Big Brother 14 Week 1: Ranking The Players

Big Brother 14 - Willie and Frank fight

In what seemed to be the longest and most dramatic Big Brother first week ever, things got a little crazy and we’re all happy week 2 is here now. But that doesn’t mean we can ignore how the game was played last week. So it’s time for our Big Brother 14 weekly player rankings.

Each week, we’ll rank the top 2 and bottom 2 players each week. Until there aren’t enough to do it. The ranks will be based on a number of things, and they’re really just my opinions, so feel free to share your thoughts with us in our comments section below. Oh, and for extra fun, we’ll throw in a coach of the week prize.

Big Brother Week 1 Player Rankings

Top 2 Players:

1. Frank. At this point you’re either Team Frank or Team Willie. And while some people think Frank made a terrible move turning on Willie when he was sitting pretty, those people might want to think harder on that. Willie was a live wire and anything could’ve happened. He already lied to Frank once or five times, so Frank had no reason to trust him. Further, Frank has been playing an amazing social game. He’s very popular and sweet-talked his way to staying in the house.

2. Willie. I Know. I know. This sounds very strange. But I give credit where credit is due. And Willie might have ruined his week in a number of ways, but you have to admit he played the game hard. Maybe too hard, but he did play it none the less. And he also brought the house together to make them think twice about listening to every word the coaches say. I think Willie won’t last long in the game because of his Week 1 antics, but at least he played hard while he had the chance.

Bottom 2 Players:

1. Kara. This is too obvious. I mean the person who goes home won’t always be the worst player, but in this case that’s how it’s going to go. She didn’t do much to save herself and she just kind of faded into the background. For someone who showed all of herself in Playboy, she sure kept herself covered in the Big Brother house. And I don’t mean clothing.

2. Ian. How can such a super-fan and alleged genius not be playing the game? Ian is just doing what Boogie tells him and he’s been really busy acting weird and creeping most of the women of the house out. Before the season started, I thought he’d end up being one of my favorites. It’s still early, but right now Ian is at the bottom of my list.

Coach of The Week: Janelle. I almost picked Britney because she’s the one that really puppeteered Willie most of the week, but she spent too much time being paranoid and wondering if the coaches were going to enter the game. So I’m going with Janelle because she decided to distance herself and her team from Willie. Boogie played a decent game and Dan just kind of sat there. So it’s clearly Janelle this week.

What are your thoughts? Remember, these opinions are mine and mine alone. You’re welcome to blast me or agree with me, but just remember, Big Brother is only a game. And this is only a blog.


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  1. Mike Boogie I think played a very good week stirring the pot and getting into
    people’s heads. He exposed Brittney as being allied with Janelle and that he
    already suspected. Janelle exposed her strategy of aligning with Brittney
    which both Mike Boogie and Dan obviously knows. Janelle should have
    played cool and not aligned with any team this early in the game. If Mike
    Boogie wins the coach’s competition, I see him trading Ian for Shane and
    that would weaken Brittney’s team considerably especially if Willie gets
    nominated and evicted this week. He would have Frank, Shane and Jenn
    which would be very good in the competitions. Imperative for Brittney to
    win the coach’s competition this week to get rid of Willie. If not, she will
    be the biggest loser among the coaches this week!

    • Everybody seems to be wondering what Britney will do if she wins the coach comp, but honestly, I think the other coaches are more likely to win.I definitely have been thinking about Boogie winning the coach comp. He won last time and I agree, if he is as smart as he thinks he is, he will trade Ian for Shane. Also, any ideas what Janelle would do?

      • Janelle if she is also smart and wins the coach’s competition will trade
        Joe for Shane and strengthen her team. Wil came in 2nd in this last
        HOH so, he can win some competitions down the line and with Shane,
        added in, will only increase her chances at that $100,000. Brittney is
        in a tough spot. She has to win this coach’s competition more than
        ever because if she loses, there is a good chance that Willie will get
        sent home if nominated and even if he survives, Shane could be
        picked up by Mike Boogie, Janelle or Dan in a trade. Any scenario
        does not favor Brittney except when she wins the coach’s competition.

