Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Week 9 Nominations

Big Brother 14 nominations

This week’s nominations have arrived on Big Brother 14 and we’re ready to watch as the house reacts. Just like the past few Fridays, Pandora’s Box arrived today and another familiar face to the house. And again there was little impact on the game.

Now that the nomination ceremony results are in we know who is in danger and what to expect this week. Read on to find out who is on the chopping block.

Big Brother 14 Week 9 Nominations:

  • Shane
  • Jenn

Late last night Dan managed to convince Ian not to nominate him but to rather put Jenn and Shane up on the block. Ian had been worried the other HGs would question why Dan nominated him but Ian didn’t return the jab. Dan assured Ian they could convince Danielle and Shane that Shane’s nom was just a pawn move while Jenn is the target.

As far as Pandora’s Box, this time Ian probably wishes he hadn’t opened it. Tempted by the promise of seeing someone who loved him, Ian went inside and found a video from Rachel Reilly. Meanwhile the other HGs received recorded messages from their loved ones. You win some, you lose some. This week Ian lost.

Do you think Ian made the right noms? Who would you have nominated?

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  1. Once everyone in the jury gets their story straight and realize Dan played all of them, he’ll get their votes. Ian doesn’t stand a chance against Dan in the final 2.

  2. Well the only one that actually has a chance of comming off or winning the veto is jenn…. I dont shane will be able to win and is the next one out.

  3. i think ian should not be listening to dan and some how be putting up dan instead rather it be a back door or what not dan is an incredible player and has everyone wrapped around his finger if any one wants a chance of winning dan has to go.

  4. just the nominations Dan told him to use no change, Next hoh comp will be Dans too then it will be whoever is left after this one and

  5. i just hope Ian has a plan for what he is doing – unless it is his intent to backdoor Dan – which is still an option

    • Even if he did plan to do that, he wouldn’t have the votes. If he took Jenn down and put up Dan, Danielle and Jenn would vote Shane out, because Danielle and Jenn have a final 3 deal with Dan. If Jenn won POV, and Dan or Danielle went up, they’d still give Shane the boot. Either way, Ian has officialy just wasted his HOH. He’s going for a floater who’s not really a threat to him, instead the master strategist Dan and his ally Danielle.

      • that is why ian is a stupid player who doesn’t know how to play this game. people say he is a great player but i beg to differ. i personally think out of all the newbies danielle is playing the best social/overall game. even joe knew dan had to leave

    • I think Ian wants to go to the final 2 with Dan. He thinks he will win the votes over Dan, and to him….that would be one big accomplishment.

      • Do you think that Ian thinks he wouldn’t win the votes with either Shane, Danielle or Jenn at his side in the F2? I think if Ian makes it to the F2 he’ll win and I don’t see why Ian would think otherwise no matter who’s at his side. Dan would still be the biggest threat to Ian in the F2 just on his game play alone.

      • Ian would win with anyone next to him in the final 2, except Dan. I think Dan would win over Ian. Even if Ian happens to win….Dan still gets $50k, AND made it to final 2…not bad!

  6. Not what I was expecting…Ian should have nominated Dan and Danielle with Jenn as a backup nomination if POV is used. Dan nominated and would have voted out Ian last Thursday if he could have.

  7. could be a good time to backdoor Dan. Hopefully Ian figures it out and get’s Dan into the jury house this week.

  8. Ian the puppet. Waste of an HOH. Hey Ian, you’re HOH, not Dan. For a super fan, you are getting played and not playing.

    • Well Ian was the puppet master for about 3/4 of the season until recently. He was pulling strings all over the house that he even had dan take the heat for things he was doing. But even recently, we have seen the competitor side of Ian as well dans…. so maybe Ian is still the puppet master and is waiting to get final 3 to get rid of dan.

      • Ian was never the puppet master, more like the puppy master baiter, always being led around by his “handlers”…

    • Well Ian was the puppet master for about 3/4 of the season until recently. He was pulling strings around the whole house and even had dan taking the blame for stuff that he was doing. We have even started to see the competitors side of Ian come out. So who knows maybe Ian is still the puppet master, and has a hidden plan waiting to strike.

      • They will then realize that have been their biggest mistake if Ian goes to the jury house before Dan.

      • Do you think that Ian is aware of what Dan is doing but figures if he can go to the final 2 with Dan he has a good chance of winning? It is possible that Ian is on to Dan and just using him. I can’t picture anyone in Jury voting for Dan over Ian.

      • I could not agreed more but the question is will Dan take him to F2 and I think Dan will get rid of him next if Dan wins HOH.

      • He needs to strike now as you can see Dan is also capable of winning comps. Dan is a teacher. He is not stupid and Ian is still a student. The student is listening to his teacher. Wake up Ian.

    • If Ian had a brain he would have realized the Quack Pack was a bigger threat than Frank and Jenn but no he wanted to get revenge for his unrequited feelings for Britney. Well now he will be able to masturbate to her all he wants at the jury house. Bye bye Ian.

      • Actually, he was seriously considering keeping Frank… that is ’til the puppetmaster that is Dan basically told him ‘no way… bad idea’. It can TRULY be said that Ian has been doing Dan’s dirty work… sad, really.

      • I know he was thinking about keeping Frank but Ian is not his own player. He went from Boogie to Britney then Dan. I can understand if he wanted to get rid of Frank but does he seriously want to keep the QP over Jenn. Bad idea.

      • As much as I hate to agree w/you, I think you’re right. He’d probably would be better off. Danielle aand Dan want him out… & Shane is the lapdog. So though I sort of embraced the idea of the Quack Pack, at this stage in the game, the Pack is not his friend.

      • Not only that but Ian would be guaranteed winner if he chose Jenn but he isn’t thinking of the best possible scenarios. He just wants to go final two with Dan.

      • Why not have Ian take Shane to F2? He deserves to be part of a win much more than Jenn. Shane has become as big a floater, has not done enough to win first place. Ian could win BB over Shane. I just hate to see someone like Jenn take second place win.

      • Of course… not disputing that at all. I meant sad as in ‘bad’ display… as in bad play…. that’s all. So we agree.

      • I agree with you…Ian is a big boy and has a mind of his own. He has choses and options in this game. No one put a gun in his back, and forced him to make the decisions he made.

      • Ian thinks he is in F2 with Dan and don’t believe he realizes Dan’s full deception in that regard.

    • Ian will prove you wrong. He’s going to back door Dan, that is if it plays as it should. Shane wins POV and takes himself off the block and Ian puts Dan in his place then convinces the rest of the house to vote him out and save Jenn for next week! :-)

      • NO way , Shane and Danielle would Die before they voted Dan out . Remember the Dan Mist Brittney kept talking about . We those 2 are so ful of his mist they can’t see straight . If Dan makes it to the fina 2 he will win . He has already convinced Danielle that in the final 3 to let him have the endurance round . She said OK ol

      • how does he spray this mist you’re talking about? through his a@s? we call that farting in the wind.

