Big Brother 14: A Pact To The End, Well Most Of The Way There

Big Brother 14 20120715 HoH meeting

Last night on the Big Brother 14 Live Feeds we saw a full-on alliance form after days of subtle agreements and alignments. Now things look set for two of the mentors and teams to push forward with a potentially dominating force. Of course, that sounds like production’s cue to step and squash this, but for now let’s see how far they can go.

Flashback on your Live Feeds (Don’t have them yet? Get the free trial and check it out) to 5:30 PM BBT on Sunday, Camera 2, and watch as Team Britney and Team Janelle hash things out and eventually settle on a pact to take them to the end. Well, as far as they can go before being forced to eat their own. Oh, fun!

The teams began by discussing the flip flopping situation over whether to eliminate Frank or Kara this week. After days of “we must eliminate the oh so HUGE threat known as Kara” the group has turned back to targeting Frank. Immediately following that thought they toss out that Kara is still coming after them. Willie gets upset and storms out of the room leaving Wil to explain the frustration over wanting to have it both ways: eliminate both of the HGs but not knowing the right choice.

Willie returns and explains how his morning has been a series of “mind f$%@s” after repeatedly discovering his teammates with the supposed opposition. It doesn’t take long to explain those away and things quickly shift to the “let’s make a deal” state.

Willie declares that he will not vote against or even nominate anyone in the room until everyone else in the house is gone. Joe cranks it up a notch and suggests the entire room takes that pact. Everyone agrees and we have our first major, verbally agreed, official alliance of the season. It includes: Britney, Willie, JoJo, Shane, Janelle, Joe, Wil, and Ashley. Otherwise known as “more than half the house.”

The alliance disbands and through the course of conversation agrees to minimize alone time with any of the HGs outside of this deal to avoid even the appearance of conspiracy. How long can that last? We shall see.

The plan right now has the house splitting its vote and allowing Willie to cast the tie-breaker against Frank. If they bungle this careful balance of forcing a tie then either nominee could end up staying. Or if Willie gets nervous again… well, who knows.

You can watch this entire 20+ minute meeting all over again on the Live Feeds using the Flashback feature that lets you rewind, pick a camera, and watch it like it’s live. Pretty slick. Even better is that you can try it all with the 3-Day Free Trial. Support your fun. Support this site. Give it a try and see what other Big Brother fans are watching.

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  1. Two alliances Brittney & Janelle & guys against the girls. Gee wonder what way it will go?

    •  Longer is my bet. This year you have two mentors that they will listen to. And you can bet they will want it to work b/c that gives them a better chance of winning in the end. Brit’s team could trash Janelle’s in the end so you know she will be on board to work til just those two teams are left.

  2. Either way, whoever goes this week will be a win for Janelle/Britney.  If Kara goes home, Dan will only have Danielle left so Danielle will obviously have a HUGE target on her back, and once she goes, Dan is out.  Is Frank goes, Boogie also loses a major player.  I have a feeling that once 2 of the coaches are gone, the other 2 will be allowed back in the game to compete for the main prize.  Usually the season “twist” goes away before jury (last year with the duos, season 11 with the cliques) and it turns into a normal game.

    • So what happens if they go all the way to the final 4 with one person from each team and all 4 coaches are still there?

      • I think that would be Great…cause we’ll have 8 hg in the Feeds instead of 4 hg doing nothing and boring us to death, lol….☺….

  3. If Kara is out this week and Dan and Danielle does not win HoH or Veto they are done.
    If Frank is out, Boogie will be weakened and both male coaches will be equal.. back to normal.. look at things… Willie Hantz targets Boogie…. and Frank in jeopardy.

  4. Oh Dear….what a LONG week… so Dizzy with all this flip-flapping….when is Thurs gonna be here already for a new week to start, lol….☺….

  5. Everyone keeps alluding to the “Coaches” leaving if all their players are evicted .. did I miss where or when it was said the coaches would be leaving as well??

