Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 2 Monday Highlights

Things continue to be mild this week compared to last in the Big Brother 14 house. The only revolving topic on the Live Feeds is whether or not the coaches will be entering the game. And I must say, I wish it would stop. I wish production would just tell them one way or the other so the speculation can stop. Of course a couple of other notable things happened throughout the day Monday. Read on to find out what we saw and heard yesterday on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, July 23, 2012:

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8:56 AM BBT — HGs get wakeup call.

9:20 AM BBT — Shane and Frank are talking about HOH. Shane says he needs to win. Frank says he’s bummed he can’t play. They talk about how easy it is for things to change in the house. They’re talking about working together. They shake hands. Does that mean they’re working together now? For now.

9:56 AM BBT — Frank tells Boogie about his conversation with Shane. Boogie thinks Shane is an asset.

10:45 AM BBT — Feeds cut for Veto Ceremony.

11:43 AM BBT — Feeds are back. Shane and JoJo are talking. Shane used the veto on himself. Frank put Danielle up in his place.

12:06 PM BBT — Janelle tells Ashley that JoJo and Shane suck and that they’re lame.

12:52 PM BBT — Britney tells JoJo she needs to act the complete opposite of Wille. She says he gave her group a bad reputation.

1:49 PM BBT — JoJo reminds Shane that if someone doesn’t come back in the game the next person out will have to go to jury.

2:09 PM BBT — Everyone is tanning in the back yard.

2:32 PM BBTJoe tells Frank he thinks it’s a better idea to evict Danielle to knock Dan out of the game. Frank likes the idea of Britney and Dan both only having one player, thus meaning Frank would rather the HGs vote out JoJo.

3:41 PM BBT — Joe tells Janelle that JoJo is definitely going home. Janelle is pleased.

4:33 PM BBT — JoJo says she wishes Rachel was her coach instead of Britney.

5:35 PM BBTJanelle and Dan are playing chess. They’re AGAIN talking about whether or not the coaches will enter the game. Dan thinks so. I’m about as sick of this conversation as I was the Frank or Kara conversation last week.

7:15 PM BBTDinner time. Joe made burgers. Fun dinner time chat.

9:25 PM BBT — Ian and Jenn are talking. She tells him she heard he and Frank have a final two deal. He says that’s not true.

10:13 PM BBT — Shane, Danielle and Ashley are talking game in the hammock. Everyone else is around the hot tub.

12:55 PM BBT — Ashley, Shane and JoJo making plans. They want to bring Ian in. Shane wants Ashley to get Ian to nominate Joe, Wil or Jenn if he wins head of household

Another day down. We should be hearing what’s going to happen to make up for the three players already out of the game. Something has to happen, whether it’s no eviction this week, the coaches entering the game or Kara coming back. We’ll see soon.

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  1. I don’t like Janelle this season. I hope Jojo stays even though there’s a chance she is leaving. I hope that the eviction is fake thought and that nobody leaves this week

    • I so agree with you.  I liked Janelle prior to this season and now I can’t stand her.  These players need to forget about their coaches and start playing their own game.  The coaches are only looking out for themselves and the prize that they get at the end.  It doesn’t matter to them which player they have that gets them there.

      •  While I agree with your line if thinking per the coaches, you can’t blame them for it. If it were you, you’d be doing the same thing.  Putting players into position so that one of them are able to win it, you really woundn’t care which one.

      •  I feel like nobody is playing the game. They are either following whatever the coaches are telling them what to do or are just laying low. Willie was the only one who was willing to play his own game. But people were scared so they turned on him. At first I like this coaches twist but now I dont like this twist.

    • Jojo is a skank, she needs to leave.  All she talks about is sex.  Everyone is sick of her.  She SAYS she has street smarts, but all she has is her body–YUC!!!!

    • Joey, what do you mean nobody is playing the game?  Didn’t you see the potential alliance between Shane, Ashley, JoJo, and Ian?  That’s an alliance that crosses coaches’ lines.  Two Britney players, a Janelle player, and a Boogie player.  I would love for one of those four players to get the next HOH and really shake up the house.  