      • Britney mentioned in her interview with Jeff that if Dan makes it to the end, the jury won’t allow him to win and will give it to the other, whoever that might be. She’s hoping it’s Ian or Shane!

      • There’s that great quote from Shane after Jenn won Veto, took Dan down, and forced Britney’s renom: “Where did Jenn come from?” (said with disgust and disbelief) We could ask, where did Shane go? I can’t remember the last time he won a competition. And has Danielle won anything this season?

      • That was so funny! Jenn just didn’t exist in the house. And now all of a sudden there she is but still not playing the game. At the beginning if Frank didn’t win a comp, Shane did and then he became the non existant one. Dan is ruling the house and deciding who does what and when. He is like a cult leader in there now.

      • Did anybody else notice how Jenn was following Dan around like a puppydog during the live episode this week ? Creepy. Jenn’s definetly been drinking the koolaid Dan made !

      • That is funny! Yes she was right behind him all the time. I couldn’t figure out why. He really didn’t want her following him. Maybe she really doesn’t trust him and wants to keep an eye on him. She is a strange one.


      • She mentioned on BBAD to Danielle that she followed him around because she doesn’t trust him and left it at that without elaborating because she isn’t sure if Danielle is in alliance with Dan too!!! She also said she has a gut feeling there’s stuff going around that isn’t being said to her. Danielle said she doesn’t know either what’s going on…and this time she was telling the truth for a change. She doesn’t know and that’s how Dan wants it!

      • That makes sense. I wonder if they are thinking that he needs to go. Only not saying it to each other. Danielle telling the truth is huge. That just doesn’t happen as far as I can see. Very interesting!!Thanks for that info.

      • Shane and Dumbielle should have been making whoopie together , they have done nothing in the house anyway, two losers who deserve each other, when they shack up together they should put wall to wall mirrors in so they can continue to look at themselves.

      • LMAO…you got that right. All Danielle and Shane do is look in the mirror at themselves all the time. Both haven’t done much in this game…neither are good players

      • That was t h e BEST thing that came out of Shane’s mouth all season long. L’DMAO !!! Other than that, nadda !! Danielle won a comp early in the game remember that pirate ship comp where those bird’s were dropping crap on them, well she won that one. Don’t u remember that stupid kiss Shane laid on her in the water. Embarrassed for both of them…

      • Yes but can Shane or Jenn win the POV. That is not a sure thing but if he had just nominated Dan and worked with everyone on the POV to win it then he has a better chance to back door Dan. I do not think that is in his mater plan. I think since he is still a student he probably think he is still in school and Dan is a teacher. Ian might still be studying and listening to his teacher. What a waste of HOH Ian getting rid of Jenn or Shane.

      • Problem with that, Dan could win POV and then its basically all over for Ian, homeward bound by the next HOH

      • I’m soooo hoping that doesn’t happen though! Dangit Ian, hurry up and open your eyes so if Shane or Jenn win POV, you’ll know who to put up! He did tell Dan on BBAD that if the noms don’t stay the same, he doesn’t know who he’ll renom. I’m hoping he said that just for Dan’s benefit! Crossing my fingers that Ian has wisened up!

      • Agreed but there is not a guarantee that Shane or Jenn or him will win the POV. If that is his thinking , the risk that he took was not good.

      • I don’t think so…Danielle will never vote Dan off, and she will convince Shane to go along with her.

      • I don’t think so. Ian wants to go to the final 2 with Dan…he feels he will win, and perhaps win over one of the best players in bb history.

    • I couldn’t agree more!!! Dumb-A$$ move; and again, Dan picks the Nominations!!
      Ian is SO “Book Smart”, but he’s dumb as Hell in common sense..
      I sure hope shane can pull off a win. Danielle and Shane have to know, by now, that Dan will, “Plow through whomever he has to”.

      • What is wrong with Ian? He should have not targeted Frank when he was thinking of giving Frank one more week in the house as he cannot play HOH anyway, but like you said joeylee92 he is so dumb to have listened to Dan and still believing to whatever Dan tells him and already forgot what Britney told him before she left. Dan is dangerous. Ian might as well pack his bag as he is next and too bad because I really would have liked for him to win however he is as gullible as Frank when it comes to Dan and cannot understand what Dan gave this kid to be his puppet.

      • Frank and Ian could have formed a secret alliance because no one would have expected that. Ian could have spilled the beans about Dan’s betrayal and then had himself removed as Frank’s main target. Ian could have even told Frank that he regretted having evicted Boogie, but that Dan had convinced him to.

      • WOW…so Shane pulled it off. Looks like Danielle is going up on the block now. This explains why Jenn is keeping to herself, and pissed. She must know that she’s being voted out. I hope they vote Danielle off…but that won’t happen now.

      • I hope so but as you can see, Ian keeps on listening to Dan. Dan is telling Ian what to do and he just agrees and do it. He was telling Dan to give Frank one more week, Dan said No, he wanted to nominate Dan, Dan said No and what stupid Ian did was to do do what his master told him. If this happens then when he comes to the jury house he will then realize that Karma is a bitch. He should have worked with Frank and Boogie as they are true to his alliance. I really like for Ian to win as he has won comps and shows that he makes an effort or moves to win, but his intelligent level is going down the drain and If he does not back door Dan which I think not in his plan because Shane or Jenn has to win a POV and that is not 100% sure he is done. Bye bye Ian.

      • Yeah I agree with your comment. Ian can’t seriously believe that any of the QP will take him to the final two. Brittany called Dan a Judas but Ian only had eyes for Frank and Jenn which shows he is not his own player. If he realized Dan was untrustworthy he could have worked with Jenn and Frank but no he doesn’t make decisions for himself.

      • OMG! We can only hope that Ian has seen thru Dan’s “magic mist” and has an agenda of his own !

      • I doubt he will be backdoored. If he is put on the block, I don’t see Danielle or Shane voting against him.

      • I’m so crossing my finger that it goes that way! If it goes like I would play it, say Shane or Jenn win POV, either take themselves off the block and Ian renoms Dan…having Dan on the block first wouldn’t have served Ian’s purpose because he has a feeling Danielle and Shane would remove him…but having Shane and Jenn on the block first helps keep Ian in Dan’s good graces. That’s good strategy. Time will tell what happens yet to get Dan backdoored…come on Ian, wake up NOW!

      • Anything can happen at this stage. However, if Shane doesn’t get POV, I think Dan and Danielle will evict him.

