Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Week 1 Veto Competition Results

Power of Veto

The Big Brother 14 action keeps rolling in its first full day of Live Feeds. We’ve learned what’s going on with the mentors, how they aligning in the house, who had to be taken out of the house for medical attention, and who the new HoH has put on the block for eviction. Now we know who is rocking the first Power of Veto. Geez this game moves fast so I hope you’ve joined us on Facebook and Twitter for mini-updates through the day so you don’t miss all the fun.

Read on to find out who won and what that could mean for the game this week.

Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Week 1 Veto Competition Results:

  • Shane won the Veto Competition.

Big Brother 14 Veto winner Shane

Jump on the Live Feeds right now to watch the house react. There’s still time to get the 3-month discount and save some cash while getting an entire summer of fun.

Right now Brit, Janelle, Shane, and Willie are sitting in the HoH room agreeing that the Veto should not be used this week. They’re very excited because the competition revealed that Dan and Boogie are definitely working together as Dan’s newbies were trying to sabotage the other players and help Frank, who is Boogie’s newbie.

Ohh, things look very bad for Kara. Britney wants to eliminate another of Dan’s newbies since he’s already down one and is weakened. Britney straight up says, “Kara is going home this week.” Flashback to 3PM BBT to listen to the conversation in the HoH room.

The players in this week’s PoV competition were Willie as HoH with Kara and Frank as the nominees, and Shane, Daniele, and Will as the additional players. JoJo was selected as host of the Power of Veto competiton.

The first Big Brother 14 Veto ceremony will be held in the next few days, possibly Sunday or Monday, so we’ll soon know whether or not the noms will change. Stay close by and we’ll let you know as soon as that happens.

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? Should it be used at the ceremony?

Jump on the live feeds and enjoy the drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.

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  1. Don’t use the veto this week. Hope Frank is not voted off. He’s more interesting than Kara. Willie is revolting. Would like to see him voted off next week.

  2. Dammit. I said I wasn’t going to read the spoilers this year and yet I do. There to hard to resist. I wish I had the feeds but Big Brother After Dark is good enough.

    • Big brother after dark really isn’t as interesting as I expected it to be… this is the first time I have had Showtime to watch it but they don’t really give much away except how Willie is making deals with everyone in the house.  The best thing to have would be the live feed.

  3. hey Lady Jane i agree Frank needs to stay let Kara go home and Willie is a joke hope he goes next

    • Willie is a joke? I always make a quick pick of who I want to see win, then as I get to see everybodys personalities I change my mind later. Willie is my quick pick for the win. I dont like surviver so I dont know his brothter. But right off the top I think he’s there to PLAY TO WIN.

  4. Just wondering if anyone from toronto area on here. Last year they put bbafter dark on channel 67 (Rogers) the reality channel. It was on from 12am to 3am. I tried it last night but it wasnt on. I checked for tonight and its not showing that it will be on. Anyone know another channel using Rogers.

    •  Yup.  It’s on Slice, however, it’s delayed two hours, so you’ll have to wait until 2am.  It’s still the feed from midnight to 3am ET, but it’s delayed 2 hours.

      Kind of annoying, but Global Reality is shutting down as of August 1, so that’s why they’ve switched it.

      • Thank You (EH) all for replying and giving me new times. Now, what the frig. It was bad enough for me to stay up until 3 am and get up at 8am. Im sorry this is not game talk BUT (sorry) another question, i have the rogers on demand can i tape it to watch the next day? Do you need a special service? I have 3 regualr box NOT HD BOX. 
        I cant wait to see britney in the diary room. I had a love hate relationship with her. Now knowing i cant at least watch 3 hours at night i will have to get the feeds.

      • You can’t tape onDemand video, but you can tape regular shows.  Just tape the afterdark and everything should be good.

    • I’ve got bell but I believe that the Slice channel is on Rogers cable too. It starts at 2am now.

    • It’s on Slice channel at 2AM EST this year in Canada which i get on Bell Fibre, don’t know if Rogers has Slice but they should, probably as a specialty channel, Slice is also advertising BB Canada version coming 2013 which I would luv to get into but no info anywhere yet to sign up.

  5. Why do I continue to get sucked into watch this show?   Willie is as much of a snake as his brother and needs to be sent packing in a hurry!  Frank is kind of scary since he didn’t give us too much information.  Glad to see the first girl gone.  No offense or racial but really, a marathon runner? Oh come on!! Sunday should be interesting!

    • Doesn’t matter if she is a marathon racer she really tried her best during the competition. I personally think it was racial issue. BB doesn’t have to many blacks as house guest and the only one gets chosen last and evicted first. REALLY!!

      • Not to stereotype but alot of black people are funny and great at  psysical compititions, I think more black people should get picked they would help the stress level in the house with their funny buiness and compete like all hell

      • Did you ever nodtice ITSME , there has never been a  black winner on BB or Survivor. I also think it is a racial thing. And I can’t stand Willie, he is a big mouth juat like his brother Russell.

    • She was no way in shape to be a Marathon runner…Speaking of racial..What about asians!!!

  6. @mandywhitby It’s on the Slice Network (Channel 41?) and it’s on a 2am to 5am…I wish it was on earlier 

  7. I’m confused about how Willie Hantz seems to be tweeting on twitter in condo with his brother or in general. I would think this isn’t allowed inside the house?

