Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Week 1 Veto Ceremony Results

Power of Veto

The Power of Veto Ceremony is over for Big Brother 14 this week and HGs are having a mixed reaction, naturally. To find out if the PoV was used continue reading for those Big Brother spoilers. Let’s hope this gets the house worked up after yesterday’s love fest around the pool.

If you’re just now getting caught up, the Veto competition was held on Friday, but we won’t see it on CBS until Wednesday’s broadcast. The shows can get really behind the Live Feeds.

At today’s Power of Veto Ceremony, this week’s winner of the Veto, Shane, decided to keep Willie’s nominations of Frank and Kara in place and did not use the PoV. That means one of those two nominees will be walking out the door on Thursday night and reducing the mentor’s flock by one.

Now Britney and Willie are freaking out after discovering Frank is targeting Willie. Frank tried to create an alliance with Joe, but Joe ran back and told Willie just ahead of the Veto Ceremony. They’re wondering if Kara should stay and Frank should go. You think, guys? Sheesh. Sounds like Frank is now the main target for eviction on Thursday, but we’re still days away and lots of inevitable drama could shift things again.

What do you think? Which of these two nominees should be evicted on Thursday? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. I like Frank but he’s probably the best to send home. Send out the stronger people first. Keep the “kiddies” around until the end. That’s what I’d do.

  2. It looks like Boogie came out ahead of Dan in the draft of players.  Dan is all ready one player down and his two remaining players don’t seem to be very impressive.  There fore, I agree with Kaleb above.  Attack the stronger player and reduce Boogie’s ranks by one.

    • I almost wondered if Dan was trying to play ‘ladies man’ instead of coach, drafting arguably the two most attractive girls in the house…but then I remembered he has a wife, who’s also pretty attractive, so I would hope he’s not thinking that way.

  3. I agree its better to get a strong player out now later alliances will be stronger which makes it harder to get them out and if you do get them out later better chance of Pissing off their alliance

  4. Keep Frank! His interview was one of the better ones.

    And his hair is outrageous.

  5. I know Willie is on Brittany’s team, who are the other two H.G. Does anyone know?

  6. Can Someone please tell me why Brittany is and all time greatest player….really come on!

    • no kidding, i want them to do a real All Stars season where all my fav’s would come back and not the same people they show on superpass all the time.

    • They didn’t say Britney was an all-star level HG. Big Brother presented it as winners and favorites returning. 

      Brit won America’s Favorite her season, but just like Janelle she never won a season. Boogie and Dan were season winners.

      • WRONG! I do believe Julie Chen’s words were “we are bringing back 4 of the greatest players in the game”! Brittany does NOT fit that bill!! I personally think Evil Dick does, and should’ve been given another chance since he had an emergency that made him leave last year!

  7. It would be better to take out the strongest players first. While I like Frank, I think it would be the best choice to boot him out because he’s a good competitor and that way both Dan and Boogie would be down a player. They can easily get Kara later.

  8. I agree Canadian girl,and it looks like the H.G.’s are starting to realize it too.

  9. They would be dumb to waste the first HOH on Kara. She isn’t a physical threat and I don’t think she is smart enough to lead a coo. Get Frank, who is a very strong contender, out of the house would be the best move, IMO.

  10. First off if I  were willy and I heard frank was targeting me then I would make frank think that he’s just a pon and the goal is to get kara sent home because then he’ll think he’s safe. Afterwards you can back door him and get his ass out.

  11. I agree with gettin rid of Frank. Every HOH is important and sets the stage for the week aheadbc game play strategy is based on noms and pov. Make it count Willie..u can backdoor Frank now and Kara owes you bigtime.

  12. Frankk needs to gooo!!! Willie ALL THE WAYYYY!!! :D :D GOOO TEXAS AND RUSSELS BROTHER!!!! :D :D :D :D

      • Good. They obviously dont care what you or anyone thinks. :D I love them for the fact they dont give to craps. Willie isnt a big jerk loud mouth he hasnt even shown himself to you so how can you judge him? but whatever. I dont care what you think. Im team willie and russel alllllllllll the way!!! Russel brought entertainment BACK to survivor!

      • I know. I can not stand Willie. i am more of a wil girl. he is so funny haha

      • Whatever. Russell and his tribe was down 4-8 going into the merge and he carried 3 out of 4 of them to the final-four. If you’re on his side, you love him. If he sends you packing and you’re relegated to being a bitter jury member, you hate him. Survivor producers instruct the jury to vote based on OUTWIT-OUTPLAY-OUTLAST and most don’t out of sheer hatred.

  13. i believe they(B/J… or maybe just B…)  refered to kara as the jordan of her season…. that’s another reason why they were pushing for her to go, everyone likes her. i think that is silly…. she would be eayser to manipulate! Frank is clearly the bigger target and how can team B/J think boogie wasn’t telling frank what to do and how to do it… they know boggie….. they know how much he can control! did they just forget the past when the walked in the door? i will be disapointed if kara goes home over frank for sure. take out frank the tank. (i do like frank as a player but boogie needs to go and fast.) i will say i think this is a great twist and i’m excited for this season to play out for sure!

  14. You would think that Frank is gone, but remember kiddies, Kara can say or do something to get the rest of the houseguests butthurt and that’ll easily end her stay. Or they might try and get slick and keep Frank underthe condition that they own him. For some reason, there’s common since and then there’s big brother logic.

  15. I actually favor the strong players, so I think kara should go.  It’s pretty obvious that she, along with all the rest of the girls (competitors, NOT mentors) this season, is a worthless floater.  She doesn’t even have the drive to win, so why she’s there in the first place is anyone’s guess.  Get the floaters out now, so that the strong players can duke it out in the middle and latter parts of the game–that’s what REAL, HEALTHY competition is all about.  Send kara packing.

