Big Brother 14 Coaches Set To Enter The Game

Big Brother 14 Coaches Janelle and Britney

Last week on Big Brother 14 CBS posed a question to viewers: should the coaches be allowed to enter the game and compete for the half-million dollar prize? This is a scenario the coaches have discussed and debated from the very first week. Now it seems ready to happen thanks to coaches’ whispers on the Live Feeds.

Many of the “America Votes” cynics out there, like myself, didn’t give much weight to the idea that if America voted “no” then the coaches would actually not be presented with the option. We’ve seen several past votes were the polls from CBS were bogus (reference preseason BB13 & BB14 polls on returning HGs) and really just intended to drum up interest. This position is supported by the fact that coaches were told days ago about this upcoming “chance” well ahead of when the voting actually ended.

Flashback to Tuesday, July 31 at 8:28PM BBT on Cams 1/2 to hear Janelle and Britney discussing the situation. The “Button Boy” who works to prevent sensitive information from going out over the Live Feeds misses Janelle telling Britney “they told me yesterday” at 8:29.30 PM BBT before jumping back to fish. Then Feeds return at 8:30.17 and we hear Britney say “we’re going to have a choice?” Janelle confirms and says they’ll have to give up the $100K opportunity in their contract to go after the $500K.

Both Britney and Janelle agree that they’ll enter the game. They think they have a good shot at knocking out all of the Newbies and just making it the coaches at the end.

No word on whether Dan and Boogie were also told about this upcoming choice or where they stand on the decision. I suspect Janelle was told so she could negotiate the arrangement as she’s made it clear that she has no intention of going to Jury House if she was knocked out. I’m guessing she’s anxious to get back to her baby.

On top of all that, CBS released a new promo (watch it below) last night immediately after the broadcast which heavily hints that the coaches are coming in to the game. CBS calls it a “surprise” but I think we know better than that. What do you think of all this?

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  1. that blows! I don’t want the coaches in the game.  Why even leave it up to America if they are really just going to do what they want?

    • I agree.  The whole theme for this year was to see how the coaches coached.  If BB is going to do what they want why even post it to America except to see how many people they will get mad.

    • That is the same for all reality shows unfortunately. Even Dancing with the Stars which is highly rated, despite, numerous complaints on the voting that better dancers are booted too early in the competitions, they allow the fans to rig the votes to get out the better dancers in favor of their favorites! In all these years, the producers have ignored everyone else! The producers figure that they will displease some fans but, get the other fans in turn! The issue of fairness never figures in the decision process! The sad part is they can make the shows better by listening to the fans but, they are arrogant enough to believe they know best regardless of what the fans tell them!

  2. I was opposed to it at first but now I hope it does happen because I can’t stand the newbies, only Ian. I hope once the coaches come into the game they won’t be able to complain about having coaches and can get back to being likeable.

    • For one thing, the newbies have to play their game now because they know Janelle, Brittney, Boogie and Dan will evict them one by one because
      the coaches want that $500,000! Hopefully, Shane gets backdoored this
      coming week. I am sick of his dumbass moves! He deserves to be booted out right after Frank! That will seal the fate of the remaining newbies!

      • Yes, with the coaches coming in it means the players will have no excuses about ‘playing the coaches game’ anymore. That said, why would you want shane backdoored? You may not like his moves, but the guy is a beast in comps and the only reason anyone should want him out is because he is next to impossible to get out via comp. He is the actual biggest threat to win this game, not Frank.

      • Admljoey,There is no such thing as impossible to get out! Ask Janelle or Danielle Donato who are awesome competitors but, they lost when they needed towin to stay during their Big Brother seasons. I want Shane backdoored because he is a fool to trust Janelle and Brittney and being backdoored will prove to him how stupid his decision to evict Frank is! You are right that Shane is a bigger threat but, when the coaches are coming in, does it make sense to boot out Frank? It only makes sense to the coaches because Shane cannot play for HOH next week and they can backdoor him, evict the floaters one by one and one of the coaches is guaranteed that $500,000!That is why.

  3. Yeah, the non-surprise in which the 85-90% NO votes polled on Twitter were ignored as expected… and I guess the noobs (pawns) will be informed only after Frank is eliminated since he & Shane might actually give the noobs a small chance? Mmm-k.

