Big Brother 14: Week 5 Veto – Some Things Never Change

Jenn, Wil, and Ashley - Big Brother 14

Later today on Big Brother 14 the Veto ceremony will be held and the holder of the PoV will have the decision to change up this week’s nominations or leave them the same. Late night conversations have hinted at a couple of different options for everyone involved and while one might seem more likely we could get a surprise result.

Frank talked with Boogie and Britney last night around 9PM BBT about the possible options for renoms and evictions this week. Since Frank won the Veto he’ll be able to completely control the situation. By the end of the conversation they had settled on leaving the nominations in place and targeting Wil for eviction.

Shortly after midnight Wil and Ashley ventured up to speak with Frank in the HoH room. Intent on saving Wil the pair pushed for Frank to “make a big move” as the HGs like to say. Their suggestion was to renom Dan and send him on his way. Considering Frank has been wanting to do this for sometime the idea appears very tempting.

An hour later Ian comes up to the HoH to talk game. Frank says he’s still leaning toward the original plan of not touching the current Big Brother 14 nominations, but he is strongly tempted to go after Dan. They weigh out the scenarios and try to determine which way HGs will fall if Dan is eliminated. Throughout the conversation Ian continues to push for Dan’s safety while Frank keeps considering it. In the end it seems like Ian may have won, but Frank still has his doubts.

Right now I think Frank will keep the nominations as they are at today’s Veto ceremony. The idea of all the coaches being eliminated and leaving only newbies to play the game is an appealing one, but I’m not confident we’ll see that happen.

The ceremony will be held around noon BBT, give or take depending on production’s schedule. Once we get results we’ll have those Big Brother 14 spoilers set and ready.

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    • I agree. I like Dan, but Dan & Boogie have both already won BB and $500k each. I would like to see someone whose never won BB win it & the money. I think once you’ve won BB, you shouldn’t be allowed to play for another $500k.

    • Hate boogie, what a jerk, should been on block next to frank every week, rest of the house is just dumb!!!!! Or rigged…

      • Boogie didn’t even want to play, remember? Boogie knows damn well if he goes with Frank to the end that Frank will win, but he’s trying to take him there anyway. The easy win for Boogie would be if he took Jenn. Nobody in jury would vote for her. They barely notice she’s there. Hell, America barely notices she’s there. So how does that make Boogie a jerk? I hope one of my friend’s tries to help me win $500k so I can tell them what a jerk they are.

  1. I’m hoping a newbie wins BB14. While I like Dan, the coaches had their chance to win their seasons, which Dan did and then Boogie won All Stars. It was Brittany’s own fault she got played before and it seems like she’s allowing herself to be played again. And it would be Dan’s own fault if he got backdoored. I don’t know why he was so quick to jump on Boogie’s plan to backdoor Janelle. I don’t like Frank, he gets on my last nerve. Same with Danielle. I’d like to see Shane win.

    •  If you remember right he “wasn’t so quick” to jump on the plan. He wanted all the coaches to stay in the house. He only jumped on board because he didn’t want to be the odd man out and be evicted directly after Janelle. Danielle was going to go with the plan either way, so it was almost a “if you can’t beat them join them” thing.

  2. Vote out Dan!!!!  Get rid of all the coaches, and let the newbies have a chance at winning the big prize.  The coaches had their chances…..

    • And now they have a second (or third) chance to win the money. Don’t b*tch about it, it makes for an interesting season. Seeing how the new people play with the returning players; stupidly. Honesty I like the returning players, but if I were a new person in that house I’d be rallying up all the new peopole and going after coaches.

  3. The game would be a bore without the coaches.  As much as I thought it was unfair when they entered, the HG’s this year are so damn flat.  At least Dan, Boogie, and Britney are interesting to watch (as was Janelle).  Watching BBAD right now, and BORING!!!  I hope Dan wakes up and realized he CAN NOT trust Frank!

