Big Brother 14 Week 8: You Scratch My Back I’ll Veto Yours

Jenn Arroyo on Big Brother 14

Later today the next Big Brother 14 Power of Veto ceremony will be held and we’ll get a whole new round of drama keeping the game afloat until Thursday’s eviction. Listening in on the in-house Live Feed cameras we have a pretty good idea of what’s going to happen and why. Read on for the latest Veto spoilers.

Dan is the winner of this week’s Power of Veto after what it sounds like was a very close OTEV competition between Dan and Frank in the final round. I was initially surprised to hear Dan had allowed himself to be in this situation as it could force him to reveal his dueling alliances. However, if it was down to him or Frank winning the Veto then it makes a lot more sense that he felt he had to win it.

Shortly after the Feeds returned following the Veto competition Dan announced to the cameras that this [Veto] was his ticket to getting Frank out of the house. Dan’s intentions were clearly stated. He wanted Frank out of the house and after numerous nominations and housewide failures it seemed like it could finally happen. Now to figure out what to do with the Veto.

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In a bizarre turn of events last week Dan was able to convince Frank to convince Jenn to save him from the block. The stars have aligned for Dan. Dan now has an excuse to save Jenn rather than Frank. Had Frank won the Veto last week and saved Dan then there’d be the expected pressure to save Frank and let Jenn battle it out with the renom. Instead Dan gets to keep his Frank-Jenn alliance concealed, act in its supposed best interest, and return the favor to Jenn.

Last night a little after 2AM the Quack Pack met up in the HoH room to discuss the upcoming Veto ceremony. Everyone agreed with the plan: Veto Jenn, renom Joe in her place, and evict Frank on Thursday.

Dan has also discussed his plan with Frank and things are in the clear there. Frank was confident he’d have the votes to keep Joe because once again the house is lying to him. Well, Frank did feel confident. A little after 1AM last night Frank began discussing with Dan the idea of possibly saving him instead of Jenn and having her face off against Joe on the block. Frank said the DR was making him nervous about his chances at safety before the cams cut away to Fish. If true then it’d seem production is meddling in the game again. When the cams returned Dan deflected the situation for later discussion.

No matter what pressure is applied to Dan today before the Veto ceremony I am confident that Jenn will be saved and Joe will be the renom. Now how those votes turn out on Thursday will be interesting. There are only four votes which means Dan could force a tie and put the blood on Ian’s hands, but will Ian crumble under the sudden rise of pressure and keep Frank in the game? We’ll know more soon!

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What do you think? Should Dan use the Veto at all today or keep Ian’s nominations as they are? If he uses the Veto would he be best served by saving Jenn or Frank?


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  1. PRODUCTION SHUT UP and let the chips fall where they need to fall and get the hairy orange thing, Frank, out of the house!!! Stop meddling!!! You have let Frank cheat the entire game and stay in the house but now it is time to stop trying to rig the game. Frank needs to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • I am in total agreement..Nothing was done to keep Janell Boogie or Britney…nothing…Why does Frank deserve special attention or favors when it comes to being evicted…Frank is not that great of a player and he is not well liked….. The “lets save Frank” by Production is getting old..very old….

      • I agree with you. Personally whether Frank stays or goes…doesn’t matter to me. If he stays we will get some very sneaky gameplay by him and Dan both. It would be fun to watch. If he goes then it will be interesting to see if Dan can live to fight another day if Frank outs his deal with him. Plus whether or not Ian can live up to his “super fan” status will be revealed. His knowledge of BB trivia is great but i don’t know if he can use it effectively. I’m just waiting for Joe, Jenn and Shane to step up to the plate. They haven’t exactly been put in a position of being desperate enough to make a move. Maybe that will change. As for Danielle….i’m just hoping she can hold on to what tiny bit of sanity she has. She can’t afford the loss.

