Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 9 Friday Highlights

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

What’s a Friday in the Big Brother house without Pandora’s Box? Production doesn’t want you to find out. It was back again this week and brought with it a cocktail waitress of legendary stature. Oh, and there were nominations. If you think Dan let himself get nominated then you haven’t been watching closely this season.

Read on to find out what we saw and heard yesterday on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, September 7, 2012:

10:00 AM BBT – HGs slowly waking up. It’s going to be a dull morning.

10:40 AM BBT – Ian says he wouldn’t open another Pandora’s Box no matter what.

11:45 AM BBT – HGs have a new, smaller table. Very small indeed.

1:45 PM BBT – Live Feeds return. Ian opened Pandora’s Box. He received a video message from Rachel Reilly while other HGs got videos from loved ones.

1:50 PM BBT – Ian and Dan discuss upcoming nominations. Ian feels bad about nominating Jenn, but has to do it to keep Quack Pack going.

2:00 PM BBT – Danielle and Ian discuss noms. Ian confirms Jenn is the target and he won’t be nominating Dan.

3:50 PM BBT – BB starts announcing random “facts.” They may not actually be true.

6:15 PM BBT – Live Feeds return. Jenn and Shane have been nominated as expected.

6:20 PM BBT – Danielle is upset that Jenn snapped at her. She goes on and on and on and on about it. She has no idea why she’s mad at her. Hmm, maybe because she’s on the block and her feelings have nothing to do with you, Danielle.

6:27 PM BBTDan finds Jenn and they briefly talk about the situation. She’s upset but says she needs to relax. Dan offers to be her verbal punching bag if she needs it.

7:00 PM BBT – Ian says they’re on lockdown and you can hear building in the backyard. Dan and Ian are expecting the morph-o-matic comp.

7:50 PM BBT – Shane and Danielle rough housing and rolling around on the bed in the Kicks room. She keeps punching him over and over with no complaints from BB. Now imagine that the other way around…

7:55 PM BBT – Dan asks Danielle to have Shane throw the Veto comp but then he changes his mind.

11:10 PM BBT – Danielle playing dumb to Jenn about the nominations. She tells Jenn that Dan wants to keep her here this week over Shane. Danielle thinks she’s lying, but I bet it’s the truth.

This Veto is going to decide a lot, but when haven’t they been crucial this season? If Jenn gets it then Danielle goes on the block and Shane goes home. If Shane gets it then Danielle goes up and Jenn goes home. If Dan or Ian win it then I’m guessing we’ll see a push for Shane to go home over Jenn. Lots of interesting possibilities here.

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      • Lets not forget that Frank and Ashley had a closer relationship with ian so they might take that personally too.

      • The jury usually does not take it personally and the best player will still get the votes.
        The last thing they would want is to give
        an undeserving player say Jenn get that $500,000. Of course, if it was Jenn versus Danielle in a Final 2, Jenn will probably win it!

      • I do remember last season where Danielle Donato got most of her puppets to vote for
        Porsche over Rachel when clearly Rachel
        deserved to win it! Shelley though did come
        true and voted for the one who deserved to
        win which was Rachel Reilly!

      • Shelley voted for Rachel because she knows Rachel deserved it way, way more than Porsche because Rachel played a way, way superior game while, Porsche just lucked out by floating for the most part!

      • I think Shelley was mature enough to want to vote for the player who deserved it the most and no matter how mad she may have gotten at Rachel, I think her maturity made her able to rise above it all and do the right thing.

      • I’ve always detested Danielle Donato as a player, she always seem so two-faced and petty. I didn’t like her on her first season where she had her dad do all of her dirty work. Her season with Rachel, she was just seething with jealousy, maybe she was ticked off because she was the only vet who didn’t have a partner.

      • That was shameful too the way Danielle Donato, Kahlia and Adam all acted and
        voted for Porsche when Rachel Reilly was
        very obviously the better player and the
        most deserving to win it! I guess you
        cannot avoid some people still taking it
        personally in the end!

      • Exactly!! This is why I do not understand why people on here keep insisting that the jury members always vote for the most deserving player. This is just simply not true. Thanks for bringing that up. :)

      • I think most of the time jury members do NOT vote for the most deserving player, they vote with their emotions. I don’t know why they don’t realize when they do this that it only makes THEM look petty and childish and it completely shirks their responsibility as jury members.