        If Danielle goes up, I think Jenn will be evicted. However, if Dan doesn’t get Danielle evicted, he loses any credibility as a mastermind. The only chance Dan has to win is F2 with Jenn.

      • I disagree….Dan has a huge chance of winning, no matter who he’s in the final 2 with. He’s brilliant at this game, and most of the jury will see this. The coaches seen it already…I will bet anything if he’s in the final 2, Joe, Jenn, Frank, and probably Ashley will vote for him to win. He played all of them, and did it well…how could they not vote for him? If they vote the fair way…then the best players should win…and Dan is the best player.

    • Please, Ian’s playing loyal to the Quack Pack, but doesn’t have control over which of the two will be evicted.

      He is true to his word he wants Jenn out, but unless things change it will be Dan and Danielle who make the selection. Has nothing to do with being a puppet.

      This is what’s wrong with the final 5 and 4 of BB, from the mouth of Dan, it’s all about the POV at this point, because you cannot win consecutive HOH’s.

      You might think you have the best strategy, but the POV will be the final determination, regardless

      I would love it if Shane get POV and Dan is put up and evicted, but neither Shane, Daneille or Jenn seems to be smart enough to figure this out. or maybe they think in a F2 the jury will vote against Dan regardless.

      Shane just appears to be ready to leave, if you have seen otherwise, I would be interested to know about it. I think Jenn is just playing for the second place and may have told others.

  9. Just what I predicted..Dan is a genius! Now if nominations stay the same watch Dan convince Ian that Shane has to go because they won’t be able to beat him in the final HOH endurance comp. Then he will convince Danielle to get rid of Shane because they can beat Jenn in the end. Can’t wait to see how this plays out. God I love Big Brother!

    • I doubt even Dan could convince Danielle to turn on Shane. More likely its a tie vote and Ian breaks the tie to send Shane out.

      • Nope, Dan and Danielle have already talked about voting Shane out when the time comes. She will get rid of him.

      • So Shane wins POV, takes himself off the block. Ian puts up Danielle, and Jenn goes home. Who wants to bet, this is how it happens.
        Then the real game starts where the QP has to turn on one another. Dan secretly with Ian ….against Dani and Shane. Dan secretly with Dani…against Ian and Shane. Dan secretly with Shane…against Ian and Dani. LOL….gotta love that Dan.

      • I can’t believe I’m saying this but if Danielle gets rid of Shane over Dan then she is really stupid. Showmance or not it would be in her best interest to keep Shane around but of course Dan knows how to make the house guests do his bidding. Its so embarrassing.

      • It’s a game, and no one comes close to being a good player, except Dan. He is one of the best players ever. Ian could be too, if he thought for himself.

      • Ian could win the whole thing if he would just let the freaking QP go and stop targeting Jenn but he wont.

      • All he has to do is take one for the team, close his eyes tight, picture Kara, and give her one kiss tonight… She will then do anything he says! Even vote to send Dan out the door… Oh, but if Dan catches wind of it he’ll probably get it on with her too, as there’s nothing he won’t try or do to win the game…

  10. I smell a backdoor for Shane. I know everyone thinks (or wants LOL) Dan will be backdoored if the Veto is used, but if nominations stay the same, I see Shane getting sent packin’.

    If Ian and Dan really do have a Final 2 deal, wouldn’t they rather go up against Jenn and Danielle than Shane and Danielle?

    On a side note, Dan is pretty much running things. Charisma and likeability are two things that will get you very far in this game. Dan has both.

    Team Dan!!

  11. I knew that Ian is just another weak player who kisses Dan’s ass 24/7. He has no strategic mind of his own because if he does, why the hell would he want to sit next to Dan? If he really thinks he could beat Dan, then he is delusional. A good player should be trying to drag a person to the end who they thought did very little in the game or is not very well liked. Dan is not a very UNLIKED person; sure he has backstabbed players like Britney and Frank but Dan has won before so he knows how to get jury votes. People who say Ian is a good player just likes Ian and wants him to win.

  12. I am so hoping for one of the noms to get veto (maybe Jenn) and Ian puts up Dan! Then a tie vote and Ian evicting Dan! That would make me happy!

  13. Once again, the puppeteer, Dan has pulled the strings of
    the puppet, Ian! Kudos to Dan and for Ian, you get your
    reward next week when Dan evicts you next and Dan
    gets into Final 3. Dan thanks you for your kind donation
    of $500,000!

    • I usually like reading your comments, but this one makes me want to thump you on the noggin! Don’t count Ian out just yet!

      • Sorry. It seems Ian is relying on luck than using
        his noggin. That is what Ian should be doing.
        The very obvious nomination which would favor
        Ian very much is putting up Shane and Dan
        on the block. This guarantees that both Shane
        and Dan fight for the POV and only one of them
        has a chance of winning it. If Jenn, Danielle or
        Ian wins the POV, do not use the veto. Then,
        just get Jenn to vote to evict Dan and even
        Danielle might go along with it. If Danielle
        refuses then, it becomes a tie and Ian breaks
        the tie casting his vote to evict Dan! In the
        off chance Dan wins POV and gets off, Ian
        puts Danielle as replacement and have Jenn
        vote out Shane. At the very least, Ian would
        have evicted Shane and if the chips fall in
        place, it would be Dan going to the jury house
        and would have been dandy!
        Now, since Ian listened and followed Dan’s
        order then, if Shane goes to jury this week,
        Ian cannot play for HOH next week when Dan
        could win HOH and put Ian on the block again!
        Dan will try to get Ian next week as that will
        result in Dan being in the Final 3 with Danielle
        and Jenn. That pretty much gives Dan a very
        good chance at that $500,000 and has Ian to
        thank for it!

      • No matter how good you are, you are
        going to lose one just when you need
        it the most like what happened to Frank
        when he needed that POV and Dan
        beat him to it!

      • I think that none of them want to get rid of Dan. I think that they all want to go to finals with Dan because he has won before and hope the jury agrees and not give him the prize

      • I agree with you, little do they know…it doesn’t matter to the jury if Dan already won before. If he’s up against Jenn or Danielle in the end, he will win. I think Ian is the only one who stands a chance of winning, should he be in the final 2 with Dan. It would be close.

      • If Dan is backdoored, I don’t see him getting evicted. For sure, Jenn and Danielle will vote to keep him. Those two women may be gullible, but they’re loyal to Dan.

    • I seriously hate how ppl say that! thats like saying oh the Lakers already won a championship so they shouldn’t win again. Like do you not realize that no one in the history of the game has ever won twice?! and how much harder it is for Dan to be doing all of this because everyone knows who he was walking into the house! I hope Dan wins!