    • I like Kara, but I also side with competitors and I don’t want to see Frank go. He had the best showing in the first competition in my opinion, and I want to see him battle it out in future competitions. I obviously haven’t seen it yet, but I would bet his performance in this Veto was strong, just of course wasn’t enough.

  16. Live feeds are still on during the show.
    For some reason I thought they blacked the live feeds out while the show was on.

  17. I really wish joe would stop talking like a southern baptist minister giving a sermon.

  18. Wow hadn’t picked up all those weird things Ian does on the live feeds. That’s odd for sure.

  19. But the coach’s competition was pointless for Britney right? Since Willie from her team is hoh she is already pretty much assured none of her team is going to be nominated and you can’t put the hoh team on slop can you?

  20. I honestly don’t like Kara, so I just want her to leave. If we’re talking what’s best for Brit and her team, then Frank needs to go. Since they have the power to get rid of him now, they should do it. If they wait, alliances get stronger and it will be harder to get rid of him. 

  21. I really don’t like Jenn at all. Right from the start I got that vibe, but I tried to give her at least one more episode, and she didn’t redeem herself. I’m not sure I’ve ever disliked a player this quickly, but she just bugs me. She looks terrible (the tats are bad, save for one or two, and they’re excessive), her voice, but what really sealed the deal for me was her pathetic performance in that first competition. How long was she sitting/lying there panting without getting up to attempt to continue? It felt like a year. This is the first competition, the first chance at proving something, and you could go home as a result of it, and this is what you have to show? I hope she’s gone soon, if you can’t push harder than that then you don’t deserve to be there.

    Joe also annoys the crap out of me. Sadly I think I only actually like maybe 4 players, but at least there’s a few ‘neutrals’ too. Sure enough two that I like are nominated and one will go home…awesome. (10 bucks says if Frank stays, at some point they’ll have something about shaving/altering his hair, even if not via some ‘sacrifice’ competition)

    And for the record, Jodi deserved to go home. Yeah, there’s mental competitions as well, but it’s too early to magically guess that she might compete well in those. She didn’t pull her weight in her competition, selecting her was only fair on Dan’s part. Can’t send Danielle or Kara home over her.

  22. Am I the only person who doesn’t want Frank to go home ?  Willie gave his word to Frank that he wouldn’t be nominated. It serves Willie right that Frank will go after him if he doesn’t go home. Does Willie want to play his own game or the coaches’ game ? 

    • You’re not the only person. I shake my head that a guy who seems like he’s ready to be a competitor is not only likely going home, but has gotten an unfair shake because he had an agreement with Willie. While I understand that’s just how Big Brother is sometimes, pretty sure that’ll influence taking Willie from ‘neutral’ to ‘disliked’ in my books, and I’ll smile if he’s dealt some payback later on.

    • Did you forget that Frank went to Boogie and told him that he had a deal with Willie? Frank is on Boogies team and he never would have honored his commitment to Willie because of that. Duh! !

  23. It probably is the smartest decision to evict frank but I was really hoping they would be stupid and evicted Kara and keep frank instead.

    • I thought the streaking was on the Sunday show… I saw it & I don’t have live feeds but I do have Showtime, also. Don’t they have any episodes online…anyone know?
      Sure hate to lose Frank so early but I think he’s a goner :(

  24. So after all of willies talk about not listening to what Britney says he does exactly what she and janelle suggest he should do and goes back on his deal with frank and makes an enemy out of him. 

  25. keep Frank…keep rocking those great Memphis Tigers.
    Also love the Boogie man.

  26. This is crazy! Seriously Shane, I want Kara and Frank to stay in the game! Personally I think Kara is a little too goody-goody and is onloy in the game for the fun. Just saying…but Frank seems like a new Shelly from season 13. He is probrably going to lie to people around the house all the time.

  27. it would have been better if chilltown were together this season(will and mike)…i hope frank stays..TeamBoogie!

  28. I wish the returning players hadn’t returned ~ Just wish they could let the ‘newbies’ actually play the game without the return of some powerful personalities. Although it’s fun at times, I would rather watch Big Brother ~ not the returning guests show.

  29. Frank needs to go. Get the strongest players out first and chop off one of Mike Boogie’s players

    • I want Frank to go, but taking out a second player from a team might prove interesting. what will he do with one player? She will never take him to the end. And then might the team coaches take out his last player just to see where HE goes?HMMMM

      • Oh and wierdo Ian, do we really want to keep a beat my own ass, farting, grab SOMEBODY eles hat to cover his dingdong and run threw the house naked. Whos stuff will be next for his birdy? PLEASE!!!!

  30. it would be an idiotic move to keep Frank at this point.  He will be gunning for Willie and he is popular.  And why not reduce Dan’s team to 1. 

  31. I really want Wil to be gone, his voice is annoying and I think there’s enough women in the house already. Then get rid of the tattoo queen next. Willie should not even be on the show because of his brother being on Survivor. He is the biggest jerk ever on BB. Britney should never have been brought back either, she has no game skills whatsoever! She’s almost as dopey as Rachel was. Glad that airhead is not here either. Let the chef guy win it all. Or Frank even.

  32. Frank should go- he’s a very likable guy and in good physical shape which means he could possibly do some damage in the comps- and that can be a threat to ANYONE in the game.

  33. I wonder if has  high functioning aspergers?  That tippy toe walk is a symptom that is of related.  In appropriate behavior too.

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