Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Final HoH Round 2 Results

Ian and Danielle on Big Brother 14

The second part of the 3-part Final HoH competition for Big Brother 14 has now wrapped up. This evening the two players who did not win Thursday night’s first round faced off in what must have been a large scale competition considering it took days to build. We’ve got your Big Brother spoilers so read on to see who moves on to Round 3 and who waits in the wings for the chance to be selected for the Final 2.

During tonight’s competition Ian and Danielle faced off for the chance to move on to the last round against Dan since he won the first round.

Ian won Round 2. Danielle is yelling at Ian saying he better not take him to Final 2. Danielle telling Ian that if he takes Dan to F2 she’ll taint the jury and he won’t win. Ian is upset at Dan for celebrating Ian’s win. This was planned by Dan and Danielle to “out” Dan’s F2 deal with Ian even though Danielle already knew. This way Ian can know Danielle knows without it having to be by Dan secretly telling her. It’s all mind tricks.

The third round won’t be until Wednesday on the live show. Do you think Ian will throw it to Dan? Dan & Danielle’s plan is to pressure Ian in to throwing the next round so Dan can evict Danielle but he really plans to evict Ian and take Danielle. More trickery by Dan.

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      • I
        an will never evict Dan because he is too caught up in his secret name pact with Dan..the renegades! So arrogant! He started out so nice and turned into a rude and arrogant jerk! What a shame!

      • Not so sure about that… Maybe this was his plan all along…. After all there is still one coach and big player to get rid of…

      • I think it just might and good for Ian if he can pull it off! It will be an amazing ending! Karma may pay Dan a visit sooner than all would have guessed…hisgreatness will be snatched from right under his nose!!!

      • NO Ian’s only chance is to evict Danielle because if he evicts Dan Danielle will win because she will have Dan.s vote, Shane’s vote, Jenn’s vote and probably Frank’s vote and Ashley’s vote. Keep Dan to the final 2 and then it is a lock for Ian to win.

      • I think Dan would vote for Ian if Ian voted him out…he’d respect that he knew better. Dan probably would not vote for Danielle because she didn’t know any better that he was playing her all along.

      • If it comes down to Ian and Danielle then Ian might win by a slim margin. But if Dan is sitting there the other person is going to win because most of the jury do not like Dan. Britney might vote for Dan by the way she was talking on Thursdays show but I do not know. Frank and Jenn will not vote for Dan to win and that is finale. Joe is a wild card as well. Shane will vote for either Danielle or Ian I think. And then you have the blond pop tart, what the hell is she thinking? She might vote the same as Frank because she loves him.

      • I think your wrong! I think that the jury will respect Dans gameplay. Especially after he mists him with his speech in the final two,explaining why he did what he did. Lol ! Remember he is a motivational speaker. LOVE IT !!!

      • Ian evicting Dan would be awesome and he might still win for having slain the beast. If Ian wins final comp and bounces Dani then I hope she votes against Dan.

      • Shane wii vote against Dan cause he voted him out! So Dani talking up her b*tt when she says she going to tell Shane not to vote for Ian. When will she have time to tell Shane. They vote her out & she goes right to the jury’s bench. then they asked ?”s.Also Ian knew something was up when Dani told him to throw the comp. Ian’s NO DUMMY.

      • “Autism boy?’ Really? This was a very disrespectful comment and if there is any justice you would be banned from this site.

    • No, Ian is correct….. he is upset with Dan because in his eyes it made Danielle know they have a deal and now Danielle is saying she will taint the jury if Ian takes Dan. Ian feels if Dan hadn’t celebrated, then Danielle wouldn’t suspect the deal they have and wouldn’t be threatening to taint the jury against him.

      • How is she gonna taint the jury? She’s gonna be so lost when she gets there. From what I saw of the jury house there are NO MIRRORS!!! Oh no….it’s gonna be the end of her world. She won’t be able to focus on anything else but finding mirrors!

      • Some one posted to me in a blog that who ever loses won’t be going to jury house they stay until final

      • Judylhg, I think you’re right. In seasons past the 3rd person has gone to jury. I forgot that has changed. I guess it was wishful thinking on my part that she’d be leaving asap. But she still won’t have any time to tell the jury what happened ‘cuz all she’ll say to them is “me, me, me!!”

    • No, I meant Ian is upset at Dan for celebrating Ian’s win. Dan & Danielle have a deal. They planned for Dan to put on a show to “out” his F2 deal w/ Ian, but Danielle already knew about it. The idea was Ian would be scared to win R3 and evicted Danielle. They want him to throw R3 to Dan.

  1. Sounds like Dan really cheered for Ian :-/ Kinda nice w/ only 3 left to have a little drama to watch lol

  2. Honestly if Dan or Ian win they should take Danielle, she won’t win. Yeah she’s likeable, but after the whole jury got played they are giving it to the best player. If Ian or Dan want to win they need to take her

      • I think she’s been nice to the majority of the jury members. She’s more likeable than Ian and Dan for sure!

      • Shelly, they all were fake asses, with “maybe” the exception of Shane, JennCity, and Ash(Whom, I don’t honestly think She has enough sense to be really fake…)

      • I wonder if they take the tapes into Jury like they used to do, I haven’t seen Brit or Frank take in anything. She’s nice when she has to be, in my opinion. But she also has a mouth on her when people aren’t around

      • Nikki Jay, you said it right about her mouth! I’m expecting BBAD to get heated tonight ‘cuz she’s gonna fly off the hook and lose it! Maybe production could step in & take all the food out of the house for a few hours just to instigate it. :-)

      • Hahaha. I can predict she’ll be acting extra tonight for the cameras like she always does, since it’s a “master plan” and all. Overkill is her middle name. If I were Ian, I’d hide in a room just to avoid the annoyance!

      • she may be more likeable to you but the jury will see it as she did nothing for herself she did as her master(Dan) told her to do. example dan telling her to use the veto on him and he voted shane out. GO IAN!!!!

  3. they should make it so that whoever won the first two challenges goes to the final 2 and the other goes to jury

  4. I hope Ian does not fall for their game. He needs to do what is best for him. He needs to use that brain of his and take out the puppetmaster. No one in that house will give it to dumbielle. If they do they do not understand what the game is about.

    • Right, it’s way too late in the game to put trust in anyone. You have to fight for yourSELF. I just really hope Danielle doesn’t win second or first. She really doesn’t deserve it

      • Nikki, Dani/Dexter/Sybill, did get misted day one, and I hate to admit this, but SHE did save both Him and Shaners too…on a couple of occasions atleast, after Dan talked Her into His bidding albeit…

  5. hahah for sure makes the game more interesting now that Ian won, i still think he is going to take Dan regardless though.

  6. I really hope the plan backfires and Ian takes Dumbelle if she had any brain at all which she doesnt she would tell Ian the truth ( opps i said truth ) I dont get why Dan would want dumbelle to get this carried away about Ian picking Dan..Doesnt Dan want ian to pick him..Dumbelle is getting a little carried away with the ruse

      • yeah they said first on joker that it was morph. now they’re saying it was a numbers race style comp. they said that was black eraser dust on ian.

  7. I didn’t know Dan and Danielle had planned this. This is friggin awesome. Good idea Dan. Dan telling Ian he will have no problem cutting Danielle so he can get Ian to throw part 3. But Ian just told Dan he’s not throwing it. Cmon Dan use those super misting powers.

  8. If Ian was smart, he’d take Danielle if he wins part 3. But no, he’s all gung-ho about the ‘Renegades 2.0’

  9. Anyone thinking that it might be in Dan’s best interest to throw the last comp to Ian? He wouldn’t get blood on his hands for evicting Dani and he would for sure have her vote to win. And she would for sure try her best to talk the jury out of giving it to Ian.

      • Yeah! That’s what I was thinking and that would give him a better shot at Frank’s vote and Jenn’s vote as well because he was the reason Frank, Jenn, and Boogie where in such a bad position. I’m actually thinking its way better to be in the finals aginst Ian, also Shane vote wouldn’t be so secure.

    • Nice idea, but I think Dan’s too selfish at this point to throw it. He’s in it for the 500K and right now he has one foot on it.

    • If #BB13 is an indicator, whoever is knocked out next won’t have any time to taint the jury. They’ll go straight out the front door to the sound stage where the audience and jury will be waiting. All Danielle would be able to do is when she hugs ppl whisper “vote for so and so.” That’s about it.

