Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 1 Monday Highlights

Another day in the Big Brother 14 house, another day of flip-flopping on the Live Feeds. Who is going home? Kara. No, wait, Frank. No. Kara. Wait. It’s definitely going to be Frank. Unless it’s Kara. But that’s not smart. So Frank? No? Oh, Kara? OK, it’s settled then, it’s Frank…. Aaaaack! Read on to find out what we saw and heard yesterday on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, July 16, 2012:

Important note: Real’s SuperPass is having a technical difficulty with the Live Feeds’ Flashback feature affecting time selection. It seems to be using your local time zone instead of BBT so adjust accordingly or set your computer’s time to PT.

8:57 AM BBT — Shortly after the wake-up call, JoJo wishes Boogie a happy birthday in the back yard. It’s his birthday.

9:20 AM BBT — Backyard talk consists of complaining about have-not beds. Ashely fell out of hers during the night, hurting her back again. She went and slept with Willie and JoJo in the HoH bed. Now that is interesting.

10:30 AM BBT — Ian notes that it’s Monday and The Glass House is on and says that it “sucks” and we get fish. Haha.

11:28 AM BBT — Willie and Britney are talking about having the votes to get Kara out. So we’re back to getting Kara out for the next five minutes I guess. The flip-flopping is ridiculous this season. Janelle joins the talk and says she doesn’t even care who goes at this point. No doubt. This is getting old.

12:45 PM BBTSunbathing commences.

 1:45 PM BBT — Willie and Frank talking game in the HOH room. Willie says they aren’t playing the game with the coaches. They’re keeping their pact and Willie will try to get the votes to swing in Frank’s favor. They have a pretty solid talk. Neither are really into the whole coach angle.

2:40 PM BBT — Willie tells Britney Kara needs to go and she agrees.

3:45 PM BBT — The HGs sing “For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow” to Boogie for his birthday.

4:20 PM BBT — Boogie thinks Jenn is doing a great job staying under the radar. I agree. I never see her on the feeds. Strange.

5:13 PM BBT — Janelle is finally fed up with the flip-flopping and thinks it’s a huge mistake to not send Frank home. Duh.

5:21 PM BBT — Janelle thinks Willie is a risky person to be in an alliance with. She’s not trusting him. She compares him to his brother, Russell.

5:23 PM BBT — Joe asks Willie in HOH if they have a final two deal. Willie won’t commit but agrees to work with Joe.

6:48 PM BBT — Dan asks live feed watchers to bring them sushi for Boogie’s birthday and throw it over the wall. Production cuts to the fish because they know people are crazy enough to do it.

7:05 PM BBTWillie and Ashley make a final two deal. Interesting. Hopefully Janelle trains her that historically, a woman can’t  beat a man in the Big Brother final two. They agree to never put each other up and Willie makes a “joke” about them getting married.

8:30 PM BBT — Joe tells Janelle he caught Willie with Boogie, Shane and Frank. They freak out about the possibility of the all-guy alliance.

9:05 PM BBTJanelle and Ian talking about Janelle’s previous BB game downfalls and Ian’s smarts. It’s kind of interesting to see glamazon Janelle talking/bonding with little Ian. Worth a watch.

9:50 PM BBT — Janelle and Wil have a long conversation in the hammock about Willie. They don’t think he’s very smart and they say they could easily go back on the deal with him since he’s making so many side deals himself. Will Willie’s over-playing come back to bite him or has he put himself in a good spot?

10:48 PM BBT — Dan and Janelle playing chess. She tells him it’s not looking good for Kara. She tells him she wishes that wasn’t the case. She thinks it’s dumb to not send Frank home. Dan’s not giving up.

11:00 PM BBT — Joe, being loud per usual, is demanding that Frank not F*** him over by continuing to work with Boogie.  He wants it to be just the newbie men. Brigade 2.0… ZZZZZZZZZ

11:15 PM BBT — Willie and Boogie in storage room, talking about working together and with Frank. Britney is getting duped again this season.

11:33 PM BBT — Willie tells JoJo that he, JoJo and Ashely are his final three.

