Big Brother 14: Week 3 Eviction Predictions

The next eviction of the Big Brother 14 season has arrived so let’s hear some eviction predictions! Just like previous seasons I’ll be receiving predictions from other great Big Brother websites and sharing them here with you each week. So check out all of our Big Brother predictions and then share your own in the poll below.

Tonight the HGs will either vote out Frank or Joe and I’m definitely expecting Frank to head out to Julie’s couch. It’ll be close with the way the teams are split, but when Danielle breaks that tie from Janelle’s team against Boogie’s team that’ll be all it takes. Frank is a big threat in the game and the HGs know if he sticks around they’ll have a heck of a time getting him out later. I really liked Frank, so this is disappointing.

Big Brother 14 Week 3 Eviction Predictions – Frank or Joe:

Big Brother 14 - Frank Eudy
Big Brother Live Big Brother 14 - Frank Eudy
Zap2It Big Brother 14 - Frank Eudy
Big Brother 14 - Frank Eudy
Big Brother 14 - Frank Eudy
Big Brother's Spoilers Big Brother 14 - Frank Eudy
Big Brother Access Big Brother 14 - Frank Eudy
Big Brother Junkies Big Brother 14 - Joe Arvin

The large majority of these Big Brother sites are predicting a Frank elimination. What do you think? Share your guess in the poll below!


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  1. I want frank to stay…maybe he’ll be the lucky 1 and may get a chance to return to the game if he does get voted out,Joe gets on my nerves a bit,He yells all the time instead of talking but either way I feel Shane has made good choices as HOH

      • Its not really about Hating Frank and Boogie. Boogie is cocky and there is nothing like putting a cocky person in there place. I think it would be awesome to see newbies take out Boogie early in the game. Hopefully there is some kind of twist where Frank can switch coaches and votes will change. We will see!! 

    • I think Shane made a bad choice backdooring  frank, cuz if frank ios gone this week then shane is out the next 

      • No I don’t really think so. With the coaches coming into the game (and lets face it, they are) I think they will be the focus for a while. If Boogie or his alliance wins they will target Janelle and Brit. If Janelle/Brit’s side wins they will target Boogie. I think Shane is going to get really lucky because of this coaches twist and be able to kinda fade away into the background for a while.

      • You said it. Shane will go next week. Janelle’s team are really licking their chops and were promising Shane to be safe next week only because they were on the block. Stupid Shane took Ashley off and now even Joe will not be evicted! Since, Shane cannot play for HOH next week, it will be the perfect time to backdoor him like he did Frank this week! Boogie’s team will have no problem voting out Shane and joining Janelle’s team in the process!
        And if the coaches come in this week as expected, Shane is till the number 1 target of the coaches because he is the only remaining player who has won HOH and POV aside from Frank and the rest are all floaters who have won nothing!

      • @Nick, After seeing all the negotiations gong on in the house. It appears that Shane will benefit from all the changes that’s coming. Nothing is guaranteed, but he is actively playing the game. He’s gutsy.

      • Shane;s made the last 3 POVs PLUS HOH  Joe won what?  Ian is a parakeet and will follow whatever he’s told to do…..coaches coming into the game will change everything, Im hoping newbies go after coaches and take back the house! =) 

  2. So sad….I really want Frank to stay! I’m usually not a fan of the strongest player, but I like the way he is playing.

    • How can you call him the strongest player? He won one HOH. Shane won all three POV’s, an HOH, and technically he should have had the first one. He was one of the few that didn’t struggle. Shane is definately the strongest player. Plus his social game is improving. I think he’ll go far.

      • Shane won’t go far because the other newbie floaters in the house want him out as well. Once, Frank is out, Shane is the strongest player left. If the coaches come in as expected, the number one target will be Shane because he can win HOH and POV. Since, Shane cannot play for HOH, the coaches if they win HOH will backdoor Shane to evict him then, vote out the floaters one by one as the coaches take turns winning HOH and POV.
        The coaches will win that $500,000. So much for the fantasy that Shane will go far! No he won’t. As early as next week, he will be backdoored whether the coaches come in or not but, more especially if the coaches come in!

    •  I’M with Team Boogie  …to take down the blonde bopsy twiins they are both so two faced, its sickening

      • So what do you called boogie when he do the same stuff Janelle and Brittany do. The way Frank and Boogie talk behind peoples back and it is not all game. It is sickening thats Boogie is some damn cocky. Dr. Will was the reason he won bb7 and made it as far as he did in bb2. Janelle should be the cocky one. Although she never won she is a beast at comps. I think in 3 seasons so far she won like 20 comps. In 3 seasons Boogie won like 6. Enuf said

  3. i think with coaches being a predictable shoe in..frank would maintain his ally in would be wiser for Shane to dump him now, but otherwise Shane and Frank would /could have mopped up the rest of em..tell me, I have heard the coaches are pretty sure of it..but do the newbies know the train that is about to pull into the station..or are the coaches just talking about it among st themselves?? 