  4. Please get rid of Boogie before Dan….then Brittany…then Boogie…then Dan…….then Frank….then let Ian win….Shane gets on my last nerve …the tattoo girl needs to just quit…and the others….pick em off one by one…can’t remember their names cause they are so boring to watch…

  5. I would rather see the coaches win because they are the only ones who are actually playing the game. I hate it when ppl want someone to win because they need the money or oh that person already won it. The money should go to whoever played the best game and deserves it. Like its a competition and I hate players like Jenn you can’t even call her a floater she more like you have no idea if she even on the show. Reading everything she doesn’t even talk game to anyone it’s ridiculous and she is probably going to make it far I hate that.

      • I even forget Jenn is in the house. Ashley should go too. I don’t know about that girl. Seems like the lights are on, but no one’s home. There are newbies who ARE playing and doing a good job – Shane and even Ian. I was going to say Frank, but the only reason he’s still there is because of Boogie. If I’m not mistaken, didn’t Frank say, right after the coaches came into the game, that he wanted the coaches out, even Boogie?

    • Jenn (City) and Ashley need to be up on the block…  While taking out the biggest threats are best, just would like to see them up; to see how they (finally) play the game (out of desperation)..  They have been so safe..  Jenn irritates the heck out of me that she has really been innoculous this entire game, does nothing.  Sick of her accolades to herself and all references to music. I’m a musician… P’s me off, like she is some superstar….  Never heard of her band, “Kitties…”

      • It’s not Kitties, idiot. It’s Kittie. And they were huge in the late 90s/early 2000s. Just because you don’t listen to metal doesn’t mean that band wasn’t/isn’t relevant. I’m sure I don’t know the names of any of your gooshy pop bands either.

  6. I want Ian to win because he is playing a low on the radar game  but now he needs to start winning  some competitions…and HOH  …to help him achieve best player status…of course the coaches are playing a better game…but don’t want them to win again…..

    •  Ian is playing a good low profile game vs. Jen who is just somewhere in the house. She’s just wasting our good entertainment time. She’s nice, but she’s just not doing anything interesting. 

  7.  I hopeFrank will keep the nominations as they are he must prove his loyalty. I am hoping to see the silent 6 all way.

    • I agree, but Brittney needs to go. Something is so two faced about her. She is the weak link in the silent 6.

      • I am so over brittney trashing janelle when it was to her advantage but i  cannot tolerate danielle the alabama desperado.  she is so full of herself and i repeat – her and britney – on hoh danielle’s bed – how janelle lied, schemed, etc. and they could never stand as strong as janee.

  8.  It would not be wise of Frank to “backdoor” Dan this week. He needs 4 votes against Dan (tie breaker to him then) and I don’t think he would have them. Brit Shane and Danielle would for sure vote to keep Dan. Ian would too, he is fighting for his safety. They only need one more, and if the group sells it right they could pull someone in (Ashley maybe) and make her part of their alliance. Then go after Boogie/Frank next week.

    • I agree, but I think the other vote could be Boogie.  Boogie needs Dan in this game to help take the target off of him, and to corral the newbs into doing what they want.  And I think Boogie and Dan realize the only chance at the money is to be together at the end.

    • What Frank and Boogie don’t know is that Ian is with Dan, Brit, Shane and Danielle. Even after they came up with the Silent Six, Brit was saying about the five of them putting up Boogie and Frank. If Frank tries to backdoor Dan, he and Boogie will definitely be the targets next week if Boogie doesn’t win HoH.

      • But Ian was up in the HOH room with Frank arguing for Dan’s safety this week. What would make Frank think Ian would then flip and vote him out?

  9. Although i like Dan, it would be smart on Franks part to get rid of him.   I seriously doubt Frank will make a bold move without Boogies cooperation.    They’re like siamese twins….connected at the hip…or head…or somewhere in between..   One can’t make a move without the other.   I wish Dan would do a little operation and separate the two.    Boogie can never seem to do things on his own.   Trouble is, his partners end up taking all the blame.   It must be tough hitching your star to Boogies.  You’re sure to burn out before he does.

    • I think you are right, but I do think Boogie would make a big move without Frank, knowing that he could later explain it to Frank.

      • Possibly….and if he did dare to make a move without consulting Frank, the bullsh*t would start flowing.   He’s good at making crap run downhill.

