Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 1 Friday Highlights

Throughout Big Brother 14 we’ll be bringing you daily Live Feed highlights of what happened the day before. Since a lot can happen in 24 hours, especially in the Big Brother house, we pick out the highlights and save you some time. Some days are more exciting than others, but we’ll have these Feed highlights for you every single morning all season to cover the past day. Enjoy!

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It was the first full day of Big Brother 14 for viewers to follow along on the Live Feeds and it was one heck of a busy day at that. We discovered nominations, house alliances, and the veto competition results. Read on to get caught up on what happened.

Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – July 13, 2012:

7:25 AM BBT – Ashley is waking up from her rest in the HoH bed despite being a Have-Not. Her back injury is causing problems and seems to be rubbing IcyHot on her bare bottom. Cameras have night-vision, Ashley.

9:15 AM BBT – Britney and Willie meet in the HoH room to discuss eviction options with Kara and Frank nominated. Willie pushes hard for Kara to go and Britney concedes. Lengthy conversation and worth watching through.

10:10 AM BBT – Kara is offering Willie a deal to return safety if he keeps her in the house. Willie seems open to the idea, but is it lip service?

10:30 AM BBT – Yep, it was lip service. Willie, Britney, Janelle, Joe, and Wil are back in the HoH room. They agree that Kara should go since Dan is weakened with one player already gone. He’d just have Danielle left and would be nearly eliminated.

12:40 PM BBT – Trivia arrives and takes us to the first round of waiting for competition results on the Live Feeds.

2:40 PM BBTLive Feeds return. Shane is the first Veto winner. He’s sitting w/ Janelle, Britney, and Willie in the HoH room. They agree the Veto should not be used. Discussion hangs on Dan’s methods to have Danielle screw with the other players during the competition.

3:15 PM BBT – Boogie is angrily sulking with Jenn and Frank about their loss. Boogie complains that he doesn’t want to lose to “these @#$% broads.” Ahh yes, that’s the Boogie we all remember.

4:05 PM BBT – Kara and Wil talk in the Storage Room. Wil says he fully supports her and wants to keep Kara over Frank. They discuss how close Frank came to winning and why that makes him more dangerous over her and her shiny knees.

5:50 PM BBT – Dan, Kara, and Shane met and talk. Dan pushes Shane to use the Veto. Shane says he wants Frank out.

6:00 PM BBT – Boogie and Ian are talking game in the Lounge Room. Boogie gives Ian a hard time for being silly during the nomination ceremony. Seems Ian wore a duck on this head. Boogie warns Ian against being too flippant and offending others who are taking it seriously.

7:00 PM BBT – Lockdown is finally over and the HGs rush outside to smoke. Wow. Lot of smokers this season.

8:10 PM BBT – Janelle and Britney fear that if the Vets are put in to the regular game that they won’t be able to beat Dan’s “nice” factor. They want to eliminated him before it comes to that.

9:55 PM BBT – Janelle and Wil talking game in the hammock. They discuss which HGs are playing and which aren’t. Janelle fears Boogie will be there all season due to his selections.

11:50 PM BBT – Kara working Willie again for his support. Promises him safety again.

11:52 PM BBT – JoJo provides one of the first slip-ups on the Live Feeds when she changes in the bedroom. NSFW pics of JoJo’s bare bottom.

12:15 AM BBT – Dan talking with Willie and Britney. He is trying to convince them that he’s not siding with Boogie because he doesn’t trust Boogie. Long, long conversation.

1:20 AM BBT – Janelle, Britney, Willie, and Ashley at the hot tub talking game. Focus is on chipping away at Dan. Sounds like Kara remains in the hot seat this week.

The day started with Kara in trouble and I’d say it worked its way back to that again by the end of the night. Lots of doublespeak in the house on Friday, but don’t doubt the strategy. Taking Kara out of the game moves Dan from weakened to nearly destroyed. It’s a smart move and I think the house will take it.

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  1. Great commentary, as usual. 
    My main hope for this season is that all the HGs play THEIR OWN game and not just “follow the leader.”  Whoever does that (looks like Willie is going to) will be my favorite.  I want to see some well thought out, bold moves!
    I hope Danielle steps it up.  I want to like her because she is an Alabama girl.  Right now, it’s looking like I may be disappointed.  BTW, why in the world did she lie about being a nurse saying she is a kindergarten teacher?  If you are going to lie, make it something worth lying about.

    I can’t decide for sure which of the noms I would evict.  Gut tells me Frank because it seems he would have a great social, mental AND physical game.  Kara, not as much.

    Another thing, during the draft.. what in the world was Dan thinking? You would think a real life COACH would have more insight on stacking a better line up.
    Somebody help me out here to understand this.

    • Welcome back, Becky!

      Danielle has a lot of work to do to climb on my excitement-list, but hopefully that potential is in there.

