Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Week 2 Veto Ceremony Results

Power of Veto

The Power of Veto Ceremony has finished for this week of Big Brother 14. No big surprises despite some last minute plans and hopes from the HGs. Read on for your Big Brother spoilers to find out if the PoV was used and what happened next.

If you’re just now getting caught up, the Veto competition was held on Saturday, but we won’t see it on CBS until Wednesday’s broadcast. Stay up on your Live Feed reports for the latest news.

At today’s Power of Veto Ceremony, this week’s winner of the Veto, Shane, decided to follow the obvious path of saving himself from the chopping block. The current HoH, Frank, nominated Danielle in Shane’s place. Frank had warned Danielle over the weekend that this would happen and now he has followed through on his promise.

What do you think? Which of these two nominees, Danielle or JoJo, should be evicted on Thursday? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. in my opinion britt was poor coach no matter what she should have got all team to rally round instead of telling them to stay away from willie maybe one of them could have changed but it is what it is but i think as a coach she needs to go

    • she also told Willie to go upstairs..and tell them..not to tell her JO JO or Shane…she was and still is a lilttle gilr with no game play or any sense what so ever…

    • You must not have been watching everything. She did tell her team to stay away from him.

  2. I really hope Jojo stays! Danielle is just going to float….. If Janelle was smart she would rally Shane and Jojo on her side in order to get Frank out of the house! Does she really think Joe, Jenn or Ashley can overthrow Frank?? She needs to get her head in the game

    • So Janelle’s team kept Frank to help take out Willie, but they won’t keep Britney’s team to help take out Frank? Janelle and her team have to play a better game

    • at this point i dont think jojo has a chance in hell to stay..i sitll believe these stupid people are playing with emotion…they need to get rid of dan he is so boaring and clearly has no game play this season..he totally abandon his team and let them fend for themsleves..maybe if he did not throw every comp he would be in a much better place. such a loser

      • i totally understand your view point but i actually like the way dan is playing he is being a coach and letting them play their own game. i am personally tired of seeing the other coaches play for their players and make deals and alliances for them. this is suppose to be an individual game and the point of a coach is just that to coach so give them advice and tell them if they are making good moves but don’t make alliances for them and don’t do the talking for them, let them play their own game. I mean i fall for this whole coach thing too as danielle isn’t my favourite player but i want her to stay because of dan and i like shane but i would rather him leave because of britney. it feels like its the season of the coaches, not the HGs themselves.

      • yea but once you are losing,,as a coach you have to come up with new stratagy..i feel kara and daniell was weak players to begin with..dan is not really showing no personality sometimes i even forget he is there.

  3. If they are smart JoJo would be bye bye, Because: Dan would still have one —and a target  — Brit would have one now and not TWO since Shane would be the only one left also a target.   Dan and Brit’s teams would still be targets and very weak to do anything.

    But if they get rid of Danielle, then Brit would still have two on her team to still do some work.

  4. hey everyone this is Joanne Clare Ann’s sister I finally got my computer fixed I hope I havent missed out on anything

  5. As I love JoJo and Danielle! Who knows who is going home. All depends if JoJo can work hard enough to convice everyone that if Danielle leaves so does Dan and that’s one less coach. Also depends if Danielle can convince everyone that she’s less of a threat than jojo and if JoJo leaves then Shane is next and Britney who is a big threat as a coach will be gone. Completely depends on how hard they try and also i think that majority of janelles team is against Britney so they might try to vote out JoJo and Dan and boogie seem to be working together again so he might convince them to vote out JoJo.


    • Britney is a horrible coach and she was a horrible player, she cant strategize to save her life… JoJo is gonna end up going home because of her

  6. I like Dan.  I hope Danielle stays.  I was worried about Shane this week until he won the veto.  Now he can play an individual game and make deals with both sides. 

  7. If Frank was thinking as a player, he would have nominated one of Janelle’s players. He would have gained Shane and JoJo and been dominant enough to get rid of Dan and Janelle. He and Shane could have then did a good job of slowly picking the rest off of their teams.

