Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Week 9 Veto Competition Results

Big Brother Power of Veto

The Big Brother 14 Power of Veto competition has finished and we have discovered who holds the power to veto one of this week’s nominees.

Today’s Veto will help decide whether or not the Quack Pack’s remaining members all move on to the next round. If Jenn wins it then another Quacker falls, but considering Dan is still in the mix he may be able to negotiate getting out which ever HG best serves his needs. Will he turn on his fellow QP’ers? Of course. The question is “when?”.

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Read on to find out who won the Veto and what that could mean for the game this week.

Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Week 9 Veto Competition Results:

  • Shane won the Veto Competition.

With just five people left in the game everyone participated in this week’s Veto comp.

Feeds returned after 3.5 hours of Trivia, but HGs revealed the competition only lasted about 5 mins. Jenn went to sleep while the other 4 HGs hung out in the kitchen. It took about 30 minutes but Ian whispered congratulations to Shane. Now we’ll have to wait and see if Shane will use it, the obvious decision, or will he be worried that Danielle goes up in his place and is mad at him. He probably feels confident about his chances, but I wouldn’t with Dan on the loose.

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The Big Brother 14 Veto ceremony is expected to be held on Monday and we’ll know for sure then if it’s used. Stay close by and we’ll share those spoilers.

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? Should it be used at the ceremony?



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    • Lol do you guys seriously think that Ian is going to put up Dan. No way Ian doesn’t know how to play his own game.

      • Are you kidding, Ian has won hoh 3 times now. He got frank out, Dan put him on the block, during his one hour hoh. Ian came back, won the veto, then turned around and won hoh again. This kid played boogey like a violin, played Frank like a Violin, had Brit wrapped around his finger, and you think he can’t play. Really?

      • I said he can’t play his OWN game. Everything he did was for the QP. When you think about it Ian has made some dumb moves. Why would he let Frank and Boogie know he betrayed him. Also keeping Frank would have been a good thing for him to do if he was smart enough to realize that Dan is the reason Brit went home and he is coming for him. Why would Ian want to take Dan to the F2. Jenn would be a much better choice and assure his victory. No one in the QP is going to take Ian to F2 but if he saved Frank and Jenn they would at least consider it. Ian is going home next week so bye bye Ian.

      • Everyone has made some unwise moves but Ian is letting the QP blind his judgement. Plus you really don’t think Ian won’t be gone next week after the whole house gangs up on him.

      • Keeping Frank would not be a good move for anyone except Boogie, and he was already gone. And what is wrong with him staying loyal to the QP? Many of the recent winners won because they were loyal to an alliance. We shall see what happens though…

      • because it was very clear during the double eviction that Dan had the intention to evict Ian? If ian hadn’t won that veto, he would have been in jury house by now. Staying loyal to the QP means S/D/D will all gun after Ian at final 4 (where he can’t play HOH) instead of having a side alliance with Jenn and getting rid of Dan/Danielle. Ian is plain stupid.

      • I couldn’t have put this better myself. The Quack Pack, even though 4 of the 5 members are still around, is DONE. Ian saw to that when he showed how willing he was to stab his old alliance in the back. I’m not dismissing backstabbing…it’s the most important skill to have in this game…but he played his cards too early. Now, Ian’s only shot is to win veto again. If Ian was a good player he would have nominated Dan and Shane and made an alliance with Jenn. Ian NEEDS to target Dan, since Dan’s the only one who can beat Ian come jury time, and Dan (being an intelligent player) is certainly coming after Ian.

      • I don’t think that Dan could beat Ian if they are the last two. Too many of the jury members hates Dan. Ian is pretty well thought of. Besides, Ian is the one that got out Boogie and Frank. Boogie was one of the best players in B.B. history. Think about it…no way Dan will win it all…still want him in the last two with Ian.

      • uh.. Dan doesn’t want Ian anywhere near final 2. Dan/Danielle/Shane are all gunning after Ian next week and it is very apparent. Ian is fked next week unless he wins veto. Also, Dan has a great persuasion skill that will work well with the jury. He has won this game 7-0 before. Also, Ian taking out Frank did him no good at all; instead, now he is public enemy number 1. oh and Boogie is a worthless and clueless player that everyone overrates (and I disagree about Boogie being the best BB player ever; in fact far from it) and everyone wanted Boogie gone that week so it wasn’t hard for him to become the “rat” and worked for the QuackPack.

        All Ian knows what to do is kiss the QPs and Dan’s ass, even when Jenn told him yesterday that they should be in an alliance together because she’s got nobody. Ian is a horrible player imo and will lose if he loses the next veto comp. I guarantee it 100%.

      • Ian should have put Dan & Danielle on the block together..That would be the sur way to rid the house of Dan..
        Shane will win the HOH next & he will put Ian & Dan on the block..Ian will save himself and bye bye Dan..

      • yep;;an Dan knows this –its why he wants to back door Ian—–with Ian winning this last HOH–they say he is diff, one of the 4 —does this mean Dan can;t put him up any more,,is he really safe”

      • I was hoping Ian was playing dumb and would shock us all by putting Dan up, but apparently he was not playing dumb, obviously by putting Jenn up.

      • It would be a good move to stick with an alliance if they were actually loyal to each other. Each member of the QP has done something to personally not help one of their members. Ian was letting Dan take heat for him but he still wants the QP around even though there’s no loyalty and he gets taken advantage of.

      • outsmart? more like outdumb. targeting Jenn in the final 5 is one of the most stupid moves I have seen on the show.

      • There is no such thing as a backdoor past Final 7. Everyone plays in the veto regardless. I also do not think that Danielle will take Shane over Dan. Danielle has been kissing Dan’s ass since Day 1. If she were against Dan she would have ratted Dan out by now.

        Nevertheless, I’m 100% certain that Ian is dumb and he is targeting Jenn. If his real target is Dan he should have put up Dan/Danielle or Dan/Shane. He should never have put up Jenn.

      • It’s too late. Even if Dan goes up tomorrow, his asskissers Danielle and Shane will vote Jenn out. This season is just full of smart people. I actually feel sorry for Jenn. If these people had a brain she would’ve made it to the final 3 easy.

      • Ian may very well be playing to take Dan to F2 ! Look at who is in the jury! Do you think they would give Dan his second win if he sits next to Ian ? Every one of them was screwed by Dan & knows it , except maybe Ashley but she’s gonna hear Frank’s side of things . Dan would have to have a masteminded speech to win against Ian . ( but i’d still relish a good old fashioned backdoor if Ian sees fit to do so !)

      • You could be right but Ian doesn’t know about the back stabs and he definitely doesn’t know that Dan is trying to get rid of him.

      • Sure wish that Shane or Jenn would tell Ian that Dan wants him off…than Ian could be on his guard, and try to get the others to send Dan packing.

      • I dont hate Ian in fact I liked him until he wanted to form the wack pack alliance and became obsessed with it and forgot about his own game. He was pretty much expendable to them.

      • He wont do it because he really wants Jen gone and he knows Danielle and Shane are taking each other to the final 2.

      • Guess your right on that…On B.B.A.D. Dan was going around telling everyone to vote Ian off than Shane…too bad the ones he wants off wins H.O.H. and the veto. Sure hope that Dan does not win H.O.H. this week. I don’t want to see Ian leave.

