Big Brother 14 Week 1: More Flipping Than IHOP

Big Brother 14 Willie

Remember earlier when I told you there was a big group meeting and everyone agreed to first watch each other’s back and second to target one of the Big Brother 14 nominees with a split vote and HoH tie-breaker? Well forget that second part and for all I know the first part might be dead too. Read on for today’s latest updates and news.

Starting back at 11:20AM BBT (Cams 1/2) you’ll find Britney and Willie discussing a complete backtrack on evicting Frank this week. Instead they’ve returned to the plan to bring Dan down to one player with the eviction of Kara following Jodi’s elimination. “Okay, we just gotta get rid of Kara,” admits Britney after Willie breaks her resolve. Willie plans to keep on denying any set plans for Thursday while working to keep Frank on lockdown so he doesn’t put his foot in his mouth again.

Soon there after Janelle comes up to the Big Brother HoH room and talks privately with Britney about the eviction. Flashback to 11:50AM BBT (Cams 1/2) for this one. “We want to get rid of Kara because she’s threatening,” Britney tells Janelle. What?? Kara? What am I missing here, folks? Janelle pushes back and says, “it’s such a waste to get rid of Kara this week.” Meanwhile Britney thinks Ashley and Kara could go all the way to the end. Britney is making my head hurt. As much as it seems like Janelle is fighting this Kara-eviction plan she finally gives in and agrees with Britney’s plan. Sigh. Janelle buys the part about weakening Dan by leaving him with just one player left in the game.

The discussion with Britney and Janelle leads to an interesting point. Both of them suspect the Vets will enter the game and compete against the newbies. They fear Dan coming along with them and walking all over everyone with his nice guy attitude and manipulation skills. Britney admits she’s pushing her players to eliminate Dan from the competition for her own benefit in case their fears come true. This is why Britney and Janelle won’t fully explain the plan to their newbies. Ahh yes, Big Brother, where no one ever fully trusts anyone.

Flashback to 1:45PM BBT (Cams 1/2) to hear Frank and Willie sit down in the HoH room, alone, to discuss an alliance between them. Willie wants to keep Frank and they’re making deals left and right to watch out for one another. This comes after Team B/J all agreed to avoid any private conversations with the other side of the house. Taking that one step further you’ve got Frank pushing Willie on just how much he trusts Janelle and her team. Hint: not so much.

At 2:35PM BBT (Cams 1/2) you’ll again find Willie and Britney back in the HoH room and Britney is hard pressed to repeat her fatal BB11 mistake: blind, unwavering trust. She fully believes Willie will never betray her intentions in this game. Luckily things are a little different and Willie’s best interest is his own survival which keeps Britney alive and running in Big Brother 14.

What do you think the HGs should do? Abandon their mentors’ plans and go their own route? Which nominee is the real threat? Kara or Frank? One of them will be evicted.

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  1. I can’t figure out why they wouldn’t weaken Dan to one player. That is the smarter plan. But making Boogie weak also is a good plan. Why did he save his weakest player anyway. That dude is going out fast as can be. Sorry he is sorta weird.

    • Dan still needs to go before Boogie. Then Boogie’s team would get targeted every week and taken out, because Brit and Jen’s team are working together till the end. Without Dan with Boogie Brit and Jen are sure to be the last two teams. I thing Jen is going to win the coaches money in the end.

  2. I think that Frank is obviously more of a threat….. but I still kinda wanna keep him =)

    Brit better get with it….. of all the guys Willie is the one who can’t be trusted and it sure seems like she is repeating herself just jumping right in with the guys again!

  3. Britney is one of the worst players in BB history. So, can I say it. Told you so, about bringing Rachel back instead of Britney.