    • Shane should have taken into consideration the coaches coming in instead of listening to Janelle’s lies. Brittney his coach also calls Janelle a liar and not to be trusted yet, goes along with whatever Janelle says? Brittney is another liar that is why! She knows she is coming in so, she wants the stronger players like Frank and Shane out. Biggest dummy is Shane because he cannot think even if his life depended on it! Seriously Shane,
      you distrust Janelle too but, go along with whatever she says? Did you not think the coaches are coming back when Willie even talked about it like
      weeks ago?

      • Agreed…I was hoping he might think about HIS game and actually keep the deal with Frank to keep each other safe. No such luck. Was really hoping Joe would GO today :/

      • Dude, the only reason Willie even said anythiong was because Britney shot her mouth off and planted the idea in his paranoid mind. Nobody in the house is even awar of that still. Willie is obviously an a-hole, but fact is Britney got that whole trainwreck rolling. Intentionally or not. Everyone lies to some extent. Shane’s biggest problem is listening to janelle because she is a liar. Try trusting Frank and Mike Boogie as his stupidest mistake.Janelle has tried to tell whomever would listen not to believe a word Boogie says. And Frank is Boogie’s lackey. If Shane or any of the other newbies had ever seen him in either of his previous seasons, they would never go near him. Frank will put Shane up if he wins hoh, bet on it. I think her players not withstanding, Janelle’s goal is to get Boogie out.And will do whatever she thinks that will take.

    • Actually, if the coaches enter the game, expect a secret final two alliance between Boogie and Frank. If Frank doesn’t go, Boogie and Mike will probably take it.

  4. I don’t think it is fair to the newbies for the coaches to enter the game. Why can’t we have a year that just the new house guest play? It does get sickening watching the same players over and over. Bratney is disgusting, Janelle has had three chances all ready to win and hasn’t, Boogie is so full of himself it is just embarrassing and last but not least, Dan, does he really know where he is? Come on BB, lets have a season of just new people in the house.

  5. This sucks. I voted against the coaches returning to the game. That is why they want Frank out of the game he and Shane have a good chance of winning and getting the coaches out. I will stop watching after tonight if this happens. I will be content to watch Glass House .

    • I watched Glass House one time. First, how has CBS not sued and had it taken off the air? Second, you will not see those people being real, come on, they are playing to the audience because you have a hand in their fate, so they will say and do anything to get you to like them. Third, the comp I saw (and it was said that they were all the same format) was just stupid and a guessing game based on America voting. So no skill or anything, just luck. Fourth, I read somewhere that they are all removed form the house for 2 days on a weekly basis and sequested away from one another in a hotel.

      So in summary, they took the idea of Big Brother and just trashed it. So go have fun with that.

      • CBS did sue but I believe they lost, because you can’t patent the idea of putting people in a house and having competitions.

      •  Glass House ratings were so bad, they’re not even gonna be renewed. I’ve watched it a couple of times, and there’s just no comparison to BB

  6. Dan and Boogie did discuss it yesterday eve in the arcade room.  Boogie said he wouldn’t do it if he still had 3 on his team. Dan said if he gets a player back, he wouldn’t, but if he still only has Danielle, he’s joining the game.

    • All the coaches are coming in. Which would you rather have, $100,000 or $500,000? That is why Brittney and Janelle are salivating at the prospect.
      The only dummies without a clue are Shane and the floater newbies in the house! They should know because Willie told them when he was still in the house but, Shane and the newbies are just that, ultra dumb!

  7. While, I am against the coaches entering the game in the issue of fairness,
    the fact that the newbies particularly, Shane has shown himself to be dumb
    as hell in evicting Frank which is in effect making it easier for the coaches
    to win, I will cheer when Shane is backdoored because obviously, he does
    not want to win that $500,000 so, let the coaches have it because atleast,
    the coaches will do their utmost to win that $500,000. Now, we will have
    real game play because the stakes just got higher for the coaches. As for
    the newbies who listen to Janelle instead of playing the game, you can
    all be evicted one by one and nobody cares!