  10. Dumbelle won’t get Ashley to vote for Dan instead of Ian or Brittney either Ian and Brittney are really close

  11. Danielle

    I know that you’ve done things on your own this season, but those occasions are few and far between. I give you credit for being the last woman standing in a house designed to make you go crazy, but it seems you were already crazy to begin with, so whatevs. Your dependency on people has both helped you in the game, but will hurt you in jury votes (unless you win the final round and evict Dan)
    You have demonstrated very consistent behaviors in your diary room sessions as of late. They all start out whiny, per usual, but now end in a pre-fake cry manner. Stop it. If you spent more effort on your own game and less on Dan’s, you could have a better argument should you get to final two.
    Your threat to Dan that you would castrate him with a butter knife has not gone unnoticed. Most everyone who’s tried holding a conversation with you has been forced to feed your insecurities with compliments and confirmations, because every conversation eventually revolves around your shallow being.
    You are neither self-aware nor close to mature enough to know what to do with the prize money, should you win it. But that shouldn’t be a factor for the jury. Most of the jury still think you’re a harmless southern bell-shaped sweetheart, so you did something right I suppose.

  12. Ugh, Ian better not throw this one. He’s seen SO many people put trust into Dan and then get kicked out by his hand. It JUST happened with Shane a few days ago. Little Ian better open his eyes and give his all in this last HOH, it’s waaaay too late in the game to trust another’s word, you gotta put work in for yourself. Production better not interfere with this one. Gotta admit though, Dan has a mind on him. Can’t hate him for that.

    • Hey you are showing up on my other screen as me posting. i am on ipad and wife on computer. Really weird seeing it that way. Hope you get the creds for your excellent diatribe.

      • If you refresh your page the name confusion will straighten out. It’s just an annoying glitch…kinda like Dumbielle :-)

  13. O think Dumbelle could persuade Shane but not Jenn or Frank Frank called Dan a snake in jury house I think Ian would have Brittneys Ashleys Franks Joes and Jenns thats enough

    • Idk from last episode it looked like Britney, and Ashely would vote for Dan and they realized how big of threat he is.

      • NO way would Brittney vote for Dan even if Ian called her a pig she loves Ian the only way she would vote for Dan is if its scripted

      • But did you see Britney in jury? she even said Dan going to win this game and you have to vote on gameplay. Yeah I think he prob wouldn’t get it aginst Ian cause he stuck with her til the end but Dani I think he for sure would.

      • What i saw on thursdays show was Ashley and Brittney hoping Ian wins it They were like i dont wanna see Ian in Jury

      • Yeah but they all know they are there because of Dan I think that should say volumes in itself who played the best. Idk its to hard to say till it happens like theres been so many season where your like wtf on voting like rachel and brenden voting for Lane season 12 when they said there voting for person who compteted the most in comps. Or jesse BB11 voting for Jordan over his closest allie.

      • Well Ian has won more comps than Dan he has good social game and even helped get Frank out of the house so gameplay Ian was better than Dan Dan just lied and had alliences with everyone

      • Yeah because Dan threw all of them because he was going to be hoh regardless because he controlled everyone. Also, how is Ian any different than Dani?! All his hoh’s Dan was really the one who was hoh. Dan puts up Ian his hoh next week Ian gets it Dan then tells him not to put him up and then get to pick his renominations. He is just a little but better than Dani, basically the same as in Dan is really the one running the house.

  14. Does anyone else think that BB is entirely scripted? I mean isn’t it amazing that Ian won because we all know that is who production wanted to win. It is all just starting to sound and look like a totally scripted television show and we are all the fools that are watching a totally scripted show by the producers. I mean each little house guests have their own little part they are playing, and sorry but just don’t think people can be this dumb in real life? I mean can they?

      • i remember way back when Janelle still had 3 players and the restart button hadn’t yet been played. Frank said to Boogie he would love to get Janelle out next week. Well, how could that be possible? She wasn’t a player yet. I don’t know what you pointed out but lots of stuff happened this year that I don’t remember happening in other seasons.

      • I actually think the DR ppl drop hints to the HGS while in the DR so there not totally blindsided. I just remeber reading stuff on how they try to influence you.

      • Production INTERFERENCE has completely fucked up the show… everyone with half a brain can see that the coaches knew they were coming into the game from day ONE…. if you watch BBAD, the coaches talked nonstop from day one about entering the game… at least this is one “TRICK” production will not be able to pull over on “NEWBIES” in future seasons as the players will all know that coaches (if used) WILL enter the game…. therefore, my message to all future players of the game is this “Evict coaches immediately, tell them nothing, form your own alliances on day one, tell other players about BB14”

      • Well, Psyco Willy did hold that “House Meeting” telling them ALL, but either they didn’t think it was true, or they just didn’t like Willy being the Bully HOH telling them all what to do… Also, Willy didn’t even come up with that, until after Brit hinted around “wink, wink, nudge, nudge…” Telling Him, that She just happened to notice, that there were slots for the Coaches keys, and Why would that be, unless they were planning to throw them into the game???

    • If it were scripted, wouldn’t Frank be sailing his way to victory right now? And what mentally stable person would agree to be locked in a house for 75 days just to play a part?

      • No because think Frank was getting a lot of negative attention especially after getting caught cheating and so BB cut him because he would be of better interest in jury. I mean seriously we have the psycho girlfriend, the puppet master, the jock, the little nerdy brother, the airhead friend, the mean girl, the token gay and so on and so on. I mean great television either way but just starting to look too scripted to me.

      • Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. True, the contestants are somewhat of caricatures, but that’s natural because BB casts with the intention of finding interesting and/or bizarre people. Even more so this season, since most of the players did not audition, but were sought out by the show. Setting all that aside, it still doesn’t explain why someone would agree to such a convoluted acting job.

    • No way it’s easy for us to say there dumb when we know whats all happening. Also, Ian has a photographic memory, and is obvious good at any mind comps. Also, I don’t think Dani facial expressions could be acting from the blindsides hahaha

      • Frank was just way too cocky and a really bad liar… With all this, reading all the books on the art of war, etc… Telling people every single minute, “this is MY dream, I’m a straight up MF’er with integrity,” blah, blah blah… He just thought He was entitled and that they should all let Him win???!!! Owkay Frank, as Brit would say… Like, duh, HIS dream??? What about Ian, it was also his dream, since He was 10 years old??? JODI, She also said that it had been Her dream… OH, and while Shane and Dexter were out meeting the Olympic’s Gymnasts, I totally lost it, when “BB” said like “Jodi, please report to the Diary Room” or something close to that, that was hilarious!!! JennCity and Father Dan both lost it as well, too Funny!!!

    • I have to agree with you that it is the dumbest cast (except for Frank and some vets). Maybe it’s scripted, maybe it’s not. But what show on TV isn’t scripted/staged. I believe every show is, even the reality ones so I don’t mind.

    • nope, just a house full of dullards

      if it was scripted they would have kept the playboy playmate a couple of more weeks

    • Absolutely… production has been telling (threatening) the players in the DR all season to do as they are told… Multiple times through the season on BBAD, Shane, Frank and others have commented about this only to have production immediately scream at them “YOU are NOT allowed to talk to other houseguests about your DR sessions & YOU are NOT allowed to talk about PRODUCTION ” CASE CLOSED This show is manipulated so badly that CBS is not allowed to classify this show as a game show… it does not qualify as this type of program because of the SCRIPTING and MANIPULATION of the “contestants”

    • Sharon, I don’t really feel that it is this season… I mean, I KNOW that the “Wizard” does suggest ideas or ask what do YOU think about this or that, but nope, I seriously like don’t think this year has been scripted… NOW, Last year, ABSOLUTELY!!! Wretchel aka Rachel, was totally Who they totally did everything to give Her the advantage, because She made for good tv, and played Her “role” all the way, as much as I loathe She Who “the only thing not fake about was the pimples on Her face” as Ragan, so eloquently pointed out, in season 12… Oh, and YES We did have TWO seriously totally dumbasses, not mentioning any names but their initials are Ashley and Shane, lol… I mean Ash totally was as stupid as She appeared, hell half the time She had no clue where She was, and it wasn’t an act, even Her D.R.s Were like “huh, der, where am I???” And poor Shane, gorgeous to look at, but probably has about two or three IQ points on Ashley, lol…

  15. Really hope dan wins the third round, otherwise if he went to f2 with Ian he would lose. But i think Dan truly deserves to win this game

  16. Danielle Girls like you usually get killed right away in horror films, but in the BB house, it seems they never

  17. They all suck, I guess if you have to pick 1 it would be OCD/ ADHD boy Ian? Dan won’t get the votes over either of them.