      • Also Ian never played Frank because he knew he was coming for him. Dan is the one that played Frank and he is playing Ian right now. He was the one that was wrapped around Britney’s finger. Ian is only luck because he won that ball from the machine.

      • cdavidh its not that hard to get rid of a player like boogie/frank who everyone in the house wanted out. and ian is a player who thinks Dan will take him to the final 2. please tell me how he is a good player if he fails to realise that Dan clearly has an alliance with Danielle and will take her to the end instead? Britney already warned Ian not to trust Dan. yet he is still being an idiot wanting to save the stupid QuackPack and waste his HOH on Jenn. What a pathetic player he is.

      • When will the fans learn that HoH wins actually hurt you in the beginning of the game? Out of 12 seasons (I don’t count season 1 since the rules were so drastically different), only 1 winner has won HoH as much as Ian has at this point in the game- Rachel…and she wouldn’t have won her season without the producers’ help. They key to winning Big Brother is to make and influence alliances without making a big splash, not to win every competition you can.

        He DID have Frank and Boogie wrapped around his finger, that much is true…but that makes him all the more stupid for wanting to get rid of them. He needed to get rid of Frank eventually, but he shouldn’t have turned on him so soon.

      • You think Ian got Frank out? Dan knew Frank would get the blood on his hands to get Brittney out while eliminating someone who was a good competitor and protected Ian since he couldn’t get to Ian. Killing two birds with one stone. Then he manipulated Ian to put up Frank when he did not want to all the while convincing Frank he was just a pawn. He orchestrated Frank’s demise. Now he’s doing the same thing with Shane and even could convince him and Ian he doesn’t need to use the veto!.He would be totally blindsided when he gets voted out. Then the sights could be on Ian again.

      • Ian,is playing his game..Not Dans..wait and see..Shane will save his own butt also…The head of the Quacker Family..will line his little quackers up and march them out the door 1 by 1….GO IAN !!

      • IF Ian is so smart, he will have seen through Dan’s “game” long ago..and has been keeping it to himself..In any case..I don’t like Ian. He’s just an immature brat. As for Dan..he has lost my respect. A person gives their word, they need to HONOR it! He made it clear that his integrity doesn’t amount to a hill of beans and he disrespected his wife as well by using her in his lies!

      • I know the reason I want those two gone is because they both back stabbed people that did their best to help them out and Ian was acting like a hypocrite when Frank put up Brit

    • My wish for him to win has come true! I can now only hope that Ian makes the right decision to put Dan up like he wanted to initially but which Dan talked him out of!!! Come on Ian…don’t let Dan make your decision to do otherwise!

    • not ian, hes the happiest quack packer cause he doesn’t know about jenns deal with dan and dani

      • All Dan would tell him is that it was a fake deal like the final three Ian has already told them he made with Joe. If Ian is smart I would definitely keep Dan in the house as it would definitely give Ian the $500,000 if Dan and Ian go Final Two because no one in jury would give it to Dan. They will not vote for him because they are angry that they got outplayed and Dan has already won one time.

      • Not necessarily. The jury house tends to mellow people out. Plus, by the time they get to the end, they usually tend to vote for the player with the best game, unless they were Natalie from BB11. And Dan’s played the best game in Big Brother history this season.

      • exactly ! Dan has played this game better than anyone in the house now and the ones already gone. It is a game after all right ? If you ask me , other than Dan , none of them deserve to win. Especially Jenn!

      • Ian,has play a better game than Dan..Dan floated thru on every one else shirt tails….Dan & Danielle only eat & sleep & just laid around..Now that Ian has cleaned the house out of Dan,s enemies..He (Dan) thinks he is Goliath..Well the little guy, still has a good aim with his slingshot…

      • Dan is a floater? Have you not seen him win 2 competitions in the last 2 weeks? Didn’t you see him convince his biggest enemy to take him off the block? The only 2 players in the house, including evicted HouseGuests, who were less of a floater than Dan were Ian and Frank.

        I understand you don’t like the guy, but exaggerations never help an argument.

      • I’m totally team Dan, but I think if it’s Ian & Dan in final 2 Ian would win despite Dan having played an amazing game because Ian has also played a decent game, without making sour (Brit & Frank). Ian would have Brit, Frank Ashley and Joe’s votes. Probably Jenn’s and possibly Shane. I like Ian though so I’d be ok. Regardless Dan getting to F2 is still an amazing feat for a previous winner. Put him against Jenn and he’s laughing.

      • Dunno about that.. Dan has played the best social lying game, yes… He wanted Janelle to stay and lost that battle… Ian has won more competitions and has lied a little less. Right now, I would have to say Ian gets Joe, Britt, Ashley and Franks votes.. Leaving Shane (toss up but I still think he votes Ian for him winning 3 HOH and a veto when he needed it the most), Danielle and Jenn to vote for Dan. The other thing is, at the jury house.. all the secrets are revealed and more of Dan’s lies will be unfolded.

      • I agree with everything you’ve said here, Anon. The jury members seem to vote for who played the best, not who offended them the least, as they should vote. In Natalie’s case, I think she lost because Jordan was just so likeable, and Jordan had a lot of friends in jury.

        If it comes down to Dan vs Ian…Britney and Ashley vote Ian, Danielle and Jenn vote Dan. I think Frank will vote for Dan. Shane and Joe are toss-ups but I think Shane votes for Dan, Joe votes for Ian. In any case it should come down to the three men.

      • That’s what I’ve been saying all along.Those two really need too go to the end together in order for Ian too win….Dan has screwed over too many H.G. and they all know it now.So Ian would win in a heart beat.

      • Yeah, wasn’t Frank a part of that and look what happened to him. Deals mean nothing especially in this season.

    • Everyone is pretty safe thanks to Ian. Quack Pack
      forever! Next week will be a different story as Ian
      cannot play for HOH! They will try again and maybe,
      this time, Ian does not get off the block and then, he
      will finally go to the jury house!

      • I see this scenario happening as well, unless production tips the next Veto in Ian’s favor. As Frank taught us, you can’t run from the Reaper forever.

  1. He must put dan up – this means Shane and Daniel vote him out – Shane then wins next HOH – Ian goes home unless he wins POV – if Ian wins POV – he wins final HOH and takes Jenn to final two

      • Then Ian is a major social idiot. Dan won’t take Ian to the final 2. Ian is the only one that can beat Dan with the jury, and Dan knows it. Getting rid of Dan now is Ian’s best bet.

    • Ian said the Quack Pack cannot eat one of its own.
      I guess he forgot the Quack Pack ate Brittney for
      lunch. Wasn’t it just Ian who voted to keep Brittney
      safe? The rest of them voted to evict Brittney but, I
      guess he does not remember that!

  2. Okay, now Shane goes off and who goes in as
    replacement? Ian said he will not put up Dan. If that
    is true then, that is a pretty dumb move! Perfect time
    now to backdoor Dan if Ian will use his head. If not then,
    Ian is toast next week with Shane, Danielle, Dan going
    after him and he cannot play for HOH! I am assuming
    Jenn gets evicted this week! We will know soon enough
    when the veto ceremony comes who will be put on the
    block, Danielle or Dan as there is no one left!