    • lol, smart move! really? how so? he doesn’t have the votes to evict Dan. Brit/Dani/Ian/shane won’t evict Dan. plus he will have no alliance and can’t play HOH so if Boogie desn’t win HOH they will be bye bye. so again smart move how?

      • I didn’t say he COULD evict him this week.   I just said it would be in his best interest to do so…whether now or eventually.   And we all know what a smooth talker Boogie is (if thats what you want to call it).   So if Boogie agreed i think he could convince the others to follow suit.   Ian is sort of a wild card.    I’m not sure where his head is at but i hope he remembers past gameplay and looks out for HIMSELF.

      • I think you are forgetting the one he will take off the block to put Dan up. It will probably be Wil and Wil/Ashley/Jenn will vote Dan out. Boogie will be the swing vote and Boogie just might vote out Dan because Frank has proven they are not loyal and they will go after both of them regardless. I don’t see where they don’t have the votes to evict Dan?

      • I have to agree getting dan out would not be in franks best interest right now. I pretty sure he has the votes to stay but even if he got dan out he is dillusional to think brit would trust him he would be there first target. I think boogie is a smarter player then frank it is to soon to go after your allience the week after you promise you won’t. It will come back to haunt him

  10. This season viewers are the most unstable viewers emotionally, and psychologically . Emotionally because they are still crying over Janelle being evicted and hoping that Frank/Boogie but one of silent 6 alliance on block so they get good laugh out off it and say we told you so.
    psychologically, because they don’t have anything good to say about the players and they are so focused on negative things and can’t see the entertainment side in the game, which make you sense so much hate build up inside the viewesr.
    relax people, it is just a game and win or lose they don’t know you or care for you. And if your favorite win or lose you get nothing, just waste of emotion or visit to psychiatrist. so enjoy the game.

    •  Not very fair Neutral. Yes I’m missing Janelle, but everyone is entitled to their favorites. Who’s yours. Boogie and Frank drive me up the wall but I can’t help but respect Boogie’s game. He never ceases to amaze me. Lots of good things about the players, it’s just that the initial concept of Coaches and now Players sort of screwed with the natural order of the game. And yes, we should all relax, it is just a game. And yes I still crying because I wanted my girl to win.  LOL  Can’t help myself. But with her gone, can’t begrudge Boogie another win, dammit, but hope they get him out, think it would change the whole dynamic and we’d see a new set of schemers take the top tier.

      • Well she is out, so move on :). And let face it she posh so hard to work with Boogie and she got BD, if she just let it go than  she would be in now. But, she is gone, so take breath relax and enjoy. I really liked danielle’s card trick she is good at it, I didn’t see that coming. lol. any way your comment made me laugh. lol

    •  This cast is just not that “likeable” therefore viewers focus on faults & tend to get caught up in hating the villians.

      • you are wrong, it is your emotion that is talking, n need to hate anyone. It’s just a game.

    • Part of enjoying BB is our emotional investment in the hg.   Why watch a bunch of people strategize that you don’t care about?   There are always heros and villians…..and its up to the individual viewer as to which is which.   If we all agreed there would be no need for this website.   True, some people get heated in their posts.   Which shows why BB has lasted for 14 seasons.   But i think most of us realize its just a game.

  11. the only reason some dont like Frank is cause he’s Boogie’s side kick. Frank & Shane r the one’s to beat Oh & Im pulling for Ian too…

  12. I hope BB does another America’s Choice to bring back and evicted houseguest. Hope it’s Janelle and hope she takes Frank and Boogie down!!!  Alot of hoping, but can’t help but with for it.

    • Sorry, but there is no way they are going to bring back an evicted houseguest this season. They started with 16 people, the most ever to need evicted. (9 evicted in pairs at the beginning) And they skipped an eviction this season. They will need to do a few double evictions to end on time, they won’t bring someone back and just add to the chaos.

    • Im enjoying watching Danielle come undone. She really has no clue. Poor Shane. But did you see the stink eye she (Danielle) gave Ashley while Boogie and Dan were helping her to BR? And if she ever hears Brittany saying Janelle is the most beautiful person she has ever seen..well..Brit better sleep with one eye open.

