Big Brother 14: Week 1 Popularity Poll

Big Brother 14 coaches  and newbies

America’s Favorite Player is a long way off for Big Brother 14, but that’s no reason not to start ranking their popularity now. Here’s a poll for you to vote on who your favorite BB14 HG is so far on this season of Big Brother. Each week I’ll post a new poll including all existing HGs left in the game, sorry Jodi. As they’re eliminated they’ll fall off the poll.

I’ve grouped all HGs together so the Coaches are mixed in with the Newbies. I wavered on whether to run two separate polls, but figured it be easier to see what everyone thinks of the Vets in relation to the Newbies.

After you vote, be sure to leave a comment on why you voted the way you did. This should be fun to track over the season and see whose stock rises and falls in the Big Brother 14 house. Things change fast so today’s hero could be next week’s zero.



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  1. Dan is my favorite because hes the most honest, he won big brother 10, and won americas player, he layed low and then hit the house with impact, he never took the game to personal level like other people do and he won by a uniamous vote no one else has before. and this season he picked people who are similar to him in a way people who lay low till week 7 or 8. and play hard. he keeps his cool and is playinng the game smart he lets drama happen and doesnt get involved. and hes funny. i hope dan and jannelel team merg. DAN For the WIN!!!!!!

  2. OMG I wanted to give Willie a chance but he really needs to shut up..sick of his voice. I think they are stupid for not sticking to the original Janelle-Brittney alliance. Guess we will see…

    • Right….Willie talks too much and to everybody…….how many deals does he have and how stupid to play so hard in week 1. I’m tired of listening to him and Bopgie was right, who made Willie King, that everyone else has to vote his way. He has lied and everyone knows it……he needs to go, he’s a annoying tyrant in the house. Dunbar game play.

      • I think he was trying to please Brit/Jan w/ his noms but he should’ve not targeted Boogie/Dan…he is trying to keep his promise to Frank & keep him safe. I hope Boogie was just calling Wiilie out so ppl won’t think they’re working together. I pray that’s the case. I like Dan but he did an awful job picking his team-I don’t think either of those girls can win.

      • He’s not a tyrant, or a bully…he is just pissed cuz ppl keep turning his words around & making him look bad. I can’t say I blame him for confronting the house. It would b really difficult, for any person, not to stand up for what he/she knows is only right. Sorry I know u don’t like him but at least give him a chance to prove what he’s about. (thats y I’m responding to your post)…crazy too, since this was the 1st time I’ve ever responded to comment;)

    • Brittney shouldnt even be there…what did she do in her season besides get blind sided…and be catty and mean…she is horrible…

      • Ikr!! She can’t even win comps. Her team can never count on winning that safety for the week like Ian has this week.

    • A good guy?? Up front?? Is his deal w/Ashleigh and Jojo upfront? How about his deal w/Frank that got revealed? How about his lies that he was keeping Frank not to benefit himself, but his teammates? He is a hothead and a loose canon….I’m tired of his King-like attitude….he tells Britney to “go get Frank and bring him up here,” to the HOH room. What?? Britney is HIS coach, not his slave….go get Frank yourself. He didn’t even earn HOH, it was given to him, yet it’s gone to his head. He needs to go, he will be a problem as long as he is there.

  3. I voted for Janelle. She is using her brain when she is thinking through her game strategy and not relying on someone to do it for her. I am happy to see that she is not using the dumb blonde tricks that most blondes use in the game.

  4. I have watched all big brothers. I hate the coach idea. And their power. It ruins the idea of big brother that contestants all have to compete. I hate the idea the coahes have too much power.

    • I agree with you.  They started to bring back old ones and they either made their money on the show or lost let us move on and let new candidates play and win.  The old ones we the audience already know pretty well and they are predictable, new candidates are just that.

  5. I voted Ashley because she’s a nice person and i feel like her alliance with Willie will take her a long way.

    • I think she is playing that card…..I would not want to be aligned w/Willie……anyone w/brains should be seeing that after his meltdown in front of the whole house. He outed Janelle, he outed Joe, yeah, he’s not a team player when push comes to shove and if I was Ashleigh or Jojo, I would not be feeling to secure right now…..that’s is, if they have any brains. Janelle called it right away, he is not one to be trusted and is not playing smart.

  6. I think Janelle is overall the best player. She has her own strategy and ideas, and most importantly she wins Competetions.