  18. If Ian wins round 3 , he would be smart to take Duh-ielle.I really think he would have a better chance at the big money sitting beside her.Dan has made some killer moves, I would not want to sit beside him.

  19. Dan has them all brainwashed!! If this is what next year is going to be like I will not watch again as I think they need to have new people without mixing it with older seasoned people who have already won. That is why they call it ALL STARS!!!!!

  20. I think he will let Dan win, he will think Dan will take him to the f2. Dans voice is soooooo painful to the ears

  21. I think Dan just made sure that Ian will pick him. If Ian wins final comp Dan can tell him the truth about his alliance with Danielle. Also, if Dani goes to jury Ian might not have the votes to win. Dan is smart.

  22. Dan’s played great. But let’s face it, he’s only played great because the others are so damn stupid. I just re-watched the last episode. My goodness, Danielle is so dumb and gullible. Even after Dan evicts Shane, she believes every word of his, hook, line and sinker.

    • It’s easy for us to sit here and to say that because we know everything thats going on! and its pretty hard not to trust the guy if you watched his season. When he told someone he’d take them to the finals he did.

      • He told Jenn “Final 2”, He told Frank “Final 2”, He told Shane “Final 3” That’s enough tomfoolery for me. Being in the house and watching all of these angry people leave on Dan’s expense would be enough for me not to trust the guy

      • Yeah but they didn’t know they all had final two deals with Dan. Well the thing is he was able to keep everyone from sharing information, and even if he did, the person they would be telling it to would be thinking oh yeah I already know that thinking they were like double agents like Ian was. Also, we cant say cause we haven’t played it.

      • True, I still think i’d be rather paranoid trusting him period, though. Especially after watching his season (and every houseguest knows, whether they watched it or not, just how ruthless he was) I would’ve stayed clear of the Dan’s and the Janelle’s and the Boogie’s simply due to their track record. Anyone who makes it adamantly clear that they’d do anything, say anything, lie about anything or to anyone for that money would rear a red flag. The whole throwing comps thing is just craziness. But alas, tis a game, and you can’t make it to the end without trusting SOMEone. Just never a Gheesling, in my opinion.

      • I agree but I think thats why so many ppl wanted to be in a alliance with Dan and trust him. I know some hgs after evicted was like I just didn’t want to go aginst Dan so if you can’t beat him well join him.

      • I can see how they would think that way. To say they’ve rolled with the best. But once again, my paranoia! haha. But to be honest, I’d rather take a teenytiny chance than float my way to jury ANY day.

      • Exactly the point!! They had many chances to get Dan out and EVERYTIME he talked them out of it! Epic game play!

      • Sociopath is a bit strong. He’s. Playing. A. Game. Do you think he’s like this in real life? Another 500K could do wonders for his family. BTW: Do any of you know what a sociopath is? Just curious.


      • Dan played the honest game the first time he played and this time he is backdooring people. Dan has played well and is doing what he has to to win. That is the point of this game. majority of the time being too loyal gets you kicked out.


      • This is a part of the game. Stop hating the guy is out smarting everyone. Everyone in big brother lies cause I bet you if shane wasn’t evicted daneille woud have backdoored dan for her showmance

      • Yeah and he played that way last time…he was a clean and honest player….which is why he was able to fool everyone this time. If he played clean and honest he was going home that week he was on the block before jenn pulled him down.

      • @8b60de428eed999e6d1853ad5ed41722:disqus: I agree with you 100%…Dan is sociopath and a big slime ball

      • I totally agree. The others are still there. And being that they are, to this point they really wouldn’t think they were Dan’s real target at any point.. It is far to easy for us to call someone a dumbass, when we see Dan in the Diary room telling us his next move and every thought… They dont have that benefit….

    • Right! I know it’s outside looking in but seriously. “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice…”

    • LMAO!!! “Hook, Line, and Sinker!!!” I still canNOT believe, She actually agreed to jump before Dan… She could have stayed up there ALL Night, as Dan was getting rather uncomfortable… I sorta think THAT was Her competition, given the fact that they did have the rope up close between their legs, if Yous know what I’m saying…

      • So they both threw it to Dan. He groomed then the whole time by pretending to be sincere and asking about their personal lives. A sociopathic personality

      • Who cares, in the house, you’re in it for the money. Not to make friends. Do what you have to do. Dan has done that fantastically.

    • I agree. If this was an All-Star season, I think things would have been different and Dan would not have made it this far. The house guests would not have fallen for his “mist”. It even shows in this season, Brit and Mike totally figured Dan out. All the noobies are just dumb.

      • Yup. the ONLY reason Dan the “best Player” made it this far is because of how stupid the other hg are. I’m hoping Ian makes the f2 by getting Dan out! There is a blind did for ya. the only reason I would like to see Dan in f2 is to hear his speech.

      • Brit and Mike only figured Dan out on their way to the jury house lol. It’s funny cuz if they had him figured out then they are twice as stupid for letting him stay!

      • Finally, a voice of reason. He outplayed everyone, which is the object of the game. What is he supposed to do, be all nice and cuddly and get ousted during Week 3?

    • I too just replayed the endeing. How stupid does Shane sound when he’s on the bed with Danielle, and basically agreeing to be put up. “Oh, it’s a great idea, that way no one would suspect we’re working together.” Are you frickin kidding? There are 4 of you left. Who doesn’t know that? Where’s the outrage and indignation at Danielle for even suggesting it? Dan would’ve showed emotion, and would’ve known exactly what to say to make her forget about it. Then there’s Danielle. Don’t get me started. Where’s the outrage at Dan AFTER the eviction? OK, she didn’t know he would do that. Step 1 of foolishness. But once he did, where’s the outrage? He calms her down by simply saying he’s making sure she will win. Are you frickin kidding me again? Like she believe he’d rather have her win than himself??

    • Dan is a BB Evil Supergenius and yes, it is because he is playing with the mentally absent. It has been a wild ride. I will always love BB. I just don’t care who wins this season.
      BUT….. Dan has made it interesting.


  24. simply put, Danielle does not deserve to goto F2, she failed parts 1 and 2 and deserves to be evicted pronto

    failure should not be rewarded

    • That’s what I was thinking. Why does he need to throw a competition so Dan can get rid of Danielle. Ian can win and do that himself. Absolutely. Same thing happened to Shane. Shane wanted to get rid of Ian. So Shane should have told Danielle that she should not have to save Dan off the block to get rid of Ian because Shane wanted to get rid of Ian and didn’t need Dan to do it.

      • Uh he didnt start fightning till he got boogie out yet frank was fightning all the aay through i would like to see danielle win it just to throw it in ian face

      • If you really had any appreciation for fighters then you’d want Dan to win; being a former winner, he had to fight really hard to stay in the game.

      • Well Ian has won more comps than Dan he has good social game and even helped get Frank out of the house so gameplay Ian was better than Dan Dan just lied and had alliences with everyone

      • Game play better than Dan…what are you smoking??? Dan is the best player ever in BB history. Most of Ians moves are a result of what Dan put in his head.

      • you are just so tunnel vision on Dan the whole season Frank was the best player this year you need to get off your high horse lieing and making alliances are part of the game but Dan went way overboard..

      • Actually, you’re wrong. Ian had little to no game-play at all. Dan controlled this entire season. Explain exactly what Ian did please, to warrant this “better gameplay”. I am truly curious.

  25. Ian would take Dan because Ian is more concerned about his legacy and legendary status than winning. He is more concerned about making the Quack Pack the greatest alliance in history, and Renegades 2.0 the greatest sub-alliance. That will over-ride his decision, foolishly.

  26. Ian is a bigger man then me. if i was him and she started yelling and threatening me i would have cursed her out. then if i won the last hoh i would curse her out again while i bring dan to the final 2.