  14. I would have put Dan up against Jenn. Dan is the most dangerous
    player in the game. Ian will find this out long before the end. He
    should never have listened to Dan last night. Shane will pro-
    bably not be able to win veto if it is not physical. Danielle will
    vote with Dan to evict Shane. It would be good if Shane could
    win veto and Dan be put up. Backdooring Dan is the only
    option open for Ian if he intends to remain in the game.
    Just my opinion…..

  15. Unless Dan is getting back doored, just another wasted HOH. And I thought Ian had a brain. Guess not!!

  16. I hope Jenn wins veto and Dan goes up. From other sights, I hear Jenn is all fired up, mad she’s on the block.

  17. Dan Is A Shoe In If They Don’t Send Him Packing And He Is A Judus Swearing On His Dead Grandfathers Necklace And The Bible For A Final Two Deal With Frank Guess His Morals Don’t Mean Anything

  18. I love how everyone is calling Ian, dans puppet, when everyone in that house is really dans puppet, including Frank who was that biggest puppet and made the stupidest move to trust Dan when they’ve been enemies all along

    • The huge difference is Frank was all alone which is
      why he decided to trust Dan. Also, Brittney and Shane
      has burned Frank numerous times in their alliance
      betraying him multiple times. In Ian’s case, it is totally
      different as Ian has pretty much been doing what Dan
      has dictated to him including the Frank eviction! Even
      taking Jenn off at Dan’s suggestion, Ian gave his
      blesssing. So, if there is one person who the most
      subservient to Dan, it is Ian and the facts don’t lie!

      • What about Danielle Shane, and Jenn?? I think they are all just as much dans followers. Pretty much every one of them has a “final 2” deal with dan and they all think its legit . And Ian wanted to get Frank out anyways, and it makes obvious sense that Dan would take Jenn down, so I don’t think Dan can really be credited for Frank eviction..btw I am a big Dan fan lol

      • The move to take Jenn down is strategic
        for Dan. That is how good Dan is. He
        hopes to curry the loyalty of Jenn by
        saving her and taking her off the block in
        addition to reinforcing his promise of a
        Final 2 deal with Dan!

      • The thing is Shane/Jenn hasn’t had the chance to be HOH recently to try to evict Dan. Ian had like two chances and he STILL wants to get rid of Jenn, who poses absolutely no threats to Dan.

    • That shows what a great player Dan really is. He got his wowrst enemy to trust him LMAO! GO DAN!

  19. QUIT listening to Dan….He’s an idiot… cant yall see him for who he is! Woof….Ian, if ur smart, you’ll backdoor DAN!!!!!

  20. Stupid, stupid, stupid Ian!! Why?! Okay, I know, it’s easy to be an armchair quarterback and all, but I thought he was smart enough to get Dan out, he can beat everyone else no problem in both endurance and brain power. Whatever, this really stinks though because Dan won’t hesitate to put Ian up next week even if he doesn’t win HOH, he controls everyone else. Ugghh

    • Ian is never a good player. just because he helped the quackpack got rid of Boogie doesnt make him a good player. he has been ass-kissing dan ever since the QuackPack was formed.

  21. Ian, Frank, and the rest of the house have been played like violins. Did they not listen to Britney’s comment when she called Dan a Judas. That was a huge clue Dan couldn’t be trusted.

    • well Joe was probably the only 1 who would put Dan up. too bad he sucked at comps. at least he isn’t delusional like Ian who thinks he is some sort of great player just because he got rid of Boogie and therefore he will defo win against Dan?? o_O

      • Yeah Joe was smart enough to realize Dan was a snake but he was the worst player in the house to do anything about it.

    • Danielle duh. because Ian is just that stupid thinking he could beat Dan in final 2 when he really has no chance

      • uh but Ian is stupid to think Dan would take him to the final 2. I bet you if Ian doesn’t win veto next week, he is going to the jury house 100%.

      • He does have a chance. The jury has time to figure out Dans little plan. Not sure they would think it such a great move. Whereas Ians part in ousting Boogie left an impression. Plus Ians ego is so large that he thinks he can beat ANY of them. He would want his last BB experience to be evicting the last coach.

      • but dont you think it is so stupid to get rid of Jenn who he will CERTAINLY beat rather than a FORMER WINNER Dan who has played a great game ???

  22. Only prob is Shane winning veto..actually not really because Dan will convince Ian to put dani up as replacement…I wonder if Mike Boogi, Dr will and Janelle are watching this!! They know the game and I bet are cheering for Dan

    • If Shane wins veto, Jenn goes home; and then all 3 of them will try to get Ian out next week. Ian is a really bad Big Brother player.

      • That is why Ian should have nominated Dan and Shane. Atleast, one of them cannot get off the
        block and there is a chance both of them cannot
        get off the block which guarantees Dan can
        be evicted if it happens! At the very least, Shane
        gets evicted and one less strong player for Ian
        to battle with the coming week. Now, if Shane
        goes off by winning POV, Ian sends home Jenn
        and Dan, Danielle and Shane will all come after
        Ian next week!

      • Ian said last night to Dan that he is fine with Dan/Ian battling it out with Shane/Danielle at final 4 when Jenn could be their swing vote to take out Shane/Danielle. Instead, “smart” Ian wants to take out Jenn and risk going home next week. Regardless, Ian is a stupid player and lol at him targeting Jenn, “the greatest threat to his end game”.

      • Being Dan’s puppet certainly does not
        help him. He pretty much looks to Dan
        each time he has to make a decision
        much like Shane did when Brittney was
        still in the house. Shane did exactly as
        Brittney asked him! And why are they
        even playing for $500,000? They should
        just get out of the house and all get
        disqualified and hand Dan the check
        right now!

    • I don’t think Shane or Jenn wants to sit next to Dan, they want to sit next to Danielle. Danielle/Ian are the idiots who wants to sit next to Dan.

    • I know. I think the only player who would take out Dan before the final 2 after Shane leaves is Jenn. and it is possible that she could be final HOH because she isn’t bad at mental comps. Shane will have no chance at final HOH though he sucks at quizzes

      • Jenn won’t she has a closer bond with Danielle than she does with Dan. Jenn also has a final 2 deal with Danielle. When push comes to shove Jenn will evict Dan before Danielle.

      • I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I think Jenn would keep Dan but we can agree to disagree. Besides Jenn maybe gone next.

      • Me too Lavendargirl. Anyone that can have one foot in the grave with the grave diggers shovel ready and STILL come back to life….definitely has my vote.

      • I think Dan may be counting on him/Danielle/Jenn as F3. I doubt if he would take Ian since he would be much harder to beat. Jenn and Danielle have done virtually nothing.

      • I 100% agree. They’ve talked about a final 3. And where Dan has it all covered is he made a final 2 deal with Jenn and a final 2 deal with Danielle. I think if Danielle or Jenn won the final HOH they would both take Dan. Just my opinion.

