Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 10 Saturday Highlights

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

The last weekend in the house for these Big Brother 14 HGs and it was a big one. The second round in the 3-part HoH competition was held after days of backyard construction which means the only thing left to do is get ready for Wednesday’s finale. The stress might have been high leading up to Saturday’s comp, but things got even more heated afterward.

Read on to find out what happened in the house on Saturday.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, September 15, 2012:

10:30 AM BBT – HGs finally getting their wake-up call.

11:30 AM BBT – Dan and Danielle talking. Little bit of gametalk. Danielle is frustrated with Ian.

12:25 PM BBT – Danielle telling Dan she realized he was about to evict Shane that night. I think she knew earlier and went along with it.

2:40 PM BBT – HGs get a special treat with In-N-Out burgers and fries. Dan is really excited.

6:50 PM BBT – Dan gets called to the DR. It’s time for the next part of the Final HoH competition.

9:04 PM BBTLive Feeds return. Ian won and is pissed at Dan. Danielle is pissed at Ian (that part is staged). Ian tells Dan he could kill him. Dan celebrated Ian’s win & and as planned, Danielle got angry about it.

9:10 PM BBT – Danielle is yelling at Ian that he has a F2 deal with Dan. Her plan is to scare him in to throwing the last round to Dan so he can take her instead. Danielle threatens that Ian will lose her vote & Shane’s vote if he evicts her.

9:15 PM BBT – Ian and Dan celebrate alone. Ian begs Dan to behave himself for the next few days.

9:20 PM BBT – Danielle and Dan alone go over how their plan is working.

9:25 PM BBT – Dan was talking alone with Danielle while Ian showered when BB outs their secret conversation by telling Dan to put his mic on. Dan gets angry and has to run out of the room back to where Ian is to try and cover it up.

10:00 PM BBT – Ian questions Dan if the celebrating was planned. Dan denies it. He says he thought Danielle was already gone back inside. Ian confirms to Dan that he won’t throw the next round to Dan. He wants another win on his BB resume.

10:40 PM BBT – Dan stares at the memory wall and wonders aloud what he should do (throw it, win it, who to take, etc.).

11:05 PM BBT – Dan asks Ian if Danielle’s attacks will convince him to take her not him to the Final 2. Ian says it won’t and it’s having the opposite effect.

1:35 AM BBT – Lockdown is finally over. Ian rejoices and is reunited with his hammock.

Dan is now faced with the decision to try and win Round 3 and be forced to cut one of his two alliances or throw it and hope Ian takes him to the end. It’s a risky move, but probably still pretty safe. I’d still be surprised if he gets this far and then doesn’t get his player Danielle to the end. It’ll all come down to who he thinks offers the better odds to win it all.

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  1. In the end Dan is the big winner here, even if he doesn’t officially win Big Brother. I imagine this exposure will net him several more thousands in additional book sales on top on whatever he wins in Big Brother which right now looks to be a minimum of second place.

    • After his grandiose claim of being the published author of three books on last week’s show, I had to investigate this on Amazon. He self-published two e-books (more booklets, really…about 50 pages each), one about how to get cast on a reality TV show, the other about football coaching. One of them had one review, the other had two. If Dan can’t even find three friends to shill for him, that says a lot about his career as a high-powered author.

    • This is a game and has nothing to do with God. Dan has swore on the bible to do something and has gone back on every word he has swon to…I hope he looses

      • Nope watch the episode he said that for information for like the thousandth time! like why don’t ppl rewatch that episode in his conversation with Frank, and then come back and comment.

      • Chase, it’s refreshing to hear someone who actually watched the episode and state their opinions on facts rather then some bullcrap they want to believe. It happened exactly like you said. People believe what they want to believe and aren’t going to let a little thing like the truth stand in their way.

    • Yup off all the things god has to look after, BB is on top of his/her what ever list. Yaaa Dani is a much better player….. oh Dan what should i do?????

      • he’s looking at the 50k prize instead of the 500k he assumes Dan will take him but Dan would take Dumbelle because he would likely win but has abetter chance to lose if he took Ian to final 2..but Ian is walking around the house saying 50k like he doesnt care if he wins the final competition or not..He better or Dan will vote him out

      • Thank you for explaining your position. Your comments will be taken more seriously if you back up your statements with your rationalle. I don’t think Ian is stupid, young, naive, too trusting of Dan perhaps. Ian has no idea that Dan is not loyal to him because nobody has told him before they were evicted. I have never watched a season where the evicted HGs don’t at least try to fight and stay by spilling their secrets.