  2. I said it then, and I’ll preach it again now. It was stupid of Dan to throw the coach’s competition. I realize that at that time, Willie was still in the game, so he thought there were 3 targets bigger than Danielle. But regardless…Dan has played this game before, and he should know to expect the unexpected. I understand he wants to play the “weak” game, but seriously Dan!? How could you not realize that the other coaches would figure that out? You did that in your season and you haven’t been that sly about it this time. 
    I do not believe that anyone would have seriously looked at Danielle as more of a threat if Dan had won that competition. Even if they did, he and Danielle would have at least another week of safety to try and make alliances. Now Danielle is having to scramble again. All because of Dan. If they end up evicting her this week instead of JoJo, Dan will have only himself to blame. If that happens, I will be pissed if he gets to enter the game as a player because he does NOT deserve it. (And this is coming from someone who used to really love Dan!)

    • Amazing that the coach’s competition has resulted in one blunder after another by the coaches. Looked like a topsy turvy basketball game.
      First, Dan throws the competition which would have meant safety for Danielle. I do not see what winning the coaches competition could have created more attention to Dan. Brittney, Janelle and Mike Boogie
      all know he is a good player and it would not mattered if he had won.
      Danielle atleast, would have been safe and his chances at that
      $100,000 alive. Mike Boogie had the coach’s challenge won when his
      showboating, jumping off before pressing the button got him elimination
      instead of victory! That is inexcusable unless, he was trying to lose!
      Janelle picks up the give me win and what does she do with it? She
      saves Ashley? Shane was available for a trade with Brittney and
      certainly, Shane is a better player compared to Joe, Will or Ashley.
      Dan might have it in the back of his mind that he can re-enter the
      game as a contestant if he loses his last player but, that could be
      wishful thinking as he does not know that for a fact! It could be that
      they let one of the evicted house guests say, Kara, Jojo or Danielle
      depending on who gets booted out play a contest and the winner
      comes back in like Brendon last season.

    •  As much as I hate Boogie, Dan has a deal going with him. If it goes through, Jojo is going home. Coaches coming back as a player, is pure speculation.

  3. I think a great twist would be that the winning coach in the coaches challenge would get a chance to swap teams! 

  4. i love that ashley called out janelle on her dirty game, all her and wil do is sit around and trash other people behind their back. And thats the same thing that they were ‘mad’ at willie for doing.. weaksauce. And how much weaksauce is it that Janelle was actually coaching up her team to go and give jojo a false sense of confidence just to see the look on her face when she got evicted. Its crazy talk man. Janelle’s totally a bad person. 

    • i realize the samething, in AllStars i thought janelle was good. but now i noe she is the female boogie.

  5. why do people think there won’t really be an eviction? there always has been one. like you i am sick of the speculation about the coaches.motto of the game is expect the unexpected and everyone expects the coaches to  come back so maybe they won’t. who cares? saw a funny thing on willie hantz webpage. said he peed on the hn door. true? he also admitted he was the one saying hit me.

    • I think there will be an eviction. It would be grossly unfair to Frank otherwise. I don’t believe they would do that. 

  6. Ashley is something else. I do not care for her at all. She is not the smartest person esp. at this game.

  7. There’s gonna be an eviction but there is someone who is going to come
    back from the dead. Not this week but in the next few weeks probably.
    Expect the unexpected, like last year when CBS gave Brenchel 3 lives ala Super
    Mario. Expect someone who fights tooth & nail back. At this point though it seems so unclear who that may be. CBS just wants the ratings to go up. They don’t care if they favor certain players, it’s a show after all.

    • CBS is going to wait until frank or shane gets evicted before anything interesting happens with bringing back players. The other players are ven worth watching really.. Its a shane the show is getting worst every year

      • They have to bring back at least 2 players from what I heard. Maybe 3, now that Willie got himself expelled..

  8. I love this 4:33 PM BBT — JoJo says she wishes Rachel was her coach instead of Britney.

    •  I don’t blame her. Rachel is not the most liked person in BB, but she’s a good player. Waaay better than that dead Brittney.