  27. Can someone give me a darn good reason why Dani and maybe Dan think Ian can be persuaded to throw the last comp? What would be in it for him (Ian)? Dani might be a fool, but I don’t think Ian is that dumb.

    • Ian has his head so far up Dan he can’t see, He does everything Dan wants and says whatever Dan wants just like Dani. Dan was set to win from day 1. No one else had a chance against this evil bible his bible is really the book of the devil

  28. dan Whether or not you will ever admit to which competitions you threw doesn’t matter. You always need to win the war, thus you care less about winning the battles. Others win them for you. There’s an argument to be made here that you didn’t win “enough” competitions
    You said, “I’m not sure I have the smarts to beat Ian should he get to final three.” And now Ian is in final three. The fact that you can credit Ian with his skills speaks to your self-awareness and subsequent strategies. (Grade: 8/10)
    You’ve pissed a lot of people off this summer. People who are in the jury house, because of the way you’ve played this game. Although you whispered fervently into Shane’s ear, as he left, that he’s been played by Danielle this whole summer and that he should “ask Jenn”, Shane may compare notes once he goes to jury and Jenn will tell him that you referred to him as a “boy toy” last week. (Grade: 6/10)

    • You just never know how jury gonna vote, but I do agree once the jury compares notes they”ll all basically realized that everyone got played by Dan. He deserves the game hands down Dani and Ian are both his robots

  29. I have no idea how Ian could possibly think throwing the final three HOH would be a good idea. Even if he is 150% certain that Dan would take him, whats the benefit in throwing the competition? “Ian, please throw the final HOH to me. I think winning would help me garner Jury votes”. Yea thats a compelling argument.

    • I don’t think he will, especially since he would accomplished the same thing by winning himself. How can Danielle taint jury since she will only see them at the final show.

  30. Disappointing Big Brother 14 spoilers have come out of the house on Saturday (September 15). It seems that the jury house has already gone into deliberations to decide which houseguest will win the $500,000 prize for the Big Brother 2012 season.

  31. Holy moley so much excitement right now! Ian, you gotta win this and take Danielle to the finale if you want to win it all. Good luck!

  32. If Ian wins the final round, I believe he will beat either one. even if he were to break his F2 with Dan. The way Dan has play he could only justify his play by voting for Ian.

    • Idk about Dan I would not want to sit next to him. Also, we have seen Ian social skills. Dan can argue anything to because he controlled both Ian and Dani the whole game. Also, lets not forget Dan has never even been a renom after a veto ceremony or even had a vote casted against him in two season of BB! and he been pulling Rabbit out of his hats all summer.

      • hahah how is that wrong? Just because you said so and give no reasons lol It’s true though look at Ian hoh Dan made all the nominations, and Ian is not a very good talker, and that is a big part when jury asks questions.

      • I agree with you. Ian isn’t very good at all. It’s just the viewers this year seem to be blinded by this kid’s innocent persona and high positive edits to his favour. Ian is a good kid, but does not deserve to win at all. This isn’t who’s the nicest nerd contest, it’s Big Brother.

      • So am I especially if Ian did the things that posters on BB FB are saying he did. Racial slurs, bogot, derogatory and degrading remarks about women and making degrading gestures to either women or Dani. Do not think Ian as nice as some think he is apparently, and sorry but whatever condition he has does not make this type of action okay.

    • If I was Ian I don’t know if I would count on Frank or Ashely’s vote if I was going against Danielle and she would already have Shane & Dan.
      Frank & Ashley shouldn’t vote for Danielle over Ian but Frank is going to hold a grudge against either Dan or Ian and Frank could easily get Ashley to vote his way.

  33. Please let Ian win round 3. I can’t stand the thought of danielle being in the final 2 and actually have a shot at winning this.

  34. Okay, Dan has gone too far. This could blow up in Dan’s face big time. Even though I don’t want Danielle to, but if Ian wins the last comp, Danielle should tell Ian everything. Don’t know if she will, but if she wants the money, she should. I no Danielle fan either.

    • The problem with that is that she wouldn’t have anytime to do so. They do the last comp live and then evict right after. Also, if she did it before that pretty risky because what if Dan wins she just screwed herself then.

      • Yeah thats the only down fall but I guess she can try to be sneaky, but even that Dan has them so wrapped up in his mist its hilarious. Even if she told Ian, he would be like ohhh really, and think to himself yeah he is just pretending to be in her alliance because were renegades 2.0 baby! They’ll both basically be thinking there double agents hahah

      • Dan wont let this slide. He knows what’s going on. He might just have to abandon saving Danielle if he has to. He’s smart, he’s on top of everything.

      • If they do the last comp live how Would the last person even have time to “taint the jury” like Danielle told Ian she would do if he tdidnt take her? Does the jury ask all their questions to the last 3 hgs not really knowing who the F2 will be?

  35. he mumbled something after dan left him alone in the bathroom. Dan is now worried that he’s plan might back fire

    • BB FB Page is saying that Ian is a bigot and made racial slurs tonight on BB After dark and made very degrading remarks about women. Sorry always loved Ian but if that is true don’t want him to win and he does not deserve to win.

      • I went to look b/c you keep posting this comment – never saw that anywhere. You do realize what you post in here cannot effect jury votes, don’t you? Why are you spreading lies?

  36. I think Dan and Danielle”s plan is going to backfire. Ian just said he is not going to throw final comp to Dan..duh! Smart kid, not stupid like Danielle throwing 1st one to Dan, what an idiot. She doesn’t deserve to win the money. Dan is such a disturbing character to watch, his voice, his bug eyes, just everything about him, I am so over him. He will win the 50g’s. Ian will win the game.
    Ready for Survivor and the Amazing Race! Please BB, do not bring back former players next season..please!!!

  37. Dan & Danielle you two are sooo pathetic. Ian…WIN round three!!!!! Don’t you dare LISTEN to those jerks! YOU do what’s BEST for YOUR game…Not theirs!

    • Sorry but from what I read on BB FB page Ian was being a bigot and throwing racial slurs around left and right tonight so not sure he does deserve to win.

  38. Best case scenario: Ian gets the final HOH and sends Dan into panic mode, forcing him to toss Dani under a nice big bus to solidify his own spot. Well, to me at least.

  39. Ian is trying to mess with Dan’s head by letting him believe that who ever take’s danielle will lose to her, and that they have a better chance with each other. Which is making Dan’s plan backfire because he might put danielle up if he wins.

  40. I believe Dan might be grooming Ian to do his dirty work. Is it a possibility that Dan will throw the final comp to Ian (after days of grooming, of course), so that he (Dan) doesn’t have to vote out Danielle?

    • Yeah frick i’m begnning to think Dan might actually have a better shot at winning against Ian if he throws the comp to him. Just because Dani would try her hardest to convince ppl to vote for Dan and he would already have her vote and probably Shane because even though what Dan did they would vote together, I think Dan would have Jenn because she said that Dan is very Dangerous, And I think Joe would vote for Dan. Then Ashely idk same with Britney like I can see britney voting for either or Ian for loyalty to her but Dan because he played the best.

      • Dani will get little time if any with the jury. jury of six discuss and usually decide before depending on who join them, the seventh is just a tie breaker.

      • Dan just said (while talking to the camera), that he will probably throw the last comp and said something about his conscience……I knew it.

      • I do think dan actually cares about Dani but he wants to win more. Actually feel sorry for Dani tonight and Ian is being really, really mean and hateful to her. Even Dan thought Ian was being too rough and hateful to her.

      • Dani won’t go to jury though, so she won’t have time to influence anyone. Whoever gets evicted after the final Hoh competition goes straight out to join the other jury members in the live show.

  41. I know I’m asking to explain the unexplainable, but HOW ON EARTH does Danielle believe Dan’s speech that he voted Shane out because he wants Danielle to win, that he couldn’t be happier as a coach if she won? Is she that dumb to believe Dan would rather have Danielle win than himself, at a cost to him of $450,000 difference??

    • I would seem as though, YES, Danielle is that dumb… any normal person KNOWS that all “PLAYERS” are in it for the big prize (not to make friends). If Danielle did not believe Dan’s lies, she would have told IAN about Dan’s attempt to rally votes to evict IAN that last time IAN was on the block.

    • Reality check – Danielle is dumber than mud. If Dan kept telling me that he’s burning all these players to further my game because he’s my coach, I would say to him don’t you remember? you coaches are NOW playing the game and you are no longer MY coach and Dan you are playing for yourself. Bugger off, Dan.