    • Why is that dumb not to put up Dan? Way I see it is regardless of whoever Ian puts up he’s number 1 on everyones hit list as soon as he looses a comp. At least if next week or in the final hoh comp if Ian ends up on the block with Dan he has a better shot (not much) compared to being on the block aginst any of the other hgs that are left.

  3. I am so glad Shane won POV. He was gone if he hadn’t won.
    I just hope he uses it. If he does, Ian could make another big
    move and put Dan up. If he doesn’t then I think Jenn is gone.
    If Dan talks him out of using the POV, Shane is a fool. Dan
    will see to it he is voted out. I hope he has learned he cannot
    trust Dan. Danielle might try to convince him not to use it, also.
    She will vote Shane out, too, I think. Taking Dan tot he F2 is
    giving him the money. If Shane manages to get to the F2, I
    think he will win. If Ian makes it to the F2, I think he will win.
    Dan really wants to take Jenn to the F2 because he is strong
    in his belief no one will vote for her. Usually the jury votes
    for the best player despite their dislike of the person. This year
    may prove different. There is a lot of bad feelings towards
    Dan, and a lot of immaturity in the HGs. Can’t wait to watch

  4. Dan…stay OUT of Ian’s ear and far away!!! Ian, IF Shane somehow ends up in the BB Jury house, you’re SCREWED!

  5. if Ian wants to finally make a BIG MOVE AND do something (yes he won three HOH, one was handed to him for saftey, and two where based on triva) and you all said production wanted Frank safe. But he needs to rally the troops and get Dan out, if he doesnt I dont see how he can win. Make the move Ian, I’m coming around on you a little bit, your still a little creepy but, rock that boat!

    • Honestly, I think whatever Ian does he is everyones next target, and would probably win against anyone in the finals. I actually think it’s better to keep Dan yeah he will probably not take him to the final 2 but at least if he is up on the block against Dan he has a better chance of staying next week, and especially if Shane uses the veto and is there next week.

  6. If Ian keeps Dan, it’s because he believes as a final2 with him, he’ll win since Dan already won the 1/2 mil before. Ian believes (probably) that he’s more popular with the rest of gang than Dan is.

    • Problem is Dan will get rid of Ian at first chance…& convince everyone else they can’t win against Ian.

    • If Ian keeps Dan he is screwed. Dan will get rid of him if he has a chance because Dan knows he has no chance of winning with Ian in the F2.

      • Agree, but really he is screwed with anyone left in the house. I think at least maybe if Ian ends up on the block with Dan I think he has a better chance of staying especially since Shane is there next week (assuming he uses the veto), because Shane is not the tighest with Shane compared to Dani and Jenn.

      • Absolutely Correct! The ONLY person(s) that Dan would have a good chance with, is Jen. (Maybe Danielle)

      • I disagree entirely. The ONLY person(s) that can beat Dan in the Final 2 is Ian (maybe Shane) and Dan might beat Ian too if 2 of the 3 men (Frank, Shane, and Joe) vote for the most deserving player. There is absolutely no way Danielle will win this game unless she’s facing Jenn. Jenn has no chance at all.

  7. Shane uses the Veto=Ian must put up Dan.
    Shane doesn’t use the Veto=Shane is an idiot, Shane should go home lol

    • Ian will put up Danielle, although the obvious choice is Dan. Fortunately for Dan fans, Ian’s not the best of Big Brother players.

  8. YES!!!! I Hope Dan gets put up as a renom!!!! These guys have to start remembering that not only are the “mentors” getting 20 grand as opposed to the other’s stipend; Plus, throw in the fact that Dan already HAS won 500K; the choice should be simple…..

    • The coaches gave up the $20,000 when they chose to play and hit the reset button. Right now, the only money anyone has is what they’ve won in the house.

      • Not true. During the week when Boogie was leaving, he said, “36 grand isn’t so bad”…. 20 + the 16 he won in Comps.

      • No, joey, maybe Boogie didn’t understand that but I remember Julie saying if they joined the game they would forfeit the $20,000. Remember, Boogie didn’t hit the reset button but if just one coach did they were all in the game. Boogie probably thinks he’ll get it because he didn’t hit the button.

      • Boogie mentioned that they, the Mentors, would receive 20K as their Stipend; no matter how long they lasted… Almost like an “Appearance Fee” (choke)

  9. Shane should use veto & Ian backdoor Dan FINALLY. Dan is only coach left and he’s won BB before. Shane should win HOH put up Danielle & Jenn then Danielle go or Jenn finally win HOH lol and put shane & danielle up and vote shane out. Ian has been doin much better than those two girls & I think he would have better chance to win without dan or shane there.

  10. I, honestly, think Shane could be mentally challenged. Shane is cute, but he acts so darn strange and something about him screams serial killer.

    • There is something wrong with him, he is so socially challenged. Says the most ridiculous stuff all the time. I was really hoping he would be leaving this week. As Shane kept saying over and over last week..”Oh, Mylanta!”

      • That would be so funny if Shane did
        that! To be evicted when he had the
        POV and not use it would be so hysterical!

    • You never know. I used to work with a very nice guy.
      Even the women loved him. About a year ago, he
      went missing from our office but, he had his family
      pictures and someone said he retired. Not really.
      About two weeks after, it was on the front page
      of the Los Angeles Times. Our office mate it turns
      out is a serial killer. Police matched his DNA to
      the murders of 4 women. They believe he may have
      killed more. He ultimately pled guilty after professing
      his innocence to some of our office mates who
      visited him in jail!

    • I agree… I’ve said from the beginning there’s something about him that rubs me the wrong way. I don’t dislike him but I don’t like him either if that makes sense. I just haven’t figured out what it is though.

    • I wouldn’t go so far as to say serial killer…But I think it’s probably that he’s a closet case, in & out of the house.

  11. Here’s what should happen this week. shane takes himself down and ian puts up danielle. then shane and danielle realize that danielle is a crazy psychopath and vote her out. then next eviction dan wins puts jenn and ian up. ian wins pov and sends jenn to jury.

    • This doesn’t make sense. Sorry. “then shane and danielle realize that danielle is a crazy psychopath”? How will that happen? I don’t think Danielle will ever think she is a psychopath. Have you gotten the names mixed up?

  12. Lets actually see if Shane even uses the veto, he has in the past numerous times asked to be a pawn. And he really thinks he was safe as long as Jenn didn’t win the veto. And Ian wont put up Dan he would put up Danielle and has already told that to Danielle because theirs a chance ppl would vote out Dan while no one would vote her out.

    • if he does not use the veto he deserves to go to jury for being so stupid. its better to control your fate yourself then rely on someone else.

      • Totally agree, but I honestly can see him not using it. Because he doesn’t want to piss Danielle off, and he thinks he’s safe regardless. That would be pretty hilarious if they convince him not to use it?

      • Not gonna lie-I kinda hope he doesn’t use it, Dan votes to evict Shane, Danielle votes to evict Jenn, Ian sends Shane home. The Dani loses Jenn too! That’s my ideal hope.

      • hahaha that was hilarious, that was actually way worse then what Marcellous did in season 3 and didn’t use the veto. Lawon asked to be evicted thinkin he get some power hahahah

    • Dan will probably tell him not to use it as he is safe.
      Must not arouse any suspicions you are aligned
      with me (Dan). Shane does not use the veto and
      gets evicted. Now, that would be so stupid like one
      player on Survivor who gave away his immunity idol!

