Big Brother 14 HG Kara Monaco Eviction Interview

Big Brother 14 - Kara Monaco

Kara Monaco fulfilled her Big Brother 14 destiny this week as the model evicted second in the season. We’ve seen it each year since BB11 when Laura Crosby was sent packing in round two. Then Monet Stunson went out second for BB12 and Cassi Colvin for BB13. It’s a tough life for the beautiful people, but I think she’ll be okay.

Kara might not have lasted long in the game, despite being well versed in Big Brother as a fan since season 7, but she definitely exited in one of the most exciting first weeks we’ve ever seen. Luckily we had a chance to ask her a few questions after her eviction about her time in the game, the twist, and her team dynamics.

Big Brother Network (BBN): Having watched the show for several seasons, what was your biggest surprise going in and finding out things were different from what you expected?

Kara Monaco: I think it is just a lot harder than you think it is going to be. No one can really understand unless they are in there doing it.

BBN: Preseason you told us your worst fear was returning HouseGuests. How did the twist impact your game?

Kara Monaco: I’m just glad they were not returning to play against us. That was the one thing I didn’t want. The twist totally changed the game completely because you are not just playing for yourself. You have your coach too. And, people don’t just want to take out players they want to take out coaches too.

BBN: In what ways did having Dan as a coach help your game?

Kara Monaco: I think he helped because he is so smart and a really great player. He is just a really nice guy. I have nothing bad to say about Dan.

BBN: If you could start the season over and the tables were turned, who would you pick as your Coach and two teammates?

Kara Monaco: I wouldn’t have wanted any other coach. I wanted to be on Dan’s team. I definitely would have wanted Wil on my team and I still would have wanted Danielle.

Kara may have been evicted this week, but I don’t think it’s the last we’ve seen of her. There’s a good chance she may have another chance at Big Brother 14 as I suspect she’s gone to sequester, but we’ll just have to wait and see.


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  1. I have really been hating on joe lately because he never shuts up but now that I have heard his awful goodbye message to Kara I don’t think he can be evicted from the house fast enough. How insensitive can one guy be?

    • I totally agree with you. Now tht Willie’s gone, you can bet you butt he’s gonna be a target after this week.

  2. OH GOD Kara is going to a sequester?
    Kara is ABOUT to return in to the game, PERIOD!

    • No one knows for sure that Kara is in sequester, just like we dont know that Jodi is in sequester along with her. However, with the small number of players, it seems extremely possible that Jodi, Kara, and this weeks evicted Houseguest will be coming back.

      • We know for a fact Jodi is not in sequester. She is back home in CO.

        I’d say there’s a 95% chance Kara is in sequester.

        I wouldn’t expect everyone in sequester to get to return. More likely there will be a selection of those available.

      • That is very possible. Last season they brought back Brendon. I believe
        they had a competition of some sort to decide who goes back in. Of course,
        Danielle nominated him and his 2nd stay in the house was very short. What we need actually is a Big Brother All Stars with all the previous winners
        invited for a free for all in the Big Brother house. That would be the best
        Big Brother ever because each player will be out to win it from the get go!

  3. why is kara returning a good thing? janelle already has boogie’s top guy in her pocket in frank. he tells her everything boogie does to frank,which is freaking moronic.

    they need to throw him a bone, not another one to team dan/brit/janelle.

  4. I hate how naive these players are. Like, they think that it will help them to get out the other coaches because that’s what they are being told by their coaches. And little gullible players are just going along thinking “yeah! get those coaches out!” when really that isn’t helping their game any, it’s helping the coaches. Ugh. These coaches are freaking irritating.

    •  I agree, this is why I hate returning players in Survivor and BB.  Every season they are there, the newbies get star struck and do everything they say without question.  It ruins the games in my opinion.  I was happy when Boston Rob won Survivor but really one of the reasons he won was because of what I just said.  There were so many times he could have been voted out if the newbies weren’t star struck by him.

  5. Britney needs to stop whining.  Janelle needs to cover up.  She
    is a little “long in the tooth” to be running around with bathing suits that don’t cover her up. 

    • Long in the tooth??  She’s 32.  That was an idiotic sexist comment.  I’m betting you’re female.  Jealous much?  BTW, I am also female.  And while I might also think she should cover up at times, it IS NOT because she’s “long in the tooth.”

  6. I think on thursday, someone will be evicted, goes to the door, but door won’t open. Then, the doorbell will ring, and kara will return, and the evicted houseguest will also stay. MINDBLOWING EVENT

  7. Apparently the POV is now….nominations are Shane and Jojo.  POV players are Ian, Ashley, Wil, Frank, Shane and Jojo.  It looks like Shane needs to win or he is gone…..If he does win, the replacement nominee is Danielle and she will go (so then Dan goes too).

  8. when are these people going to figur eou tthat Boogie is a snake & cannot be trusted !

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