  23. Ian is hoping that Shane or Jenn win the veto so he can put up Dan and Dan will not be able to talk his way out of this one.

  24. Jenn could pull a win and get herself off… Dan convinces Ian to put dani up and then Shane is out

  25. Ian is playing like a neophyte in awe of his hero, Daddy Dan. “What should I do now, daddy?” “I know you love me and will take care of me, daddy.” “You obviously have my best interests at heart, daddy.” Not so fast, Ian. Dan is not your daddy, and he’s in this for himself. And once you figure that out, it will be way too late for you. Dan is a superb player,and the epitome of what this game is and how it should be played. I’m just glad I’m not playing against him.

    • Please, If I was playing against Dan I would have gotten rid of his lying butt a long time ago. Britney called Dan a Judas so how the hell can Ian be this Gullible. Joe saw through Dan’s deception but he was the worst player in the house. Ian is supposed to be smart but he can’t tell when he’s being used? It’s not Dan that’s great it’s the others that are terrible.

      • I think Ian admires Dan from his season, he did play a brilliant game. There were very good players in the game, Janeille, Boogie, Brittany, Frank. All of them were evicted where Dan one way or another had a hand in it. I have to disagree with you about Dan not being a great player….he’s really brilliant at this game.

      • He’s great but not that great. If Frank had an alliance already he never would have trusted Dan and he would have went home, Dan throwing Ian and Brittany under the bus wasn’t that clever because I would have done the same thing. Ian for some reason also happens to be very easy to manipulate starting from Boogie, Brittany, then Dan.

    • Well Joe saw through Dan’s lies but he also can’t win ANY comps lol. Shane/Jenn are the only ones left who don’t want Dan anywhere near final 2, which is a rational decision. Ian… he is just plain stupid. Worst player out of the 5 remaining houseguest imo.

  26. I’m sorry but this season has some of the biggest backstabbers and puppets I’ve ever seen albeit I’ve only seen to seasons prior to this one. Still it astounds me how some players aren’t seeing right through all the deception.

      • that’s not happening buddy lol. Jenn is Ian’s “arch nemesis” and she is the “biggest threat to the quackpack”

      • Exactly. That’s why I think it’d be a good move for Ian to team up with her. She could break the stupid QP and Ian won’t get the blood on his hands while being a part of it. Plus nobody in the house would expect the 2 of them to work together.

      • That is what Ian should be doing. Even if he thinks he could beat Dan at final 2 you would think he would try to allign with Jenn for a final 3 deal and get rid of Shane/Danielle this week. No, he want to get rid of Jenn o_O like wtf seriously he is so retarded.

      • You have no basic grasp of grammar, can’t put together a sentence and you are calling Ian a retard?

      • I don’t think it’s appropriate to be using that “R” word. I take offense to it and I know a lot of other people do too. Maybe we can argue/chat with out it? Just MY opinion.

    • Sorry Jillith, but your little guy is about as stupid as Dumbelle… The little creep should have stayed loyal to big brother Frank!

  27. Damn you Ian! *falls on knees and curses the skies* I was really pulling for him, man. But he had to go and put on the Stupid Helmet everyone else is sporting. Now this season is dead to me. -_-

  28. Ian is an idiot! He feels the quack pack is his Frankenstein and he has lost all sight of this game… He is so eager to get jenn out, who is the least threat that he actually deserves to get sent out next…. He can kiss the money goodbye and he can “quack quack quack” all the way to the jury house… Not as smart as so many people thought. Hope they have a hammock at the jury house for this cocky little rat! Probably not! His days are numbered…

    • Ian is the worst player left out of the 5 players. Even Jenn wouldn’t do stupid moves like this that risks herself to be evicted the following week.

    • If Ian had a brain he would have realized the Quack Pack was a bigger threat than Frank and Jenn but no he wanted to get revenge for his unrequited feelings for Britney. Well now he will be able to masturbate to her all he wants at the jury house. Bye bye Ian.

      • Ian is incredibly stupid I can’t believe people root for this guy to win. I’d rather root for Jenn to win just because she won’t make a stupid move to risk herself getting evicted the following week; and also she isn’t a Dan’s ass-kisser like the QuackPackers are.

      • I know right. Why do people like this little weasel. I had no problems with Ian in the beginning but after he showed his true colors I wanted his butt gone.

      • At this point I’d rather vote for Jenn too even though she did float for most of the game. This is coming from a guy who can’t stand floaters.

    • He’s just like Enzo, came up with the name and thinks he owns it. he’s really gonna rock a hammock when he realizes he played the game for Britt and Dan and not himself. What a Dunce.

      • He didn’t come up with the name. I believe Britney or Dan did. They made him think he created the alliance when they just needed him for numbers.

      • He did create the name and the rest just went along with it even though they thought it was a bad name.

      • Yes, they created the alliance….he created the name. God i hate that name. Sounds so juvenile…something preschoolers would use. :)

      • Yep I don’t think Ian has played this game for himself once. He went from Boogie, to Britney, to Dan. It’s pathetic.

      • Absolutely right, Nigel. Enzo came up with the name and then called himself the “Mastermind”, when Matt was running the show. Same with Ian. He thinks he’s the mastermind, but Dan is running it.

    • It makes sense at the first glance to do that, but what would happen if Dan won veto? Of course he’d take himself off the block and there goes Ian’s chance of gettin’ him out this week.

  29. so far i predicted correctly that kara would be evicted in week 1, Boogie would leave before jury, and joe would be sixth.
    I predicted at the beginging of the season shane would be 5th. i wonder if this may be true. My other pre season predictions were that Jenn would make it to top 4, and danielle would be in the final 2.

    • I think it is safe to say that Danielle will make it to the top 2 regardless of who is in final 3 with her (except stupid Ian who loves Dan)

  30. If Dan wins it isn’t because he is a genius (he is a great player I give him that) but because he’s got a couple of retarded QuackPackers handing him the $500,000. Seriously I hate the stupid QuackPack they are like the Nerd Herd doing all the dirty work for Maggie and handing her the win.

      • I seriously hope it’s a Dan/Jenn final 2 so that Dan wins and Jenn gets runner up so that at least none of the other pathetic QPers will get any reward for their pathetic coattail-riding and ass-kissing to Dan. At least Jenn has been playing her own game and alligned with different players along the season

      • I totally agree I can’t stand the QP. Their not even loyal to each other and if the are its because they’re following Dan’s bidding. Ian is the one that really pisses me of the most though because he’s so blind.

      • Actually I never knew who Jenn was until this past week. I thought she was the housekeeper. Jenn hasn’t done anything. Oh wait she’s floating real good.