      • Yea Ian doesnt realize Dan is piece of scum..not his fault..he’s trusting a liar..I shouldnt of called Ian a idiot but beyond trusting Dan he should be realize he has a better chance to win 500k if he wins the final comp and takes Danielle..

      • I’m not sure he should realize that. He thinks Dani may win against him because she would have Shane, Ashley, Joe, Jenn, Frank, and Dan’s vote. Only Brit would vote for Ian. That’s how Dan is spinning it anyway. And he may be right. This jury may vote emotion in lieu of gameplay. Ian thinks he can beat Dan using the same rationalle. Thanks for apologising for calling a Ian stupid. It is nice to have an intelligent debate.

      • Ian realizes Dan is scum….Britney told him all about Dan and Ian watched every season so he knows….he is playing along so as not to get Dan suspicious….Ian is the smartest one there…

  2. Dan the Man is skateboarding to the end, but Ian could win the last comp and decide to take Danielle. She may turn on Dan and work hard to convince him to take her. She isn’t a dummy at all, just loyal to a fault. That would be her smartest move of the game.

    • I would love to see that most of all: Ian and Danielle take each other to F2. All that work on Dan’s part would have succeeded in nothing more than showing his protogees how to play the game.

    • Thats not going to happen though, because she won’t have the time to convince Ian. The last hoh comp is live and right when it’s over they evict. It’s pretty risky to say it to Ian before the comp because you still don’t know who going to win.

    • The biggest mistake Dan did was when he evicted Shane, because if he sits with Ian in F2 he will not win. Ian has won a lot of comp and did not do a lot of back stabbing so if they judge between the morals and winning comps strategy then it is Ian. If they just judge it base on the lying and back stabbing strategy being a success, then Dan might get the votes but I do not think so. Just my opinion. He should have evicted Ian, however, glad that Ian is still in the house. Ian could win the whole thing. I think Ian is set on taking Dan and I do not think that Danielle can change his mind. Dan has already cover that part and told Ian no matter what so called (which is true anyway) lies Danielle tells him do not believe it.

  3. Team Ian all the way. He is not going to let Dan BS him into throwing the final round. I would love for him to take Dani so Dan finishes out of the money, but I hate the thought if Dani getting even $50,000 or possibly winning. Ian will take Dan and I hope Dan throws it to Ian. I think Ian could beat Dan.

    • I wouldn’t want Danielle to win either. A Dan/Ian F2 would assure that someone deserving is the winner. I doubt if he would throw it to Ian…he is there for the money. And he wants a sure thing. But with Dan you never know….he’s a master “mister”.

      • I agree about Dan not throwing the comp. He just can’t chance it, but he is thinking about it and I think he would take Dani. Long way until Wed. I wish CBS would just wrap it up today. No reason that these 3 should stay in the house for four days with nothing to do.

      • CBS probably leaves them in the house that long because even with only 3 people left…things could change. Someone could do some fast talking and seal a deal for F2. Considering the 3 that are left…it’s entirely possible since we really don’t know exactly where their heads are at…especially Dans. And if nothing else…4 more days without Danielle loose on society is a plus.

    • Yes, but I hope he takes Danielle simply because would like Dan to experience what he has done to the other house guest but I think that is not going to happen. Ian is set on taking Dan to F2 if he wins final HOH.

  4. Sometimes I think Dan overplays the game. He already made the big move last week to set himself up. Now hes just playing with fire. I thought he would have preferred the chance of Danielle picking over Ian, especially if Dan plans on taking Daniellle to the end himself. Now I am wondering if he really plans to do that?

    • Yeah he just thinking of scenarios. I’m actually begnning to think he might have a better shot at winning against Ian now. He would automacticaly get Dani vote, and probably Shane just because of her. I think Jenn would probably of voted for Dani, because she likes her a lot, so now with Dan and Ian I think she would vote for Dan, she even said to Julie how amazing Dan is playing. Britney, everyone saying Ian because there close, but I think she going to vote on best gameplay and she knows it is Dan. Even Jesse in BB11 voted for Jordan over his closest allie Natalie. Now Joe I really have no idea lets just say 50/50. Frank now idk probably not Dan but hey Ian was the one that betrayed him and fucked his whole game up more. And finally Ashely I want to say 50/50 because in the jury last episode she kept saying how dangerous Dan is, but still good chance for Ian. Idk its so hard, Dan has good argueing points against either of them, and I think he has a good shot at winning to aginst either or in the finals.

