Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Week 8 Veto Ceremony Results

Big Brother Power of Veto

This week’s Big Brother 14 Power of Veto ceremony has been held and the results are in on the Live Feeds. There wasn’t as much drama surrounding the events as everyone saw this coming. With so few people left in the game and one HG playing both sides it wasn’t hard for everyone to be in on either side of the plan. Read on to find out if the Veto was used and who are the latest nominations.

Just as we expected, Dan used the Veto and saved Jenn. Ian, the current HoH, then had to name a replacement nominee. Joe was selected as the renom.

Flashback to 11:34AM BBT to find the HGs reacting to today’s Veto ceremony. Shane and Frank were speaking privately with Shane telling Frank they’d work on Danielle’s vote. I don’t believe Shane. Meanwhile Jenn was thanking Dan for repaying the favor.

Either Frank or Joe will be evicted on Thursday as the first part of a double eviction. Right now the plan is for Frank to be the one shown the door, but as we’ve seen time and time again anything can happen and Frank is one HG who knows how to survive eviction.

Do you think Dan made the right choice? Who would you send to jury on Thursday?



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  1. Bye Bye Frank! Don’t get your hair caught in the door on the way out carrot top.

    Seriously Production you better let this happen!! Leave well enough alone.

      • Production always throws twists into the game. Frank has held his own throughout. And if it weren’t for production messing with things and having twists, all the ridiculous people who are in love with a sociopath wouldn’t get to even see their precious loser play the game at all. He would’ve stayed a freaking coach! So pls shut the hell up about production!

    • Wow, last night look at BB After Dark, all I could see is Carrot Head and don’t get me wrong I love Carrot Head but did anyone else notice with is hair all over his head..

    • If Frank doesn’t leave I’m personally going to drive to California and punch Allison Gilmour right in the face!

      Then while she’s wallowing in pain, I’m going to take her from behind so she knows how it feels to be screwed over.

      Who’s with me?

      • that sounds like a threat. If i were Allison I would mark that down just in case you are on of those weird idiots that would actually do that..

      • I’m sure you would. Like AG cares about anything but herself and her ratings.

        This isn’t a reality show, on true reality shows production stays out of the mix.

      • Like I said before, unless someone can prove production is toying with things, then I refuse to believe it. Why would anyone join to play a game and be cut off from the world for 3 months to win a half million dollars if it was rigged from the beginning? I would quit midway if I knew that’s what was going on.

    • No you can’t say he was a floater, cheater yes, floater no.

      He should have been gone weeks ago when the coaches were brought into the game…

      Production screws over the fans yet again.

      • it didn’t matter who was on the block that week. that was the week that America voted to allow the coaches to have the choice to play or not. The coaches decided to play, America gave them that choice with their votes, not production.

      • But they could of gave the option of coming into the game after the eviction. That’s how they saved Frank.

  2. I think Frank made a huge mistake by not asking Dan to take him off the block. If Frank could have at least know that Dan wasn’t working with him and exposed him. I want Dan to win, but I like Frank because he has had to fight to stay in the house. Also, I sure hope Jenn knows why Dan wants to take her and Dani to the final 3. If they fall for Dan’s ploy, Dan deserves to win.

  3. Frank is done! Unless production decides to help him out again. He should have been gone weeks ago. No more listening to what a great player he thinks he is, or how much he deserves to be there.

  4. Hope Frank pulls off a miracle and Joe gets the door. He is the one that deserves it. He is a huge floater!!! And Jenn should go with him and they can take Dan right out the door with them. Lets make it a triple eviction. Sorry guys Just needed to vent so don’t jump all over me.

    • Floater or not, Frank has been saved numerous times by production and their “twists” or his cheating.

      Send him packing already. Someone who hasn’t cheated to win comps deserves to win (Shane, Dan, etc).

      • What about how Dan throws the comps, so he don’t ahve to get dirt on his hands and then to swear on his wife, wedding ring bible, and the cross that belonged to his grandfather, what kind of an animal does that. I don’t say don’t lie but just don’t swear on things like he did.

      • plus he is manipulating things now that will make him look like a good guy but put ‘blood’ on someone else (Ian perhaps?) If Frank was the last person to go to jury the house might never know. I can’t blame Frank for not spilling his guts on Dan (cause he still might be saved), but whomever follows him in the eviction next week will certainly fill in the blanks

      • he isn’t an animal haha jesus people are too damn sensitive. He swore to frank he was telling the truth which HE WAS. He didn’t swear on the part about being in a final 2 deal with him. The show edited it that way though

      • I guess you didn’t hear his diary room confession on the live show where he admitted swearing on his wife for the F2 deal with Frank. I have nothing against lying, but I do draw the line when you have to resort to those things. He has admitted to not feeling bad about the things he does. I use to like him and now can’t stand him. I really believe he has a problem and will never believe he is able to shut it off when he is on the outside. You have your opinion and I have mine. For me Dr. Will will always be the best player ever. He lied as well, but without doing it Dan’s way.

      • You nailed it. I mean, I understand it’s part of the game, but come on, Dan. On the BIBLE??? That’s low, low, low.

      • Yes. Agreed! And the way he hit people out of his way to get the “extra” Veto and then lied about it is classic. He is so evil. I can’t imagine anyone liking him–scary!!