      • That was the dumbest move ever made in BB history. Safety in the palm of his hand and he screws it up. The guy must STILL be embarrassed over that one!

      • hahah yeah and at least if Shane did it to Marcellous wouldn’t be alone and take some heat off of him. lol

  13. I’m not sure who I want to get the money. However, I’m certain that I don’t want Danielle to get the cash. Danielle did well, I believe, for two or three weeks and she has floated since then. Danielle and Jenn are in the same boat and wearing matching life vest.

    • Danielle probably will get to Final 2 and get that 2nd
      prize of $50,000 which is not such a bad deal as
      she did not really play the game that much!

      • $50,000 for a summer of whining, crying and self adoration. That’s good money for something that comes so easy for her.

  14. It seems a lot of ppl on here want Ian to put up Dan. Wishful thinking on y’all part because it’s not going to happen. Ian wants Jenn gone because he feels she doesn’t deserve to be there and has floated her way there so if he has to renom someone it will be Danielle because he fears that Dan will be voted out. Also, Ian knows that it’s best to keep Dan in the house because Dan could possibly be his best choice in winning the grand prizein the end. If Ian goes up against Danielle or Shane he could very well loose big time.

    • Dan is not gong to take Ian to Final 2. If Jenn goes
      this week then, it will probably be Danielle who Dan
      takes to the Final 2. They will move to evict Ian next
      week since, he cannot play for HOH. If Ian does not
      win POV then, he is evicted to the jury house! And
      Dan, Shane and Danielle will make it to Final 3.
      Danielle probably is in the best position because
      both Shane and Dan will want to take Danielle to
      Final 2!

    • When you think about it Danielle hasn’t really done much either. She just got lucky she joined a shitty alliance.

  15. Yeah Shane won the POV, and if he doesnt use it on himself he is an idiot! I think Ian wants Dan to be with him in the F2, I think that he thinks he can beat him at the end.. We have to remember that he did make 2 big moves this season, getting Boogie out and then Frank, if he did get Dan out, he could be remembered as the HG that got out 3 big players.. I hope he puts Dan up but who knows in this crazy season!!

  16. Ian.. You need to make a big move and get Dan out. You should replace Shane with Dan and talk hard with Dani and Shane. I believe this is the only way Ian will stay in game, otherwise Dan will make sure he is the next to go!

    • Ian done as soon as he looses a comp regardless if Dan’s out. nobody wants to sit next to him in the finals. Personally I think he would win hands down aginst everyone. Maybe not Dan he still have a good shot but I think it would be closer. But if I was Ian and I did loose a comp I would way rather be sitting next to Dan on the block compared to any of the other hgs.

  17. If Ian is as smart as he thinks he is (he may be, well see) he will use this opportunity to backdoor Dan. It is his last chance to get rid of Dan. If Dan wins last HOH he will NOT take Ian to final 2 because Ian is the only one who might beat him in final 2, in fact Ian would likely beat him.

    Ian’s problem is that Danielle will vote to keep Dan so Ian will have to persuade Shane to evict Dan, maybe promise a final 2 which he keeps since he beats Shane easy in final 2.

    • Ian’s ego is to big, he wants to take Dan to the final 2 and say that he beat one of the greatest players ever head to head instead of doing the smart thing and taking Dan out now.
      Which Ian would do, but Ian has his work cut out for him after they get to the final four because everyone will be gunning for him because off them know they can’t beat him.

  18. Obviously Shane is going to use the veto, he’s not going to pull at Marceses from season 3 and stay on the block. So with that said, Dan or Danielle goes on the block next to Jenn. Now would be the best time for Ian to show the jury he deserves to win BB14 by backdooring Dan. Hopefully then Shane will vote to evict Dan with Ian breaking the tiebreaker sending Dan packing. However I wouldn’t be surprised to see Danielle go up instead of Dan.

    • Don’t be so suprised if he doesn’t though he has asked to be put up as a pawn twice already this season. And going into the veto he was completely confident that as long as Jenn doesn’t win he would be safe.

    • You mean Marcelles lol. Lawon did something stupid last year as well, thinking there was super powers or something. I think he volunteered to be on the block.

      Most of the black males big brother puts on the show is gay and not intelligent at all. The females however are good. Danielle, Monica, and Kalia all were great players.

      • LOL..Lawon is STILL looking for those super powers. He believes if he finds them he’s back in the game.

      • Oh yeah lol. Was this before or after Brendan came back? People started to over think their games after that.

      • Yes I said Marcelles, I can’t spell today. As for Lawon, he thought there was a special power and he wouldn’t be evicted so he wanted to be on the block. Instead it was a second chance deal where Brendan came back into the house

  19. Lol do you guys seriously think that Ian is going to put up Dan. No way Ian doesn’t know how to play his own game.

  20. If Ian backdoors Dan, who will vote him out. Everyone thinks they have a final deal with him. All idiots

      • You’re absolutely right! Frank never cheated! The frank haters spin it that way but they just can’t stand the fact that he made it so far being honest. Now that takes skill, especially when so many were against him.

      • Yeah all the Frank haters were just hating on him from day one making up bs just cause they didn’t like him. Even going as far to say that Production saved him many times. Similar situations happened for Ian but now they have nothing to say.

      • Umm…have you been watching the live feeds? Frank ADMITTED to Boogie
        that he cheated before a Veto by palming a “HouseGuests Choice” token
        and pretending to randomly pull that token from the bag. Let’s also not
        forget that Frank was GONE in week 3, but he was saved after Willie got
        himself kicked out (during which time, by the way, Big Brother would not
        allow Willie to go to the Diary Room to talk to the producers and calm
        himself down) and the evictions for that week were cancelled. Then
        there’s the time Shane told Danielle that the producers told him
        directly to not put up Boogie or Frank…

        But yes, production has helped save Ian and Dan as well. Those 3 are the season’s most popular players, so a little bit of cheating from the producers is to be expected, but Frank certainly received more help than the rest of the house.

      • Their is nothing wrong with production wanting someone to stay the problem is if they actually physically stop someone else from being able to win and they don’t do that so I don’t think production cheats. Where does the big brother rules say you can’t palm a token. I don’t recall Julie saying anything about it ;)

      • I disagree. Once this game gets tipped in the favor of one or more players, it loses its legitimacy and ultimately its interest. It would be like having the referees of a major league sporting event support the team that earns the league the most money.

        If it had been Joe receiving the special favors from production, would you still be ok with it?

      • Like I said as long as it doesn’t stop other players from being able to win then I would be O.K. with it. Sure I don’t really want to see favoritism with production but at the same time I don’t see it as cheating. Just my opinion.

  21. There’s no way that Ian is going to put up Dan as replacement. He already told Danielle she would go up for replacement before the veto because no one would vote her out compared to Dan that there is a chance.

    • If Ian cared more about his game than the QP he would win this game but like the rest of the house he is playing for Dan.

      • Totally agree with you, but at the same time Ian is in a tough spot regardless everyone wants him to be out next. Especially, since Shane if he uses the veto will be there next week now, and probably Jenn would go home. If Shane or Dani wins hoh I think his chances are better if he is up on the block aginst Dan than Dani or Shane not much though. But none of that matters because Dan is an BEAST at this game!

      • I think he believes his game IS the QP. His baby and he plans to rock it all the way to F2. This whole house is delusional.