  5. Ian refusing to throw the last HOH comp is a big problem for Dan. Maybe Ian has found Dans kryptonite and isn’t as gullible as we think.

    • it dont matter if he dont throw it Ian might have a photo memory but that still does not mean that he can remember everything the same as dan

    • Also, this is based on how you think the previous hgs answered a question, so there’s no way to study for it.

    • Dan and Danielle were pushing Ian to throw comp first to Danielle then now to Dan. I am sure Ian has probably figured out why are they pushing him hard to throw both comp. Glad that Ian will not do it. If Ian wins the final HOH I think he will win it sitting next to either Dan or Danielle.

    • Ian was consistent, when HOH he nom-ed who he said he would, and in the end he got them out, loyal to the quack pack. All Dan did was burn them as they went out.

  6. I just can’t wait until Wednesday to see how this all plays out.. I wonder if Ian would take Danielle to F2? If he wins. Don’t think Dan should throw the comp and he should play to ensure his safety if he does/can win against Ian. Was really not excited in the beginning of this season but from when the game really started to play am enjoying it. Just excited to see how the Finale plays out should be a great one.

  7. Quiz Competition dan is good at i think he would win if he dont get an answer wrong right after frank left dan won that quiz so if he win this hands down to dan

    • Historically, this isn’t a quiz/memory comp. Julie will give a statement and then Ian and Dan will have to decide which HG made that statement. Julie will give them a choice between A or B. There is really no studying or memory to this. It is how well you know the HGs.

      • But I still think Ian would take it… He seems to have been more open to the others and the way they think… Where Dan only ever worries about himself…

  8. Yeah I don’t want Danielle to win but I really want Dan to take her to the end bc that would show the jury that he got his player to the end….and I want Dan to win. It would be interesting and good TV to see Ian/Dan F2. But I would like to see if Dan stays loyal to Dani. But he has pulled many “SHOCKERS”!

  9. Does anyone think if Danielle goes to the final 2 w either Dan or Ian she would win? Just asking everyone’s thoughts and opinions thx

    • JMO, but i don’t think she could win against either of them. She has relied on Dan the whole game…not played her own. and Ian has made bigger moves. Ian was a major player in getting Boogie out…plus has shown that he can win comps when necessary. Danielle might claim she got Janelle out…but it was really Boogie (he just used her as his mouthpiece). And her comp wins mean nothing since she let everyone else…meaning Dan…control the outcome. So no, i doubt if she has the credibility to win it all.

      • I agree but Dan thinks differently. Last night when he was talking to the cameras he was saying if I want to win I have to go against Ian. I won’t have the votes against Danielle. That’s why he’s thinking of throwing part 3 to Ian. I think he’s wrong. I think he needs to win and take Danielle. But would Ian be pissed and vote for Danielle? Then Danielle would have 3 votes for sure and only need one more. She’d have Ian, Jenn and Shane. So maybe Dan is right.

      • That would be a bad move. Against Ian,
        especially if Ian wins the last HOH, Ian
        can present a strong enough case on
        why he deserves that $500,000 over Dan.
        If Dan deliberately loses to Ian in the Final
        HOH then, if the votes goes Ian’s way then,
        Dan just lost $500,000! If It is Ian vs Dan
        in Final 2, it could be a close 4-3 decision.
        I was inclined to believe Dan could still
        win it, however, if Dan deliberately loses,
        Ian can claim he won the very last HOH
        which counts the most and should get
        that $500,000. Ian would probably win it
        then! Taking Danielle to Final 2 is still the
        best move for both Ian and Dan! The
        Ian-Dan scenario can go either way!

      • Ian would still vote for Dan even if Dan
        takes Danielle to Final 2 because Ian
        respects Dan and his game play. It is
        bad to assume he will lose Ian’s vote
        then, he is second guessing himself
        and will make the wrong decision
        when it matters the most!

    • All Danielle is hoping for is to get to Final 2 as there
      is still a $50,000 prize for second. Not such a bad
      deal considering she did not do much to deserve it!
      Of course, she was a big dummy because if it was
      her and Shane in Final 3 with Dan, she could have
      tried to evict Dan and taken Shane to Final 2 then,
      she might just have won that $500,000 as she would
      have played a better game than Shane and claimed
      she got rid of Janelle and Dan, two good players in
      the game!

