Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Week 3 Nominations

Big Brother 14 nominations

Another week, another round of nominations for Big Brother 14 and we’ve got your spoilers thanks to what we’ve seen on the Live Feeds. The Feeds are on and we’re able to listen in and see who is on the chopping block and who has dodged danger, for now.

Big Brother 14 Week 3 Nominations:

  • Ashley
  • Joe

Shane’s original plan was to nominate Frank and Wil, but when Janelle won the Coaches Comp and gave immunity to Wil. So what happened to Frank?

I’m a little shocked that the entire plan was abandoned and Shane went with a complete target on Janelle’s team. Well, I guess Frank is here to stay awhile longer.

The house is pretty tense about these nominations as everyone else expected Frank to go on the block and aren’t happy with Shane’s decision. Watch the HGs react live and uncensored on the Live Feeds with the Free Trial.

The Power of Veto competition will be held very soon, likely on Saturday, so stay close and keep checking in for those spoilers. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and get our free email updates to find out as soon as the Veto results are in.

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  1. If the noms stay the same Joe is toast.  ian will lobby Frank and Wil to keep Ashley-  I really would love to see Shane, Ian, Frank, Wil and Ashley go to the end. 

    • Nothing says Franks can’t be backdoored. In fact, unless Frank somehow wins the POV, i would expect it to happen, especially if one of Janelle’s players manages to win POV.

  2. Shane is SMART to keep Frank in the house.  If Frank leaves their will be a HUGE target on Shane’s back. he will be the only physical player and Boogie and Janelle’s team would be even more aligned. and Shane would be gone next week unless Danielle wins HOH. (which probably won’t happen) 

    • If Shane and Frank stick to it, they can pick off the rest of the floaters and
      thin the competition.! That will allow them to go much deeper with less and
      less players remaining as the weeks go on! 

      • Floaters don’t always get picked off. They have uses. sometimes they make good pawns, sometimes they get used as fodder.

    • Shane will still be the biggest target in the house…so why not get rid of him so you have less competition…everyone is gunning for him anyways minus Danielle…Frank wanted Shane out sooooo badly last week, so you think he will actually honour this alliance…i think not…he will stick to his team…BAD MOVE

      • I don’t think so either way Shane is always going to be a big target at least now if he is up against Frank next week by ring nominated he has a fighting chance to stay. And also the coaches are probably coming back into the game so there’s going to be so many more targets then just Shane I think it was good. I think Frank more loyal than jani team at least there’s a better chance if Franks wins hoh he might not put him up

  3. Looks like a bad move on Shane’s part but he’s trying to save his a$$ next week which I dont see boogies team doing.

    Hopefully this is for a backdoor move

  4. I think that is a horrible move! The strategy behind nominating one person on Janelle’s team and one person on Boogie’s team was to break up that alliance. He didn’t even have to put up two of the stronger players!

  5. Good job, Shane!  He made the right no way would you want to take a chance of having Janelle’s team control the entire vote this week. I think Shane and Frank make a very strong alliance..let’s hope they can stay together until the end.

    • If they stick together, they can dominate the game. At some point, the alliance will break but, there are still 8 players in the Big Brother house.
      The time to break the alliance is when it gets down to 4 people. Weakening
      Janelle’s team means that Mike Boogie’s team will be at full strength going
      into next week. Shane will have Ian, Jenn, Frank on his side. My guess is
      Danielle is also on Shane’s side. If Mike Boogie’s team wins next week, nominate Wil and whoever survives from this week be it Ashley or Joe. If they can get rid of two of Janelle’s players, she will be down to one player
      by next week, same as Dan and Brittney. Julie Chen mentioned on TV last time that if your last player goes, then, the coach also goes. Of course, we do not know if they will let the coaches play the game. I prefer they do not and let the players dictate the course of the game.

      • U are correct, but remember at the end of the show, Julie Chen asked for America to vote for either coaches to come back in and play for 500,000 dollars or vote not to let coaches in game. Julie said, America , cast ur votes, you will decide if coaches come in game to play for 500,000! Crazy, but boy that would rock everybody’s game and turn the house upside down and inside out! Can’t wait to see what happens Sunday! Has anyone heard who won pov?

      • I voted NO, That Boggie thing doesnt deserve another half mil. Everybodies affraid of him so they would all turn into floaters like last years neebies did. If they’d just think it right they have the numbers to kick these (coaches?) out and then play the game. VOTE AMERICA & VOTE NO

  6. TERRIBLE CHOICE…if he didn’t want to nominate Frank…he should have nominated Ian…now he lost the control of the most unless the power of veto is used…AWFUL CHOICE SHANE!!!

