Big Brother 14 Episode 3 Recap: Who Won The Power Of Veto?

BB14 Episode 3 POV

Wednesday night’s episode of Big Brother 14 proved one thing and one thing only: No matter what CBS wants you to think, this season of Big Brother is again all about the veterans.

About 85 percent of the episode was devoted to footage of Janelle, Dan, Britney and Boogie. Whether or not this is a good idea or a bad idea is still beyond me. On one hand it’s good for past fans to see a lot of their favorite former house guests. But on the other it’s bad because we’re not getting to know the new house guests. I’m not sure this episode included more than one shot of Jenn, for example.

But anyway, on to the recap. At the start of the show, we pick up where last week left off. Head of Household Willie has just nominated Frank and Kara for eviction. The news was a blow to Frank as he and Willie had previously struck a deal outside their own coaches and teams.

Boogie isn’t happy with Frank’s nomination either because Willie led him to believe he wouldn’t be putting Frank up. Dan wasn’t led astray by any promises from Willie, but he’s still planning to do everything he can to keep Kara in the game. If she goes, he’s down to only one player and it’s still Week 1 of the game.

Frank catches up with Willie later to ask what happened with their deal. Willie felt pressure from his coach and he also wasn’t happy with Boogie’s game methods and so Frank was a casualty because he’s on Boogie’s team. WIllie says he doesn’t want Frank to go and at this time they restrike a deal. And that’s just one of about a trillion times someone in the Big Brother house flip-flopped this week. If you’re not keeping up with the Live Feeds, check out some of the highlights and you’ll see.

The coaches have their own game a drama brewing. Boogie is onto Janelle and Britney’s alliance and so he’s asked Dan to work together. Dan never really says a direct yes, but it’s implied. Then Boogie talks to Britney about how easy it would be to take Dan out. Britney fills Janelle in on it and says she’s reminded of what a snake Boogie is and that he has no loyalties to anyone.

It’s Veto time. Earlier Danilelle, Shane and Wil were picked to join Willie, Kara and Frank in the competition. The game is called Loose Change and the players have to search thorough a lot of suds for some coins. The first player to find $1.30 in coins wins the POV. Danielle, Wil, Kara and Frank all suck at the game so it’s basically between Shane and Willie. Shane wins the veto.

Per usual, the nominees both have their time with the veto holder. Kara and Frank both plead their cases to Shane. But this season the veto holder is going to have some extra nagging voices in their ears. The coaches. Boogie and Dan both talk to Shane about saving their players as well. Shane considers all his options.

At the veto ceremony, Shane busts out the puka shell necklace from his 1999 bag and delivers his decision. He has decided not to use the veto this week. So it’s either going to be Frank or Kara. And who it will be is anyone’s guess. As I said earlier, the week has been filled with flip-flopping and extreme drama.

Check back tomorrow for the eviction results and possibly the new head of household results.


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  1. Boogie certainly hasn’t aged well.  He looks 50 at least.  Top that with his arrogance & he is one unattractive guy.  There is a big difference between confidence & arrogance.

    • And his profile is absolutely C-shaped, with that honker nose and protuberant chin.  Ugh.

    • boogie is 1 of the best players in big brother history..does it really matter how he looks? if so seriously get OVER yourself

      • It wouldn’t matter at all how he looks if he didn’t obviously consider himself such a Romeo and playboy.  THAT is what is disgusting.

      •  JUST  an observation, i really dont care for his personality, he is so obnoxious, and if he look like shane i could stomache it, but he doesnt, sorry im not team boogie

    • as we say in texas, he looks rode hard and put up wet, dude looks like a crack addict to me, way too skinny, and he is so full of himself, it is called BULLSHIT

  2. Has anyone else noticed the keyholes by the coaches’ pictures on the memory wall? Very suspicious, CBS…..

    • Maybe production wasn’t sure how they would arrange the images on the wall so they put key holes on each photo. OR maybe they had the memory wall already done before they made the final decision on the twist for the season.

    • JMO, I think once their players are out they can enter the game. But, I am sure there may be a cutoff time when they can enter the game. Maybe before final 8? I like the concept, because like Frank said to Brit & Kara, it adds paranoia to the houseguests if they see coaches talking to each other.

      • Oh wouldn’t that be a hoot?  They are working to get Dan’s players out, thinking that will eliminate Dan, and instead he becomes one of the competitors??  Although at that point the coaches wouldn’t work very hard to keep their people in, would they?  It is kind of unfair if they are allowed to enter the game after weeks of being free from the fear of eviction.  

