Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Week 3 Coaches Competition Results

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As long as immunity is on the line these Coaches Comps are going to be high pressure. Both Dan and Britney only have one player left and only Dan is at risk of being knocked out this week. Well, not really considering Shane is now making Final 2 deals with Danielle. That leaves Janelle and Boogie with the most to fear heading in to this week’s events. Read on to find out who won the Coaches’ power this week.

Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Week 3 Coaches Competition Results:

  • Janielle won the Coaches Competition and gave Wil immunity

Wow, well that’s going to screw up Shane’s plans to nominate Wil and Frank. So that’s going to make it Joe and Frank, right? We’ll know soon since the nomination ceremony will be held later tonight (Friday) and we’ll have those Big Brother spoilers for you.

Right now Shane and Britney are discussing plans with Boogie and he seems to be okay with Frank going up on the block, but he’s being told it’s as a pawn. Watch along on the Live Feeds and see what is happening as it happens.

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  1. Wow, Janelle is on a roll in these competitions. Of course I wonder, did Dan just throw the competition again? How that is good game play, I have no idea. 

    Anyway, who cares that Wil has immunity, its Frank, Joe and Ashley that should be considered to be nominated for eviction this week.

    •  I think it should be Frank, Joe and Ian that should be considered for eviction but still I wonder who is on sloop?

    •  Remember how in BB10, Dan was on the verge of getting evicted so he threw every competition until the heat died down thats exactly what hes doing again

    • I think I would nominate Joe and Ian, because Jenn will continue to follow Frank. I would the propse a deal to Frank and Jenn. I would tell them that I am eliminating Ian. This will force them to either work with Danielle and I or play for 4th and 5th place in the new “5 person” alliance. If they go along with the plan I could have them spy on Janelle’s team for me. Our new alliance would only have to make thru next week, hopefully with one of my new team (Frank) winning HoH, before we could reveal our alliance. This is no longer a team game, so I would then cut final 4 deals with Danielle and Frank to get some security. I would try to keep them from talking to each other, of course. Frank would be my only real competition, so in the end I’d get rid of him and take Danielle to the end for the win.

  2. C’mon it’s obvious .Shane needs to backdoor Frank .Nominate ian and joe.Frank might not play in pov if not he’s probably gone and Shane’s chances to win the game greatly improve.

    • The only thing that’s obvious is that Shane will be the biggest target in the game once Frank is gone. Shane can win comps but if he slips once (he will) he’s gone because he is the big player. He needs to take a chance on Frank by trusting him because right now Frank is the only person in the house willing to talk to him as well as play hard for comp wins

      • Exactly. Mike Boogie asked Ian and Jenn to deliberately lose the last HOH
        to Shane. That indicates that there is an alliance there. Is Shane willing to trust any of the floaters who would like nothing better than to boot out both Frank and Shane? He will be the ultimate fool if he believes that because once, both Frank and Shane are gone—-the floaters have a good chance to win that $500,000!

      • because its a free country and i me hes a punk because he complains all day about everybody still talks about willie. hes a punk azz actually

  3. Shane also has to make deals with people so everyone won’t be after him next week. He should just target Joe and Ashley, since he already knows they can’t be trusted.

  4. Shane is playing smart , if they can get one janellies players evicted then she will be out for not only shane but boogies team , Janelle will think boogie is behind it, and then boogies team and janelles team hopefully will go after each other.  But dont count on anything , after americas vote , the hole game plan will change.  those new players will go after the vets like a pack of dogs going affter a nice big fat juicy bone.

    • vote NO on the coaches entering the game.  Giving players with multiple years experience the opportunity to enter the game at almost the half way point in competition will be the reason BigBrother loses another 30% of audience. 

      • It’s also hard coming back and having a huge target on your back. The coaches coming in will make this season an interesting experience. All the players right now almost pretend to like their coaches… Once they come in their players will be pissed and gun for them. To me that’s interesting game play. I think big brother does a great job trying to change up things take risks.. Losing audience happens naturally after a show is on soo long and never do anything differently. At least they are trying.

      •  I think they will bring them in because they are so short of players now. They never should of had that orignal eviction on day one. That was stupid. And well Willie kind of screwed things up too. So they are more than likely going to end up in the game. It sure will make the new players play hard and really think about the game to beat the old players. It could be a lot more interesting that we think right now. Hope so.

      • I agree I agree I agree, I hope the coaches don’t come back either, it will be soooooooooooo not fair for them to come into the game at this point

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