Big Brother 14 HG Jodi Rollins Eviction Interview

Big Brother 14 - Jodi Rollins and Julie Chen

After just eight hours in the Big Brother 14 house newbie HG Jodi Rollins was eliminated. This came as a big disappointment to me as I’ve publicly stated she was a top favorite of mine for this season. Jodi is a true Big Brother superfan which made her elimination all that much more difficult to watch during the premiere. All the same, someone has to go and this week it was Jodi. We had the chance to speak with her today about her experience less than two weeks since our first interview.

Despite her eviction coming at the hands of her mentor, Dan, Jodi still says she was happy with being part of Dan’s team and would have picked him in a role reversal. “I didn’t like how it went down, how I was chosen last, but we had made a connection, so I thought. I thought, ‘this guy believes in me.'” She admits being surprised by the last-pick scenario but thought that would put her in the non-intimidating category which would give her some cover. Obviously it didn’t turn out that way.

When asked whether the insanely thorough application-to-auditioning-to-finalists-to-HG process was worth it for her short lived Big Brother 14 experience, Jodi gave a mixed response. She indicated she might rethink the effort had she known she’d be gone in eight hours, yes just eight hours in the game. However, Jodi continued, “I rolled the dice and lost bigger than any other Big Brother HG has in the show’s history. What are you going to do? If you don’t try things in life, you’ll never succeed.”

As far as the Mentors twist, Jodi felt it was “unnecessary” and the newbies were no longer in control of their own game. “When the coaches came in, it felt like remedial Big Brother. You had to wait for somebody to tell you what to do. Someone else was in charge of your fate.” Had it been a chance to compete against them, it would have been difficult, she admitted. “It changed the entire energy when they came in, and not for the better.”

Big Brother 14 - Jodi and Shane

Who was the least inviting HG? Newbie Joe Arvin. “The most surprising person that I thought I’d connect with that I didn’t was Joe… I tried to talk with him and he blew me off.” Jodi thought their age, being the two oldest HGs in the game, would give them a connection, but it seems Joe had no interest in making friends.

While Jodi couldn’t reveal her current location she did indicate she’d consider an immediate opportunity to return to the game, but if that call came later in the season it’d be difficult to accept. As such, I’d say there isn’t a chance we’ll be seeing early evicted HGs return to the game like we had last season.

How are Dan’s chances of pulling out the win this season? Not so good, said Jodi, and that rests on his choices. Though as Big Brother has shown us in the past, “weaker players go riding along for awhile. So they might be there for awhile,” Jodi explained. Who has the strongest team, in her opinion? Boogie and Britney. I’d have to agree with Jodi on that one.

It was tough to tell how much time Jodi had to defend her Big Brother 14 life to Dan when we watched it last night. Jodi revealed there was just thirty minutes between the competition ending and her eviction from the house. Hardly enough time to get more than a few moments with her judge, jury, and executioner, Dan. “I did not feel like I got through to him,” she said. Unfortunately Jodi was right and saw her elimination coming a mile away.

Jodi may have only lasted one night in the Big Brother game, but she definitely made fans. They can find her on Twitter under @JodisBox. Congratulations to Jodi on even having the chance to be part of this season, but also our condolences on her brief stint as a HG. In my opinion, Jodi was definitely sent home far too soon and we’re sorry we won’t see more of her on Big Brother 14. What did you think of her eviction?



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  1. Much like on that season of Survivor when two people were sent home without going to tribal council, I always find it sad when a person gets to the point that they’re chosen for the show and don’t actually get to participate in it the way they expect.

    Not really fair to her, and not fun for the viewers.  Adds nothing to the show other than an eviction of someone that we don’t know.

    I also thought the whole thing was poorly edited… after the competition, there were two brief clips of Dan talking to Danielle and Jodi, and then suddenly it was eviction time.  Did none of the other HGs have any input/opinions about it?? Didn’t Kara, since she is on the same “team” as the remaining player??

    Oh well — still a great cast so far and I’m pumped to see what happens next!

  2. I reaaaally hope there is a twist for her and only her to get back because that was the lamest thing big brother could do to someone… this mentor thing is kind of interesting but also a load of bull because Jodi is right, you’re not watching new players get a shot of what they can do, you’re watching coaches mentor contestants and obviously it plays a greater role in how everyone plays the game now… I’m happy the 4 are not competing as contestants and I really hope the twist isn’t one of them gets to compete too because that will lose all points and interest for me personally. I was rooting for Jodi, she looked too much like Kalia but was definitly the nicer/smarter version of Kalia last season… I don’t get Dan’s decision at all, I think he completely underestimated Jodi as being strong for his team because I think Jodi is stronger mentally and physically than Danielle would have been.. but yeah hope she gets a chance back because that was a lame way to go out.. w/in 8 hours of the game when all other seasons had a week before the first elimination..