    • yep. even though the recaps I keep reading on EW etc seem to think brit can do no wrong, as of now, boogie is killing it.

  2. Great rankings!
    A question for big brother network: have you guys heard that there will be a Big Brother Canada in February and do you guys plan to cover it like you cover BBUSA?

      • Oh okay, I just figured since itd be the only ther Big Brother that is based off of the US format – I believe all the other international ones are UK based?

      • @29bf5f196be18c510c9cefa8a1dec257:disqus : If they broadcast it in the US then we’d definitely watch it, but unless that happens it’d be difficult for us to provide complete coverage. Fingers crossed that it gets imported.

  3. Brittany is an airhead.  She never won a comp the first time she was on and I don’t see her winning one this time either.

    • Britney won 3 POVs and an HOH in her season and was runner up for a bunch of competitions.

    • I thought only super fans frequented this site. So I’m surprised to see this amazingly false comment and even more surprised that 3 people have liked it. Britney won 3 POVs and an HOH during Season 12. If you couldn’t remember that, Wikipedia is always there for reference. 

  4. I totally thought Ian would be my favorite before this season started, and now he’s just a fool. I was hoping he’d at least be good at SOMETHING. But apparently he just sucks all around – mental comp, physical comp, and social game. Ughh.

    • Y’know, I have some experience with special needs kids, and I think Ian may be on the high-functioning end of the autistic spectrum (Asbergers).  I wonder if CBS knows?  If so, it is just a crime to put him in here  to be made fun of and ridiculed for being “weird,” or a “fool.”  Just a thought.

  5. Too bad about your ruling about caps.  My eyesight is bad and I usually type in caps.  This theory about them meaning aggression is silly.  Anyways, on to the show.  Frank is a douche.  Willie is a Hanz (nuff said) but I like him.  The women are dumb for letting two women be voted off in two shows.  Ladies, eliminate the men first.  It’s your best chance of winning or staying in longer. Where do the producers find these weak women for BB and Survivor?  C’mon people….let’s look for brains not bikinis.  Even after all the negative things I’ve said, I love the show and look forward to it.  The only thing that would make me stop watching it would be if you brought back Rachel and Brandon.

  6. I like Frank.  I’m sorry Willie lied to him so early.   I’m glad he didn’t use the POV and played it smart. 

    Boogie I don’t like at all.  Didn’t before and don’t now.

  7. Personally, I don;t like Frank for Lying about Willie. I saw what Willie did and he was not mocking Wil for being Gay. I don;t care who wins as long as it’s not Frank

    • i agree, i love willie and he didnt do any thing wrong its wil with 1 l that is spreading the hate around, like calling him a bigot and redneck trash, but i guess its ok for him to do that wtf

      • I saw it on live feeds and playback, and I think he absolutely mocked Wil.  Plus Frank isn’t the one who turned it into a big gay slur, big mouth Joe started all that.  It just snowballed.  But, he did mock Wil and I don’t know what else you would call it.  It wasn’t trying to be funny when he said it and it wasn’t done in front of Wil.  It was behind his back and when he was mad – what was it then?  Does Willie normally use that voice?????

      • My darling step daughter. I read and agreed with this before I even saw that it was you who posted it! LOVE YOU

    • I’m not a Willie fan & am by no means defending him. But, if someone like, let’s say Ian, were to use a macho voice & mimic something Willie or one of the other guys said, would it be made into such a big deal? I wish society would get over themselves when it comes to race, gender & sexual preference! We all get mad & pick on others behind their backs, doesn’t make it right but, at the same time, doesn’t make us a bad person either, just human.