      • I so agree.  Does anyone really want boogie to win when he has a restaurant in Bev.Hills and has more money than he needs.  I admire that anyone is ambitious and has success but I want someone else to really compete for the win.

  13. I loves Frank,and shane Both should work together,to get out the Coaches…..they don,t know….the coaches will win the game……So far I loves this season game…we don,t know how the games will played out..Only hope the Newbies will wake up…and play…….

  14. love Dan and Boogie…get out the floaters..Jenn/Ashley..then the real game will begin when the vets and remaining strong rewbies go neck-in-nel

  15. I like frank but i think he should listen to boogie because if he tries to make a run for dan now it might bite him in the a***s. I think he has the votes to stay and although you can never guess how people will vote. The problem is ian likes dan so it wouldn’t surprise me if he votes to keep him as well the new allience he just formed would be over because they would never trust him. I bet they are wishing they got frank out when they could

    • I’M wishing they got Frank out when they could have. Both times I would have rather seen him go. Over Kara and Janelle. He is too cocky about his game play, he thinks he is “king sh*t”. Little does he realize that Boogie will cut him at the end (if they make it) for someone he can actually win against.

  16. If he REALLY wanted to change it up he would get with Wil, Shane, and all the other newbies and evict BOOGIE!  He won’t win up against Boogie and that might ensure that a Coach doesn’t win BB14.

  17. I just have to say: frank is really milking his hoh and being very over dramatic and almost a bully. Using a bible verse about being a god and vengeance is so unnecessary. Wil shouldn’t have to be chastised by frank like this. It seems like he is making up an excuse to evict Wil. Frank needs to go ASAP.

  18. Frank needs to give his head a shake and backdoor his buddy Boogie  – Immediately!  That guy is running the house and nobody seems to realize it!

    • I really like Big Brother in the beginning because every year it was something new.  Now almost every show has some of the early players.  I say give every an equal chane and all player should be new witth no experience to play the game.  That is when it gets interesting

    • immediately is right, the longer he is in that house the less of a chance the new people have to win and boogie likes Dan they could be the fial two Boogie only cares about No.1

  19. It’s so gross after Danielle works out and then lays around in her bed. As a matter of fact it’s gross how they all sleep on each other’s sheets. I wonder if they ever wash them ! Yuck!

  20. I think Frank should back door Brittney. I am so over her. Tired of her and those quarts of coffee she drinks at a time. If she would turn on Janelle, Danielle better watch her back!!!

  21. I really dont care for Frank, and Boogie is too sure ,or you might say, full of himself, Danielle,and Brittany are sickney. Ashley seems cluless all the time,and Jenn ,I really, dont know, what her reason of being in the house. Joe, wants to be big bro, chef, so I guess my  3  favorites are, Will, Ian,and Shane, oh thats right, looks like my hometown Will, might be coming home soon. Big Brother,dont ever put a season, like this before.     To bad newbies,should have listen to Willie.

  22. Mike Boggie and his buddy and his buddy in the diary room acting like the old chill town duo is sickening. All that over the top cackling makes one want to vomit. Boggie knows production is looking for anything to broadcast and so he antics it up at every occasion–always has himself in center of everything–just to get air time. What a jerk. I liked Big Brother and survivor more when they were like in their early seasons. No involvement by production to manufacture drama. We would see people plotting during the week and already have a sense of what was about to unvold at tribal or in BB voting room. Now prooduction selectively edits/setup up discussions to look like votes weill be close when they are hardly ever. I don’t believe america voted to allow the coaches back and BB never said what the voting stats were.  Big Brother–go back to your roots–14 varied character left on their own and see how things develop.  No effort to force a showmance – no artificial drama–the early shows were always great to see people who were clueless as to what was going on and others with their long term alliances.

  23. I love Boogie. I feel that he doesn’t care about winning the game for the money. He wants Frank to win. He never wanted to play, he wanted to be a coach. Though his coach reward was takin away he still is going to do what he wants. I don’t think that the returned house guests are anyone to be bashing on. If they win, they won because they were good at the game. I thought they all should have stayed as coaches though

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