      • Danielle Danato was always jealous of Rachel, so naturally she voted against her. Kahlia was a loud-mouth, crude, Bitter Betty. Adam was ticked off because Rachel didn’t pick him, he said it was because she knew he would win. That just shows how delusional he was, he was among the most useless players EVER and I got tired of his pathological obsession with bacon! That season would have been utterly forgettable if it were not for Brendan & Rachel and Jeff & Jordan, can anyone even hardly remember the newbies?

      • Rachel may have been good at comps but that’s IT. She had absolutely the WORST social game EVER. Hiding behind bushes and sobbing because she lost a comp? Harassing people because they sent her fiance out the door? She is the epitome of an immature person in the BB house. Also, NO player that comes in the house against a bunch of new players deserves to win. Porsche deserved to win simply because Rachel had already played before. Rachel already had her chance. PLEASE BB do NOT bring back any previous players in any future seasons, unless it’s going to be ALL previous players.

      • Ian with Dan, Ian wins but if he ever goes to F2 with Dan. If Dan does not back door him or betray him next week if he does not win a POV since he cannot play. Dan is not stupid to take Ian to F2 because he knows he cannot win beside him.

  1. Dan will try and win the veto to guarantee that any
    backdoor of him cannot take place. Also, he will have the
    others evict Shane and then, he only has Ian next week
    to evict and get to Final 3 with Danielle and Jenn!

    • he needs to take danielle and ian to the final three. that way no matter who wins he is guaranteed to go to the final 2

      • Why would Dan even take Ian to the Final 3?
        Dan is guaranteed to win this if he takes Jenn
        and Danielle. Either of those 2 in Final 2 and
        Dan wins. Also all 3 play for HOHs in Final 3
        so, Dan controls his fate if he gets to Final 3!

      • if by some random chance jenn actually wins 2 challenges she is taking danielle. also with ian and danielle dan literally could do nothing and still make the final 2.

      • And what is to prevent Ian from taking Danielle over Dan? I know Dan has both Danielle and Ian as his puppets but,
        even a broken clock is right twice a day!
        Even a dummy could have its day and
        wake up smart as hell, all of a sudden!

      • Ian with any other house guest beside him
        in Final 2 will win. Although, Ian has shown that he cannot make good decisions, there is always that chance that he will wake up and suddenly realize that it is in his best
        interest not to take Dan to Final 2 and
        taking Danielle or Jenn is a wiser move!

      • that is true, but i just feel that ian is all about his alliances. he fought to keep the quack pack together, so he will do the same for the renegades with dan. or i guess he could do what brittney said and take danielle to the final 2, but i doubt he will.

      • if that happened the show would be cancelled once 3rd place left the house. no money would be given out and season 14 will be removed from the bb archives. also they would lock jenn and danielle in the house with the zingbot for kicks and giggles.

      • Well in that awful situation, Danielle will win because remember they didn’t even know Jenn was there half the time.So lets just hope it doesn’t go there.

      • Nobody in their right mind would want to sit beside Ian in F2. Ian has very good chance in convincing the Jury his case. Only Dan can possibly win over Ian, since he’s a good speaker. I would like to see Dan/Ian on F2, but I think Dan will try to evict Ian soon.

    • Dan played a dirty game noone will vote for him Dan cant beat anyone in the house. How can you vote for a piece of crap that uses the bible to lie?

      • I am for anyone winning except Dan because of all the thing he use to swear on are things that people hold dear to to tell a lie is game play but, this is not the right way to win a game some people will not forget this, Shane better step up and play harder or he will see FRANK AND JOE NEXT

      • Yes you are right it is just a game and we can’t take it so seriously. And it has stopped the whiners who were complaining that they were going to stop watching and blah blah blah, but I still can’t stand him.

      • Yes Brad, but that “it’s just a game” excuse is ok to use against spiritual beliefs then I guess the Catholic mafia was just fine killing people with their warped mentality of “it’s only business” so it’s ok to go against everything their Bible stands for, for money? It’s NOT okay to justify. Sorry.

    • For sure!

      The jury house may not like that Dan screwed em over, but if he’s the reason they’re there, they will more than likely give him a vote. Even Jerry, you know, the guy who called Dan Judas, voted for him to win it all. If he voted for Dan, surely Brittney/Frank/etc. will.

      • Britney yes, but Frank never because he thinks way to highly of himself and always thought an said it to Danielle that he deserved it more than the others.

      • Well Frank wasn’t the only person that thought highly of himself. Wasn’t Ian acting like he was the best player ever because he back stabbed Boogie?