      • uh Jenn is anything BUT a coattail rider. Jenn is a floater. She has had multiple alliances in this game: Team Diversity, Team Tits, Alliance with Frank etc. She also alligned with Danielle/Dan and today she tried to allign with Ian (but he is too stupid to realise that Jenn is his best option to go to the final 2). Jenn did not coattail ride anyone are you kidding me?

      • I agree all you dan bashers he is the only one playing the game or i should say the only SMART one playing the game.Everyone else left in the house have floated by except Ian.Daniell and Shane were strong at the beginning but now they depend on others to get blood on their hands and do all the work.Jen well we all know how Jen is no need to go into de tails about her.Dan has convince everyone in there even those in jury to get rid of the right person including themselves This game is more then how many comps you win its how you work others minds and dan is good at it.He should win.

      • I totally agree with you. If the jury votes the fair way….DAN GOT IT! He’s the only one who KNOWS how to play the game. Ian is making all the wrong moves, so I don’t consider him a good player.

      • …but fascinating – viewing outside in we can see clearly what Dan is up too, but inside the house living like that everyday – where does your perspective go? Many of them are confused – who to trust? Naturally, seek the leader and Dan has it sorted. There are 11 days left…he will be a tough guy to get out of the house.

    • Maggie was one of the worst wins EVER! That whole season was one half of the house against the other. At least this season we’ve had back and forth so much that it’s hard to keep alliances straight. That’s much more interesting than a house divided.

  31. I was thinking about this today. Dan deserves to win it because he’s the only coach left. Let’s face it, the coaches have been playing the game through these idiots since day 1. These idiots never made moves on thier own, they were doing their coaches work, just like Willie warned about. Ian never realized he was on the bottom of the totem pole . Sorry son, Frank is gone you’re expendable and too dumb to realize that Dan tried to take you out last night.

    • Yep when I watched the first episode I was thinking the players would be independent from their coaches but they were so dependent I couldn’t believe it.

      • Yea. I imagined the coaches being like an hour a day thing in the DR or somewhere but that the newbies would play their own games. It’s been the vets game since day one.

    • With your above scenario I would like to add this:
      Dan goes to F2 – give him the coaches prize.
      Ian goes to F2 – give him the 500K.

      • Why? BB is a competition! not a charity case the best should win regardless if they’ve won already. It’s not fair to not reward something that has not happened in this season, and Dan is owning.

  32. Everyone is upset with Ian being played by Dan, but nothing says Dan isn’t going to be backdoored. Sit back, wait for the veto comp and/or the veto ceremony, and then you will know the truth more clearly.

    • Obviously, that was not the plan of Ian and you are
      pretty much relying on luck. It could happen that
      it works out that way but, it could also turn out even
      worst. if Dan or Danielle wins Veto and they decide
      not use the veto then, how do you expect to backdoor
      Dan? Sure, Shane is gone per Dan’s plan but, next
      week, Ian cannot play for HOH and Dan, Danielle or
      Jenn will win HOH. What are the chances Ian is going
      to be on the block and no matter how good you are
      at competitions, you will lose one like what happened
      to Frank when he needed that veto to save himself!
      Ian wasted his HOH for nothing instead of trying to
      get the biggest threat out which is Dan! Next week
      might be Ian’s last!

  33. GO DAN! He has made this season of BB one of the most entertaining ones ever! Watching him manipulate these people has been immensely entertaining! Almost like DR. WILL without the sarcasm or condensation. Definitely on TEAM DAN ALL THE WAY!!!

    • cubtex it really doesn’t take much to manipulate a weak player like Ian who thinks he has a chance against Dan in final 2

      • In a way you’re right. Both had good games…just in very different ways. I guess it depends on which sort of game play you like best as to how you see it. I actually prefer Dr Wills but Dan has certainly made this season unforgettable.

      • Dan was out the door and now he’s in control of the entire game. I’d say he’s the best player in BB history and I would think Dr. Will and Boogie would agree.

      • I’m not a Dan fan but the best thing that happened to him this season was his 24 hours of confinement….punishment or prize? And I don’t mean a prize by getting a break from the other HG’s. A prize because that’s when he woke up and realized he needed to do something to get closer to the end. If he didn’t have those 24 hours I don’t think he’d be in the position he’s in now.

      • Oh I agree Jillith…it gave him a lot of time to think. Did you see how beaten down he was after he lost the POV? Even in the DR he was crying stating he loves his wife/family, coaching and this game.

      • Wrong. Dan played a decent and honest game the first time around, this time he switched gears and it has served him immensely. many are mistaking him for being the honest catholic spewing version from the first time around. Will never competed at Dan’s level, since Will was only good at playing the people, not the game. considering he never won an HOH or Veto. Dan has done more in the game and this season isn’t even over yet. let us not forget Jordan Lloyd, who also won BB and placed 4th in her second season, just like Will did. Dan is still proving himself and is replacing Will as best BB player ‘ever’ and for anyone who disagrees with the stats? well, that just makes them a Will bandwagon fan and oblivious to the facts.

      • Will didn’t have POV to factor in at his season. Sorry that alone will keep Will’s crown intact. Frank was the only one that would’ve taken it if he won. Dan on the block once vs. Will’s 4 times and pulled the 500k. Going by your logic, Rachels’s a way better player than Dan. She won Comps and played that entire house in one night and won the 500k.

      • And yet Dan will usurp Will has best BB player ever, simply because his strategy and grasp on the people in the house, displays his superior game plan, compared to the rest. also consider this, the game has changed and become more physical since Will won his first season. also Rachel only placed 9th in her first season, I’m going by placement and overall strategy involved and by the numbers and ‘moves’ made, Dan is the best player right now, he doesn’t need to win this season to prove that, otherwise by your logic I guess one night (Rachel) and doing nothing (Will) goes a long way in being relevant in this game. this is a ‘game’ not a popularity contest, Dan is the man and is still in the house to prove it.

      • Sure, will survived the block 4 times, Dan got off once with a POV and taht’s supposed to make him the greatest?. Dan’s great but he ain’t the greatest player, not by a long shot. Rachel won comps and POV while haveing her back against the wall, she acomplished way more thatn Dan if you want to compare stats Everyone in that house hated her but they still voted for her to win. And Dn is the greatest. I’m laughing. I take it you didn’t have live feeds last year, she made multiple moves in one night. If one backstabbing move makes Dan the best, then whatever.

  34. Get these advertisements out of here! So annoying coming on here to wait 30 secs to read an article. Anyways, if Ian doesn’t get Dan out this week, he’s going next week. I thought Ian was smarter than this.

    • lol Ian is far from a good player. He is all about the QuackPack rather than his own game. He is so damn stupid. He wants Jenn out rather than to have a side alliance with her to give him more leverage at the final 4 round. He is so delusional thinking he is a good player yet he is just a pawn in Dan’s game. I really see Dan taking Danielle/Jenn to the final 2. There is no way Dan will take Ian/Shane.

