Big Brother 14 Twist Rumors: Veteran Houseguests & More

We’re just three days away from the premiere of Big Brother 14 and confirming the latest rumors when it comes to twists and surprises for the new season.

Big Brother 14 on CBS

So far this preseason there have been a flood of theories and conspiracies as to what we’d see come July 12th. While those are fun to toss around and examine I tend to stay away from reprinting any of them until things start to take shape. With just a few more days to go things aren’t going to get any more solid than this so let’s take a look.

The “Mentors” twist has been spinning around so long that I can’t even remember when it started or perhaps when it was leaked, but the idea was that a set of former HGs would return to the game and lead a team of newbies. My first thought was a repeat of what we saw for two seasons on Survivor. It wasn’t good and I hoped Big Brother wouldn’t go there. Thankfully it looks like we’re going to get a whole different approach.

CBS has confirmed that four former Houseguests will return to compete, but unlike last season they won’t be battling directly against the newbies. Instead they’ll be running a parallel game with their own competitions and prize at the end of the summer. We still don’t have any details on what that prize will be, but we’ll know soon enough.

The bigger, more important question is “Who?” Executive Producer Allison Grodner only revealed they would be “epic players” which should really set a very, very high bar. An “epic” Big Brother player should be someone who demolishes his or her competition and walks away with the biggest prize. Based on the latest rumors I suspect she may have been using “epic” somewhat generously.

Big Brother 14 mentor rumors

Here are the leading names for who may return for Big Brother 14: Britney Haynes (BB12), Dan Gheesling (BB10 winner), Janelle Pierzina (BB6 & BB7), Mike Boogie (BB2 & BB7 winner). All great players, but are they all “epic?” Either way, they seem to be high on the probability list for showing up this season. Janelle vanished before turning over her Twitter account to a friend who did a really poor job of covering for her (faked pictures claiming she was around the world). Janelle was also suddenly unavailable for SuperPass’ Rumor Control show this past Friday. Then Dan’s former co-HG, Memphis, began teasingly tweeting asking where was Dan. As far as the other two, I haven’t seen any real evidence of their involvement, but those are the current popular rumors.

Supporting the theory that these would be our returning HGs was a poll posted by CBS. They asked readers to vote on who they wanted to see return, much like they did last year. CBS promised to eliminate a few names each day, but it seems that intern took the weekend off and hasn’t updated it past telling us Evel Dick and Natalie (BB11) won’t be returning. That does still leave the previously mentioned names on the list. We likely won’t know for sure until Thursday’s Big Brother 14 premiere arrives.

Update: CBS has leaked footage of the returning Vets and yes, these are the correct 4 former HGs. Full details on the Live Feed leaks.

Here’s a quick clip of the Big Brother 14 cast fearing returning HGs:

On another front, CBS promised something new this season with “the most Houseguests ever!” But oddly we seem to be looking at just 16 HGs which is the same number as BB9. They could be using fuzzy math on this one considering a BB9 HG left before the broadcast begin. Maybe they’re pretending he never existed and BB9 only had 15 HGs. Or we could be in store for another surprise stock of newbies or vets that we’re not anticipating. I’d guess it’s the former though.

Lastly, something that hasn’t gotten much traction in the Big Brother rumor realm is a change up production made with this season’s newbies. Traditionally film crews show up to record the HGs receiving their keys and rushing off to pack for the show. This time around I learned off-camera from a HG I interviewed last week that they didn’t receive a key. Instead they “found” an invitation to the show implying the promise of a Big Brother 14 key. Could it be that not everyone with an invitation makes it inside? I’m leaning in another direction. The mentors are likely going to be the ones to handout the HGs’ keys as a way to introduce the newbies to the mentors twist. Or maybe it’ll be a schoolyard style team picking process with the mentors in control. Drama!

No matter what happens it’ll be happening soon as Big Brother 14 premieres this Thursday on CBS at 9PM ET/PT. After the west coast broadcast is finished we’ll get the Live Feeds premiere along with Big Brother After Dark’s return on SHO2. If you haven’t signed up for your Early Bird discount rate on the Feeds then be sure to do that now before it expires on Wednesday and the price goes up.

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  1. I am so excited for BB14 to begin.  Their Drama is so much more fun than what I have here at home.  I can escape from my own for a few hours a week, Thanks CBS.

    • I feel the same way, this season is going to be epic!  I understand the mentors are going to pick three people each to mentor but I certainly hope they dont “team off” and are forced to work with each other in their respective groups… just like in the season of athletes/nerds/cool kids, etc. 