  7. I voted Willie I really like him but wish I could just tell him.. Willie shut up quit talkin so much, be careful who you talk in front of, pick 2 people align with them an only talk real game to them. He should have used his HOH to bring each player up ask them what they think an make deals for safety for the people your not going to put up. Now all the shits hit the fan bc of his big mouth talkin to EVERYONE, I hope the house votes out frank so Willie has a chance bc i am rooting for team Brit!

    • U & I are on the same page re: Willie!! When u r HOH, that is the time to make possible deals w/ other strong players. Y is everyone acting like he’s such a liar?? Duh! But I’m not really sure our boy is cut out for BB cuz he speaks his mind & doesn’t think first. I luv a man that’s a lil rowdy but Willie I wish I could tell u to chill for a while.

  8. I would have voted for Janelle (I still like her) but she totally took offense to the newbie chat in HOH, the other coaches didn’t as much…she then decided she doesn’t want the 6 allaince, which I thought screwed a good thing (numbers)…Frank shot himself in the foot arguing to Willie and blabing to Joe….He was totally safe….Wil is in the driver seat when it comes to newbies, so is Cara if she stays (and I think she will)….I voted for Dan b/c he is well liked by all, isn’t dramatic or paranoid and knows when to plays game when he needs to (eg:  talk to Willie right after his fight with Frank).  Plus he is smart and athletic….god guy alround. :)

  9. I went for Ian the underdog/official weirdo of the house. Suddenly it seems people want to keep him in for his pseudo alliance with Ashley (who is playing all sides) and realize that he has a vote (unlike the coaches, who seem to be calling most of the shots).

    • i think Ian and Boogie look a bit alike. wow could they be related. He picked him to be on his team and then he saved him from being nominated..and he is weird like

    • Did you watch the show tonight and see her in the bikini, disgusting! I’d pick a girl that actually had a body and just wasnt a hoe.

  10. Thought I was not going to like him.But I do He is a stand up guy.He just needs to listen to the girls in the house.They told him about Frank day 3. 

  11. I like Danielle the best so far, but that can change its still early in the game and true colors haven’t had a chance to shine yet. She is a southern belle so I hope she stays true to her roots and plays an honest (as u can in this game) game!

    • I thought I would like her too since she’s a southern girl (Roll Tide), but she has made several really stupid comments that stuck with me. #1 She told the group she was a kindergarten teacher so they would think she “plays” with kids all day and #2 she made a  comment in a discussion about the south that NC isn’t really a southern state even though they want everyone to think they are. Being a kindergarten teacher from NC myself I can tell you that’s just 2 of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard a person say. Be gone Danielle!

  12. My vote goes to Willie!  I like a player who is there to play, not make nicey nice(unless thats your game plan).  Willie may be making some mistakes, but at least he is playing Big Brother.  GO WILLIE!!!!

  13. I think Willie is too much like Russell, good for drama and all, but too strong willed for the game, I also think the mentors should be able to vote so that the newbies cannot commit complete mutiny toward them.  If they have no vote, they have no influence.  They will not be able to influence the overall outcome with only four votes.  This seasons twist makes no sense otherwise…and no fun without the coaches being able to have any real influence. 

  14. willie just won’t make it. hes already showing that he will freak out if nominated, mean mug anyone who goes against him, hes just playing the wrong game. any talk from someone that so and so thinks hes “enter any word here” and he goes wild. having him in the game has now turned into a bit of a risk for anyone and everyone because he tells people exactly what is going on

    what when he talks to boogie 1 on 1, boogie gets ALL the information out of him by insinuating that he knows what willie knows, when he really doesnt, and willie has no problem filling in the blanks

  15. He had the guts to get everyone stirred up early.  He came into the game ready to play!!!

  16. I voted Willie bc he isn’t scared to make decisions whether people like it or not he’s not scared to make a move and he isn’t flying under the radar trying to stay safe he’s actually playing the game GO WILLIE!!!

  17. I voted Ian, because… Dang, he’s just so awkward and it makes Big Brother 14 so funny.

  18. I really don’t see the appeal of Janelle. I didn’t like her on BB6 or All-Stars. And for the life of me I can’t see where Brtiney is “one of the greatest players in BB history.” So far the only new kids I like are Frank and Shane. Willie’s ok for dramatic purposes. I voted Boogie because he’s still just…well …. Boogie! 