  8. First link, I removed all the words, changed coloring, and only used the icons which I added you in my blogroll so credit is still on the website.

    Second, the quotes are in the video anyway but I’ll add the credit just for you.

    Third, didn’t think it was a big deal since the pictures were on Big Brother’s site also, but I’ll change them.

    Sorry if I caused any trouble, just wanted to have a good blog like yours. :)

    • Those headshots are from our copyrighted videos except for Joe’s. I manually edited, resized, and aligned that entire banner of HGs. You copied, pasted, and placed “Houseguest Legend” over where ours says “Big Brother.” You did not change colors: Blue for HoH, Yellow for Veto, and Red for Noms.

      Those quotes are not in the video since our interview was not a video interview nor was it with Julie Chen. You lifted our content verbatim.

      Hotlinking an image directly off my server steals bandwidth I’m paying for. I didn’t link to CBS. I pulled publicity pics, compiled them, and uploaded to my own server.

      Remove our custom HG banner at the top. Credit the text you copied and pasted. Remove our customized Vet banner.

      In addition, remove ALL content you’ve stolen from our site (and anyone else’s) and never directly link to images on anyone’s server but your own.

      • What assholes people always want to steal from the BEST. Sucks that it is to be expected. Anyway my feeds are still giving me fits on my iPhone but they work on desk top too bad I can’t take that home at night, I really thought they would stream perfectly I wonder if anyone else Is having the same issue or knows what to do?

  9. Credited for the post about the interview, remade my own vet banner which I uploaded so that is done too. But I’m wondering if I can still use the legend if I give credit for that too? Plus that will be edited too.

    • I’ve asked you to remove everything you’ve taken from our site. Please comply promptly. In return I’ll continue to not steal from your site.

      If you have further questions, then please reply to the email I sent with these requests. This does not need to be played out any further in the comments section here.

    • That is pretty lame… Why would anybody go to your site if all you do is steal from others? Learn to be an original, it’s do much more interesting.

  10. Question for live feed-ers. Is there a way to zoom in on one camera or at least mute the other 3 when watching the live feed (not flashback). When I try to click on the 1 2 3 or 4 boxes in the top left, nothing happens. I can only view the 4-way split screen and hear all 4 as well. Any advise? Thanks in advance.

    • The 1/2/3/4 is just the icon for the quad cam view. You’ll want to select any of the 4 mini-views you’re seeing below that 1/2/3/4 block. That will take you directly to the camera you want to see/hear and you won’t see/hear the others so it’s bearable.

      Let me know if that doesn’t help.

      • Thank you!!! So simple. I feel stupid now. :P
        Feel free to delete comment if you’d like. I realize it was off topic, but I was desperate. Thanks again!

  11. Best strategic move is to get rid of Frank. Getting rid of Frank allows Britney’s group to have an advantage in physical challenges. No point of weakening Dan’s group any further since it already seems that there not that great.

    • I completely and 100 percent agree with you, not to mention the fact that once Dan loses his entire team, whose to say what bb does with him?!?!?! He could possibly then become an official hg competing for $500,000! No one knows what bb will do next.. Can’t believe these guys aren’t thinking of this! Strategy should be vote off toughest legit competitors first. Quit worrying about getting rid of teams… Get rid of the biggest targets while u have a chance…. There might not be another chance so soon!

  12. Matt, will the vets be getting back into the game? – Janelle and Britney were up in the HOH talking about wanting to get rid of Dan because everyone likes him and no one will nominate him and keeping Boogie around because he is so hated and he will be a main target … I’m really confused ?

      • I know that. I mean since they didnt/don’t play for HOH do they receive something if their team wins it. I.E. did britney get a room or a letter or anything?

    • she said on bbad that she got a small basket that was no in the hoh room…. i think it was mostly food but i don’t remember.

  13. When will the pov meeting be held? Where Shane decides to use or not use pov….and the eviction? Also when does next episode air? For some reason I thought this Sunday nite? Sorry for all the questions… Having a ball watching live first season to be sooooooo attached

    • In Philadelphia the game is on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday nites. I think eviction nite is thursday

  14. BIg Brother 14 has started out strange, bringing back old players as coaches is just wrong, the game is about one winner takes all based on their abilities to survive so having a coach it’s no longer about the individual but more about team work, they have done that just fine in the past without coaches. I still enjoy the show no matter what because of all the interaction and of being forced to stay in the house or lose out on the chance of winning big money, the prime time showings should be longer and show more important conversation edits from the afterdark and live streams to better inform those who don’t have the time or availiblity of those video options. 

  15. If they don’t get rid of Frank, team JAN-NAY is in some trouble. Frank can win stuff, and is BOGGIE’s top player.

  16. Have any of you ever thought maybe alot of African Americans don’t apply for Big Brother or maybe these individuals are interesting enough.  Everything is racist if there are more of one color or not the other ………put your racial cards back in your deck. SHEESH

    • I think the issue is the lack of overall diversity and perpetuation of old stereotypes.  The “flamboyant” gay guy, the dumb blonde, the country girl, the skinny nerd…YAWN.  I’d like to see them mix things up more.  How about a masculine gay jock (they do exist), or a black nerd, etc.  MTV manages to do it pretty well on “Real World”….so not sure why BB casts the same “types” each year.  They need to mix it up…surprise us and not pander to the lowest common denominator.

      • that’s probably the best comment so far.  Don’t make it a racial or sexist stereotypical situation. 

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