Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 9 Saturday Highlights

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

The HGs are dwindling but the game continues in the Big Brother 14 house. Saturday brought the return of another Veto competition with interesting results that could bring back something we haven’t seen in a decade. With the remaining Quack Pack alliance controlling the vote things are going to come down to trust.

Read on to find out what happened in the house on Saturday.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, September 8, 2012:

9:00 AM BBT – HGs wake up, wander around, and then go back to sleep. Dan camera talks a little later that he’s made it to the final four. He must be very confident about the Veto.

11:00 AM BBT – Jenn and Danielle chatter at the table while the other HGs are in bed.

1:45 PM BBT – HGs relaxing around the house when Feeds go to Trivia for the Veto.

5:27 PM BBTLive Feeds return. Competition has been over for awhile. No one discussing the results.

6:00 PM BBT – Ian congratulates Shane on winning the Veto. There you have it.

6:55 PM BBT – Dan and Danielle discuss their best Final 3 options. Dan sounds worried about Shane going with them.

7:45 PM BBT – Dan camtalks to his wife and apologizes for not winning the Veto.

8:45 PM BBT – HGs get backyard access again. Ian rejoices.

9:20 PM BBT – Dan and Danielle discussing if they can get Shane to not use the Veto. Danielle doesn’t think so. Shane joins them and they discuss their chances based on who goes up.

10:00 PM BBT – HGs playing a game with mystery drinks. Dan promises not to use hot sauce. Dan immediately uses hot sauce. When it’s Danielle’s turn she asks them to not use dark liquids. She claims she has a condition that keeps her from being able to process dark liquids. Unless red wine isn’t a “dark liquid” she’s lying. She’s had plenty in the game.

12:15 AM BBT – Ian questions if they should hide their Final 4 from Jenn or not. Dan advises against it.

2:10 AM BBT – Danielle and Shane discuss Dan’s possible deals. They think he talks with Jenn a lot and question if he has a F2 deal with Jenn and Ian.

2:20 AM BBT – Shane says that if he doesn’t use the Veto then they better not pull a “Marcellas” on him. Oh oh oh I hope they do. Nothing against Shane in this situation, but it’s been way too long since that happened. Seems Boogie warned Shane about that scenario since Shane hadn’t watched Big Brother before.

Now that Shane has the Veto and is up on the block the big question is whether or not he will use it to save himself. The obvious decision is to do it, but all season we’ve seen Shane offer to be the pawn. Here is his chance to make that happen all on his own. We’ll have to wait until Monday afternoon to see what he decides to do.

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  1. Alliance or not… no matter who is in the game, if you are on the block and win veto USE IT! If I were in that situation and my own Mama was the sole vote, I would use it. You would be a fool not to.

    • …add Jen to that conversation and Dan will be gone! Ian needs to know Dan wanted him out (but then he won the veto).

      • Even if they all told him Ian he wouldn’t believe them because he knew he was going up beforehand because they wanted to hide ther final 2 deal.

    • If that happens , especially if Jenn is in on the convo , then Dan’s agenda would be obvious & maybe they’d all see that DAN is running this game ! C’mon Ian , show Dan the backdoor !

  2. If ANYONE could pull a Marcellas….Shane could. The thought would NEVER enter my mind to trust these people that much. If he doesn’t use it then we know absolutely for sure that there’s nothing between his ears but earwax.

    • Dan is thinking of trying to convince Shane not to use
      it. Of course, Dan does not tell Shane that his reason
      is he wants to make sure that he cannot be backdoored
      in the event Ian has a sudden change of heart and
      decides to put up Dan instead of Danielle! This would
      be so funny though, so I am rooting for Shane not to
      use the veto to save himself! It was mentioned in the
      article that Boogie warned Shane about this so, if he
      still does it anyway, whose fault would it be?

      • I doubt if Dan alone could convince him. Danielle would have to be the one to convince Shane he’s safe. For some reason he trusts her. I guess he still has blinders on where her lies are concerned. If he wants to commit hari kari for her then his ability to think logically is damaged beyond repair.