    • As far as strategy goes, the better move was to nominate one of
      Janelle’s players. Why bother with the floaters who are not a threat
      and can be used by you to vote your way if you kept them in the game?
      Wil or Joe should have been put on the block so that, both teams
      would be scrambling and there will be more chaos in the house. I
      hope Boogie does not go ahead and deliberately lose the HOH
      next week with the idea of Shane winning it. If Shane fails to win
      it, then, there is a very good chance that one of Janelle’s players
      could be HOH then, they will certainly target Frank and who knows
      even Shane. Each player of each team should be out to win that way
      you have the best chances to keep your team intact. See, if Ian or
      Jenn won, they can put up Janelle’s players. Two of them all at once.
      Then, Janelle’s team is weakened. Giving Janelle’s team a good
      chance of winning HOH because you are asking your players to
      deliberately lose is foolish strategy!

      • Janelle’s players saved Frank from eviction so they weren’t going to be targeted this week.Boogie wants jojo out .plus he’s keeping Dan around one more week in case of a “coaches in the game twist” might happen Thursday  he doesnt want newbies to have a numbers advantage…

  8. I hope that Dan and Boogie actually stick together. I like their players even though Boogie isn’t my favorite. Also, I really hope Shane keeps fighting to stay because he is good at the game and deserves to go far. Plus, he’s nice to look at. ;)

  9. I think these new house guest are not thinking for themselves! It is all about their coaches and that will come back and bite them in the you haha!!!!!

    • Shane isnt thinking about Brit anymore.  He is working it now.  He is thinking ahead and nows he will always be a threat but he is a number for someone too.  I think Frank and him as a team would be huge since Janelle really wants Frank out and will put them both up next week if they win HOH.

  10. I’d like to see JoJo go just for one simple reason… so we can have Matt “axe” her a few questions.  What could he “axe” her?  Well, he could “axe” her a lot of questions, but maybe the first question he could “axe” her is why she says “axe” instead of “ask”.

    • I’m so happy that someone else is bothered with how she tawks lol. She’s so annoying. Never heard of another woman on BB so full of herself with everything she says. The other night on After Dark, she was telling Frank that she is definitely the strongest ” girl” in the house. I thought a female over age 21 was considered a woman not a girl? LOL. Jojo needs to go please.

      • I think if you watch AFTER DARK and listen to what she says she is actually quite insecure about herself and does not have high self worth. She has most of her bills paid and other items funded by being a “sugar baby”.  I am from NYC and that city has a million attractive females (and males) and in the “sugar daddy” universe she is probably a 2 or 3. I give her credit for realizing what she wants and doing what it takes to get it HOWEVER it makes me sad that she truly feels that the only way she can live the lifestyle that she wants is by being a “sugar baby”.  Some people that doing that type of lifestyle do not “put out” and are truly just “friends” with the guys HOWEVER she does not seem as though she would do that and comes across as the type of person that would do ANYTHING for the money/stuff.  My husband thinks she is attractive HOWEVER I think that any attractiveness is decreased by her attitude, her mannerisms and her general overall person.  I think she needs to go because she is truly not adding ANYTHING BUT SKANK to the game and that game needs less skank and more playing.  Danielle is going to float yes, however she seems as though she is a genuine person and a good person.  I have to say I am surprised however that Frank put her up since he seemed like he was building a true friendship with her (Danielle).  Danielle and Shane are obviously in “like/lust” as well.  I think if Shane, Frank and Danielle teamed up they could go a long way.  Danielle would just need to be careful about becoming the Brittany of this season.   
        I am also thinking that if Danielle gets eliminated Dan will not be out of the game but will join the game as a player and as an individual player he will be a very large threat to ANYONE else playing the game.
        I also want to say I am not trying to trash Jo Jo HOWEVER it is girls like her that truly set women back about 200 years.  Women who claim they are strong should be able to back up that statement and her being able to con men into giving her things does not make her strong.

      • LOL! she needs to go over semantics? Bc she said girl instead of woman?


  11. Danielle, this is the coaches  chance to get rid of Dan before he wins the money and becomes a threat in the house.

  12. I don’t really care who goes. Danielle is going to float, and JoJo drives me crazy. If they get rid of Danielle, they get rid of a coach.