  22. Ian may not put up Dan because Dan took the heat for Ian when Mike B. was asked to “step”. But Ian wants to be the villian so we really don’t know what’s going to happen.

  23. I don’t think Shane is a sdumb as he would have us believe…Some days back he and Ian were having a conversation and he said that he knew he would eventually have to cut DANI…So seems like Shane has plans of his own..without the excess baggage of Daniell…We shall see…

  24. Ian should now make the biggest move of the season and backdoor Dan. Dan has final 2 with everyone except Shane I’m sure he will try now since Shane won POV. I hope he gets caught.

    • Daniell has a final 2 with everyone but IAN ..I think..if she made a deal with him I missed it..

    • At this point I want him to win since he is the least douchey. I kind of want Dan to win but I’m still mad about what he did to Frank but I’ll forgive him if he does the same thing to Ian.

      • Kind of sad when “least douchey” is our criteria for picking a winner. That’s what makes this season so hard.

    • Not likely ! Ian will never do a big move without Dan’s approval, it’s so predictable he will put up Danielle. Joe was the only one I think that would have had the guts 2 put up Dan.

      • Joe and Shane talked alot about getting rid of Dan…Maybe Shane and Ian need to have a heart to heart chat…

  25. First and foremost Ian is a student of the “game”. Although he has a hero worship thing going with Dan, surely he will realize this is his chance to get the best player out. As a Dan fan myself this seems like the best and only move for Ian.

  26. Right now, I believe Ashley, Britney, Frank, and maybe Joe will vote for Danielle to win. Believe it or not, I believe Danielle could win and it would be stupid to take her to the finals

    • Well of course why do you think Dan was trying to keep Jenn. Dan was thinking ahead unlike the other morons.

      • I think that’s what i admire about Dan….(please be gentle with the hate)….His ability to think ahead. Whether you hate him or love him he has the ability to think beyond the next HOH.

    • Danielle is only good for 2nd place. That is the
      reason you take her to the Final 2. Whoever
      played the best game in Final 2 will win that $500,000. That is the basis of the jury house members. It is not about who evicted or backdoored you. That is part of
      the game. They still have the integrity of the game at heart. A floater will not win that $500,000 unless, the
      other house guest is a floater who played even worst!
      The house guest who played the best game will win
      that $500,000!

      • Yeah but there have been house guests that take things personally and this season will be no different.

      • Out went the integrity of the game when Dan chose to do the bible and the swearing thing…….I like Dan, though.

      • I’m not sure this game EVER had integrity. Maybe a bit some years to a certain degree but a game based on double dealings would be hard pressed to have integrity.

      • They are in the minority and chances are will
        not be able to affect the outcome. Take last season where Danielle Donato used her
        puppets, Kahlia and Adam and her to try and
        deny Rachel Reilly the $500,000 because she
        hated her! One of her puppets still did the right thing and voted for Rachel Reilly and she
        won that $500,000. Majority of house guests
        will still do the honorable thing and vote for
        the most deserving player who played the

      • In the end, Rachel played her butt off and deserved to win. That was after Brendon was evicted, though. Regardless, she made it count when she needed it to count.

      • This is not last season and these are totally different players… No use comparing… They’ll be stewing in the jury house and I think people will hold grudges.

    • Thats could for sure be a possibility. I think Dan wants to be against Jenn first and second case scenario Dani. I can really see it going either way against Dani , and Dan can play the whole I did everything for her, which is true. Also, I don’t think that many hgs like her that much, like most of the ppl here complain about her I think the hgs think the same thing but just don’t say anything to her while there in the house.

      • Well Brittany has said she wanted her to win and I think Joe and Jenn(she’s getting evicted) will vote for her to win.

      • I think Brit would soon change her mind about Danielle winning if she knew Danielle had taken up knife throwing and she was the target.

    • That would be so funny if Dan manages to convince
      Shane not to use the Veto on himself. Shane then,
      gets evicted to the jury house. That would be a hoot!

  27. I don’t see why people think Dan cannot win against Ian in F2. I think Dan has played a far better game than Ian. Having seen all that I have if I were a jury member I would vote for him to win over Ian and I wouldn’t take into consideration that he has already won before. Unless you are underestimating the jury members and assuming that they will be petty enough to hold a grudge or simply give it to Ian out of sympathy then I think Dan has just as good a chance at winning as Ian and I think Shane could give them a run for the money too as he played a good physical game and alined himself with the right people and has no enemies. Of the remaining house guests Shane has won the most comps. Least likely to win are Jen and Danielle. Further more I think Ian is playing the exact same game that Dan played in his first season. Appearing to be weak making an alliance being loyal to it and then he starts winning comps and sending people home in the second half of the game. All I know is I wouldn’t count Dan out or assume he can’t win against any of the remaining house guests in F2 and I can’t wait to see it all play out.

    • Dan is the heavy favorite in my opinion to win that
      $500,000. I do not think Ian played as good a game
      as Dan has! For one thing Dan, has manipulated
      all of them in the Big Brother House including Ian.
      He only has to tell a jury that if he is in a Final 2 with
      Ian and that should be enough to seal it for him!
      That only thing standing in Dan’s way of collecting
      that $500,000 right now is Ian because if Ian decides
      to put Dan as replacement nominee, Dan is going to
      get evicted to the jury house! If Ian keeps Dan safe
      again this week, Ian will be evicted next week is my
      educated guess! Dan would be in the Final 3 then,
      and it will be probably too late to try and stop Dan!

      • I think Ian played a pretty good game. I think he did a good job at getting Boogie out….then arrogant Ian took over and ruined his game. Whether you like it or not, Ian has been winning the comps lately. Ian just needs to open his eyes and realize what Dan is doing. If he does not do it now, I’m not she he will have another chance to do so.

      • Ian is winning games lately, is becauuse,he,s brainy, I Ireally dont think Dan is smarter than Ian. Now where Ian srews up is his disability HOPE GOD SEES HIM THRU

    • Ian vs. Dan jury votes:
      Ian – Joe, Britney, Frank, Ashley, Shane
      Dan – Jenn, Danielle (unless evicted by Dan)

      Ian was/is a long shot to F2. If he makes it, he wins. Frank is holding a big-time grudge against Dan.

      • It’s not always about who you dislike least it about who you feel played the better game and in most cases that’s probably the person you dislike the most because they masterminded your demise.

      • Frank said he would petition against Dan if he is in F2. Frank also gave Ian some props. Frank will vote on emotion.

        In Brit’s interview, she adored Ian and said she would vote for him if he gets that far. She is not of fan of Dan, though he respects his game. Ian can argue he played just as well, especially if he is in F2.

        In Joe’s interview, he gave Ian a lot of respect for his gameplay and actually liked him a lot. Joe sees Dan as the guy who took him out.

        My predictions are based on their interviews with Jeff, but who knows what will change at the jury house.

      • I don’t know who Jeff is or the interviews that you are referring to but I’ll assume that they took place right after being evicted while emotions were still running high for them so like you say who knows what will happen in jury house when they’re all together comparing notes. Will they see all of Dan’s plays as genius or hate him even more who knows but if they truly vote on game play and not emotion Dan played a better game and Ian played a good game too but he played things safe in comparison to Dan.