      What I want is the mentors to pick their people they want, and their people have the ability to create friendships/alliances as they please and are not stuck with people they usually wouldnt play with.

      LOL hope that all made sense.

      •  It won’t matter if its kinda like season 11 or not. If the mentors are fighting for their own prize (winners mentor wins kinda thing) you can bet your sweet ass the mentors will make their people work together. By bringing in mentors BB has made 4 3people alliances from the beginning.

  2. While I know that these four HG’s are the ones we are likely to see in the house I think it would be awesome if production purposely leaked the information and it was false and we saw 4 different people enter on July 12. Although I do like me some Brittney and Dan. Janelle is alright, but “Boogie” I could do without.

    • couldn’t agree more about Boogie. what was CBS think with Boogie? great game player? not so much, in All-Stars he rode Will’s coat tails to the end, only reason he won is because they didn’t want Will to be 2 time champ.

      • I think boogie was a great player because in s2 he had a showmance along with will that helped them be in control of the votes

  3. It really looks like Janelle is returning considering it has been proven that the pictures from her twitter are actually from other websites, and because her latest tweets haven’t even sounded like her.  Once people began discussing this, whoever was on her twitter stopped tweeting all together.  This season is going to be amazing if Janelle returns!  I hope she wins whatever prize the vets are eligible for, she made it to the top 3 twice and was always the last one evicted! 

    • But she already had 2 shots at it, and she just had a baby…i wouldn’t want to leave my baby for 3mths!!!  But I think you’re right unfortunately it does look like she is going to be one of the mentors :(  Not happy here

  4. Hey Big Brother! you want a twist … forget the returning guest …. been there and done that…. how about this for a real twist.  Who ever wins POV can not only remove themselfs from the block, but! put up who ever THEY WANT!  … not the HOH ….. you want a twist …. this would rock the house ….

  5. I’m so looking forward to the first show. I’d really rather not see any returning house guests but seems like production loves them. At least we do have 12 newbies this season so that’s an improvement over last year.

  6. As another returning twist ….please return the Mole (Rat) one player to disrupt the game strategies of the other house guess.  However! make their reward worth while. $$$$$… the longer he or she stays in the game …. the more money they would receive … oh ya! let the house guess know that a Rat is among them.  Also, allow the Rat a chance to even win the Game ….. if they are that good …. they should win the game.  Viewers can give the Rat (Mole) options to disrupt.  Dont let the viewers know who the Mole is ….

  7. Okay so BB this season is somehow an “X-Factor”-themed Big Brother

    I really hope I could see Dan and Renny returning though..

    • It is more like the Voice. The Coaches are competing for there team to win and for them to win. That is what the “mentors” are doing.

    • I think Britney could have been Epic. Season 12 was just a bad season so she kinda got a bum rap. I thought, for the most part, that she was one of the most entertaining, if not the most entertaining of the season. And she had a decent stratagy with her, she just got played by Lane in the end.

    • Totally agree. She wasn’t epic, nor good. Just a meanie who was vulgar….wouldn’t want her for my mentor.

  8. As long as it’s not Rachel & Brandon, I don’t care.
    I’ve seen enough of those 2 to last a life time

    •  He was nice and everything, but I wouldn’t want him as my mentor. haha. played the game twice and didn’t even make jury either time. wouldn’t want him helping me win!

  9. I could go 2 lifetimes without seeing Boogie again, he is annoying and a suck up. I also hope BB has gotten over their infatuation with Jesse, ugh. One thing that would turn me off BB for good is if they start making houseguests eat bugs, animal penises, etc. I’m cool with slop, but I’ve never understood the facination some shows have with that type of humiliation. Keep the hippytard, elf suits and banana costumes, and keep it fun!

    • If they start that eating bugs and nasty stuff,i for one will stop watching.That is another show.and i look forward to BB every year so don’t mess it up please.

  10.  I actually like the fact that they are bringing back old house guests its always nice to see what old house guests have been up to like Jeff and Jordan and even Rachel and Brendon they are some of my favorite house guest that have played BB I also liked Enzo and Lane I don’t think they should be able to play the game again but,to play for a different reason I think is ok. I do also think they should bring everyday people into the game all the people u see are either really skinny or buff and more like eye candy how about people that are on the bigger side (which no im not a big girl) just saying, a homeless person, someone that is a stay at home mom/dad, or people that could really use the money not people that already have a great job or money they have one person in there that is unemployed but to find out he is the son of someone with money and even tried out for American Idol that is what bothers me the most that most the people on there have MONEY or are trying to put themselves out there to get on some other TV show……..

