Big Brother 14: Game Is On As Houseguests Move In – Updated: New Poolside Pic

The game has begun! Big Brother 14 Houseguests have entered the house and begun the battle for the half-million dollar prize. CBS released this image late Saturday showing a small group of the new Big Brother cast entering the house’s front door.

Big Brother 14 Houseguests move in

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You can see Big Brother 14‘s Kara Monaco, Joe Arvin, JoJo Spatafora, and Willie Hantz celebrating their arrival in the Big Brother 14 house. While it appears in this picture that Kara was the first to enter the game it’s important to remember past seasons. During BB12 CBS released a similar picture showing Andrew coming through the door, but it was out of order and Rachel was actually the first to arrive. This point is interesting because no “first to enter” HG has ever won Big Brother. Well, not in their own season at least since Rachel obviously came back and won the next year, but that doesn’t count.

The next time we’ll see these HGs is during Thursday’s Big Brother 14 premiere on CBS at 9PM ET/PT and then again when the Live Feeds begin that night at 1AM ET (10PM PT) along with Big Brother After Dark. If you don’t have your Live Feed account yet then there’s still time to get the Early Bird discount rate before it expires on Wednesday.

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Update: CBS has released the first high-quality photo featuring the new HGs plus 4 mysterious HGs, but we already have a good idea of who those returning veterans are.

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Big Brother 14 houseguests poolside


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  1. Woo hoo….Big Brother is the BEST reality show EVER…cant wait for the first show ! Cant wait to see who returns??!! kaysar? (spelling?)

      • I sincerely don’t believe that Janelle is going into the house. She has a gorgeous, sweet 7 month old baby girl. I just don’t see her leaving her precious daughter just to go on BB.

      • i do not think i can do another  session  with BRITTANY, i could not stand her

      • Where did you hear this?  I would be happy if that was true, but I dont think there is a way to be sure yet.

      • All 4 of them were on live feeds. Its been confirmed they are the 4 mentors.

      • @48202a396e65f632aecab04efe5e6cb5:disqus : No, that’s not true. That’s a lie. The Live Feeds have not yet been turned on. Any claims of who the returning HGs are is simply speculation at this stage.

      • @Elana….any mother would do it if they paid her 20K up front then 2K a week then another 100K if one of their team wins the game….i know Janelle would jump at that chance to play the game she Loves so much…☺…

    • Kaysar has always been my favorite.What up kaysar. lol remember they use to say that my dad got me hooked on this show.About 5yrs ago.He left the show on our downstairs tv.And he was working on the car and so i just happen to go downstairs.And I never heard of BB before.So i sat down and watched it.I got hooked immediately.I hope that rachel doesnt come back.Between 2 seasons of her on BB and The Amazing Race,I couldnt deal with her crying and throwing fits.

    • I agree!  I really wished they would have kept showing the winter season.  Anyone know why they didn’t do that again?  Seems like with the number of fans there would have been enough ratings…. idk

      • They only did that the one year because of the writers strike but I agree it should be on on winter also

    • It’s always this way. I’d guess production likes a few days to get the HGs used to being in there and making sure everything is running smoothly before things go “live.”

      • @17d25194f30db16815ce999faeb921fe:disqus : No, sorry, there’s no Flashback for the past events beyond the starting point when the Feeds come on that first night.

        @ba09d5cc7a606c0d930cc9318a10f944:disqus : That’s okay, you don’t have to believe me.

    •  Every year there are secrets that are revealed on the premiere and if they opened the live feeds prior to that everyone would know what the secrets were already.  They want to keep the secrets so they have them enter the house and then have the premiere five days or so later.

  2. So I thought this season is supposed to be “Super-Sized”? Most houseguests ever? But i count 16(including mentors), that’s the same as BB9, So I’m wondering if there may be a few HG’s we’re not being told about? It’s either that or Big Brother can’t count?

    Aside from that little blunder, I think this season is gonna be entertaining. I really hope Ashley stays in for most of it, I love crazy chicks.

    • It’s possible that production is trying to pretend that 16th HG (Neil?) who vanished before BB9 even aired never existed. But yes, “most ever” is not accurate as they claim it to be.

  3. Omg!!!! This is going to be such an awesome season!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait, I hope Janelle, Danielle Reyes, Britney and Dan come back!!

    • Where did you hear this? And if that is your real name, that is awesome, it is the name of a girl from Harry Potter also.  That’s my favorite series :D

  4. BIG NEWS today Sun 7/8…..JoJo has LEFT the game…..she became mad at past HG’s coming into the house then she threw a FIT when Janelle won the 1st HOH comp…..last we heard she was in sequester talking to the producers…..

    this came out early today in a Ton of Tweets from reliable peeps….☺….

    • Yey I thought BB said from the beginging that no one from BB13 was one of the ones returning.