    • Danielle is a dumb southern whore and JoJo is a dumb northern whore.  I hope they both choke on a cock.

  13. Bottom lint:  The players should get rid of JoJo, the coaches should want Danielle out.

  14. Jojo’s gotta go…..If for no other reason than she’s so full of herself. She said that she should stay because her and Shane give America hope. WTH? In my opinion, she’s a female Jesse. It’s also going to be a great day when the “real” Ashly comes out to play!

    • U gotta get Ashley off the pain meds…if she comes out of her stupor she may be able to play……maybe she will rally up the last couple of weeks and realize that she has been on a reality show…

      • Or maybe she’s been off of them for a while and she’s faking it so everyone will think she’s harmless. I think that girl is up to something. Ashley is smarter than she’s letting on.

  15. The fact of the matter is that Willie was right in playing the game without thinking of his team – only one player gets the big money in the end. The coach twist is so ridiculous because choices are being made on who to evict based on what is going affect the games of the coaches instead of on the merit of the players. And because everyone is listening to the coaches instead of playing for themselves, they are all shafting themselves in the process. And for what? Coaches prize is one-fifth of the big prize. The big event that is yet to occur this season is when somebody in that house realizes this and makes everyone else aware of it. Willie tried to tell everyone, but so far everyone in the house seems to be a lemming and is doing whatever their coach says. BTW, I am in no way a fan of Willie. Just pointing out that one aspect of his thinking was correct. When Dan told Britney that he would have stopped one of his players from having the players only meeting i had to laugh. All of these coaches have huge egos in that house. It is just a matter of time until someone realizes what the facts really are and the coaches will then just be there to go along for the ride.

    • ur forgetting something…..Willie wasn’t thinking for himself….he was parroting whatever Brit was telling him

    • I see it the same way you do.  Willie was the only one who realized that they needed to each play their own game and not the coaches game.  I hate the coach twist. 

  16. This sucks…I liked Kara, Danielle and Dan…and they’re gonna be 3 of the first 5 gone…always seems to happen in this damn game maybe me liking players is a jinx to them lol…plus Danielle was the most attractive one to me…

    Why does BB have a history of getting rid of attractive women first? Porsche last year was up on the block week one, Cassi left week two…this year Kara and now Danielle are among the first 3 evicted (not counting Willie that wasn’t an eviction)…damnit!

    • to be fair, kara was beyond useless. danielle has some social game, and very little other game, dan knows this, and has gone as far as to look for alternatives and basically packed it in in regards to her winning.

  17. Who wants to watch Danielle play this game. Does she even know she’s on the show??? Evict her and JoJo/Shane are up for grabs as they aren’t alligned with anyone where Danielle is never going to win a comp and will float through the game PLEASE BIG BROTHER DON’T PRODUCE ANOTHER JORDIN

    • It’s too early to peg her as someone who will float the entire game. She didn’t even get to participate in this last Veto competition, she had a good showing in the first competition of the year that sent Jodi home, and I’m 99% sure she didn’t get to compete in the first Veto either. Right now isn’t a bad time to fly under the radar in terms of not making huge deals or verbal game moves.

      Maybe she will end up a floater, but it’s too early to judge.

  18. Jojo should leave, shes kinda worthless and its to early in the season to have 9 players soon(other than the obvious coaches re-entering) so im thinking that kara is in sequester like bbn said b4, and if she comes back dan will to so theres no point of sending danielle home.

    • oh my! the thought of the players being sequestered and re-entering scares me. I also find it hard to believe BB14 producers would think Willie would be diff for his brother Russell. why keep giving his family a chance at the big bucks!! 