  42. Dan would kill his first born for a half million or Million dollars or maybe even less. Have Dan win and let him cut Danielle and prove me wrong. I hope whoever is in the final 2 win 0-6 over Dan. God is going to strike Dan down because god doesn’t like a greedy person. I hope Dan swimmer stop working and he can’t have children and his wife leaves him.

    • Dan and Dani still have almost 4 day’s to work on Ian until the finale. I hope Ian stays strong and resolved to win round 3.

  43. Dan is trying to save Danielle, but at the same time he’s maintaining a good relationship with Ian(Renegade II).Dan will abandon the idea of saving Dumbielle if he has to.

  44. If he wins the final HOH comp on Wed., Ian could pull off a huge play and evict Dan, but he is to loyal and he would take Dan to the final two then take his chances.

    • Ian is so far up his butt it’s pathetic. You know, I honestly want Dan to win it now. I want him to win HOH and cut Ian. You thought Shane was good, that one will go down in the books.

  45. Three idiots left, does anyone really care who wins… this season there will only be losers, with the biggest loser this season being the viewer.

  46. OMG! These people are the most unlikable people to ever play the game! The 2 men are nutcases…one walks around on his tippy toes talking to himself and the other is a scumbag who is looking crazier and crazier as the final days pass by. He thinks he is either Mr. Miyage or the karate kid (grow up!) I sincerely hope that whatever Catholic school he is affiliated with rethinks his position on their faculty! As a parent, I would not let him near my child! He is blasphemous, despicable, and mean-spirited! Some people will sell their soul to the devil for a price and he has done that! Dumbelle has made this all possible by aiding her puppetmaster in kicking out her loyal but dumb as dirt partner Shane….If they say dude one more time…I can’t watch this anymore, Ian’s arrogance is sickening! I hope the producers put more thought into the next bunch or else I will no longer watch. I have watched less this season that the previous years because of this mindless group. It was if they forgot that they were playing for $ 500,000, but were more concerned about working out and getting face time on the broadcasts. While scumbag Dan was stabbing everyone in the back, they were napping for 12 hrs. a day! I can’t wait till this season has ended.M

  47. If Dan takes Ian to the finale (or if Ian wins and takes Dan), all of the Dan haters might feel justified in giving the win to Ian.
    What about Danielle? Regardless whether you loathe her as much as I do, there’s no denying that she has played a horrible game. In fact, there’s no denying that she hasn’t played a game at all.

    She has been Dan’s puppet from day one. In week 2 she was nominated and Dan told her she was on her own to get the votes, and Danielle started crying about how she couldn’t do it without him. When she was HoH the first time she cleared every decision by Dan.

  48. Dane’s going to throw the final HOH to Ian so that he evicted Danielle and Danielle will give him her vote in the finale. He was just talking about it to the cameras on Showtime!

    • She’s done quite a lot of crying and complaining this season and it’s getting old. Now’s she’s putting on a good mad for the benefit of the cameras (at Dan’s request if she should lose against Ian) with Ian and Ian doesn’t care for her drama and told Dan to behave and stop celebrating his beating Dumbelle so much!

  49. I just don’t get it-why haven’t Ian and Danielle figured Dan out? What kind of “thing” does he have over these two new players? I am glad Ian won the second veto round-I hope he does not throw anything “banking” on Dan to take him to the final 2. I believe Dan will take Danielle and she would win!

    • I think Dan is actually thinking of cutting her and she knows it. If he does, his whole coaching thing he’s been spewing is nothing but BS. He will lose to Ian in F2. Ian is misting him bigtime.

    • Shes afriad Ian will win and take Dan she wants to go to final 2 with Dan she should have some faith in Dan of winning cause he will take her Dan will lose if he’s next to Ian

      • I wouldn’t be so sure of Dan taking Dani to the final 2…Ian’s looking better in Dan’s eyes and he’s still playing mind tricks on Dumbelle and she’s falling for them once more…using her emotions against her!

    • Her only chance of possibly winning is if Ian takes her which i think more of the jury will vote for Ian

      • Okay makes sense, she’s starting to realize that the huge act she put on could have cost her everything and result in Ian taking Dan because there’s a chance he just MAY win this last one. I think Dan might toss it to Ian to save him the trouble of cutting her throat and still making it to final 2 with Dani’s vote in jury

      • if Ian won this last comp his smartest move would be to take dumbelle and vote out Dan..She doesnt want to betry Dan she is loyal ill give her that..but dumb as rocks

  50. I don’t think that Danielle should win anything. However, I don’t like the fact that she has been crying so much. It’s just so sad to watch.

    • Sad lol its all a fake like her boobs and all her fake stories. And her saying she has cancer is as bad as Dan and his fake bible

      • True but I do think she is starting to freak out now because she is picturing the money slip away… Not because her feelings are hurt.

    • Her best shot is Dan to win the Final HOH and I think
      Dan will take Danielle over Ian. He would be stupid
      to chance losing to Ian in the votes! It would be close
      if against Ian and there is a chance Dan can still lose
      when the votes get counted. Smart move is to take
      Danielle in Final 2, why even risk it?

  51. In the end Danielle has no one to blame but herself, she used the veto to evict Shane…. dumbest move this season

    • Danielle will never live that down if she is able to
      realise what an utter dumb move that was! All she
      had to do is leave things alone and not change it!

    • That’s why i think that ridiculous jaw dropping face was fake. If she didn’t know, why in hell would she still listen and do everything he still tells her to do ???

  52. i just realized that Dani is actually pretty stupid. she does everything Dan says without thinking about it. she was screwed over by Dan 7 times this season and still does what he says. how could she think that yelling and threatening someone would get her to the finale. just a stupid stupid girl… hope ian and dan are in the F2

    • How did Dan screw her over seven times? If it wouldn’t have been for Dan, I doubt she would have lasted 3 weeks. I agree with your finale duo though.

      • i just picked a number out of thin air, but i was just saying he screws her over and lies to her all the time. you would think she would leave his mist, but shes not very smart

      • I think Dan’s end game has always been to get to the end with Danielle, coach and protege, but I also think he likes Ian more as a person and is conflicted now.

      • Yeh, He has mentioned wanting to write that 4th Book, on how to “Coach” a Player to the final 2, so I can still see Dan and Dexter, er I swear I mean Dani in the Final 2, just for that reason…

      • I think Dan has helped her a lot in this game. However I don’t understand why she does everything he says. I still don’t get why she took Dan off the block if she was certain Shane wouldn’t evict him. there’s nothing wrong with working with Dan… But good grief make some of your own choices. She even asked what she should do to Dan lol

  53. There’s only 3 players left. Why would anyone throw a competition with BB ending less than one week away? You do not throw a comp at this stage in the game or let someone talk or bully you into throwing it. Lord, I hope Ian is not that naive.

      • She walked by Ian and said i dont wanna talk to you so if he went in there are cheerful while shes crying that would piss her off more

  54. Ha ha ha, she’s in a panic now… Come on Danielle swallow that bitter medicine you were so quick to dish out to everyone else…. You will be the biggest sore loser of BB14… Sadly you are the farthest thing from a class act… First there was the whining & the crying, and now we have the threatening and yelling at people! Please stop, I am laughing so hard I’m going to pee my pants…

  55. I have not seen Dan worried in this game at all..He’s been easily floating by the whole time with all his lies and throwing other people under the BUS

  56. If big brother takes ian two the end then there a fool he is a nerd and not a good person to take to the end. And for everybody who likes ian then your a idiot to. Ian is a stupid child not a college student and for everybody who goes to college your not to bright either. I will be glad when this season is over with.

  57. Dan is a big fat lair, they should evict the whole house and forget the finally worst season ever!!!!!!!!

  58. Like it or not, Dan has played this game near perfect this season. The same reasons people hate him are the same reasons that he’s an outstanding player. The jury sometimes votes based on emotion rather than who actually played the best game, so there is no way to predict who will win. Ian would have a better chance on winning if he takes Dan though. Danielle could end up winning just because she didn’t piss anyone off.

      • It all depends on if the jury will vote with their emotions (who pissed off who) or on one’s game-play (who outplayed who). Dan wins 7-0 against both Dani and Ian if the latter is the case, but we know it won’t be.

