Big Brother 14: Joe Arvin Eviction Interview

Joe Arvin with Julie Chen on Big Brother 14

Joe Arvin shouted and shouted and shouted his way through Big Brother 14 but after surviving multiple nominations he finally fell to the numbers game. It was time for him to go this week after Ian secured the Veto in the second PoV competition of the double eviction night. I had the chance to put a few questions to Joe about his alliances, the biggest mistake he made, and who he wants to see at the finale.

Big Brother Network (BBN): Your allegiance in the game seemed to shift quite often. Who do you feel was your closest, most trusted ally in throughout the game?

Joe Arvin: Shane was the ally that I picked to stick with to the end. Side alliances just seemed to be a part of this season. Not many people stuck together as power shifted. With the coaches I was unable to make my real choices till week three.

BBN: You made it the farthest in the game out of the entire “Team Janelle.” Do you think your team would have survived longer if Janelle had stayed?

Joe Arvin: No – I think that there was too much gossip spread throughout the house about Janelle. I won’t know till the end what was true or false. For now I will believe in my coach.

BBN: If you had one do-over in the game this season, what would it be and why?

Joe Arvin: I sure would have never told Dan (I thought Shane) my conversation with Dan.

BBN: Who would you like to see in the Final 2 and, if different, who do you think it will be in the Final 2?

Joe Arvin: I would like to see Shane and Ian and I think if allowed Dan will make it far.

BBN: Thank you, Joe.

Well Joe managed to get through the season without winning a single competition. As he assured Julie on Thursday, that was not part of his plan, it was just how things turned out. As an alternate this season I did not have the chance to interview Joe beforehand so it was hard for me to accept him as an official houseguest. Eventually though his style of stirring the pot and causing trouble made him an enjoyable player even if his consistently low popularity poll earnings showed most of the audience didn’t feel the same way.

Now Joe will head off to Jury House where he’ll relax, cook, and SHOUT to his fellow jury members until we see him again on finale night.


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  1. MAYBE fRANK WAS SOOO PISSED THAT HE DIDN’T WANT TO GIVE AN INTERVIEW….Not likely that happened but u never

  2. If the HG’s in the house especially IAN ( BB trivia expert) would think things through they would know that Dan’s real alliance is still with the RENAGADES and MEMPHIS…That is the reason he constantly wears the headband…Remember his season and when he and Memphis wore the headbands??? ahhh How soon we forget…

  3. Hey Matthew Boyer where is the Frank interview is he in jury or are saving him to bring him back???

  4. Joe gets my vote for the best sport. Not a good competitor but he admitted that and i think he’s capable of making a fair decision when the jury votes.

  5. Can someone help me flashback please? After reading the above interview with Joe I want to go back and watch the entire conversation he had in the dark with Dan thinking it was Shame, haha. I have no idea what night or time it happened. Thanks.

    • I don’t think it has. Shame, Dumbielle and Dan are still sleeping, Ian’s listening to music and I don’t see Jenn anywhere. Must’ve been a late BB night since it’s almost 1pm & everyone’s still in bed. Geesh.

      • Ya, but I’m cleaning house and checking in on them once in a while. I don’t know why I’m checking, nothing exciting’s gonna happen. I wonder what it’d be like to have a summer off with absolutely no responsibilities. What happens when they get out of the house and try to return to normal life? You know having to wake up early for work everyday and stuff like that.

      • I was wondering the same thing. Party hardy all night, sleep all day…what a life. For now. Reality will slap them upside the head soon enough.

      • POW!! Hahaha.. I’m imagining something that looked the penis commet in the HOH comp, but it’s a reality penis hitting them upside the head!

      • Lol…i think that’s why some of them do it…a cheap vacation. Plus if they win $500,000 it’s probably more than they would make if they worked all summer. Their employers probably think they can cash in on publicity when the show is over. BTW Jillith…your stalker has taken a liking to me too :) …..i shall take a chum bath, wear a carrot suit to the grocery, and look at myself in the mirror until they decide to follow around someone else besides us.

      • I never thought about their employers getting a kick back from them. Good thinkin’.
        Sorry to hear your being stalked too. I kinda thought something was going on. I wonder if your guilty by association? :-) I guess if that’s the case Cyril will be getting it soon too. I think it’s funny someone is so bored & lame they do that. I bet they don’t even know how to read. Since Dumbielle is a kindergarten teacher she could probably teach him the basics to reading and he could actually read our thoughts and reply. For now I just think all they know how to do is click-scroll-click-scroll-click-scroll…..