    • you also have to understand that since  Dan only got to know these people for only a few hours he had to make a desicon based on what he saw and jodie held them back in the first competion so it’s more cbs’s fault than Dan ‘s beucase how can you someones strength and weakness based one competion. I think Jodie might have done well in later ones

  3. CBS has already pissed me off!  What they did was totally unfair and unncessary.  What did it add to the game?  Nothing as far as I can see…just a sour taste that started a lot earlier than most seasons. 

  4. I don’t no why it was a shock to Jodi she was eliminated. Look around the room Hun. The last one picked the first to leave. Smh

  5. I think it was unfair that one house guest had to leave. Hopefully she will return but then it seems like going through all that application process for Big Brother seems a waste of time if your going to be the 1st one out on the 1st day. 

  6. Will not be watching the show anymore. I felt that it was cruel the way it went down she was picked last and sent home 1st. To be it looked as tho Dan did not want her on his team anyway.

  7. I agree that it added nothing to the game to send a HG home in a matter of 8 hours.  She barely had a chance to play the game, as her fate was decided by the vote of one person, not the entire house.  There was no veto to compete for or the opportunity for her to campaign with the rest of the other HG’s.  She didn’t even get a chance to make the last minute plea before Dan made his final decision.  I feel she was seriously robbed of an opportunity.
    I hope BB has a twist that will allow her to enter the game again.  And even if she does come back, she will probably do so with a sour taste in her mouth toward Dan–which isn’t fair to him either… because Dan was forced to eliminate someone.Competitions are the best when everyone has a fair shot at winning.  This doesn’t feel right.  It feels mean & unfair. 

  8. i understand the games slogan as expect the unenpected but this poor gal didnt have a chance. She seemed to try so hard in the competition. I think BB owes it to her for going through the process of being accepted to at least give her another chance at being in the game. If you lose a comp then find but just being evicted cause your not as young and pretty as dans other team is not fair. Dan didnt have a choice but i really feel that he will regret his decision down the road as she seemed to be a hard player in comp.

  9. Matt do you think that at one point in the game that the coaches will be come players and compete against the newbies. 

    • It’s possible, but production might not even know what they want to do yet. If they don’t say it then they can make up their minds later on how to handle things.

      Short answer: anything is possible.

  10. If I had been in Jodi’s shoes, this is what I would have said to Dan to make my case to stay: “The other two team members are pretty young single girls who may very well end up in showmances here.  Couples who build a solid relationship in the house, like Jeff & Jordan and Brendon & Rachel, put a big target on their backs.  They get perceived as big threats and people come gunning for them.  I’m older, I’m recently married, I’m not going to invite that sort of attention and make myself a target in the same way that a younger, single player might.”

  11. I think dan was thinking with another part of his body than his head. He’s single and just wants the young hot girls on his team. Hopefully in a few weeks she will come back and it will bite Dan in the ass!

  12. The elimination of Jodi was cruel and not entertaining at all. When I watch a show, I like to be entertained–not left feeling worse for watching it. I’m just not sure how motivated I am to find out when the show is on next…

    • I was so excited because BB is my favorite show to watch in the summer, but when I saw the make-up of the cast I knew Jodi was doomed from the start.  It was very cruel, and it made me so angry.  I feel that tv land wants to forget that Black people exist.  I will not be watching this season.

      • You didn’t watch last season of Big Brother? Half the newbie cast consisted of minorities. The casting team tries to compile their best options for the cast regardless of skin color.

      • Raegardless of what happened last season, this season they have ONE obvious minority and it figures she would be the last picked and first to go….whether it was because of her race or not, how can you help but think so?!

  13. This was just so wrong on many levels for CBS to pull some bs like this and if anything one of the mentors should have been sent home(they had their chance) but poor Jodi did not have a chance at all. I also truly believe she would have been a strong player and had so much to offer to the game especially with her being older/wiser and she really tried hard in the competition. Hopefully she will get a chance back into the game with a twist..I guess we shall see.

  14. I believe Dan should be careful ! Wow Oprah ! I see a pattern! (Hint) watch Big Brother after dark!

  15. Definately not the best start for BB. I don’t like the mentor thing. Just let the oldies compete against the newbies. Don’t fix what AINT broken BB. Sending Jodi home so fast , WRONG BB. I hope she does come back and can have a chance to actually play the game. I am disappointed. I was looking for to BB starting again. Not so sure now.

    •  I will not watch this season. the only person of color and the first to go.

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