      • Rachel is one of the best players in the game. She always twisted the game. Wherever she went on Big Brother someone was targeting her. She (sometimes) kept her cool. She deserved the money. As much as she was annoying she should come back some season. She makes the game 50% better. She is dramatic and always targeting floaters because the floaters never tried to win the HoH in the Big Brother house. That’s why she hated them so much. Like she said in BB12: “floaters better grab a life vest, Christan! That was funny. Even when Brendon and Jeff left she still got to win. Even Shelly thought so in the end. She must come back sometime. I have no doubt that she will come back soon. She brings more cards to the table. She even played parts of the game that you have never seen on Big Brother before. I think that there will never be somebody like Rachel in Big Brother for a very long time, unless JoJo starts to play the game, and Janelle starts to be the queen of the games (well, of the coach games every week). Overall Rachel is one of the most succecful player in Big Brother history (technically for BB13)!

      • i totally agree with you, britney doesn’t bring anything to the show, rachael would have been so much better.  personally i would rather this either have been an all stars game or all newbies, bring in old players is great but making them head of teams is a dumb idea i feel.  mike thinks he is the best player and honestly, i feel rachael is big brother’s best all time player.  there was never a dull moment with rachael.

    • Seeing her would be as bad as seeing Jesse jump out of Pandora’s box…. although the hiding in the tree crying clip will always be a welcome classic.

      Whew, I am sooo glad that we don’t have to talk about her anymore….. since she’s not here and all………

    • Oh come on, Rachel three seasons in a row? Even if you love someone a lot, that’s overkill. Even for Rachel herself.

    •  I agree Rachel should have been brought back instead of Britney.  Rachel even said on Amazing Race she wanted to go back to Big Brother.  This house would have already had more alliances if Rachel was there.  You know her game.

      • I don’t care what the Rachel haters say. Rachel is one of the best players. She deserves to come back in the game. People hate her because she’s such a great player. She is exactly what CBS was looking for. She needs another shot.”Boogie” get’s to go to Big Brother for the 3rd time. Same with Janelle.

    • That would be for 3 seasons in a row. As much as I like Rachel I think Brit should be a coach.

      • Both of the men were past winners, but Both of the girls were not! Rachel was a winner even when she lost. When she came back the second time, she was there to takehome the big bucks. Her whole attitude changed when Brendan left and she had to do or die alone. I have no hate towards Brit she made it almost to the end when the brigade pulled the rug out from under her.

    • ya,then hubby brendon coulda went to london and watch his gay lover m phelps compete……..rather see natalie than rach.

  4. If big brother outright told them they would not be competing for the chance at $500 thousand, where are they getting the idea they will enter the game?

    • There are too many weeks in the season, and not enough players. They’re thinking that either they’re going to get to play, or some house guests are coming back. 

      • CBS said that this season was going to have the most players. Thums up if you think another veteran is going tocome and play the game with the newbies.

    • Whatever coach wins will get the 100 grand. They can never get the 500 grand, like you said, unless one of them lost but came back into the game as a newbie. That’s exactly what Brit and Jen are afraid of.

    • The main reason that Brit and Janelle believe that the coaches will become house guests is because their pictures have key-holes next to them (like the rest of the newbies), but they don’t actually have keys – YET. I’d say it’s a sure deal.

  5. i can,t stand brittany i don,t know where they think she was a good player, rachel was one of the best on that show. i don,t know how janeille stands her. asking all them stupid questions, this is worst  season ever. where did they get these people. boring. 

    • The one thing I hated about last season is how they didn’t give Rachel props for changing the whole game in one night. If you had the live feeds you saw the best big brother game play of all time. I didn’t have them but I was on this site getting the blow by blow.I’m no fan of Rachel but she deserved it and should be considered one of the best players of all time.

      • She should have got replaced my Brit. She has amazing gameplay. She deserved to win BB13. I mean, she was a bully sometimes (espeically in season 12 to Reagen, is that how you spell his name?) but she had great gameplay. Even without Brendon, Her physical and social game got her to win the five-hundred grand.

  6. Brit and Janelle keep saying that the coaches will be back in the game at some point, don’t think the natural time to put the coaches in the game is when they run out of players to coach!

    • Seriously team Branelle! It’s just week one. It’s just Frank and Kara. Just get your teams to vote out Kara and then Dan will only have one more person to coach.