  59. i think IAN would be smart enough to not throw the final comp –and when he wins that comp– be smart enough to take danielle to the finals–DAN would be thrown to the side and IAN would be considered the best BIG BROTHER player EVER—JS— please- please- IAN dont listen to DAN– do your thing

  60. the fact of the matter is — if shane and danielle hadnt won hoh when they did dan wouldnt have even made it to the jury

  61. Sort of confused now as it seems that Dan and Ian have been working together to get to the end every since Frank got evicted according to the live feeds. Seems as if it has always been their intentions to go to final 2 together. Have they both been pulling the wool over Danielle’s eyes and have been together as a team ever since then. That is how it sounds on the live feeds now?

    • Dan always wanted Dani. Now that things have gone down the way they did, he’s hedging his bets. Ian winning that comp monkeywrenched his plans. If he would’ve kept Shane, he would have a solid plan. All the misting is starting to affect Dan’s thinking a little bit. I feel bad for Dani cuz he really did a number on her mind. Like her or not, Dan knows she’s damage and he just pushed a little too hard.

    • Dan’s original plan is contingent to Ian throwing the Comp, and/or Danielle winning the Comp. She did had a chance to be in F2 with Dan, but now he has no choice but to stick with Ian. Now he wants to throw the last Comp to Ian, so Ian has the blood on his hand. This move is better for him as far as Jury count. He’s hoping to get Danielle and Shanes vote ….Remember…he;s still working. He’s goal is to win.

      • Dan never quits working. He’s like the guy that finally reaches retirement age, retires, and then finds another full-time job on top of a part-time job. It’s amazing. I bet he even works in his sleep.

    • If that were the case Ian would have to be 100% sure he would win the POV when Dan put him up a few weeks back. doesn’t fit Ian MO.

      I have wondered if there has been an uneasy F2 alliance between them at the inception of the Quack Pack. I am looking back for a DR Dan gave that maybe relevant.

      Dan made a very big deal out of taking the heat for Ian over Boogie’s evict. maybe an early cover up?

  62. Danielle crying her eyes out. Ian going from his rocking and irritation to high 5ing Dan and gloating. If Dan gets to the final 2 the one left out Danielle or Ian will need counseling for sure. Dan is really messing with Danielle’s and Ian’s minds and feelings and it is not going to be pretty Wednesday…

  63. How much water do these jokers waste? I live in L.A. and it makes me sick to watch them waste all that water.We got NorCal on our butts for this. Ease up man.

  64. Why do you people think Ian only has a chance against Danielle? Danielle will KICK HIS ASS in jury. Dan, shane, jenn, frank, ashley, joe all have danielle’s vote. Britney would be the only one voting for ian. If he goes up against Dan, however, he gets the votes of Frank, ashley, and probably shane/joe.

    • Ian played a superior game compared to Danielle or
      is that simple fact too much for your head? You are
      counting votes that may not be there! At the end of the
      day, game play is rewarded in the end. Those that take
      it personally would be in the minority! Danielle’s best
      chance was a Final 3 with Shane and Dan and if she
      or Shane won the Final 3 and evicted Dan! Danielle
      could claim credit for getting rid of Janelle and Dan!
      That would be Danielle’s best chance at winning that
      $500,000 which she blew by taking Dan off the block
      and allowing Shane to be evicted!

    • I think that would be a lot closer than what people think too.
      Shane is a lock for Danielle and if Ian dumped Dan I think that Dan wouldn’t have the time to think it over and would vote for Danielle, Joe has never really liked Ian so that would be three votes.
      Brit is a lock for Ian then the other three Ashley, Frank and Jenn are all wildcards and there is no way to tell how they would vote.
      As bitter as Frank is I don’t know if he would vote either Dan or Ian if they are up against Danielle.
      If people vote based just on how they are suppose to game wise Ian would win easily but there are some bitter people on that jury.

  65. Congratulations Dan, you have just won Big Brother for a second time. At this point I don’t see Ian or Dani not

  66. Go ian, Danielle doesnt deserve to be there amyway and shes the one whos had a deal with. Dan the Devil, ha…and has expressed how much she hates Ian so what os she cryin about..Ians no dummy , throwing the most important comp of the whole game..real smart danielle…Way to go Ian!!

  67. Can someone please give me an update as I was not watching the feeds tonight on comments people are making on the BB Facebook page. Everyone saying Ian making very derogatory comments about women, lesbians and others, and that he is being a bigot. Said that even Dan seemed shocked at some things he was doing and that at least Dan seemed to have some compassion for Danielle because she is crying and he cannot not take her if he wins final 3 because he does care about her. What the heck is going on? Did Ian really say those things? I hope not.

      • Um not if he is making racial slurs or being a bigot that is not okay. No excuse for that as that crosses the line big time.

      • I agree with you, but that’s just the reality of it. He made light of the 9/11 situation too, but no one here cares. Ian can do no wrong to these viewers. Nothing about him is allowed to be criticized in any way, even his game-play (despite the fact that it sucks). Just get used to it.

      • None of these players are saints and none of them are particularly mature, however I would hate to have all my conversations broadcasted on national TV for 75 straight days. I am sure all of us have at one time said something that we later regretted saying, I know I have. We all have our favorites, I for one am not going to judge any of these players as stupid, bigots, satan or evil. It isn’t my place and it really isn’t yours either.

    • I didn’t watch the whole thing last night but Dan and Ian were sitting at the table looking over the board with the HG’s on it and Ian was telling Dan that he wouldn’t get this vote or that vote then said he for sure wouldn’t get Jenn’s vote “because I have a penis.”
      Sorry if that last word isn’t suppose to be used but that is the quote that was made.

  68. Dan’s reaching big time with this stupid idea, but then again nobody in this game is very bright. I’m sick and tired of looking at bug eyed Dan, the dude looks like that charachter Jim Ignitowski from that old sitcom Taxi! Danielles face is breaking out so much i think an alien is about to jump out. I guess that leaves me to root for the nerdy cartoon looking dude Ian.
    Go Ian!

    • Dumbielle’s face looks like that because she picks at it for hours on end. I thought only meth-heads did that, guess I learned something from her.

    • I can’t believe Danielle has come as FAR as she has in this game. Smart on Dan for bringing her because he can beat her, but ugh. I am tired of this girl – every part of her.

  69. I think Ian does care for his fellow players, but he loves the show and wants to win. Dan’s little “mind” games won’t work with him this time. Danielle kissed her chance goodbye when Shane left! She will kick herself forever for taking Dan off the block. Dan is just too big of a wuse to play against a strong man and Ian is more his size. GO IAN! I want a true fan to win, Dan is too, but he has already won. If Dan does win over Ian in part 3 then he will deserve to win. I won’t be nearly as happy though.

    • Well Ian is being a bigot on the Feeds tonight so does not seem as if he cares about anyone and seems as if he hates women the way he was talking about them. His actions on the feeds turned me off big time the way he was throwing racial slurs around. He does not deserve to win. Dan I guess out of the three and not happy with any of them after this night would be my pick to win. Felt very sorry for Dani and Ian was being a horrid little bully to her tonight.

      • I guess we are watching 2 different versions of BB today. I haven’t seen all of that, or heard him speaking of it. There is no reason to feel sorry for Dumbielle, she did it to herself. If she never took Shame off the block she wouldn’t feel so bad. If she never GAVE the 1st part of the final HOH comp to Dan she wouldn’t feel so bad. So Dumbielle cry me a river…at least you know how to turn into a mermaid and live under the sea.

      • I agree with you completely. He said, “the civil rights movement has just been set back.” I can’t believe he said that on TV. Dad wanted no parts of it, he was like i’m not cosigning that. Then Ian tried to play it off as a joke when he felt like a dumbass.

    • I agree…give him what he deserves….credit for being a good comp player and a subscription to poor sportsmanship magazine.

  70. Dan has acted like a Bible-reading, black-hearted, son of Satan. He has deceived both Ian & Danielle, as well as most all the other has, due to his having the benefit go being a previous player on BB. I don’t believe it was fair to any of the newbies this season to let the coaches play. And I don’t believe it’s worth any 500,000 dollars to Dan to let people who know or know of him, in his community, to have seen his display of greed, his disrespect of family and religion, by swearing on his wife’s head, his wedding ring, and his dead grandfather, & with his hand on his Bible. Ian win this season,

    • Too bad God doesn’t watch or care about a reality show. People should really stop mixing religion into this game at all. I also don’t think Chelsea could care less Dan swore on her as long as he comes home with the money. Those words will mean nothing in retrospect.

