonable.  CBS, you are ruining this show.

  14. See this shows what happens when you come between a man and his girl: you get a true competitor v.s a season full of pure floaters who just sit there while their coaches do everything. Shane won 2 P.O.V’s and H.O.H, the only other person to win a competition was Frank. The only other work was done by the coaches giving their players immunity or H.O.H. They aren’t playing for themselves just waiting to do what their coaches want, they’re all useless except Shane, Frank, probably Wil, and that’s it.

    • How true. I say put the coaches in and let’s what kind of players BB selected this year. It would also be interesting to see how alliances would split and new ones formed.

  15. Absolutely NO on coaches entering the game.  If (when) they do it will just be another example of CBS Manipulating things to get what they want.  We all said last season that we were tired of alum showing up and it being old vs new. We’re over it.  NO on coaches going back in. dammith

  16. Am I the only one that thinks the coach idea was stupid in the first place?  It has crippled the games of the competitors as they immediately became allied under groups with the coaches.  Predictably, the coaches then split into girls and boys.  Then Janelle jumped ship like a NFL Football fan rooting on the superbowl winner like they rooted for them all season.  Now Shane and Brit have all the power and we will see what happens.  I would suspect that Janelle’s team will be attacked because Boogie does have too much power now.  Brit and Janelle aren’t strong enough to make the good moves.  

  17. It might help Shane out somewhat if the coaches enter the game. He will not be able to play for HOH next week and I have a feeling everyone  will be targeting him. The coaches entering might take the target off him.  I am most dissapointed with Janelle. I use to like her. She is probably the meanest person in the house. I watched showtime after dark last night and she went and told Danielle what  jojo said about her. (being fat) she did it because she said she was bored, and she wanted to start trouble. It backfired on her. All it did was hurt Danielle bad.. Janelle you are not as great as you think you are..

  18. Plese vote no to the coaches entering the game. Let the game continue on and let the evicted players compete to come back into the game. Please vote no.

  19. yes to coaches entering ,it will be a landslide vote. Shane ,dan and wil will prob be final 3. Hope shane punishes jangle and boogie this week,fake fks!!!!!!

  20. Don’t bother voting. CBS already put them in other wise there wouldn’t be enough for the jury. Funny though 90% say no

  21. foul, double driBBle, flag on the play! it doesn’t matter how america votes, it was intended all along for the ” coaches ” to come into the game. only a nut couldn’t see that. now it’s a 600,000 dollar game for them. a coach IS a player! I suggest only 2 of them get to stay, settled by drawing straws. the twist  2 longest straws stay.

  22. will cbs now make the prize $600,000 ?! otherwise it isn’t fair to the players who have much less of a chance of winning 

  23. Cannot believe people saying let the coaches enter the competition. Seriously,
    allowing the coaches in will only allow the coaches to win Big Brother 14. Is there any doubt to that happening? Janelle, Brittney, Dan and Mike Boogie will align with each other and knowing Frank and Shane are the best players left in the house, the veterans will target them for eviction. Once Frank and Shane are out, do you really think the rest of the house guest has even a slim chance of getting to the final 3? While, the veterans cannot be HOH every week, collectively they are very strong that they can end up winning all of the HOH and POV from here till the end of the game. Only way they can even give the newbies a chance is if there is a rule stipulation that only two veterans can be in one alliance. That means two veterans getting pitted against each other. However, chances are that the winning veterans group will still dominate it in the end. For those saying the season is boring—-nothing would make it more boring then, knowing the veterans will just mop the floor with the newbies! Just when Ian and maybe, Danielle is showing some indication that they can win HOH if they push hard enough and maybe, make their own moves, you want to add the veterans in? It is too early in the season and they can always have a competition for Jojo versus Kara for the right to get back in the game! That would add one more player in. Also, add a few more wrinkles to the game. It is not that hard. How about a pandora’s box where
    the HOH is offered $10,000 if you open a door or envelope. The penalty is the nominees (this has to take place after the nomination) get off the block and the HOH has to nominate two new people on the block! Add another wrinkle in
    the Veto competition where they give prizes. They can put a penalty on those
    players who opt for the nice prizes like say $25,000 cash or a trip and put a stipulation that if you accept the gift, you cannot play for HOH the coming week!
    Those simple twists can change the Big Brother game for the better without bringing the coaches in! Are the producers really, totally out of ideas?

    • You’re wondering if the HG’s have a chance against the coaches?

      Who the h€ll knows ? As it stands right now they’re being told what to do. Let them really play the game. Maybe one of them is better than we think.

  24. The sad thing is about ‘coaches’ going in is, that is basically what got Willie thrown out of the game. He wanted to play his own game not one with coaches. When he brought this up he  was targeted and shun, granted his actions were berzerk and in fact he did bring Jojo down with him as well as Shane and Britney the only difference is that the two latter ones swam like hell and held their own, but they did stick with their team, vote with them….ect.The way they are going about this is WRONG!(coaches going in)

  25. I think letting the coaches in is brilliant. It will light a fire under some of these people. Make them actually play instead of eating and doing whatever the hoh wants.

  26. I voted no on the coaches entering the game though I strongly suspect the majority of voters will vote yes. I just happen to like the game as its naturally played. If the producers want to bring previous players back then they should have another all-star show.

  27. Vote to put all the coaches into the game!!!

    I’d love to see how the “booger” does without the “evil doctor”….. and unless Frank is as stupid as he looks he now knows Boogers “secrets” on “how to play” the game…

  28. I voted no. I say bring Jodi back and actually give her a chance to play. I would have been pissed if I was her.

  29. First of all, when considering what kind of moves to make with regard to the game, you need to realize that the producers are not thinking about fairness and traditional gameplay when it comes to Big Brother. The only thing that matters to people like Allison Grovenor and company is how much each move that they decide to make will generate in revenues for them and the network. It comes down to money period. Always follow the money.

    As a result, we have the return of previous players and we will always have returning players in seasons from now on because AG and company think that this generates greater viewership and therefore more ad revenues.

    I personally happen to think that returning players detract from the show, but those of us who think that way might as well go urinate into the wind for as much good as expressing this opinion will do.

    So let us please stop complaining about the coaches being either in or out of the game and move on. AG and friends will do whatever it takes to generate the most money for them on the show no matter what we may say and/or feel. Let us just accept that and move on.

    •  I agree with you that the Producers main goal is to generate more revenues. But feed back/survey is important to them too. As far as I know this is the first time they’ve tried this mentoring theme. I don’t know BB’s ratings now, but it could have backfired. Now they’re asking America to vote whether to put the coach in the game. They must be listening to the viewers.

  30. how funny was Joe taking a year to line his shot up and then scoring a 3? What a loser. Get him out, man, for the sole fact that his DR interviews are painful. When you are straining because you are yelling so hard, theres an issue. I bet people in the house can hear him talking.

  31. Coaches will be players regardless on how the votes go….remember when we couldnt belevie when Brendon was voted in over the other guy? It’s all rigged..

    Season is boring as hell, they expelled the best player for tv this season…They have to bring in the coaches as a replacement or its all lost.

  32. I think Boogie is a decent player however with that said. Yes he won Allstars, but with will’s help. he owns 4 rest. & 2 pubs & one rest is with Ashten Kutcher & all Dr. Will owns part. In my opinion only for a old lady I think Jannelle is the best player( NEVER) to win BB. God Bless All

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