      • Dan has been discussing it with Danielle
        so, Danielle could be the Mata Hari to Shane.
        And you know how it ends up for the victims.

      • To call her Mata Hari is giving her too much credit. She’s more like a Black Widow….mates with her partner then kills him. She may not literally commit murder unless you count whining incessantly until your partner becomes suicidal.

  3. Pls tell me Shane is not actually considering leaving himself up as a pawn. He is not dat stupid! :o. Dan seems so sure that he is safe. Jenn has no idea whats goin on. Dani..sigh..smh

  4. Should Shane opt to not use Veto on himself, I want him gone worse than Jenn, it would be such a stupid move and he really has no clue, would deserve eviction. Jenn and Danielle really should leave already, amazes me how everyone wants a final four this late in the game.

    • They can smell that $500,000 because anyone who
      survives next week’s eviction is in a Final 3 and all
      of them can play for HOH so, winning next week’s
      HOH is very important as it guarantees the HOH a
      Final 3 slot. Of course, to get to next week, you have
      to still be in the Big Brother House this week.

  5. This is the time that I want Production to intervene and tell Shane not to use the Veto because it will make great television. He should consider it. He will make a lot of camera time.

  6. I’m thinking that if Danielle, Dan and Shane are the final 3, (doubt this will happen), Danielle MAY think that she has a better chance at the 1/2 mil with Dan, over Shane. Shane has won more times and probably is more liked by the jury. No-one in the jury house likes Dan (supposedly).

  7. Shane does not trust Dan..per conversations with Joe…The 2 of them talked about getting rid of DAN and Shane cutting Daniell loose…Jenn needs to get with IAN one on one and discuss recent events but Dan is keeping all 3 of them in his sights so that they have little opportunity to talk …Daniell is his watchdog he sends her to spy on who is talking to whom..

  8. This would be the perfect time to backdoor Dan. If Dan makes it to the final he is going to win. And if he stays and wins HOH, he is going after Ian. Don’t want to see that happen.

  9. Jenn looks to be laying down and giving up..but if she has any common sense she will talk (rat DAN out) to Ian who in turn should talk to Shane…I know it’s only another week or so…but I really don’t care about watching the Dan & Dani show if it plays out that way…As it could be a predictiable boring final 3 Production may up the ratings by creating some sort of chaos to keep “us” in check…But I wish JENN would say “To hell with it..I got nothing lose I’m gonna talk to IAN”. But she won’t ..she will be true to her pretend friends…

  10. Can you imagine if Shane doesn’t use the Veto? He could go down as one of the stupidest Big Brother players ever!! LOL!! Oh please don’t use it Shane. I’d love to see you get backdoored.

    • If Shane doesn’t use the veto on himself.. oh my God! Seriously, there’s no way he cannot use it. I’m starting to think that there r just dumb ppl left in the game, except Dan.

    • Actually, it would be a tie. Marcellus did the unthinkable
      and not save himself with the veto. Not far behind was
      Lawon who volunteered to be a pawn thinking he would
      get super powers to avoid eviction! You wonder where
      they get these players. They should make all those
      wanting to play Big Brother to take an IQ test. Anyone
      who does not have an IQ of atleast, 150 should not
      even be allowed to play on Big Brother!

  11. If Ian were smart enough, he’d be pulling his strings to backdoor Dan. I really overestimated him! He should talk to Shane and Danielle and make a F3 deal with them. If there’s a time to evict Dan, now is the time, because if he’s not evicted now, i think he’s for sure in the F2. On the good side, the jury is so pissed off, but Dan is very good with words.. I really don’t know if he has a solid chance to win the game, but he’s for sure a HUGE threat. WAKE UP IAN!!!!!!!

  12. OMG ! Shane please wake up & realize the QuackPack is dead ! You cannot trust Dan or even Danielle at this point in the game ! Not using the veto would be like issuing your own death sentence !