      Frank does seem like more of a threat, but maybe Kara would surprise us.

      • Thanks, Matt.  It would take wild horses and an act of Congress to keep me away from BB and BBN!

        @ the commenter  “thebecky”,  since my name isnt really Becky, I don’t mind changing it if you want to use “Becky.”  Just let me know here.

  2. Janelle and Britney are stupid if they think Dans team of weak players is a threat over Boogies team. 

    • They are worried about Dan being in the house for too long b/c they are thinking that at some point the coaches are going to join in and actually play the game. If that happens they don’t want Dan there for it b/c he is too nice and would win against any of the vets in the end. And he is good enough at the game to get there

    • Janelle and Brittney are also probably thinking they have their teams wrap around their fingers. Hence eliminating Dan’s team would still make it. 6 vs. 3 or 8 vs. 4 (if you count the coaches).

      Eliminating one coach at the beginning just totally increases your chances greating for 100K. You go from 1 in 4 chance at the money to 1 in 3.

      • But Dan’s team sucks. Franks is obviously a bigger threat and if they think it’s easier to evict Dan just because he is already down a player they have another thing coming because the probability of Dan’s team winning the is non-existent and Boggie will DEFINITELY be come after them.

        But that’s why I love this twist, even though I think about what’s right for the mentors, I’m completely forgetting that they don’t have any control over their players really so that’s definitely gonna be interesting.

        I just think it would benefit both Janelle and Britney to evict the stronger player. 

  3. I can see what Dan was thinking during the draft. Basically I believe his startegy was by picking a somewhat weak team. His team wouldn’t be consider a threat at the beginning. Hence he would have been probably safe for many weeks.
    Not to mention he didnt want Willie on his team. Because that would have put a target on him.  Seeing half of house are certain he is relative of Russel.
    The way his strategy totally backfired was his team losing the competiton and putting him one person down. Once that happen his team went from no threat. To simply annilhate the team.
    Once less coach in the game. Only make it totally better for 3 remaining.
    I also think the reason Willie didn’t put up both of Dan’s remaining team members at beginning. Was it would have made Willie look cold-hearted and ruthless. Hence alienating him against some people in house right off the bat.

    • I could get that thinking from someone whose profession isn’t coaching.  It just confused me why he didn’t try to get at least one physically strong person on his team.

      • I do understand that Dan is a coach outside the BB House, but you also have to look at Dan has played the game in the past.

        If my memory serves me correct, Dan during season 10 basically threw alot of competitions at the beginning of the game to make him not look like a threat. It wasn’t until later during his season, that he showed the house. How much of threat he was.

        I do think he should have picked up a male atleast, though. But the two best choices were already picked being Shane and Frank by the time it was his pick.

        So knowing he wasn’t going to get a strong team. He probably went for option b and going totally weak. 

  4. Everyone is talking about how Dan’s players are getting targeted… Makes me wonder what would happen to Dan at that point? Think they will put him into the game with a gold key like Dannile got when evil D left last season?

    • He will be evicted (I guess, or just like expelled or thrown out of the game; I’m missing an appropriate verb here). It’s completely not logical to have someone compete for the $100 000 prize and once that person lost the main object of the game (to have one of his/hers players in win the actual BB prize) to be put in the actual game? 

      Not only is that stupid, it’s just not sense making and it’s not practical. 

      • IDK, they usually give 10,000 as a prize throughout the season. Could you imagine them leaving a houseguest in with a $100,000 target on their back. Besides it would change things drasticly, say if dan got the first golden key, on how the other coaches would play it.
        PLUS…plus, how often do they intruduce some gimic like the golden key(golden power of veto, cup de ta, mystery door) and only use it once.
        (shrugs) just saying

  5. kara is working it but i think to hard because its willie, if she continues to tell him  to keep her than she wont be here next week. i do feel that frank wont be here though just because he appears to rub people the wrong way. i hear Wil and Ashley could play the game: wth. i really hope frank does go, he seems as if he may flip out after the veto ceremony

  6. Pretty sure Shane was jonesing for some of those pain pills they gave Ashley. Suddenly he hurt his back too and asked production for them? C’mon. 

  7. Kara is gone, shes said; she is not a threat, yes she is, she has a vote and a vote is a threat,  Smart players will aline themselves with hard players so there is always one of them in the HOH room, hello a smart palyer will play this way. Its so silly to say I am not a threat, so Kare what you are saying is I acan’t win s… and please pick me because I can’t do anything for you because I AM NOT GOING TO VOTE FOR YOU IF YOU GO ON THE BLOCK.  Boy where do they get these people

  8. I pray that Willie wins a couple of comps and goes rouge and starts an alliance with Boogie. That’s the only thing that’ll save this season. It’s already shaping up to be a snoozefest. too much azz kissing and follow the leader crap.

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