      • never mind i got confused. what i said makes no since i was thinking  racheal. dum ass moment

    • HaHaHa…in the JoJo interviews they were joking bout JoJo being this season’s Female Enzo…that would be a Riot, lol….☺….

  5. I hope Janelle returns! I really want to see Danielle from last season return too! 

  6. Floaters sux. They just Cruz by & let the real players do all the work 4 them.

    • Sadly though those are the people that usually win. Side A takes out side B from the top down and visca versa leaving the crappy people til the end. Those people pull one win late in the game, take out the last decent player and then win. Big Brother 11 – 12 great examples

      •  @ franhohurkin.  He kinda was up until the end. He just sat back and watched Rachel and Matt fight haha. Not saying he wasn’t a good player or anything, obviously he won, but he really didn’t do much the first 6 or 7 weeks. It wasn’t until the end that he started to actually play the game. It worked for him tho.

  7. Joe Arvin seems like a total moron!! and the nerd seems like a total loser!! if they are not the first two people out i will not watch this season.

    • Everyone has the “nerd” Ian actually winning this season or final 3 and I agree, I really like him… Now if Ashley the love girl isn’t out the first few weeks I’m gonna puke

  8. Matt, will Matt Hoffman be back on the site this season? I loved his commentary on BB13.

    • Hey girlfriend….So happy to see ya….Finally…i been thinking bout u recently, thinking of how to find ya…..So happy ur here….and stay this time and dont leave till BB ends, lol…..☺….

      I’ll be here posting in the front end this yr…Roxie and Blkg are also here…so what do u think of all the BB rumors?…tons of them, huh….i’ll be rooting for my NY gals JoJo & Jenn…and of course my little Troll Willie, lol…..☺…..

  9. ahh…I LOVE JANELLE< that's so incredibly awesome if she is one of the returning players…had my fill of Boogie…ugh…love Dan…and who the hell is britney? i can't rememebr her??? lol 

  10. if a FLOATER wins the game, then were they floating? I think Floating is as much of a strategy as active play…hey if it works for them, and they win? more power… 

  11. well floater is a good strategy in the beginnig but after a few weeks you HAVE to be winning competition and stuf i allso thaink that people need to not lie as much as possible but if need be than lie but it allways gets back to them so ya

  12. Looking at the legs and feet of the last hidden female– it is definitely Janelle. It also looks just like brittney as well…. Now the guys I can’t tell at all….

    • yes, the legs on the right is Janelle cause she;s tall and heavy since the baby, lol….and the ones on the right are Brits cause she was so skinny and those are some skinny legs, lol…..☺…..

      as for the guys im gonna guess that the ones on the right the Green ones is Dan cause i remember he had hairy legs, lol…which leaves the ones on the right as Boogie’s…oh god, why did he ever come back, lol….☺….

  13. I can’t think of any houseguest’s I would like to see again but I can think of many I wouldn’t like seeing come back. 

  14. oh please i look better than all of them put together at 52…another politically right show is all i see

  15. Is Mike Boogie going to wear his rompers or has he gotten old enough for adult diapers?

    • HaHaHa….i heard Boogie was looking for the Jack Shack to use again, lol…☺….Howie gave him premission to use it, lol….☺….

  16. Im just hoping this year they have the mikes turned up so we can hear what they are saying on BigBother AfterDark On show time. I’m really excited we have watched every year! Love it!

  17. I wish Ragan was coming back instead of Boogie, and I like Britney a lot, but Danielle is much more of an ‘epic’ player than her. But, still happy with Britney. (: And so excited for Janelle! I can’t even believe she’s back! 

  18. How many will there be in the Big Brother house this season? Why was Rachel putting on eye makeup if she left the house?

  19. can someone explain how the spoiler says 18 house guests but the 12 with 4 mentors and 2 from survivor and 1 from amazing race make 19…….

  20. It looks like Rachel and Janelle’s legs, no clue on the guys….but that’s my guess.

  21. An “epic” player would be Jeff or Brendon…..Jeff definately fits into the discription with Brendon sooo close behind…But we have to wait and seee

  22. i love big brother but why did the already begin the game, noone should be in the house till thursday night

  23. mentors seem to be a lack of faith in their cast…so maybe next year will be all new? but probably not I smell an allstars coming…which is why we need a two season year to happen again…..

  24. It wouldnt come as a shock if a CBS reality show claims to have their “biggest cast ever” in one of their season and then turning out it has the same amount as a previous one.. Survivor Samoa was advertised as “Biggest cast ever” and it only had 20, same as Micronesia, Cook Islands and Palau (Fiji had 20 too, but one went wacko and didnt actually play so it had 19).

  25. im sorry that they vote you off. i hope to see you at the fin and win that money. from john

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