  2. Dan should use the veto on Jenn and force a tie during the eviction. Ian is too well-liked and if anyone is going to have a chance against him, he needs to have some blood on his hands.

      • NM…I was thinking about evictions…not veto ties where Ian will have to pick who to be evicted in case of a tie. I think he’ll choose Frank over Joe since he knows Frank can’t compete in HoH…but that’s just my opinion!

    • not sure what world you are in but Tan is a little snake he rode on Boogie and Franks coattails now just got lucky he is a scum bucket and I don’t believe liked at all unless you are a nerd who needs to rock back and forth constantly!

    • Ian,Told Frank,he would be the one to send him out of the house. because he put Brittney up..So Ian, can wash his hands of the Blood,once Frank is out the door..bye bye Frank
      this will be a Double eviction..So bye bye Dan..
      Frank ,you along with the others carried Dan this far..So Just Carry Him With You To The Jury House,& lay him on the couch.. He has laid around & been Pure Lazy in BBH..

  3. I don’t care at this point because I am so disgusted with the way Frank has been targeted and treated. Dan hasn’t had to work anywhere nearly as hard as Frank to stay in the game as have not one of the others. It is Dan this and Dan that. Why is it o.k. for Dan to lie to Frank but God help Frank if there is even a hint that he would not be truthful to the other members. Frank has been accused of cheating when there is not real proof. Production is interfering when it concerns Frank. What in the world is going on with people in regards to Frank? Why is it o.k. for Dan to lie right to Frank’s face? Why is it o.k. for Ian to lie right to Frank’s face? There was some of this on a smaller scale regarding Janielle. It seems as though the people in the house are really poor at reading who the real threat is and that is Dan. How about Shane? What has happened to him? Suddenly, Shane has dropped back and has become a floater. Of well, I really enjoy Frank as a player and would love to see him overcome the odds. It appears I am in the minority about Frank.

    • Because lying is an accepted and essential part of the game. Everyone in some way lies. But not everyone has been saved from eviction by re-sets, or won comps by cheating without repercussions, or has had info leaked to him by production as much as Favorite Frank has. Yeah, he’s good, but he’s had way more help than any other player.

    • I agree…Frank has had to fight every week to stay in this game. Can’t stand Dan at all. He swore on the bible to Frank over and over and now he’s backstabbing him again. Karma’s a bitch Dan and i hope your next!!!
      The rest of the group are really stupid. They all want to be praised for making the biggest move to get rid of frank. Are they not thinking about strategy. Com’on people he cant play hoh next week. This is the perfect week to get joe or jenn out. Thursday the only players playing hoh is Dan,Dani,Shane and ?. Ian can’t play , neither can frank. The stupid quakpac has full control this thursday and don’t even realize it. Like i said……such dumb ass players this year.

    • I am right there with ya! I have been watching BB since season 1 and I can not remember a season where one player was targeted from day 1 as Frank as been. You are correct, I don’t know why it is ok for everyone else to lie, but heaven forbid, Frank does it and the whole house hates him..Dan is the obvious threat in the house, he is ruthless, Frank really messed up when he chose to believe Dan’s lies last week which kept him in the house. Frank had two chances to get the snake out and messed up both times..or I should say Boogie helped alot on the first chance. Ian makes me sick..this has been my least favorite cast ever, except for Frank, if he leaves on Thursday, BORING..BORING..BORING. Danielle is a stalker, Shane is just dumb, Jenn.she makes one move and thinks she is the BB queen, words..Dan, slithering snake, which leaves Frank, love his witty personality, the way he has had to fight from day one, let’s hope he at least wins America’s Player and wins 25 grand. I have enjoyed watching him play the game and he has played hard.

      • I kinda think there sth to do with Frank himself. Remember Frank trashed Willie the first week when he felt Willie was lying? Even they didn’t like Willie, but everybody started to try as much as they can to pacify Frank, and not saying anything straight upfront to stay away from any drama. To mind you, Willie did try to save Frank, and as Willie said, got flushed down the drain with Frank.

