Big Brother 14: Week 2 Nomination Anticipation

Big Brother 14 - Willie & Shane

There’s a new sheriff in town. Last night on Big Brother 14 we saw the always popular “from eviction chair to HoH room” scenario play out when Frank escaped eviction and snagged the win for control. Now he’ll be in charge when it comes time to make the nominations and his targets couldn’t be anymore obvious. But before we can get to that there’s still one more obstacle: Coaches Comp and the chance at immunity.

Frank has made no attempts to hide his intentions. After Willie turned on his promise to keep Frank safe and then the two HGs shared an explosive fight it’s no surprise that he’s the number one target. Second in line is Shane. Shane is both a strong competitor, see Week 1 PoV, and a teammate of Willie’s who also voted against Frank. If nominations were tonight with nothing in between then I’d say we can go ahead and put this down in stone. However, nothing is that simple in the Big Brother 14 house.

New this season is the Coaches Comp which pits the 4 returning mentors in a battle of their own. This week the prize offers a choice. The winning coach can either give one of their players immunity from nomination or trade for another player on another team.

At this point Britney has expressed interest in trading players to rid herself of the walking disaster known as Willie before he implodes and wipes out her whole team. If Britney does win and does decide to trade then this could offer an interesting scenario. Trading Willie over to Dan for Danielle and then targeting Willie for eviction would eliminate two targets: Willie & Dan. That might be a little heavy on the thought-train for this bunch.

If any of the coaches besides Britney wins the competition today then we should expect to see Willie and Shane nominated. Frank has discussed with Janelle that the only way we won’t see one of those two HGs leave is if Britney wins the comp, gives immunity to one, and then the other wins Veto. Side note, another scenario they didn’t discuss was if the HG granted immunity (either Willie or Shane) plays for Veto, wins it, and saves the other HG from that pair then both could be safe. Otherwise, not only will these two be nominated but one should be going home. Then again, this is Big Brother and anything can happen between now and next Thursday night.

Normally the nominations are revealed on the Live Feeds (get your Free Trial now) on Friday nights with the Veto competition on Saturdays. Now that we have this Coaches Comp things could get shifted since that has to finish before nominations can be made. We’re still waiting to find out the new schedule of Big Brother 14 events.

Who do you think Frank should nominate? Should a coach trade a player?

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  1. It hsould be Willie and Shane – let then fight it out – Willie will self destruct and turn Shane against him

  2. Voting Kara out was a dumb move in my eyes, as she was not a threat to anyone. Frank is more athletic, and he’s on Boogie’s team… if I was in the house, I would want Boogie out as soon as possible. Willie was sitting pretty until he decided to explode. The only way Willie isn’t going to be nominated is if Britney wins the comp and grants him immunity instead of trading him off, with the latter option being the one I would choose. By the way everyone, you can all expect to see me on Big Brother 19 ;]! (That season will air the year I turn 21)

    • Lol…that will be the yr of my 21st too…maybe we’ll both get a spot…hopefully…I’ve been watching since bb8 how long have u been watching?

    • I’m eligible for big brother 18, maybe we’ll get on a season together! And I’ve been watching since BB8

      • Im also eligible for Big Brother 18 lmfaoo.. As soon as I turn 21 im going to apply. I wish they would make a teen season thought that would be cool

  3. I think Britt should trade Willie for Ian. Boogie wouldn’t want Frank going after one of his chances at $100,000. But the house wants Willie out and it would put the target on Frank and Boogie if they didn’t target Willie. So, if Willie goes it hurts Boogie and if he stays it hurts Boogie. Not to mention that Ian would flip to Britt, but Willie wouldn’t flip to Boogie even if he stays.

    • the safe  move for britt is to save willie becos if she win  trade willie for ian boogie will try to turn willie against britt and i think willie is a strong player so he may win the veto and save himself or boogie will find a way to make frank and willie work together and turn against britt team

  4. This coach’s comp is going to make for some exciting TV or Live Feeds! It also makes the season more intersting. Kudos BB for thinking outside of the box!!

  5. An awesome twist would be if a coaches players have all been evicted, the COACH enters the game as a player.  :)  Makes things very interesting.  Should the coaches try for the $100,000 or should they go against their players and try for the $500,000?  Hmmm…either way, one coach wins $100,000  :D

      • I think it would even be better if after one coach loses all their players they are allowed to enter the game and they tell the remaining coaches only one more will be allowed to enter the game. So then the three remaining coaches would have to fight it out to enter the game with a chance at $500k, be the last remaining coach and get $100k or be eliminated. That would make the coaches turn against each other even more.

    • Or what if they did an America’s vote where America chooses from the evicted houseguests who can re-enter the game and when a coach loses their players the houseguests are faced with either playing with the coach or an evicted hg

  6. I love the idea of Britney winning the coaches competition and trading Willie to Dan for Danielle.  That would be HILARIOUS.  Rid themselves of the Hanz and the Dan.
    HA Go Britney

    • While I see the sense in this, I think it would make more sense for Britney to trade Willie for one of Boogie’s player, like an early commentator mentioned. Dan is already weak. Very weak. But Boogie is currently sitting pretty. If I were Britney and won the comp, I’d snatch up the opportunity to weaken Boogie by giving him a volatile player and potentially creating a mutiny of his group due to Willie and Frank being under the same coach. Worry about Dan and Danielle later. They are zero threat now. Just have to remember to take them out before they make any solid alliances. 