      • Do not think so. Dan first win but this will be the second so it is a different story. The jury will surely consider that he won before and all jurors he did back stab. I am sure he will not win it again.

    • But with this jury not being the brightest bulbs in the box and with them all not playing on game play but because they all got outplayed they will be voting out of anger except maybe Britney who I think will vote for game play, and Britney understands that it is just a game.

      • No it depends who Dan is up against. Britney has said she wants Ian and Danielle to win. Ian I can see but how does Danielle deserve to win. All of them will probably make a biased decision. Even Britney.

  2. Jenn is definitely the most annoying player in the house. She thinks she’s this amazing star who has won stuff and made big moves and deserves to be there…. ugh I want her out just for the annoying factor alone. Danielle won’t win against whoever she faces either except maybe jenn. Essentially Ian and Dan have positioned themselves the best, and Shane would beat either of the girls.

      • NO ONE is more annoying than Danielle!! We only have to listen to Jenn about her one win. Danielle goes on about EVERYTHING!

    • I love Jenn!
      I prefer underdog to win it all!
      I don’t like big alliance… the game is too easy for them cause they have the numbers.
      Jenn was most of the time fighting alone against the whole house!
      Go Jenn City!

    • Jenn hasn’t made any big moves anyway, she saved Dan with her POV is all. I loved her comments after the coaches had entered the game that she was glad for it because it would “help her in her game” – like she even HAD game and like it made sense to have four more players compete for the big prize! As much as I dislike her, I would probably tend to think that Danielle would deserve to win over Jenn. Ideally neither one of them will be in the final two, I don’t think that either one of them deserve to even win second place.

    • Lol…she’s so delusional that she probably sees and hears other people in her head….maybe one of them will be a renom.

  3. if noms stasy the same dan and dani are the ones that vote dan will vote shane and not sure who will dani will vote probably jenn then ian breaks the tie know it wont happen dani not smart enough but tell dan to make it a tie so blood on ians hand say to dan u vote jenn ill vote shane the when dani vote she vote jenn so jenn leaves

  4. Any truth to RACHEL’S video for Ian giving him “clues” for something??…It has been mentioned in previous post..

  5. −Flag as inappropriateDanielle should be EXPELLED from the house immediately for her constant physical abuse of Shane, the hitting and punching would never be tolerated if it was a MAN doing that to a women, what the f*ck happened to the no violence, zero tolerance rule that go poor willy expelled, Big Brother production managers are fukked in the head for allowing this. Now I can no longer allow my three year old to watch BBAD.

    • You let your 3 year old watch BBAD? I would think the playful hitting/wrestling between them would be the least of your worries on BBAD. If it were true violence and not playful I’m sure Shane would say something and production would intervene. Let’s not get carried away everyone.

      • Let’s face it a 3 year old has no interest in watching BB sounds like they have only one TV and makes the 3 year old watch it instead of something for the child

    • Excuse me for saying this but no 3 year old should be watching BB. No 3 year old should be up that late. A 3 wouldn’t understand what was going on and I am really shocked that you would do that. I am shocked!

  6. If Dan makes it to the final two. All of them are obviously gonna be in the jury and they will find out what he did to all of them. Does he honestly think they’ll vote for him to win? Especially when he’s already won bb. I doubt it!!! I think he forgets that all these ppl he’s screwing over will have to vote him to win.

    • “Vote for a gameplay” was just a claim, bc nobody would want some idiots-floaters-liars to win the money. If Shelly had won last season, I really doubt who would vote for her. IMO, Dan can hardly get 1 or 2 votes from the jury house.

    • Thats my take on the situation too. My hope is that Ian sees this & is planning to take Dan to the end bcuz he believes the jury won’t give the money to Dan !

    • Considering he has won once before…i’m sure he’s aware of how the jury operates. Most of the ones in jury this year have egos and would think it good gameplay that someone got THEM out. They all consider theirselves good players and therefore think it’s a major deal that someone evicted them. IMO, they are more likely to vote for whoever was responsible for ousting them.

    • ahhh its happened many times before in BB. Maybe they’ll think wow were all here because of Dan, he just kicked all are asses. Look at Dr.Will in season 2 he was why they were all their and pissed everyone off with his final speech he still won. Look at Boogie on All-Stars Chilltown was reason why all the jury members were there and told everyone they were keeping them and instead evicted them. Look and Evel Dick he verbablly harassed everyone still won. Look at Jordan in BB11 Jesse voted for her to win over his closest ally. Look at BB12 frickin Rachel and Brendon voted for Lane when they said all season long the were voting for person who competing in Comps, and Hayden I think ended up with the most wins. All it comes down to is do the jury members respect the game enough to vote for the best player or their going to hold personal grudges, like some did last season.