      • 100% agree. Love how jenn thinks she’s miss queen city. Does she deserve the $50k or the $500k? Really! Without frank this game will be super boring and unworthy to watch as no one deserves 1st or 2nd prize. Frank deseves both!
        Love how everyone thinks frank is getting saved by production. So why when he got pandoras box didnt they throw in some diamond veto??

      • Hey, thanks. I thought I was the only who sees Frank for a great player having to fight against all odds to stay in the house. I hope he at least wins America’s Player as well. Maybe a miracle will happen and he will stay in the game. Now is the time to tell the Quacky Pack that Dan had made a deal with him and Jenn against the Quackers. Frank has nothing to lose at this point.

    • What do you mean there is no truth about Frank cheating. HE WAS OUTED on National Television for Cheating last Wednesday night and he was outed on a clip that had been on You Tube where he admitted to Boogie he had been cheating!!!! Seriously Frank has cheated his way through the entire game unless he was bullying or threatening someone he was cheating. He should of been sent packing the first time he cheated and now he definitely needs to get OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      • Ummm, relax, Sharon, it sounds like ur abt to have a stroke. Idk abt utube thing, but if ur referring to Frank saying “summer” under his breath to Britt after she buzzed & missed, that was CLEARLY a mistake. A heat of the moment thing, like when u know the answer to something &some1 beats u to the punch & u just mutter answer under ur breath out of frustration. And, I’m not sure if u watched the rest of show, but he did get DQ’d from that comp that he was winning….so, again, unless ur Ian or Dan’s mommy, pls relax! No1 shud have a stroke over a reality show…I think that in itself wud become its own reality show!!!! Ahahahahhahahah!!!!

      • KG, I think what Sharon was referring to was when Boogie was feeding answers to Frank from the sidelines at a previous competition.

      • Also, palming house guest choice chip during a veto picking. That is when he told Boogie he did that and Boogie told him NEVER to mention. This ia the truth. CBS removed from Ytube because they said it was a copywrite infringement, although they have no problem with clips from other CBS shows.

      • We all know they removed it not because of copyright infringement but because they did not want it being broadcast that they did not make an admitted cheater leave the BB house. It sets a really bad precedent and they want it covered up. He should of been sent out of the house right then!!

      • Right, thought I was clear about that. For those delusional people who keep saying Frank never cheated, how much more proof do you need?

      • Oh, sorry, missed that….I’m not always on feeds or watching show. I had an unexpected death in family ard that time, so I missed that. I shud have prefaced comment with that first, I guesss. She was just getting so worked up, it was getting ME nervous!!!

      • Why? Frank cheated and end of story. BB fans believe and rightly so that cheating should not be tolerated. I would hope people do get worked up about someone cheating because they should and still be allowed to stay on what is essentially a game show!

      • If you watch the feeds then you know that Frank cheated because he admitted it on the feeds and then someone posted it on You Tube and as for Wednesday please do not make an excuse for cheating! Cheating is cheating and what Frank did was not make a mistake he tried to cheat by giving Britney the answer because she had already went behind her alliance’s back and made a deal with Frank. Sorry, but you need to grow up and it is apparent you are Frank’s daddy or mommy because no one else would make excuses when their child CHEATS. Maybe that is the problem with Frank is that mommy and daddy tried to use that same excuse when he was in school when he cheated was that it was just a mistake and Frank never learned that cheating is WRONG and should never ever be tolerated.