      • His ego is getting in the way of logical thinking. An engineering student usually figures out a way to get from point A to point B in the most efficient manner. Ian’s forgetting the lessons he has learned.

      • Dan has Ian convinced that Dan is taking
        him all the way to Final 2 so , he is way too
        confident that he will be safe and make it
        all the way to the end! Ian will find out that
        he has been lied to! LOL

      • He can’t see the forest for the trees. I wouldn’t mind seeing a Dan/Ian F2…strictly for the intensity it would bring. Any other 2 would be uninspiring.

      • LOL..he would probably be so excited he would pee himself. It’s hard for me not to want him to make it to at least F2. When was the last time a real superfan got that far? A lot of them SAY they know the show…but Ian actually does. I think that’s a big part of him letting his ego get out of control. He knows the game so well but i think its turned out quite different than he expected. All the facts and figures he has memorized about BB doesn’t take into account human behavior. Not even his own.

      • I thought It would add excitement for season 14 to see Dan and Ian on F2. Ian has some convincing argument to the Jury, but Dan can sell ice to the Eskimo. lol Good to see them battle their case in front of the Jury.

      • That’s what ppl do in this game, they lie to get to the top. Dan is doing a great job it, and I applaud him.

  35. I think in Ian’s mind, he has the Brigade reincarnated with the Quack Pack where all four members are watching out for each other and will keep their final four deal. I hope he wakes up and realizes that he doesn’t before it is too late.

  36. Should Dan make it to F2 he is unbeatable. Although jurors are ticked off when evicted, given time to chill they will vote for best gameplay……..Dan!

    • I agree…that’s usually how it comes down. Except this time i don’t think Frank can vote without prejudice. His ego was badly bruised. I hope he’s a big enough guy to let it go and vote strictly on game.

  37. Dan go to F2 with whoever then get played by the jury, 7-0, in favor of the other F2 player. Let the genius wallow in his own masterminded scheme only to see the rewards get reaped by one of his “puppets”. Poetic justice giving credence to what BB is all about, EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!

  38. pb has sucked all season not like any other year,frank should of came back in the game but didnt…….ian talking about rachle the daimiond is hideing in the hamock i hope jenn finds it or she is gone………………dan will never win this game, and when dani finds out how she is in the public eye she will cry all over because we hate her she sucks i hope jenn wins pov takes herself off and dan or dani goese home

  39. I would have nominated Dan and Dumbielle. Getting one of those two out would have made a world of difference in the game. There may be a stalker showmance, but the real couple to watch out for is those too. If I were Ian I would team up with Jen and Shane and get them to see them for who they are. Is Shane really GAY? if so that is a master game move by stringing Dumbielle along.

  40. I just find it funny how supposedly he wanted to get Frank out because he ousted Britney, but b4 she left, didn’t she go on and on about how much she hated Dan, so logically I would think he should be the target.

  41. Personally I love Dan he is one of the best players in BB…if he could pull out a win it would prove he is the all time best….Go Dan

      • Hmm, that must’ve been the percocet askin’ that question. Now that I’ve had a minute to think about it, I’d want some clown music to go with the HG’s actions, some white noise so they wouldn’t listen to my cd on my bed, and the bible – children’s version of course! :-)

      • Maybe Mr. Rogers “It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood”….played over and over and over…added to “It’s A Small World Afterall” and “My Sweet Lord”.

  42. I love BB & have never missed an episode – can’t wait for next summer when it’s on again. (Wish BB was on during the fall/winter as well). Like him or not, Dan is the most likable of the remaining 5 house-guests & has played the best game. In the beginning, I wanted Ian to win, but have since changed my mind. Do any other BB fans think Ian has underlying issues ? I realize he’s highly intelligent & most likely has a genius IQ, however, his “habits” are most annoying. Am I the only BB fan who is bothered by the rocking back & forth non-stop while sitting in the hammock talking to players who are laying in the hammock, the swishing sputum back & forth in his mouth (gross!), eyes move side to side/upward continuously, & him talking to himself. Shane also has issues “tapping” on the table, etc. & Jenn is forever shaking her smoothie glass. Please, BB take heed – These things are very annoying for the “BB After Dark” viewers. If players can’t sing, why are they allowed to do these other annoyances ?

  43. Ian made the right nominations. Now, he has an 80% chance of being able to backdoor Dan. Smart move.

    • No he did not. If Danielle or Dan wins the veto, they
      will not use the Veto and Ian cannot backdoor anyone!
      So much for that brilliant plan!

      • Do not be too sure about that.
        Danielle is in Dan’s pocket. Dan will ask
        Danielle not to use the POV as he will
        possibly get put on the block. There are
        just a few players left and who are you
        going to boot out? The floater like Jenn?

      • I think Danielle is still hurt by what Dan did at the funeral … then nominating her later. She’s smarter than people give her credit for. As for who to boot out, the answer is obvious — Dan.

  44. IMO…Dan is the only one who is really playing this game. Ian isn’t as stupid as many think. He knows if he goes to the final 2 with Dan, he will win.

    • I agree, one because I think he knows no Newbie will vote for a coach to win the big prize, per their post-Reset agreement and, two because he knows all the jurors probably think Dan is a giant douche – bag and the reason why they are jurors.

  45. Oh dear lol Shane messing with Danielle and she is literally flipping out right now on AD, so funny. looking like the Joker, with her cream mask on. I swear she forgot to take her meds. hilarious.

    • I think every one is forgetting that right after the Reset and the coaches entered the game, ALL the newbies, who were ALL pissed, made a pact that they would NEVER award the $500,00 to a coach. If that holds true, which I’m hoping it does, and I were one of the final five, I would definately want to take Dan to the end to guarantee I would win the big one – besides,everybody secretly hates him and knows he’s the mole in the house. That’s why I think it was so stupid for Dan NOT to take Brittany to the end – it was his only chance to win the top prize – with all his lying, scheming and swearing on Bibles and dead relatives, won’t he be surprised if he gets to the end and only gets second place – it would serve him right!

  46. I am not sure it matters who Ian put on the block. I think that no matter who goes up at this point, Dan will still win the game barring some weird situation where Dani and Shane get mad at Dan and don’t vote his way. They should have gotten Dan out earlier… now he is past the point of no return. I had hoped a newbie would win the game but it doesn’t look like that will happen. Dan is a smooth operator that’s for sure.

  47. I’m so sick of Danielle whining and crying about others hurting her feelings. What did she think she was in a Mary Poppins show? Grow some balls girl.