      • He only swore that he didn’t throw boogie and him (frank) under the bus- or bring their names up for eviction. I you look back at feeds and shows, you will see Ian and Brit are the ones that did that. He said I swear on wife, ect. I have never brought up your name- that’s the truth. He DID NOT swear that he wouldn’t at a future date

      • Yes. You’re right. The way that Dan played the “extra” veto game, stomping on everyone and lying about actually getting it was so above board!

    • I know in this game HG do what they have to in order in stay in the game. I have lost all respect for Dan and if Frank goes, hope anyone wins but Dan. I am appalled that Dan could go to such lengths with Frank (swearing on the Bible, his wife, his grandmother) and can so easily forget that. I guess his new little wife is costing big bucks

      • Wake up that’s what this game is about. Lie, lie, lie. Just remember it’s a GAME!!! GO DAN!!!

      • Not even close as biggest liar definitely goes to Dr. Will!!! 2nd best player in BB History!!!!!

      • At least Will was likeable and not a complete creep. What is with Dan always hitting on Julie Chen…real classy–NOT!!

      • Agreed! And if anyone thinks the “jury” is going to vote to give Dan another $500K, they are nuts. I can’t wait for him to LOSE! Go Frank!

      • Thank you! I watch BBAD and it’s killing me watching Dan lie to Frank like that. I think Frank can sense it. Greedy Dan, very greedy.

      • Go Frank??? C’mon I thought you were a good Christian person. Don’t you keep bringing up how awful Dan is? Well every word out of Franks mouth is MFer and F this and F that. But that’s okay I guess because it’s Frank.

      • I agree Dan made the best move ever and everyone else is mad cause they didn’t think of it.Dan knows the game and inorder for him to further himself he will have to lie just like every single person in the house.Its all part of BB so all of you who are disappointed or like to call them names who cares cause when the players get out of the house and read all this i am sure they could care less.

      • Dans a hypocritical Christian. Swears on the bible then shits on it to Frank. Such a GOOD god lover

      • Some people take Christianity seriously. Obviously you (&Dan) aren’t one of them. That’s too bad. I feel for y’all.

      • OMG are you for real??? It’s a GAME. And further more you know nothing about me. Just so you know I was raised Catholic, went to a catholic school and am still involved with the church. Not that it’s any of your business!!!

      • One must repent of their sins,to God..Dan has broken the ten commandments..Only God can forgive him of using the Bible (God,s Words) for greed of monies…

      • AWESOME??? After Dan used the words of the Lord,,I pray Dan,will get right with God.For he has brought the wrath of fire down on himself..

      • I do believe I witnessed Frank (whom I have been rooting for since the beginning) throw Dan under the bus first on “After Dark.” After his “big play of the season,” I am now Team Dan!

      • He swore he was telling the truth about the Quack Pack (which he was). I don’t recall him swearing on any of those things that he would take Frank to F2 (or anywhere but out the door).

      • But then said he changed his mind and is returning to the QP!! I don’t know what to believe anymore what anyone says they’re planning to do….so I’m going with the “seeing is believing” philosophy!

      • You couldn’t be more wrong IMHO. Dan using the veto to repay Jenn then voting for Frank to stay is exactly what he said he would do. The object of the game is to win the half million bucks by hook or crook and like it or not if he can accomplish it he’s the greatest BB winner of all time.

      • Knew Dan would do that to Frank…I hated seeing Frank trust him. And who swears on the Bible to win $, that’s wrong on all kinda levels

    • Dan is the man ! yes Joe needs the boot out the door as Jenn can’t stand eaither one ..Dan is #1

      • AGREE, DAN IS THE MAN!!!!!!!Hands down the best player and he did it without bullying or cheating, and everyone lies in BB!! Dan deserves to win!

      • You people and your cheating and bullying. Frank is a bully because he talks loud a few times when people let him down. Believe me there is not a person who plays BB that doesn’t get help when it is needed. It’s reality tv. Just remember Dan needed Frank and Jenn to go along with his mater plan. Frank’s game woould have ended in the same result whether he went with Dan or Brit. Ratings wise which way turned out better? When BB first started there were no feeds or BBAD. Just the live show which I am sure people who have either see now just how edited it is.

    • …that would be my summer wish!!!!! Frank should have toasted Dan last week…he is not stupid just an emotional player with a heart. Something Dan was not given at birth.

      • Its just a GAME get over it,besides you don’t know what dan or any other hg is like outside of thereYou can dislike their way of playing but to get personal in my book is wrong.

      • I know, but I really think unless Frank can pull a miracle off, our boy is headed for the jury house.

      • How many freakin miracles do u want?!! Frank has been saved from eviction numerous times now. Enough already!!! POOF Begone!!!!

    • a big Amen to that Frank is the only one who deserves to win.and BB please take away the hammock Ian makes me dizzy the way he goes so fast he need a swing

  5. I think it would be kind of sad to Frank being the one evicted but at the same time it would be the best moved for all that is still in the house to get a better chance of the winning.With Frank staying in the house everyone there know their chance of winning will be sunk…

  6. After frank pulled Dan off, he kinda deserves it. It will go down in history as one of the dumbest moves in BB history.

      • I agree , it was not a dumb choice for frank to save dan it was really his only option to extend himself another week. If Dan went home last week and brit stayed Frank assurably would have been in the same postion. It was a calculated risk.