  7.  He’s dead next week. When Janelle joins the game and wins the next HoH seeing as how shes the comp queen and Shane cant play. She’s getting some revenge for her players.

    • First, you are assuming she wins HOH. Second, having Frank onboard is perfect for Shane if the coaches come back in. Good move Shane. Boogie talking his way further….

      •  Frank will probably actually join boogie and boogie will want shane gone.

    • Meh, next week will most likely be an endurance competition, which is an area that Janelle has never really excelled in. If any of the coaches were to win the next HoH, it would be Dan (if he doesn’t throw it). In terms of the noobies, I think Wil has the best chance of winning an endurance comp (I believe he once mentioned that he’s completed marathons). I also imagine Britney will be holding on for her life as well. 

      •  Generally the girls win endurance comps because of the way there designed. And yes she hasn’t really excelled, but these house quests as a majority. don’t look very strong in endurance comps.

    • You are assuming Janelle would want revenge. Once the coaches are in the game, they are no longer their players, they are competiters and pawns to be used. Boogie is in the best position at this moment, not Janelle.

  8. hopfully he backdoors frank..if not this house is stupid..frank i feel is the only threat to shane..and the rest of the house..get rid of this guy

    • Danielle needs to play her game and ignore Dan! How is going after Frank a smart move? She does not have an alliance to protect her and she goes against the strongest alliance in the house? Shane was smart to stick to that alliance. Janelle’s players can be picked off this week and next week
      as well but, Janelle cannot do anything about it! Danielle’s best move is stick with Shane and align herself with Mike Boogie and his team. You do not want to be targeted in the coming weeks when Janelle’s team could be
      picked off until they are all gone! If Mike Boogie and his team succeed there would be 5 players left, Frank, Ian, Jenn, Shane and Danielle. Janelle could also be out of the game if they do not allow the coaches back in the game!

      • Am I the only one who picked up on Danielle’s “fatal attraction” persona.  Dan needs to reel her in and Shane should point blank make it clear that, friends only.  She imposed herself on Brittany….need to come to OK, how much are tickets, I’ll be a third wheel, what about your brother-in-law and most of all she watches every move Shane makes and the women who get next to him.  She plays the “poor me”, “I’m a sweet person” ploy.  She is not dumb, she is dangerous.  Shane will be calling JoJo as soon as a phone is available.

  9. and y is danielle upset at shane…he cant play for her.if she wants someone nom then she needs to win a fking hoh.

    • Danielle would get nominated if she does not watch it. She does not have any alliances and she is moving to get rid of Frank? How smart is that?
      She could make it to 5 if she allies herself to Shane and Mike Boogie.
      Fighting Frank is the surest way to get yourself evicted real quick considering she is a floater. No one would care if she is voted out. So,
      why stir the pot when you do not even have an alliance?

  10. Is it just me or does Boogie have an alliance with everybody in the house…why does this seem familiar.

    • Boogie is the best coach in the Big Brother house. That is the difference with Dr. Will. Dr. Will does not show arrogance outwardly like Boogie. It
      might help his game if he was more likeable, Boogie that is! And he does not go around and blab his alliance with others and try to keep it on the down low. That is smart way to play.

    • Janelle is like a feather, she goes wherever she is blown! You saw how quickly she betrayed her alliance with Brittney when she saw greener
      pastures with Mike Boogie and I think she had an alliance with Dan as well!

  11. So Joe and Ashley are on the block. That means Pig Joe is toast. If one of them wins the POV, It could be a backdoor move…who knows what will develop. 

  12. Has Shane states what his intentions are with the nominations? Is he trying to get Joe out or backdoor?

  13. Well I think this is totally a bad move on shane’s part. I don’t forsee Frank honoring his “alliance” with Shane. And when Shane has to play a POV with Frank there is a bigger chance he loses. Frank WILL align with Boogie and Shane will be on the block. If he back doors Framk that would be a power move.

  14. Its kinda sad how everyone spends all that money on voting Knowing that CBS will put Coaches back in regardless

    • True. But it will be “America’s Choice”. (Cough-Cough) Suggestion for CBS-if you want awesome returning players…have an ALL-STARS more than once than every 14 years.

      • I agree. Have an All-Stars with all the winners or all the winners and runners up. That way, you have the creme of the crop and each and every player will be playing to win right off the bat! They already had an All Stars previously and the producers have a gold mine there if they choose to use it.

  15. If Joe or Ashley win the veto, Shane’s plan maybe to back door Frank. That would be the smart idea.

  16. SERIOUSLY Shane???? That was the best that you could do?? What happened to payback, after all Frank was the one who put you up. Are you working with Boogie & Frank now???