      • Sorry, I still don’t think what he did was cheating. Frank was not in an alliance w Britt ( now, let me insert here that I do not watch the feeds 24/7 nor do I keep track of every potential side/pretend alliance that may possibly last for 35 min, oops, I mean, sec, in that insane asylum). I was not making an excuse, that was what it looked like to me, as a viewer. And what followed was Frank was DQ’d from comp…as it shud have been 4 ANYONE who mumbled, whispered, uttered, shouted or pantomimed the answer. I never said otherwise. Listen, I really don’t have a dog in this fight. I will say that I can’t stand little rat boy. And I think it’s creepy that the Catholic school teacher swore on the bible, his wedding ring AND his dead grandfathers chain, but I have also said that watching the “funeral” was like watching a master class in. Drama @ Yale. As far as the other bodies in the house, they are inconsequential to me & are just taking up space. I just feel badly for Frank – I don’t think in the history of BB there has been a player who has been on the block EVERY wk unless he was HOH. Between Frank the competitor & Dan the mind, it’s been a weird & wild season!

      • There’s nothing wrong with the fact that you’re not aware of what is going on 100% of the time-but being so when you come to a forum of people that DO know what’s going on 100% of the time you need to know what you’re talking about and not defend things you don’t even know.

      • I guess you do not understand the definition of the word cheating since it is apparent from your spelling that you do not know what a dictionary is! Look up the word cheat and there is Frank’s photo!

      • KJ maybe u should spend some of that relaxing time to do ur research cause the veto that frank won that got boogie out if the house shows frank cheated cause he admitted it & was busted by Joe. When joe went to the DR to complain Frank bullied him. Finally production admitted it but said it wouldn’t change the outcome. He also cheated in the drawing of the players. That’s why the camera’s focused on the bag when he drew his name. And a true BB fan gets excited about this game. As for parents I don’t think franks mom has very much to be proud of. He is a bully & happy when things go his way. If u only watch the edited version 3x a week, u have no clue what happens. Frank & Boogie wanted to burn Dan’s Bible 2 weeks ago. But u won’t see that on CBS. Buy the feeds or don’t comment.

      • Not to mention KG did you not hear the vile comment that Boogie made about sexually assaulting Dan’s wife and Frank was all laughing and all for Boogie doing that. Frank has proved what a vile disgusting person he is and sorry but do not feel one bit sorry for him. He has bullied, threatened, cursed and cheated this entire season and he deserves to go home.

      • Ummmmm, did u ALL not read the part where I said I had NO dog in the fight? That I am a fan of the show, but have not been able to watch feeds due to an unexpected death in the family? I’m sorry, I thought I cud come on here & joke ard….if u go back & read any of my comments they are all followed with a laugh or some other symbol of this whole thing not being serious. I didn’t realize this game was a life or death situation to u all out there (there r a few exceptions, I hope u know who u are). It’s a shame that ur mostly a bunch of bullies who want to gang up if someone doznt agree w what u have to say. Have fun haters….I’m going back to jokers. I thought they were nutz, but u all take the cake!

      • He didn’t mutter it to himself, he looked over to Brit and whispered it! lol. That’s called cheating not getting caught up in the moment. But you’re right he got DQ’d *finally* and he deserved it. I don’t argue that is Frank is a beast and a great competitor but he definitely has had a little extra help that not everyone else gets. It is what it is.

      • Frank explained it on the Feeds as an accident, but in watching the episode it was clear that Frank was trying to feed Britney the answer. Frank didn’t say it out loud to himself like he suggested but rather directly to Britney after he saw she didn’t know the answer.

      • I disagree, because he listen to the rules, maybe he didn’t hear it. It was just as plain as day.

      • Agree,to the most Fullest, Frank should have been gone for Palming the choice chip, & playing it for the second time…..I Stand Corrected in my Comment above..I would like to see Ian & Shane go to the final 2

      • If HGs get Dan out during the double eviction, I think there’s a 90% chance that we will see that in the F2

    • I agree with Georgia, I hope Frank can over come the odds, He’s the only player that has played his heart out,without back stabbing everyone in his path, he is so deserving of winning!

      • Iowa, sorry but someone that has cheated their entire way through the game does not deserve to win. A cheat should not benefit from CHEATING!!!!!!!!