  7. Bye Frank.. I like Frank better without Boogie. Actually the past few episodes with Frank has been enjoyable. But when Boogie and Frank are in the same presence. I want to throw bricks at my TV screen.
    Funny how people are anti Dan all of a sudden.. What happen to everyone rocking for Dan last week?

  8. i guess i must be the only one who wants joe out he is the worst player and yet he slides along o well

    • I want Joe gone too…he’s a trouble maker and does nothing in this game. But Frank is more dangerous so I think he needs to go first. I think it would be a mistake to leave him in the game and try to get him out next because he is so good at winning the POV. Just hope Joe doesn’t win the next HOH during the double eviction. And Dan has to be careful about winning since he is playing both sides. Depending on who is left in the HOH comp Dan will probably throw it.

    • Joe will leave Thursday, as part 2 of the double eviction. Thankfully the Wrasslin Son will leave first

    • Believe me, if you were in the final two….Joe is exactly who you’d want next to you…or Jen. That’s why people like that “coast” thru the season. Nobody wants to be standing next to Frank in the final two.

  9. Well this blows I was wanting Dan to keep his word to Frank but I hope that Frank will get the votes to stay,But the way things look now BB will be handing Dan the money guess he will have is left hand on the bible and his right hand on the check,maybe BB will let Dan win again next year his fake bible and all

    • Dont forget its the jury house who votes for the winner and I doubt that they would give the 500K to someone who has already won it.

    • I like Dan but I think the way he played this time will assure he doesn’t get the money. I think the jury will vote for whoever sits next to him in the F2.

  10. Can somebody tell me what Frank was supposed to do other than accepting Dan’s offer. Since Frank wasn’t able to play in the two hoh comps and had no one else to work with him. He was going to be history anyway. Actually working Frank working with Dan was stupid, however, it was Frank’s only option.

  11. Sounds like this season is wrap. I could be wrong buttttt…I think that Frank is toast. Stick a fork in him he is done. The fat lady has sung. I do have a question for BB fans. Ok here goes. Why does a “floater need a lifevest”? Don’t lifevest help you float? But you are ready floating. I am surprised that Ian hasn’t already figured that one out.

  12. Hoping Frank campaigns hard! His only sure vote is Jenn and hopefully he realizes this. He needs to put pressure on Dan to let him know that if he goes home on Thursday he will walk out telling the others that Dan & Danielle have been tight the entire time and worked together to blind side Britney…. he needs to let them know that all that trust them now will no longer trust them and they will be the biggest targets, stabbing anyone they take into a final 3. He also needs to desperately campaign with Ian and Shane to fill them in so they realize that siding with these two will be like hammering nails into their own coffins! Frank has quite a bit of ammo to turn everything around…. So fight Frank, fight!!!!

    • yes! I totally agree. Frank needs to tell Shane and Ian this right before the vote so they don’t have time to go talk to Dan or Dani about it. If he does get evicted he needs t expose that he knows about the qp

      • I don’t think the jury is gonna vote for Dan if he makes it to final 2. He is a good player but if they (jury house) talk about what Dan did he won’t win. I miss Brittany & think she will influence the house to vote for anyone other than Dan. She was on to him before she left. The whole funeral thing was genius, but in the end will that get him the money again!

      • Is Shar Frank’s mommie? Sure seems that way but sorry mommie dearest your cheating son is on his way out the door unless production steps in one more to cheat and save him.

      • right because Dan is the only liar in the bb house. Maybe your mommy need to teach you to get over it.

      • @Bill You guys and your Production. I guess you don’t know reality tv. Don’t think for a minute that they haven’t helped every player when it is needed. It is all about ratings, ratings, ratings and they sure got a lot of press with Dan’s big plan. Just remember if Frank and Jenn didn’t go along with it the whole thing would not have worked. Do you think that Pandora’s Box from last year didn’t help Rachel/Jordan last season? Then you get the excuse that Porsche didn’t need to open it. I have never seen a Pandora’s box that hasn’t been opened. Ian winning HOH geared for him, and the list can go on. Game wise it didn’t matter if Frank went with Dan or stuck with Brit, the end result would have been the same. Anyone could see Frank and Jenn going for Dan’s plan was far better for ratings. If it makes you feel better to say Frank cheated then go for it. If Frank was the only one cheating then why not have him with the last veto instead of Dan?

    • “His only sure vote is Jenn and hopefully he realizes this.” Jenn has been plotting with Dan & Danielle to vote Frank out this week. Everyone wants him out. He needs a miracle. He needs to pull a rabbit out of that hair of his.

      • Wait, what? That makes no sense. Why would he save Jenn in order to put up Joe just to get out Frank if Frank was the target anyway? It’s not like anyone was planning to vote out Jenn. It doesn’t matter who is next to Frank if that’s who they want out.

      • Dan wanted to repay the favor to Jenn in order to pay her back for saving him. If he’s smart (which we all know he is), Dan will secretly vote to keep Frank-since he can’t play HOH, then his vote will force a tie making Ian do the dirty work by forcing him to choose between Joe and Frank. Once again, good game play by Dan.

  13. Great move by Dan. Not only does he keep Jenn in his good graces, but this also keeps Frank from letting the Quack Pack know that Dan basically ratted em all out last week. By letting Frank “think” he’s safe, there will be no need for him to cause drama.