  6. Matt do you know why theirs no interview with Frank and Jeff Schroeder and their is of Joe……????? thx Matt…I hope they don’t plan on bringing him back, do you think they will

  7. @ Matthew Boyer, do you know why theirs no interview with Frank and JeffSchroeder and their is of Joe……????? thx Matt…I hope they don’t plan on bringing him back, do you think they will

    • not yet but i think they’re evicting someone tonight. it’s been 3 hrs. time enough to pov, evict, hoh, and pov again. hope not but i have a feeling that’s what’s going on. there’s just a little over a week to play now.

    • Shane now I think Dan goes on the block…. but jenn prob goeshome still because the houseguests are idiots and will keep him

  8. I wouldn’t be surprised if they bring Frank back in……since I can’t find any post interviews

  9. For those of you who watched BBAD last night, toward the beginning of the show, was Danielle trying to lure Shane into the bedroom? Danielle, kept saying Shane come here and Shane kept telling her no.

  10. omg,watched bbad with duncielle and jenn in the bathroom talking,looks just like the batman joker when she smiles with that mask on. jenn is finally realizing she is crazy.

  11. At this point in the game it’s all about the competitions. If you can win you just 1 of the 2 comps per vote you will stay in. Alliances mean very little. After this week there will only be 4 HGs left to compete. I think the strongest players are Dan and Ian, though the sandbagged the 1st half of the season. Ian must win the next veto in the next voting cycle and if he does I feel he has a great chance at winning the whole shabamm. Otherwise I think he could be the biggest target here out. Personally, of I were Danielle Ian or Shane I would want to take either Dan or Jenn to the final 2 because I feel they are the least likely to win the juries vote. My take on who would get the most Jury votes of the 5 remaining HGs. 1. Ian. 2. Shane. 3. Danielle. 4. Jenn 5. Dan. Just my opinion. I feel like Frank deserved the game the most he just totally failed with his social game. He should have steered clear of Boogie. That was ultimately his downfall.

  12. Julie said there was going to be an eviction Wednesday… so maybe that Is happening right now but we won’t see it until then

    • From what I read, Danielle was crying after the veto, if Dan won, why would Danielle cry. I think it was Shane because I believe he is MIA and Dani knows that Shane will take himself off and she will be the replacement.

    • I think you mean “bye.” What a waste of an HOH, Jenn would be easy to beat in the final three, someone should take her to final 2, she has no resume, one veto..

      • Nope, last night on feeds, Ian and Dan said that the quack pack cannot eat one of its own, they are just wanting to make final 4. I believe Jenn will be next to leave.

      • Well, I sure want to see her exit the house. I don’t know how Danielle and Ashley will fair in the Jury House, especially since Danielle truly believes that Frank likes her.

      • Danielle is a lunatic! They were just all at the table on feeds bad mouthing Frank. I really think she will be in Final 2 with Dan, as much as I hate to see that happen.

      • The quack pack ate Britney. Ian is smart 1st and should realise that alliance means nothing anymore. I’ll bet Dan goes up and goes home because he has shown he can compete as of late. And winning comps is the only thing that matters from here out.

      • To be honest, Jenn should be happy to leave. Why play a game knowing you will always either be the target or the pawn……If I were Jenn, I would just pack my bags, eat a bag a chips or the piece of toast that she wants, drink a couple of beers/wine, and sleep.

      • Jenn may not have a strong ally, but, she is liked and has no enemies. She could win if in the final 2 with Dan. And I think she or Danieele are the only ones Dan would want to take to the 2. If Ian doesn’t go to final 2 Jenn would be my next choice to win it all. She is nice and has played a classy game.

      • Yes, you’re right. Meant to say Dani. This is the time for Jenn to spill the beans about Dan. Tell Shane he was going home if he didn’t win veto. Shane votes to evict Dani, Dan votes to evict Jenn. Jenn tells Ian the real reason she used the veto to save Dan. Frank told her to because he wanted Britney out. Ian breaks the tie and evicts Dani. Ian and Jenn start working together. Won’t happen, but we can dream.

    • Ian is a smart calculating young guy. I think Dan because he is stronger in the comps. And Dan is the least faithful in the alliance. Although I feel he also has the least sympathy in the Jury and would want to be next to Dan in the final 2. Gotta get there 1st an that means win comps.

  13. When it gets down to 4 players that is when the POV becomes more important than the HOH…If u get that POV win u are in final 3…So if IAN can’t play for HOH he has a chance for the POV..

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