  7. I knew Frank wasn’t going anywhere. The thing about big brother is that they make the right choice, then sit on it for a day and come up with some stupid theory.Brittnany thinks she running it, when the truth is it’s Willie and Boogie. If willie gets Frank on his side, bye bye Janelle and team cuz Britt will do what she does best, suck up to the power in the house and try and fool herself she’s playing a great game.

    • Out of all the people in the past that has played bb brit was the best CBS could come up with to be a coach hey I know here’s any idea how about a new cast all together with no old players returning I know it’s a ,crazy idea CBS but it could work

      • As much as I dislike the meathead, I would’ve brought back Jeff. That dude would’ve been a lightning rod and he would’ve forced the newbies into playing thier own game, the mentors would’ve been at each others throat. My second choice would’ve been Jee, that dude played a tight game. The only thing that killed him was when he got greedy and won everything that one week and didn’t kick anybody the Mickye D’s. But you’re right they need all new players. Technotronics Bro

      • Yeah, it could. Anyways, Britany was sort of a diva. Remember back in BB12 when she imatated Rachel in her HoH room. Not a smart idea at all. She could’ve got nominated in the block that week if Rachel didn’t like flatery. Although, I guess they needed a clueless player on the show. She’s smart but when itcomes to social game she needs Janelle’s help.

    • Frank isn’t a big deal to me. This weeks nominations are okay. I just don’t want to see Kara go home, if you know what I mean.

  8. Nothing is coming up when I go to the live feeds right now! Anyone else having this problem?

  9. Oh and Joe is dead meat. that stunt he pulled by ratting out Frank is gonna bite him bigtime.

  10. i think thatif the newbies abandon their mentors they’ll be completey lost in game play because they’re mentors will still be there for the remainder or the twist. i think frank’s the bigger threat and will go after both of j/b teams just because they’re will be no point in going after a weaken team dan

  11. Keeping Frank is a bad move. Athough, I personally am rooting for him, I just don’t see the logic in keeping him. Probably the biggest threat in the house. These people are clueless.

    • Frank, Willie, Boogie and Dan for PR  is a deadly combo. I think it’s heading this way. Brittany wants Kara gone because she’s jealous of her. She’s saying Kara’s threat? really? I can name 4 peple right off the bat more dangerous than her. If Kara leaves and I think she’s gone, that broad just cut her and Janelle’s throat bigtime.

      •  Brit wants rid of Kara for one reason. She wants Dans team out of the house and to get rid of Dan. She thinks that in the future at some point the coaches will enter the game as players and when that happens she wants Dan to already be gone because she is scared of his gameplay.

    • Frank has some bad gameplay. I mean, he should have made a deal with Willie before the HoH meeting. You have to at least have a conversation with your allience member more than once before the HoH meeting. Franks social game play really stiks. I like Frank but his soical game stinks.

  12. I hope they let the last coach standing opt to give up the 100k in order to re-enter the game.

    • I don’t see how there could ever be only one coach left. The odds that only one coach would have final 2 (or 3) players is really low. The final two is almost going to have to be from 2 different teams, meaning two coaches will still be aroiund in final 2.

  13. Boogie saved Ian because Frank said he was safe from the block that he had talked to Willie.  He knew from that info that Ian was the only one not safe.

  14.  I don’t think Rachel was the best I would have preferred to see Dr. Will, but she he said he retired from doing things like Big Brother.

  15. Janelle is wicked smart as usual. I really like Dan but if he goes (which it looks like) then I want to see her win. Janelle has to trust herself and not get caught up in Britney’s idiotic ideas. And, I wouldn’t count out Boogie yet.  As for the newbies I’m not sure who is smart enough yet to win.

    • Seems like all the HG’s move tooo fast..It’s only week one not the halfway point…They make tooo many rush judgements in the first week..

      • I know right! It’s only the first week! I wonder what the rest of the season will be like…

    • So far in episode 1 I can see Willie winning the game, but I can see him being a big threat. Hmmm…I should probrably not jump into conclusions just yeat. It’s only the beginning of the season anyway.