    • I give Janelle credit for winning competitions however, she lost her
      season. Mike Boogie won his as well as Dan! Janelle I believe is
      trying to redeem herself by being the best coach. She should keep
      her options open instead of aligning with Brittney. Mike Boogie figured
      out that Janelle formed an alliance with Brittney and Dan also knows it!
      Brittney is going to start losing players soon enough! I do not think
      anyone will want to keep Willie in the house. Willie showed his hand
      way too early! Much like Danielle last season when she abandoned
      her allies and back stabbed them too early in the game! The same
      ailment of the Hantz clan as in Russell his brother who showed his
      hand early for people to trust him! Mike Boogie is stirring the pot and
      he should because that is part of the game! Atleast, he is playing.
      Brittney is just trying to cruise along and hope her players win it
      in the end! She does not even have a strategy. It was Janelle who
      brought up the alliance.

    • I agree with you on the Janelle part.  Actually pretty much agree in general with all said.

  19. i think boogie has to go…is so hypocrite,vilain,rat and snake….
    love Janelle
    …..Janelle deserve to win… player and competitive….

    • how? what is he doing this season that is so evil, awful, and terrible for television? did you also want russ hantz off your TV in his first year on survivor? cmon. it cant just be brit and janelle giggle time, after all, they need boogie to poke fun at personally, since he cant do that, and they can, after all

  20. I Voted for Janelle because I liked already before this season and wanted to see how she plays the game with anyone from Season 6 and so far I think she’s doing great! I thought she was right in wanting Frank out and now Britney’s team regrets that their on the outs with Jani now and Jani walks off not looking like a bad guy an shes in a good place with Dan and Boogie now game wise and her players arent targets, it’s basically Dan & Boogie vs. Britney. I can’t wait to see her in more comps!

  21. Kara is my favorite because she’s pretty and honest person. Besides the big brother house needs a playboy playmate in the house. I personally rather watch her then any other girls in the house, there’s know competion.

  22. I voted for Janelle because firstly, she is one of my favorite players. But, also, I like her team the best. I feel like they’re playing a good social game so far and I like it.

  23. In the midst of the shit ton of drama going on, I think Jenn is being the smartest by not getting involved.  (I would’ve said Ian, but he’s creeping people out, and that’s not good for him.)

  24. Enzo! He appeared in a flashback in this season’s first episode. One of the great moments in TV history when a woman’s world crumbles around her due to the utterance of one word – Brigade

  25. How can people think Janelle is playing the best game right now? She’s doing the exact same thing she did in All-Stars; letting Chilltown slide by. At this rate, she’s gonna let Mike Boogie win another season because she’s putting all her focus on Dan and Willie!

  26. what can we do to get rid of Boogie.  I never liked him on any season.  Snakey little man

  27. boogie is a pot stirring possiblly pot smoking white trash idiot  that will pounce on anyone while theyre down, he would never have had the balls to say anything to willy if he wasnt arguing wth carrot top over that bs that he started. willy was strategizing not just for this week but weeks to come, he knows who cant be left in a position to run things and he had it set til people started runnin their mouth. they could see he had the house in his pocket and some people are trying to take that away asap, but they screwed themselves in doing so. i hope carrot top goes home and boogie follows. i watched all the after dark shows and thats where boogie really shows how much he is the villian, he may place nice for the show, but he’s scheming everyone on after dark.

  28. Love him or hate him, Willie is a memorable personality who keeps the pot stirring–making for a more interesting season. Without him in the game, the “coaches” may have to supply the drama!

  29. I voted Willy, he’s playing for himself. He does need to shut up and listen more! I hate that the others are twisting his words! The talk about him being a homophobe is BS! And i think that has personally hurt him! Just ask his favorite gay nephew who has been angrily tweeting about it!

  30. Why do you have to stay in the HOH bed all the time is there a rule when you win HOH you stay in the bed and talk like an idiot like willie

  31. Love Janelle, she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. Now Britney that’s another story, she is so sneaky I wouldn’t trust her at all. I hope that Janelle starts to work with Dan and then either one could win the 100,000 and I’d be fine with it.

  32. I voted for Dan as my favorite.  He’s a decent guy, smart and somewhat of a role model.  I like that he has coaching skills and most importantly, in this game at least, social skills.

  33. I chose Wil because I want to find out more about him. It seems like there’s a lot more to learn about him.  At this point he doesn’t seem to have a target and is laying really low.  He also seems to be the underdog at this point. Should be an interesting season.  

  34. I just love & understand the way Janelle thinks & plays this game.  I’ve rooted for her since her first time on BB.  One should listen to what she has to weigh in on!!

  35. Boogie is my fav cause he lies manipulates you know he s doing it but yet he still finds away to what he wants happens Will and Dick are the only players in his class in my book

  36. Come on people willie how did he get 14%. Thank God he’s gone now! I like Dan too but i dont understand why he keeps throwing every coaches competition.

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