      • I don’t agree I think Shane Danielle and Brit would vote for Dan and probably Jen. Ashley and Frank for Ian and I don’t know where Joe’s head is at but he’d probably vote with Shane. I guess we’ll see on finally night if it is in fact Dan vs Ian.

    • I agree with you. I wouldn’t count Dan out, but it wouldn’t be a slam dunk like in season 10 with Memphis. I’m a Dan fan, but I have to admit, Ian did pretty good in this game.

  28. I read on another site that Shane said the the hgs should go to bed early and leave Showtime (BBAD) hanging. Well, he sure isn’t my fan favorite. Just stupid for no reason.

  29. This is the perfect opportunity to backdoor Dan!!! Possibly the best… come on Ian, make the move.

  30. Glad Shane won the POV.
    Wish that he would use the POV on himself and then Ian puts up either Dani or Dan. They both really need to leave. Dani is so fake! She likes Shane and then acts like she doesn’t and now that all he does is bother her. Let’s be realistic. She wants him. Dan has already won before, would be nice to see someone win that is more deserving.

  31. Dani is very dangerous. I, for some reason, believe that she has two mothers because she was in the foster care system (her vivid imagination makes me think so) . Plus, I think she was trying to fake being drunk to get Shane to take advantage of her (dangerous person). Now, if that isn’t sad, please tell me what is.

    • I think Dani is more a danger to herself than others. All her neediness makes others want to avoid her. I know Shane is not playing with a full deck but at least he has been smart enough to keep her at bay. Danielle is her own worst enemy. If she would tone down the ….lets call it “avoidance of the truth”….and stop trying to glorify herself as the next “it” girl, she would probably have lots of friends. As it is, the girl may end up alone because of her attitude. Totally unnecessary but maybe a very needed wake up call.

      • LOL…I had to go to bed early last night….didn’t see you at church this morning…..were you the one in the purple flowered mou mou singing Amazing Grace while waving a pic of Danielle in the air? :)

  32. Please, BB gods, make Shane use veto on himself and Ian put up Dan and Dan gets evicted.

  33. Ian has to put Dan as a renom otherwise he will be out the door next week for sure. Why is it that those people are so hypnotized by Dan… geezzz…

    • Yeah, they are stupid for listening to every word Dan says, but you have to give Dan credit for being that good. If he stays this week you can’t tell me he doesn’t deserve to win again.

  34. I think Ian is playing a role as he has all season to baffle the “older” HGs and playing the kid card perfectly. He may be considering an alliance with Dan to take him to the final 2! BUT, he is smart enough to know that he is the least reliable ally a player could actually have. AND, he should probably realize that his kid card is good and that Dan has no chance with the jury! Whoever goes up in the possible final 2 with Dan will win easily and hands down. Joe would get the Jury vote if he was up against Dan. SO I expect little man to do the right thing and put out Dan. He has become a real competitor lately after sandbagging half the season, employing lies and manipulation to remain a real factor in the game. It is all comps now though. Don’t let your guard down because everyone here out has a realistic chance without an alliance to make the final 2. IMO jury votes for the 5 remaining HG’s are as follows. 1. Ian. 2. Shane. 3. Jenn. 4. Danielle. 5. Dan.

      • Dans BB life is over. Even if he makes final 2 he won’t win. SERIOUSLY. How many jury votes does he have? Britney? The funeral. FRANK? Nuff said. Ashley? Likes Frank. Joe? Wanted to tell on Dan to himself. And actually that moment is when Dan realized he had lost. His BS is front and center an he knows he has to win HOH or POV here out to remain in the game.

      • I’m not disagreeing with you but there is no way anyone would vote for Joe to win no matter how much they hate Dan he was the worst player I’ve seen since watching this show.

      • If Dan gets to Final 2. He will win it! None
        of the other house guests including Ian
        has played a better game than Dan. Dan
        has everyone manipulated to do as Dan wants! Dan will just remind the jury that everyone is in his pocket and does exactly
        as he tells him! Those in the jury house
        are more fair than you give them credit for and will vote for the best player who played the best game. The only way to deny Dan
        the win is to evict him before he gets to
        Final 3!

    • I think you’re underestimating the members of the jury. Historically, the jury has been impartial and rewarded gameplay above all else. Examples: giving the victory to Dr. Will despite being bitter over his manipulative strategy, and to Rachel last year because of her competitive ability despite her being a despicable human being. Dan is playing a very effective game – even Britney admitted that – and if they were to deny him a victory he deserved just because they don’t feel he should win twice, it would be a disservice to the game.

  35. No…they should put up Danielle – send Jenn home and let Quack Pack battle for positioning. That will make is very interesting. Team Dan!!

    • Yep thats exactley what Jenn was doing in the bb house, when no one knew who she was.She makes my minorities look bad,

  36. Once Shane takes himself off the block, Ian will probably put up Danielle, although if he used his brains, he’d backdoor Dan. The kid has a great opportunity. What do you bet he blows it??!!

  37. would love to see dumbielle ejected, it would be better than watching “days of our lives”. tammy fae baker on the hot seat!!!

  38. FINALLY !!! the Demise of Dan!! Don’t think for one moment that Ian is a retard. He has studied the game for years. He wants to knock off another 12point buck. He only can choose between Dan and Daniel. My thought is that Jenn will rat out Dan for his deal with her to the f2, in order to save her skin. Ian will then find out Dan said the same thing to Shane. Remember Ian knows first hand that he wanted Shane out this week. That will come out. Daniel is too dumb to realize that Dan is married and does care about winning the 500k. Dan will not be able to stop his downfall this time.
    Ian puts up Dan. Daniel turns on Jenn and votes her out. Shane sends Dan packing and Ian claims yet another Big Kill in Dan.
    So bye bye Mr weasel Dan. Who has no game! He can’t win anything accept mind games on the 4 houseguests! The show is finally worth watching again!!!!!!!

  39. So I was making a pie listening to BBAD from the other room. Did I hear Dumbielle correctly? She made a statement that she can’t drink dark liquids because of her kidneys? Really? Of all the anatomy & physiology courses I’ve taken I NEVER heard of that. Never even heard of it at work. I don’t know where this girl comes up with all this crazy stuff. Has anyone heard of that from any other resource?

    • I googled it and found nothing. Oh she has asthma, as well. Her asthma is so bad that she passed out once. However, she can do all of the physical challenges and her asthma does seen to bother her then. She uses an inhaler, as well. Never seen the inhaler, though.

      • Haha, I thought I heard something about asthma too. If I heard it right it was regarding smoking pot and she said she couldn’t because of her asthma. Let me just say this: umm….wrong :-)

      • I’m an asthmatic and what people do not
        realise is that if you have asthma, you feel
        like dying when you have a severe attack
        because you need air badly but, cannot get
        enough of it. However, once, you are able to overcome it with medication and rest, you are
        back to your usual self and can do vigorous
        things like exercise. Just saying that Danielle
        may be telling the truth on her asthma. If she
        gets an asthmatic attack, she cannot compete
        obviously but, other than that, she is fine!

  40. i think ian finally saw the light tonight. he was rocking on the hammock sayin they’r going to cut me then he said “the mist the mist” maybe he can find someway out of this.

  41. oh please and the jackass is a nurse,really making all the good nurses look really bad. i feel bad for the way they treat jenn it is sad,she could have played that drinking game no one asked just sad if they dont like you ……………you just dont even matter sad but that is real life . please jenn at least tell these assholes how you really feel about them because you could really get them city style oh please tell dani what you really think of her it would be priceless..