      • People keep saying that frank cheated but no one has seen it and how he is a bully to the other guest when thing don’t go his way but everyone there has throw their own tantrums when they things don’t go their way and frank has every right to get mad because they keep backstabbinghim

      • We saw him admit to palming a chip. We saw him tell Britney the answer to a question in the PoV. In another competition you can apparently see Boogie mouthing answers to him. How much more cheating do you need to know about to believe that he’s cheated?

    • I think there r people who see that frank is the most honest player! Gee, Dan swears on the bible and his loved ones one minute and then turns around and stabs frank! That is the lowest move ever. If he was so great he surely could find a way to trick him without sliding to that level! If production is so pro frank, you can bet they have been planting seeds in Ian’s ear too. Funny thing, Ian just grinned and nodded when at their meeting Dan confirmed he’d use the veto on jenn. If Ian is smart he’ll put up Dan! Then frank can tell him that Dan ratted him out, even swore on the bible and wanted Brit put up! Dan goes home, we get some drama and frank & ian finally mend the fence ;)

    • @Georgia…, ur not alone….I’m with u! I don’t care how much flack I get, I won’t let u stand alone. Idk what frank did that made every1 (inc the Internet) hate him so much. Oh well, I’ll hope 4 a miracle, but it prolly won’t happen. Poor, poor Frank….& then he told Mike 2 give that rat the 3K; not cool.

      • U know why because he was likeable at first until he start getting in ppl face and bullying. Then he had a chance to send Dan home. No backbone.

    • I am with Frank too, but people don’t seem to appreciate that and have let me know in a not so nice way. Wouldn’t it be great if Frank figures out what Dan has been up to, he explodes and tell’s everyone what he did. He then turns them against Dan and they save Frank. I know it is a bit of a fairy tale at this point but hey miracles happen. And oh boy I can just here the comments now. I had better brace myself. Go Frank!!!!!

    • I love Frank,and I want him to win Dan should save Frank let Joe go home let the remainin g hg cook what they want of course they would have to beat Dani to the food lol. Please keep Frank

    • I would like to see,Ian,Frank & Shane in final 3…Dan,has Swore on the Bible & also on Swore on his Wife,s life.To all 3 of these guys, that have protected & carried him “Dan” this far in the game..Game or no game..One should “NEVER Use God’s Word” to lie,steal or do harm to others.. May the wrath of God, enter into the BBH,and oust Dan & Danielle,for mockery of God’s Holy Word, The BIBLE..

    • I don’t care if Frank lies, but I do believe there is proof of him cheating both hidden and shown. (both POV’s) and production HAS been interfering otherwise he wouldn’t be nervous right now.

    • I agree with you Georgia…I like Frank…at least he is a player not a floater…this years players are lazy…sleep all the time…I paid for BBAD and wasted my money this season….boring, boring, boring…since Brit left nothing goes on in the house…I detest that little imp Ian…and Danielle is so pathethic..she has some problems…can’t walk by a mirror without looking at herself…ugh…and Joe…poor Joe…nothing to say about him but he will probably float his way to the end…which would be hilarious…this season sucks big time!!

    • Yes I like Frank as first but when Boogie left he seem to not have any game left he was depending on Boogie. Then start bullying and that’s not going to fly. It was of been nice if he was the same player that got him to this point but now he’s changed.

  4. A comment on a previous thread said that the announcer said something about letting America decide who is to be taken off the block. I watched the show and did not hear this “epic ” announcement. Did anybody else hear it???

    • That would “epic”, but no I’ve heard of Big Brother doing that. The closest they came was giving Jeff back in 2009 the power to over ride the nominations late in the season. But again, no never heard of it and don’t see it happening.

  5. I like this “the Quack Pack met up in the HoH room to discuss the upcoming Veto ceremony. Everyone agreed with the plan: Veto Jenn, renom Joe in her place, and evict Frank on Thursday. ”

    Does anybody really think this is going to work?