      • I agree with you 100% people do that every season on this show.They repeat what someone say in their type of voice.What about Rachel’s season a lot of them did mock her and their was never a big deal made out of it so why was this.He never said anything bad about Wil and I don’t think he was being a bully and for Frank to say that does not make him any better.I think that was a f up way to get a votes. Just because you don’t like some one or like what they did does not make them a bully

  8. personally i think he coaches was jus there  to give “advice” to their players, like if a player wanted an alliance or was not sure what to do next the coach was suppose to give their opinon. I dont think big brother inteded them to tell them what to do and have to do what they say,,the players should be able to play their own game and just get advice. I dont know why they made this into team vs team it suppose to be player vs player.IMO team wiillie all day!!!!!!

    • But isn’t that what a coach is supposed to do. Like of you look at a basketball team the coach draws up all the plays and the players are supposed to carry them out to their best ability. But I do agree that it sucks for the newbies you don’t get to know how they would play the game but idk the first week was really entertaining so maybe the season will e really good! And also I really believe that the coaches or someone has to return into the game there’s only 10 players left going into week 2! That’s not enough and also considering double eviction night something big has to happen

  9. Top 2: Frank & Willie….only Shane has a chance to beat these 2.
    Bottom 2: Jenn & Ashley…Jenn will probably climb up the list as the weeks move on. Ashley, will flip flop as far as it will take her(I can’t stand that). She’s now off the muscle relaxers and she still looks stoned.

  10. I will have to BLAST you…I think Ian is a trip and a relief…he is not the first HG to start off laying low…I hope to see much more of him in the house…I think this season is one of the best..but the idea of coaches needs to play out more…

  11. Ian is a trip and a relief to all the drama in the house..I for one hope he goes far…

  12. You need to give Kara more credit than you are.  She was blindsided with being nominated, and… because it was the first weekl… had the disadvantage of not knowing anyone.  PLUS… the whole Playboy thing worked against her.  Boogie was hot on her trail.  Geezzz.  Yuk.  I hope she gets a chance to come back into the game.  She deserves it.  Jen is the one that should be you other bottomfeeder.

    • I think she was a sweet girl and of course beautiful, but she had no personality at all.  Too shy and bland for BB

  13. It was sad that Kara left… Feels like seeing Jordan left,which is ridiculous because Jordan won once…


    if any Coaches actually enters the “actual” game later,Big Brother production may as well burn in hell… That’s just too ridiculous,and wouldn’t be fair to Jodi,Kara,and the next evictee(s).they get to enter the game when some noobs already out.. Yeah right way to go! Go to hell !!!!

    It’s like they’re getting a golden key or something…get to enter in the middle of game and start playing… That’s just stupid..

      • ummm…because they can’t be voted out right now so they would have been given a free ride for a while. 

      • The coaches are NOT really playing the game….they cannot vote or play in any competitions.

      • not when the newbies still have the numbers,they dont have to join forces with the coaches

  14. anyone think it might actually be in the best interest of willie to get dealt to boogie?

    he would have an extra week to get back in the good graces of the group, something boogie is king at, if you watched BB after dark last night you saw how it is, 3 coaches, and then britney. I think willie could do well STILL THIS SEASON(and I dislike him even though I liked russell) if he goes to team boogie, or even janelle

    if brit thinks trading possibly the 2nd most powerful player, for ian, is a good move, then I think it just confirms how dumb she is

  15. i totally disagree 100 precent about both the top 2 players and the bottom 2 you got both wrong. the top 2 you got 1 right and 1 wrong of each frank yes but the other top is shane and you got both the bottom wrong danielle and jenn kara was the 5th wroste she layed low which was smart the only reason she was targeted is because of dan and the others thinking the coachs are going to play for 500,000 so to get rid of 1 coach as soon as you can i beleave kara would have played better if stayed in

  16. i hate wil he is the one who is judging willie and calling him names, willie did nothing wrong he stood up for his self,i hate this lynch mob mentality that is going on, and y doesnt anyone call wil out on his shit talking??

  17. i hate jannelle this season, she used brittany big time, as soon as she found out all her players were safe she moved back down stairs and is now bffs with boogie,wtf??