    • Thats why I want to see the coaches back. If the new people had benn playing their own game I would be happy to just watch them, but they havent, Janelle Brit Dan and Boogie have benn playing eveyones game, and the new people have been content with that. So now I think its only right to put the coaches in and let them play their own game.

    • If frank is eveicted, that is the smartest thing Shane has ever done in the game. It means he is actually paying attention and has some sense. Maybe he realizes Frank is all in with “coach’ Boogie and would put him up 1st chance he gets.Or Janelle and Britney finally got through too him about Boogie and , by extension, Frank.Smart money is not to believe anything Frank says. Britney was right, if they don’t get Frank out now, its going to be much harder if not impossible. Don’t let him slide along like people did Boogie and Will.

      • When the coaches go in, it is a different ballgame. Do you really think Mike Boogie will still stick with Frank or Shane for that matter? Once, the coaches come in, it will be Boogie, Dan, Janelle and Brittney on one alliance and Shane and the newbies left in the house in the other! That is why evicting Frank is a dumb move! The coaches will all target Shane because he is the only strong player in the house then, after evicting Shane, the coaches can take turns winning HOH and POV and the floaters can all be evicted one by one! One of the coaches win that $500,000 and the floaters got nothing! Surprise, surprise! Shane and the floaters have no clue and I will be laughing my head off once the coaches come in because now, Shane and the floaters are done!

    • Agreed both Shane and Danielle screwed themselves by lying and showing they can’t be trusted. Shane might as well back his bag as Janelle will screw all of them!! Taking Feank out leaves a very boring show so I guess bring the coaches in the game.

  8. Don’t bring the coaches bring back the newbies that were voted out  JoJo , Kara, Jodi and whoever is voted out tonight. Frank or Joe.

  9. I dont like this at all but since it’s CBS’s choice how about if a couch gets knocked out they dont goto the Jury House they go home .

  10.  Personally, I say let the coaches in. People complain that its “not fair” because they had a few weeks immunity. However, the newbies didn’t come in with a massive target on their backs. The coaches will. And unless I missed it, Big Brother isn’t a game about playing “fair”.

    • And, yes, the coaches know how the newbies play (for the most part)…but the newbies have seen the coaches play as well…full seasons…

      • And the newbies have being led by the coaches, so they know how they think and their secrets to the game play. The newbies should have a fighting chance if they just stick together.

      • if the coaches saw how the newbies play i guess i missed it. they haven’t showed them playing on the show.

    • And some of the newbies were safe for a whole week with doing absolutely nothing I think it’s fair.

  11. This was the plan the whole time. There weren’t enough players and Britney outed the plan by accident so now they have to scramble to find a way to present it.

  12. If Frank gets voted out bring him right back in with the coaches. Frank needs to stay and work with Boogie. Would be awesome for them to get there REVENGE

    • No, Frank is gone and everyone really needs to accept that fact. He won’t bee there after tonight and he won’t be coming back.

  13. Big Brother should let America pick who leaves the house. They use to do that. I would probably watch BB more. All they do is play same old crap

    • If they did that no one in the house would be real. They would be who they thought you wanted them to be. They would not create waves or argue with anyone. There would be nothing interesting to that at all because everyone would be trying to be the “good guy” so that America would like them.

      • Well.. that is how big brother uk is like.. people can’t put on a show and be fake 24.7 at some point they would slip… but this is big brother us.. and i doubt they will change their format of the game…

  14. aaawww..sad face!! i really want a year with no returns..have they(bb) run out of ideas and new recruits?? maybe this is why glass house was such a “threat”..because its all fresh players who have no history..oh have so much otherwise going for you..bogus polls are a total letdown! no on the returns..unfair for the newbs..especially since they were crippled on day zero by having a same day eviction!! smh…

  15. Yea the icing on the cake when I knew Big Brother polls were rigged was when Brenden was voted back in last season when every online poll had Dominic coming in by a pretty good margin…

    • Come on now America wanted drama back in the house last year. I dont think this was rigged at all even i dont agree with this one. Yes i voted for Brenden 10 times last year and No 10 times year.