  7. +Flag as inappropriateDanielle should be EXPELLED from the house immediately for her constant physical abuse of Shane, the hitting and punching would never be tolerated if it was a MAN doing that to a women, what the heck happened to the no violence, zero tolerance rule that got poor willy expelled, Big Brother production managers are stupid in the head for allowing this. Now I can no longer allow my three year old to watch BBAD.

  8. +Flag as inappropriateDanielle should have been EXPELLED from the house immediately for her constant physical abuse of Shane, the hitting and punching would never be tolerated if it was a MAN doing that to a women, what happened to the no violence, zero tolerance rule that go poor willy expelled, Big Brother production managers should be ashamed for allowing this. Now I can no longer allow my three year old to watch BBAD.

    • ur post was noted the first time..Why did u post it twice more??? That is sooo annoying…Can u not delete them with ur edit feature???

    • You think that was the worst thing your kid saw on BBAD? Never mind the fowl language and nudity? What the hell is your kid doing up that late watching TV anyway?

    • Don’t you think she should be watching Sesame Street instead of BBAD? YOUR the mom and it’s your call but if it were my kid i would be more selective of her viewing habits. Just curious but whose strategy does she think is the best?

  9. Shane is not playing the game, anymore! What’s up with that? He started strong and now he’s acting like a wimp!! Shane is just floating!!! He’ll probably will go this week if he don’t win the POV competition. Shane better get his head back in the game.

    • Shane needs to get his head back in the game & realize there is no more quack pack ! He’s gotta see hes Dan’s next victim ! Gotta get that POV Shane !

      • Shane is the snakes next victim. In fact the snake is poised to strike and he believes the mantra Dan feeds Ian and the rest of the crack pack about being just a pawn.

    • He thinks by keeping his head up Danis and Dans ass he will win and Dani wont vote him out she thinks th nomance is a showmance lol.

    • Exactly! Ian’s stupidly trusting Dan instead of taking over the house himself to get Dan, OUT. He’s being stupid and very naive right now and will lose over it. I was hoping he’d set everyone up to get Dan out. Get a clue that Dan’s been OBVIOUSLY full of crap, Ian! Really foolish. :/

  10. C’mon, Ian! You can outsmart Dan. Get his little scrawny butt out! Play for YOURSELF, not the QP and sure don’t play for Dan!!!

      • I have NO IDEA what Ian is thinking at this point. He would be stupid to think Dan is an easy win in the F2. Dan is the only one who would have a chance to beat him. (and probably will)

      • I just don’t think that Ian can outstrategize Dan, so it seems to me that Dan is Ian’s biggest threat in even getting to the end!

  11. If Ian is smart, he should still go with Dan, when Jenn and Shane get 1-1 tie, he just vote to keep Shane. He can then convince Shane-Dani to target Dan; otherwise, with Jenn-Shane-Dani all standing by Dan, there was no way to get Dan nominated and voted out.

    • if noms stay the same it won’t be a tie. dan and danielle said they would vote shane out to keep jenn

  12. Jenn is just as stupid as Ian for trusting DAN…Does she not realize that he is using her for the info she gets from Daniell Shane and Ian…Does Jenn not realize that BB does a “final 2” not 3…IAN shoud certainly realize this and that the “quack pack” is for all intense and purposes done is no more..I guess it’s when the HG’s go home and watch the tapes and then they realize how stupid they were but that’s too little too late..DAN is nobody’s friend and if I were on the jury I would vote for the man/woman sitting next to him even if was Daniell and it makes me wanna puke to say that…The season is over.. it’s to predictiable at this’s not really interesting to watch …I mean what can u say about 4 people living in a house and all have their heads up one mans ass?? Seriously this season was a wash…

    • I agree, and I hope they never have scumbag Dan on B.B. again and I am so sick of him grabbing his wife’s picture when he hears someone comming,when he dont’ give a crap about her or anyone but Dan

      • Wow, obviously he is playing for his family to have a better life. It’s a frickin TV show playing for $500,000. Give it a break your acting like he frickin shot someone. All he is doing is beating everyone at a reality TV show.