  7. I really hope that Brittney wins the coaches competition (although, unlikely). That would make things very interesting.

    If she wins, she should either a) save Shane from eviction or b) trade Willie for either Danielle or Ian/Jenn. 

    Saving Shane would be a good way for her to save a strong player, minimize house drama, and keep her alliance together. 

    Trading Willie for Danielle could possibly get Dan out of the game, which would be appealing to all at the expense of Willie. However, if Willie wins the POV, Shane would undoubtedly be evicted and Willie could target her.

    Trading Willie for Ian/Jenn could be interesting. This could potentially cause a rift among Boogie’s players. However, I think Boogie is smart and would somehow find a way to save Willie and evict Shane. 

    Either way, things are not looking good for Willie or Shane this week.


    • ikr. boogie may try to get willie and frank to work together and will make boogie to have the two strongest players in the game

      • I think if Frank and Willie get together with out Boogie they may make an alliance, they may also realize that Janelle and Boogie are more responsible for  messing up their plan than they were.

  8. If Brittany wins…she should swap Willie for Ian or Jenn (booger’s players). If Willie goes up (and he will!) – he should be put up against another coaches team player- chef Boyardi (?) maybe.

  9. I actually want Willle to stay around although I am not a fan of his. Pity Frank and Wille couldn’t keep their deal. If Frank gets rid of Willie he becomes the biggest target in the house and goes home in week 3 or 4. He has to make some solid alliances this week and not get rid of the biggest target in the house. They should make a secret alliance and trust each other this time because it seems that they both trusted each other from day one but let others get into their heads.

    • That is one argument but, getting rid of the strongest competitors
      means you have a better chance in the competitions too even if
      you get nominated! The better move is get rid of the strongest
      competitors and if you are a decent competitor, you can compete
      each and every week especially if nominated. I would get rid of
      Willie for this reason. 

  10. Right now it would be a good move for Britney to move Willie for Jenn on Boogies team. She is the only person in the houe that is dedicated to keeping a low profile and noone has a problem with her.

  11. Brittany’s best move if she wins would be to trade Willie with Danielle. Two players will be gone and Brittany’s Team will not be as big of a target. Janelle and her would most likely team up again.

  12. Have they ever said that if a coaches players are all gone that he/she will be evicted from the house as well?  Or just if a coach makes it to the end and their player wins they will win money as well?  I don’t remember them every saying that a coach is out if they don’t have any players.

  13. I am surprised no one has said what I have been thinking. I personally think if Brit wins the Coaches comp. she should trade Willie for Wil or Joe. I personally think Wil as Joe isn’t one I would want on my team. Now here is why… Jan is clearly alligned with Boogie and Frank is clearly out for Willy. Jan is also VERY close with Wil and I think she would hate to lose him. This would force Jan to want to go back to her original plan to get Boogie out. If that plan doesn’t work and Jan doesn’t make a deal with Brit well Brit can always allign herself with Boogie. I hate it but hey if Willy goes 3 people are better then 2 and Boogie is smart to rid himself of Jan. This is so funny to me I hated Britney in her seaon and love Janelle in her season but this BB has flipped me and I am rooting for Britney to win and Janelle to go home.

    • I also want to mention that it wouldn’t surprise me if Boogie wins the Coach comp. that he trades Ian for Willy. It would force 2 very strong players to work together to get further in the game. Boogie is smart and knows those two can win the game if they could trust each other. The only way they can trust each other is to be on the same team.

      • that would be a very smart move for Boogie…or if he even traded Ian for Shane that would still give him a very strong team also.

      • Willie can be evicted this week. If I were Mike Boogie and I won
        the coach’s competition this week, I would trade Ian to Brittney
        and pick up Shane! My team would be very strong with Frank, Shane
        and Jenn. And if Willie gets evicted this week then, Mike Boogie’s
        team just got that much, much stronger! Janelle should also do
        the same if she wins the coach’s competition. Trade Joe for Shane
        and strengthen your team and your shot at that $100,000.

      • I think boogie team would be to strong if he traded for Shane. And there everyone would e gunning for his team. But I definetely agree that Janelle should trade Shane for Joe. Cause Joe bland to everyone about everything he hears and it’s eventually going to catch up to him and then Shane be there competitor on their team

  14. I know most people dislike Willie, BUT (for Me) he makes things interesting.  I think Frank was wrong, but then again what’s fair about the BB house?  I personally like Willie…I think he should stay around (at least for a little while longer) and if he needs to go then let him go later.  I would LOVE to see Boogie go home, so if Brittany does win the Coaches game and decides to trade Willie, she needs to target Boogie, not Dan (he’ll be easy to get rid of on another week).  Idk, looks like this season has more in store for us and I can’t wait!  

    • you right the snake boogie has to go and janelle or brithney win this bb14,like willie too but is have to be more zen…………..