      •  Plus what about the $100,000? when they enter the game are they playing for $500,000? See that doesn’t make sense. That case they just loose there players and compete for more money.

      • I don’t think the coaches will enter the game but I don’t think they will leave when all of their players are gone. I think they will mix the teams up when I coach gets down to one player. So a coach spends all their time getting their players in a good position and then they have to switch players. That would be funny.

  3. Whats up with Willie always covering his crotch? First a pillow then three pillows. Next clip it was something else. Was wondering why he always was in bed. Now I get it. Weird

    •  Some guys cover there “Thang” when wearing a bathing suit or shorts. I guess they can’t keep their “excitement” down! ;)

  4. Willie has already mentioned the keyholes by the coaches pics – that started quite a roucus.

    Also there was mention of pre-natal vitamins..mmmmm and something about BB asking if Brit is feeling OK…. any chance she is pregnant?

    • A lot of women take pre-natal vitamins before they are pregnant (she is a newly-wed). I take them (awesome for hair and nails!) and I’m not planning on having another child anytime soon. :)

    •  IDK but she was really asking Janelle about childbirth last week and she is breaking out on her face bad lately…maybe stress? or pregnant?

  5. We didnt really need another veteran season.also, who said britney was a favorite? She is still so annnoyong!!!! Janelle is still upset from being played years ago. She is not that cool person she used to be. Please get rid of the veterans!!!They have come back too many times!!

    • Brit won fan favorite in her season. Just because you are not fond of her doesn’t mean that other people don’t like her to. Just saying.

      • a sad commentary on America frankly. she just bad mouths everyone. its disgusting behaivor.

        btw russ hantz won player’s choice, twice.

    • neither do I. I love how its OK to mock boogie, a winner of BB as thinking hes the ****** when janelle thinks she is gods gift to big brother. face it, she and brit have something in common, they got tossed aside in their season and beat out.

      difference is, one was beat by good players, one by the birgade

    • I never really liked her, honestly. She’s great at the comps, horrible game player.

  6. I really don’t see how it benefits anyone in the house to keep Frank. So he wants to take Willie, everyone does at this point. Frank then takes out Willie, who does he go after next? Everyone else. If Ash votes with her “team”, she will be labeled as the flip flopper of the season. Run and kiss a$$ where the power is. Players like that drive me nutz. After thinking what could really happen if Kara stays excites me. Willie, Shane, JoJo, Ash, Kara & Dani would be a tough team to beat. Joe is starting to annoy me to the point I fastforward when he’s on BBAD. BB producers have to be going nutz trying to fit everything into one esp. If you only watch the CBS shows, you’re missing out on everything else going on in the house. This is the craziest 1st week in BB history.

    •  i agree keeping willie in is like having evil dick in the house, frank is two faced, while joe is a rat

  7.  I think that any season that has returning players mixed with new ones is so unfair.Last season was one of the most unfair I have ever seen.You had 6 returning players that already knew each other vs 8 strangers if Dani didn’t try to pull a fast one the vertans would have walked to the end.I think it should be all new players or a all star season and not mixed like this.

    • I agree I want to see the players to all be new to the game. That is the fun in watching every week as they all learn how to play the game.

  8. Jo Jo just said to Kara, :I may not be book smart, but I am so street smart and I see through people.” Well if your that street smart you do less talking and more information gathering. So Jo Jo I say you will be the fourth person out and this way you can go back to your street and tell people how smart you are lol

  9. Really don’t see what all of you people see in Reality Shows.  They are so fake and annoying!

  10. Big Brother 14……..the honchos at CBS must love the Hantz family.  Frankly, I’m sick of all of them and wish they would all just go away!  It seems to me that when one or two of Russell Hantz appears on one of CBS’ reality shows they just try to outdo the first one who was on Survivor (and lost, by the way, twice).  I’m getting sick and tired of all these has beens coming back to reality shows.  In fact, I’m getting sick and tired of all of them, mainly because in my opinion they’re all faked and CBS has already chosen the winner before the show is aired and the show is tailored to the winner.  Network TV is getting so boring that I’m watching other programs on different networks.  Just sayin’


  11. Was it just me?  Or did anyone else see Shane eating a pickle while he was in the kitchen with Frank?  Isn’t he supposed to be a Have Not this week?

    •  Have nots have a list of things they can eat, pickles is on the list, ian was eating one the other night. 

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