    If Frank gets evicted, he’ll have about 45 seconds to spill the beans on Dan, and I’m not sure if it’d even be worth it at that point.

    Ian could be in some serious trouble during the double eviction though. He’s naive to think the Quack Pack would keep him safe over Joe or Jenn.

    Team Dan!!

  14. 45 seconds is enough and it is worth it! Just to rock the boat and to open the door for that fine lady … Karma!

  15. I wonder how Production will weasel their way into swaying the vote this week so Frank stays. I knew that reality TV was scripted to some extent but it is obvious now with them allowing Boogie as well as Frank to cheat numerous times without calling them out on it. They remove someone from the game for headbutting someone but yet cheating is not grounds for eviction??? Come on BB14 either let it play out or I will stop watching next year… And BTW stop bringing back has beens, let new people play the game!!!

  16. Well, to be honest, he house is still full of floaters……Danielle hasn’t done anything since very early on (plus, I believe she lives in a made up wonderland…..everything that someone has ever done, either Dani has done those same things or knows someone who has)….same with Shane (floater), Jenn and Joe, as well. Really, could you image what the game would be like if Dan actually left?

  17. Jenn is so funny looking to me sorry, but she is a slider and she should go! i really like joe, and i hope they are just trying to get Frank out, and i sooooo want Ian to winnnn!!!!!!!

  18. We’ve started a ‘pool’ at work. Whoever comes closest as to how production keeps Frank from being evicted wins the pot.

  19. I hope Production does meddle and bring Brittany back. The live feeds are so boring that I am cancelling my service.

  20. Just a note to everyone who’s hatin’ on Dan for “swearing” on the bible, his wife and his grandfather, puppies, beer, the sky and what ever else you claim….the week isn’t over yet. Dan has proved to pull things out of his hat at the last minute and completely throw the game in a different direction. Don’t be surprised if he really does hold true to the promise he made Frank last week and Joe goes home.

    • I hope you are right, however diary room sessions are for our eyes only and Dan has already said he is doing what he needs to survive, too bad Frank. Also he is trying to make it look like he kept his deal while putting blood on Ian perhaps (Ian might have to break a tie and if he sends Frank home, Dan still looks good). Dan is not campaigning to keep Frank therefore, Dan is scum and hopefully is sent packing asap

      • I’m glad that you & I are watching the same show. I just think it’s funny how many people have gotten their panties in a bunch over this whole Dan scenario and the week isn’t even over yet!

      •’re right…as usual…getting your shorts in a wad before all is said and done is like putting the cart before the horse. I’m just hoping for a big surprise ending.

    • that would be one. what about the rest of the promises he made. there’s not enough time left in the bb house to keep them all.

    • Not to mention he never swore he’d keep Frank safe in the first place, so all this anger over Dan’s supposed disgusting betrayal after swearing on a thousand things is unwarranted.

  21. OK if my favorite (Frank who is too trustworthy) is evicted, who do we have left? Ian, the nazi dictator, Shane, the liar about not knowing how the game is played, Danielle, the conceited stalker, Jenn ???, Joe, who changes sides every day, and last but not least, Dan, the slimey liar who uses the bible to his advantage. My heart aches to watch the CBS shows and BBAD so I just follow this site and Joker’s to find out what is going on. Really wish the producers won’t go this route anymore – game should be played with all new people only.

    • He doesn’t read people as well as he needs to. I understand he was in a tight spot and needed a strong ally but he forgot the most important rule in BB…trust no one.

  22. Ian just wants to go down in BB history as being a master mind. Ian stated very early on that if a BB villian allstars take place, he should be chosen. Ian is an idiot.

  23. This show is really getting to me…after dark is boring and the hgs do nothing to help to keep you interested. If frank for some production reason keeps him…thats it for me….then I truly believe the game is fake!!!!!!!

  24. a w e some awesome awesome awesome dan’s awesome! finally frank will be gone and all will be well in the house! whether it comes to a tie break or a 3 to 1 it’ll be good frank can get cuddly-wuddly with ashley and i love it and unfoutunately there’s only room for one strong player and that’s shane and i hope that production doesn’t get involved because i can see why they did that last year but that was then and this is now. so please production don’t get involved it really ruins the game.

  25. As of this point, it is best to keep joe and jenn in the game as long as possible. If Shane, Ian, or Dan are next to one of them in the final 2 they will win 7-0. There is stratgy in keeping floater

  26. Why is everyone so butthurt about dan lying to frank? Dan kinda has to let frank go this week unless Danielle/shane want to keep him to cause he doesn’t have the votes. Besides that, Dan swore he was telling the truth about everything WHICH HE DID. He never swore about the final 2 deal. The show certainly edited it to look that way, but if you watch the real conversation he swears what he tells frank about the QP and everything is true! Stop being so damn sensitive its a game for half a million dollars people and Dan is just smarter than everyone!

    • Thank you ! I cant stand the anti Dan comments on here. Understandably, from a moral aspect it was a questionable move on Dan’s part but he nowhere else to go with his game. I hate it when houseguests accept there fate that they will be leaving the house and dont put up a fight to stay. Dan fought to stay HARD! So even though it was a questionable move i respect him for making it.