2:36 AM BBT — Janelle and Dan talk about working together but Janelle doesn’t want to flip in the first week. Dan vows to do everything he can to keep Kara safe and get Frank out.

3:30 AM BBT — Britney and Willie start a lengthy conversation about the likelihood that the coaches will enter the game as contestants. Willie says the coaches have keyholes on the memory wall, so that’s a good sign. Britney says the other coaches will be gunning after her. She feels duped by Janelle already.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for Thursday to get here and Frank or Kara go home. I don’t care who it is at this point. I just want it done! Ha. And then I want everyone to stop getting along so well! Let’s get some fights going!

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  1. Really at this point either could leave & I could care less. I’m interested in the next hoh & where the alliance will be then.

    • Wonder if they pick off Dans team like they are all trying to decide, if there is another team of three with another  (Rachel) coach waiting to twist their way in? Cool thought any way

    • Frank is gorgeous!!  You must need glasses really bad.   Also, he has a great personality unlike Ms. Bland POTY

  2. If Willie is intentionally causing this flip flopping that even has “Brit-one o’the greatest-ney” tied up in knots then he is much smarter than i ever would have given him credit for because maybe that is exactly what he told all of us he was going to do before he went in to the house in his interview. 
    But i am thinking it might just be his own paranoia and some might see him as an ineffective leader who causes drama with his flip flop-ing. They might begin to think he is an unreliable guy and decide he needs to go. It may backfire on him.

    • I agree with your second assessment.  He just seems uber paranoid.  His body language and tone just shows that.  You can act, sure, but those eyes are cray cray with paranoia.  

  3. Perhaps the first coach out will be the “returning player” that they’re all paranoid about. And I am so sick of hearing Janelle talk about Boogie. Seriously, she takes paranoia and obsession to a whole new level. I’d like to see Frank stay, because that’s the best bet for Willie’s true colors to be shown to his “Alliance” (Well, the alliance between Janelle and Brittney’s team, not the twenty other alliances) and that would make GREAT tv!

  4. Hey here’s a thought: What if the coaches only enter the game when all the members of their team are evicted?  It would be interesting to see if any of the Mentors then sabotage their own team to play for the bigger pirze.  Plus it would add to the number of houseguests to make up for only having 11 right now.

  5. Big Brother is closer to survivor this year than big brother.  These guys are forced into alliances not of their choosing.  At this point it’s almost guaranteed than a player from either britney or janelles teams will win it.

    • Actually, they are not forced into alliances at all. They are forced to make others on their team think they are working with them, which only makes them have to play the game harder and doesn’t allow for the floaters to float along quite so easily. And I am willing to bet that the winner will not be from either Janelle’s or Britney’s team. Britney’s team is self-destructing, and Janelle’s team is not much better. Dan isn’t going to go quietly, and if you aren’t smart enough to fear Boogie and what he is always plotting, then you don’t understand the game. It is week 1, don’t judge things until we have an eviction of consequence.

  6. I’d rather see Frank stay. I don’t watch it to see the best looking floaters win – I watch to see controversy and to see someone who deserves it win. Frank I can see stirring stuff up more since he’s on Boogie’s team. And anyone who trusts Willie is a dumbass.

  7.  I am fed up with Willie. He did not win HOH!!!! His team won the challenge and he drew the “short straw”, as it were, when Briit CHOSE him!!  It was a group effort.  And I have issues with his game play right now. He has an alliance with everyone in the house in some way or another. I wouldn’t be surprised if he approached Julie on Thursday for a “2 week deal”.  We’ve seen that kinda game play before, his name was Brian, and can anyone tell me what happened to him? Thats right, first evicted. And I know Willie can’t be first out, but it he doesn’t watch it he will be next. He says he is a tough player and should be a target, but I really don’t see why. The only solo comp was won by Shane, seems he is the better player of the two, since they both competed.

    Long story short. I’m guessing he will be gone before Jury.

  8. plain and simple frank made the worst move in bb hist,idiot was safe now he goes home on split vote!Get a haircut loser!!!

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