  13. Ian doesn’t need to talk to anyone nor does anyone need to be ratted out. Ian simply needs to see that if Dan stays in the house this week he will win the game. The only chance any other player has involves getting Dan out now. If Shane and Ian don’t work together now to turf Dan then neither would get a single vote from the jury as they would both have proven themselves to be unworthy of winning the game.

  14. OK! I know we’re supposed to be talking game, but I can’t take Danielle one more second! She sits there stuffing her face with quesadillas, while Dan waits on her hand and foot, while she claims to weigh 130 lbs!Then she stuffs her face with chips and M&M’s , whines about her asthma, while Dan calls her out out on the ” Placebo Effect”, whines about her imaginary rash- AGAIN! Asks Ian if Kara was voted out before her because they liked her better, proceeded to raid Ian of his Pop Tarts , and then, during the shot challenge, claimed she couldn’t have “brown liquid because of her kidneys”! I guess she can have plenty of red liquid! I would love to see her throat close up and an ambulance take her away forever! She is the most self- absorbed, vain player since Kahlia! I actually like Kahlia in comparison! If I hear her voice one more time, I will have to mute my TV! How starved is this girl for attention? It is just so sad and pathetic. I just had to get that off my chest!! Is everyone just humoring her for votes?

  15. I really want to just walk through those doors and slap both Ian and Shane across the face and tell them how stupid they are then after tell them what’s going on with Dan !.

  16. If Shane does not use the veto he is a fool and should be evicted… being a pawn is one thing early on in the game but we are down to the end here and he is inky safe if he is not on the block!

  17. the bottom line is, dont trust anyone in the house except yourself. not to say dont have alliances but do it as a strategy. You dont think that Dan wouldnt vote Danielle out in a minute? You bet he would

  18. Shane HAS to use the veto on himself. He cannot become another Marcellus.

    After Dan 1) survived his funeral 2) got his arch enemy taking him off the block, 3) got his arch enemy to pull a Marcellus and leave himself on the block.
    The only better feat I have seen was the Nakomis 5 finger plan when nominees chose their own veto players. The only way to get Jase out of the house by rigging the whole veto comp so he would be the lone player not allowed to play, then backdoored. Reason I think that was the best move, BB had to change the rules of the POV competition.
    Now if Shane does the DUMB thing, he goes. NO DOUBT Dan will convince Ian to break the tie and send Shane home as the “impossible HG to beat against the jury” Buy the time all is said and done, the Jury will see how Dan played puppet master with Dani, Ian, Frank, Jenn who did all his dirty work, plus he has already won, so the ONLY way Dan can win a Jury vote is by going against Dani who has hid behind Dan and Shane the whole game.
    If Shane THOUGHT THIS THROUGH, he would use the POV what it WAS MEANT FOR, SAVE YOURSELF!!!!!!
    Dani is NOT going to get mad at Shane, and if she does she is an idiot as she would be a true pawn as anyone can beat her in the F2, not Shane. I dont see anyone except maybe Ian beating Shane in a F2, but I doubt those two will both be in the house next week.
    My prediction is IF Shane takes himself off the block instead of being guilt-tripped by Glenn “Dani” Close, Jenn goes home, Shane wins HOH, has to put up Ian and Dan, and if Dan doesnt win POV, the lone vote Dani will evict Ian even though they should get Dan out ASAP. Remarkable they have not compared notes to see Dan has a F2 deal with every HG.
    Dan will have a hard time against anyone but Ian in the Jury vote as he won it before and the will see the tapes and see WHO REALLY is playing all sides.
    SO I predict a Shane-Dani Fatal attraction finale with Shane winning a 7-0 vote. If its Dan-Dani, Dan would probably squeak one out as his gameplay vs. the fact he has already won $500K will throw some anti-Dan votes to Dani the least impact player in the game hiding behind Shane and Dan all season and being told what to do, like Janelle which killed the season for me, Boggie was never going to last, should have just done it then. I dont see any chance of a Dan-Shane F2 or Dan-Ian F2. I think Ian is dead man walking next week barring a POV win.Enjoy all.

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