    •  I think Willie was the only newbie who seriously considered the coaches coming into the game as a possibility.  I think everyone else is blowing it off.  Guess they will be in for a rude awakening tonight.

      • Most of these newbies aren’t even playing the game, the coaches are playing the game for them. This twist might stink for fans who just wanted 14 newbie houseguests, but at least it will force these newbies to actually think for themselves and play the game, otherwise they go home. 

        But which coach will play the game…one or two coaches might choose to remain a coach if given the choice.

  4. I have a feeling that Frank will be leaving yet I really wish Joe leaves. He is annoying!

  5. They should try to send Joe home because he is gunning for Shane, and Shane had a deal with Frank and hopefully Frank is just a pawn. No matter who leaves though I doubt Joe will actually get rid of Shane because he can’t win anything.

  6. Strategic wise, I wish Frank leaves because he may pose a threat to my favorite player, Janelle. However, Joe is loud, annoying, unattractive, and has lousy game play. Frank is hotter, smarter, and a much better player. Ugh. I’m torn. 

    • Janelle all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She needs a reality show! I am a girl and cant stop watching her! Soldier Janelle! 

  7. I really like Frank, but I think they’re all intimidated by how strong a player he is so they’ll vote him out while they have the chance.

  8. I watched the Big Brother AfterDark feed last night and Joe was still freaking out and causing panic in the house because he doesn’t believe that he is safe. Wil seems to be the question mark with Joe despite the fact that Wil is voting to evict Frank. Most of this was Britney working on Danielle (she’s not a school teacher, I believe she’s a nurse) and Janelle working on her players and Dan. Wow comforting. 

    But despite all of Joe’s panic, I believe Frank is still going to be evicted tonight by 3-2 vote as Frank is the bigger threat. However it wouldn’t surprise me if Wil or another player flipped at the last second because that houseguest has had it will the coaches and Joe’s drama. 

  9. I’m hoping for someone to change their mind last second and vote Joe out. Frank is far from my favorite player but he’s a lot better than Joe. 

    Shane made a big mistake backdooring Frank this week. At this rate, Shane will be lucky if he lasts long enough to be the first juror (if all four coaches enter the game we will be back to 11 players).

  10. It’s so funny how everyone thinks Frank is a strong player ..I guess because he is fit….but he only won one comp and that was a guessing game so whatever I don’t think he is strong at all…..

  11. Sadly I think Frank is leaving, I think Shane did himself in because he is the next big threat.  

    • I think that Shane would be in trouble next week anyway as he is a very strong player & can win comps & POV’s. So regardless if he backdoored Frank or not, he would be in put up next week.

  12. i think tonight Julie will let the hg know coaches will enter the game before the voting for eviction.  I think the producers would rather see Joe leave than Frank so they might do this twist sooner than we think.  If this happens Frank might just stay and hopefully JOE gets sent home. I kinda like the way Frank is playing and if he stays hope he wins HOH and sends Shane out the door.  Shane made the biggest mistake backdooring Frank. If he was smart he should have realized keeping frank will only get him further in the game…

    • Shane is going to need allies to keep him alive the coming week. If the coaches come in as expected, he will be the first targeted by the coaches as he is the last strong player among the newbies. It will be easier for the coaches to form an alliance and boot out the floaters one by one once, both Frank and Shane are gone. Now, why would the dumdum newbies not think that keeping Frank in the house actually improves their chances of staying in the house?

    • I don’t think that keeping Frank would have gotten Shane any fruther in the game due to how strong of a player he is & people would be out to get him, no matter what.

  13. Man it would have been so much more interesting if Shane kept Frank as an ally especially with the coaches coming back in. I mean no one will really miss Joe he yells at us in the diary room and he cooks all their food for a week for one meal :P

  14. Once coaches come in, they have to band together or the newbies will band together to vote them out one by one…sadly enough Janalle will keep willing veto’s to save herself.

  15. Joe is an instigator……he has started all of the fights from the beginning & Janelle just keeps covering up & lying for him….please HG vote Joe out tonight!!!!

    • Joe is an instigator, agreed, but getting Frank out is going to get harder each week.  He has a great social game and a strong, smart ally in Boogie. Leaving Joe in this week, albeit annoying, keeps a player in that won’t cause much of a stir when they boot him later.
      If Frank survives tonight, his chances of winning are higher than most of the other HGs.