    I’m betting they get folded into the game as a “Player” once they are no longer in the position to mentor a previously selected team member… and to go to the next level perhaps Dan realized this, which is why he picked a weak team, so that he could begin ‘playing’ the game on his own without having to carry a team. This, of course, puts him in the driver’s seat to either blend in with set alliances early or be in the position to completely flip the house upside down and start a new ‘team’ of his own.

    Mind you .. IF this is the case and.the coaches do in fact become players, I’m thinking you can throw out any alliances and loyalty from the teams as they know it will eventually be every man/woman for themselves.

    Then again .. I could be wrong.

    • I like the idea that they (mentors) absorb into the game.  I don’t think that Dan actually picked a weak team on purpose tho.  Honestly I thought he was thinking with the little head at first.  He certainly wasn’t picking physically strong players.  I also think he made a mistake when he chose to evict….Speaking of that, how-da-bout that for a super power??? *poof

      • I agree that I too at first Dan was thinking with the wrong head when he chose his team, but then I remembered he has a wife (which doesn’t make it automatically not the case, just makes me hope not). I disagree though about making a mistake when he chose to evict. It was too early in the game to tell if Jodi may or may not have excelled in mental competitions. She gave the weakest showing in the only competition Dan saw her in, and it wouldnt’ve been fair to evict Danielle or Kara when they pulled their own weight, unlike Jodi. It’s not enough to say Jodi tried hard (definitely tried harder than Jenn, for example) because Danielle and Kara tried hard too. I guess that, plus the fact Jodi was the last player drafted, all made it inevitable and justified that she was the one chosen for eviction.

  6. why don’t they get rid of the coaches? They break up the action between the players. I don’t like them or the show with them!

  7. I think I’m team Britt, I’ve always liked her little smart @ss self….. but I’m kinda likn Frank…maybe it’s a FL thing but find myself pulling for him.  Oh course I’m not fully in the loop in that I don’t have the live feeds.

    Idk how I feel about the mentors, I like that they are there but not sure about the set-up.  I agree that it made them all play hard and fast.

    Does he have any idea that he’s going down?  Is he tryn to stay?  What’s the take on him??

  8. Stupid move if they don’t get rid of Frank this week. He’s a strong player and will be hard to get out. I don’t understand why they’re worried about Kara. And Willie is so paranoid he is driving me crazy. He needs to relax, this is only week one. I’m for team Janelle…hope she makes it to the end.

    • They are worried about Kara because she is on Dans team. Or I should say Janelle and Brit are worried about Kara because she is on Dans team. They want his players out fast b/c they think that at some time in the future the coaches will enter the game as players and they are scared of Dan. So they are trying to evict his team so he leaves the house before they start to actually play the game.

      • I don’t think the coaches will enter the game. Only because Julie said at the beginning they are playing for 100,000 not the 500,000. I could be wrong though. But if they do get into the game then I agree they should get Dan out. But I think Boogie is just as dangerous. And he’s a snake and also has stronger players then Dan.

      •  @ Lavendar Girl: There has been speculation about them entering into the game, and honestly I see it happening because they actually started the game with only 11 people. Thats 3 less than usual. And they know Boogie is a threat but they know people in the house don’t really like him, Dan on the other hand is a very likable person and the girls are worried that he will be able to twist people into his way of thinking, ride to the end and b.c everyone likes him, win again.

  9. I would vote out Kara because then Dan’s team is done-zo. If they take out Frank then it’s two teams of two and that doesn’t really leave an obvious weak team and therefore anyone can be a target. I also like Frank, probably because he is from FL!

  10. i like this alliance but i know big brother is gonna pull something crazy to break the up

  11. well i don’t care that much for boogie i think he is a SNAKE so as much as i do like Frank i think he should be the one to go this week to weaken team Bookie. As far as all the chatter about the coaches being able to get back in the game i think let some one new get the prize they have already won but then again we are talking about BB here who know what they have in store for all there BB fans.

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