  10. If I was in the house I would go swing on the hammock before Ian could just to see how Ian would react….I would tell him take me to final 2 or your not getting your hammock back

  11. AG has already scripted it for Ian to win this season sitting next to Dan. She’s saying look b*1c%3s, you all thought putting past houseguests with new house guests was a joke last year when Rachel schooled Porsche, now look, Imma make a newbie win against a coach to show y’all b$t7h!s that this formula of a mixed house is awesome and Allison knows how to get the ratings.

    • Allison does, and good for her. That’s what she’s paid to do (I’m sure among other things)…boost ratings. And, why not? BB14? TERRIFIC season.

      • Yeah like honestly, this season would of blown without Dan. I’ve never seen so many big moves in one season.

  12. Big brother u need to STOP going to the fish tank every time it gets good,always pan off to the fish ,really .come on bb

  13. I have to say, boring is the name of the game at this point. But, Ian is the bright light in the house…it’s entertaining just to watch and listen to him. For sure, the seasons have come and gone..more to come hopefully…Ian will be the one HG remembered…he’s the “star” of BB14.

    • I thought he was Dan’s robot like Dani… I think Dan is pretty obviously the star of this season I don’t even know how you can possibl argue that. All of Ian hoh have been Dan’s hoh, and been able to pick who goes up.

      • Only, because he will be remembered swinging, rocking, mumbling, non-stop cussing, crazy behavior and actually, a great sense of humor. I did not say that I want him to win. He will be REMEMBERED. That’s why he’s the star of this season. I’ve been a Dan the Man fan, since the beginning. And, all the way to the end. He for sure, has turned the house upside down. I don’t think he’s done yet. He always has something grander up his red T-shirt.

      • I will remember him for not being Dan’s robot.

        Dan tries to get coach alliance, Ian get Boogie out. Dan rats out the QP to Frank, it took two HOH’s but Ian gets Frank out. Dan makes deals with Joe and Jenn, puts up Ian, Ian get POV gets Joe out. Wins HOH get Jenn out.

        Was able to play a loyal game and still made it to F3. (coach/team were not an alliance and disappear during reset)

        Dan made final deals with everyone and ended up having to burn them.

    • I wouldn’t say Ian is the star. Ian is more of the supporting role and Dan has the lead role. One without the other would have made the season boring. Dan and Ian are the only two HG’s that made the show interesting.

    • THANK YOU THANK YOU !!!! I SO AGREE,,,I hope he holds to his guns ab not throw the last comp…,,,when he did before it was better for HIS game–so i’m sure He won;t give it up–It is HORRIBLE WHAT DANELLE & DAN ARE DOING

      • Danelle keeps saying she;s a bad person—cause she knows she right—–nasty to the core—–an she;s right about her dad ripping her another A-HOLE–for thowing the HOH-an letting Dan get it—-OK people say he is a great player—than let him win his own games–he is cheating–does he read that in his bible—-I hope IAN is playing all them for fools–I;m hoping he has been acting like he is nervous to throw everyone off—-that would be the best PLAY EVER–if you notice he keeps telling stories of how the other BB-games in other countries–put fake -slow people–or the person themselves act slower or very Nieve like he is—I think it maybe a clue or tip he is throwing out there for us TV viewers to pick up on it—look how cool an smart he was when he said the good-bye speech to boggie—-He planned that all along—wouldn;t that be FANTASTIC if it is—he is letting the 2 numbskulls think they are making him scared nervous to throw the game——if not—I sure hope his good common sense picks up on those lies– I liked Dan —not the way he is laughing about how he is upsetting IAN –even laughing in danelle face when she was upset—–boy this is one slick chick—if I was dan;s wife -I;d kick her ass after—did you hear her tonite on BBAD-saying—‘DAN YOU DON;T SAY SWEET THINGS TO ME—I DO TO YOU !!–dip-shit–he is married–an your suppose to be greaving over shane being put out—-wait till shane watches the show afterwards an sees her fake ness -he is a smart guy –when he is away from -miss claw- he will kick her to the curb——

  14. I think Dan will have a better chance winning with Danielle in the finals. I think Ian played a decent game. The same can’t be said for Danielle, and I don’t think she’ll get a lot of votes cause she didn’t make herself very popular.

    • Yeah i’m thinking that to, but I also think he has a pretty good shot at winnign against Ian to. The jury all knows how dangerous Dan is.