      • I would say there are three strong players in this game right now among the newbies…Shane, Ian and Frank. Shane is strong in challenges, Frank is strong on challengers and somewhat in social and Ian is strong in social, he’s game smart and doesn’t pose a threat right now. 

        But if Frank stays, I fully agree “his chances of winning are higher than most.”

    •  He just told another lie to Britney about an hour ago. He will self destruct within the week. He needs to calm down in that darn diary room,.he is so annoying..especially when I have to look at that UK crap everyday.

      • Hey now… don’t knock the Wild Cats LOL. I agree, his screaming is grating on my nerves (he makes me want to shut the tv off whenever he talk/screams).

  16. There is nothing surprising about this show anymore.Expect the unexpected doesnt mean a thing they need a new batlle cry.Everythingis given up on bbad all the coaches knew they were coming in,they said their contracts said anything can change Janelle said she said no jury house for her.Why play the let the viewrs decide,its so fake,and we all fall for it.Oh thats right we get to choose their food wow.Time to change the channel.

  17. I am just in love with the fact that Frank thinks he’s staying! Hahah so ready for him to leave!!! 

    • They could at least tell him that he is going, instead of him thinking that he is staying as of one hour ago on the feeds,, Dan is avoiding Boogie, why  not just tell him that Danielle is voting Frank out?  I hope Ian or Boogie win HOH, that would be worth watching!!

  18. Hopefully Joe leaves next week though because he is annoying as heck! Holy crap! Whose he yelling at in the DR?! Good Lord SHUT UP!!! His face gets redder than Rachel’s hair too! 

  19. I like Frank, but i don’t think he will stay.  Wil is not changing his vote. and Danielle is too scared to make a big move in the game.

  20. Noone goes home tonight, the door will be locked..Now that makes for an interesting game with the coaches going in!

    • I thought about that too-that noone would go home & then, maybe next week a double eviction, with the coaches coming in. And they might even let Shane play also, as the game is changing.

  21. Well
    if Frank leaves then i’m definitely excited that the coaches are
    entering the game. I think Boogers with be out for blood once Frank is
    evicted and come right after Shane, Danielle and probably even Brittany.
    I think it was a mistake for Shane to backdoor Frank because if he’s
    counting on Danielle (who completely has her head in the clouds, instead
    of the game) to take him anywhere close tot he final two, then he’s
    delusional. I think it’s funny that he’s using her. But I definitely
    think he should have just kept the nominations the way they were,
    evicted Joe, and then continue to have his “side deal” with Boogie and
    Frank because I don’t think Boogie would be interested in working with
    the other Coaches once they enter the game. I honestly dont think Dan
    would either. So Shane, Boogie Frank and possible Dan would have been
    the perfect secret alliance!

    Have fun watching tonight everyone!!


  22. they talk about Frank being a threat! Don’t they realize Shane has been the biggest threat, 1 HOH 3 pov’s ?  DUH!   Hopefully Wil realizes this, that his team is all about LIES, If they do get Frank out I hope he gets a chance to get back in, I for one will vote to get him back in, Shane is P***Y, and Dani is really pathetic! she wants a man, she doesn’t even know how to handle a man!

  23. I secretly mute my TV when I see Joe in the DR..personally, I wish he would leave this week…but that wouldn’t be very strategic, huh? HAHA.

    • Don’t hate on the greatest player in BB history. Joe is setting the bar of how this game is being played. Watch out for new rule changes because of his outstanding and mind blowing game and social play.

    • Or his big talk about how he’s going to go after Shane hard and he’s “GOING to win that Veto!” and then he’s the second one eliminated? Guarantee he’ll be among the first three to drop in tonight’s endurance HoH.

  24. I think because Frank is a bigger threat in the game than Joe, that he will be evicted tonight. At least that is the way I would look at it. Joe doesn’t do anything as far as game play-he just gets on everyone’s nerves, so he can go at any time. Frank can win games, so if he is allowed to stay, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him win HOH tonight-even against the coaches.

  25. To make the Game,more hair raising,will be if Will vote,s Joe out the door,or BB don’t send anyone out tonight….

  26.  @melly, I live in Indiana and am a big IU fan, so you understand a little why I don’t want to see that UK stuff everyday! (I have the feeds)

  27. It’s obvious Frank is a hated man !

    Joe who speaks in upper case is annoying as hell. His wife and children must cringe when he yells at America …

    Anyhew, Frank is a goner !!!!!

  28. I agree this is disappointing as I also liked Frank, and on top of that, Joe gets to stay and I dislike him…such is the game sometimes.

  29. Stop tripping people. Lawon is going home. Joe is safe. Frank is going to use the Diamond Power of Veto! Go Danielle!

  30. i hate the poll janelle should go home that it she look so crazy this year send her home enoght allready janelle has so many faces i dont no who she is she did this to her self

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