    • All of the newbies could have got together and easily took all coaches out if they would have had the sense to do so, that not happening isn’t Dan’s fault.

  71. Danielle says she is a head nurse in charge of taking care of old people?
    If you ask me, that’s elder abuse!

  72. Episode 12 when they planned to backdoored Jenelle, Dan said if given the opportunity he would run all the way to the end with Ian in DR.

    Do you think that this was ever a really alliance? If so, it appears uneasy at best to me.

  73. dan is an evil person I can not belive he teaches young kids, he must tell his kids its ok to lie cheat and steal for its just a game, parents in the aera need to wake up. just think what he is doing to your kids , playing mind tricks

    • He is capable to cheat on his wife and then convince her that is her fault and that is good for
      there’s marriage. I don’t think she is proud to go around in her comunity saying that’s my husbund playing in big brother but he is not like that at home.(or he is like that?)

      • are you kidding me? 1) chelsea is dans number 1 an. she runs his blog, twitter, and website while he is in the big brother house. They are basically a corporation together she is very PROUD of her husband…This is a GAME, dan is playing a character on a TV show… He played the ultra good guy in season 10 and now is playing the villain that is all he is doing! Hes just smarter than everyone left in the house, he proved frank was dumb, danielle is dumb, and he might even prove ian is dumb.

  74. Time to see who wears the big boy pants in the game! Ian
    if he is half as smart, would do his utmost to win the Final
    HOH and take Danielle to Final 2. That is his best move!
    He will easily win against Danielle. If Ian wins and takes
    Dan, it could still go Dan’s way. The only thing about an
    Ian and Dan Final 2 is that it would make for an intriguing
    match up in the Finals. That means it could go either way.
    My guess is that it could go by a 4-3 majority score but,
    cannot be 100% sure it is going to be Dan. If it is Dan
    that wins the Final HOH, he should take Danielle as he
    should not chance it taking Ian to the Final 2!

  75. Hey people the shows theme is “expect the unexpected.” You never know what is coming next. Rooting for Ian because Dan has already won before, but he has played an awesome GAME! Remember folks it is only a GAME!

  76. Is it just me, or am I stupid thinking that when there’s just three of you left you should be trying to win any comp and not trust one of the other two to save you?!

  77. I hope Ian wins. That being said, this is my last year of watching. I think the producers “steered” this season way too much. Dan is a big jackass. The “newbies” were incredibly stupid. Even now trusting Dan. It’s obvious now that he is full of it.

  78. If Dan wins the final HOH, he will be the best BB player ever. He will have carried what most of you call a “floater” to the end with him. He can claim he stayed loyal until the end to the person with who he made the “first” final 2 deal together. I think his final speech will be that he was glad to have a chance to come back and make the final two. He will say, I will let my gameplay speak for itself and you can’t go wrong with either me or Danielle. The jury will eat that up and give him the money. Of course, this is all contingent on him winning that final HOH.

    • If Dan takes Danielle, he will have remained loyal to the person who he swore allegiance to first. How is that evil?

  79. Ian would be stupid to take Dan to the end if he wins the third round. Danny has done everything that Dan told her to do. He’d only win 500k sitting next to her. Only 50 k sitting next to Dan. Be smart Ian. Love that kid. Why can’t we have BB during the winter? I need more. Anyone w/me?

  80. If Ian does throw the win to Dan, Julie should say… “Dan, by reasons of insanity…. you are the new Head of Household!”

  81. Unless Ian is pulling off one the greatest acting jobs ever he will take Dan to the final 2 for two reasons 1. Ian is very loyal to Dan and 2. Ian has a big ego and wants to beat Dan and not Danielle
    Dan will screw Ian if he wins the final HOH and take Danielle, Wednesday is going to be a lot of fun.

  82. We are talking major $ people!!! The HGs all had an equal right to be secretive and manipulative,Dan’s just good at it.It’s a game.He deserves to win a second time.

    • He really does! If the jury vote for the best game play he will win! If they vote with emotions he won’t! I really hope he wins!!!! Go Dan!!!!

  83. On BBAD Dan said if he wants to win this he would have to throw the final comp. He said so sad it just might work. And it might give Ian the big money.

    • So for the last HoH is it the HoH that casts the last vote? I can’t remember if the last person evicted is decided by comp or vote.

    • I dunno I see this as being really risky and I don’t see how he can win against Ian. At the same time he is going to really piss someone off if he wins hoh. I’d be stressing if I were him… Hell i am stressing and I’m nt him lol :p

  84. dan says now that he is going to “throw” the game to ian. he’s such a loser. he didn’t want to take dani to the finals, he wanted her to win and take him. now that her “photographic memory” has failed her, he’s decided to desert that sinking ship and join ian. sounds like a coward to me.

  85. I did want dan to win since he playing the best game of his life?
    But is it fair he played this game before he won it. Shouldnt someone who had not won get a chance to win it
    Im so hoping dani take this!
    I also hope Shane understans Dan had so much control over dani she does not see the real truths
    She still thinking he is her coach
    He a rat I mean a Low down dirty RAT
    I hope he get the boot now

    • No! Thats like saying a NFL team don’t deserve to win the superbowl again. Dan deserves to win. Danielle DOES NOT! She’s a complete moron and was carried by Dan and Shane the entire game. She sat there saying how she would beat everyone’s ass at the comps and didn’t. She fell for everything told to her. She obviously has daddy issues and is desperate.for love and attention. Maybe she should win so she can go get help for her issues.

      • Poor analogy! Every NFL team is allowed to play every year. Every player is paid well in advance to play every year as long as they are healthy and better then say 75 or so players league-wide at their position. When a player cheats (commits a penalty) there is a replay system in place should the refs miss it (i.e. Frank palming chips, Enzo eating food when a have-not) whereas BB production lets their favorites do as they wish (Dan gave the finger and swore at BB last night), pretty sure you can’t do that. In the NFL, if you break the rules, no matter who you are, you get fined and sometimes tossed from the game.

        I think I get what you’re trying to say, but the flip-side is the coaches received 4 free weeks of safety this season. Last season, the veterans magically got to stay in the game at the end and even win it. It has been demonstrated that when a veteran player enters the BB House, they seemingly have an advantage as evidenced by their past success. Being as reality TV is such a niche, and casting only seems to bring in starstruck fans in awe of previous players, you will get an outcome like this year’s and last.

      • You thought way too into that!! There are no rules in bb and its anyone’s game . Therefor Dan has played the best game !! Being the only coach to survive. If the newbies were smart they would have got the coaches out and formed alliances within themselves. Dan has had to come up with whatever twists and turns he could to survive. Also everyone feeling sorry for Shane and Danielle should stop. First of all they both should have been smarter and second Dan had to split them up otherwise he would have been gone and they would have been in the final two together.

  86. Here’s the thing. BB is game! In which you are playing to win 500,000 . Your there to win.Not make friends! The whole cast this year are complete morons! Dan (although very snakeish) has played an epic game. It’s not much different from “chilltown”. They lied and schemed the entire time. Everyone loved and praised them for it. Dan deserves to win. Dan is playing for Dan. As he should be! You all would do the same!!! I know I would. The ones that stand up there and say, I’ve been honest in this (when they are on the block) always get the boot! Go Dan!!!!!

  87. As much as Dan’s screwed people and lied, He is only playing the game to win and if he hadn’t been so sneaky he wouldn’t be this far so i think its unfair people judge him for being the best player in the game i hope he wins he deserves it

    • Yeah ur rite he’s a snake.A Diamond Back Rattler!!Get too close & he’ll strike.Dan’s a brilliant strategist,lets face it.That is a deadly combination when mixed with stupid gameplay by ur opposition.Dan the snake takes it all!!!!If Dan wins,Ians is screwed.He’ll oust Ian & tafe Dani to F2.If Ian wins,he’ll oust Dani & take Dan.