    • In the last few seasons BB has become a bf ( big floater ) All these weak playes that have no social or physical game want to do first is take out the good players and float their way to the end 

  9. Boring! Boring! Boring! …… Pee Brain Willie (or Pea) Brain – Take your pick, either way Wee Little Willie went Wee Wee Wee all the home …. I wonder who did’nt make the show because of him.   …. All Newbies talk about is the Mentors comming back in the game ….Hey! guess what? they are in the Game, they all want to winn $100,000 dollars …. I still cant figure out why any of them dont get it.  The Coach’s, and I use that name loosly … Ya! what are they Coaching? ….. This is so stupid …. the only thing possible to save this year from being the most boring  year ever…. is to have the Coach’s re pick their team once a Coach is out of Players.  And!! Even that would be stupid.  I really see no hope for the viewers this year.  Long Summer.  Yes! I will be flipping the station.  Sorry BB…. you blew it this year… Mentor /Coach’s ..Wow!  Who came up with that one …. Oh! I know… bring back another Old has been player (Jessie) and have him Coach the Mentors.

  10. I truly hope Danielle is evicted this week for one reason only. To watch Dan’s face when he thinks he has no players and to see Kara and Jodi walk back in the house. That would be the best moment ever. Dan’s my favorite Coach, and I think he deserves that moment.

  11. I am glad others are seeing the trashy way that Jannelle is.I have only watch BB since season 10 so I was not familer  with her..I just cannot undersatnd why she would leave her little 7 month old baby to be on BB.. It is beyond me to understand until I began to pay attention to her.That woman is in love with herself..while her boobs hang out and her bottom is almost visable..I do now underdtand why she left her baby girl..she hated Boogie?Ha!..I beg to different.. after watching her flirtling with him last night wanting his beer?Is that waht she really wants?she is certainly not the best person for Ashely to role model herself from.. another thing..she is a back stabber… to Brittney…suposely in some kind of deal with Boogie…I liked Willie and wished he had not done what he done and another thing..I think Jody was done wrong by Dan…She should still be in the Game and went out the way all the other gamers always did.. the darn Coaches do not even need to be there.. the game is screwed again.But…of the Coaches…Britney is the only Coach trying to be right about the game..she has changed a lot since her season and she changed for the better.I have said enough.Everyone,enjoy the rest of today…Blessings to all.From Florida.Thel

    • Janell keeps company and is  a close friend of Porsche (BB13). Having Porsche for a “friend” gives u an idea of what type  person Janell is. I personally would not want to be associated with somebody that will sit around and think up ways to kill an unborn child. Especially if I had a very young child of my own…I would have to rethink my “friendship status” with that person.

  12. heres what i think, bb 14 has a diverse choice of players. and the drama and cuteness (danielle and shane, ian and ashley) are cool. but with this stupid twist of there being coaches?!? seriously?!?! so far, all ive noticed is the coaches sabotaging the ACTUAL BB 14 players for themselves. like really, u were called back to coach the players into winning, not make it all about urself. now to roast the coaches
    boogie was right. britney is an idiot. shes such a bimbo and a bad coach. sure she won the first HoH competition, but that doesnt mean a single thing since willie got evicted.
    whats wrong with janelle? shes just a bitch. and she cant play the game. i liked her before but now i hate her.
    boogie? he has a huge ego and he controls his players to make a decision that he would want. with him doing that, it just totally screws up the players alliance. and the players dont have much choice cuz boogie could just as much be like britney and go around encouraging people to vote off his players just cuz they didnt do as he said
    well well well. weve come to dan. lol. i have nothing negative to say about hi. i mean, i feel bad. hes on the verge of losing the 2 hottest chicks in bb 14 (not that ashley is bad; u just cant compare kara and danielle).

    a twist that i would totally enjoy? the players being able to nominate coaches for eviction. BB, DONT EVER DO A SEASON WITH COACHES EVER AGAIN.

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