    • they cant put kara back in. she is useless, they cant put jojo or danielle back in if evicted. they cant put willie back in

      they are in a spot where they may have to let dan or the devil herself brit enter the game

  19. I can’t wait untill they bring Dan into the game as a player……then Willie can sit back at home with a lil pride laughing it up……Sean

    • I hope they do something to mix things up because the predictability factor is too high…they need to shake things up. They are nuts not to start taking down janelle players. Boogie does not need the votes if he allies himself with Brit and Dan. I don’t know why he wouldn’t. I say JoJo stays just to piss the others off..We need drama baby! ( not Willie with the violence but a player like that who shakes things up) inmho :)

  20. I hope JOJO goes. Screw Brit and her team. She’s the worst coach ever. She started all this by saying the coaches are coming back to play, then you tell your team to stay away from Willie while the rest of the house already piled on him over some serious bullcrap? Shane and JoJo were down with willie but then walk away from him? He was the target anyway. Brit pushing his buttons.  I really don’t blame him for snapping. Being called a bully by a household of bullies, you can’t make this stuff up. Janelle needs to get knocked down a few pegs, she knows Brit is a moron and is taking full advantage of it. Boogie just shut up and win.

  21. I think Boogie would be smart to keep Dan/Danielle.  In the next HoH comp Boogie will only have 2 players available to win it, Ian and Jenn.  Janelle has 3 and Brit will have 1 or 2.  If Dan and Boogie join forces and keep Danielle, they’ll have 3 people playing against Janelle’s 3 and Shane while otherwise it will be Jan’s 3 vs Boogie’s 2 vs. Brit’s 2.  Additionally, since Frank will be eligible for the veto Boogie/Dan will comprise 4 out of 8 veto players.

    • yep. this is the actual plan. they are working together, and wont let anyone really know til they have the numbers to go at janelle. much like all stars

      boogie’s downfall will be his team not sticking with the plan thinking they will get the axe, not understanding that will just lead to a faster eviction

  22. What if, when a coach’s players have been eliminated, then they enter the game. So, if Danielle goes home Thursday, Dan enters the game as a contestant playing for 500 grand. Would be an interesting turn as Dan would go from playing for 100 grand to 500 grand. Would be interesting to see the other coaches campaigning against their own people in order to get them evicted and enter the game as a player.

  23. What if, when a coach’s players have been eliminated, then they enter the game as a player. So, if Danielle goes home Thursday, Dan enters the game as a contestant playing for 500 grand. Would be an interesting turn as Dan would go from playing for 100 grand to 500 grand. Would be interesting to see the other coaches campaigning against their own people in order to get them evicted and enter the game as a player.

  24. Anybody notice how the weak floater girls that would be easy to get rid of at any time get evicted first…..

    • As far as strategy goes, that is the dumbest thing to do! They need to
      learn how to play like Kim in the last Survivor. She moved to eliminate
      all the guys one by one who are of course, stronger than her. When it
      became an all women affair, she was the strongest and best competitor and
      she won almost all the challenges. In addition, she was laid back, did not
      cause waves like the dummy Willie and as a result, everyone liked her!
      She strategized and reviewed her options every week and worked hard to
      execute them all. The only ones showing some smart moves so far is
      Frank and Shane by joining forces. Eliminating Jojo or Danielle like they
      did to Kara is a big, nonsensical play in my honest opinion. Why would
      leave Wil or Joe or Ashley when they could end up winning HOH down
      the line? The smarter play was for Frank to put up Shane and Wil.
      Shane got off thru POV. So, nominate Joe in place. That would
      have meant, Joe and Wil on the block. You might say that whoever
      survives will be pissed and come after you. True. However, you
      now have Shane, Ian, Jenn all playing on Boogie’s side. The floaters
      like Jojo and Danielle can be persuaded to vote on your side if they
      were not nominated or in the unlikely event that they win HOH, can be pressured to stick to Boogie’s team and nominate who they want!
      Who is left on Janelle’s team, Ashley and Wil or Joe (whoever
      survives the eviction). That is a no brainer and Janelle’s team would
      have been in trouble big time. Instead, Janelle has 3 players now
      playing for HOH the coming week which is Ashley, Wil and Joe
      versus Shane, Ian, Jenn on Mike Boogie’s team. Mike Boogie
      plans to ask Ian and Jenn to throw the HOH with the idea of letting
      Shane win it! That is dumb because if Ashley, Wil or Joe wins, they
      can put both Shane and Frank on the block and seriously weaken
      Mike Boogie’s team.