    Personally I wouldn’t be surprised if Joe gets evicted thanks to Dan. But numbers wise, there is four HG’s voting this week with 3 needed to evicted or 2 needed and the HOH breaking the tie to evict.

    Taking Jenn down is one vote to save Frank. Wrong move to take Jenn down, you don’t give her a vote. Instead work on Joe and since Ian is in power and hopefully Ian and Shane are on the same page, Joe will vote against Frank.

    Shane on the other hand is one vote to evict Frank. Now comes the hard part, will Danielle vote with Shane or Dan? Danielle goes with Shane, the vote might end up being a 2-2 or 3-1 to evict Frank. However I don’t trust Dan and in the end could save Frank in order to get Ian or Shane out.

    Right now, I see a 2-2 vote with Ian breaking the tie unless Dan wakes up and so does Danielle and vote to evict Frank with a 3-1 vote. Jenn isn’t going to go with the house although it would be better for Jenn to vote out Frank. Frank in the final two is very possible.

    • Jenn’s not going to Vote for Frank to stay! I know that’s stupid and crazy but it’s true!
      The 2-2 tie breaker would be the smartest move for Dan at least. Keeps him a Jury vote

      • Your wrong, today is Wednesday and right now Jenn is trying to talk Dan into voting to keep Frank. But Dan doesn’t seem to be too interested. Looks like a 3-1 or possibly 2-2 vote against Frank. Hopefully Jenn is the only one voting to keep Frank. Frank should have been evicted right before the game reset.

  6. This is one of the most boring BB season ever. Can’t wait for the season to end. Were did they find some of these people. And then to bring ppl who have already played the game, and won. It’s frustrating to see them play again. You already know whats going to happen before it is even broadcast ed. (thanks to the internet) And BB after dark is silly, and totally boring. Survivor, and The Amazing Race, know that entertainment. I don’t see BB winning any awards, that’s because it’s outlived it’s reality.

  7. I agree that the cast and coaches idea have not been good, but that was an exciting move last week by Dan. A subpar season with one of the best BB moves. I hope Dan wins only because there has never been a 2 time winner before.

    Production shouldn’t keep trying to make Frank stay. While the show may not be outright rigged, there is heavy intereference this year.

  8. I am really bothered by production getting involved in game.It ruins the whole thing to think that production runs the game.If that the case there is no reason to watch.

  9. I’m sorry but Production need to mind their frickin’ business and let the HG’s play their own game and stop cheating to make Frank an icon because it’s getting old.

    • Remember when Frank was HOH and they made Dan feel like he was going to get backdoored all week in the DR? They dont do this for just Frank. They do it for EVERYONE. Chew on that.

  10. Does anyone else want BB 15 to have NO new players? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Dan’s game play, but I really want a season where its all newbies so we can see what they’re made of. These past two seasons have been bleh for me. Either have all newbies, or all former house guests. But for God’s sake, please STOP mixing the two.

    Who’s with me!

      • I’m with u all. It needs to either be all rookies or all past HG’s. I hate to say it, but Mark Burnett/Survivor really has it figured out. Bring back the players w the personalities or the ppl the viewers love to hate. It’s great ratings. I think one season rookies (BB15) & then do a version on Good vs Evil (BB16). That wud be pretty amazing

    • How about we get a season with real competitors? I’m so tired of contestants who can’t even be bothered to get in shape beforehand and fall, pass out and can’t breathe during physical comps, and then turn around and target the people who earn their spots in the house. A real competitor would want to compete with someone who is worthy, not knock all the strong players out. This inevitably leads to finalists who floated 75% of the way through the game. I like the thrill of NOT knowing who is going to win most of the vetoes and HOHs. Bring back people like Jase, Howie, Janelle, ED’s Daniele, and Dominic. For me, it’s more entertaining to watch than the social game.

      • So what you’re saying is that basically no one over 40 (or so) should be on the show? Because younger players are always going to beat older players physically every time.