    • It’s always good to have a Plan B…..especially when you’re aboard the Titanic. Here’s hoping that the S.S. Danielle hits an iceberg.

  15. Why all the hate for Dan? He’s obviously a winner. He won BB before. Since then, he’s married a beautiful girl. Published 2 books. Won a state championship. And if he wins this and Dani finishes second, he has won twice this season, as a player and as a coach. If you aren’t a fan of Dan’s, then you aren’t a fan of the show. This show is REALLY about the social aspect and Dan has that mastered. Dan won comps when he HAD to(like when he kicked Frank out), but more often than not, floated under the radar. If he came back a third time, it would be nigh impossible to win though, because nobody would trust him.

  16. Does anyone remember Jim Jones? He was able to convince 100,s of people to take cyanide and give it to their babies all in the name of religon.I know this is just a game,but some of your true character does come out. Dan came into the house and made sure that everyone knew he works as a coach at a christain school. Then he layed around and read the bible. Game plan. Some people must have thought this is a sign of a .good honest person.WRO(NG. Some people are just dangerious. Thank goodness he is just playing a game for money. I hope his wife never wants a divorce. If she ever does, she better wear a bullit proof vest, and never eat or drink any thing he offers her.

  17. Oh god, I just realized this. Danielle actually might win against Dan. Seeing as to how Britney already mentioned about wanting to see Danielle or Ian in the F2 that means she most likely has her vote, Then theres Shane & Jenn who are close to Dani. Frank has already expressed his distaste for Dan & his game play. Already 4 votes and the rest are just…well wild cards & could go either way.

    • Hopefully Brit will be told of Danielles help in the plot to evict her. And i think Brit is smart enough to determine who has actually had the best game play. Shane of course would vote for Danielle….but Jenn said she thought Dan had the best game. So if she thinks that then i would expect her to vote for him. As for Frank…well i think we all can figure where that vote will end up….and Ashleys along with it since she would follow Franks lead. I see Joe as the wildcard…along with who is evicted last since they don’t have time to analyse the situation.

    • All the more reason to throw it to Ian so that Ian would choose Dan over Dani in opposed to Dan getting the blood on his hand by evicting Danielle and having all her cronies throw the win to Ian. It makes him look like Ian was pissed at her for blowing up at him so he took Dan instead. This guy would be sitting pretty if this happens.

    • Well with all the lying and backstabbing Dan did if that happens it might just be his payback. He used Danielle and if you saw what he told Shane before Shane left ( She has been playing you all alone ask Jenn) what an evil person cannot even be loyal to a single person. Danielle is not my choice to win but if Dan wins final HOH I am sure he will take Danielle and I think Danielle has a chance to win. Hopes Ian wins final HOH and take Danielle.

  18. ” Ian confirms to Dan that he won’t throw the next round to Dan. He wants another win on his BB resume.”

    Best news I heard all weekend… Take him down Ian…

  19. I like Dan but I am glad to see that Ian isn’t just making it easy for Dan to coast to the F2. He might still make it there, but atleast Ian is making it hard for him to play some mind games.

    Dani is ridiculous. Why would you put your fate in the hands of other people. Fight for yourself!!!

  20. I would love to see Dan throw round three to Ian, and then Ian wise up and realize he can only win by taking Danielle. But he seems to be right where Dan wants him to be, so I’d have to bet on Dan winning.

  21. Can’t stand any of the remaining people Dan professess to be religious and carries a bible but he is selling his soul to the devil for money he lies with a smile on his face Danielle is just plain not smart enough to figure out dans lies…. She watched him lie to everyone else do why would he not lie to her and Ian is just a snake and I think he is faking his panic attacks for sympathy he is sneaky and made everyone under estimate him by playing the innocent young boy ploy…. And yet he helped mastermind most of the evictions. I know it is a game but it shows to America their true character and all three left have no class

  22. I can see I am alone in my opinion. I think what Dan has done to people is just low. Yeah, it’s a game. These are human beings and he has manipulated them, because they put their trust in him. I don’t find that funny or admirable. If I were Chelsea, I would be worried about any story he told me. If Dan wants to REALLY show the world what the Bible and its teachings are all about………bow out…….you won this once…give it to Danielle and Ian, WWJD, not WWDD. I know it won’t happen, but imagine the impact he could have by doing something UNselfish. Now that would be a Great ending! You would win something much greater than all the money the world has to offer. I wish I could get you to think about it Dan.

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