    • Just a little bit ago they showed Jenn sitting inside alone. She looked pissed. I thought she was gettin’ ready to self-evict or self-explode on those idiots!

    • i agree i have always felt sorry for her,because she looks different. , she was prob. bullied in school by the mean girls.i think she just wants to fit in and no one will let her unless she wins something.

      • Well one thing about bb is a teaching lesson,How to scheme and lie, and to allinate people,who do their own thing. Children of America, should be proud. GOD BLESS THE USA.

  42. I like Ian, but, please! Enough with the rocking on the hammock and the Pokemon conversations! Production should really tell him to chill on the squeaky swinging. I fast forward every time they show this and am shocked at how much time the camera just sits there watching him rock/swing back and forth and back and forth. The Pokemon conversations are almost as annoying. Ian can be very interesting, and I don’t recall him being obsessed with the hammock until the past 2 weeks or so. I know he didn’t have exclusive access to it when Janelle and Wil were there, because they were usually on the hammock. Does he not want to know what everyone talks about when he is zoning out?

    So as not to seem as though it is only Ian who bothers me, do the HGs not understand how loud and annoying their sloppy eating and crunching is? This is the first time I have commented on any of these forums, but I just can’t take it any more!! I watch all of the CBS shows, live feeds, and BBAD, but really feel it is time for us to break up. I’m glad the season is almost over.

    • LMAO I was just thinking the same thing. I hate when they leave a great conversation going on between the house guests and then go Ian on the hammock or Jen should sitting down lol

  43. Jenn should tell Ian and Shane that Dan made a deal with her and Frank, and spilled the beans about the quack pack- that could pave the way for a backdoor;)

    • Jenn should just rip the hg’s a new one. Obviously they are alienating her. But if I was her, heck I’d be glad to be in the opposite side of the house then them! UGGHHH! I feel Jenn’s frustration and anger and I just want to jump into that house and gang up with her on some of those stupid idiots! And I only say stupid idiots to keep it nice, PG rated & politically correct. But seriously, Jenn needs to do some major damage on the qp.

  44. in my opinion i think shane should use it then shane and dani get together with ian and backdoor dan oh god please move of the century

  45. Ian looked like he was losing it when he was rockin the hammock and talking all that jibber-jabber(Thanks Mr. T). Dan realized he’ll never get the jury votes because of the way he dirtbagged Frank and Britt. Jenn’s about to prove that Anger Management doesn’t work. Dani’s projecting her flaws on the past HGs more than usual and Shane, well in that peabrain of his, you can only tell he’s thinking when you see him blink more than 8 times a second. Fun Sat. night in the BB house.

  46. Hey did I miss something, but dont you all think Jenn will be going home next? One thing I,ve noticed about these people are cowards, and they wait for someone else to make big moves, Last double eviction Julie had to scold the houseguest because of srambling in huddle discussions during live broadcast. Dan might be the captain on this ship, but there,s just one different thing, :This captain hides behind his passengers, and will watch you sink. I believe Jenn knows this by now,she was a good passenger for Dan, to hook,line and sink. Bye Tiger Jenn

  47. Good lord. Now watch stupid Ian take out the “threat” Jenn. Say byebye to the $500,000 Ian.

  48. Danielle goes up during renominations. Jenn leaves by a 2-0 vote. Shane wins the next HoH competition, which will be physical, and puts up Dan and Ian. It doesn’t really matter who wins veto, as long as it isn’t Ian, but I think Dan wins it. Ian goes home. Dan wins the final HoH competition and evicts Shane. The jury votes 5-2 for Dan to win another $500,000.

    • I would love this scenario to play out!! All the Ian love is weird, the guy has played a decent game, but he has been torture to watch…so odd, and SO BORING! Bring it home again Dan! Although, I question if any jurors will actually vote for him to win, as he has screwed each one of them so viciously. The Frank screw was the worst, I still say he should have thrown Frank his vote to keep the blood off his hands.

  49. This is the best veto results I can imagine. Now, either Dan or Dani is to be nominated. So, if Dan was nominated, Jenn for sure will be “fired up” and called out Dan’s lies. I Dani is to be nominated, that up to Dan and Ian to decide the final vote. Whichever will the result be, Shane will then wake up and see who’s the biggest liar. He may then teem up with Jenn and Ian. Dan, welcome to the jury house!

  50. Jen needs to start spilling the beans about everything she has heard – especially to Shane about how she has been been mouthing him lately. Then tell Ian about how he was the target when Dan put him up on the block (but saved himself)…then Ian can renom Dan and send him packing!

    • Jenn has nothing to lose so, the best move for her
      assuming she has figured out that she will be evicted
      this week is to out Dan! Tell the whole house what Dan
      has done. If she does that, you never know, the rest of
      the house meaning Ian and Shane might decide to
      save Jenn. It may be a longshot as Ian wants to keep
      the Quack Pack safe including Dan but, if the dummies
      see the light and what that means for their chance at
      that $500,000 then, they might wise up and keep Jenn
      and evict Danielle!

  51. Jen needs to start spilling the beans about everything she has heard –
    especially to Shane about how Daniele has been been bad mouthing him lately.
    Then tell Ian about how he was the target when Dan put him up on the
    block (but saved himself)…then Ian can renom Dan and send him packing!

  52. Jenn ironically can turn the Big Brother House upside down
    if she figures out that she is being evicted! She has nothing
    to lose at this point. If she survives this week, she has a good
    chance at a Final 3 then, a Final 2 where she can get atleast,
    $50,000. Not too shabby for not much effort. So, Jenn needs
    to rat out Dan this time and expose Dan’s promise to Frank.
    That may be enough for Ian and Shane to consider Dan to
    be the serious threat he really is. If so, Shane and Ian might
    decide to evict Danielle as she is close to Dan! That sets it
    for a final showdown next week as Ian cannot play for HOH
    and Dan will be playing for HOH as well as Shane and who
    of Danielle or Jenn is still in the Big Brother House. Whoever
    wins HOH gets into Final 3 and has a huge decision on who
    to evict! Dan could then, be targeted if Shane or Jenn wins
    HOH. If Dan wins then, Dan is in the Final 3 for sure!

    • I agree. She should try to do something that before the veto ceremony; although Ian loves Dan and he will die for Dan so I don’t think it will be fruitful. Ian/Danielle/Shane are basically moles Allison Grodner planted in the house just so her beloved Dan will win again. Those three are major puppets+coattail riders with not a single brain amongst them three.

      • At this point, Jenn has nothing to lose. If she
        manages to save herself, that can be her argument
        that she played hard for herself and should get
        that $500,000 because she got herself all the
        way to Final 2. Probably not enough to win that
        $500,000 but, certainly a good enough point to
        win that $50,000!

      • Seriously I really dislike Ian. Every move he has made this week is wrong. It has been wrong ever since he told Boogie before he left the house that he was the rat. Like wtf? He is so overrated and I cannot stand how he thinks he is such a smart player and that he will be an all-stars (which he will because America’s taste is usually not my cup of tea lol).

      • I really dislike Ian. Ever since he told Boogie that he was the rat BEFORE Boogie left the house, I knew he was a crappy player. Then this week, he made all the wrong moves possible by nominating Shane/Jenn with the hopes of evicting Jenn????