    • dont think so hard about this Sarah because it is totally untrue about ALL of the contestants……. i know this to be a 100% fact …… some people are actually doing this because they NEED the cash…… remember im just generalizing …not speaking for them all , but i speak from facts…

  11. if the backyard bathing suit shot is for real then it looks like the mentors are jannelle, britney boogie, dan or ragan… the guys legs are harder to tell!  Definitely NOT Rachel, she wouldn’t be able to do the show w/o her”Man”!!  LOL!! 

  12. No Boogie, don’t like him or his game. Dan is boring. Janelle would be great if she is over falling for a guy……w/Dr. Will, she followed his suggestions early on and not only ruined the game for herself, but for those she was aligned with. Britney would be truly upsetting. She was vulgar, personal w/her attacks. There is no game in that, just plain mean. She was safe for most of her season because of her alliance w/Lane, who was Brigade member…..and no one knew about that alliance….the rest should have figured that one out, especially Britney. No Boogie, Dan, or Britney, please.

  13. Oh no…NOT the spoil, rotten, bitch Brittney! BUMMER big time if they bring her back.

  14. It depends on which former houseguests return if I will watch the show this year or not  I really liked BB1.  Then it kept getting worse, more violent and stupid, to me.  For instance, Evil Dick was over the top and got away with far too much.  If he is there, I won’t watch.  I have much better things to do.

  15. I hope Dr. Will is there.  He was fun and interesting to watch, without being cruel.  I think he would get the upper hand over Evil Dick or any other bully.
    I think Dr. Wlll was one of the best players ever on the show. I’m also glad to see Dan Gheesling back.

  16. I don’t understand all the Britney hate. I’m sure that her brutality in the DR was probably not sincere. Also, just because she was played by the Brigade, she isn’t a bad player. That’s just the game. She believed in Lane, and, unfortunately for her, she was his second priority. I’m glad she is back simply for her entertainment value. I also look forward to Dan and Janelle, a great strategist and an amazing competitor. Boogie, however, could have been replaced with someone better. The only reason he won was because Janelle took out Will, and essentially herself.

  17. Why??? Why??? Why??? I dont get the whole thing with returning house guests.  Is it because newbies are picked because they are insecure and cant think for themselfs …. they need mentors to show them how to lie, form alliances, break alliances, and back stab each other,  ….. Ya! I need a previous player to show me how to win the game…. Wow! …..Help!   If Big Brother wants to change the game…Please give the POV winner the power to remove and put up who ever they want on the Block….  …. It looks like another boring year …. same ole slop …. same ole (old) players … hope I’m wrong.  As a passing thought…. why not put a homeless person in the house?  ya! right from the street to the house …. just a thought

    • I agree completely.  Why can’t they introduce all newbies.  Keep the returning guests for an All-Star year.

  18. Who else though the Glass House was terrible and dreadful in comparison to Big Brother. It isn’t even a good fix. Also with the mystery players, they say the most epic players in Big Brother history. Brittany surely isn’t a memorable player.

  19. im so excited for Thursday night, been waiting all year for this. love my Big Brother 

  20. Prediction for season 14:    Mentors pick their teams – 3 each plus the mentor = 4 teams of 4.   Wow! exciting….now what?  Oh, HOH competition …. Da! One of the 4 teams is going to win HOH ……Yea! now what?   oh ya… the other 3 teams scramble and suck up up to the winning team ….Please dont pick me …I love you …. kiss, kiss… hug…hug…. Ya! exciting …. now what?  oh ya … The winning team puts 2 newbies up on the block, because the Mentors cant get evicted …. that will come in week 4….POV competition – boring ! they have no power except to save themselfs …. same game just called Season 14 …… Wow! exciting isnt it … I cant wait to see how bad it will be.  Oh Ya! The Mentors, I cant sleep at night thinking about who these super star players will be. May be Jessie again …. oh boy….oh boy …oh boy ….oh boy ….ohhh boyyyyy. Yuck! 

  21. I’m confused. I saw a few pictures with Rachel in them but there doesn’t seem to be any follow-up. And, I think Will was the best player and the funniest player ever. I wish he would be back in the house sometime.

  22. Enough of Mike Boogie!!! And how do you claim that Britney is the best? She’s terrible!!!

  23. whomever comes back it should be interesting to see them all again.  I have my favorites but if none are picked that is ok too.  I can’t wait for it to begin.

  24. in a previuos episode, who was the gal who had to wear the red unitard ?? she had black hair and was not well liked by other players ??? she had a smokin body in that suit though!!!

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