  27. If Frank doesn’t go this Thursday I really have to question how many other seasons have been fixed. Maybe the HGs this season just have looser lips. I hate to think that production interferes so much as to sway things towards one player. This is a very popular show – it doesn’t need to be fixed. People have watched it for many years but if all this interference is true I’m not sure I want to waste my time anymore on it.

    • Last season definitely was; what with that Pandora’s Box twist near the end that was literally the only reason Rachel and Jordan were saved during one of the eviction weeks.

  28. Where do the producers find theses idiots. All, except Dan, appear to have mental issues, don’t have the ability to think things through and do not appear to be real people. Dan doesn’t belong in the house with those idiots. Now that I think about it, Dan isn’t a master mind, he is just in the house with a bunch of mental patients.

    • I so agree with you. The only other two actually playing are Frank (with some not so subtle help from production) and Ian. It was a pretty good laugh when Jenn used the Veto last week and acted like “It was the game play of the season!”

    • It amazes me that Danielle made it past the psych exam. If any of his patients are watching, they’re probably looking for a new doc by now.

  29. I know with Frank being the favored HG, and with production meddling for him and Booger. he should go to jury and stay there. otherwise this will cost CBS and everyone knows it isn’t a game, just a scripted and way below average soap opera.

  30. It will be interesting to see when (not if) Dan turns on Daniell…lol…Dan did not appreciate Shane keeping Daniell safe this week..He was left out of the loop and he now knows that Daniell has a final 2 with Shane and also with him…And he has said that he will takes whatever steps needed and knock out anybody to get to the end…And it would totally make my day if Dan was the reason for Daniell going out the door..

  31. I wish Dan hadn’t used it, I know why he did it. He’s thinking about who he can win against, if jenn stays that’s someone else he will surely beat. She certainly didn’t deserve to go further than Britney but Britney was smart and Dan knew he couldn’t fool her forever. He also might not have been able to win over Britney. I’m glad Frank is going though.

  32. BB production is involved throughout the whole game, they shouldn’t be telling any of the players anything, what to do or what it looks like is going on with the other players. It ruins the game for me. It gives advantage to certain players they deem will make a good show. It doesn’t make a good show.

    • I agree, why does production need to know “where a person’s head is”. Since the game is about telling lies, I sure wouldn’t tell them anything but that.

    • know one knows that is actually happening. If you didn’t read these ridiculous post you would never think that. Those that don’t get on here and only watch the game from TV think nothing of the sorts.

  33. If Dan was actually Danielle’s friend, he would pull her aside and talk to her about the way she is stalking Shane. Dan knows that Shane doesn’t like Danielle and knows that Shane is just using her to help him get to the end. However, since Dan needs Shane, I believe he is unwilling to tell her the truth or maybe he is wating until it is Shane’s time to go to get Danielle to vote him out.

    • Danielle should have caught the hint when Zingbot told her Shane dont want her. But maybe Danielle took the restraining order comment into “Shane will buy you a present after the show” then she probably went deaf and spaced out.

    • That could be part of Dan’s master plan. With Shane still in the house Dumbielle is focused only on him & her reflection in the mirror. She could care less about game play.

  34. I don’t know why so people are hating on frank. He is clearly one of the most dominant players to ever play this game. He wins competitions and he has a great social game!

    • He’s a competion beast but i wouldnt go as far to say he has a great social game. His blind loyality of others is his downfall. Just becuz your a nice person doesnt meen your social game is great. Influencing others decisions to me would classify as a great social game.

    • BAHAHAHAHAHA, you are kidding right!!!!!!! He has Zero social game and only good at competitions when he or production help him to cheat. Don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you!

    • I agree. I think that some people don’t see what really happens in the house and they are basing their judgements of Frank by what CBS airs three times a week.

  35. I’m tired of people sticking up for Frank! He frickn sucks at this game despite many opposing beliefs. Think about it, he obviously has 0 social game whatsoever if he is on the block EVERY SINGLE WEEK! Hurray, he can win comps, but can’t do anything else! And he just isn’t that bright. Dan deserves to win this game again. Dan and Dr. Will are in a league of their own in this house and it’s very rare to see players like these, that’s why there has only been 2!

  36. There is No Keeping your word in this game ! It’s Big Brother and when all is said and done it is everyone for their self….Dan is playing the game ….Personally Frank is way to Naive this far in the game to trust anyone…I will say he has played a good game in staying as long as he has….Joe is nothing but a floater along with Jenn Dani & Shane……Ian might not be as dumb as he wants everyone to think……This has been one hell of a season !

  37. Dani is divulging her BIG SECRET to Shane…that she’s a nurse with nearly 3 degrees. Why did she wait so long???? She’s the closest to him in the house. Sort of odd to not trust him with her secret…like WHO CARES what she does…

    • I know, it’s so funny. She’s “not just a nurse, I’m a charge nurse”. And Shames comment after that was “at 23?” She’s such a nut bag. If anything she might be doing pre-reqs for a nursing program while interning at a nursing home changing diapers and feeding the elderly.

      • all my comments are not posting….i am baffled…but in a nut shell that is what i said..she works with 60 trama patients?…really?