  89. I am so happy that ian pulled this off ,he needs the next one to send dan to the jury. I hope he dosent listen to dan he is a fool if he does. While dani is bitching and screaming at Ian why hasnt she told him that she was going to be stabbed in the back. She is a little bitch who wants some man meat. Dan is just playing each of them as fools. she threw the most important comp of the year. how damn stupid can she be. Has it not registered in her head that this is a game to win. If she does go packing and tells the jury that < I did everything dan wanted a still got no meat.

  90. Dan is and always will be the best BB player in the history of BB! I’m still rooting for Dan to take it all.

  91. Dan has protected her the whole game. In the end he will say I brought you this far, now its time to leave the nest. He gave her the chance and she has blown it. If she learned anything from dan as a coach-she would have played his own game against him. Still time- but she is not intelligent enough to break away. Lets be honest…

  92. If Ian won the final HOH and took Dan out after having the final 2 pact with him that would be one of the best moves ever pulled on the show, but I think that Ian is to loyal and will not do it, would love to see it though.

  93. Ian said he took “game theory” you should look that up. I think Ian has been using what he learned.

    I believe it is possible he might have a lot more to say about his game if he goes F2

  94. Ian’s electives may have been gear toward playing BB. maybe it Tulane’s version of MIT run on Las Vegas blackjack

  95. If Ian is foolish enough to “throw the competition” and let Dan win. He deserves to lose. His only chance is to win the next competition and if he does he will win it all.

  96. Daniel is such an idiot! dan has crapped on her idk how many times including when he got rid of shane. i can just hope ian doesnt throw round 3 and gets dan out of there i cant stand him & i hate how he talks sideways to the camera 0_0

  97. Wow I can’t believe how many of you don’t appreciate game play. Dan has played hands down the beat game in the house. This isn’t a place to make friends, this is a bunch of strangers with no obligation to eachother competing for 500,000. All is fair and Dan is just better at the game than the rest of them.

    • I agree dan has played a “beat” game. he has beaten danielle every way possible. but it looks like she has finally wised up but too late!

  98. People people..this is not a competition about honesty or buddies…it’s Big Brother! Dan has been brilliant! He is unpredictable and has known his roomies and has delivered the message they needed to hear from him! This is about game play, plain and simple! If Ian wins hoh then he best take Dani with him to f2 because there are enough in jury who understand the game to vote for Dan on game play alone, Dan was always taking Dani with him because he can’t win against Ian. Dani can’t win against either if the judges vote in total game play because Dan has great social and competitive game and in her own words Dani is dumbass. It would be great though if dani went in diary room and said this was her plan all along. I wish Shane would follow up on dans outgoing message trying to poison Shane against dani:)

  99. Ian is going to win, Dan is a monster, Danielle is, well there are no words. I’ll be watching just to see Dan loose.

  100. I would like Ian or Danielle to win since Dan won before. No doubt Dan has lied his way to the end and has played a great game but I think someone else should win the money this time.

  101. Danielle thinks Ian is going to just let her win, she’s talking crazy. Ian deserves to win. To hell with the quack pack. I think she will see herself later and be so embarrassed. She is bullying Ian.

  102. Danielle is being such a cotton pickin crimson to Ian, I hope she goes to jury and don’t win s***. Hopefully she remembers to take off her life jacket as she leave the BBH cuz there isn’t no floating in real life (or Dan as a life coach) Renegade this b****

  103. Since when is it not fun to root for the ‘bad guys’ ? the good guys dont always win, and most of the time the good guys are borrrrring. Without DAN saving this season, the show was in the toilet. It would have been so predictable and danielle and shane would be making out in bed right now… DAN is the reason this season did a 180 from boring to incredible. You can hate him, but how can you say he hasnt played the game the best? he has people going home totally blindsided week after week.

  104. I really hope Ian wins it. I mean, I agree Dan’s played the hell outta this game, but he’s already won once and this time I think he took the lying and cheating to much to heart and enjoyed it a little to much (I know it’s a part of the game, and it’s required to get to the end, but there is a line when it crosses from “game play” to asshole and I think he’s skated over it a few times.) The cockiness drove me insane.

    I’d love to see Ian win because he’s worked very hard and has gotten his hands dirty as well but played a good game while trying to stay humble (not always succeeding, but at least trying!). His love for the game truly shows and I’m rooting for him all the way.

    Does anyone else want to know what Dan did with the first $500k he made?

  105. dans the man who cares about the haters its a game get over it he gots to do what he got to do to stay in it go dan

  106. ‘Best finale ‘outcome’-Ian dumps Dan & takes Dani w/him to F2! Dan leaves with NO money, jury votes Ian the winner, and Dani ‘chases’ Shane across the set to sit near/on him! At commercial break, security has to pull Dani off of Shane and Frank off of Dan. Ian’s final words to Dan-“If it walks like a duck & quacks like a duck….”

  107. Dan has done nothing but play the game. If the other houseguests fall for it all, then they deserve what they get.
    The worse part of this week’s live feeds is listening to Danielle whine and whine and whine. Watching her come down on Ian was disgusting; she totally enjoyed making him feel bad for having a “final 2” deal. Um, Danielle… remember, you did the same thing.
    This girl is totally pathetic. She told Ian, “I would rather go out fighting than cower behind a f**kin’ villain.” What has she been doing this whole entire time???? Unbelievable!!

  108. Without a doubt – Dan has played the most ingenious game with strategy that has repeatedly kept him in the game.

  109. Ian will NEVER throw the challenge. Sorry Danny Boy but you are going to have to work hard for this one! I hope you do win Dan but Ian could beat you I think!

    • when i say ian could beat him i mean in the final 2… if Dan takes the HOH Ian will be the last seat on the jury

  110. This group of house guests are like a Psychology 101 petri dish! There is so much dysfunction going on with these players that disingenuous Dan has been able to lead his sheep to slaughter without any interference! Last night, Dumbelle was still begging him to make her part of his family…pathetic! When will she realize that he is playing the game for $500,000, and is not there to make friends? I almost want Demon Dan to take her to the final 2 just to see the look on Ian’s face! He is obnoxious! I guess his gesture and gyrations about what is going to happen to Dumbelle in the end is meant to accentuate what he is going to do to her!…yuk! I think that Disgusting Dan will take her to the end because in his mind it will show us so- called minions how a coach tutors his player to a successful win! Please producers, for next season, try to find a group that wants to play the game and are there to win and not bore us to death with players whose only desire is to become “famous”. Despicable Dan’s game moves became predictable after the first two, and you didn’t have to watch the show! this was the first year I got the live feeds, but i won’t make that mistake again! Boring!! My favorite player was Britney ,but this was not to be her time to win! Maybe she will get the $25,000 prize…I hope so….

  111. no matter who wins final HOH the only place Dan is going is to the final 2! Ian will take him to the final 2 and it all comes down to jury votes he has more a shot against Dan…. if ian were against dani in the end the votes would prob go this way
    ash -for dani
    brit – for ian
    frank – for dani
    joe – maybe ian but I think Dani
    jenn – Dani
    shane – dani..

    she only needs four…..
    game over for Ian…
    i think Ian knows this and will bring Dan with him

  112. I think Ian is maybe realizing what Dan is about & I hope he does win the final trial. Dan already won, I’m sick of Danielle whining, so I hope Ian makes it all the way. I agree w/BBnut. Dan played everyone well & everyone lies at some point, but he had everyone believing everything – that makes me want to slap them all for being so dumb.

  113. Dan is a great player.He deserves to win because after all, this is big brother! An its all bout how you play the game. Nothing personal, its all about the GAME.

  114. the thing that gets me is how who ever seems to be getting ahead to win (which i believe is the ultimate goal and reason for playing this game) the others claim that he/she is a dirty player Dan wants to win, Boogie wanted to win and Dr Will wanted to win. oh isn’t Dr Will oneof BB fav. players? does anyone eally remember dirty EVIL DICK???!!! As for Danielle, she needs to stop whinning and realize she is ONLY still there because of Dan. Dumbass…..duh….

  115. Love to see Ian win I think he played the best game without playing with people’s emotions. Dan played a dirty game and how people got caught up in it amazes me. Can’t understand how they couldn’t see through him. Danielle, how dumb can you be. Dan has screwed you over and over and you stil believe him. For this reason you don’t belong in the final 2. When Dan screwed Shane and Danielle’s mouth dropped to where you could have driven a train through it that should have been her last straw of trusting Dan. Can’t wait until the Wednesday.

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