  18. Hey Matt can they put a coach on the block and try to evict them how doe’s the rules apply to them??????…thx Sean

    • They are playing for 100,000 grand why couldn’t they get rid of the coach’s before the players thx……..Sean

  19. I agree with frank being the top player. But I for sure disagree with Willie being the second top. Yeah he played hard but were has that gotten him everyone wants him out and the only way I can see him staying this week is if he gets traded to boogies team or wins pov. It goes back to Will Kirby philosophy of not playing harder but smarter. I agree with Kara se did absolutely nothing an Ian he probably would of been gone if boogie didn’t save him. And I agree with janelle cause she pulled out of Britney alliance. But I would replace Willie with a Ashely or Wil because they made a huge ass move and nobody even notices that they did by voting out Kara. And there so under the radar. And Ashely runs her own business she is obviously smarter than what she is appearing to be

  20. Willie is just a big bully flake, just like his brother was!!!!  And he will go home, just like his big brother did!!!!! Franks gets the last laugh!!!!!!


  22. I can’t stand Willie I hope he gets evicted this week.  Britney made her mistake by spending too much time with Willie in the HOH room the first week telling him everything that was being said elsewhere in the house aboutt him.  Then she has the nerve to say she doesn’t repeat what she hears.  I hope Frank nominates Willie and Shane or JoJO this week.

  23. I dis like Frank and I like Willie.Frank was wrong to lie on him like that and I also think that Willies game got messed up from Joe telling him Frank was going to put him on the block (b4 their fight) and Britney’s brite idea to tell Willie that she thinks the couches are going to come in the game. She knew he was already paranoid and that made worse and had him do that house meeting.

    • Are you watching the same show????? Willie promised Frank that he would not put him on the block, then broke his promise!!!!! So, who’s the real liar now?????

      • I know and never said that Willie was not wrong for putting him up but he also told him that he was not the target and he was getting him the votes to stay until Joe lied to him and said Frank said was going to put him on the block. Frank was wrong to lie about making fun of Wil mocking him does not mean he was making fun of him. Every season someone mock someone and its never a big deal so why this time.

  24. I hope Frank and Willie last a long time they bring drama! and i hope Ian starts doing something it would be such a shame if he turned out like Adam from BB13.

  25. it sucks that it looks like the MOST interesting player will be going home already! I hope if he goes on the block (which we know he will) that he wins POV otherwise this game will get terribly boring yawn! You always have to have the guy that everyone loves to hate or you have a boring show! That’s why Evil Dicks year was SO good! I’ll be canceling my live feeds & will only watch the show occasionally when Willie goes! Everyone else seems boring! Ian running around the house talking to himself will be the most interesting thing.

  26. Oh man !!!!!! where do I start ? This first week is something else..First of all, when Willie was talking to Joe about Wil ,  than Joe goes out to blad to the other H.G.on how Willie bad mouthed Wil.Come on people, don’t you all know that the house is a bed of lies and backstabing ? I don’t think that anyone has the right to criticize other players. I for one wanted to see Willie play the game. I do agree that he played to hard for the first week. Sure hope that he isn’t gone for good like I have read.Boogie thinks he has it made….not so . He made an alliance with Dan, than was throwing him under the bus…Janelle was mad when Willie held a meeting and said it wasn’t for the coaches…she sure held it against him . B.B.needs someone like Willie to make the game interesting. The only thing I feel Willie should have done, and that was to hold his temper a little more…Willie come back and do the Veto….

  27. I totally disagree about Ian.  Ian is playing the game just not in a loud, in your face way.  Just because someone is eccentric and streaks and does some other antics does not mean they aren’t playing the game.  Zach in season 8 was VERY similar in almost exactly the same ways you mentioned in your article and he was in the  final 3 and almost beat Evel Dick in the final endurance competition.  Ian is still my favorite player behind Frank and I am enjoying his antics :)

  28. Who is doing this rank ?   Frank should have went right behing Boogie..  and who is the top player,  Shane !! he is not dumb and not afraid…

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