  38. danielle is a CU*T. I cannot stand that thing. Dan is a SCUMBAG. Ian is an IDIOT. Shane is Clueless. Joe is a master Floater. Frank kept d/d/s safe last week the least they owe him is to keep him one more week. He should go to Ian and tell him this. But knowing that dumbass he will tell everyone, Guess what frank tried to sell me. For all you people that say prod cheats. If that were the case Franks pb would have held a power.

    • Danielle is CLINGY (Not a cu*T). Dan is a mastermind. Ian is goofy but alright. Shane is Clueless (Agree). Joe is the furthest thing from any sort of master. Frank is due nothing. He is the biggest threat, and it is their best interest to get rid of him.

      I corrected what you said

  39. Dan made awesome moves last week and this week messed up. His smartest game move should of been to save frank. Switch sides again and have 4 people in the next HOH comp. but no matter. I’m rooting for Shane.

  40. OK…discussing the movie Forest Gump…Talking about Forest girlfriend having aids…Daniell wants to know why Forest did not get aids??? Shane/Joe tells her that they had sex before she contracted aids…DUH..So much for Daniell being a health care professional and her nowledge of what really happened in the movie Forest Gump…

      • Knowing Danielle………that will be the next disease she claims to have. And she will probably say she picked it up from the toilet seat in the BB house. This girl…sheesh…

  41. frank should stay in the game simply because hs IS sucha good player, joe should go. he is a floater & floaters shouldnt win this game no way,,also frank is my deceased brothers name and this is big brother :>)

  42. Would be soooo frigging funny if Shane said.’Daniell since u told me ur biggest secret I will tell u mine”..” I am gay DANIELL”…Would be awesome if that happened…Speaking of that happening..Did a HG a few seasons back say he was GAY inorder to avoid possible female advances or am I wrong about that???

  43. okay big brother is all about talking stragety but danielle just told shane she is a nurse (a charge nurse!) and is in charge of everything and has 3 degree’s. telling shane she works in trauma…(old folks home?) no disrespect to the elderly, and she cares for 60 patients all by herself. i have spent the week watching her throwing herself, exposing herself, spreading herself….but geez….i really think there would be a all time low….??? under pathetic in dictionary…is DANIELLE!

  44. if i repeat myself i am sorry…i guess my previous comment didn’t post…i am discusted by danielle…she just told shane that she is a charge nurse and works in trauma. (a old folks home? no disrespect to the elderly) and is in charge of 60 patience! also lets not forget 3 degree’s. lets not forget this is big brother and there is deceiving involved but most people play the game with stategy but this is downright ridiculous and pathetic… she flaunted her chest the other night..spread eagle for joe on the kitchen bench…and everytime jojo names is mentioned the duck face comes out….really??? this silver spooner gets more neurotic every day and not for the game but for the dude! (yes the dude in the pink tank top)

  45. Think about it. Frank took an avocado bath, chum bath, couldn’t play for HOH this week, now can’t play next week ALL so he could get out Dan. And what does he do? Get into an alliance with Dan and have him pulled off the block. Not smart! Frank made a foolish decision and will go home because of it. Frank played this game too strong.

  46. According to post on Twitter from Janell & JoJo Daniell may be in a trauma unit after the show is over…Both are really pissed about the lies & comments that she has been telling this past week..Looking foward to the finale to see how it plays out..

    • What is Janelle and Jojo, two year olds? It would
      be good for a laugh if these fools do assault
      Danielle when she gets out because when they
      get locked up in jail for assault, I will be laughing
      at their asses! If you play Big Brother, you have to
      be able to take as much as you dish out! If not, you
      have no business being on Big Brother. Janelle also started the crap about Jojo saying that Danielle was
      fat when, Jojo never said a thing. Someone should
      tell Jojo then, she and Janelle can duke it out!

  47. Franks best argument should be that if they send Joe home they will have a 1 in 4 chance of being HOH with Joe it is a 1 in 5 chance.

  48. Frank should have told Ian it was Dan that threw Brittany under the bus and exposed the quack pack last week that could have saved him.

  49. Poor CBS.. they are gonna lose viewers one way or another. “If Frank stays, it’s rigged and I ain’t watching.” “If Frank leaves, I am done.. he deserves it.” BTW, it’s fine with me either way. I am Team Ian and I think Frank leaving will be better for Ian..but, I can’t stand Joe, so thats good too. GO IAN!!!!

  50. HELP! Most of my post have gone missing. I called for a search party to find them but they had no luck. Has anyone seen them?

  51. Wow, looks like Dan wins big brother unless he loses in final 4. Amazing player, ruthless, awesome.

      • Major glitches! I’ve been getting server errors when I tried posting earlier & messages that say I posted that already when I haven’t. I like this new format, but not all the problems.

      • I like the idea that you can edit your comments. But it was bad today, most of my post were missing. They were down for hours today, so obviously there’s a problem.

      • The messages were at the top where you can leave a message instead of replying. They were in a bright pink bar.
        I was on a roll earlier posting a lot of good stuff and then all of a sudden it was all gone. I was so disappointed. Hopefully things are gonna get better :-)

  52. i could leave a mesg for nothing yesterday it wouldn’t post thought i was in trouble for telling the truth lol

    • Haha, I think we are all finally out of trouble tonight. I was having that problem earlier today and it was making me mad.

      • Same here. Did not know what happened and
        all my posts keep disappearing like Danielle ate them and maybe, she did!