  17. Poor Ian is being used. Ian is weird, but in a fun sort of way. He’s not harming anyone, nor is he purposely going after someone. Is he socially awkward? Yes. It sickens me what Ashley is doing to that poor kid. Chances are Ian has never been laid or even kissed another girl. But, the first time a girl, who looks halfway decent, gives him some attention. He jumps right onboard. Not that I blame him. Because he obviously doesn’t have much experience with women. Ashley is using this to her advantage. It’s f*cking disgusting to watch. Tonight she went right to him and started crying over her getting nomed. Talking trash as usual and calling people liars. All the while keeping Ian in her back pocket. Almost like feeding the troll. But, not once while Ashley, Wil, Joe & Janelle were talking in the arcade did she defend Ian and tell them, no we shouldn’t put him up with Jenn next week if they make a deal with Shane. I’ve seen several times alreadyy through the last 3 weeks Ian defending Ashley, to his own team. It’s one thing to lie or backstab, but to use this kid because he is socially awkward is beyond inhumane. Just like Boogie did in All-Stars. This is on a whole different level of scumbag.

  18. This is smart of Shane to do as he has it get’s a target off his back with Boogie’s team and unless Joe wins the Veto, he’s most likely going home. 

  19. At some point, you have to trust someone. With alliances, it can be fleeting
    and the saying “trust but, verify” comes to mind. The alliance Shane formed with Mike Boogie and Frank could end up a strong alliance if they stick to it! It cuts both ways and Frank needs Shane as Shane needs Frank. If not, the whole house will end up targeting and evicting both of them! The other six floaters who
    have not won anything stand to gain the most if both Frank and Shane get booted out with this tit for tat I will vote you out because you nominated me last week. Last season, Daniellle Donato targeted her alliance and they went after her as well and most of the veterans ended being evicted! Rachel barely won it and all because Danielle Donato cannot control her emotions and went after the veterans instead of sticking with them. Who knows, if she did stuck with them,
    she would have had a better chance at that $500,000 but, she never came close to winning it because she got evicted much, much earlier! The object of the game is go as deep and last as long as possible. Some players miss that simple point. 

  20. I’ll be so glad to have the coaches enter the game..than we’ll see some game play.On B.B.A.D. Boggie was talking on how Shane was good looking, nice, and good abs, BUT he’s not as smart as everyone thinks. Boogie also said that Britney should have coached Shane to be a better enforcer !!!!!!! I think that Boogie is just jealous of Shane..There isn’t a better player in the house..Boogie NEEDS to go..he thinks he’s the best ploayer of B.B. I just wish Shane could know what Boogie says about him.Britney needs to take part of the blame of Willie going out.Willie wanted to talk to JoJo and Shane and Britney stuck her nose in and wouldn’t let them…what Britney needs to do , is stay away from all that wine..All she does, is sit around picking her face…she needs to go also.I think that Shane and Ian should be the last two till the end.

  21. So glad Shane’s going after Janelle team. Next week if America votes the coaches in that will be a game changer so lets see what happens.

  22. The only saving grace for Frank if Joe, Ashly or Wil win POV, is to put up Ian. Shane needs Frank right now and Frank needs Shane…I hope they don’t talk Shane into backdooring Frank if POV is used.  Danielle is a total crybaby, whose darn side is she on now..after watching BBAD, I am totally confused by her..all she does is walk around the house with this pout on her face the whole day..while Ashly walks around like she is on some kind of drug!!  I really hope Frank and Shane can pull this off for awhile.

  23. Have a ? For anyone interested who is your favorite and least favorite player right now?? And Favorite Coach?? And do you think they should be able to join in the game?

  24. Just curious who is everyone OT who ever wants to answer favorite player?? And least favorite?? And do you want to see the coaches play ?? I am finding this season not so interesting being a huge BB fan

  25. This could br a good or bad move, depending how the game turns out. Frank could save him next week, but down the line evict him. Frank could also save him from the coaches, or not, but Joe and Ashley won’t. Then again, i do not see Joe or Ashley winning any comps with people like Shane, Frank, Ian, and Wil in the house, so Shane is not getting rid of any threats. Ashley and Joe did betray him, and Frank did not, so Frank is a better alli.
    Lets see how it turns out. I hope nominating Ashley and Joe was a good move!

  26. T he coach Janelle and her team need to go all they do is lie and cheat and back stab Britney.I love Big Brother I wish they were great like BB 11 was that was the best one I have seen since I’VE been watching it.

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