      • This article mentions bogus results from past seasons, ie. Season 13, how did you know that for sure? How was it absolutely confirmed? I’m not arguing it, I’ve been one to say all along that production can and will do what they see best fit for the show and its ratings…but I’m curious. What in the past was confirmed as bogus?

      • During the past 2 preseasons (as I was sure to specify) CBS held voting polls asking who ppl wanted to come back. Each time HGs other than the top votes were brought back in. The polls turned out to be for “entertainment purposes only” so to speak.

        I’m suggesting the same situation here. CBS already has a plan, but they’re letting viewers voice an opinion. It just won’t influence CBS’ plans.

    • I think Brendon came back because of people who were anti Team Dani, and people who were for Brenchel or Jorff.

      I think Cassi/Dominic just split the votes between them because they were from the same team and the same group of people liked both.

    • I can’t claim every vote is rigged if the outcome is something I don’t want. There are some shady dealings with this “vote” though. It would be great to have an accounting firm actually stake their company’s name and reputation that the vote count is accurate, but yeah, not gonna happen.

  16. This new “twist” really isn’t fair to the “newbies” since 3 will have been evicted playing the old way (coaches) and one expelled. I really want Frank out but the way Joe is always lying and sturring it I almost want him to go. Joe is going to turn out to be another “Willie”. I hope during the endurance, boogie and janelle fall quick… BB14 has so far been bad!!!

    • Well there are only 4 coaches. It’s not like they’re making it equal and adding in more vets. Also, 3 newbies got immunity for a week. And the last time I checked, The big brother game isn’t about being Fair. But to each their own opinion. 

  17. If the vote was simply to gauge America’s interest in the idea of letting the coaches play I could let it slide. Yet America’s Vote is always presented as though America makes the choice. That rubs me the wrong way. So does charging $1 for each text message vote.

    • Yes yes yes you and me both Rubbed wrong and it pisses me off…….this is the only Reality show I watch for the fact that it’s not scripted but they keep changing things and it’s becoming more like any other reality show….no more bringing back old players only new against new that’s as fair as game is you can get…..

  18. BOOO. I kind of figured the “voting” was bogus…just like last year. Come on CBS. If you insist on bringing back former players, at least bring back Matty  Hoffman. While I may have thought his lie about his wife was despicable, he was my favourite player because he was amazing! He would have made one hell of a coach! Can you imagine him against the deception of Mike Boogie?! Now THAT would have been great TV!!! OR could you just imagine those 2 teaming up?!

    I also think it’s unfair that production had this “slip” so the coaches know about it yet the newbies don’t. Therefore even with a million reasons to get rid of Joe, the other coaches (except Boogie) are pushing even harder to get Frank out. I know BB is a game of lies & deceit but the lies are so rampant this week that I honestly have no clue if Frank is staying or going. Usually by Thursday morning, Eastern time, we’re pretty clear on who is leaving. This week I can’t filter lies from the truth. lol Anyone else having that problem or am I just an idiot this week?

  19. hope the coaches  get in so they can be voted out sooooooooooooooooooo sick of seeing old players come back in looks like a rerun ! New people plssssssssssssssssss CBS!

  20. Well if the coaches come in i want Dan to dominate which i think he will. I reallly like the Shane/Danielle/Dan alliance especially since i think Dan would outsmart them in the end easily. I think Boogie will be the first coach to get the boot and will be voted out rather quickly

  21. No coaches.  The option for other players to return like Jodi would be better.  I would rather have new excitement then the old drama.  Or make the coaches compete to see who enters the game.

  22. Keep coach’s as coach’s bring back a few of the evicted so we still have a full season of BB

  23. I’m glad they’re getting in the game. These newbies are stupid. Britt let the cat out of the bag and Willie tried to warn them but the idiots wouldn’t listen. They were just to “star struck”. I’ve noticed the last three seasons the first one gone has been the person who sees the entire game on the first day.

    • I think the same thing about the newbies being stupid, except my native, Louisvillian Will, he thinks for himself. Big brother did,nt have much choice, but to put the coaches in the game.  Sorry newbies, but you all SUCK.        GO WILL.    