  16. I’m sure Boogie knows by now that Janelle and Britney are working together. He isn’t an idiot. So if anyone on Boogie’s team wins HOH next week, you can bet Boogie’s going to push them to target either Janelle’s or Britney’s team. Matter of fact, Frank just suggested nominating Shane and Ashley on the feeds. Eliminating Frank is the smartest decision.

  17. In case some of you were wondering, Jodi Rollins is not being held in sequester and is currently tweeting from her home. This eliminates the idea of someone returning, so it looks as if a few of the mentors may actually get to enter the game.  

    • Didn’t Julie  on Thursday night say that the eliminated player (Jody)would  walk out of the house for good

      • Yes she did. I also hope to god that the airhead of all BB Rachel stays as far away from this season and any other season of BB! She is the most annoying person of any of the HG that have ever been on the show.

    • doesn’t it really just mean SHE won’t be returning? i mean they might sequester the HG’s that are evected the normal way…

      • They did show Rachel and Jeff in the Who Will Be Returnig Blocks in the first episode. If you copied it check to see who else is on there that mighe be showing up later. As they always say exspect the unexspeted, and or but here’s the twist. More people have to be showing up later, or they will run out of people too fast.

  18. Anybody relize that this season is supposed have the most players ever in Big Brother history. I think that a veteran is sure to compete with the newbies as  the game continues. Thumbs up if you agree!

  19. Typical bb mistake… Always take out strongest player possible if you can. Frank will return the favor if he survives.

  20. Cbs should wait until the teams are really set and allied then force a random change of members. I’d love to see all the plans go up in smoke and see whose smart enough to create new plans.

  21. This is the Season of Dumb. It’s week 1 and they’re(Willie & Frank) are playing to hard, to fast. Now, Willie is running around the house just like Frank is and making allies with everyone he can. Janelle is starting to come around gamewise, but won’t cross Brit’s team(even though it will come back to haunt her). Brit is just flat out dumb. Kara a threat, really? Dan’s team could barely get a damn bear from point A to point B. I love how no one is really questioning why Willie is so gunho about keeping Frank. So far, newbies suck 2 seasons in arow. Bring the Vets back to make it somewhat watchable. I thought watching Rachel in back to back seasons was painful. Watching stupid people is worse. But, watching Brit & Janelle reminds me why they didn’t win their seasons.

  22. What next? Oh! I know!  Big Brother will mix the newbies up with new Mentors.  Probally the 4th week & 8th week…thus! keeping the players even on each Mentors Team.  At least that is what I think.  Newbies should know that the Teams will not, and, cannot stay like they are.  The show would be to boring….(although it all ready is)  ….. I still say “Big Brother”….Please!….Please! ….Please!  let the POV winner put up and remove anyone from the block of his or her choice.  This will Rock the House like never before.  Sorry! but this Mentor-Team thing is just not exciting.  Players are so dumb they are letting the Mentors play their game….. and the Mentors should know that a change will be comming.  Remember this…. Big Brother never said that they will keep the same players throught out the game, only that the Mentor will win $100.000 dollars if their player wins.  Shake it up BB…..

  23. I think its in the players best interest to get rid of Frank because like Boogie said “He is a likeable player”, but I think in the Mentors best interest its better to get rid of Kara because for them a 1 in 3 chance of winning is better than a 1 in 4.

    • he’s like the unemployed soft hearted uncle who shows up at functions and never brings anything and drinks and eats enuf for 8.He sucks,adios u bum!!!!!

  24. Also I don’t understand why everyone is fighting over Rachel and Brittney? I do understand that Brittney was a horrible choice to bring back to the game but why is everyone going to Rachel as the next choice? There were plenty of other women in the game that would have been well suited as a Mentor other than Rachel.

    • problem with rachel, is some of her team would say stuff behind her back eventually then it would get back to her, and that would be it for the mentor relationship.

      rachel probably needs a season off, or we do of her, but id like some ally for boogie to enter the game, because its looking rough for him right now

  25. is it just me or does it feel like there are only 4 players in the house?  there is too much focus on the old players.  i would have rather had the show be an all stars or all new players.  this season is not fair to the new players.

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