    • play strategy
      like people are saying, if ur HoH, just get rid of all the strong people. not shane though (; lol. get rid of all the males first. it should just be like shane, ian, ashley and danielle
      cuz theres ian and ashley (a couple that isnt gonna work out)
      and theres shane and danielle (a couple who are SO ADORABLE and could make a good team AS long as shane isnt playing danielle)
      its gonna be interesting then. cuz then, there will only be 1 player left for each coach :D
      but, i predict that ians gonna be up for nominations REAL SOON. along with players from janelles team. cuz shane is FOR SURE gonna win HoH at least once. and i know hes gonna target boogie and janelle

  25. I totally agree Brit had poor judgement!!!!  As she did last time around !!! And now Janelle making all the wrong moves, trusting the wrong people ! Not to mention boreing I  I just dont understand why no one is playing there own game!! Big Brother needs a player like me to stir up the house just a little LOL

  26. I hope JoJo goes home.  Does anyone think it is possible that if all of a coaches player get sent home, than the coach would stay in the game as a contestant?

    • That is the speculation. We do not really know if that is the case. Of course, Dan would have a big target on his back if he becomes a
      contestant because I am sure the other players will gang up on him
      and move to evict him the soonest! The other coaches will be egging
      their players to evict Dan because the last thing the coaches want is
      to get only $100,000 while, Dan gets $500,000 for playing BB?

  27. i want danielle to stay. she and shane are so cute together. jojo is just a ugly smoking freak. like seriously, danielle and shane would make such a wierd but lovable alliance. i cant stand boogie. i want boogie to go.

  28. This season started with a bang.  It is hard to begin to care abut these player because I feel like they are so far in the game and I really do not know them yet.  The only players I know are the coaches.  I have opinions on them from previous seasons.  They really have not changed as far as the game is concerned.  If I had to name a fan favorite now I would say none of them

    • MATT  …Can u get rid of the idiot that keeps posting the comment that I am replying too…It is offensive and does not have any bearing on the topic of BB. I have flagged it numerous times but the jerk is somehow able to keep reposting it. 

  29. All good decisions are based on game.  For this reason and this reason only they need to vote Danielle out.  She has done nothing wrong.  I actually like her.  But this is the only way they will find out what really happens when a coach loses all of his players.  They need the answer to this question to be able to more effectively play the game.

  30. Wow, I was hoping for more from Frank…what a waste of HOH. Danielle and JoJo? Why not Wil and Joe, then if one came off the block…then put up Shane.

    • I wanted JoJo and Joe up, just to have fun with that…for about 5 minutes…before it fades away into obscurity…

      Either way I don’t really want to see any of JoJoJoe win this game…

  31. I really think that because of Willie leaving that they are not going to evict anyone this week, otherwise the numbers will be off. I also had the thought that if all of Dan’s players leave the game, then he will be put in as a player! You never know with Big Brother! One last thing, do yall think Ashley is really an airhead or is she pretending????

    • I think Ashley is pretending to an extent. I think she’s smarter than the persona she’s giving on this show, because what we see is in an exaggerative form, but I don’t think she’s as smart as she probably thinks she is or wants to be.

    • I agree she should not have been picked as a coach. i was so surprised to see her as a choice.

  32. I think big brother should lock the door eviction night for a few reasons. First, keep the numbers somewhat normal. Second, Danielle won’t be evicted, which is good because I find her incredibly attractive. Third, jojo won’t be evicted, which is good because I like team Brit. Also it would piss off frank and boogie, which would be nice to see

  33. I want Danielle to leave.
    Then all ya hafta do, is kill team.Boogie!


    • Brittney is the worst coach inside the Big Brother house. She has no clue
      and does not strategize and think her decisions thru. More often that not,
      she shoots her mouth and talks and talks and one does not have to be a genius to figure that out! Jojo said she wishes it was Rachel who was her
      coach and Shane who is way smarter than Brittney has already allied himself with Frank and Team Boogie which is a very smart move on his part!