  24. If they where to be allowed to play they should have done it in the beginning. That way the house could have tried to get the coaches out to begin with not when its just about half over with…this is bullshit..bring the rest of the players back and start all over with..this sucks

  25. Gotta love how Julie Chen lies to America and the viewers from day 1! Julie Chen said: “The coaches will not be competing for $500,000 instead they will be competing for their own individual prize!” Then why the hell did you even bother telling us that from day 1 Julie! Thanks for lying to us!

  26. I f the coaches enter than I am not watching any longer totally unfair and bias of CBS for rigging voting. The coaches had their shot of the prize money and even two shots for some why should there be a third. They should have had a competition for those evicted to have a chance to come back.

  27. Every poll I have seen overwhelimly showed NO the people do not want them back it. This is crooked and like always the show does what it wants – Connie I am ashamed of you. Wasn’t the question WhatDoesAmerica want? You have cheated the newbies. Why have coaches making money again and again totally unfair to newbies

  28. totally hope the coaches come into the game.. it will make for such a better season of big brother.. also even though frank is a strong player and shane was thinking this was the chance to get him out i think he just made a mistake.. if the coaches do come into play shane will need franks alliance, who is also aligned with boogie who is a great player. shane should have thought of this scenario and taken it into consideration before putting frank up. hopefully joe goes home, cause he drives me crazy.. Cannot wait to see Dan and Boogie in the game– Janelle and Brittany kind of annoy me

    • It’s so funny how everyone thinks Frank is a strong player ..I guess because he is fit….but he only won one comp and that was a guessing game so whatever I don’t think he is strong at all….

  29. I am just all about getting Boogie the hell out. I believe if the coaches enter the game,the newbies will likely band together in order to get them all out asap. And while it would be cool if Janelle won, kind of sounds like she may not be  all that into becoming a player.  

  30. I am just al about getting Boogie (and his mini me, Frank) the hell out. I tend to believe if the coaches enter the game, the newbies would most likely ally in order to get all the vets out asap. and they have the numbers.

    • The newbies might have the numbers but, you still have to win HOH and POV which the coaches will pretty much dominate. That is the main reason the coaches were asking for Frank’s eviction knowing Shane cannot play for HOH next week and they can easily backdoor the fool! Then, all they need to do is evict the floaters one by one. Hell, the floaters are going to be begging the coaches to stay and will gladly vote out a fellow floater just to stay a bit longer. However, they will all be booted out! And when Shane is backdoored, watch the floaters trip over themselves to vote to evict Shane out the door! 

  31. Coaches going into this game is VERY UNFAIR to the houseguests!!!  I’m fed up with this show always bringing the same ‘old’ players back and guaranteed one of them (booger) will win.  I swear he’s got ‘something’ on someone in production to keep getting back on this show. He was kicked out of Hard Rock Hotel/Casino in LV for illegal activity.   He may have restaurants in  Hollyweird and who cares nothing but dopers go to those places.

  32. The coaches should continue to be just that, COACHES.  Let the Newbies win the $500k.  They have been really playing the game so far.

  33. well we dont have to watch cbs anymore,just watch bbad they give us everything we need or just read these posts.What a disappointment this show is anymore.No more expect the unexpected,we know it all ahead of time.

  34. And that means I am DONE with this show.  Janelle is obviously going to win this thing, and I really do not want to see a veteran win the money.

    Screw you, Allison Grodner.  I fully expect you now to turn the coaches HOH suite back into the Pandora’s Box room and bribe a newbie into opening it and letting Jessie back into the game to satisfy your obsession with him.

  35. Seems a bunch of people are opposed to coaches entering the game because it isn’t fair to the new contestants.

    I want the coaches to enter the game because it isn’t fair to the new contestants.

    That’s the kind of shake-up the house needs.

    The newbies will be gunning for the coaches for all of half an hour before they start trying to work deals with them.

    I think it will be great.

  36. Well if Frank leaves then i’m definitely excited that the coaches are entering the game. I think Boogers with be out for blood once Frank is evicted and come right after Shane, Danielle and probably even Brittany. I think it was a mistake for Shane to backdoor Frank because if he’s counting on Danielle (who completely has her head in the clouds, instead of the game) to take him anywhere close tot he final two, then he’s delusional. I think it’s funny that he’s using her. But I definitely think he should have just kept the nominations the way they were, evicted Joe, and then continue to have his “side deal” with Boogie and Frank because I don’t think Boogie would be interested in working with the other Coaches once they enter the game. I honestly dont think Dan would either. So Shane, Boogie Frank and possible Dan would have been the perfect secret alliance!