  53. its hard to watch without posting…danielle is laying it on thick tonight on how she looks! “ive been told i look like tyra banks” “ive been told i look like j-lo” really…maybe their roadie…or their nurse…haha wait she is a trauma charge nurse i forgot

    • Haha I know! Don’t forget Marylin Monroe and Kim Kardashian too! The chick is so delusional!
      And what is she wearing? Hasn’t she said over and over how much her mom told to stay covered up? I bet her mom is real proud of her.

      • I thought the funniest suggestion she made was Kate Beckinsale! Kate is gorgeous, super toned, and most likely a size zero! When Jenn didn’t comment on that suggestion Danielle looked sad. She is so delusional!

    • I think it’s gonna happen. Tonight Dan & Frank were talking about it and their F2 deal. The other night Ian was convincing Shame that Frank wasn’t a big threat this week since he can’t play in the next HOH comp. IMO, Frank is here to stay. :-)

      • Dan has so many deals at least 2 or 3. It’s understandable, since he wants to cover all his bases. Memphis said from tweeter, that Dan is not gonna take a female on the F2. I don’t know why, but that’s what he said.

      • Interesting that he won’t take a female to F2. Maybe he thinks the jury will have more pity for them? But that’s good imo, I don’t want to see Dumbielle sitting in the F2, and I’d be wildly surprised if Jenn went that far. What a waste of money that would be if Dumbi had a chance at it. I’m totally on board for a Frank & Dan F2. I think that’s what it’s gonna come down to. For the longest time I was hoping it’d be Frank & Ian but I don’t know if I see that happening anymore.

    • I am hoping that they send Joe home. Frank adds more
      to Big Brother than Joe will ever! He is just taking
      valuable space. Dan decides because with Danielle, Shane and Jenn as the other votes, he can tell Danielle and Jenn
      to vote to keep Frank if he wants to!

  54. I think the production people are running the show here. It’s been more evident every year. I wonder now though who they want to “help” Dan or Frank? I wanted Ian to win, but I honestly don’t think he can take the pressure if he’s going to be involved in the double eviction. Remember, the last double eviction was done by the new HOH , which at the time, was Ian. This time will it be Ian or the newly picked HOH for next week? Does anyone know, it they discount the Live Feeds? I mean there isn’t an month of shows left, so do you still pay by the month?

    • Production has helped everyone practically. For
      one thing the competitions for HOH for instance was geared to benefit the lighter players like Ian and
      Danielle. Nobody raises a howl about that because it benefits their favorites. A lot has been said about
      Frank being favored by production and Shane’s HOH wasted. Yet, they did not mention the simple fact that assuming for the sake of argument that Frank was
      evicted before the coaches came in, Shane would not have play for HOH and would have been the next one evicted because the 4 coaches coming in would have targeted and evicted Shane next! Sure, Shane was favored just as Frank otherwise, they would have been evicted by the coaches and the coaches will have
      a very easy time of what is left of the newbies!

  55. Also, I’m actually surprised that everyone is jumping on Dan when Ian, Brit, Shane, et al covered their bases while Dan took ALL THE HEAT from the last controversy! Was everyone ok for him being scapegoat, but when he tries to save himself, he is evil???? Brit even said, well I guess Dan has to go, I’m rolling with u frank- that wasn’t game, she knew she was in bind and had to toss him under bus- is that ok? Or only dans switching sides is evil???? Don’t get me wrong, I also like brit

  56. None of these scumbags have the kehones to tell Frank their not voting to keep him. Their Pathetic!

    • Dan will put a spell on all of them and they will vote for Frank to stay and they will like it….or else!!!!

  57. Dan’s a gutless weasel, if he plans to send Frank home, and breaks his so called promise on the bible, and swearing on his wife, then why dosen’t he tell Frank? Dan said a few weeks ago to Frank & Boogie if I make a move on someone I don’t hide it I own it. I wonder does Dan ever tell the truth? We all know the answer to that one! I hope Frank get’s in his face and calls him out on everything, because it would be fun to watch Dan wet himself on tv.

  58. I hate to say this but, drunk Ian needs an ass whoopin’! Get your thoughts in order boy before you start tellin’ people what to do Thursday. I hope you have a nice hangover in the morning.

  59. I said a few days ago that Dan didn’t stand a shot at winning, but I underestimated the stupidity of that house. Dude stabbed his alliance in the back and Frank is still target number one. Ian’s gonna rue the day he trusted Dan over Frank cuz his time is up.

    • That is why production brought the coaches in
      because nobody among the newbies were playing
      in the hope that the newbies would start playing
      because with the coaches in, there would be pressure
      on the newbies to compete. Instead, we have the
      newbies still following what the ex-coaches tell them!
      We will have a better cast if they stuck to an All Star Format and bring back all the previous season winners. That would be 14 very good players who do not need to be told to play the game!

  60. I don’t want the game to get to predictable then it is boring. I would love to see Dan & Frank in the final two because each of them have played the game right from the beginning. They have each had to make some big moves and take the heat for them. Isn’t that what this game is all about. Not the individuals who coast on the tails of others but those individuals who put themselves out there. Joe, Jenn and Ian I believe have not had any structure to their game. They have been lucky to get a couple of vetos and head of household but in my opinion didn’t use them wisely. Shane was a contender at the start of the show but somehow it seems like he has started to coast. Danielle well God love her! She is playing this game like it is bachelor pad or something. Poor Shane!!!