      • The physical competitions are only a fraction of what’s necessary to win in the game; intelligence is just as important, and if someone who’s weak can still make it through the game based on smarts alone, (s)he deserves the win as much as the most physically fit players.

    • I would like all new ppl.. if CBS wants something different do like Survivor did, GOOD vs EVIL.. or just another ALL Star with no $ winners, just the runners up or players that havent won any money

  11. Would somebody come in and clear the “TROLL” out??? Unless Georgia is drunk or stoned her comments are not making sense..

  12. the real fireworks begin when they find out about the double eviction!! cant wait!! i would love to see joe or jenn–even iam laughing as i write this–win hoh and force shane and dan on the block-THAT would be great..but alas those two will only see ian as the target –because they belive every lie told them..ah well -its theirs to lose, but it would briefly set the house on its ear!! #teambb

  13. That is exactly what Dan should do…force a tie, and et Ian get the blood on his hands. He owes Frank at least this. I was a Dan fan all year, but this week, his behavious is despicable. He owes Frank his vote at the very least.

    • dispicable? He has made alliances with everyone while keeping one person (Joe) as a non-alliance as a safety net. Sounds genius to me. Dan did nothing wrong just play big brother.

  14. Frank has a terrible attitude and is so negative. His language should be a disgrace to his christian grandmother. He’s loud and obnoxious!! I hope he goes home this week so things will be a little calmer and the house.

  15. frank has got to go because he’s a very strong competitor and i would love to see some retribution because there hasn’t been any this season.

  16. What the hell are you talking about production meddling in the game? id say the dr is making me nervous im going home cause its good game talk

  17. My take on the houseguests
    Dan – clever, but his lies will eventually cause him to be cremated
    Dani – weak without Dan. If she doesn’t do something to help get Shane evicted, her days will be numbered. I feel sorry for this girl and she is going to hate herself after she views the program. Shane is hot, but for some reason, I think he might be gay.
    Frank – is not that bright. Even though I think taking Dan off the block was a good move for him, I don’t think he should trust Dan as much as he does. Frank should have told Dan to take him off the block and convince Ian to put up Joe. Frank should have been grateful for Jenn’s help, but should not have sacrificed himself for her.
    Joe – what a disgusting waste. I wouldn’t eat anything that he cooks….just gross with the self gratification sessions, not washing his hands, etc.
    Ian – the idiot genius. Ian appears to be more of an idiot than a genius. Ian wants to go down in history as one of the best players….. evil players ever. That is why he decided to team up with Dan. Plus, who in there right darn mind does all that rocking.
    Shane – another waste. Hasn’t done a thing since very early on. The one thing that I would say is his his best move is keeping Danielle dangling on a string.
    Jenn – the outcast that will probably not be casted out. Jenn is the only person that sees the clear picture. However, right now she does not have the power to do anything. Jenn is the only person who does not trust any of them. I hope she wins.

  18. The show skewed the the way Dan/Frank’s talk went. Dan swore on the bible and family and stuff that HE WAS TELLING THE TRUTH about the quack pack and everything, which he absolutely was. He didn’t swear on everything that he would be loyal to frank. Even if he did, good for him. He outsmarted everyone, and if I were him i’d take out frank this week too. He doesn’t have much of a choice if he wants to win

  19. Is anyone else tired Ian and that hammock watched after dark last night with Ian and Shame on it and Ian rocking so fast it made me dizzy lol anyone who can lay beside that and rock that fast can spin in any comp

  20. if the houseguests were smart, thed get rid of frank cause he has proven he has 9 lives so get him out before its to late!