  13. HOH number 3 for Ian, this kid is showing that he can play with the best of them. I think that if Ian makes it to the final two, he will win regardless of who is sitting beside him. Ian has made friends with everybody in the jury, and even against Dan, Ian has shown that he is the better player. I hope Jenn wins the veto, just so Dan doesn’t have total control as to who goes home.
    final two:
    Ian -Shane = Dog fight, no clear winner as of yet.
    Dan – Shane = Dan wins 5-2.
    Dan – Danielle = Dan wins 4-3.
    Dan- Jenn = Dan wins 6-1.
    Ian – Dan = Ian wins 5 -2.
    Ian – Danielle = Ian wins 5 – 2.
    Ian – Jenn = Ian wins 6 – 1.

    • i agree, except ian would beat shane. shane can only win competitions and he hasn’t done that in forever, also his social game isn’t the best. overall ian should beat him 5-2

  14. Can they get that stupid Danielle out!!! Love Ian, he is doing great work but I wish he didn’t trust Dan so much. How can they not see how Dan is fooling them all. Ian all the way!!!!!!

    • Dan is the best at this game and he only swore on the info and his wife even said so. Whoever calls Dan a scumbag, must be uneducated and stupid cuz if you hate on Dan for getting your favourite player out, then you’re just hurting yourself…

      • Please you are reaching. I guess a handshake in your world means nothing also. I have no problem with lying in this game. Just don’t use the bible to help you out. Lie to their face just don’t bring anything else into it.

      • Really why are you on the fan site or even watch BB? He clearly did it on the information. and yeah a handshake how many times have you seen that broken in BB. Its frickin big brother a TV show for $500,000. SO you did not enjoy Dr.Will? he lied to everyone and betrayed all his alliances except Boogie. All I see is Dan owning everyone in the game.

  15. If Rachel had already won money the jury wouldn’t have voted for her. Shelly hated Rachel and would have had the perfect excuse not to vote for her. In Dan’s case and with the IQ of the jury members (with the exception of Britney) they will hold their grudges and vote for whoever is up against him and cite the fact he already won so they don’t look like vengeful people. I want Dan to win but I’m afraid he won’t.

    • I don’t think a previous win is a good enough excuse not to vote for him. In reality it has NOTHING to do with winning. That’s like saying you’re only allowed to win once at anything. If that were true then previous hg would never be brought back to play again.

    • When the jury decides on who wins and who loses,
      most jurors will vote for the player that played the
      very best game. I am not discounting some players making it personal like last season but, majority will
      vote for whoever played the best game. The last
      thing the jurors want is to give $500,000 to a floater
      who did not do anything!

  16. I think Ian could win over Dan if the houseguests evicted tell their stories regarding Dan having final two with so many and the pretty slimy way he went about playing the game. Ian has done really well and naive as he is to make it so far, especially to final two with very true intentions for the quack pack alliance to win, he might just win. Dan thinks so too, that’s why he’s pushing for Jenn. Actually Danielle only won the one HOH and did get out Janelle but the rest of her moves have been following Dan’s lead.

      • Yeah she did. But i seriously doubt she would have had the balls to do it on her own. Boogie blew smoke up her ass and convinced her she would be the greatest BB hg of all time. Danielle is willing to believe anything as long as it fits in with her delusional world.

      • Don’t forget between all Danielle’s complaining about Janelle”s verbal attack for being put on the block,Danielle also called Janelle a ” B#th” numerours times for flirting with Shane. I really think she was Jealous of Janelle and that is the main reason she wanted her out.

      • I have hated Danielle as a player from the point on after she had renomed Janelle for eviction. Danielle deserves to leave the BB house in tears. Petty jealousy, Shane wasn’t “hers” to begin with and grow up already, Danielle!

    • I hate Danielle! She is a liar, manipulator and very, very vain! She’ll make sure she is the only woman left in the house. She has consistently lied and said Janelle said things to her and recanted an “imagined situation”, she now says Jo Jo said things about her, not true, now apparently Mike and Frank said things, also not true. She imagines that Shane has more feelings for her than he actually does and perceives herself to be more attractive than she actually is! I’ve met women like her before, they lie, manipulate and turn everyone against any other woman that is either a threat to them, or could possibly be a threat to their popularity, status or love life. I think Shane has met women like her before as well.

  17. Dan is the best at this game and he only swore on the info and his wife even said so. Whoever calls Dan a scumbag, must be uneducated and stupid cuz if you hate on Dan for getting your favourite player out, then you’re just hurting yourself… In my opinion, Dan deserves to win this.