  34. Ashley played a monster game tonight.  She’s in pretty good with everyone (a few doubters like Wil, but not really on anyone’s radar).  She may not win any comps and may not make it to the end, but I think she’s playing the best social game in the house right now.

  35. more great coaching by brit. she just told like 5 of them that the coaches need them so much more than they need the coaches.

    is she trying to be the worst coach, and biggest “im going to ruin this game for everyone watching” ever?

  36. Willie is just like his brother has to make a big deal out of the littlest things and he said at the beginning of the show that he was not a mean person or something to that saying.

    • Everybody has a breaking point and Willie was pushed as far as he could go with his…And it was not little things that he was upset about..It was a collection of events and then being shunned by his own team that did Willie in….There’s not too many (normal) people that would suffer the treatment he did and not go balstic…I admit to being one of those (normal) people..

  37. Is anyone else as disappointed as I am in this season??? The players can’t even PLAY, because of the coaches… I like it much better when BB is an individual game.  Not this team crap.. oh, thank god willie is gone!!!  TEAM BOOGIE!!!!

  38. I’m happy Willie is gone, he is the biggest jerk of all BB seasons. I can’t believe he actually went after a woman in an aggressive manner, what a total jerk! I really hope Jojo the female version of Jesse goes home this week. She has an ego the size of Texas. ” i’m the strongest girl” ” I never go anywhere without makeup on and my hair done” shane needs to avoid her like the plague. I hope Frank and either Ian or Shane end up in the final 2. Joe needs to go as well, he is going around throwing EVERYONE under the bus. Next week should have Wil and Joe on the block, both are just floating along. I can’t believe Joe thinks Wil can take out Shane in a competition, he must be delirious! Wil and Jojo are the two most annoying people in the house. Did anyone else see Ian stealing peeks at Ashley’s chest while they were laying on the hammock with Shane? What a little perv! lol.

  39. This season…….. well rather disappointing and its hasn’t even been a complete 2 weeks.  Everyone is really just playing the game rather stupidly. Even if you were to take the coaches out of the equation, the game is being played poorly.

    Please BB…. what are you planing to raise your ratings this season……. Because so far this season looks like there was no attempt made.

  40. Sometimes I get so aggravated at the house guests and even more upset that after all these years they keep bringing the same people back to the show. Let someone else win some money for crying out loud.Also I hate that willie is gone now. I thought that anyone who got treated the way that he did could have lost it also. He was such a nice guy and even though he lost his temper Joe had something coming to him for starting the house treating him like an outcast and making him feel so bad. Noone deserves to be treated like all of them treated him. Noone would even speak to him in a kind way. He didnt do anthing that terrible to be treated like that by anyone, He made some mistakes and thats the name of the game in big brother. Its not to treat someone like a social outcast.

    •  I started to lose interest in BB when they started bringing back people that had already played or won the game. They had THEIR CHANCE to win. Now they bring back players that have won BB or have played BB AGAIN.
       For me, my family, some of my friends and co-workers we have lost all interest in watching it anymore whats the point the coaches are going to enter the game and given a chance to win the 500 grand. Nothing new about BB AGAIN, a past contestant wins BB!!! WHOOPEE–NOT!!!!!

      Just a foot note: MY OPINION
      the producers of the show should be held responsible for what happened in the house by allowing the players no matter who they are, to get that far.

      They (producers) should have stepped in and stopped the situation before the confrontation in the game.
      I don’t care if you signed contracts or not they could have got someone hurt but they wanted the RATINGS because their ratings are dropping after the start of the season. I call that negligent. They put all the contestents in danger for allowing it to become physical, SHAME ON THEM!! RATINGS MORE IMPORTANT THEN PEOPLE”S WELL BEING!! REALLY!!

      One last comment Joe should be removed as well because Joe was being antagonistic towards another player and took a stance with fist in the air ready and willing to start swinging, both players should have been removed.
      That’s all. Goodbye BB. I have had enough of the some old crap.

  41. JoJo should go, then Shane and Danielle would still be a target next week because they have a show/romance going on and it would keep Danielle and JoJo from floating on for at least 2 more weeks.

  42. I can’t wait for Shane to win the HOH this week and nominate obnoxious Frank

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