  61. RANDOMNESS!!!! Ijust saw Ashley on a male enhancement supplement infomercial. Hilarious!!!! Its called “EXTAMAX” AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    • It looks like Frank is gone unless there is miracle of
      some sort. On the plus side, Ian is going to be the next one targeted since, he cannot play for HOH.

  62. Just testing the board this morning. Couldn’t post last night so had BB withdrawal….

  63. I feel so sorry for Danielle and her need to be liked. Now that she is the only girl left, I guess she wants the guys to treat her like a queen. She said that she is a charge nurse (right, in charge of who), a trauma nurse, takes care of 60 elderly people, and has 3 degrees. I believe that she is a nurse that works in a nursing home or hospice (cause those are the only places the 60 elderly patients that she mentioned could be). Now for the 3 degrees, since you only really need an associates degree to be an RN, I doubt if she has three degrees. And, since she is only 23, what three degree would she have had the time to get? Entered college at 18, maybe got bachelors at 22. What could she have done in a year’s time to earn 2 more degrees? Yeah, she got three degrees alright, one in lying-ology, one in stalking-ology, and one in psycho-ology.

    • Lol…very true. Although i think she has a Phd in stalking…and is going for extra credit with Shane.

    • last night on the bb cameras she kissed shane on his neck…and he kept a straight face and didn’t even respond…i almost fell out….and less not forget the 5 minutes of rubbing his bare chest was her form of foreplay….everytime i think she can’t go no lower…she tops it….and every night watching it (before my night shift) i am brain damaged….but at this point…i watch to see what else she will sink too….really after last night is there any lower??????

  64. If Frank goes out the door, I will stop watching BB, How a person could swear on the Bible, Their grandfather, wife, and then backstab his new alliance is apalling . Someone who has true faith would not play that way. You are scum Dan…..

  65. I can’t believe that they don’t give Frank one week after making so many promises to him. I know its a game and they all lie, but OMG Frank has kept his word to every person he has made a vow to.

  66. Its obvious for better Tv if Frank stays along with Ian, then Dan but it doesn’t go down like that..
    Joe shoulda be sent packing..

  67. Lil Ian,frank and Dan really would of made it good TV for a final 3 show down for showtime.
    Frank, Ian actually are both the stars of the show but frank gets the boot Thursday.
    Remember its just a game guys so don’t get to fired up.
    Actually liked to see Jen win it, she doesn’t get caught up in all the drama..
    Really humble, mellow.
    Girl power.
    Enjoy the show everyone.

  68. Frank deserves to be in the game! He has survived sooooooooo much. Yes, he’s dangerous bc he is so good, but so is Dan & he’s already won so why are they going to let him win again? Idiot HG’s! Why not play a REAL game and get the floaters out and then the rest can battle it out, that could be interesting. And I hate Ian, I pray he’s out the door with the 2nd eviction!! Ok, had to vent & say GO FRANK!!!!!

  69. You all have to understand the show is edited in a way that doesn’t show the whole situation….it’s for ratings, after all. There’s not enough time in a day to show everything, and therefore you don’t catch every argument or every lie when you don’t have BBAD…. those who say Dan doesn’t deserve to win, you obviously haven’t watched the same BB i’ve been watching. yes, Frank is a competitor and a damn good one at that… but Dan did create a master plan, very methodical ( even to the point to tell Danielle all of that just so she could have the pity vote. Who comes up with that?)… that deserves an Oscar!!!! he truly deserves to win… again. I think depending on who he is sitting in the final 2 with, that he may just already have this thing in the bag…. and I have been a TV producer, so I know the editors can’t fit everything in a 1 hour show. They take the most exciting things and use it to garner interest from viewers like us!!!!

  70. @little brother, no I want joe out as well, but I think he needs to coast along another week… he is nothing but a floater and obviously the worst physical competitor yet ( he didn’t even stay on the planet comp for 2 minutes for crying out loud)… my 4 year old could’ve done better than him!!!! I don’t think he, Danielle or Jenn will win if they’re left sitting in the final 2.

  71. I wish Frank got rid of Dan when he had the opportunity to do so. I do not like Danielle, she says she is honest, but she is a snake and lair like Dan,and Shane is just a follower. Once Frank is gone I will stop watching BB.

    • Totally agree with all your comments.
      Danielle’s a phony,shanes a coat tail rider.
      Franks great for the show ,you either hate the dude or likem but he’s sent home.

  72. Since Framk is such a threat, he needs to go, and dont forget Shane and Danielle, one of them for sure needs to go, Im thinkin Shane if Frank goes, of course Dan is the biggest threat of all. I dont think Dan is gonna do well with jury votes, with that bein said I hope Ian wins.

  73. Frank’s time is up-FINALLY! No identity of his own-‘chill town’ is cold, old & over, already. (get some REAL clothes, dude!) Dan has repaid favor to Jenn, so it’s time to cut her loose, also. Dan & Ian in Final 2, w/Ian winning the jury’s votes! Dan may be the sneakiest, but Ian pulled some great stunts, too, w/o losing his integrity. Dan said it best during this past Veto comp-“Last time I was true to my alliance (& won), but this time I’ve changed my strategy”. (Why?)

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