        Of all people left in the house he targets the person with no real alliance left in the game and it was apparent. Fair enough if he wants to be with Dan in the final 2, but at least you would think he would nominate Danielle/Shane to oust one of them and have Jenn as 3rd place.

        He is so overrated and I hope to god Dan sends his arrogant ass to the jury. He has nothing to offer intellectually and strategically he is horrible. He is one of the most overrated players I have ever seen (so are Boogie and Jeff and Janelle), but whatever because America’s Favourites are hardly ever my faves. lol.

  53. Ian is blinded by his love for the QuackPack and Dan. He doesn’t play the game for himself… He is playing a game for Dan and the QuackPack. Targeting Jenn does him no good at all. Is he really that naive thinking Dan will go to the final 2 with him? Ian is a really bad player.

    Yesterday Jenn (which I feel is a much better player than Ian because everything she does is for her own benefit) went up to Ian and asked him for a deal and tried to allign with him. Ian then told Dan that they should just reveal the QuackPack to her. Like wtf?

    This kid is so overrated it makes me sick how people are praising him saying he is doing wonderful. He is playing a very dangerous game and if it weren’t for his veto win last Thursday, he would’ve been in jury house by now. I hope he loses next week’s veto just so Dan can send his arrogant ass packing.

  54. I like Shane…..BUT, I really don’t think he has the game play like Dan or Ian. If anyone goes up I hope it’s Danielle. Dan and Ian NEEDS to be the last two standing…

  55. this morning, shane was reading a card that he got when he won veto and it said he woul soon win a special luxury. anyone know what that means?

  56. Ian should realize that if he sends Dan home, the 500 g’s is his. No of the other players who would be left has accomplished even a quarter of what Ian has…. I don’t want Ian to win, but he will if he uses his giant brain to make this choice.

    • While i’d like to see Dan backdoored i just don’t know if Ian’s strategy isn’t to go F2 with Dan ! Consider the jury votes. Would they really give Dan the money for a second time if he is sitting next to Ian ?

      • I agree on backdooring Dan – but Ian would win against anyone left – would anyone really give the $ to Jen Daniele or Shane if they were sitting next to Ian?

  57. Pulling for Dan to shatter Dr. Will’s legacy into even more pieces, but should he go, I want Ian to win. at this point I’d still take Shane over Danielle and Jenn, the latter two really have no game and don’t deserve to be there, hoping for Jenn or at least Danielle to go home this week, otherwise if Dan leaves, this is Ian’s game to finish, which isn’t so bad, since he actually made some interesting moves, albeit some questionable and reckless moves for his game overall, but he is still there. so maybe that mad evil genius he claims to be? isn’t so far fetched, after all.

  58. Actually backdooring Dan would be a great move right now, and simple….. The veto comp has already been played so Dan would have no chance at trying to pull himself off, other than talking to all the house members into keeping him which I don’t think at this point would do him any good. If they have any sense at all they would knock out Dan and take Jenn knowing they will win standing beside her

  59. Does anyone think that Shane and Danielle could be engaged? Danielle sports a diamond ring on her right hand and they try very hard to stay appart but you can tell they act like a normal couple for a lot of the time. Also do you think Ian knew Britney before coming into the BBhouse? They became close rather quickly and made a final 5 for no appearent reason early in the season. Also Britney protected him more like an old friend or little brother. Plus Ian took it really hard when she was evicted.
    I hope Ian wins BB14 – Dan already won $500K and someone who swears on their bible, wedding ring and grandfather’s necklace for any amount of money has to be a little (I really mean a lot) crazy and should never be paid for doing something like this. How will he face his fellow catholic’s when he gets out of this house.

  60. I hope Shane uses the veto and Ian puts Dan up. Dan needs to go or he will be in the final 2 and I don’t think its right if he wins. He already won $500,000.

  61. I really hope Ian and the other newbies come to thier senses and evict / backdoor The Devil Dan. Why can’t they see they are all being manipulated!!! Especially when Dan talks about cutting Dani who has been loyal to him in the open. He’s obviously a rat and has already won. I hope the jury sees this if he lasts that long!

  62. Stupid if he doesn’t take him self off and they put Dan on the block. Votes should be no problem, geting rid of one of the two best players. They won’t get another chance. And Ian could probably floot home.

  63. Time to get Dan out so we can have a newbie that wins BB. If they do not backdoor Dan, they all deserve to lose.

  64. I seriously don’t think Ian feels that Dan is a problem. He seems to honestly believe everything Dad says to him. He’ll probably put Danielle up if Shane uses the POV. It will be interesting to see how Dan votes if it comes down to Danielle and Jenn sitting on the block. But – I do hope Ian wakes up and realizes that this is the one chance he has to get Dan out – PLEASE OPEN THE BACK DOOR AND KICK HIM OUT IAN……..

  65. Do you hear that? Its the universe, and its screaming “BACKDOOR DAN!!!”. They were too stupid to put him up initially, now they suddenly have a second chance. How anyone can still trust him at this point is beyond me.

  66. I hate Danielle so much that I would like nothing more than to watch her get nominated, sweat it out then get bounced out the door. Of course this isn’t going to happen, if they were smart they would get rid of Dan. No, the huge threat Jenn will go home which is stupid on their part because she was asleep half the season and isn’t great on comps.

  67. this is the a group of clueless houseguest ever
    only one that is thinking is Dan
    but even Dan didn’t do much “big picture” thinking
    He could have gotten to this same place with quack pack and could have had a lot less blood on his hand and as of right now Dan has pretty much pissed off all of the jury so far and to boot he has a Big brother win already. Maybe he is just playing for 2nd prize knowing he probably wouldnt get 1st place (unless you brought joe but no you kicked him out)

  68. Ian needs to stop trusting Dan and realize no wants to be with him in the final 2. For that to happen, Jenn needs to rat out Dan because this is her only play left or she’s going home unless Danielle or Shane make a play to backdoor Dan.

  69. WHAT’S NEXT???
    SHANE vs JEN – goodbye Shane
    DANIELLE vs JEN – goodbye Shane
    DAN vs JEN – ain’t gonna happen unless the others wake up, re-align with Ian and “backdoor” Big Dan.

    Regardless, Ian will win against any of these ‘jokers’ He just has to get to the Final2.

    Of course everyone wants to win… but there’s no shame positioning for second place. Good money for sitting on your ass all summer. I did it for free!

  70. Ian….please stop rocking back and forth wherever you are….it’s super hard to watch especially on the hammock!!!

  71. WHAT’S NEXT???
    SHANE vs JEN – goodbye Shane
    DANIELLE vs JEN – goodbye jen
    DAN vs JEN – ain’t gonna happen unless the others wake up, re-align with Ian and “backdoor” Big Dan.

    Regardless, Ian will win against any of these ‘jokers’ He just has to get to the Final2.

    Of course everyone wants to win… but there’s no shame positioning for second place. Good money for sitting on your ass all summer. I did it for free!

  72. I hope they backdoor Dan, he do not need win again…this was not his game in the first place!! It should have been the battle between the orignal house guest!!

  73. shane and Ian dumb and dumber
    matt Valdamort
    Danielle and Jenn Laverne and Shirley… B.B.A.D. has all of my favorite characters

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