  18. Ian says he will never open anothervpandoras box but then he did. Not on live feed production assured him that opening it would not result in ant game impact event. Production wanted to use Rachel and give contestants video calls. Amazing how production manipulates everything.

  19. Dan is playing for second place. No way jury forgives Dan for going back on oath to frank using bible and wife As oath guarantees. He was ok with quack pack info to frank and outing Ian as traitor to frank and biggie. But extending alliance to frank without meaning it was unacceptable.

    • He did that for the information he was telling, and was the truth. Maybe you forgot that Dan was taking all the heat from Ian so its okay for Dan to have everyone after him but when its actually Ian? Also, its a game show, and you may see it as oh Dan lied, manipulated, betrayed everyone, well I see as Dan kicking everyone ASSES!!! And honestly why are you watching BB anyways if you dont like drama, lying, and manipulating. Go watch something else then.

      • That’s a load of crap. Frank even mentioned the Bible in his interview with Julie. Dan knew exactly what he was doing when using the bible. Quit making excuses for him. Can’t use the $500K in hell.

      • Yes even Dan admitted that swearing on the bible, his wife, & grandfathers gold chain & then going back on his word to Frank was the wrong thing to do. He said all this himself in the last show. (or maybe it was wednesday night’s show) Then he went on to say it’s just what he has to do in the game to help out his family in the future. (I don’t remember his words exactly, of course.) Also, I’m pretty sure none of this footage was spliced. For everyone who says that he was just swearing on all of these things to prove that he was telling the truth about Ian really need to go back & hear Dan himself. He admitted it! & yes I agree with Duggy…please all of you quit making excuses for him-he is scum. Who does that????

  20. I wish they would move the cameras from the BB house to the Jury house. I think that would be more fun to watch. Wouldn’t you love to hear what Frank had to say about Dan? And everybody else too.

    • I have thought this before also and think it’s a great idea for live feeds and BBAD that would really help with it’s interest and popularity also..

    • They haven’t shown the jury house even once this season. I was hoping Thursday night instead of the first 20 minutes of recaps, maybe we’d see what’s been going on in the jury house. Maybe this coming week …

      • Well think about it. The Jury house only had Brittany and Ashley. That would have been boring to watch but with Frank coming in I’m sure Brittany and Frank will have plenty to talk about especially about Dan.

    • Iwas thinking the same thing I would love to have heard what he said when he got there. Especially to Britney.

  21. @80fe24c3eb7177fd0e540c7da88e26af:disqus they could go back and forth so when at times like now everyone in bed at 12 noon you could watch the interaction either way the last few weeks has way to much dead/boring air time

  22. The best move in the house would be, Jenn winning veto and Ian being smart and put Dan up against Shane. If the other members of the house really thought about it, Dan won 1/2 a million already. Time for Dan to go! I really was rooting for Frank, Ian, and Dan for final three. But now I want to see Ian, and Shane in final two with Jenn in final three. Danielle can go. All she is doing is riding coat tails just like Joe was.

    • I too wanted it to be Dan, Frank, and Ian but I blame Dan for Frank going home still I wont be mad if Dan won even though I wanted Frank to be in F2

  23. Maybe I misunderstood. But I thought when Dan was using the Bible and his ring, he was talking about the Quack Pack and all the details. After that they started talking about final deal did he agree. I do not remember Dan touching the bible until he picked it up to walk out. It was more of a prop then anything. I don’t think Dan working at a religious school would put himself out there like that.

  24. I was really hoping that they would take away all the mirrors in the house for the rest of the season when Ian opened Pandora’s Box. It may not make any sense to do that, but I would LOVE to see Danielle crack!

  25. For the first time this season, I saw a humorous side to Danielle during her “girl talk” with Jenn on BBAD! She actually made me laugh! Never thought that day would come! Even saw a fun side to Jenn while being on the block at the same time!

    • That’s probably because she doesn’t feel threatened by Jenn. If she saw Jenn as competition (in the man department) then it might be different. But i’m glad they had some fun and let off a little steam.

  26. Dear Ian, You are smarter than these last Noms. Please win the Veto and renom Dan. Otherwise you are giving the money away. You KNOW that you are on the block next ext HoH right? It is a given and if you don’t win the PoV you are gone. So… play smarter, you know this game and Dan should be obvious to you…

    • I don’t know but if they don’t hurry up i’m going to have to start evicting people from my house just for a little fun. :)

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