  21. Wow I just read all the messages and there are alot of Frank fans on here today.. I dont care for him I think he is a controlling, aggressive bully.. not to mention the farting and the cussing.. oh but he is a really honest person! right… I guess alot of you all havent watched all the feeds, or Sho2 wow, you would have a different view abt all of the HG’s.. I dont like that CBS brought back the former HG and 2 of them winners of BB.. how fair is that for the newbies? I dont like that they let the floaters stay and let the players that win get voted out.. I know its a game but like all of the reality show, TAR, Survivor, Bachlor Pad, its all abt how many ppl you have in your alliance, not how you play the game.I dont want to see Dan win as 1) he has already won 2) his game play disturbs me, how he can manipulate ppl, and they knew he was like this.. dowsnt make sense to me.. lets take Dan to the end I can beat him or Frank if they take either of these 2 to the end, Frank or Dan, they will win BB… what are they thinking??? at this point I dont really care who wins BB14.. so this is how i see the show
    Ian: smart,lies,won 2 hohs, not really ppl person, but he did get Boogie out
    Dani: lies,cries alot, chases Shane, won 1 hoh..
    Jenn: lies, won veto by taking slop for the rest of the show LOL
    Joe: lies, tells stupid stories, cooks all foods.. won nothing but the hula hoop loser prize.
    Dan: lies, manipulates ppl,won veto…
    Frank: been on block almost every week, should of been gone week that coaches came into game,lies , bullys,very aggressive,farts, won 2 hoh comps, 1 veto? or 2?
    Shane: lies, won hoh, veto comps, keeps his integrity even w Dani chasing him LOL
    so what do they all have in common? they all lie.. they will lie cheat and still if they have too..anything to win… who will win? who knows??
    If Dani and Jenn could get there s*** together they could be a secret alliance and go to the end w Joe and a girl could win it…are they smart enuf? could be.. but I dont think they will think of it… this is just my opinion.. thanks for listening

  22. I honestly can’t get over the 30-50% of delusional people on this forum. If you think Frank is an honest person I severely worry for your future/current children. What kind of world do we live in?! Lying is part of the game, yes. Cheating however, is NOT!

  23. People complaining that Dan and co. have lied need to realize lying is the name of the game. Lie, manipulate, befriend, betray. Frank is a good player but he got outplayed by Dan.

  24. danielle just told shane that she is a charge nurse and deals with trauma over 60 patients (at a old folks home, no disrespect to the elderly) also has 3 degree’s! i am amazed how shane keeps deflecting all of this bull sh*t but in back of my mind he is loving it. this is big brother and you need to fib to get thru but come on….these pathetic desperate means to get attention get wierder every day….after the other day when she flaunted her chest and laid spread eagle for joe on the bench in the kitchen…i was just in awe…..yo pschyo chick this is a game! get a clue and play it and quict the nonsense of trying to be queen bee for the men…look at the men in the house joe?—>perve frank—? lol lords know what….ion???—->well enough said dan??—–>marriend and shane—>well the pink tee say it all!

    • When I say that boob display for Joe, I nearly went through the tv screen. There is a word for women like her……..

  25. Dan is a geek, Ian is a nerd, Danielle is a porker,and Jenn & Joe are completely useless, shane is a follower. Frank has to pull a rabbit out of his hat this week to keep this season from going down the toilet!

  26. since lying is a part of the game how does anyone know that’s Dan’s real wedding ring and grandmother’s necklace? Recall Jannell gave here rock up easy….so did Shelly. go Dan.

  27. You know when the feeds cut to fish that something’s afoot, and the only reason I can come up with is production is protecting themselves from legal action. No doubt these scene would make for the best episodes.

    The fact that singing is banned is a sign of how paranoid production is of getting sued.

    Someone asked once if the Bible was copyrighted. The fact is that most versions are, especially newer ones. Some older one pre-dated copyright laws and so no one has exclusive rights. But no one could or would be sued for reading it in public, the publisher would be foolish to try.

    On this point I believe that production just doesn’t like Dan’s preaching.

    I would have really like to see Ian in an original season like #1, but that is now impossible since he would be a returning player.

    Just say no to returning players. (sorry Ian)

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