  48. Dan’s headband is so tacky and please change and wash those hideous shorts… They stink! Disgusting!!

  49. Wow Ian isn’t just a nerd he’s stupid to go along with it.
    I hope Shane or Jenn wins veto then maybe nerd boy will put up Dan.

  50. If Dan dosen’t win this game, and get’s taken out by a floater, then Dr. Wills crown is still intact!
    Win or lose Dan’s still a geek, ain’t nothing going to change that fact!

    • Even if Dan wins Will’s crown is still intact, he got off the block 4 times compared to Dan’s 1 time, had no POV and went up against smarter people. The closest one in the house that could’ve taken the crown was Frank but he got sniped. Right now Rachel is better than Dan because she did basically the same thing but had the entire house after her and she pulled it out.

  51. dan is going to win this game no one will put him up and even if they do they wont vote him out..if he makes it to the final 2 as much as i hate it he deserves to win.

  52. I don’t understand why everyone says Dan is a lock to win this. He may make it to the final two, but who will vote for him? In the jury house now, Ashley, Britney, Frank and Joe. No way he gets any of those votes. People like Dr. Will and Rachael won because they won comps and had to keep saving themselves. They may have lied and backstabbed, but they also won comps. All Dan has done is lie and deceive. Not that I have a problem with that, but he had only won one HOH to date. You need both skills to win BB. I don’t think the jurors respect Dan’s gameplay.

    • I dont recall Dr Will being known for being a comp winner. But, then again, I am getting old and barely remember what I had for dinner last night.

      • Too funny. I am pretty sure he won comps and someone else on this sight said there were no POV’s during his season.

      • There were no POVs. Only luxury and food comps. Back then the hg were put on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches instead of slop. Will won with a 5-2 jury vote. But one cast member didn’t get to vote because he was expelled from the house.

      • Nope..he never won an HOH. He saved himself each time with a lot of charm and smooth talking. VERY hard to do.

    • You are confusing game play with who played the
      best game. That is the only thing that counts and
      when the jury members decide on who deserves to
      get that $500,000 check, if Dan is in the Final 2—-
      he will win it!

      • I see no way Frank, Britney or Joe votes for him. Joe was the only one who saw through him. Frank will turn everyone against him. I hope they show the jury house next week.

  53. Team Ian!!!! I sure wish I knew what this kid is thinking. I am still hoping he manages to get rid of Dan somehow since Dan is the ONLY one who may beat him if in F2. (A F2 with them will be the best show for viewers because thats the only two who may have a mixed bag of votes and be close.. if either of them are against another HG, it will be 7-0 IF the jurors vote on game play instead of emotion)
    I will absolutely cry and whine more than Danielle if the F2 is Dani and Jenn! UGH!
    I just LOVE my little Ian…… he “ROCKS!”

    • Ian can’t win. None of the house guests will take him to the final two. Ian is all for the QP instead of his own game. If he was playing his own game he would realize keeping Jenn is his best option.

  54. People, Dan is the man! Remember this is only a game. Dan has protected Ian all the way. Dan knows Ian and he will b n the final two and that’s his goal. At that point Dan doesnt care if Ian wins. At least Frank
    is not there to hog it all. He was a great athletic player but his head wasn’t n the game and he thought he had it won-sorry Frank.

    • What are you talking about Dan was trying to get rid of Ian. There is no way Dan would take Ian to the final two over Danielle/Jenn. Frank did have his head in the game but he had very little options. He had no choice but to trust Dan because he had no one else.

      • Agreed. Ian was the target on DE night. If he hadn’t won POV, he’d be gone. Same for next week. Ian for sure will be nominated no matter who wins HOH.

      • Looks like Dan will win this. Keeping Danielle might be his best option though because she would definitely take him to the final two.

    • Dream on. Ian is not going to be in the Final 2 and
      Dan will make sure of it! Dan’s plan is clear. Evict
      Shane this week, get Ian out next week and Dan
      is in the Final 3 with Danielle and Jenn and he can
      decide who he wants in the Final 2. My guess is

  55. Dan is playing the game. When he was being beat down and taking the heat for Ian, he took it like a man and he took it!! Hey, if he makes suggestions and someone else follows through with his suggestions, what makes him such a villain? He nominated Ian as a pawn to get Joe out and it worked. Ian had not been on the block all season and it was a safe place for him to be on the block. Go Dan!! Dan will not win the $500,000 no matter who he takes to the end but I sure hope he does!! Go Dan, show them how it is done!!

  56. What’s with the full screen ads by Yashi? Bloody annoying as hell…..

    Dan is either the master puppet master or CBS is and are making it “seem” as though he is by manipulating the other HG’s….

  57. Ian isn’t nearly as smart as what he pretends to be, for being such a “super-fan” why can’t he see the fact that Dan is just playing him and that Dan has NO intention of taking Ian to the end because Ian would have a good chance of beating him. I hope Shane wins POV, then HOH and returns the favor by nominating Ian. Should Shane or Jenn win POV, Ian needs to do the smart thing and try to back-door Dan. Am I being overly optimistic in thinking that Ian might have every intention of back-dooring Dan, maybe he was afraid to nominate Dan knowing that, lately, he’s been good at trying to save himself by winning POV.

    As far as Pandora’s Box, granted it wasn’t a video from a loved one, but if Ian is indeed such a big fan of BB, I would think it might have been kind of neat for him to get a message from one of the greatest players of all time, Rachel Reilly. I know she is very polarizing, but there is no doubt that Rachel IS one of the most memorable players ever, she’s right up there with Janelle for being the Comp Queen.

  58. Ian is an immature little boy. Naturally he is easy to take advantage of. Dan is simply capitalizing on the opportunity to use him. What will be funny is when Dan finishes the game, win or lose, and ends up out of work. No way does his employer not see his behavior as a huge liability to the student body and I have a feeling they will make an example of him.

  59. No way is Ian ever going to back door Dan. His dream is to go to the final 2 with a brilliant, great player…and Dan is it.

  60. Day 63: Dan cheats at chess. Ian opened with Queen’s knight. Dan move Kings’s pawn one forward; removes hand. Should have been end of move but since Ian went to get something from HOH room before and does see his move, Dan moves pawn one more forward.

    Not the sign of a mastermind, just a cheat.

    Ian asks about the king’s move, either he doesn’t know how to play chess or is playing ignorant

  61. I still think Dan is a two faced person and who can trust him. I stand by what i wrote before. His students in school have a teacher that they cannot trust him. What kind of a teacher would set an example like he has on national television? Ian is another poor example of a man. He needs to be sent in exile because he is nothing but a liar. I hope Big Brother reexamines this show for next year. This needs to be either canceled or completely overhauled.

  62. Could Dan’s pushing the image that Shane and Danielle are in a showmance, be just to hide that Dan has feeling for Danielle? They seem way to close for comfort.

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