    Have fun watching tonight everyone!!

  37. This season wouldve been so much better if they allowed the coaches to watch the newbies mingle before the first HOH. Compete for the first HOH and then picked their team behind closed doors. Then enter them in the game and let the newbies know that these vets are coaches to give them advice and guide them to the finals. They would be competing in competitions to keep players safe. This whole season lost the entire BB gameplay on the fact that the players knew who their coaches were. If players had no idea who their coach was, they wouldve been making alliances with players of other coaches, getting advice from other coaches, and so much other stuff wouldve went down. It wouldve been up to the coaches to guide and misguide players for their chance at $100K. Then the talk of them entering the game wouldnt have even been necessary like it is at this point.

  38. its unfair to throw the coaches in the game because the newbies have already told them their game plans and alliances and it would be unfair to put them in because they have already had a free ride to this point in the game. meh.

  39. Not fair the coaches should have been in the hot seat all along to get voted out. Not fair to all the people who were voted out. Boo to you Big Brother. This rots, The other people voted out did not even have a fair shot at the money.

  40. What a crock of shit….looked forward to BB but it is such a snooze fest…just totally stupid

  41. everyone knew the coaches would be back to play the game.   every man and woman for themselves now   should be interesting 

  42. Such a freaking joke! A coach will for sure win because the newbies will be too dumb to team up and get them out!! Coaches was a good idea and they should let it play out!!! Either way, some drama needs to occur because frankly I am getting bored with this season!!

  43. Complete BS!! The coaches had there chance, some more than once, to win. You just turned BB14=lame!!

  44. Big brother did,nt have much choice, by putting the coaches in the game. Hey, have you ever seen abunch of winey newbies?.The only newby, that has any back bone, and thinks for hisself is,my native Louisvillian Will.   Sorry newbies, but you all suck, oh except Will.                                                                                See you at the derby Will

  45. I don’t thank it is right to the HG’s that the Coaches are able to come in and play at this point in the game. What is BB thanking? I ready don’t thank our votes count for anything, BB is going to do what they want to do so why even ask us. I am getting so sick of this. I did not like it from the beginning so when the rating drop what will BB do then?

  46. This has been the WORST season yet and if they bring the coaches in to the game it will just make it even worse if that is possible!  

  47. Kick the coaches out of the game would be a better choice, or at least get rid of Boogie and Janelle.  This is not fair to the newbies who haven’t had a dozen times to play.

  48. I figured they would put them back in regardless of what the “viewers” chose…though I hope if they see if there is a large number of “no’s” that they would put more thought into keeping the veterans out of the games going forward unless it’s an all star season.  Keep it newbies…all of these mentors were newbies once and they seemed to do alright…why can’t we find some decent competitors and have a “NEW” season instead of repeat characters?

  49. I’m for it, because without the coaches, there won’t be enough players, and then the game would end too soon!

    • So what if the game ends too soon! That’s the producers fault! They shouldn’t have coaches to begin with in the first place.  They never had coaches in the first season of Big Brother.  You never saw anyone who worked from Big Brother come into the house and be like, “Well these are the do’s and don’t of Big Brother.” They had to figure it out for themselves! Worst season ever! I’m never watching again.  Boycott Big Brother and CBS!

  50. I’m thru with  BB…I Know a lot of people that voted and not a one voted to keep the coaches in…This is a scam and insult…..You probably already have the winner pick out….so why waste any more of my time watching this show….

  51. I wish they would show the percentage of people who voted the coaches in because reading these comments and the ones on facebook more 4 out of 5 people wanted them to stay as coaches. I think CBS brought them in because they wanted them in NOT America

  52. CBS was showing the results of people voting in their polls. So when those rankings didn’t match w/ the actual picks for returning HGs it showed the votes were detached from production’s decisions. No speculation on my part.

    I’m not relying on any of our polls to undermine their results.

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