    • I think Frank actually likes Willie and vice versa.  Last night when Boogie said in the HOH room that we really need to play the bully card.  Frank solidly said no, he thought he had already done enough on that and Willie said to Jojo that he didn’t believe Frank was the type of person who would try to backdoor him.  These guys would still be good allies.  They just had so many lies fed to them at the beginning about each other (mainly big mouth Joe) that they weren’t sure they could trust each other.

  15. I really think its a bunch of crap that Janell sat up in the HOH room with Dan,Frank,& Boogie and dogged Willie like she did. She was one of the main ones that kept saying ” Frank has to go ” and was pushing hard to get him out to. Plus I can’t stand Joe…I think he is gonna be a floater and pal around with whoever has the power…I say GET RID OF JOE…

    • yea jan is so freaking fake..and i despise joe..he started this shit with his big mouth.

  16.  I Love Big Brother (US) and im from Germany :D
    I all the Way Team Britney!!!

  17. Guys… you guys are all thinking on how to save willie but if I was Britney my first priority would be saving Shane. You saw the POV last week it was close. He might not win it and her best player will go home especially the week before a probably physical competition for HOH. It will be a miracle if Willie would make it to the end so why should she waste her time saving him for one week.
    But realistically I think Dan will win the comp with Britney coming in last. He wants it the most.

  18. Will frank back door Willie? Or give him a fighting chance and let him play for veto? 

    • I have really been hating on joe lately because he never shuts up but now that I have heard his awful goodbye message to Kara I don’t think he can be evicted from the house fast enough. How insensitive can one guy be?After frank won hog did Willie pull a Rachel and go hide behind some trees and bushes in the corner? If so then its priceless!Boogie might have celebrated franks win a little too much. Just like he did when he won the coaches challenge.Who do you think will go on the block with Willie? Jojo, Danielle, or Shane?If janelles team had evicted frank will would be how right now.

  19. The best move for britney if she win to give shane when the other side nominates willy he can maybe win veto then save himself.but the tricky part is the other side might put up jojo in place of shane if she saves either way one of her players is going home next week..she jus has to decide who she want to go home between the three the most..and i think we all know who that is.or she could trade and throw a ranch in this game.

  20. Don’t think any of the coaches would want Willie traded to them because
    he is bound to be the target this week. The only one who stands to gain
    anything from a trade with Willie is Brittney because she gets rid of a
    liability and can strengthen her team! Any other coach could pick up
    Shane which I believe is a strong competitor! If Mike Boogie wins again,
    I am thinking he might make a trade for Shane. He will probably trade
    Ian. With Shane, Frank and Jenn, Mike Boogie’s team could be very
    formidable as far as competitions and if Willie ends up being evicted
    this week! Janelle if she wins the coaches competition should trade
    Joe or Wil for Shane. That way, she will strengthen her team! Dan does
    not have very many options. He either protects Danielle if he wins the
    coach’s competition or trade her for Shane? Only problem with that is
    that Shane could end up being targeted being good in competitions.
    Brittney has to win this week’s coach’s competition because she stands
    to lose both Willie (to eviction) and Shane (to a trade) and her team
    would stand weakened like Dan’s team.

  21. I’m new to Big Brother this season but I’m already addicted! I’ve pretty much picked everything up so far but I’m not sure what it means to be “back doored” can someone fill me in? Thanks in advance!

  22. When will the Coaches Comp be played? I thought it was already played & Britt won. Clearly I thought wrong. LOL Joe’s goodbye message was insensitive & uncalled for, but if they don’t get Willie out as soon as possible he’s going to end up like his brother on Survivor. I couldn’t stand Russell & I can’t stand Willie. They both are nothing more than bullying a$$hats. That’s just my opinion. 

  23. If Boogie’s smart, and as much as I hate to admit it, he is.  Should he win the coaches’ comp he should trade out Ian for Willie.  If he can convince Frank to work with Willie, they could take everyone else out and Boogie wins 100k.  They’re the two strongest competitors.  It would be a brilliant strategic move and strengthen Boogie’s chance of winning.

  24. Best case scenario!!!!!! Brit wins the coaches comp and gives Shane immunity, then Frank puts Willie and someone else up, and hopefully JoJo wins the Veto and takes willie off, and Joe is the replacement and goes home!!!!

  25. im shocked more havent said it—-

    a better coach gets willie back on track

    if you hand boogie willie…boogie would have like 2 weeks to get him back in. its REALLY possible to get to at least rachel status

  26. Everyone thinks if Bratney wins the coaches comp it would be a good idea to trade Willie…the problem with that is whoever goes to her team will be safe because of the alliance with Janelle’s and Boogies team. Then they already said they would just send home either Shane or Jo Jo and Bratney would still be down to two players. And the one that gets traded to her team will throw all the competitions.

  27. should be Willy and Danielle up. If one comes off the block, nominate Shane. If Willy stays, then Willy goes… if Shane goes up against Danielle – Shane goes.

  28. i would like to see britney get sweet revenge by winning the coaches comp. and trade willie for jenn. lets see if boogie will sacrifice one of his own players.

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